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Anonymous 497380

So how about that 4chan mod chat leak tho?


[10:32:48] <yetsturdy> Liryui: I've accidentally dumped more than that in a row on /mlp/, those autistic retards never notice
[10:33:04] <yetsturdy> the only people left on /mlp/ are actually retards
[10:33:21] <Liryui> i see you've misspelled 4chan

Anonymous 497420

(00:38:02) ‹+yetsturdy› I don't think /mlp/ would notice me unless I started deleting all the porn.
(00:38:27) ‹~moots› considering it's a worksafe board, you should
(00:38:30) ‹~moots› clop clop isn't allowed
(00:38:40) ‹~moots› the fact that i even had to type that grosses me out

Anonymous 497820


>the fact that i even had to type that grosses me out

Am I really supposed to believe that the former admin of 4CHAN is grossed out by clop?

Anonymous 497821

And the guys on /site/ think my chanwar prophecies are bunk!


Anonymous 497822

For some reason a lot of people seem to think the same porn is way grosser with cartoon animals. Like it's a completely distinct concept to which their poor tender sensibilities cannot possibly bear exposure.

Anonymous 497860


/b/ had (has?) furry porn for years, long before MLP was a big thing.

Anonymous 498050


yeah but furries are just humans with animal heads, so it looks like the same thing to them.

Anonymous 498055

So, tell me, were I to post this on 4chan, would I get banned?

Anonymous 498062

File: 1422365361673.jpg (521.89 KB, 1280x720, 1408768643476.jpg)

It was fairly well documented that moot was a furry hater. It was his order that anything furry related wasn't welcome on 4chan. The reason he gave in on /mlp/ are still rather cloudy.

But given his reason to found 4chan to create a Japanese loli image warehouse for his fetish, he's got no business bitching about clop.

Anonymous 498066



Anonymous 498068

every time i see any of the logs get posted, they're deleted quickly. yeah so probably.

Anonymous 498076

I always thought the reason he let the mlpfans live was because there we're so many of them and they weren't really willing to give up so easily.

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