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Cannibalism Anonymous 497360

Does anybody else enjoy the idea?

Anonymous 497362

Hey you forgot the best part. between the finger and the thumb.

Anonymous 497375

That little piece tastes good? I thought it would just be inedible fatty tissue.

Anonymous 497377

Funny thing is that's what my dad told me when we were watching this cannibal movie/documentary. Said its suppose to be the most meaty part of the body.

To be honest I still have some doubts if that's true.

Anonymous 497379

until the part you get prion disease with 100% fatality rate

Anonymous 497381

Aw, you kill joy.

Anonymous 497383

Well, we have a 100% fatality rate just by being alive.

Anonymous 497432

Nah, I am good.
Yeah, but in this case it's well before one normally dies.

Anonymous 497723

How does eating someone's brain make you "inherit the aura" of it? Is this some magic voodoo shit?

Anonymous 497863

Unless you want to get an incurable disease, don't eat it.

Anonymous 498485

Dropped to the 3rd page, that's not conductive to having a popular thread.

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