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File: 1423704338660.png (532.43 KB, 1006x1024, Oh, water. You so crazy!.png)

Roleplay Thread: Chaos Edition Eris 502043[Last 50 Posts]

Step on in, Anon.
Try to catch your favorite pony and talk to them.
Go on an adventure.
Cause some chaos!

Dawn Breeze 502044

File: 1423704389557.png (29.46 KB, 900x650, wut r u doin.png)

"...Anyway. You still ought to ask first."

Anonymous 502045

File: 1423704489067.png (231.04 KB, 885x902, 1422610648620.png)


Eris 502046

File: 1423704521782.png (756.94 KB, 900x900, Ohhohoho!.png)

Oh, my dear, Dawn. I won't have to

Dawn Breeze 502047

File: 1423704547889.png (30.37 KB, 900x650, THE TICKLES, THEY DO NOTHING.p…)

"...could you not?"

Anonymous 502048

File: 1423704652307.png (163.24 KB, 555x555, 134214579906.png)

And just who do you think you are to command the greatest and most powerful unicorn in all of Equestra?

She will do as she pleases and that includes saying her own name over and over again.

Dawn Breeze 502049

File: 1423704658229.png (26.49 KB, 900x650, that hurt.png)

He raises an eyebrow.
"I don't usually just go along with--you know my name. Wonderful."
Dawn begins to pace around you.
"I was hoping to find a nice, quiet place to see what kinds of magic work here before gettin' into one of these fights..."

Eris 502050

File: 1423704964015.png (231.45 KB, 1148x1024, Oh, that's CUTE.png)

Fights? Who's fighting here? Certainly you don't think its me, do you?

Dawn Breeze 502051

File: 1423705177927.png (27.62 KB, 900x650, You may need to stop that.png)

"Look, if you're gonna sit here and say your name over and over, could you at least help me deal with this chaos god while you do it?" he asks, gesturing to Eris.

"She's being a pain in the ass, and I don't want it to turn into a more literal one."

He rolls his eyes.

"You try to do something I don't like, I try to stop you. That's pretty much how it looks to me," he mutters, walking past you to reclaim his barely-touched beer.
"And no, I'm not gonna do anything you don't ask me to do. Even if you do ask, I might say no. That's how normal people do things."

Eris 502052

File: 1423705417853.jpg (57.25 KB, 742x1024, You are just a TREAT.jpg)

Oh, its adorable how you think you could stop me if I really wanted something.

Anonymous 502053

File: 1423705469323.png (407.44 KB, 1280x720, Trixie_weird_ha_S3E5.png)

A-ha! You think Trixie hasn't been dealing with Eris since the moment she arrived in this place? Trixie is powerful, of this all doubt is removed but even she is only mortal.

This pest of a Goddess cannot be dealt with, Trixie has tried many times over, she must simple be bared.

Well, that is until Trixie finds a way to best her with her own powers.

But she's much too afraid to grant me even a sample out of the fear knowing she will be humiliated if we were on an even playing field.

Dawn Breeze 502054


He stops in front of Eris, closing his eyes.

"If it can hurt things, it can move. If it moves," he recites, "Then it has a structure. If it has a structure, that structure can be damaged until it cannot hurt things anymore."

He opens his eyes, and within them burns all of his will.

"I can stop you. I just need to find a weak point in the structure."

Eris 502055

File: 1423705743582.gif (75.63 KB, 700x900, Oh really now.gif)

No, no, no! You've got it all wrong! I actually quite like losing in a fair fight. It teaches me a lesson.

You, my dear, are simply not fit for the powers I would give you. You would abuse them to no end and that would be disgraceful to everything I represent. I simply can't allow that


>giggles uncontrollably

Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm! Oh, you are woefully ill-informed about the vary NATURE of chaos!

Dawn Breeze 502056

File: 1423705892642.png (30.61 KB, 900x650, FUCK YOU.png)

"You change your structure, sure. But there has to be something underneath that structure. I mean, how would you control that body if you changed it? Something has to stay the same, even if it's not a 'structure'."

Dawn starts pacing again.

"Which is something I've dealt with before. There's beings like that where I come from. And they can be beaten, they just take some doing."

Anonymous 502057

File: 1423705907011.png (251.52 KB, 1280x720, Trixie_lifts_her_hoof_S3E05.pn…)

The Great and Powerful Trixie could be far more chaotic than you!

Anonymous 502058

Don't challenge someone who can change the entire structure of a cell to cotton candy and chocolate.

Anonymous 502059

Hmph, if Trixie could had that kind of power, she would do much more than silly parlor tricks like that.

Eris 502060

File: 1423706263917.png (319.22 KB, 900x900, [sipping intinsefies].png)



You're trying to get into my structure! L-Lewd!

>Something has to stay the same

>staying the same
Please pick one because they are polar opposites. Chaos, by its fundamental and very nature is in a constant state of change. The less change there is within something, the less chaotic it is. Now I'm the epitome of chaos. You do the math here

Exactly! Chaos needs its own bit of control. Life is chaotic and thus thrives in chaos, to an extent. Too much chaos destroys life. Without life, there's less chaos. It can be rather self-defeating at times

Knowing when to back off is a valuable lesson that you refuse to learn

Dawn Breeze 502062

File: 1423706530943.png (611.72 KB, 878x1080, Twi gets a load of this guy.pn…)

"H-hey, I didn't mean it like--ugh."
He takes a deep breath.
"If you were truly changing constantly, you wouldn't be able to talk to me. You'd stop having vocal chords before you finished a sentence. So some things have to stay the same. And if those things change, then it could disable you, meaning you can't do anything--least of all anything I disagree with.
"...for that matter, you never said what you were gonna do."

Octavia Melody 502063

File: 1423706899068.gif (518.77 KB, 900x700, Octavia.gif)

Anonymous 502064

Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Eris 502065

File: 1423707025300.png (322.27 KB, 900x700, hair porn.png)

The more you try to understand me, the bigger the aneurysm that's surely to form in your frontal lobe will grow.

>pats his head almost patronizingly

So it'd do you good just just forget about it.


And you shouldn't try to predict me either. It'll have the same result

Dawn Breeze 502066

"You know who you remind me of? This one chick I met waaaay back when."

Dawn trots off to the counter, grabs a beer, and cracks it open.

"Grey skin, weird horns, odd obsession with spiders. She drove me nuts. Not in a good way."

Octavia Melody 502067

File: 1423707334978.png (150.07 KB, 980x1217, Octavia.png)


>She abruptly stops in her tracks, staring at the Anon, a tad confused.

I apologize if this comes off as rude, but... do I know you?

Anonymous 502068

Oh, sorry. I'm Anonymous. Big fan.

Octavia Melody 502069

File: 1423707655495.png (74.78 KB, 645x646, Octavia.png)


Well, thank you, Anonymous. It is always a pleasure to meet somepony who appreciates my work.

Anonymous 502070

Are you playing tonight?

Octavia Melody 502072

File: 1423707967015.png (151.6 KB, 654x1222, Octavia.png)



To answer your previous question, I am on my way to pick up my new cello, seeing as how my previous one is... well, unusable now.

Anonymous 502073

Did something happen to it?

Dawn Breeze 502074

"...you know who else disappeared without warning? That frickin' spider bitch."
The green pegasus sighs, sipping his beer.
"At least she's out of my mane. Probably."

Anonymous 502075

>my previous one is... well, unusable now.
Is it indisposed?

Anonymous 502076

Lemme guess. Room mate?

Octavia Melody 502077

File: 1423708322084.png (141.13 KB, 816x980, Octavia.png)


Obviously. What that "something" is, however, is a mystery.


I know my roommate is responsible for it. It has her doing written all over it.

Octavia Melody 502078

File: 1423708402620.png (55.54 KB, 473x535, Octavia.png)


That is correct.

Anonymous 502079

How is this your life?

Anonymous 502080

Keep everything away from them. Room mates cause nothing but wrecking despair.

Anonymous 502081

Roommates are such homewreckers.

Anonymous 502082

I know right? They were made by the devil to disturb the peace in the garden of eden.

Eris 502083

File: 1423708832528.gif (6.36 KB, 456x500, 801404__safe_monochrome_animat…)

Oh, I'd be flattered if you'd tell me who I compare to.

Don't be so melodramatic. I'm right here

>is right over his shoulder

Dawn Breeze 502085

File: 1423709013330.jpg (31.06 KB, 594x383, everything.jpg)


With a noise that can only be described as "what the Metal Gear Solid vwing should be", Dawn damn near leaps three feet into the air without so much as flapping his wings.

"Could ya not? Please? I mean, sheesh--"
You can almost see the lightbulb go off over his head.
"How am I supposed to tell you about the people I knew back home if you freak me out all the time?"

Octavia Melody 502086

File: 1423709191864.png (50.85 KB, 530x499, Octavia.png)


I ask myself this more often than I should.


Celestia knows I've tried. It is all futile. Something will be ruined. She will find a way. It is expected when you live with someone, especially someone like her.

>She sighs loudly.

Don't get me wrong, I do consider her a friend and I care for her very much. She is one of the most important ponies in my life, but I swear, she is going to be the end of me.

Anonymous 502087

>overhears the noise that can only be described as "what the Metal Gear Solid vwing should be"

Tavi, did you hear that?

Anonymous 502088

>especially someone like her
I take it she drinks a ton?

Anonymous 502089

She sounds like treble.

Dawn Breeze 502090

File: 1423709492242.png (29.46 KB, 900x650, wut r u doin.png)

Anonymous 502091

>goes to investigate, looking for anything except cardboard boxes, which would not be out of the ordinary here at all

Anonymous 502092

Now that's terrible.

Dawn Breeze 502093

You found a GREEN PEGASUS!

He's currently chatting with Eris.

Eris 502094

File: 1423709640581.png (14.52 KB, 700x900, 801410__safe_monochrome_discor…)

Hmmm... I'm not sure. But you're a smart pony. You'll figure out a way, I'm sure


Anonymous 502095

Anonymous 502096

*GREEN PEGASUS has been added to Inventory.*

Dawn Breeze 502097

"Seriously, though. I'm not that good at talking when you do crazy chaos stuff. So don't, please."

"Nammuch. 'Sup with you?" says the green pone.

...huh. There's a notch in his ear.

>GREEN PEGASUS has been removed from your Inventory.

Anonymous 502098

When no one was looking, Vinyl Scratch took forty chords. She took 40 chords.
That's as many as four tens.
And that's treble.

Anonymous 502099

Just chatting with >>502086 Octavia.
Are you a fan of her music?

Eris 502100

File: 1423709869363.png (37.29 KB, 450x615, Tee hee.png)

Just having a friendly conversation wi-

Hey! That's mine!

Oh, you can't put me in a situation where chaos would be fun and tell me not to cause it. That'd be like throwing you off of a cloud and expecting you to not fly to safety

Dawn Breeze 502101

File: 1423709869931.png (27.62 KB, 900x650, You may need to stop that.png)

"...honestly, I've never heard of her. Been a while since I stopped and listened to music."

The colt shrugs.

Dawn Breeze 502102

File: 1423709964676.png (11.95 KB, 273x226, I shot the face of mercy.png)

"Define 'fun'."

Dawn rolls his eyes at you, like a broken record. Well, more like a DVD with a scratch in it.

"Anyways. You wanna know who you reminded me of?"

Octavia Melody 502103

File: 1423709981533.png (141.13 KB, 816x980, Octavia.png)




Sober or not, she's a mess.



Anonymous 502104

The noise was this green pegasus >>502102

Eris 502105

File: 1423710069022.png (322.27 KB, 900x700, hair porn.png)



>takes a deep breath

WEEEELLL, F is for friends who do stuff together!

>launches into a song about the anagram of F.U.N.

>finishes it

I would love to hear about her

Anonymous 502106

File: 1423710151542.gif (1.11 MB, 495x345, cmc pomf.gif)

>F is for friends who do stuff together!
[Drawn-out gasp]


Dawn Breeze 502107

File: 1423710234340.png (31.25 KB, 900x650, oh shit get the fuck outta the…)

"...well, you're a better singer than I am."
Hey, he actually laughed.

"Anyways, this crazy chick. Humanoid--you know, two legs--and she had a pair of mismatched horns. I met her...four years ago, I think. Five, maybe. Didn't see her all that often."

"...sweet sunbeams that sounds wrong."

Anonymous 502108

This is a Christian thread god damnit.

Anonymous 502109

Have you tried talking to her?

Eris 502110

File: 1423710639293.png (319.22 KB, 900x900, [sipping intinsefies].png)


>bows to the applause and praise that seem to come from nowhere

Oh, that doesn't tell me much, but it does pique my curiosity. Please do go on

Dawn Breeze 502111

"She was kind of a nutjob. But then again, I wouldn't be comparing you to her if she wasn't."

Dawn shrugs.

"Really, the only reason I remember her is that she gave me my first gun."

Octavia Melody 502112

File: 1423711014519.png (169.04 KB, 900x1060, Octavia.png)




Of course.

Anonymous 502113

I take it that didn't go over so well with her.

Eris 502114

File: 1423711172172.gif (75.63 KB, 700x900, Oh really now.gif)

Awww, you're so sweet, you know that? You know jus-


Guns are so... boring. They're destructive and take lives

Anonymous 502115

What about swords? Swords are cool.

Dawn Breeze 502119

File: 1423711389428.png (27.62 KB, 900x650, You may need to stop that.png)

"They destroy, yeah. But this gun's destroyed things that could've destroyed a lot more than it."

Dawn fishes his revolver out of his saddlebag, holding it by the barrel.

"It's not the best solution to go with, but there's times when you just don't have a better choice. After all, if I have to choose between one psychotic baker and a massive number of normal people, why would I save the baker? Especially if the next pony on that massive list of victims is gonna be me?"

Octavia Melody 502120

File: 1423711679198.png (116.75 KB, 500x500, Octavia.png)


Unfortunately not.

I hate to cut this conversation off, but I need to continue running errands.

Anonymous 502121

Oh alright. It was nice talking to you! Hopefully the little situation with your room mate will work out for the better!

Octavia Melody 502122

File: 1423711905872.gif (518.77 KB, 900x700, Octavia.gif)



>She resumes trotting about.

Take care, now.

Sweet Sunbeams 502123

File: 1423712148308.jpg (83.79 KB, 500x500, Sweet Sunbeams.jpg)



Anonymous 502124

Ah! Where'd you come from?

Dawn Breeze 502125

File: 1423712263829.png (30.37 KB, 900x650, THE TICKLES, THEY DO NOTHING.p…)

"No, I didn't mean--ugh. It's like this just isn't my day."

The pegasus flops onto the counter, sending his beer rolling off into the unknown. Adventure awaits that beer, but this is not the beer's story.

Eris 502126

File: 1423712313933.png (322.27 KB, 900x700, hair porn.png)

They do the same thing that guns do. Be used to kill and end the lives of others. Death, while it can be a very brief moment of chaos, is ultimately boring.

Why not choose life? Life's always an option, you know... hmmmm....

Anonymous 502127

File: 1423712582185.jpg (22.32 KB, 500x294, knife-pistol.jpg)

Or they can be very creative in how they end lives. Will you stab first and then shoot or will you shoot first and then stab?

Dawn Breeze 502129

"It's not that simple. If I choose life for the crazy baker, she stabs me. Hell, she stabbed me anyways. Turned out she was runnin' on a demonic contract or something.
"Point is, you don't always get to let everyone live. Sometimes, letting one person live means that person gets a chance to kill a bunch of other people. And don't even get me started on how long it'd take the police to arrive..."

He sighs.

"I look at it like this. When I hold this gun, I have to choose who dies. And I figure, someone who's willing to kill one person, someone who's gonna kill that person if I don't act right now...
"I can bear that someone's death. Better that one someone die than a hundred."

Eris 502130

File: 1423713086330.gif (75.63 KB, 700x900, Oh really now.gif)

That's... simply barbaric

How tragic it must be to have to do such a thing. I could never imagine that.

Anonymous 502131

File: 1423713261978.jpg (121.99 KB, 600x400, mancatcher.jpg)

You clearly haven't seen the man catcher.

Dawn Breeze 502132

Dawn slips the revolver back into his saddlebag.
"If I didn't have to use it, I'd be a hell of a lot less stressed out. If there weren't violent loonies out there, things would be simpler."

He grabs another beer.

"You don't wanna talk about all this shit, though."

Eris 502135

File: 1423713858968.png (319.22 KB, 900x900, [sipping intinsefies].png)

I despise death. He's such a boring pony and doesn't know how to lighten up. He doesn't care who he's taking, good, bad, crazy, sane, young, old. He takes 'em all. He's so very thorough.

And you'd be correct there, my Breezey little friend.

Death 502136

File: 1423714003641.jpg (22.43 KB, 192x196, 1420309447695.jpg)

u wot m8

Eris 502137

File: 1423714831422.png (394.16 KB, 826x826, Check yourself before you rek …)

Oh, get on out of here. Every time I mention you isn't an invitation to just show up out of nowhere

Death 502138

File: 1423715028294.png (382.14 KB, 939x1296, Death.png)

But why? I can be fun to hang around right?

Anonymous 502139

You're the least popular guy at this school.

Death 502141

I think you're looking for Pestilence. He makes everyone sick.

Anonymous 502142

We like getting better.

Death 502143

Then get medicine. See? Everything is better.
>pats anonymous on the back

Dawn Breeze 502146

"Hm. So what do you wanna talk about?"

Says the pony who was seriously concerned about your plans for him.

Dawn Breeze 502172

File: 1423718879780.gif (829.44 KB, 250x130, grumps SPLODING TIME.gif)

Well, I'm off for the night. Thanks.

Anonymous 502175

See you next time.

Anonymous 502178

Have fun with whatever.

Dawn Breeze 502223

File: 1423795021894.jpg (56.1 KB, 445x385, the DB canon.jpg)

Wow, this thread died.

Anonymous 502224

Anonymous 502225

They do that during the weekdays sometimes. Everyone's usually waiting for everyone else to initiate

Dawn Breeze 502226

File: 1423795207347.gif (539.86 KB, 300x169, sherlock BRB DED.gif)

Oh, right.

Anonymous 502227

Are you Sher Locked?

Dawn Breeze 502228

File: 1423795368067.png (27.62 KB, 900x650, You may need to stop that.png)

Well, I'm here. And as such, my pony is here. It's just a matter of who walks up to him, I guess.

Well, a green pegasus pony with a heavy-lookin' saddlebag and a confused expression on his face just walked into the bar. Do what you will.

Just, uh, don't expect him to just stand there while you do it.

Anonymous 502229

File: 1423795544961.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>There's a griffon sulking at the bar like usual. She doesn't seem too far into the bottle yet

Anonymous 502230

Dawn Breeze 502231

"...Hey, I knocked on your door. Guess you were here already, though."
He strolls up to the counter.
"Drinking again, G? Didn't I already tell you it won't work?"

Anonymous 502232

File: 1423795825939.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, gilda_portrait_by_emberfireman…)

Huh? Who're yo- wait. You were here last night weren't you?
>She studies you closely
Just... leave me alone, Dweeb. Let me drink if I want to. I probably already blabbed to you last night anyway

Dawn Breeze 502233

File: 1423795947304.png (11.95 KB, 273x226, I shot the face of mercy.png)

"Yeah, you talked to me last night."
He tugs a piece of paper out of his saddlebags.
"I was gonna tell you about this before you hit the bottle," he says, laying a flyer for a job as a "freelance Everfree Ranger". There's a map of Ponyville on it, with the area northwest of that apple farm circled.
"You could put that fighting skill to good use."

