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It begins... Anonymous 501802


The first round of totalitarian internet censorship in a democratic nation has been launched by France.

Why is this smug faggot smiling?

Fuck it all.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 501884

File: 1423611188476.jpg (64.83 KB, 960x960, pinkah3409.jpg)

we tried to stop it. we did our best but we reached a point democracy has failed and ended up with this fucker in power.
despite all the hypocrisy of the "je suis charlie", the official government-controlled protest vomitting hipocrisy, France is no longer a place of free speech. everything you will discuss, think or debate in public has been so far falling on tribunals, censored by companies in charge of it on the french media, or those who need to speak out about the issues of socialism and their doctrine are even "hospitalized".


more like an E.U's state ;~ ;

Anonymous 501889

File: 1423619042444.jpg (17.03 KB, 297x297, benjamin franklin.jpg)

Somewhere in Heaven, Benjamin Franklin is crying for the people of France.

And someplace in Hell, a place is being set for those who would rob people of their rights.

Anonymous 501893

File: 1423622246267.jpg (324.48 KB, 700x525, Celestia_restoration.jpg)


> je suis charlie

was that intentional?

Anonymous 501896

File: 1423628124245.jpg (22.78 KB, 300x365, mtr_1380748374884.jpg)

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