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File: 1424274469112.jpg (298.75 KB, 1500x2500, full.jpeg)

Anonymous 504049

The big question:

Would you rather have her, or BE her?

Anonymous 504083


anyone who says be her is a homo

Anonymous 504098

None of the above.

EQG "humans" are fucking hideous.

Anonymous 504118

File: 1424299520524.jpg (311.91 KB, 1200x750, human Equestria girl Rainbow D…)

What if they were drawn well?

Anonymous 504119

They're still ugly to me.

Just give them a regular color scheme, for fuck's sake, hell, change the skin tone into something reasonable instead of just taking the original pony coloring and saturating it a tiny bit, then maybe I'll consider those things as humans, rather than mutated hybrids shat out by a soulless toy company and their lobotomized lackeys.

Anonymous 504121

File: 1424300085219.jpg (245.18 KB, 1024x1333, human Rainbow Dash.jpg)

The moment you change the skin tones to something reasonable, people flip their biscuits over which natural human skin tones are allowed.

Crazy fantasy hair colors also do look pretty odd on otherwise-realistic humans.

Anonymous 504122

I really could not give a rat's ass whether they're white, black, or fucking albino, just make them something that actually exists.

Anonymous 504209

be her
i'm not homo

Anonymous 504322

File: 1424316139575.png (188.77 KB, 731x600, Applejack bondage.png)

I likewise find the prospect of being sexually bondaged more appealing the bondaging someone else.

And why not try out bein' a gal?

Anonymous 504929

Can I pick being the stool? Cause I want to be the stool.

Anonymous 504930


I'd be fine with being either the dominator or the dominated.

Anonymous 504931

Anonymous 505104

I bet she'd struggle against her bonds, really wiggling around on you, her ass sliding side to side.

Anonymous 505118


d-don't do this to me now anon

I'm trying to listen to m-music

Anonymous 505127

File: 1424493720983.jpg (57.73 KB, 500x395, wishtobe.jpg)

Anonymous 505142

All that futile struggling, those ropes aren't going to budge, the only thing that can move...is her skirt. All that moving around is going to push it higher, and higher, and higher, until that thin layer of fabric is no longer between her and the stool.

Anonymous 505149

>all that futa struggling

Anonymous 505161

File: 1424544598322.jpg (2.13 MB, 4461x3000, 753206.jpg)

The big question:

Would you rather have her, or BE her?

Anonymous 505169

fucken saved

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