Anonymous 502234

File: 1423796062043.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, gilda_the_griffon_by_marcosms8…)

>She takes one look at it before giving you a deadpan glare
Not interested in anything military-related. If you'd probably be better off not bringing this up anymore

Dawn Breeze 502235

"S'not a military job. No uniform, no standard-issue stuff, not even boot camp. You just need to go fight critters where they ask you to."
He points to the circled part of the map.
"Timberwolves, in this case. They've been gettin' close to Sweet Apple Acres. Ponies are worried they'll start attacking the town."

Anonymous 502237

File: 1423796543348.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, gilda_portrait_by_emberfireman…)

Hmmm, let me think about it. No
>She snorts and turns to her drink
I don't fight for money.

Dawn Breeze 502238

"Then fight for lives."
Dawn stuffs the flyer back into his saddlebag.
"If nobody fights those Timberwolves, then they could attack Sweet Apple Acres. People would die.
"And if you don't fight, who will?"

Anonymous 502239

File: 1423797092392.jpg (108.64 KB, 712x1024, Unamused Gilda.jpeg)

Ponies know when something's threatening them and they know they've gotta do something about it. They're not that dumb.
>She takes a big drink, still glaring slightly
'Sides. I've got my own fight to fight. Doing that right now

Dawn Breeze 502240

Dawn slaps the drink out of her paws.

"Looks like you're losing that fight with the bottle, G. C'mon, let's go do something worth your time."

Anonymous 502241

File: 1423797328013.jpg (108.64 KB, 712x1024, Unamused Gilda.jpeg)

>She jumps back and stands up, giving you a glare that could melt steel as the drink spills all over her lap
Yeah? What's that, huh? Gonna try to make me see it your way?
>She shoves your chest roughly, striking a rather intimidating figure puffed up like she is
Well, news flash Dweeb, I'm not interested

Anonymous 502242

File: 1423797420329.png (532.43 KB, 1006x1024, Oh, water. You so crazy!.png)

Ooooooohhhhh snap!

Dawn Breeze 502243

He's...surprisingly steady. With his hooves planted wide, he doesn't even topple over.

...he still slides about a foot, because you're just that much bigger, but it's hardly the fall-over-and-scramble-away you were looking for.

"Not interested? What, you don't wanna stop hurting people?"
He sighs.
"Like I said, let's do something worth your time."

Anonymous 502244

File: 1423798293487.png (163.16 KB, 800x800, 738658__safe_solo_gilda_artist…)

>She growls at you, slowly approaching on her hind paws and not looking too pleased
Like what, huh? Go and ruin somepony's drink when they're down in a rut? Sounds like lots of fun

Dawn Breeze 502245

"How about get you out of that rut, huh? Get you something you can do with yourself. Teach you how to not be an asshole, for that matter."

He stands steady.
"Your choice, G. You wanna sit here and die alone?"

Anonymous 502246

File: 1423799798655.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, don't you know that? What's your fascination with me anyway? You know my story so buzz off.
>She's now standing over you on two legs, forcing you to have to look almost directly up at her
>She reeks of her drink

Dawn Breeze 502248

"'Old dog, new tricks'? Bullshit. You can learn. You're just afraid to do it. And now you're gonna push me away, too."

He may be looking almost straight up at you, but he's not breaking eye contact.
It almost looks like there's a tiny flame burning in those eyes.

Anonymous 502249

File: 1423800706220.jpg (108.64 KB, 712x1024, Unamused Gilda.jpeg)

I can learn, huh? Now that's bullshit. I a'int afraid to do nuthin'. I'm just too dumb and stubborn to realize that I shouldn't.
>She's not afraid of anything. Not even a little bit of fire, even returning a bit of her own

Dawn Breeze 502250

"You really believe that, huh?"
He raises an eyebrow.
"So why do you hate yourself for it? No point in hating yourself for not being able to change.
"You know you can change. That's why you hate yourself--for not changing."

He holds a hoof out to you.
"Now c'mon. You won't change by doing what you did yesterday."

Anonymous 502252

File: 1423801440553.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, gilda_the_griffon_by_marcosms8…)

Sheesh, you're almost as stubborn as me. Look, I get it. You want to help me. Whoopdie-do and a pat on the back for you. But I can't be helped. I'm hopeless. The sooner you realize this, the easier your life'll be. Don't worry about the drunk griffon
>She takes a step back and comes back to all four limbs, still not looking too happy that she's now got sticky thighs
I can't change anything. I've tried before. Didn't work

Dawn Breeze 502253

File: 1423801514208.jpg (18.98 KB, 239x265, Confidence (Thanks Quoten!)--C…)

"Yeah? You didn't have my help."
He smirks.
"C'mon. You wanna go help me punch some timberwolves? I won't pay you if you don't want me to."

The voice in Dawn's head 502254

I don't think its working, man.

Dawn Breeze 502255

Hey, you got any better ideas?
Wait. Voice in my head. Fuck.

The voice in Dawn's head 502256

Her anger's got a way of finding its way back at her. You gotta figure out how to get it off of her. She didn't seem as hostile when drunk

Anonymous 502257

File: 1423802107594.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

Punching wild animals? That was your plan? I'm sorry, I like to have a reason for why I'm punching something other than self-loathing.
>She sits back down on her stool, more spread-legged to try and dry her fur off a bit

Dawn Breeze 502258

Yeah, but she'll drink herself to death.
You catch a glimpse of a memory.
>Found file: dawns_father.mp3

"Like I said, you don't punch those timberwolves, they'll kill someone."
He sits next to you.
"That's a better reason than most."

The voice in Dawn's head 502259

Well, stop her before that point. It'll be a delicate balance of letting her drink and intervening

Dawn Breeze 502260

What would that help, huh? She'd be one bottle away from death. Plus, you saw how pissed she got when I stopped her.
>Open file? [Y/N]

The voice in Dawn's head 502261

She's a lot calmer and, surprisingly, more level-headed when she's had a few. You might even get her to tell you more by the end of tonight

Anonymous 502262

File: 1423802934836.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda_drink[1].jpg)

Like I said, I'm not interested
>She smells like a brewery
Ponies know when something's bad for them.

Dawn Breeze 502263

>File begin.
You see a door, from the point of view of a young colt--maybe 12 or 13.

The colt opens the door, laughing, talking to his sister about how he'll wipe the floor with her in Super Ponykart.
The camera focuses on a silhouette at the end of the front hall, draped across a table. Bottles lie scattered across the floor.

Look, she needs to stop drinking. If she never gets off her ass and does something else, she'll keep thinkin' that she can't do anything but drink, and it'll just keep going. I need to find something to replace the bottle.

"How many of them can fight a timberwolf? Or four?"
He lays a hoof on your shoulder.
"They can run away, but they don't have to. You could do something to help them! You hearin' this? You could do something that helps instead of hurts!"

The voice in Dawn's head 502264

You're not gonna replace that with your current strategy. You're running in circles with her.

Also, don't knock her drink out of her hands. That'll only succeed in getting your nose broken, I think

Anonymous 502265

File: 1423803520888.png (188.37 KB, 833x644, GildaVector[1].png)

>She shrugs your hoof off, glaring at you slightly
If you're trying to make me feel worse about myself, you're doing a damned good job of it.
I don't wanna help no one. I just want my friend back and to not feel like such a waste of flesh

Dawn Breeze 502266

Hey, I can take her.
Anyway. How d'you think I'll get her to stop drinking by letting her drink?

"You wanna feel like you're not a waste of flesh?"

He drops the flyer in front of you.

"Help someone. Even if it isn't your friend."

Anonymous 502267

File: 1423803799689.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, gilda_portrait_by_emberfireman…)

>She gives you that same deadpan glare as before, holding up a single finger.
>She brings that finger down onto the flyer and draws it in a line across it, neatly slicing it in two with her surprisingly sharp claw
Not. Interested. Dweeb.

The voice in Dawn's head 502268

You can take her, huh?

And that's all up to you, bub

Dawn Breeze 502269

"...then what are you interested in? Passing out on a stool?"

He glares right back at you.

Well, you're the one talkin' about how I'm doing it wrong. Then again, you're literally a voice in my head. And not one I know, either.
Another memory passes.
>Found file: transport.mp3
>Open file? [Y/N]

Dawn Breeze 502270

File: 1423806292562.png (713.06 KB, 1366x768, RD learns that boys do it too.…)

>Well, time for me to sleep. Got work tomorrow.

Anonymous 502271

Something came up and I had to dip out for a while. Sorry about that, dweeb

Anonymous 502272

We all need to take a break to suck some cock now and then.

Anonymous 502276

>implying we can't multi-task.

Anonymous 502281

File: 1423861518345.jpg (42.55 KB, 411x381, op.jpg)

Anonymous 502284

We all suck some dick at some point in our lives.

Dawn Breeze 502289

File: 1423880696607.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, we're on a laugh-at-OP date.pn…)

Now, where were we?

Ah, yes.

"Then what are you interested in?" Dawn asks, glaring right back at G. "Passing out on a stool?"

Meanwhile, the voice in Dawn's head has found a new memory file.
>Open file "transport.mp3"?

Dawn Breeze 502290

...did everyone leave?

Anonymous 502291

It's Friday night, they're all out socializing and getting laid.

Dawn Breeze 502292

File: 1423883988232.gif (117.3 KB, 501x442, flutter tired.gif)

Well, fuck. I was gonna hang out here and socialize and possibly get laid.

Anonymous 502293

We die every so often and then come back.

Anonymous 502294

File: 1423884019940.png (163.16 KB, 800x800, 738658__safe_solo_gilda_artist…)

>If looks could kill, you'd be a thin layer of red paste coating the wall, floor, and ceiling
The only thing I'm interested in is trying to figure out what to do to get a handle on my life. I'll do it on my own terms too.

I just got back, dweebs. Calm down

Anonymous 502295

File: 1423884119636.png (117.3 KB, 550x297, g1371407736550188761.png)

Dawn Breeze 502296

"On your own terms, eh?"

He rolls his eyes, and grabs your foreleg.
"C'mon. If you aren't up for timberwolf-fighting, then I have a better idea."

Anonymous 502301

File: 1423884577317.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

>She jerks her arm from your grasp
A better idea, huh? Oh boy I can't wait to find out what it is!

Dawn Breeze 502305

"Workin' in a soup kitchen," Dawn states with a foolhardy amount of confidence, as he grabs your arm again.

"Trust me, it's better than turning your liver to mush."

Anonymous 502307

File: 1423885240801.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

>She jerks her arm away even harder, the look she's giving you shifting from a glare to judt being plain intense
I didn't think they were open this late

Dawn Breeze 502308

"Ponies need to eat, ya know. And with the lines they've got..."

He shrugs.

"Look, you want to stop feeling like you hurt everyone you meet? You gotta start helping people. Trust me, it's worth it."

Anonymous 502309

File: 1423885859979.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

Yeah, I know how long those lines can be... I might look into it.
>She gives one last sneer before turning back to her refilled drink

Dawn Breeze 502310

"Nah, you're lookin' into it now."
Dawn snatches the drink away, grabbing a cork off the counter.
"You can have this," he mutters, "when you've finished helping people."
He twists the cork into the bottle, and sets it inside his saddlebag.

Anonymous 502311

File: 1423886794832.png (357.84 KB, 1600x1714, gilda_vector_by_piranhaplant1-…)

>She looks at her empty hand for a long time before snorting an almost amused snort
Huh. Spill my drink in my lap and we're still good. Spill my drink in my lap,and make me mad about something else, and I'll probably forgive you in the morning. Spill my drink in my lap, make me mad, and tell me what to do while taking my drink and we've got a real problem.
>Quick as a flash, her once-empty hand curls up into a fist, she swivels on the stool, and punches you square in the nose. Hard
>While you're reeling from getting punched in the face out of nowhere, she gets up and leaves

Dawn Breeze 502312

File: 1423887148441.png (113.76 KB, 372x134, instantly.png)

Dawn rolls head-over-hooves backwards, coming to a stop around two tables away.

"...huh. Hell of a right hook," he says, wiping away the blood you drew.

"...and at the end of all that, she left her drink with me."

He starts laughing.

The voice in Dawn's head 502314

She's upset

Dawn Breeze 502315

I know she is. But if I keep the pressure up, maybe she'll finally stop drinking. That'll be a step in the right direction.

Plus, she seemed interested in the soup kitchen idea. Granted, that idea wasn't mine.

The voice in Dawn's head 502316

You just saw what she did when you "upped the pressure." Your nose is probably broken now. Didn't you learn to not take things from ponies without asking?

Dawn Breeze 502317

Nah, it ain't broken. I can still breathe through it. That's what happens when you roll with a punch.
He silently chuckles.
Besides, I gotta keep her sober long enough that she'll remember what I'm telling her.

Who the fuck are you, anyway?

The voice in Dawn's head 502318

Whatever you say.
She didn't even get a full drink past her beak before you knocked it into her lap. Without apologizing, I might add.

I'm the voice inside your head, Dawn

Dawn Breeze 502319

Hey, she really needs to stop drinking her life away.

And I'd like more info than that. For all I know, you could be rooting around in my head. I heard about this one guy, invented a USB port that hooks into your brain? He got his brain taken over by some kinda rogue AI. Smashed most of Manehattan.

The voice in Dawn's head 502320

Let her have her vice. She doesn't need you being her father

Everyone has a voice in their head, Dawn

Dawn Breeze 502321

She needs someone to give her a swift kick in the pants, that's what she needs. Otherwise, like I said, drinking her life away. She needs to learn that there's more to life than the bottles you empty.

And if you're the voice that came with my head, then do you know what kinds of enemies I've faced?

>Found file: "riot.mp3"

>Open file? [Y/N]

The voice in Dawn's head 502323

I don't think its your place to do that. You don't know enough about her

Not a clue. I'm just trying to give you helpful advice

Dawn Breeze 502324

Well, one, I'm in a position where I can help. And if I don't, nobody else will.

And two, if you're a voice that came from my head, then you'd know what I know. Try again.

Dawn Breeze 502325

Unfortunately, I must sleep. Work tomorrow. Earlier than today!

Anonymous 502326

Have good sleep

Anonymous 502369

Happy Hearts and Hooves day everyone.

The Great and Powerful Trixie 502370

File: 1423944016405.png (Spoiler Image,961.04 KB, 1000x1200, 232105__UNOPT__twilight-sparkl…)

Happy Hearts and Hooves day anon!

Anonymous 502382

Thanks Trix. Good luck in love.

Dawn Breeze 502626

File: 1423959638592.jpg (37.49 KB, 500x667, flutter free.jpg)

Hearts and Hooves day
6:00 PM

Dawn walks into that same bar, standing just inside the doorway.
"...is she here already, or...?"

Anonymous 502634

File: 1423960408668.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

>She's sitting at the bar already. You seem to be too late to keep her from drinking herself into a stupor

Dawn Breeze 502638

She feels a hoof tap her on the shoulder.

"Tell me you at least tried to go to that soup kitchen, G."

Lizard of Guilt 502649

File: 1423960853898.png (21.57 KB, 97x97, LoG.png)

Dash is probably having fun with multiple friends right now, if not already on a romantic date with Anonymous.

Anonymous 502662

I can neither confirm nor deny that fact.

Anonymous 502665

File: 1423961464673.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

>She shrugs your hoof away
Fug off, Dweeb. Don'need yer moral superiness
Uuuughhhh, not you again

Lizard of Guilt 502669

File: 1423961621551.png (21.57 KB, 97x97, LoG.png)

You know what Anonymous likes to do with Rainbow Dash, Gilda. He talks about it all the time.

Dawn Breeze 502671

"...and you're missin' the point. It's not about bein' morally superior, it's about doin' something other than sitting on your ass and drinking all day!"

He groans.

"I could take you off to make fucking wood carvings and it'd be better than this."

Anonymous 502682

File: 1423962142817.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

>She facebars, trying to block out the sound of the annoying lizard in her head
Jus'leave me 'lone. Y'jus gonna make me feel like shit'gain

Dawn Breeze 502687

"...all right, look."

He sits down next to you.

"Maybe I've been pushin' too hard. I figured, you need to be pushed. You looked like you needed someone to stand in front of you and tell you to get up and do something. Someone who'd be willing to kick your ass if he had to."

Anonymous 502708

File: 1423963167087.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

Been pushed, shoved, 'n had m'ass kicked so many times... d'y really have t'try? Jus' nnoying now...

Dawn Breeze 502711

"Well, I gotta try somethin'. Don't wanna just let you wreck yourself, ya know?"
He sighs.
"But I don't have to push you. Maybe I should try not pushing you around. M'not sure how to do it that way, though."

Anonymous 502747

File: 1423964221591.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

Y'can't stop me, Dweeb. Pushing jus'makes me mad at you

Dawn Breeze 502753

"But I don't need to push. I just need to find out how to help you without pushin' you..."

He throws his hooves up.
"Ugh. Fuckin' life advice. Why's it gotta be so hard?"

Anonymous 502768

File: 1423964860022.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

Because life's fuckin' hard, mean, an' not fair an' then y'die
>She takes a long drink of something hard
Nuthin' y'can do

Dawn Breeze 502775

"...well, there's a few things you can do. Where I come from, anyway. Then again, I come from the weirdest place in the whole multiverse."

He eyes your drink.

"I really shouldn't, 'cuz I'm trying to get you to stop, but y'mind sharin' that?"

Anonymous 502782

File: 1423965325938.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

Not gonna stop. Told ya that.
>she passes you the shot glass and pours something dark and strong smelling into it

Dawn Breeze 502798

He grabs the glass, and tosses it back.
One gulp. He's had strong drinks before.

"Yeah, yeah. You wanna forget, you don't got anything else, you told me already.
"It's not like drinkin's always bad. Ya just gotta know when to stop, right? I mean, if I just sat here and drank all day, what would get done? Nothin'."

Anonymous 502827

File: 1423966701595.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

I know how t'stop... can do it any time I wan'to... nuthin else t'do anyway

Dawn Breeze 502828

"Nah, there's plenty to do."
Dawn starts counting off things on an invisible set of fingers.
"Ya got vidyagames, sports, art, you could get a job, maybe just go for a fly. I mean, your wings still work, right?"

Anonymous 502853

File: 1423968136202.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

Yeah, they work... vidya jus'makes me mad. Sports too.

Dawn Breeze 502857

"Then flying it is. Unless you took a few classes in painting while I wasn't lookin'."
He looks you up and down.
"...but it'll have to wait, because you can't fly when you're this drunk. I mean, unless you wanna meet a tree at a few hundred miles an hour. Heck of a speed date, that'd be. 'Hello, ground!' BLAM."

Anonymous 502863

File: 1423968895754.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

I've flown drunk 'fore... didn't die then...
>She empties the bottle
I know m'limits

Dawn Breeze 502864

"Yeah, you keep tellin' yourself that."

He stares at you for a moment.

"You really don't care if you hit the ground, do you?"

