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babs thread Anonymous 502875

We need one

Anonymous 502977

just remember, no fillycon is allowed here unfortunately

Anonymous 502988

File: 1424011569733.jpg (Spoiler Image,298.69 KB, 1280x1280, image.jpg)

As long as no one reports it...And at least we have Boobs Seed

Anonymous 503868

There can be fart and scat and stuff like that, but no normal mature content with underage ponies.
How and why?

Anonymous 503874

The central idea is that things like scat or domination or whatever is consensual between people or aliens or whatever who have the capacity to consent to sexual things. Society has more or less agreed that those under a certain level of physical and mental and psychological development haven't reached a state where they can understand and consent to sexual involvement. Whether you or i agree isnt at issue; i think i agre mostly though the age of majority/consent should be lowered to 16 in my opinion.

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