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Anonymous 503867

Well /anon/, I did it.

I deleted all of my porn. All 10+ GB and 3,000+ pictures/gifs/webms.

I did it because I was afraid that if my computer broke down, the person who fixed it would see my porn and think I was a freak especially because of the lolicon stuff.

I also did it because I realized that my porn collecting was just an irrational obsession. I don't NEED to have that much porn on my computer, I never even looked at it, and I still have access to all the porn I want through the internet.

One of the big reasons I saved so much was because I would be afraid that I would never find it again, but...who cares?

I'm curbing my porn addiction once and for all.

Anonymous 503869

You'll be jerking off again in less than a week.
>the person who fixed it would see my porn and think I was a freak
What is a flash drive, external hard drive, cd-r...

Anonymous 503871

File: 1424104849450.png (234.63 KB, 579x1078, Penny_(Cheshire).png)

>not storing your porn an an external HDD (well, most of it at least...)

And besides, openly admitting that they searched through your computer is not the smartest way to keep customers.

Yeah, it's safe to assume that most will probably have a little rummage through the folders. But it's not like you're going to be refused service or anything just because they found your cartoon porn collection (who cares what complete strangers think anyway?).

I also give you a week at most...

Anonymous 503873


Whoa whoa, I never said I would stop fapping. I already fapped today.

I'm just not saving porn anymore, or at the very least not porn that is super weird.

Anonymous 503876

The only porn files I bother saving on my computer are big-ass videos I don't feel like waiting for to my internet to load every time I just want a quick fap.

Anonymous 503878

you deserve to die for not sharing it faggot

Anonymous 503886

>not putting your porn stash in your Trash folder so you can empty it like flushing drugs down a toilet

Anonymous 503888

File: 1424112445682.png (259.36 KB, 700x671, into the cyber trash it goes.p…)

Anonymous 503893

File: 1424119118370.png (483.76 KB, 2500x3196, 774290__safe_solo_blushing_vec…)

So many people fighting for their lives because of crippling addictions ruining their health, ruining their careers, hurting their families, and you've got to go and say your mild interest in saving shit is an addiction. It's not an addiction, OP. Hang your head in shame for saying that. You can delete your porn, and yeah it's dumb to hold onto it if you don't even look at it, and if you're too dumb to delete your files before shipping off your hard disk for recycling then you do have a valid concern that someone might see your lolis...

But take your anti-porn ultra-conservative patriarchal bullshit rhetoric about it being an addiction, and cram it up your fuck hole.

Anonymous 503907

As far as I'm concerned, porn "addiction" is only a problem if it prevents you from working or whatever (which is exceedingly unlikely for most).

Sexual stimulation and orgasm feels good for a reason. It's what makes us think about noting but fappin' and fuckin' sometimes.

In my case, I just do it as often as I do because I'm easily bored. But it certainly doesn't mean I'm going to skip out on an appointment just because I wanted to get a quick on out.

Anonymous 503932


A lot of times I feel like my desire to fap ends up preventing me from getting more important, or at least more productive things done.

Like I'll be reading a book, or watching a good movie, or listening to an album and then suddenly I just want to fap instead and because no one is home I can't stop myself from doing it, so I go up in my room and do it, and after I cum I pass out and before I know it more than an hour has gone by, an hour I could have spent doing something that would actually stimulate my brain.

Anonymous 503936

Well, I think it's important to note whether this is a persistent problem that legitimately gets in your way, or if it's just something you decide on doing every now and then (no one is a stranger to procrastination after all).

I can also (and sometimes do) fall asleep like a bear in hibernation after a good wank session, although it's normally during the evenings and I typically don't have a whole lot of things that need taking care of. It's just a matter of whether it's something that ends up causing problems and gives proper cause for concern.

Anonymous 503938


I consider it a problem because I believe it interferes with the personal goals I have set for myself.

For example, I tell myself I will read for 30 minutes, and I sit down to do it, but five minutes in and I'm about to give in to the sexual temptations.

