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an anonymous board with few rules where anonymous culture reigns
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File: 1422815952843.png (802.74 KB, 900x605, 1421911079604.png)

Newfag from ponychan Anonymous 498919

Please describe this board for me in your own unique way anons. I want to get an idea of what it's like.

Anonymous 498920

/mlp/ before porn was banned
except only 2-3 posts per hour
clop away or go to /pony/ or /oat/ if it doesn't sound like your kind of thing

Anonymous 498921

File: 1422816503661.png (39.92 KB, 397x400, sexytrix.png)

That sounds exactly like my kind of thing.

Anonymous 498922

File: 1422816990835.png (42.28 KB, 399x399, Inquisitive Trix.png)

Well, excluding the 2 or 3 post an hour part.

Eris 498923

File: 1422818354547.jpg (334.66 KB, 1024x1024, large-14.jpeg)

Not just porn, dear Anonymous! Before everything fun was banned!

Anonymous 498924

File: 1422818640221.png (117.51 KB, 320x550, 134214531854.png)

Elaborate. What is everything?

What kind of things can I post here? Besides porn, because I will post that.

Anonymous 498925

File: 1422818651383.png (92.23 KB, 634x600, Soarin' takes a traumatizing b…)

Belly farts, if belly farts were a board.

Anonymous 498926

File: 1422818775161.png (182.44 KB, 666x666, 134214536291.png)

Yes, well, I can certainly see this board has a thing for farts.

Can't say I share that interest.

Eris 498927

File: 1422819123354.gif (158.45 KB, 800x805, Discordia.gif)

Why, just about anything you please! General porn, specific fetishes, general discussions, role play, anything your heart desires!

Anonymous 498928

File: 1422819354109.png (231.04 KB, 885x902, 1422610648620.png)

Can't say I don't love the sound of that. Can't wait till this board comes over to Ponychan!

What kind of stuff do you like to post Eris?

Kabelymous 498929

I want, all you anon mares 2 visit picbadges.com & search Equinors

Anonymous 498930

File: 1422819701340.png (243.96 KB, 900x720, 134215421816.png)

It's anthro pony porn?

Anonymous 498931

File: 1422819839586.png (470.92 KB, 823x463, crying-sad-faces.png)

It was such a big whining about all the porn in /anon/ and I barely see anything at all.
...and yes, I know about the Mature tag in my settings...

Anonymous 498932

File: 1422819905429.png (117.51 KB, 320x550, 134214531854.png)

Will I get banned if I post some and I don't use the tag?

Eris 498933

File: 1422820010920.png (508.23 KB, 1200x1067, 133511610369.png)

Oh, I post here and there. I mainly just spread your average bit of chaos. Nothing new, really

Kabel go home

More like a light slap on the wrist

Anonymous 498934

According to the rules?
Some mod may or may not help you if you do, oh thou big and powerful anonymous.

Anonymous 498935

it's safe to assume so
Also try not to avatarfag, it ruins the whole anon theme here
Only post an image if it is absolutely relevant to the post

you can take this over to the roleplaying thread here >>489460 if you insist on keeping this up

Kabelymous 498936

File: 1422820270212.jpg (17.13 KB, 250x250, lewd.jpg)

surrender, 12 bud lites 2 meh~ eris

Anonymous 498937

Oh, fine. I'll indulge you this once. My apologies, fellow Anonymous

Anonymous 498938

File: 1422820407925.png (225.2 KB, 900x720, 134215443719.png)

Now this might seem like a bit of a silly question but I just want to make sure I'm doing things right.

Is there a proper way to tag it? Can I just put it in the thread title or is there some other way I need to tag it?

I'll avoid doing that then. Habits from Ponychan you understand.

Anonymous 498939

oops, forgot to remove file, my bad.

Anonymous 498940

File: 1422820568067.png (75.32 KB, 500x439, 212773__safe_solo_oc_alicorn_a…)

When you create a new topic, click the Mature box.
And be sure that you have enabled Mature viewing in your settings.

Anonymous 498941

It should be a simple little checkbox you'll see when creating the thread on the main page. Its quite easy

And, as the other Anon said, the role play thread is the place to regularly use your avatar and even a name! Perfect for pretending to be a pony

Anonymous 498942

When you create a thread, there will be a box you can check for "Mature Content". Click that and all the posts in the thread will be hidden from people with mature filters on.

And no biggie. The posts here aren't fast enough for new anons to lurk efficiently.

Anonymous 498943

I don't see it. Am I missing something?