Anonymous 502866

File: 1423969650809.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She's silent for a long moment, staring intently st her drink
It wouldn'hurt too much, right? Too drunk to feel nuthin

Dawn Breeze 502867

"...my mom went that way, almost. She was in a car, and she wasn't drunk, near as I can tell."
He takes a deep breath, glancing away from you.
"She waited at the light, looked both ways, was in the right lane, and some burglar T-boned her. Maybe it was over too fast for her to feel it, but--well, she got hit by somethin' at high speed, and hittin' the ground's just like havin' the ground hit you. I didn't see how bad it was, but I can imagine it, and...gah, dammit. I'm rambling. Got another shot?"

Anonymous 502868

File: 1423970302715.jpg (52.01 KB, 800x600, Gilda drink.jpg)

>She holds the empty bottle out to you, shaking it lightly
It'd be better than suffrin'... can't take this...

Dawn Breeze 502871

"So you're at the end of it, huh? I remember when I thought like that."
He laughs.
"Everyone got sick of me whining about how much it sucked. I think it took dumpin' me in the Everfree with a broken wing for me to finally stop."

Anonymous 502873

File: 1423971065007.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

Good thing I don'complain...
>She stares at the bar for a while
I can still feel my tail. Need more booze...
>She tries to stand up, leaning on the counter heavily

Dawn Breeze 502876

"You drink 'till you can't feel anything? That's a recipe for disaster, G."
Dawn hops off his stool, offering a steady hoof to you.
"Need me to walk ya home again?"

Anonymous 502877

File: 1423972518279.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She waves you off again
I'm good...

Dawn Breeze 502878

He ducks under your shoulder and gives you a lift.
"C'mon. I might as well come along to make sure you don't throw yourself in front of a car."

Anonymous 502889

File: 1423973169282.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She feels pretty heavy as she leans on you
Sounds messy...

Dawn Breeze 502890

"Yeah. Don't want you to do that."
He silently carries you through the night.

Anonymous 502891

File: 1423973883391.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She leans on you heavily the entire way, trusting you to guide her home

Dawn Breeze 502892

The minutes pass by, cars on the freeway, just looking for a place to stop.

"...we're there."
He gently pushes the door open, and stops.
...there oughta be something I can say, but...

Anonymous 502896

File: 1423974913709.jpg (189.19 KB, 1024x768, 1423695426477.jpeg)

Huh?... right ...
>She stumbles into the door and manages to get it open and stumbles inside before sitting down in the front hallway

Dawn Breeze 502898

"C'mere. You're gonna need help gettin' to the bedroom again, aren't you?"
He offers a hoof to you, presumably for getting you back off the floor.

Anonymous 502899

File: 1423976097186.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She sighs but accepts it, squeezing your hoof tightly
Stop by kitchen firs'...

Dawn Breeze 502900

"Gotcha. It's this door, right?"

Heh, he's pointing at the hall closet first.

Anonymous 502901

File: 1423976530193.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

I dunno... maybe... nah... 'sat one
>She points to an open doorway

Dawn Breeze 502902

He quietly leads you in.
"Need a snack before bed or somethin'?"

Anonymous 502903

File: 1423976857487.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

>She turns on the tap... and sticks her face under it, gluging water greedily

Dawn Breeze 502904

"...I know that's supposed to help with the hangovers, but really?"
He rolls his eyes.
"C'mon. You got a bed to sleep in, that's more than some ponies have."

Anonymous 502906

File: 1423977383285.jpg (111.44 KB, 624x800, Gilda sit.jpg)

>She shuts off the faucet and sits back with a flop

Dawn Breeze 502907

Behind you, Dawn's offering you a hoof again.
"C'mon, it's fifteen past eleven."

Anonymous 502908

File: 1423978152152.jpg (189.19 KB, 1024x768, 1423695426477.jpeg)

'Snot that late...
>She takes it, feeling a little bit heavier than before

Dawn Breeze 502909

"Ssh. It really is."

He quietly leads you back into your bedroom, to the familiar covers. His hoofsteps are barely audible.

"...hey. Y'mind if I stay on your couch? I ain't got a place to stay in this town yet."

Anonymous 502910

File: 1423978672573.png (884.42 KB, 1092x1024, large-17.png)

Stay wherever...don'care
>She grabs that plush and flops on the bed heavily

Dawn Breeze 502911

"...okay. Thanks."

He quietly closes the door behind him.

"...hm. She really is a lot less angry when she's drunk. Now if only she could do that an' stay sober..."

Dawn Breeze 502912

And with that, I think I should sleep. Good night, everyone. Happy whichever-day-you-celebrate.

Anonymous 503037

File: 1424025012639.png (208.5 KB, 900x900, [Thinking intensifies].png)

Dawn Breeze 503039

Someone just turned on the water in the kitchen. Or maybe the bathroom.

Oh, yeah. That guy stayed the night.

Anonymous 503042

File: 1424026570058.png (208.5 KB, 900x900, [Thinking intensifies].png)

>She sighs heavily, just sitting there

Dawn Breeze 503043

The water shuts off. You hear someone walking through the hallway.

Someone mumbles about soup kitchens and how close they are to this part of town.

Dawn Breeze 503044

I'll be back in about...oh, 7 hours.

Anonymous 503045

I have spent the last 2 days taking nasal decongestants and picking my nose. Good times.

Anonymous 503050

I'm not sure what to make of that

Anonymous 503055

Anonymous 503372

File: 1424054724451.png (208.5 KB, 900x900, [Thinking intensifies].png)

>one could swear that she was a statue by how little she's moved

Dawn Breeze 503750


Someone knocks on your door.

"Hey, G?" Dawn asks. "You, uh, okay if I make myself a snack?"

Anonymous 503768

File: 1424062518301.png (208.5 KB, 900x900, [Thinking intensifies].png)

>She heaves a deep sigh
Knock yourself out, Dweeb

Dawn Breeze 503777

He trots off.

...he trots back.
"Do you have any food I can make a snack with?"

Anonymous 503782

File: 1424062862056.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

Ugh, can't you do anything?
>She finally gets out of the bed and leaves her room, almost stomping off to the kitchen

Dawn Breeze 503783

"I already looked. Your pantry's kinda lacking in the food department. Looks that way to me, anyway."
He follows behind you, with that quizzical look he's been giving you since he first said hi.

Anonymous 503822

File: 1424064275979.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

Guess I need to make a shopping run... stay here and don't touch anything
>She heads out, leaving you in her home

Gonna go now

Dawn Breeze 503823

"...sheesh. It's like you don't trust me at all."
He shrugs, and trots off to the living room to do a bit of sitting around.

Good night.

??? 503870

File: 1424103550728.jpg (38.72 KB, 449x923, black jacket.jpg)

The supermarket's not really all that exciting, is it? Not a place you'd expect to meet new people in.
It's a utilitarian place, simple shelves holding simple foods. Sure, they look fancy, and some of the aisles are decorated for Maredi Gras. But all in all, it's just a store.

You see guys like this all the time. Punks who think that they can wear a black hoodie and look tough without ever acting like it. They usually stay outta your way, even if you're a wimp, because they don't even talk the talk. All they have is the look.

This one's different, though. He's got the nerve to stand right next to you.
"There's more to this world than you think."

Anonymous 503875

File: 1424105916794.png (29.74 KB, 256x256, gtfo-7109_preview.png)

>black hoodie with tribal symbols
>red face scarf
>belt chain AND regular belt with pouch
>black wings made of pure angst
No. Try again later

??? 503877

"...I try to impart some universal knowledge, and ya make fun of my wings. Jackass."

He moves on.

Anonymous 503879

You could've easily done that without all of the melodrama. You don't need to look "cool" to talk to a character, sheesh

??? 503880

"Well, yeah. But I'm talkin' life-changing revelations, here!"

He fusses with his "wings". Guess they're all enchantment and no function.

"I wanted to look good, y'know? Like the kind of guy who gives out the secrets of the universe. Plus I spent like a week workin' out the design I wanted for these wings."

Anonymous 503881

And? You don't need to look big, bad, and important to be big, bad, and important. Some of the biggest things come out of the most average people.

And looking good? Just be like the other Anons. You can't ever go wrong with a clean-cut suit

??? 503882

"...but I don't have a suit."

He rolls his eyes.
"Besides, it's the message that's important, right? Just--look, there's a warehouse in the waterfront district. It'll have this symbol on it," he says, pointing to a bit of fancy scrollwork on his sleeve--a stylized flame. "There's a meeting happening this afternoon. It's big stuff, man. You think the Illuminati is crazy, just wait 'till you hear about these guys..."

??? 503883

"I gotta go. Things have to be set up. Remember, the warehouse with the flame on it!"

The black-hoodie'd guy runs off.

I'll be back in about eight hours. Work and all.

Anonymous 503885

Nah, I'm good

Dawn Breeze 503906

"...the police have stated that this gathering was approved by the warehouse's owner, and that it is 'probably just a rave'. In other news, Timberwolves have been spotted inside Sweet Apple Acres' main orchard..."

The green colt yawns, drowning out the sound of the news.

"I guess one beating didn't teach 'em. Frickin' timberwolves."

Eris 503910

File: 1424142195523.gif (6.36 KB, 456x500, [Eyebrows intensify].gif)

You know... she left you in her house alone. You have free reign

Dawn Breeze 503911

"Yeah, and what I do with that free reign shows what kinda pony I am. She asked me to not touch anything."

He proceeds to continue watching TV.

Eris 503912

File: 1424143353617.jpg (172.57 KB, 1114x1024, large-25.jpeg)

She said to not break anything. Nothing about touching it. You could take this time to learn more about her, you know

Dawn Breeze 503913

"Her exact words were Stay here and don't touch anything, you know."
He changes the channel. Apparently it's anime night--some guys named Spike and Jet on a spaceship talking about a guy who stole a dog or something.

Eris 503914

File: 1424144492804.png (13.78 KB, 619x996, 806251__safe_solo_discord_rule…)

Good choice...

Anyway. What she doesn't know, won't hurt her

Dawn Breeze 503915

"Well, until she knows about it."

Now Spike is holding up a guy for having the case which contains said dog, claiming that the guy had plastic surgery to look like a different guy, while the real thief holds Spike up. Fun times.

Dawn Breeze 503924

Well, time for sleep.

Anonymous 503929

File: 1424165454964.jpg (23.05 KB, 350x202, yall niggas gay.jpg)

I wasn't even aware that there was still RP threads.... Y'all niggas are gay!

Anonymous 503931

Nah brah, nah

Dawn Breeze 503934

File: 1424188775040.png (11.59 KB, 372x286, Trollus Forkeksus.png)

Bitch I'm bi

Electra 503939

File: 1424195310231.png (1.75 MB, 981x828, Electrified.png)

Trixie got her soul back.

Eris 503940

File: 1424195390983.png (169.96 KB, 900x803, Eris_MLP.png)

Sounds like a good time.

Electra 503941

File: 1424195453319.png (198.71 KB, 512x512, ASw9tpU2Dr14poYlltnWhOe6REM_0J…)

Well, I am sure Trixie missed her soul and I am happy she has it back, but I will always miss having it.

Eris 503942

File: 1424195787834.jpg (172.57 KB, 1114x1024, large-25.jpeg)

Just because you don't have her soul, doesn't mean you can't pretend to be her

Electra 503943

File: 1424196013402.png (184.18 KB, 329x365, OChead.png)

Well, I can not cast magic spells without her soul. Even if I can just pretend to be her.

Eris 503946

File: 1424196409039.png (13.78 KB, 619x996, 806251__safe_solo_discord_rule…)

I guess you have a point there. Well, then just what are you going to do, hmm?

Electra 503947

File: 1424196663333.jpg (121.03 KB, 768x1024, Ua3mmIqOHZrLs0Ss_X6dWV1WhoENQ_…)

Maybe there is something you can do Eris?

Normally there would not be a way for me to cast magic spells.

But you can change the very nature of how things work, yes?

Eris 503948

File: 1424197401809.png (227.25 KB, 900x1669, Eris_by_JaquelinAmyRose.png)

I can, yes... and I like the way you think, my synthetic friend

>snaps fingers

>Electra now has a horn and a pool pf magical energy to draw from

Have fun learning spells

Electra 503949

File: 1424198922558.jpg (121.03 KB, 768x1024, Ua3mmIqOHZrLs0Ss_X6dWV1WhoENQ_…)

Wow, thank you Eris! Now all I need to do is find somepony to teach me magic spells.

Perhaps Mitsress Trixie will show me!

Or maybe even Twilight!

Eris 503950

File: 1424199623466.png (480.85 KB, 930x1024, large-57.png)

Both are very good choices. You couldn't go wrong with either of them

Anonymous 503959

File: 1424212486061.jpg (10.29 KB, 480x360, What are you gay.jpg)

Anonymous 503960

You're a faggot.

Anonymous 503964

You're gay-er!

Anonymous 503965

File: 1424216657084.png (17.31 KB, 247x239, 1373592059757.png)

the fuck you say to me, nigga?!

Anonymous 503967

I said you the gayest of gays!

Anonymous 503969


Anonymous 503970


Anonymous 503971

File: 1424216879956.jpg (48.36 KB, 429x410, 1375812480422.jpg)

Fight me faggot!

Anonymous 503972

nah man. don't wanna hurt your gay feelings with fite

Anonymous 503973

File: 1424217007159.jpg (12.8 KB, 420x300, 1374895759092.jpg)

Wow, that's super nice of you..... faggot.

Anonymous 503974

Yeah, i guess you aint that bad. homo

Anonymous 503975

File: 1424217159840.jpg (13.02 KB, 239x200, 1375557161112.jpg)

shut up, you filthy RPer!

Anonymous 503976

No you.

Anonymous 503978

No you more!

Anonymous 503979

No you to infinity!

Anonymous 503980

Anonymous 503981

Dawn Breeze 504004

File: 1424241050580.webm (474.71 KB, 574x322, my cover's blown?.webm)

Anonymous 504013

Shut up, faggot.

Dawn Breeze 504034

File: 1424272795583.jpg (60.89 KB, 523x400, lyrAHAHAH.jpg)

Anonymous 504035

Go back to Ponychan

Dawn Breeze 504036

File: 1424272985159.png (122.79 KB, 500x181, BACK TO THE CHAN.png)

You forgot your picture.

Anonymous 504037

Seriously, is this what this has become now? a few Ponychan faggots, RPing together?

Dawn Breeze 504038

File: 1424273263625.gif (1.74 MB, 300x200, rainbow monkeys.gif)

Well, you wanna change that? Better break out the pony pics, buddy. I'll be leavin' for work eventually, and then you can dance around and chant "PONYCHAN IS A GIANT PILE OF DICKS" for seven or eight hours.

Anonymous 504039

maybe crash your car on the way there.

Dawn Breeze 504040

File: 1424273398711.png (117.07 KB, 297x409, stalker needs to direct his bu…)

Joke's on you, I don't HAVE a car!

Anonymous 504041

maybe jump in front of one...... for a lift.

Dawn Breeze 504042

File: 1424273575797.png (370.06 KB, 600x600, I came here just for this.png)

Anonymous 504043

I'll just keep hoping for your death..... you can laugh if you want.

Dawn Breeze 504044

File: 1424273914504.webm (2.95 MB, 1280x720, random encounter.webm)

Anonymous 504045

File: 1424274030686.jpg (15.15 KB, 222x223, 1372382004801.jpg)

you really are a big faggot.

Dawn Breeze 504046

File: 1424274157211.png (149.25 KB, 724x1104, twi ruins your day.png)


Anonymous 504047

Damn right my day is ruined, I have to realize someone like you exists!

Dawn Breeze 504048

File: 1424274296789.jpg (140.11 KB, 640x720, the plan.jpg)

Anonymous 504050

keep posting your shit reaction images, doesn't make you not a faggot.

Dawn Breeze 504051

File: 1424274688795.png (1.55 MB, 1097x835, master trole.png)

Anonymous 504052

File: 1424274798772.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

even if I am a troll, aren't you doing the wrong thing and responding at all?

Dawn Breeze 504053

File: 1424274942311.jpg (24.72 KB, 400x541, what's goin' on.jpg)

Hey, it's something to do. I mean, it's more entertaining than sitting on my ass and waiting 'till I need to actually leave for work.

Anonymous 504054

File: 1424274993436.png (4.22 KB, 493x402, 1372760296701.png)

maybe do something productive with life?

Dawn Breeze 504055

File: 1424275062870.jpg (39.33 KB, 400x400, 1483.jpg)

In ten minutes?
[memes internally]

Anonymous 504056

You've wasted far more than 10 mins
Clean, read, watch.... do anything, faggot.

Dawn Breeze 504057

File: 1424275371053.png (554.26 KB, 1024x764, berry party.png)

Good point. At least I've got an old army field manual open in another tab. Tactics are interesting.

Anonymous 504058

File: 1424275431852.jpg (29.94 KB, 486x485, 1376725324037.jpg)

.....stop conversing with me, not doing this again!

Dawn Breeze 504059

File: 1424275567867.png (183.36 KB, 512x512, hard boiled greenskins.png)

Well, I gotta go to work anyway. See ya.

Anonymous 504060

Bye.... I mean fuck you!

Dawn Breeze 504061

File: 1424275666632.png (105.58 KB, 960x960, pone will fuck you [sexually].…)

Sure ya do.

Anonymous 504062

I know what I meant!

Anonymous 504077

What the fuck just happened here.

Anonymous 504078

ur mother

Anonymous 504079

No seriously. Did this thread just get raided by Ponychan or something? Did they drop their dank memes all over this place?

Anonymous 504080

>implying this could get any worse
Anon pls.

Anonymous 504081

I didn't even know this could get any worse.

Anonymous 504082

This place is shit!

Anonymous 504084

You just figured that out?

Anonymous 504085

I only just showed up.

Anonymous 504086

Quick learner. Well now I know where I stand on the Ponychan merger if this is the content that we can expect.

Anonymous 504087

Actually I've been gone from here a long time, only just got back..... and y'all are the ones who made this shit, so.

Anonymous 504088

>you made your bed, now lie in it
I don't think anyone anticipated a merger with a shitty site.

Anonymous 504089

You guys aren't much better at this point.... but hey..... at least you got porn

Anonymous 504091

File: 1424285017888.png (Spoiler Image,328.28 KB, 600x800, 1408572353826.png)

Fuck yeah we got porn.
>you guys aren't much better at this point
I really don't think it was ever about RP. I think it was just about having fun. Not meme fun, the kind of fun you have when you sit and chat with friends and you think you've only been doing so for 5 minutes but really you've wasted the night away.

Anonymous 504093

I suppose

Anonymous 504111

Is this the face of neo-rp? Why can't we just drink and talk to ponies?

Dawn Breeze 504150

Well, now that I'm back from work we can drink and talk to ponies. You want the greenpone I've been playing, or a new guy?

Dawn Breeze 504302

File: 1424315419175.gif (399.56 KB, 669x540, rd eyebrows.gif)

Eris 504470

File: 1424325297391.png (46 KB, 300x173, heres_eris_by_the_chaos_theory…)

Getting antsy?

Dawn Breeze 504493

File: 1424327708302.png (26.34 KB, 900x650, shit isn't going wrong.png)

"Ssh! It's the season finale!"

