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File: 1424115766042.jpg (36.83 KB, 827x509, 2015-02-12_19.50.21.jpg)

season 5 coming soon! Anonymous 503890

Anonymous 503891

File: 1424116797230.jpg (38.63 KB, 275x272, Carlos.jpg)

So lets sping to the next season

Anonymous 503895

Looks like shit

Anonymous 503904

jesus fuck how long can he string this along
wasn't two enough
who the fuck is even still going to work at freddys

Anonymous 503952

Narrator is nasal as fuck.
And what a bunch of bullshit, Twi and friends go to egalitarian land on an epic quest, sure it'd be a traditional two-parter opener, but shit will happen in the long run because of deus ex machina every time.
Fuck this, everyone being a fucking princess, perhaps it's symbolic that the character have have gotten so worn out as to have no development left. Show really did end after S3.

Anonymous 503953

OMG that narrator is shiiiiit. My anus could do a better voiceover

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