Role play thread? I didn't see that but I'll keep my avatar and name fagging there from now on.

Anonymous 498944

Never mind, I found it! I thought it was just a thread about the movie The Purge.

Anonymous 498945

It isn't quite as active as it once was. The previous Anons there left for some odd reason

Anonymous 498946

File: 1422821074559.png (328.32 KB, 1148x602, Untitled.png)

The Great and Powerful Taffy 498949

I'm only seeing the spoiler flag when I go to make a new thread

Anonymous 498950

Anonymous 498953

Turn off the Mature Content filter
Also it only shows if you are posting a new thread

Anonymous 498955

Alright I got it. I still had the mature filter on. Thanks!

Anonymous 498956

Anonymous 498965

File: 1422822561017.jpg (26 KB, 480x150, anon banner.jpg)

>not pressing q for quick reply box
anon pls

Anonymous 498967

File: 1422822709356.png (58.26 KB, 1360x497, Untitled.png)

newfags don't know that shit at first, I showed them what they are familiar with.
I always use QR Box.Pic related

Anonymous 498989

Well for one I'd advise you stop avatarfagging you cuck.
>tfw merger fears are already being proven correct

Anonymous 498991

He's already adjusting. You don't have to get mad, you donut

Anonymous 498993

But I'm enjoying being angry at people.

Anonymous 498995

You could start a rage thread where all you do is yell at and insult people that you don't like

Anonymous 498996

that's what /mlp/ 2.0 is for

Anonymous 499000

Not everyone likes to listen to it though. You might even get fellow ragers together

Anonymous 499005

It's okay anon, stay mad. ~<3 Sincerely, cuck from Ponychan

Anonymous 499032

You should probably stop that too, y'know, if you want to hang out with us cool kids.

Anonymous 499036

>Wanting to be a cool kid.

Everyone knows that's uncool anon, you have to be apathetic about it.

Anonymous 499096

I use this board for fucking around, masturbating, and writing interactive smut.

Anonymous 499099

Anon was never apathetic about blatent faggotry.

Anonymous 499113

File: 1422833788030.jpg (245.82 KB, 600x600, what do you think scootaloo.jp…)

Be sure to enable Mature in settings if you come here, because this board is sort of bland without it. Home to a lot of disgusting fetishes, and not a lot of friendly sort of porn. No reason for that just they're the only ones who bump threads.

Anonymous 499114

Yeah, not him, but I'm pretty vanilla with my pony porn. I'd like to see more just pics of just sexy ponies or "normal" pony sex or something like that.

Maybe we will after the merge. Ponychan seems to have a lot of horsefuckers but I doubt they will en masse have as crazy of fetishes as /anon/ as a whole.

Anonymous 499126

File: 1422835549712.png (54.05 KB, 345x287, 723810__safe_smile_bedroom+eye…)


>> I doubt they will en masse have as crazy of fetishes as /anon/

>> yet

Anonymous 499140

pls, I've been ponychan for forever, I know some do.

just not to the level like here. While most like pony porn most are pretty "normal" in taste with it.

Anonymous 499141

I consider myself to be pretty vanilla in my porn, but also... not really.

There's very few limits to what I can potentially find attractive and jack off to (I did that hentai/alternative thread), but I also prefer that sappy lovey stuff, which I apply across all fetishes (vore included).

Anonymous 499144

I'm kinda only ponies and humans. I may find an occasional anthro attractive also but its not exception not the rule.

Really, its way out of character for me to find ponies hot. And then there I'm not into so many fetishes.

I'm with you with being cross-fetish. I can handle a lot if I think the art and posing and all that is good

Anonymous 499146

I do pretty much the same~! I can dig it.

>Not being apathetic towards everyone and everything on the internet.
Doing it wrong.
Also, *Blatant

You'd be suprised Anons

Accidentally name fagged, fixed post

Anonymous 499149

So what is the level here exactly?

Doesn't seem that bad so far.

Anonymous 499152

Start a vanilla porn thread. See what happens. I bet you'd get plenty.

Anonymous 499158

Its fine, I don't care.

bestiality, pregnancy, torture, vore, farts, sneezing, satyrs, etc.

nah, I'm not feeling it today. And if anything it'd just be a regular clop thread or something.

Thanks though.

Anonymous 499170

Alright well some people do, and I was told to keep it under control so I did.

Anyway, the only two out of those that weird me out are sneezing and farts. I just don't get those fetishes, same with diapers.

I just don't.