Dawn quietly watches as the protagonist of Address Unknown quietly begins washing his hands. Reduced to insanity by the mysterious backwords world of the psychopath John Mirra, he has been locked in an asylum.
As he looks into the mirror, he sees...the villain, John Mirra!
"It all fell into place. The mirror world, the killer, those backwards phrases...it was all a wild goose chase. What I was looking for was inside me all along.
They say you have the best ideas when you're sitting on the john..."

The internal monologue fades away as a scream echoes through the asylum.

"...that was one hell of a twist."

Dawn Breeze 504501

Ya know, I really should've kept an eye on this thread. I think I missed the one RP opportunity for the day...

Ah well. Sleep demands my attention. Have fun with the Max Payne reference. Look through the second game if you're having trouble getting it.

The voice in Dawn's head 504533

Don't be such a dork. You know you're curious about her. Just go explore a little

Anonymous 504550

Jesus, this place got dead right quick.

Dawn Breeze 504551

Hey, buddy, do you wanna be near that chick when she figures out that I've been looking through her stuff--

Dawn's stomach growls.

...well, I guess we're both being overruled. I think I still have a few bits left...

The voice in Dawn's head 504553

Surely she'd understand if you got a little snack. Nothing major, just a snack

Dawn Breeze 504554

Yeah, that's why she's not here. Her pantry's bone dry. Not even rice, man.

He stands up from the old couch, and begins walking toward the door.

Why does everyone here think it's okay to mess with other people's stuff? I mean, come on. Would you like it if I found your collection of dragon dildos or something?

Anonymous 504556

File: 1424380809671.gif (911.06 KB, 358x366, riley yawn.gif)

This place is terrible

Anonymous 504557

You're telling me.

The voice in Dawn's head 504559

Technically, it'd be your dragon dildo collection, buddy. I guess I'm along for the ride then

Not my problem that this guy's got a serious case of white knighthood

Dawn Breeze 504560

Well, you get the picture, right? If I find something embarrassing in this place, G will fuckin' LOSE it. Which is why I just sat around and watched TV all day. Now, where's a good place to get a meal...

Well, there's the local Windy's.

The voice in Dawn's head 504561

If you would've put it back and not told her about it, you would've been fine. Seriously, man. Think

Dawn Breeze 504562

Not really worth it.
But even as he opens the front door, you've managed to make him think about it. It might be possible to hide a thought, but not to truly control what pops into your head--which is why, despite insistently believing that he should *not* go through G's personal belongings, he glances toward her bedroom.

The door to her bedroom was left just open enough to reveal...a plushie.
...wait a minute.
In the dark of last night, he'd noticed it was a plushie. But now he notices who that plushie is modeled after.
Is that the Element of Loyalty?

Anonymous 504563

Do you have any better characters than Dawn that you can play? He's so boring. He's the AT&T of ponies.

The voice in Dawn's head 504564

I don't know. I'm only getting bare images in here. You'd have to take a closer look

Dawn Breeze 504565

Well, out of the roster I've already got made, I have:
>Rushing Wings, Dawn's nymphomaniac sister. Basically, she's an annoying slut who only hangs around because maybe one person thought it was funny.

>Watergate, the reporter. Too curious for her own good. She was retired in some form in both the canons I played her in before I could do much with her character.

>Raphael, and his axe/grenade-launcher, Astaroth. Boisterous barbarian with nothing to do.

>DOOMGUY, the man-and-a-half who hates demons. No, literally, he's a man and a half. Nine feet tall.

...son of a bitch.

Dawn closes the front door, making his way through the hall once more.
I'm stopping at the door, you understand? You'd better hold me to it. I'm not doing anything more than that.

Anonymous 504566

Can you play any normal ponies, like Braeburn?

Dawn Breeze 504567

Eh. I'd be worried that I'd screw something up. At least with these crazy OCs I can make backstory up on the fly if I notice that something doesn't make sense.
...that's actually how I always do backstory. I just make something up that makes sense with what they just did. It's working surprisingly well.

Anonymous 504568

Be Hugh Jelly. You can make it all up on the fly.

Dawn Breeze 504570

File: 1424382688456.gif (617.76 KB, 400x229, jello.gif)

Nah, I've already got these ponies. Who wants to be a pony with an unhealthy obsession with jam, anyway?

Anonymous 504571

Be Magnum, Rarity's dad.

The voice in Dawn's head 504572

Hey, I don't control the legs on this ship

Anonymous 504573

>everything is OCs
Dear god it is worse than I thought.

Dawn Breeze 504575

Might grab some pictures of him, play him as a bumbling PI. That'd be fun.

Good point. Just...yell at me or something if I go into the room.

Dawn pushes the door open.

...there's a rainbow-maned plushie on the bed.
Yeeeep. That's Rainbow Dash. Guess G is a Dash fan. Sorta. I mean, there's no posters or training videos or any of the other stuff with Dash on it, but she's got the plushie...

Hey, at least this one isn't as ridiculously OP as he was in Ponychan. I'm still not sure how in the hell this guy managed to learn magic, gain a Persona, and gain a Stand. And punch an almighty giant hewn from the fabric of space-time in the face.

Anonymous 504576

It would be fun, you should do it.

The voice in Dawn's head 504577

Does it look store bought or what? I can't tell from here

Anonymous 504578

File: 1424383162796.png (91.66 KB, 360x300, [SAAaAVE MEEE].png)


Dawn Breeze 504579

It'd also mean this place would have a bit of comedic action. Honestly, it's dead around here all the frickin' time 'cause the only person doing anything is Eris, and she's just being Discord-but-with-a-pussy.

Looks...wait, no. I can't tell from here either.

He hesitates.

...I swear to fucking Luna this curiosity will get me killed.

Point taken. It was arguably the worst place on Ponychan to be, anyway, but it was actually pretty fun.

Anonymous 504580

File: 1424383323436.jpg (350.7 KB, 1374x808, riley_freeman_classic.jpg)

You're the worst person ever.

Anonymous 504581

We RP somewhere else because this place is dead. You don't get invited until you make the thread fun and then we like you.

Dawn Breeze 504582

You should see the guy who got banned from that place. He was nuts.

The voice in Dawn's head 504583

Not if you're careful about it

Anonymous 504584

File: 1424383519959.jpg (37.91 KB, 429x410, 1391758136377.jpg)

God, I hate you so much.

Dawn Breeze 504585

...you have a point. You actually have a point...

He slowly steps into the room, taking a close look at that plushie.

There's no tag. At least, there's not a tag where there would be one. Generally speaking, commercially-made plushies usually have the tag hidden on the rump or under one of the hooves, and as Dawn picks the plushie up, you can tell that there's not a single tag in any of those places.

Hoof-made. This one's custom. She had a Dash plushie made to order. But she doesn't have any other Rainbow Dash fan stuff...

Have fun hating me, then.

...I hope I earn an invitation, then.

Anonymous 504586

We'll see how you do as Magnum.

Anonymous 504587

We all do anon. We all do

The voice in Dawn's head 504589

Maybe it was a gift? Might ask her about it later.

Dawn Breeze 504591

Maybe. I get the feeling it's important.

Dawn quietly backs out of the bedroom, pulling the door back into place--just a little ajar.

Now, let's get something to eat. Like I said, I think I saw a Windy's near here.

The voice in Dawn's head 504592

Your choice. Like I said, I'm not in control here

Dawn Breeze 504593

Windy's it is.

The trip is uneventful. Pretty much the only thing that stands out is some guy who's wearing a black hoodie in broad daylight. Probly just some wannabe mugger.

"I'll have a hay baconator."

So, why did you show up just now? I figured a voice in your head that everyone has would be there from birth.

Anonymous 504594

File: 1424385060369.png (48.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1377005311056.png)

the fuck even is this? You writing a greentext story or RPing with yourself?

Dawn Breeze 504595

I'm not sure who the hell this "The voice in Dawn's head" guy is, but at least he's doin' something. You want to see some interaction between two ponies, bring a pony in. They're in a Windy's.

Anonymous 504596

File: 1424385233030.jpg (8.35 KB, 493x402, 1391249374619.jpg)

I don't do ponies.

The voice in Dawn's head 504597

Some voices speak louder at different times for different reasons. My reason is that you weren't pussyfooting around right

Dawn Breeze 504598

Then have some other guy show up. What, are you scared you'll catch cooties from me?

Uh huh.

Dawn digs into his haybaconator.
This ain't a coincidence, is it? I meet G, and you show up. And you keep telling me what to do regarding her.

Anonymous 504599

File: 1424385767715.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

I'm afraid I'll catch your autism

Dawn Breeze 504600

File: 1424385817094.jpg (118.01 KB, 2048x1536, neckbeard summoning circle.jpg)

Then wear a face mask.

Anonymous 504601

File: 1424385877102.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1374046903021.png)

I'll just sit over here and watch you be autistic from afar.

Anonymous 504602

Can I sit with you.

Dawn Breeze 504603

File: 1424385993913.jpg (21.92 KB, 294x273, Deanception.jpg)

Fine, but keep quiet. Some of us aren't sitting around and doing nothing.

The voice in Dawn's head 504604

Maybe I'm just the voice that can help you with girls. I just now woke up

Anonymous 504605

File: 1424385997051.png (4.22 KB, 493x402, 1372760296701.png)

who are you? do we know each other? what do you want from me?

Anonymous 504606

I don't think I know a drawn person that makes faces. But now I do.
>what do you want from me
Your soul freedom from autism that is this current thread

Anonymous 504608

File: 1424386233312.png (1.74 KB, 167x177, 1377225399405.png)

I dunno if I can cure Dawn Breeze..... he's so far gone.

Anonymous 504609

There has to be a way doc. What have you tried so far?

Dawn Breeze 504610

...Maybe. I guess I could use some company. I mean, I don't know anyone here, aside from G and that draconequus. And the draconequus isn't an option for anything. She's just too damn crazy. You know what they say about crazy.
He rolls his eyes.
Don't stick your dick in crazy.

The voice in Dawn's head 504612

Sticking your dick in crazy leads to crazy good times. But, again, I don't control this train

Dawn Breeze 504614

You're missing the part where I get turned into a cactus for fun. 'Cause that's what happens when you stick your dick in Draconequus. Besides, I don't even see what the big deal would be. She's all long and thin and stuff. Waaay too curly. Proportions, man.
The hayburger's done, but Dawn's still reclining on the bench.
Like, G--I'd go for that. She's got a pretty nice profile, ya know? But that draconequus chick--I dunno, it just doesn't look nice to me.

Anonymous 504615

File: 1424386727070.jpg (29.94 KB, 486x485, 1376725324037.jpg)

Ignoring him.... but it's so bad.... I have to keep looking.

Anonymous 504616

Good point. Yo you got an icepick and a hammer? I got an idea that might help us immensly.

Anonymous 504617

She'd probably be crazy flexible. And able to shapeshift too. The gryphon though... You might have to wear protection with her. And I mean chainmail

Anonymous 504618

File: 1424386932191.png (73.57 KB, 125x150, 1375814402988.png)

Anon, this is no time for ice sculpting!

Anonymous 504619

No it's a trick I learned from an asylum down the road! Seriously you can perform frontal-lobe lobotomies with just those two things.

Dawn Breeze 504620

You have a point with the shapeshifting, but...
I dunno. It just seems like it'd be awkward.
And I'd have to wear full plate if I wanted to get with G while she's pissed about me lookin' in her room, meaningful wink and/or ahem.

Anonymous 504621

File: 1424387123365.png (14.68 KB, 538x396, 1373932744948.png)

you sure this'll work.... cause if not we go to jail for murder.

Anonymous 504622

She won't even know unless you outright tell her

Anonymous 504623

I'm 200% sure that this will work. He might freak if we come at him with icepicks and hammers though. You wanna see if you can lure him over?

Anonymous 504624

Good idea.... I'm really good at luring people over.... watch.

HEY........ you should come over to where we are!

Anonymous 504625

Alright. It might sound weird. The cracking of the bones behind the eye might sound like a wet egg cracking.

Dawn Breeze 504626

File: 1424387471943.jpg (36.49 KB, 176x318, spooked.jpg)

Or if she notices that the plushie's not where it was. I mean, there's a good chance I set it down in a different way.
But I guess that's just paranoia. You get that a lot in my line of work. Or, well, I guess it's not my line of work anymore. Can't work if you're not in the right place.

This must be a plot hook or something.

Anonymous 504627

It might sound weird.... but that's my fav sound

Anonymous 504628

How did you find out that that is your favorite sound? You know what? Don't answer that because the backstory might be weird and/or fucked up in so many ways

Anonymous 504629

She's an alcoholic who woke up with a hangover. She doesn't remember where she left her stomach, let alone her stuffed pony

Anonymous 504630

File: 1424387853916.png (11.5 KB, 429x410, 1393799518423.png)

Dawn Breeze 504631

Hey, better safe than face-clawed-off.

He starts to head back down the street.

...odd, that hoodie guy's still there.

Yeah, he's probably a mugger. Looking for a new target now, I bet.

Anonymous 504632

Then avoid him.

Anonymous 504633

Because we all know frontal-lobe lobotomies are plot hooks.

Actually I'm not sure that this might work. It could leave him catatonic though. At best he's just a little off from the severed connections to the brain. You got any fall back ideas?

Anonymous 504634

File: 1424388020906.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1374046903021.png)

A brick.

Anonymous 504635

Not the most surgical tool but I guess that could work. You got anything to eat?

Dawn Breeze 504636

File: 1424388133732.gif (1020.2 KB, 400x229, how about I slap your woof.gif)

He'll probably do the same to me. Guys like that can tell when you won't put up with it.

...plus, he probably figured out that the thing weighing down my saddlebags is a gun.

Maybe in that one horror game, yeah.

Anonymous 504637

File: 1424388175780.png (56.77 KB, 356x316, 1398449660102.png)

...I've got a brick.... I guess you could eat it.

Anonymous 504638

How does one eat brick?

Anonymous 504639


Anonymous 504641

A gun won't help you unless its pointed at the person you want to kill. Just keep walking

Anonymous 504642

Then why would I eat it if it's painful?

Dawn Breeze 504643

Smart voice. But bear in mind that someone who doesn't want to get shot won't go after a guy with a gun.

Meanwhile, the guy in the hoodie is walking directly toward you/him/us. On that topic, what pronoun should one use to refer to oneself and one's voice-in-head?

Or he could be convinced that the gun's actually a bunch of bits.

Anonymous 504644

Are you hungry?

Anonymous 504645

A little..

Anonymous 504646

That's why I guess... but I dunno... might not be your best option

Anonymous 504647

I'll buy something. You want a taco or some shit?

The voice in Dawn's head 504648

>inb4 "hey, you wanna buy some drugs?"
Just walk faster

Anonymous 504649

I want a chalupa

Dawn Breeze 504650

File: 1424389311337.png (3.21 KB, 114x190, red jacket.png)

That'd betray fear. If he's smart, he'd just keep following me, 'cause he'd know a scared pony is more likely to give up their bits.
I'll just keep walking normally--

"There's more to this world than you think."

Dawn turns to face the stranger in the hoodie.
"Yeah, I know. Cheesy as all hell. But it's still important."

That flame symbol, Dawn thinks, focusing on the stylized flame on the hoodie's chest. It's from that news story. Something about a gathering in a warehouse.

"You know this shape, huh?" the hoodied stranger mutters, pointing to the flame. "Look for it in the docks. There's still some time left before the big event."

The voice in Dawn's head 504651

What's that you said about sticking your dick in crazy? Just move on

Dawn Breeze 504652

Good idea. 'Course, this wouldn't be sticking my dick in it. On the other hoof, it's probably just a cult thing. On the first hoof, cults aren't good news...

"I'll be there."
"Good. Bring a friend. And a snack. Seeing the wonders of the multiverse makes ya hungry."

The hoodie guy wanders off to deliver his sales pitch to another lonely pony.

Good thing he's gullible.

The voice in Dawn's head 504653

Yeah yeah yeah. Now get back. See if the host is back yet

Dawn Breeze 504656

Good idea.

The rest of the trip is as uneventful as the first half of this little adventure, leaving the audience to wonder how long it'll take for this plot hook to set in.

Anonymous 504657

Alright chalupa it is.
>goes to get a pizza and a chalupa

Anonymous 504658

File: 1424390569361.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

Anonymous 504659

>is back in a few minutes with a pepparioni pizza and a chalupa
So how long have you been here friendo?

Anonymous 504660

File: 1424390678464.png (955 B, 142x229, 1374260365425.png)

Well how long were you gone?

Anonymous 504661

Few seconds.

Anonymous 504662

File: 1424390749146.png (4.22 KB, 493x402, 1372760296701.png)

A few seconds then!

Anonymous 504663

Wow same here! Must be nice being in an entirely different world.

Anonymous 504664

File: 1424390885034.png (9.78 KB, 386x378, 1374187240909.png)

as long as I keep my porn, then all is well!

Anonymous 504665

You in a world with chaos dragon goat abominations and magic ponies. I'm sure you'll find a way to keep your porn stash

The voice in Dawn's head 504668

I don't think anyone's interested in the warehouse except maybe you

Dawn Breeze 504671

Hm. Guess the problem solves itself, then.
I'm not really sure how to feel about that. I mean, yeah, there's no problem, but now I get to just sit around and watch TV until G gets back from the market. Plus, I'm almost out of bits. Fuckin' haybaconators.

Anonymous 504672

File: 1424391737799.png (16.37 KB, 550x375, 1376721953548.png)

Got porn doe!

Anonymous 504673

How much?

Anonymous 504674

File: 1424391834000.png (31.67 KB, 345x369, 1377279479980.png)

Anonymous 504675

>the water is running somewhere in the house

Anonymous 504676


Yo who left the water on?

Anonymous 504677

File: 1424391960405.jpg (2.48 KB, 125x116, 1392788562488.jpg)

I fap to it all the time

Anonymous 504678

All the time? Doesn't your dick get sore?
>goes to turn off the water

Anonymous 504679

File: 1424392063935.png (6.77 KB, 417x357, 1375992486170.png)

all the time

The voice in Dawn's head 504680

You hear the water too?

Anonymous 504682

Jeez. Your arm must be fucking ripped by now.

Dawn Breeze 504683

...someone's in here.

You're approached by a green pegasus pony, who appears to be concerned at the fact that you're in this house.
"What in the fuck."

Anonymous 504684

File: 1424392216064.png (487.52 KB, 680x673, 1377769465542.png)

Not to brag.... but yeah

Shut up I need your computer!

Anonymous 504685

>remembers the entire lobotomy thing
Who the fuck are you?

Anon get the fucking ice pick and hammers!

Anonymous 504687

File: 1424392351236.png (357.84 KB, 1600x1714, gilda_vector_by_piranhaplant1-…)

>there's a griffon taking a shower in her own house
>She proceeds to rake her claws across your arm

Anonymous 504688

Griffons? What is this, Dragons Dogma?
>bleeding profusly from arm

Dawn Breeze 504689

"...oh hell no. Hell no, man. I'm not gonna give you my computer. I learned my lesson after what my sister did."
He appears to be having a flashback.
"Sweet Celestia, the porn. It was like someone picked out every niche fetish in the world--"

At this point, Dawn snaps out of his horrible fetish porn based PTSD episode, and quickly realizes that two people are currently in G's house who really should not be there.

His response? Turn and apply rear hooves to the face of the one who asked about the ice pick.