It's not life-threatening by any means but it makes me feel like a loser. I don't want to just play video games, shitpost on 4chan and fap all day. I promised myself that this year I would read, and write, and watch films, and make music, etc.

Anonymous 503956

File: 1424207780401.png (198.57 KB, 1000x1347, hmph.png)


Oh, it's got an article on wikipedia. That makes it totally legit and not sensationalized bullshit.

Anonymous 503958

Anonymous 503982

>if my computer broke down, the person who fixed it


>not knowing how to fix all but the most extreme of computer problems
>not having encrypted backups you can rely on in case of irreparable catastrophe so you can just zero out your hard drive before handing it off.

Anonymous 503983

Who they fuck under the age of 35 can't fix their own computer?

Anonymous 503984


No one ever taught me how to fix computers in any way. Almost everything I know about computers and internet I learned myself through experience. I lucked out when it came to repairs because I had an uncle who could always fix them for me, but there's currently a family feud of sorts preventing him from helping me as of now. I guess I was spoiled.

Anonymous 503986

I was never taught shit. I learned it all the hard way. We were poor. If I didn't fix my computer myself, it didn't get fixed. I scrambled widows 95 dicking around so many times. I must have totally fubared and had to reinstall a few hundred times. That's not an exaggeration. I still have that little Pentium II clone in the closet.

I remember downloading redhat it was still free back then and putting it onto FOURTEEN floppies to try and install it. It didn't work. I tried several linux distros nd couldn't get them to work. My bro didn't have much success either, so he saved his allowance and got a big spindle of cd's. He downloaded every distro he could find, and tried installing them all. He eventually found one that would install. It blew our fucking minds. I remember that little GNOME footprint logo like it was yesterday. Blew my fuckin mind.

I finally ditched windows completely when I built my first computer. I put ubuntu on my new computer. I've been using linux ever since. This weekend I'm going to finally try building linux from scratch.

My point is not to make you feel bad, but to show that you just gotta want it. Get your ass to google and start reading.

Anonymous 503987

>I'm going to finally try building linux from scratch
Are you that guy from /g/?

Anonymous 503989


okay that's great for you but my problem is a broken charger port.

Anonymous 503990

Learn to solder. I started in second grade. Its actually pretty easy. Also, buy/torrent Forrest Mimms 'Getting Started In Electronics.' Its better than any dummies book.

Seriously, the hardest part of fixing that broken charger port is opening the case.

Anonymous 503991

Nope. I only posted on /g/ once. I was trying to apply a patch. I'd never worked with diff files before and was tyring to figure out what was going on. It turns out the file it was supposed to patch didn't exist. It took me awhile to figure out due to git's generic ass 'FATAL ERROR'

Anonymous 506340

If you're too poor to afford a damn flash drive, at least get online storage, no need wasting all that collection because "b-but the normies will see my porn!", though I highly recommend a flash for when internet is not there, or slow as fuck.

Anonymous 506347

File: 1424708383372.png (635.5 KB, 700x680, 1420241088070.png)

>trusting the cloud

Anonymous 506350

Consider taking up a skill you have always wanted to acquire. Perhaps there is something you have always wanted to accomplish - that you can spend more time doing now. For example, I still masturbate but I really feel little need for porn anymore - as most my time is spent drawing instead of half-hour long sessions of fapping.

Just a possibility. You may find it quite incredible what you can accomplish in the time you free up.

Skybrook!8MDcALmdno 506392

File: 1424743955645.png (507.96 KB, 4998x4447, 38378__safe_solo_derpy+hooves_…)


tar c porn | gzip | openssl enc -aes-256-ctr | curl -T . ftp://cloudflare.com/~sjobs/randomshit.dat

Anonymous 507786

I want to do the same, but because of my desire to organize my porn and other pony images.
What I'm going to do is make a searchable backup of derpibooru and delete my pony folders afterwards.
>We were poor.
>We had a computer.

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