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File: 1423282522052.jpg (61.04 KB, 1107x468, wtf.jpg)

Taking things up too many notches Anonymous 500716

So, I went by halfchan to see what was going on at /g/.

When I hit the return key, I got this shit.

Shitchan isn't the only chan enacting this kind of Orwellian faggotry, either.

We are not men. We are robots.

Is this the only way we'll put the end to DDoS?

Anonymous 500717

File: 1423283017914.png (712.29 KB, 1000x1000, 822444__safe_solo_applejack_po…)

> go to mlpchan.net/
> Welcome To The Real Owners Of This Site CloudFront.Com, Please Fill Out This Captcha To Prove You Are Not Robot

Anonymous 500719

Were robots ever really a problem? As far as I can see they're just spooks.

Anonymous 500720

It's more a forced meme based on the bitching over the Google Captcha system moot implemented last year.

Which means it's a sad attempt at humor that fell flat.

Anonymous 500726

I've never had that happen to me, and I use tons of security add ons that might make me look like a bot.

Anonymous 500731

File: 1423314244344.jpg (41.99 KB, 1169x792, youtoo.jpg)

Oh boy! Here we go.

Fingerprinting web browsers. Welcome to 1984 version 2.0.

Anonymous 500781

You can check your browsers fingerprint at panopticlick.

In the meantime. I usggest you use some security enhancing browser add-ons like me.

Anonymous 500811

I guess this new security measure is super effective against people and bots that spam cp.


I wonder if anyone has had their web browser 'rejected' yet? I'd love to see a screen cap of what that message looks like.

Anonymous 500844

File: 1423339085071.jpg (32.65 KB, 1041x506, gjm8.jpg)


Well, this is what happens for instance if you try to use links to make a text post here.

Anonymous 500859

I get the same error when I block my referrer and try to make a post.

Anonymous 500906

Thanks for the samples.

I saw various versions of this same message page on random websites I tried today. So it isn't limited to image boards.

Anonymous 501240

I get that when I try to post from my phone.

Anonymous 501598

lol fuck off back to 8chan you GG faggot

Anonymous 501617

Congratulations. You're part of the reason we're all held with such high esteem on the internet.

How does it feel living in a closed mind?

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