Anonymous 504690

File: 1424392544063.jpg (15.29 KB, 194x160, 1392928199759.jpg)



Anonymous 504692

>jaw is fucked up now


Dawn Breeze 504693

"What are you even talking about--oh, fuck this!"
The greenhorse kicks Porn Obsessed Anon, aiming for the gut.
"Get out, ya bastards! I said OUT!"

Anonymous 504694

File: 1424392800489.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

>She shoves you

Anonymous 504695


Anonymous 504696

File: 1424392865618.png (3.5 KB, 279x237, 1376731295753.png)

>jumps out the window with computer and books it


Dawn Breeze 504697

Screams the murderous flappyhorse as he tries to punch you in the face.

"THAT'S...wait, that's not even my computer. SHIT!"

Anonymous 504699

>takes a frying pan, some food, and a dirty mag and follows anon out the window

Dawn Breeze 504702

Joke's on him, there wasn't any food in the pantry--oh, wait, the griffon got back from the shopping trip. Shit.

"...son of a bitch. I take a five-minute walk to go grab a hayburger..."

Anonymous 504703

File: 1424393066243.jpg (62.2 KB, 493x387, 16759708.jpg)

We did it! We have the computer!

Anonymous 504704

And I got the dirty mag!
>looks at the computer, cords dangling on the ground
Where are we gonna plug in at?

Anonymous 504705

File: 1424393181568.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

......we'll just break back in later

Anonymous 504706

File: 1424393198920.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

What the literal fuck!? Get the fuck out!

Anonymous 504707

Breaking back into the house we just broke out of? That's why I got the frying pan I guess. I can knock 'em out.

Dawn Breeze 504708

"It's me, G! Calm down!"
Dawn holds his hooves up.
"Wait. You were...oh. Sorry. Sorry!"
Dawn backs out of the bathroom, leaving you to finish your shower in peace.

Anonymous 504709

File: 1424393883669.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

>She exits her bathroom a little while later, looking just generally pissed off

Dawn Breeze 504711

"...the nerve of those guys. Breakin' in like that!"
Dawn sighs, laying on the couch.
"And I think one of them ran off with the food you just bought, too."

Anonymous 504712

File: 1424394039309.png (163.16 KB, 800x800, 738658__safe_solo_gilda_artist…)

Why the fuck'd you let them in?

Dawn Breeze 504713

"I didn't see 'em come in! I was grabbin' a hayburger. I came back, and there's a couple guys chattin' about porn or some shit."
He sits up.
"And now we're down a computer, a buncha food...Fuck."

Anonymous 504715

File: 1424394739914.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

They took my fucking computer!?
>She seethes and rages, pacing around
You! You! You ugh! I can't even think, I'm so mad!

Dawn Breeze 504716

"I can try to find 'em. They jumped out that window, right...?"
Dawn points to a window, just down the hall from the bathroom.
"Well, where's that window go? Into the alleyway."
He starts trotting into the hall.
"C'mon. We'll kick their asses and take back that computer."

Anonymous 504717

>muffled shout in the distance
Lucky we didn't preform a frontal lobe lobotomy you bag of foreskins!

Anonymous 504718

File: 1424394930903.png (14.68 KB, 538x396, 1373932744948.png)

Woulda been funny though!

Anonymous 504719

Hells yee. But seriously though. Can't we just find a hobo colony to plug this into? I hear they have the sickest wifi in town.

Anonymous 504720

I heard they have aids

Dawn Breeze 504721

File: 1424395172203.png (62.17 KB, 900x650, SHIT HE HAS A GUN.png)

"I hear 'em!"
The pegasus leaps through the window you conveniently broke while jumping out of that griffon's house.
As he takes off after you, you can see a grey speck in his hooves...
Shit, he has a gun!

Anonymous 504722

I wasn't planning on doing anything with the hobos. Just using the wifi

>a being with hooves
>using a weapon made for fingers
Jesus cartwheeling unicycle Christ he's going to kill himself.

Anonymous 504723

File: 1424395341307.png (1.74 KB, 167x177, 1377225399405.png)



Anonymous 504724

File: 1424395345832.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

Don't be stupid. If they broke in, they were probably armed and I'm not gonna get shot or stabbed over a computer and some food.

Dawn Breeze 504726

"You think I'd talk about chasin' them if I wasn't armed?" he asks, smirking.
He leaps out the window...

"You two! Put the food an' the computer down, now!"
He's closing real fast. Looks like it's game over, man.

Anonymous 504727

File: 1424395574469.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)


Anonymous 504728

If you're gonna shoot yourself, do one of those moves that Revolver Ocelot does before you do it!
>laughing extremely hard over the fact that no apposable thumbs but somehow still holding a firearm

Anonymous 504729

File: 1424395629440.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

You fucking idiot

Dawn Breeze 504730

File: 1424395724228.gif (974.09 KB, 255x138, revolver impressed.gif)

The green pony lands in front of you, brandishing a revolver...and blinks a couple of times.
"Revolver Ocelot?" he asks, like he's never heard of the man who wields the greatest weapon of all time.

Anonymous 504732

File: 1424395883766.png (26.03 KB, 413x358, 1378011494869.png)

...my Computer

Dawn Breeze 504733

"...nah, it ain't yours. I mean, if it were yours, you wouldn't be stealing it."
He's still got a gun, and--miraculously--it's pointed at you. Maybe it's actually designed for hooves, maybe magical ponies are magic and I ain't gotta explain shit, I dunno. Point is, DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

Anonymous 504734

File: 1424396025665.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

I'm keeping it!

Anonymous 504735

Yeah. You can't do that with hooves can you?
>wacks him over the head with the frying pan, making a loud crack upon impact

Dawn Breeze 504736

...you whiff the swing, because the pony with the gun isn't dumb enough to stand within arm's reach.
"Real funny," he says, as he backs up a bit more. No sense standing where you can smack him, not while he can kill you from twenty feet away. "Now put the goddamn computer down. And the food."

Anonymous 504737

File: 1424396194323.png (48.74 KB, 1000x1000, 1377005311056.png)

Make me.

Anonymous 504738

Nope. You can get another one.

Dawn Breeze 504739

"Well, you've broken into my friend's house, stolen a computer, and then threatened to attack me with a frying pan."

He takes aim at the kneecaps of the guy with the frying pan.

If this post is evens, he pulls the trigger. If it's odds, he simply looks you in the eye and says "Last chance to go become a runner in the Equestria Games, buddy."

Anonymous 504740

File: 1424396658367.png (19.61 KB, 400x335, 1376725052505.png)


Anonymous 504741

>odds he wacks him in the head with the frying pan. evens he throws it at him

Dawn Breeze 504742


The gunshot and the impact of frying pan upon face are one and the same.
Dawn crumples sideways, clutching his face, as the man with the pan learns that knees are very fragile, and that having one's knee shattered by the high-speed application of lead is very, very painful.
"Mutha...mutha fugger..."
You must've caught him across the jaw instead of over the head. Lucky bastard, he's still conscious.

Anonymous 504743

File: 1424396927224.jpg (62.2 KB, 493x387, 16759708.jpg)

>just clutches the computer

Anonymous 504744

>hits his hoof that is holding the gun, most likely breaking the hoof or at the least fracturing it before he limps off

Dawn Breeze 504745

The pony lifts his hoof, trying to line up a shot--
Only to have his hoof smashed into the pavement.
His jaw broken, his hoof mangled, he groans quietly.

Everything falls still.

Anonymous 504746

File: 1424397230691.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

Hey did you die?

The voice in Dawn's head 504747

The gryphon had a point

Anonymous 504748

>goes back to grab his gun before he limps back

Well my leg is fucked now.

Dawn Breeze 504749


Sounds like he hasn't. Granted, you've already added assault and battery to your burglary/theft charges, but hey, why not?

It's a Snort and Whinny 500. Decent wheelgun, even if the six-shooter's been outdated since the 1900s.

...wait a minute. The gun's not coming with you. He's got his other hoof on it.
Doesn't know when to quit, does he?

I underestimated how far that guy could leap. God dammit. Guy's lost a knee, why hasn't he quit yet? You'd think he'd run while he's ahead...

The voice in Dawn's head 504750

Some people don't know what "lost a knee" means

Anonymous 504751

File: 1424397507880.png (1.25 KB, 176x206, 1234214.png)

that sucks man

is he a zombie?

Anonymous 504752

>stomps on his other hoof again and again until it's out of his hooves
Frying pans are waaay better than guns but might as well.

You know what to do? I need my knee.

Dawn Breeze 504753

Well, he's gonna lose a lot more. If I can keep this gun, that is--

Dawn's internal dialogue is interrupted.

The gun's free of his hooves.

Anonymous 504754

Do I know what to--...... Email an ambulance?

guns free!

Anonymous 504755

File: 1424397784445.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

>She presses her paw into his hand, holding it firmly to the ground
Take the food and computer. Just get the fuck out of here

Anonymous 504756

Well the entire town will have heard the shot. Maybe we can flag down an ambulance.
>gives the gun to the strange anon
Here you take it.

Anonymous 504757

Nah. Gun is ours.

Anonymous 504758

Now I've got the gun and the computer!

Oh hi!

Anonymous 504759

It's like /k/ all over again.

Anonymous 504760

File: 1424397965647.png (163.16 KB, 800x800, 738658__safe_solo_gilda_artist…)

>You find an extremely sharp claw on your throat
No. Get the fuck out of here
I'll only say this once, put that shit down. Either one. I don't care.
Do you want porn or a useless gun?

Anonymous 504761

File: 1424398044978.png (955 B, 142x229, 1374260365425.png)

>ponders his decision
If I drop the gun, you'll use it to take the computer..... if I drop the computer you'll take it...

Anonymous 504762

You want a frying pan to the side of the head?
>bats the claw away with the bloody pan

Anonymous 504763

File: 1424398352707.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

I won't touch whatever you drop until you leave just drop something or both things
>She grabs onto your Adam's apple and shoves you down. For an apex predator, she's quite strong and can toss you with ease
I'm letting you take the food if you just get the fuck out of here
>She grabs your frying pan hand with her free hand, claws digging into flesh like its paper

Anonymous 504764

File: 1424398482639.jpg (88.26 KB, 694x448, 1373967267688.jpg)

I always knew it would turn out like this!
There is no right answer!
>he puts the gun to the side of his head, still holding the computer

Anonymous 504765

Jesus are all griffons as bitchy as you?


Dawn Breeze 504767

"I could've done that for you, ya dumbass!"

Anonymous 504768

It's too late anon!

Anonymous 504769


Anonymous 504770

File: 1424398649633.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

Whatever. You could keep the porn if you drop the gun. You can keep the gun if you put down the computer
Only when you touch our shit!

Anonymous 504771

We were there first. He technically let us in by leaving the door wide open.

Anonymous 504772

File: 1424398826945.png (14.74 KB, 560x398, 1374560115028.png)

...I'll seeya around

>puts the computer to the other side of his head
>pulls the trigger sending a bullet through his skull and though the computer's hard drive, killing himself in the process

Dawn Breeze 504773

File: 1424398907769.jpg (60.16 KB, 600x600, persona lyrics.jpg)

*pained gurgle*
I coulda sworn I closed that door--

"Whuh da shit?"
Did he just do what I think he just did?

Anonymous 504774

File: 1424398923739.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

Not your property, you dipshit. So don't touch it! I said you could have it if you just leave
You gonna go now?

Anonymous 504776


>wacks her with the frying pan before limping off into the night, dragging >>504772 body with him

Anonymous 504777

File: 1424399107088.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)


Anonymous 504778

File: 1424399252714.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

>She shrugs off the weak whack from the nearly crippled arm
Pssh, whatever
>She tosses you onto her back, grabs the computer with a hole in it and the food
>She heads inside, grumbling

Dawn Breeze 504779

"...heh...now yoo godda carry me..."
He's definitely still up. Not in any position to stand, or fight, but he won't stop because of that.

"fuggin...shouldna kneegabbed him...shoulda jus shoddim..."

Anonymous 504781

From beyond the grave? Lucky.

Anonymous 504783

File: 1424399559485.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

>shows up in a ghostly form
sup, man?

Anonymous 504784

File: 1424399574142.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

Then you'd be wanted for murder, Dweeb. Not worth it.
>She tosses you onto the couch
Don't fall asleep
>She walks off

Dawn Breeze 504785

"Self-defenz. Fugger nearly knogged me out wiff dat fryin' ban."
He stops talking for a minute to take a few deep breaths.
"...gaaaah. Daurdaros, dat hurts..."

Anonymous 504786

Trying to find someone to mend my knee. Hows the afterlife? You get those virgins or whatever?
>stumbles around the town and looks in a few windows

Anonymous 504787

File: 1424399727696.gif (136.74 KB, 426x304, 1372549563412.gif)

No... Hell looked scary so I ran away...

Anonymous 504788

>She returns with some heavy painkillers and a glass of water
Don't chug this. Just a little bit

Anonymous 504789

So you're like my spirit now? Sweet. This is like that one really bad David Cage game with the ghosts.
>sits in front of a rundown apartment complex

Dawn Breeze 504790

"Ngh. Tahngs."
He fumbles with the glass, cursing his injuries, his assailants, and his attempt to give the robbers a chance.
A few moments of this, and he's finally gotten the pills down.
"Guuh...das' gonna helb. Jaw's gon' need some doin, dough..."

Anonymous 504791

File: 1424400025739.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

Yes..... but I can't do anything of use!

Anonymous 504793

Not yet anyway. See if you can knock on some doors.

Anonymous 504794

>me goes to doors, and just seems to faze through them
>me returns after a few minutes
No good.... but! I did scare the shit out of some!

Anonymous 504795

Really? Aw shit I wish I saw their faces!

Anonymous 504796

File: 1424400277630.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

She was old... had a heart attack.... I think she died.

Anonymous 504797

File: 1424400278429.png (190.49 KB, 735x879, 1423703020446.png)

You'll just have to give it time, Dweeb. Sheesh, why did you have to be such a dilweed?

Anonymous 504798

... Shit dude. We almost killed one guy and now we just killed an old lady.

Anonymous 504799

File: 1424400399151.png (4.22 KB, 493x402, 1372760296701.png)

well I'm already dead, so...

Dawn Breeze 504800

"Nah gonn' jus leddem steal yer stuff. Wha kin'a world woulddit be if yoo could jus' steal errybody's stuff..."
He rolls over to make breathing a bit easier, and his eyelids droop.

Anonymous 504801

I guess you make sense. Well where two now ghost buddy? I think we've caused enough chaos for the night and I need to get this leg checked out.

Anonymous 504802

File: 1424400610207.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

>She shakes your shoulder to keep you awake
Hey! Don't go to sleep. You might have a concussion and I don't want someone dying on my couch

Anonymous 504803

File: 1424400619094.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1374046903021.png)

the library! we rent books on leg injuries, and fix it ourselves! The authorities will look at the hospital!

Dawn Breeze 504804

"...shit, yer right."
He groans.
"Tahngs for savin' me, by da way. An' sorry bout da computer."

Anonymous 504805

The library? I took a bullet through my leg and you're telling me to read?
>struggles to get up
Alright. Off to the library.

Anonymous 504806

they've got computers too!

Anonymous 504807

So you want me to go to the library, get a book on how to fix my leg, and snatch a computer? Simple enough.
>limps to the library. Oddly enough it was built in a tree

Anonymous 504809


Anonymous 504810

File: 1424401298924.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

It can be fixed. You can't if you die, Dweeb

Anonymous 504811

>knocks on the door to the library to check if anyone is there
Shit the gun is still with your body huh?

Anonymous 504812


Anonymous 504813

Fuck. Well ponies are generally weaker than humans.
>waits a bit before knocking again, louder this time

Anonymous 504814

File: 1424401579455.png (1.8 KB, 196x171, 1409981571475.png)

strangle them!

Dawn Breeze 504815

"Yeah. Dat's why I'm thangin' yoo for savin' me."

He manages a weak, broken smile--but a smile, nonetheless.

"See? Ya helped me. No hurtin' here. Well, a bid a hurtin'. But wasn' yer fault."

Anonymous 504816

I will if there's anyone here.
>waits a bit and after a while, barges through the door

Anonymous 504818

File: 1424401923895.png (205.78 KB, 490x490, spike Everything went complete…)

You appear to have sent a baby dragon flying into the nearest wall.

Anonymous 504819

Kill him anon.... do it!

Anonymous 504820

Shit, sorry bro.
>limps in still bleeding


Anonymous 504822

He saw your face! you're going to get jailed for sure!

Anonymous 504823

Possess him and make him forget with your ghost powers!

Anonymous 504824

File: 1424402200804.png (250.82 KB, 1280x720, spike needs a moment to proces…)

"Oww...wait, what are you--are you bleeding?"
Kid looks like he's still trying to shake off the little birdies from that launch. How'd you send him all the way into the wall?

Oh, right. Humans are stupid strong in this world.

Anonymous 504825

File: 1424402217125.png (58.59 KB, 378x387, 1423675438216.png)

>She seems to give the barest hint of a smirk
For how colossally idiotic and stupid that was... it was pretty awesome of you... dweeb

Anonymous 504826

Will that work?!

>me flies over and tries to cram himself into the dragon

Dawn Breeze 504827

"Heh. Do I ged a medal?"
He chuckles, and then groans.
"Maybe avter dis all stobs hurtin'. I hear ponies heal really quigly..."

Anonymous 504829

Yo you got any books on how to take a bullet out of a leg and heal myself up?

I don't know just try it!

Anonymous 504830

"What the--TWILIGHT--"

The baby dragon feels...warm, oddly enough. You'd expect a cold-blooded thing to feel cold, but compared to having no body, this feels like a bath that's at just the right temperature.

What are you doing!? Is this some kinda ghost? Is the library haunted!?

The dragon's eyes glow, but he says nothing.

Anonymous 504832

File: 1424402504238.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

You guys are crazy resilient. Don't sweat it too much

Anonymous 504833

File: 1424402591944.gif (136.74 KB, 426x304, 1372549563412.gif)

>forces him to hit himself to see if he can, while trying to read through his brain to find anything interesting

Dawn Breeze 504834

He sighs.

"...ya still godda TV, right? Dey didn't steal dat too?"

Anonymous 504836

Huh, so it worked. Good job.
>stumbles around the library, bleeding on everything in an attempt to find something useful

Anonymous 504837

File: 1424402656077.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

No, they didn't. Watch what you want and don't fall asleep

Anonymous 504838

In the process of breaking your little dragon nose, you find two things:
One, a mental image of the most heavenly pastel pony ass you have ever seen. Apparently this baby dragon is about as mature as a human 13-year-old.
Two, you find that the library apparently is owned by one "Princess Twilight Sparkle". Who knows who that is?

There's a very bloody copy of Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone, along with the Equestrian reprint as Daring Do and the Sapphire Statue. There's also Supernaturals--you heard that one's got a lot of Tumblrites having spontaneous orgasms or something--and Basics of First Aid volumes 1 through 5.

Dawn Breeze 504839

"Good. Godda hab somethin' to keep me awage..."

He twists around to get a good angle on the TV.
"Lessee...I already saw all o' Address Ungnown..."