Anonymous 499173

Bestiality, torture, and farts gross me

The others are just too weird for me

Anonymous 499177

Well I'm no where near a fan of bestiality, Vore or Torture like, I can kinda get why certain types of people would get off on that.

But sneezing, farts? C'mon that's just dumb.

Anonymous 499197

bestiality is something I'm morally opposed to and is kinda gross to me. Vore, torture, sneezing, farts, and diapers are all gross to me.

Either way though, they are all hidden in their own threads.

You don't see mass spamming of any of those aside from bestiality occasionally in horsecock worship and its usually hidden so I don't see a reason to make a fuss.

Anonymous 499200

plus they're just fetishes, they don't have to be logical

Anonymous 499207

Yeah, that makes sense.

And true enough. Oh well!

Anonymous 499224

So, what would you contribute here and what would you like?

also what is your promise to keep to marcy if you dont mind me asking

Anonymous 499265

Contribute? Uh well, I'm not sure. Depends on my mood and level of boredom. Like if I was particularly frisky I'd post a uh, female pony appreciation thread or something! Maybe some kind of themed one with Dominatrixy or like, Kinkiepie. I would like that.

I would also just like to be able to be free and post whatever the fuckwithin the boundries of the rules of course without getting banned for it. Mostly porn stuff. Meet some people who like I did today in the /rp/ thread. Not much else really!

I also "promised" marcy I would make a porn thread of her favorite MLP character after she gave me shit in another thread yesterday because she claimed to not give a shit about the subject matter, even though she was posting in the thread. I was teasing her mostly, but I'm still going to do it.

Anonymous 499276

alright, makes sense.

Just try to be nice and accept that other people are different and all that and you'll get along just fine.

post the "female pony appreciation thread" now/here if you want. It could be good. I'd say not themed so it can get more contributions, but its totally fine either way. Its your thread.

More pony porn is always a good thing here

Anonymous 499285

Hate and minding others business has always been a thing for the horsefucking part of the fandom. Apathy just lets faggotry grow.

Anonymous 499287

>Having apathy
>not liking faggotry
fun things are fun

Anonymous 499293

File: 1422839698298.gif (3.71 MB, 500x375, qTbHSMM.gif)

Yeah I know, I'm not going out of my way to ruin marcy's day or anyone else's for that matter. I don't even dislike her, I just think she's a bit silly sometimes and I like to tease her a little bit, nothing too harsh, she probably wont even see the thread.

Don you anons have better things to be doing?

Anonymous 499301

There's three CYOAs going on about that very subject.

You should check them out.

Anonymous 499303

>better things to be doing

Anonymous 499305

Like actual books?

Point taken.

Anonymous 499312

Yeah, I like marcy, but she can be uptight.

I don't think she'll care or anything, her problems were't about porn itself.

I have all three hidden

no, they are kinda-sorta-RP threads

Anonymous 499324

>I have all three hidden

Anonymous 499325

Wow, and here I was thinking I could finally pick up a pregnancy CYOA hardback.

Don't let me stop you though.

Anonymous 499329

Would you like the links to the threads?

Anonymous 499330

I'm sorry, its just not my thing. I'll unhide them just for you. I don't know why I have them hidden actually. I don't have a single problem with it at all nor find it gross or anything

Anonymous 499347

File: 1422840870460.gif (3.31 MB, 432x227, jgGB18m.gif)

It's not exactly my fetish either but I'm a sucker for role playing and choose your own adventures, so sure. It's sure as hell be interesting to watch I think.

Anonymous 499352


The last one's been dead for about 8 months.

Anonymous 499362

Ah well, that's a shame.

What happened? Players bail?

Anonymous 499366

The writer stopped.

The first one is a continuation from a dead story being revived.
The second is a new story.
The third is a story that had already been in a hiatus for a while, brought back, and now the present.

Anonymous 499373

Anything particulary interesting happen in between all those threads?

Anonymous 499376

Do you mean storywise or what?

Anonymous 499383

Well yeah, any good /rp/ threads usually have one or two interesting stories involving the players or whatever.

They have like whole tumblrs dedicated to that kinda shit.

Anonymous 499393

The first one involves a stallion named Anon. He sneaks up on Twilight during an experiment and you can guess what events that causes to happen in a fetish story.
The second has you play as Twilight at some point during her pregnancy while she's testing out a spell. There's a reason it's called a peculiar pregnancy.
The third stars Luna as she seeks to regrow her forces with the help of the premiere stallions.

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