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DankFrank 501757

>Be me
>stoner pony thread
>some faggots talking shit about they run game. I obviously to the logical option and b8.
>pic related
>Takes it hard in the ass by the hook.
>so now /mlp/ is full of fuck
>168r 72i


>fuck /mlp/ right now

>now errybodys co/mlp/pol/a

>Continuing to talk about shit they ain't know about
>Stupid fucks tried /b/.
>Tells the
>Dank meme
>1) Moot is Vilified of /mlp/
>2) Moot saw his one chance.
>Moot capitalized the situation
>Oy Vey
>More like I'm a fucking Jew
>I now hate /pol/ suddenly.

8 and 3, decides what I deliver?

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