Anonymous 504840

>steals all the medical books and sits on the floor in a puddle of blood and flips one open.
Oh right. The computer.
>gets up and unhooks a computer from the wall. if someone was sleeping in this house they would be able to sleep through anything.

Anonymous 504841

File: 1424403034565.png (19.61 KB, 400x335, 1376725052505.png)

>force him to talk and move about as I make him
So some chick named 'princess' owns the joint! Aint that something?
>try to find info about fixing messed up limbs or any books on subject for it

Anonymous 504842

There's no stirring from upstairs. That dragon dude just punched himself in the face, though.
"So some chick named 'princess' owns the joint! Aint that something?" the dragon says through a broken nose.

You find that your partner's already pulled a bunch of first-aid books off the shelves. He's also been dripping blood everywhere goddamn it's like a massacred pigsty in here.

Anonymous 504844

Princess? Owning a library? Shit homie, we're gonna be in deep shit if she finds out that we ransacked this place.
>once he nacks the computer he goes back to reading. after flipping through a few pages he finds a page
Alright can you get a pair of tweezers?

Anonymous 504845

Nah don't worry about it...
>revert back to memories of pastel pone butts before looking through it to find a place for tweezers

Anonymous 504846

File: 1424403331200.png (89.89 KB, 900x583, 137334_-_artist-peachspices_Gi…)

>while you do that she goes outside to get that one thing she forgot and bring it back inside.
>She locks the door behind her when she steps inside

Anonymous 504848

The book points out that, despite the common misconception that the bullet has to be removed immediately, there's often no need to do so. Apparently bullets pass right through things in a lot of cases, especially in a point-blank shooting like yours was. The really important thing is to find something to stop the bleeding with, and to "set" the leg so that it grows back in the right way.
Apparently doing this for knees is really, really hard. Especially after you've had a knee shattered, like when a bullet hits it.

That ass. That beautiful ass.
And the face attached to it too--no wonder she's called Rarity, that's a one-of-a-kind face.
You might need to look this mare up after you're done here.

Oh yeah, tweezers. Looking inside a few drawers reveals a pair of tweezers with a bit of paint on the end. Looks like it was used for assembling plastic models or some nerdy shit like that.

Dawn Breeze 504850

When you get back, Dawn's picked a channel.
Some kind of old jazz is playing, and credits are rolling. Guess a show just ended.

...what is this Neighponese shit?
Ah well.
Dawn glances toward you, remote clutched between wrecked hooves.

Anonymous 504851

Thanks mate.
>makes a tourniquet and wraps it around his leg in his spare time and tries to set the knee back into place.

Anonymous 504852

>think of ass, and rarity horse

Anonymous 504855

>surprisingly he sets the leg and knee into place after a few tries. He must've had some experience in doing stuff like that.
Good news. I think I'm good, I just need some gauze!

Anonymous 504856

File: 1424403799879.jpg (41.42 KB, 789x768, spike towel.jpg)

Fun fact: Tourniquets are a last-ditch tool. When you apply a tourniquet, it will often cost you that limb--but in return, you don't bleed to death.

Granted, this might be a situation where just pressing a towel down on the wound won't stop the bleeding in time. But then again, it might not be.

The bits of your knee do NOT like being moved around. It hurts like a bitch. But you gotta move them so they'll grow back right or something like that.

That fuckin booty, man. It's too much for your tiny dragon meat puppet body.

Anonymous 504857

File: 1424403872438.jpg (15.86 KB, 394x315, 1410166315486.jpg)

>Find gauze, and give it to him, before leaving body

Anonymous 504858

>wraps leg in gauze and ties it tightly
You did good Aiden. You did good.

Anonymous 504862

Gauze acquired.

You leave the body easily, sending Baby Dragon Dude crashing to the floor once more.

"...oowwww...my nose..."
He sits up.
"...hey, what'd you do? It feels like someone punched me in the face..."

Anonymous 504863

It was a ghost. Literally. That entire time you were out you were possessed by my friend.
>is laying on his side on a couch

Anonymous 504864

"What!? You mean...is this place haunted now!?"
Kid sounds really panicky.

Anonymous 504865

File: 1424404170588.png (56.77 KB, 356x316, 1398449660102.png)

>starts tilting pictures sideways just slightly

Anonymous 504866

File: 1424404171793.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

You good?...

Anonymous 504868

Yep. He knows all your thoughts too.
>glares at him with the look a man that has seen shit would give
All of your thoughts belong to him now.

Dawn Breeze 504870

"Yeh. An' you?"
He flutters a bit. Guess his wings were getting uncomfortable or something.

Anonymous 504872

He stumbles backwards.
"This is just like in that comic book! I gotta get outta here!"

Anonymous 504873

>laughing a crazed laughter, one that you'd hear in a mental institute.

Oh, this is too good.

Anonymous 504875

He runs for the stairs, scrambling upwards.

His screaming's probably enough to wake the neighborhood, but that's probably a nightly occurrence with this guy.

Anonymous 504876

File: 1424404676897.png (14.09 KB, 165x165, 1376449816545.png)

>knocks over a lamp

Anonymous 504877

>calms down enough to cuddle with the stolen computer and try to relax on the couch

Anonymous 504878

File: 1424404695994.png (461.98 KB, 1942x1608, 1423696538300.png)

He just biffed me... took my good frying pan though... the fucker

Anonymous 504879

C'mon. Pick that shit up.
>anon says tiredly

Anonymous 504880

In the bedroom, that little dragon dude proceeds to scrawl a message onto a piece of paper...and then breathes fire all over it.

Uh, what?

Anonymous 504882

>picks it up and drops it again

Anonymous 504883

You can be annoying at some points.

Did he just set fire to a letter?

Dawn Breeze 504884

"Put a bullet in yer compuder, too..."
Dawn half-laughs.

"...y'wanna sit down? I kin' try ta sit up, so ya have room..."

Anonymous 504887

File: 1424405112258.gif (479.96 KB, 500x281, twi is not happy at all.gif)

"You guys are in trouble now! Twilight'll be here any moment now--"

You could hear that voice from Canterlot, for fuck's sake.
In a flash of purple light, a similarly purple pony appears.
"How many times have I told you to not send me joke letters while I'm in Canterlot--"
She notices the one of you who's not a ghost.
"...you weren't joking, were you."
"I'm scared, Twilight."

Anonymous 504888



Anonymous 504890

>shoots up, using the computer tower as a shield and the bloody frying pan as a weapon


Anonymous 504891

File: 1424405276744.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

You need to sit up anyway, Dweeb.

Anonymous 504892

File: 1424405351502.gif (898.8 KB, 512x288, twi really needs new friends.g…)

"...You're attacking me. Really? You barge into my house, and now you're going to attack me with a frying pan and a ghost?"

Dawn Breeze 504893

He quietly props himself up, wincing.
"Fuggin hooves. They ain't gonna be happy in the mornin'..."
He shrugs.

Anonymous 504894

>floats over to try and fit into the purple pone
this is like Fear 3!

Anonymous 504895

To be honest I would have had a gun if I remembered to grab it.
>readies to strike with the pan
It totally is except totally not shit!

Anonymous 504896

Within moments of trying to enter her mind, you feel her retaliate.
You are not allowed here!
The force of her will is enough to throw you toward the wall!

Another purple flash, and she's gone.

Well, not gone. She's just behind you. And that's a magical blast coming at you isn't it?
I wonder if it's possible to roll dice in this chan. That's one thing Ponychan has over this place.

Anonymous 504897

Roll 1d10 = 2

Anonymous 504898

Roll 1d10 = 10
>if odd hit bookshelf, if even wall

Anonymous 504899


Anonymous 504900

Hang on, I apparently don't understand how do roll.
Roll 1d10 = 4

Anonymous 504901

There we go.
Now, where were we?

You pass directly through the wall, and into the street. It's pretty late.
Streetlights are coming on.
Oh, and there's some red and blue lights in the distance.

Anonymous 504902

>hides in an alley, covering himself with a few rags. Still got his pan and computer though

Anonymous 504903

>flies over
Shit man! it's da popo! game over brah!

Anonymous 504904

Cause a car accident! Do something!

Anonymous 504905

I dunno how to do that! I'm not the guy from Watchdogs!

Anonymous 504906

Use your ghost powers! Possess someone and cause a car accident!

Anonymous 504907

Someone screwed up the combat code, apparently, because you've been moved to where ghostdude was. What a glitch, am I right?
At least you're out of the line of fire--
Purple flash.
"You can teleport too? Well then..."
She actually fucking grins at you, while her horn charges up.
"This'll be interesting."
She fires a burst of energy!
Roll 1d10 = 10
Evens, and it bounces off your computer-shield, scorching it but not you. Odds, and you've got a nasty burn on your chest to worry about.

There's nobody on the street but the cops themselves.

Anonymous 504908

>moves out of the way of the blast
I aint a fucking all powerful ghost!

Anonymous 504909

>the computer gets a nasty burn but nothing else
You bitch! I worked hard to steal this computer!
>lunges forward with the frying pan and takes a swing. Evens it makes contact with a powerful blow, odds he misses

Roll 1d10 = 5

Anonymous 504910

Well do something!

Anonymous 504911

Twalot poofs behind you again.
You'd think you wouldn't fall for that twice.
"You're going to answer to the Guards!" she shouts, like nobody thought to give her decent one-liners.
Roll 1d10 = 1
Evens results in magical energy binding your limbs; odds, and you're able to roll away before they form completely.

Anonymous 504912

File: 1424406597584.jpg (15.29 KB, 194x160, 1392928199759.jpg)

>uses ghost powers to rip face off to try and scare Twi
....that help?

Anonymous 504913

You conjure forth an illusion of a faceless human!

Twilight Spergle is shocked for a moment, but goes back to charging her spells...

...but not fast enough. You have an opening!

Dawn Breeze 504918

Well, I'm off. Peace, y'all.

Anonymous 504997

Jesus last night was intense.

Anonymous 505001

File: 1424463452047.png (253.2 KB, 1000x1000, Gilda Naptime.png)

Stress often induces deep bouts of sleep in individuals and can lead to cathartic moments

Anonymous 505002

That's right. Sorry about the computer and food by the way. It was just there.

Anonymous 505011

File: 1424468853058.png (253.2 KB, 1000x1000, Gilda Naptime.png)

In some major griffon cultures, theives have their strong hand cut off and their wings crippled.

Anonymous 505016

That's rough. Lucky we aren't in griffon cultures and all we do is beat each other with frying pans

Dawn Breeze 505052

Some time after the encounter with the pan thieves...

"...nngh. Did I fall asleep? I tink I fell asleep. Mebbe jus' a little."

Anonymous 505053

I think you did fall asleep. You're a good shot by the way. It's not an easy thing to hit the knees of someone that is barreling at you.

Dawn Breeze 505054

"...you sonovabitch. You're here again?"
He tries to stand up, only to find that his forehooves are still a bit tender. He's healed up pretty impressively fast, though.
"I hope you're here to return the food."

Anonymous 505055

Nope. I ate the food and the other anon killed himself along with the computer. And I have to deal with his ghost now.

Dawn Breeze 505056


He groans.
"Get outta here. Or wait 'till G wakes up and tears your head off. Either one works."

Anonymous 505057

Well I don't know what else to do in this god forsaken town so unless you want to be beaten over the head with a bent frying pan again let me stay here for a bit.
>sprawls out on the floor
Oh and I dropped your gun somewhere. Dunno where it is though.

Dawn Breeze 505058

"You could go volunteer at the soup kitchen."

The guy who kneecapped you lets that sentence hang in the air for a bit.

"You could go fight Timberwolves. With that swing, a bit of training, you could be pretty good. You could join the Guard, they've always got something to do."

Anonymous 505060

A human joining the guard? Has that ever happened before? Plus I don't think they have frying pans as weapons in the guard and that appears to be the only weapon I'm good with.

Dawn Breeze 505062

"I dunno. They should be willing to take you, though. And train you."
The colt rolls his eyes.
"Point is, there's a lot more shit to do in this town than break into people's houses!"

Anonymous 505063

To be perfectly honest you left the door open and unlocked. But I dunno, I just don't want to stand around and guard nothing all day.

Dawn Breeze 505064

"...I could've sworn I closed that fucking door. Also, Everfree Ranger. Go fight Timberwolves and other nasties so they don't chew our faces off."

He points out the window.
"Y'know that forest out there? The one that's all magically contaminated, and nobody knows what exactly's in there? It's kinda dangerous."

Anonymous 505065

A Ranger? Sounds fun. But I still have to answer to people/ponies that are most likely dickbags

Dawn Breeze 505066

"And you're not a dickbag, huh?"

He gives you a look.

Anonymous 505067

I don't consider myself one. But hey. I'd rather not answer to some juiced up guardmare that screams at me whenever I breathe at a moment I'm not supposed to.

Dawn Breeze 505068

"Well, I'd rather not have to give all my stuff, that I worked hard to get, to some guy who decided that he doesn't have to play by the rules. I also don't want to have my face and hooves smashed in by that guy. I'm sure that guy doesn't want his knee busted up, but apparently that guy doesn't listen to anything else."

Anonymous 505069

Good point.
>stays silent for a while
Or I could go pro in terms of stealing stuff.

Dawn Breeze 505070

"Or you could not steal stuff. Although if you are gonna steal stuff, I'd advise that you don't partner up with someone who kills himself while destroying the stuff you stole."
He groans.
"I mean, come on. Stealing that computer was bad for G, but shooting it was bad for everyone."

Anonymous 505071

Well atleast he's my ghost companion now. Don't exactly know where he is at the moment. Probably hitting on some underworld babes or something. Besides that computer was old anyway. You can get those for a few bucks.

Dawn Breeze 505072

"But ya can't get all the stuff off a hard drive with a hole in it. I bet she had family pictures or something in there, man. And all the passwords she'll have to remember..."

Anonymous 505073

File: 1424487358782.png (265.58 KB, 818x977, 1416728794174-1.png)

It was custom built, you cunt. Why are you in my house, anyway?

Anonymous 505074

Well blame the ghost not me.

Resting my leg, bird brain. What else would I be doing?

Dawn Breeze 505075

"I was just pointing out that it'd be better for everyone if you don't let that happen again, get it?"

"Hey, G. Mind kicking this guy's ass for me? My hooves aren't healed up yet..."
Dawn looks a hell of a lot better now. Amazing what a good night's rest does for injuries, isn't it?

Anonymous 505076

Hey, it was his idea to go down with the computer.

Dawn Breeze 505077

"Missing the point, buddy."

Anonymous 505078

I know i know. I'm just glad I got the food and a bent frying pan

Dawn Breeze 505079

File: 1424490710028.gif (470.98 KB, 474x379, GTFO.gif)

"...just get the fuck out."

Anonymous 505080

Can't. Some ass hat shot my knee so its sorta hard to move.

Dawn Breeze 505082

"Well, some asshat decided to steal my friend's shit, so I had to kneecap him."

Anonymous 505084

File: 1424490897713.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

I customized it.... the hole will help cool it off.

Anonymous 505085

Could have just pistol whipped me. But you can't now because your gun is missing

Hi ghostie.

Dawn Breeze 505087

"Well, if I pistol whip you, and I miss, you can smack me in the head. Heck, you still smacked me in the head. That was a pretty fuckin' impressive lunge."

Anonymous 505088

File: 1424491149932.png (1.25 KB, 176x206, 1234214.png)

That's not my name.

Anonymous 505089

Two legs are better than four dawdly easily breakable hooves.

Anonymous 505090

Well you died and became a ghost. So if you want a name you can make one but for now you are ghostie.

Anonymous 505091

File: 1424491229357.png (1.38 KB, 313x322, 1234216.png)


Anonymous 505092

Don't look at me like that, you're scaring me.

Anonymous 505093

File: 1424491291450.png (17.23 KB, 612x567, 1379116832716.png)

Anonymous 505094

Daaw now that's cute.

Dawn Breeze 505095

File: 1424491350505.png (65.71 KB, 500x833, madoka faggota.png)

"...well, now we're gettin' into might-makes-right territory."
The pony flops over on the couch.


Anonymous 505096

Well its true. Your hooves are literally marshmellows.

Dawn Breeze 505098

"See, this is why I had the gun."
He waves his almost-healed marshmallowy jerk-smackers.
"If I didn't have somethin' to make these a bit more deadly, you'd just pick me up and throw me out a window and all the stuff I worked for is gone."

Anonymous 505099

File: 1424491791185.png (2.61 KB, 493x402, 1374046903021.png)

Anonymous 505100

Well, I would do that right now if my knee wasn't in the process of healing.
>laughs a little
Funny story about that. We had to find books to learn how to patch this up so me and ghostie broke into a tree library and got into a fight with some purple pony.

Dawn Breeze 505101

File: 1424492130205.png (91.94 KB, 627x310, 641.png)

"Wait a minute. Tree library? Purple pony?"

His jaw drops.

"You picked a fight with the Element of Magic!? Holy shit, man, you're gonna get your ass put on the moon!"

Anonymous 505102

Just you try and fucking stop me.

Dawn Breeze 505103

"It ain't gonna be me who stops you, man--"
Someone bangs on the door.

Anonymous 505105

Who the hell is it?
>he throws a spoon at the door

Anonymous 505106

File: 1424492360876.png (188.37 KB, 833x644, GildaVector.png)

It looks like you're in my house. Again
That was a solid state drive and you fucked it up
The fuck is it now?

Anonymous 505107

You gave me no choice!

Anonymous 505108

So what? You gonna attack a cripple?

Dawn Breeze 505109

"Police! Open up!"

Dawn blinks.
"I guess that settles that."

Anonymous 505110

Nah man. It was the guy with the gun!

Anonymous 505111

File: 1424492593356.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

I said you could take it or the gun. Sounds like a choice to me
If he doesn't get the fuck out of my house after he stole some of my shit
>She smirks and takes a deep breath

Anonymous 505112

File: 1424492616066.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

why not both?

Dawn Breeze 505113

File: 1424492710046.png (175.6 KB, 834x1024, magnum sweater.png)

"I'm coming in!"

Someone kicks the front door down.

...and lands on it.
He scrambles back to his hooves.
"...Magnum, Ponyville PD. Nobody move!"

Anonymous 505114

File: 1424492840426.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

Because you were only gonna get one. You couldn't carry both easily anyway
>She points at >>505110
It was him, officer!

Anonymous 505115

>holds the bent and bloody pan up

Anonymous 505116

File: 1424492878531.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

....I was carrying both just fine...

Dawn Breeze 505117

File: 1424493004441.png (193.58 KB, 600x421, magnum investigates.png)

The cop pulls one of those long-range stungun thingies!
Roll 1d10 = 10

The darts fly out of the stungun, zapping the evil Captain Frying Pan! Another perp brought to justice.

The stungun promptly fires confetti and a little sign saying "Ponka wuz heer".

Anonymous 505119

>of course, it was a metal frying pan and electricity loves metal. It shocks him good but it doesn't force him to drop the pan
>although his leg is busted, he breaks through the same window that he went through yesterday

Dawn Breeze 505120

Magnum, Police Inhibitor leaps through the window, yelling something about runners and street names into his chest-mounted walkie-talkie thingy.

Dawn proceeds to blink, rub his eyes, and wonder what in the fuck just happened.

Anonymous 505121

File: 1424493366205.jpg (90.02 KB, 471x569, Ragged Gilda.jpg)

Wouldn't have made it far
Ugh, its too early for this shit

Anonymous 505122

File: 1424493375214.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

>is a ghost and just slowly floats after

Dawn Breeze 505123

"Yeah, it really is."
For a moment, Dawn just sits there, straightening out his wings.

"...so what's the plan for today? No, going to the bar doesn't count as a 'plan'."

Anonymous 505124

>continues running down alleys and shit until coming across a manhole
Yo ghostie. You think you can open this?

Anonymous 505125

File: 1424493562851.png (16.55 KB, 221x354, 1375756925240.png)

>uses his ghostily abilities of moving objects slightly out of place to lift the manhole cover to the side

Anonymous 505126

Thanks man!
>seeing how the officer wasn't in sight he slips down the manhole, once down he puts the lid back on
I wish you had more powers. You know. Like making light and stuff. It's dark down here.

Anonymous 505128

File: 1424493742302.png (1.9 KB, 142x229, 1374260365426.png)

I can only glow slightly.... more annoying then anything...

Dawn Breeze 505129

File: 1424493762973.jpg (47.54 KB, 512x512, magnum has a machine gun.jpg)

The manhole cover flies up like someone lit a match in a pocket of methane down there.

Magnum, Private Incapable dives after you...only to find that the manhole cover makes an excellent anti-officer missile.

"...now isn't that slapstick?"
<Shut up, Magnum,> says the voice over the radio.

Anonymous 505130

Well any light down here is better than none.

Anonymous 505131

>continues to run away, seeing how the officer is so incompitent he could probably drown in a bowl of soup if someone let him

Anonymous 505132

Why is your name still Dawn Breeze?
Git gud, scrub.

Dawn Breeze 505133

Magnum, Probably Inexplicable doesn't give chase.

There's still police sirens going off on the streets, though.

Well you guys asked me to play Magnum. Figured you'd want to know that it was me playing Magnum.

Anonymous 505134

Now that we know...

Magnum, Possibly Inebriated 505135

If you insist. Tough crowd, sheesh.

Anonymous 505136

This ain't Ponychan. This is /anon/. We play for keeps.

Magnum, Point Inferred 505137

File: 1424494394751.gif (441.07 KB, 391x331, No one cares.gif)

Eh. Back in my chan, we just had a nick and made all the characters we wanted. Pic related.

Anonymous 505138

File: 1424494896114.png (87.89 KB, 600x600, 1377198656796.png)

Everyone cares

Magnum, Point Inferred 505139

No, I mean nobody cares how we did it in my chan and the whole "Back in MY X..." statement is completely ironic.

In other words, I fail at internet humor.

Anonymous 505140


Magnum, Poor Imbecile 505141

And now I really oughta sleep.

Magnum, Pony Pony 505160

File: 1424539522126.jpg (47.54 KB, 512x512, magnum has a machine gun.jpg)

"So you got hit in the face with a marehole cover."
"And despite somehow not being knocked unconscious by this..."
"You stopped chasing the perps."
"Well, when you put it that way..."

Anonymous 505317

Another hectic night of running in sewers and stupid cops.

??? 505327

"You're tellin' me."

Oh god it's black hoodie pony guy again.

Anonymous 505330

You a fuckin drug dealer or something? What's up with the hoodie?

??? 505355

"Prometheus told us to wear something inconspicuous."
It occurs to you that the kind of guy who seeks universal knowledge via mysterious meetings in warehouses is probably not that smart.

Anonymous 505363

Prometheus? That's the name of a terrible movie that tried to explain the back story to the aliens.

??? 505367

"Oh. Huh. Well, this guy picked the name 'Prometheus' because of some old Human legend about fire and gods and stuff. 'Cuz he's spreading forbidden knowledge, ya know?"

The pony with the black hoodie offers a hoof to shake.
"Shaded Glory, by the way. Nice to meet ya."

Anonymous 505369

Oooh. That Prometheus? He was doomed to have birds eat his kidneys or something for all time.
>shakes his hoof
My name is Anon.

Shaded Glory 505372

"Well, I guess you could count that part. But Prometheus did everybody a huge favor with that fire, man. People were like 'dude now we can cook' and suddenly boom society."

Shaded Glory proceeds to take a sip out of a bottle of Mello Yello.

"Our Prometheus is doin' the same thing. 'Cept with tech that comes from other universes."

Anonymous 505374

What kind of tech? Like interstellar travel or something?

Shaded Glory 505375

"Well, at today's demonstration, he had a laser. Like somethin' outta Star Horse, man. He burned a straw dummy, even put a hole in the metal behind it. Nearly burned down the warehouse, man."

Anonymous 505378

Why would you need lasers when you got a world with magic?

Shaded Glory 505380

"...well, he also said that the batteries in the laser were puttin' out enough power to replace a coal-burnin' power plant. Or even one of our lightning-based PegaPower plants."

Anonymous 505395

Huh. Well I guess that beats that. So what else do you got?

Shaded Glory 505418

"Not a lot, right now. We've been working on figuring out how to get to other universes and take more tech."

He takes another sip of his Mello Yello.

"Some buncha jerks keeps getting in our way, though. Whenever we make a breakthrough in one of our labs, that place goes dark."

Anonymous 505423

Well that's probably for the better. Some technologies aren't meant to be played around with.

Shaded Glory 505430

"Yeah, like clean energy, or nanobot-based healing, or infinite food."
Shaded gives you a look.
"C'mon, man. You really think we'll pull a Cherneighbyl or Three Mare Island? We know better than that. And once we can get a working portal to one of those worlds with all the tech in it--one that can open and close whenever we want it to--we can start movin' Equestria forward."

Anonymous 505436

I take it you haven't read and/ or watched Jurassic Park then. Perfect example of meddling with technology and nature.

Shaded Glory 505440

"That falls under Cherneighbyl. Point is, we ain't gonna fall for that. 'Cuz we'll be able to see how it turned out in that other world!"

Anonymous 505459

But you know what? Even after Chernobyl we still use nuclear plants and energy. Why would we do that after such an event? We learned from our mistakes.

Shaded Glory 505464

"Because there's still an advantage, man. Cherneighbyl was a mistake, yeah, but the mistake wasn't using the power plant. The mistake was...what happened in Cherneighbyl again? I know the reactor melted down, but I dunno what exactly happened..."

He snorts. Apparently that's what passes for an exasperated sigh in pony world.

"Point is, we don't even need to have a Cherneighbyl happen with this stuff. If it happened in some other world, then we can research it in that other world before bringing the tech back!"

Anonymous 505479

They were using a new type of failsafe method if I remember right. It didn't detect the coolant failure until it was too late. Now we have more advanced fail-safes and detection software. But I get what you're saying. Bringing back tech from other worlds. I'm saying that it could be dangerous.

Shaded Glory 505484

"An' I'm saying that we'll know ahead of time."

He chugs the Mello Yello. What the fuck kind of pony drinks Mello Yello?

"Anyways. We won't know at all if those bozos keep wrecking our labs."

Anonymous 505486

What if nothing bad has happened yet and you bring something back?

Shaded Glory 505490

"Well, by our calculations, there's like a bajillion universes. We'll find lots of 'em with fancy tech. And we'll research, and learn, and soon we'll have all the info we'll need!"

Anonymous 505513

But still, that doesn't guarantee that it will be safe. It's like Jurassic Park. Cloning dinosaurs and putting them in a theme park for kids sounds like a fantastic idea at first, but then you have to consider security and integrity. How much electricity will be pumped into the fence to keep a T-rex from taking a bite out of little Jimmy's head? What other things will keep the dinosaurs in the pens if the fences go offline? Shit like that. You can't guarantee 100% safety.

Shaded Glory 505519

"Well, I figure it's worth it if I don't ever have to starve again."

The pony shrugs, and fades back into the shadows of the sewer.

Anonymous 505524

You get enough food from the farms that we already have.
>sits down in the sewer. he found a map down there the other day, don't know who takes the time to map out every nook and cranny of the sewers but it could be useful

Anonymous 505809

If everything you say is italicized, you're not emphasizing any of it.

Anonymous 505815

But you are making it slanted.

Anonymous 506277

>and putting them in a theme park

Soon my plans for "Cloney Island" will be realized.

Anonymous 506344

Scudworth pls go.

Anonymous 506351

File: 1424714958857.gif (271.08 KB, 248x172, 833170__safe_fluttershy_animat…)

Anonymous 506385

File: 1424742411837.jpg (91.84 KB, 390x479, visiting 4chan.jpg)

Dawn Breeze 506464

"...yo, G. You awake?"

The jaw's healed up. So are the hooves. It's been a while since those two nutjobs broke in and stole half the valuables in the house.
The past week or so was a bit of a blur. But, then again, so are most weeks. The important moments are often the only ones you pay attention to.

Anonymous 506465

File: 1424838226928.png (253.2 KB, 1000x1000, Gilda Naptime.png)

Dawn Breeze 506466

"Guess not."

He sighs.

"...and I still don't know where those suckers are. Heck, I'm not even sure what we got back. I know they dropped the computer, but...
"...look at me. Talkin' to myself, while you're sleepin'. I probably sound like a crazy person."

Anonymous 506470

File: 1424840957075.png (253.2 KB, 1000x1000, Gilda Naptime.png)

Computer was salvageable... just had to order a new hard drive. Motherfucker punched a hole clean through it

Dawn Breeze 506471

"Oh, you're awake. Sorta."
He shrugs.

"Yeah, I have no idea how he pulled that off. Some kinda sixth sense or something.
"At least they haven't come back, right?"


"...hey, uh...y'got any blankets? It's pretty frickin' cold."

Anonymous 506472

File: 1424841727025.png (253.2 KB, 1000x1000, Gilda Naptime.png)

Yeah, I'm awake. What? I can't lay here with my eyes closed and not be awake? Dweeb
>She waves her hand in a very vague fashion
On the couch or bed or something

Dawn Breeze 506474

You hear him rustle through some blankets or something.

He tosses an extra blanket onto you.
"G'night, G."

Anonymous 506475

File: 1424842121325.png (160.35 KB, 900x817, gilda_by_turbo740-d59fk8j.png)

>she gets up and catches the blanket
What? I'm not sleeping out here. Its cold as dicks.
>she heads inside and for her room

Dawn Breeze 506476

"Yeah, it kinda is."
He shrugs again, trotting into the living room to his usual spot on the couch.

"Here's hoping it doesn't snow too bad, right?"

Anonymous 506477

File: 1424842371134.png (89.89 KB, 900x583, 137334_-_artist-peachspices_Gi…)

Snow's nothing down here. You Dweebs couldn't handle a blizzard in the mountains

Dawn Breeze 506478

File: 1424842599654.png (153.36 KB, 350x294, questioning my logic.png)

"Hmm. I know a bit or two about how to not freeze to death. Y'know, the usual. Don't get soaked, share body warmth, all that stuff."

Anonymous 506479

File: 1424842792846.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

Uh huh. That's what everyone says until their caught in one. "Know how" doesn't do shit when the cards really are on the table

Dawn Breeze 506480

"Then you haven't seen real know-how. I had a buddy, he was seventy-something years old.

"Guy could take down a bodybuilder. Knew just how to smack 'em. And he could take on armies, 'cuz he knew how an army works, and how to break an army. Give him a little time to think, and he can stop anything."

Anonymous 506482

File: 1424843069543.png (160.35 KB, 900x817, gilda_by_turbo740-d59fk8j.png)

I'd love to see him take down a blizzard. I'd pay to see that

Dawn Breeze 506483

"A good parka, firestarter, his favorite revolver, and he could make it."

He stretches, yawning.

"But I could say that all day. He's not here, so we won't know for sure."

Anonymous 506484

File: 1424843747510.png (89.89 KB, 900x583, 137334_-_artist-peachspices_Gi…)

Oooohhh, you're so wrong about that
>She shares your yawn. They're contagious, apparently

Dawn Breeze 506485

"...It's frickin' midnight, isn't it."
Dawn flops over like one of those goats. You know the ones.
"You probably oughta sleep. I'll be draggin' you off to go do something tomorrow. Maybe go see a bunch of art or something. Anything that doesn't have to do with a bar."

Meanwhile, it's frickin' midnight where I'm at, so I'll sleep as well.

Dawn Breeze 506507

File: 1424878759840.gif (1.17 MB, 421x222, rarity marshmelodrama.gif)

Anonymous 506508

Rarahorse a shit

Dawn Breeze 506510

File: 1424882092819.gif (140.31 KB, 500x500, rarity WAHAHA INTENSIFIES.gif)

Eh. There's potential there.
But mostly it's fun to laugh at her being dramatic.
Gildanon, is that you?

Anonymous 506511

I guess you have a point, dweeb

Dawn Breeze 506512


But arguing about who is worst horse is irrelevant, especially seeing as there's a more immediate problem.

"Hey, G! Get up! We're going to the soup kitchen today!"

Namely, the greenhorse yelling in the next room.

Anonymous 506513

File: 1424883117535.jpg (472.98 KB, 1000x714, large-9.jpeg)


Dawn Breeze 506515

He starts knocking on the door.
"C'mon, G. I told you we were gonna do something today!"

You can almost hear the eye-roll.

Anonymous 506516

>still more silence. Surely she's heard you by now

Dawn Breeze 506517

"...you're ignoring me, aren't you."
You hear the dull thunk of his head coming to a stop against the door.
"Ugh. Is it really that hard to do something that isn't drinking, G? I mean, come on."

Anonymous 506518

Fuck the sun. Its too bright and sunny.
>Not the response you were hoping for

The voice in Dawn's head 506519

You said you'd drag her out. You gonna do that or wimp out?

Dawn Breeze 506520

"If you don't go outside, it'll always be too bright, and you'll never get anything done."

You wanna barge into her room uninvited? Go right ahead.

...come to think of it, you might just be the ghost of the last guy who tried that, with the usual post-death amnesia. In which case hell no.

The voice in Dawn's head 506521

I was talking to you before he shot himself like a dingus.
And that's the immovable object in there. You just have to be the unstoppable force

Anonymous 506522

Don't care. Fuck off. Doing stuff is overrated

Dawn Breeze 506523

No, I mean the ghost of the last guy who went barging into her room with her in it.

I mean, would you go barging into an Ursa Major's cave? Especially if you wanted to avoid killing that Ursa Major, even if it wanted to kill you?

"You don't wanna hurt people, right? Well, sitting in your room all day works for that. You can't hurt someone if you don't do anything.

"But you'll never help anyone. And, honestly? You'll end up hurting yourself. And by extension, you'll hurt anyone who doesn't want to see you hurt."

Anonymous 506524

>Silence reigns from her room once again

The voice in Dawn's head 506525

What even makes you think I'm a ghost at all? Seriously, what the heck?

And you hear that nothing? She's not listening to you. Actions speak louder than words

Dawn Breeze 506526

"...I don't wanna play the 'do it for me' card. I dunno if you would do it for me. I mean, I literally just walked into that bar a week ago.
"But I hate seein' this.

"I'm coming in, G."
Dawn opens the door.

The voice in Dawn's head 506528

Finally, you grow a pair

Anonymous 506529

>You open the door to be welcomed by an empty, messy bed. The griffon is nowhere to be seen

Dawn Breeze 506530

It's not having a pair, it's knowing when to use it.


Dawn checks the window.

Anonymous 506531

>Its closed and doesn't look like it was opened recently.
>You hear running water from behind the bathroom door

Dawn Breeze 506532

"...Oh, well that'd be it."

Dawn proceeds to knock on the bathroom door.

"This is awkward. I decided to go into the wrong room."

Anonymous 506534

>You hear groaning from inside
Don't you know when to quit, Dweeb? And what do you mean "wrong room?"

Dawn Breeze 506536

"Thought you were in your bedroom."
He probably shrugged right after that. You can almost predict him by now.
"Anyways. When you're out of there, I'll be dragging you off to go to a soup kitchen. We're gonna cook stuff and give it to people who can't buy their own food."

Anonymous 506537

But... You are in... never mind
>She scoffs from the shower. You can practically see her derisive expression
Good luck with dragging me anywhere.
>if you didn't know her better, you'd think she'd stay in there all say to spite you. Wait, that sounds exactly like something she'd do

Dawn Breeze 506538

"You'd be surprised what you can do with a bit of leverage. What was that thing Star Swirl the Bearded said? Man, it's been so long since middle school..."
He ponders this for a few moments.
"Oh yeah. Give me a lever, and a place to stand, and I can move Equestria."

Anonymous 506540

That was Archigriffedes, Dweeb. Starswirl didn't say everything, y'know.
>The stubborn griffon sounds rather comfy in her shower

The voice in Dawn's head 506541

You going to use them again or do you need a bigger pair?

Dawn Breeze 506542

"Huh. It's been a long time since middle school, I guess."

She's in the fucking shower, dude. Come on.

Dawn Breeze 506545

File: 1424890214839.png (129.66 KB, 452x482, flutterwelp.png)

"...you done yet?"

Anonymous 506546

Nah. Water feels too nice. Gonna have to give me a while
>she doesn't sound very sincere

Dawn Breeze 506547

File: 1424890494305.png (3.09 MB, 6000x7500, sir, are you aware that you ar…)

"...y'know, I heard that if you sit in the shower too long, your skin gets so wrinkly that it falls off."

Anonymous 506548

What do you take me for? A Dweeb? Try that again when I'm back in the third grade.

Dawn Breeze 506549

"Dammit. It was on Dumb Ways to Die, at least..."

Sounds like he's sitting against the door now.

"You're gonna run out of hot water sometime."

Anonymous 506550

Don't have to have the water turned on to be in the shower, Dweeb. I love just laying here in the nice, cool bathtub

Dawn Breeze 506552

File: 1424891571985.jpg (19.64 KB, 280x298, poni hell.jpg)

"Well, I gotta use the other part of the bathroom, so if you aren't comin' outta there, can you at least close the curtains or whatever?"

Anonymous 506553

You do realize that I have another bathroom down the hall, right?

Dawn Breeze 506554


"Shit, I thought that would work."

Dawn Breeze 506559

File: 1424893889094.gif (288.5 KB, 500x419, Do teh desu.gif)

"...wait, why am I even worried about barging in on you in the shower? You don't even wear clothes."

Anonymous 506560

Nice try, dw-
Beats me

Dawn Breeze 506561


He opens the door.

Anonymous 506562

File: 1424894938540.png (40.14 KB, 946x701, 124249__safe_sleeping_gilda_ar…)

Sup, dweeb?

Dawn Breeze 506563

"Nammuch. You enjoying your tub, there?"
And then he takes hold of one of your arms, and tries to tug you out of the tub.
"'Cuz you're not gonna sit there forever!"
Roll 1d10 = 10
Evens, and he plants his hooves, getting enough of a grip to at least bring you upright.
Odds, and he can't get a decent stance on the surprisingly-wet bathroom floor...and falls right into the tub with you.

Anonymous 506567

File: 1424897387408.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

>You successfully pull her upright with a squwack... and she doesn't look happy about it
Dweeb! Back off!
>she shoves you roughly
Roll 1d10 = 7
Even: she only manages to topple herself back into the tub on the slick surface
Odd: she manages to unbalance you on the slick floor

Dawn Breeze 506569

He's falling over--but he sure as hell isn't gonna let go.

The voice in Dawn's head 506571

Oh... she smells nice

Dawn Breeze 506573

Not the time!

...even if she kinda does. BUT NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THAT.



Says the guy you've inadvertently pinned.

The voice in Dawn's head 506574

Its totally the time! Seriously, you like her, right?

Anonymous 506575

File: 1424899005866.png (59.47 KB, 900x900, 1377316945871.png)

>tfw you'll never preen Gilda

Dawn Breeze 506576

Look, she's nice, but I doubt it would work out.
Plus, you're apparently the voice of my dick. And letting the dick make the decisions will NEVER work out in your favor.

Is it just me, or did one of Gilda's posts disappear?

Anonymous 506581

File: 1424899865105.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

You fucking Dweeb!
>You now have a heavy griffon laying across your body
Fuck you I wanted to actually get a shower first!

The voice in Dawn's head 506585

Hey! Don't compare me to that idiot. I was just commenting on the way she smells and was gonna try to help you out.

I saw it too... weird
Why live?

Dawn Breeze 506587

"Then take the fucking shower! Get it over with! Also, get off me. Because you're kind of cutting off circulation to my legs."

D'you really think I'd get any by making a move now?

The voice in Dawn's head 506590

Did I say that? No. I didn't. Sheesh, mang.

Dawn Breeze 506591

Just try not to be distracting, okay? Seriously.

The voice in Dawn's head 506592

You're the one continuing the conversation with the voice in your head

Dawn Breeze 506593

Really? I thought this was all happening in a matter of seconds. Like, thought travels faster than words.

The voice in Dawn's head 506594

Oh, it does. Doesn't mean you're not concentrating on stuff other than this conversation

Dawn Breeze 506595

...well, is she getting off us yet?

Anonymous 506596

File: 1424901188493.png (188.37 KB, 833x644, GildaVector.png)

I was taking the fucking shower, but then some Dweeb yanked me out of it!
>She stands up and shoves you by your gut across the floor before getting back into the still-running water

The voice in Dawn's head 506597

Nnnoooo-yes. Aaaaand now we can't breathe

Dawn Breeze 506598

Dawn slides all the way into the hallway, landing in a comically-crumpled heap.

"...okay, that could've gone better."

Yeah. That definitely could've gone better.

The voice in Dawn's head 506600

Definitely. I think its best if we just lay here for a while

Anonymous 506604

>she pointedly turns her back towards you as she stands on her hind paws and goes about scrubbing her fur (and only her fur) clean with a bar of soap. You would see her tail twitching agitatedly if you were staring, that is

Dawn Breeze 506605

Yeah, definitely. Except maybe to close the door.

...you hear someone nudge the door closed.
Guess he's not interested in staring?
Or maybe he thinks you'll beat him up if you catch him staring.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506606

Awwwww come on, dude! That was so hot! You should've offered to wash her wings or something!

Dawn Breeze 506608

D'you see why I confused you for the voice of my dick?

The voice in Dawn's head 506609

Good point. Don't want to overst- >>506606 And then there's this guy
That is the voice from your dick

The voice in Dawn's head 506610

You shoulda done it! You could've scored!
Buddy! Hey, you! Fuck you!

Dawn Breeze 506611

...Oh. Yeah, when all the voices sound kinda like yours, it's hard to tell who's who.
Ugh. Two voices in my head.
There's some ridiculous metal song that starts with that line, I think...

Nah, I could've scored three dozen open wounds. Bad idea.

Anonymous 506612

>She doesn't seem to notice as the door closes softly.

Dawn Breeze 506613

You hear him stand up, and trot over to the living room.
Guess he's learned to let you take your goddamn shower.

The voice in Dawn's head 506614

Don't sweat it. He'll probably go away when you get your mind on other things

The voice from Dawn's other head 506615

The important part is that you could've gotten laid!
Other things? Nothing's not as good as thinking about the way that soapy water was running down the curves of her body and how shiny and perfect her ass was! C'mon! Get with the program!

Dawn Breeze 506616

Yeah, you've got a point.

...and you have a point, too. I mean, yeah, that ass was amazing.
But not worth getting punched through a wall for. Especially since she wouldn't let me at it anyway. So let's just move on, shall we?

The voice from Dawn's other head 506618

Move on? MOVE ON!? Okay! How about the way she smelled? Or her soft fur pressed against your body, huh? Imagine what she'd be like in bed too! You wouldn't be able to walk after and you'd love it!

The voice in Dawn's head 506619

I know I do. You'll just have to tune him and his strangely accurate shouting out

Dawn Breeze 506620

Remind me how I'm supposed to get her in bed without getting thrown out of it?

Patience, dongus. Patience. If this doesn't work out, there's other clouds in the sky. And if it does, you'll get your fuzzy griffon rump. Just not now.
God, it's like trying to reason with a three-year-old.

Dawn Breeze 506621

File: 1424903057887.jpg (31.18 KB, 663x599, bait mac.jpg)

...shit, it's too late. He's baited me.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506622

Not getting it now is lame! C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon! You know you want it!

The voice in Dawn's head 506623

Shouldn't have bitten

Dawn Breeze 506624

Down, boy.

Yeah, I shoulda known better.
Ugh. He ain't gonna stop 'till he gets what he wants, is he?

The voice in Dawn's head 506626

Probably not. You'll either have to just let him bark in the background or do what he wants. Just remember, just like I'm not in control, neither is

The voice from Dawn's other head 506627


Dawn Breeze 506628

File: 1424903602232.png (858.84 KB, 1000x2116, mac says nope.png)

It's gonna be really annoying, isn't it.


The voice from Dawn's other head 506629

Do et! What are you, gay?

The voice in Dawn's head 506631


Dawn Breeze 506632

Actually, most pegasi are bisexual. I think the leading theory is that the ones who were bi were more likely to form a lot of emotional attachments to their nomadic fellows, and thus they were less likely to be left behind. And we haven't stopped being that open, even though we have stopped being that nomadic.

Maybe I should try the old lamp-post trick.

The voice in Dawn's head 506633

I'm not familiar with that one.
Also, did you just try to use logic to argue with your dick?

The voice from Dawn's other head 506634

So you're gay! I knew it! No balls! No balls! Hasn't ever touched a proper pussy!

Dawn Breeze 506636

Well, you find a lamp post--or anything that sticks out of the ground like a lamp post--and...
You soon learn that apparently horses can use large upright pole-like objects as a sort of improvised sex toy.
Yes, this is a real thing horses do. I have a friend who works on a ranch.
...anyways. I did try to logic my dick down. It's...not working.

Pfft. Yeah. You tell yourself that.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506637

No balls! No balls! You're not gonna do anything cause you got no balls! Won't even watch the nearest girl take a shower! You are so gay!

The voice in Dawn's head 506639

That's... interesting to say the least. Are you sure you want to do that just to shut him up? You'd probably get arrested for public indecency

And you should probably just trying to logic him away

The voice in Dawn's head 506640

*just stop

Dawn Breeze 506641

You're just mad that I don't have any porn right now.

Public indecency, if I do it right in front of everyone. The Everfree is like fifteen minutes away.

The voice in Dawn's head 506643

Why do you need porn if there's a griffon literally in the next room

Dawn Breeze 506644

Because that griffon is more likely to claw my face off than to actually want to do me.

Speaking of which, is that shower over yet?

Anonymous 506645

File: 1424905786453.png (87.17 KB, 1024x571, gilda_griffon_vector_3_mlp_fim…)

>She walks in, fur and feathers all fluffed up
>She double takes when she spots >>506641
Whoa, dweeb. Down, boy. Don't do that in my house

The voice from Dawn's other head 506646

She's right there! Do et!

Dawn Breeze 506647

"Hey--goddammit. 'Scuse me."

He proceeds toward the shower.
...he closes the door and turns on the cold water.


The voice from Dawn's other head 506648


Dawn Breeze 506649

See, if you could be patient, you wouldn't have to deal with this.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506650


Dawn Breeze 506651

You done yet? I've gotta go apologize to the nice griffon lady we accidentally flashed.

Anonymous 506652


Dawn Breeze 506653

You will return stronger WHEN IT IS TIME TO DO THE DIRTY, and not before. Otherwise, you get the cold shower. We clear?

The voice from Dawn's other head 506654


Dawn Breeze 506655

...I think that settles that.

Dawn cuts the water, and proceeds through the standard towel-dry/exit-shower routine, heading back to the living room.

"Sorry about that."

Anonymous 506656

File: 1424909908522.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

You getting excited about something, Dweeb?
>She gives you a knowing look

Dawn Breeze 506657

"...Well, yeah. You're pretty good looking, you know?"
He's trying to be as nonchalant as possible, apparently. It's not helping that he didn't dry his mane out very well.

Anonymous 506664

File: 1424914983994.png (89.89 KB, 900x583, 137334_-_artist-peachspices_Gi…)

>She starts laughing a bit, placing a hand over her beak to hide it
Yeah? Your dick tell you that'd be a smooth thing to say, Dweeb?
>Congratulations! You got a genuine smile from the stonecold griffon

Dawn Breeze 506665

"Hey, I had a very lengthy argument with my dick. Poor fool thought you'd be interested."
He laughs right back at you--no, along with you.
"That sounds so frickin' stupid, doesn't it?"

Anonymous 506668

File: 1424916802714.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

Ohreally? What was his main selling point?
>She stretches out on the couch,grinning up at you

Dawn Breeze 506669

File: 1424916867327.jpg (97.09 KB, 720x619, AJ and then sex happened.jpg)

"...I'm not getting caught up in this one. Answering that question is gonna lead to nothing but trouble."

Anonymous 506673

File: 1424917790135.png (107.08 KB, 900x848, gilda_vector_by_killerbeen-d46…)

>She raises an eyebrow at you, grinning smugly. Her tail swishes behind her in a very predatory manner
So he had a convincing point, didn' he?

Dawn Breeze 506674

"You could say that," says the quickly-reddening pony.
Even with all his boasting about being able to handle himself, he's already acting like prey--leaning just a little away from you, glancing away.

Anonymous 506675

>That tail ticks back and forth like a metronome in a rhythmic, hypnotic pattern as you show your true colors as prey.
>She gets a bright glint in her eyes
What exactly did he say?

Dawn Breeze 506676

"Something about curves, and the way the water ran down them. I mean, it's not like I was paying that much attention."
...I figured those voices would be frickin' screaming at me right now.
His eyes meet yours for a moment; you can see him connecting the dots.
"I'll be honest, though, I did catch a glimpse. And he did have a point."

Anonymous 506677

>She licks her beak in a decidedly sensuous fashion, her tail curling down to brush against one of those curves
Oh really? You liked what you saw?

The voice from Dawn's other head 506678


Dawn Breeze 506679

"Hey, you've got quite the figure. Heck of a kick, too."
He chuckles, almost nervously. Guess he's not used to whatever those crazy Otakus call it when someone's off-and-on about it. Soon-dare?

I'm fully aware that she looks like she wants the D. I'm just not sure if she actually wants the D or just wants to claw the D off.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506683


Dawn Breeze 506684

You're not the best source of advice on this, buddy. Just chill.

...well, don't just "chill", that'll ruin it. Just...let her come to us.

Anonymous 506685

You really think so, huh, dweeb?
>She grins as she flops back on to her back, the teasing looks ending rather abruptly
Who knew you'd like to watch someone take a shower?

Dawn Breeze 506686

"...yeah, see, this is exactly what I thought would happen."
He sighs, flopping onto his back in turn.
"I hadn't figured on it being that hot, honestly. Caught me by surprise."

The voice from Dawn's other head 506687

I did! I knew! I knew! You should give it to her so hard!

Dawn Breeze 506689

DOWN, boy.

Anonymous 506692

Huh? Whaddaya mean, dweeb?
>She barely even reacts to you flopping on the couch with her, your head resting on her flank

The voice from Dawn's other head 506693

Damn! Her soap smells good too! C'MON! GIVE IT TO HER!

Dawn Breeze 506694

"Well, I've never really thought of ladies in showers as being a generally-hot thing. I guess it was just the right angle or something."
It is at this point that you realize he's still blushing. Probably because he's figured out which way he flopped, and hasn't figured out how to get back up without drawing attention to that.
"Plus, I'm normally too worried about something really dangerous to think about stopping and having some fun. Heck, my last marefriend left me 'cuz I wouldn't let her help me! I was too worried that something bad would happen to her. But you seem like you can handle yourself, and there's not really anything dangerous happening here, so I don't worry as much...so I let myself stop worrying."

There's such a thing as foreplay, dongus. Wait for a few minutes.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506695

You take so looooooong!

Dawn Breeze 506697

It'll be worth it, li'l Breeze. Give me time.

Anonymous 506698

File: 1424926910085.png (89.89 KB, 900x583, 137334_-_artist-peachspices_Gi…)

That sucks... my last marefriend didn't leave me. We just sorta drifted apart... eh... not really anything I could do about that though...
>She goes silent for a moment
>You can feel her take a deep breath through her soft, fuzzy hip

Dawn Breeze 506699


He rolls off of your rear.

"Y'wanna just, uh...well, I haven't really got a better word for it. Wanna just snuggle for a bit?"

Smooth move, Dawn.

Anonymous 506700

File: 1424927622025.png (116.01 KB, 900x650, gilda_griffon_vector_mlp_fim_b…)

>She gives you an intense stare that seems to pierce straight through you
>The stare lasts a long time before she opens her beak
Roll 1d3 = 2
1: "Maybe next time, Dweeb"
2: "Sure... c'mere, I guess, Dweeb"
3: "That'd be awesome. The bed would be more comfortable..."

The voice from Dawn's other head 506701


Dawn Breeze 506702


He quietly curls up against you, smiling.

"Always nice to have something warm next to you when you're fallin' asleep..."


The voice from Dawn's other head 506703

File: 1424928479808.jpg (76.66 KB, 383x750, tumblr_inline_mqrh26jIU11qz4rg…)

You can't stop me! I'm the unstoppable force!

Dawn Breeze 506705

File: 1424928708136.png (272.45 KB, 1280x720, lyra wanted to watch that play…)

You'll learn about the unstoppable force when she dick-punches us for having a boner during the cuddling!

Anonymous 506706

File: 1424928876632.png (58.59 KB, 378x387, 1423675438216.png)

>You feel her arms encircle your chest and pull you in against her body. Looks like you're gonna be the little spoon tonight on the couch
You... you're alright, Dweeb
>a fuzzy leg lazily lays across yours

The voice from Dawn's other head 506707

Boner-cuddling is amazing though! It's like you've never used me before, gaaaah!

Dawn Breeze 506708

"Thanks, G."
He sort of wiggles around a bit, settling in.

"...y'know, I really oughta learn your actual name. I mean, your parents didn't really just name you G, did they?"

Gilda 506709

>You feel something hard, smooth, but warm rub just below your ear before it rubs downwards to rest on your shoulder.
Gilda... don't be talking about me around town though...
>The thing moves when she speaks. It must be her beak

Dawn Breeze 506712

"...g'night, Gilda."

He falls silent, leaving only the slow movement of his chest and the quiet whisper of his breath.

There's a certain amount of joy to be had in having someone fall asleep in your arms. It's a show of trust, really. "I know you well enough that I can fall asleep next to you".
Knowing that someone trusts you like that...there's not a lot of words that fit there.

Dawn Breeze 506715

I should sleep as well. Thanks, Gildanon.

The voice from Dawn's other head 506719

File: 1424933149662.jpg (94.3 KB, 352x330, f35.jpeg)

That's it! You're waking up with me tomorrow!

Eris 506752

File: 1424989209765.png (46 KB, 300x173, heres_eris_by_the_chaos_theory…)

Oh my my, you little ponies sure have been busy

??? 506753

File: 1424990190155.png (30.5 KB, 900x650, AHAHAHA I TOTALLY DID THAT ONC…)

"I know, right!?"
Oh, it's that green pony from before.
Wait, that green pony wasn't a mare. And wasn't nearly this excitable.
"He's got himself a cozy cuddly griffon! It's adorable!"

Eris 506758

File: 1424990937397.png (480.85 KB, 930x1024, large-57.png)

Now this is interesting. Who might you be, my dear?

Rushing Wings, Crazy Horse 506760

"Rushing Wings! But everypony calls me Rushie. I'm Dawn's twin sister--!"
She holds a hoof to her mouth.
"But I'm technically not here, 'cuz I'm actually in the fourth wall! oooOOooo!"

Eris 506764

File: 1424993473134.png (169.96 KB, 900x803, Eris_MLP.png)

Ah! That makes perfect sense. Well, let me be the first to welcome you to our crazy little community

Rushing Wings, Crazy Horse 506765

"Oh, thanks!"

She begins setting up a camera. Like, an honest-to-goodness old film-reel camera.
"Now, I wonder what the best angle is..."

Eris 506766

File: 1424993801308.png (227.25 KB, 900x1669, Eris_by_JaquelinAmyRose.png)

Oh, my little dear, you don't need _that_ tired old thing!

>snaps dozens of high-tech cameras and a director's chair into existence

Use whatever you need! Its on the house

Rushing Wings, Crazy Horse 506767

File: 1424993908121.png (33.79 KB, 900x650, one too many drinks.png)

"Oh, sweet! I'll be able to get all kinds 'a angles on the next scene!"

Within moments, she's got one of your best HD cameras poised on a tripod...for...a low angle shot. Aimed directly at a certain furry rump.
"This. Is. Awesome."

Eris 506770


>puts a beret on the delightfully crazy pony's head

You have fun, little pony

Rushing Wings, Crazy Horse 506771

File: 1424994685109.jpg (73.18 KB, 600x533, the biggest.jpg)

"Oh yeah. This goes right, it'll last me a whole month!"

Gilda 506775

File: 1424997460458.jpg (472.98 KB, 1000x714, large-9.jpeg)

Dawn Breeze 506776

Someone nuzzles your chest.

Probably that green dork.

Gilda 506777

File: 1424997790518.jpg (472.98 KB, 1000x714, large-9.jpeg)

>You feel that same pair of strong arms squeeze you firmly into warm fur and feathers.

Dawn Breeze 506778

A pair of hooves wrap around you. They may not be as strong as your arms, but they certainly try.

Slowly, Dawn begins to wake up.
"...hm? G'mornin'."

Gilda 506779

File: 1424998246523.jpg (472.98 KB, 1000x714, large-9.jpeg)

>A familiar silence greets you as the griffon slumbers away. Once asleep, always asleep

Dawn Breeze 506780

"...heh. We didn't get anything done today, did we?"

He chuckles softly, smiling up at you.
"I don't mind. You're not drinkin' yourself to death, and that's a step forward. Plus, you're really soft. I mean, holy cow. I might have to ask you what soap you use."

The voice from Dawn's other head 506781


Dawn Breeze 506782

File: 1424998704906.jpg (55.76 KB, 600x376, ALL IS LOST.jpg)


The voice from Dawn's other head 506783

File: 1424998826131.jpg (76.66 KB, 383x750, tumblr_inline_mqrh26jIU11qz4rg…)

Nothing you can do to get off this ride!

Dawn Breeze 506784

File: 1424998886431.png (40.29 KB, 159x256, mac dong.png)


The voice from Dawn's other head 506785


Dawn Breeze 506786

File: 1424998982670.jpg (110.8 KB, 1280x720, dongfinite.jpg)


Gilda 506789