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File: 1421969863448.png (3.29 KB, 302x237, pondering.png)

Disabilties ­Anon.m4a 496437

How do you deal with people with an actual disability? Aspergers, autism, (even though the same thing practically), ADHD, Emotional behavioral disorder, Bi-polar, etc?

I've been dealing with, since highschool, the same person whom is now 22, almost 23 but around mentally 9 on good days, but 90% of the time he is mentally 7. He seems to think I'm Google. He seems to think I have all the answers like I'm a therapist or a dr. I try to explain to him to use Google, but he still gets mad and everything that I can't give him shit.

Last few times I've been with him, he's shown different sides of him. I will admit, I think he's doing better but I think he's holding back compared to what I've seen. He wont shut up about how much he is "Hypersexual" and constantly wants to have sex and jerk off. To be honest, I do not care. My biggest fear for this guy is that he's going to be like in his 40's with his brother as well, his mother is going to die and he's going to have no place to go. His maturity aspect is...like I said, around that of a child and I honestly have not seen that many results. His step dad is not going to tend to him as a "man-child" once his mother passes away, his grandparents? I can't see it either. Both he and his brother have severe autism to the point of a child mentality. I have become his mentor and I am not happy with it. Here's an example:

Last Sunday, he and I were at the mall, we had time to kill, cause we didn't have a yugioh tournament to goto cause it was canceled due to magic. Oh well. We go down to see my friend instead. She's a cool chick I've known and met at Gamestop some time ago (yes I wanna fuck the shit outta her but that's another story). Because we had time to kill, I said, we should goto Target, cause it's across the street. I told her I would pick her something up. [I have an EBT foodstamps card and don't mind doing this for anyone when I have money to use]

She says,"No thanks. Last time I got food from there, I got food poisoning"

He chimes in,"I have 5 dollars miss. You could use that."

I facepalmed so hard in my mind. I think she felt it too."Ok I think it's time to leave. Come on" We leave, as we turn the corner,"the hell is wrong with you? YOU NEVER offer money to people like that."

"What? I was just being nice."

"Yes, I get that. But...That's not how you do it. She said no. I can pay for it. I have EBT. That's how I can get her something. She doesn't know that."



It wasn't easy to explain but I think I might have gotten through to him. At least I tried.

As we are at Target, I got myself a Vitamin water. We goto the candy aisle. I just normally look. don't normally get anything. He looks there and says,"Can I get this with my money?"

"Why are you asking me? I'm not your mom or dad. It's your money. Do what you want with it." he picked up a bag of butter finger bites.

As we were leaving,"I'm not your parent, I'm not your guardian. Do what you want."

"I know anon."

"Let me ask you this. If you spend your money like this, how do you expect to leave on your own when you buy junk food all the time?" I wasn't being snarky. I wanted a legit answer.

"You're right. I should of gotten a healthy snack."

"I'm not saying that you shouldn't of gotten it, but I know how you think by now. You think like a child. A child would get what tastes sweet, what tastes chocolatey. What tastes good to them. Not what's good for you. I don't expect you to get an apple or something but what I expect is that you try to be an adult about decisions."

Later one after his mother picks us up,"I don't want this any more. It's nto good for me" He starts to get all mopey in the car and his mother tries to explain that he can get it that's not it. He just needs to learn how to pick a better snack."

I mean ok, it's like dealing with a child that is living on his own but at the same time not. Have you seen that episode of the Simpsons that Bart says,"I want a divorce from my parents." He's sick of living with Homer the most. He lives in a loft but has no idea how to be an adult. this is sort of that kind of thing.

Like I said, I fear a little for him in the future. How is someone like him going to be able to be on his own? I told him that at some point, we are going to drift apart cause I'm eventually going to get a job, a girlfriend, eventually a wife and have some kids. I'm only 23, but it's still thinking into the future. That's here nor there right at the moment. So, the question is, should I continue to work with this "Man-child" or should I cut him off?

BTW if you figured out who I am from all this, good for you. Let's keep me at Anon.m4a.

Anonymous 496438

File: 1421970236393.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.28 KB, 1051x1280, 808867__solo_explicit_nudity_b…)

you could maybe fuck him up the ass?

­Anon.m4a 496440

I dont think that would help

Anonymous 496441

He will die without any sort of aid.

I know this because I have the same problem he does. I seem to be able to cope with it better than he does, but the fact that someone has it will still cripple their ability to live.

No employer with a brain will be willing to hire someone with aspergers, and even if they do get hired, the chances of keeping a job are extremely slim.

I'm aware of my disability and find that the best way to avoid conflict is to just keep my mouth shut and avoid talking to people unless absolutely necessary, because even after 2 decades I still don't, and probably never will, have a full grasp on how "normal" people entirely work, however a side-effect of evasion is that I've become scared shitless to leave my house, which means a simple trip to get groceries becomes nerve-wracking. Hell, I can't even get groceries because I don't know how to drive, and the reason for THAT is, I don't want to one day make a small mistake while driving, get pulled over by a cop, and somehow get myself shot.

I live with my grandmother, and the moment she dies, I'm fucked, because there's no one else who gives a shit. Even if I managed to apply for disability, I'd still have no way of obtaining groceries. Plus, since we have two dogs that I could in no way take care of by myself, I wouldn't know who to get to take care of them.

Asperger's is a fucking curse that makes your life an effective dud. I have no idea why anyone should care about me, since I have jack shit to offer to society, but someone does. One person caring is all it takes to live. That being said, you have to care a LOT. On their own, someone with asperger's doesn't stand a chance. I don't stand a chance. The day my grandmother dies is the day my own days become numbered, and the day both you AND his mother either stop or are unable to care for him will be the day HIS days become numbered.

­Anon.m4a 496442

uum, hi again

Anonymous 496513

File: 1421995408642.png (370.34 KB, 628x472, enough of your shit dw.png)

I don't. I have asperger's myself, and other people's mental disability's still get on my fucking nerves.
I've noticed two different girls at the college I go to have some disorder, I don't know if there's a name for it, but it's where if anyone within earshot of them, teacher or student, says something they feel like they can relate to even by a sliver, they will try to make a conversation out of it. I don't usually figure out it's a disorder until the third time they do it, when it's fairly obvious to everyone else that they're disrupting class and taking up valuable time that we need to learn (or if not, we could at least get dismissed early), but they're just oblivious to it and keep yammering on until the instructor politely shuts them up.
My god, it is so aggravating. I never say anything about it, because that would tip everyone off about what a huge asshole I am, but I just wish over and over that they would realize they're holding everyone back, and leave the fucking class. I don't care if they go to another class, go home, just be in a room that I'm not in, pls.

­Anon.m4a 496518

i wish i knew what college was like.

Anonymous 496519

>tfw at good uni with a full ride
>even get a stipend of several thousand dollars
>in the honor dorm
>fear fucking up
>haven't showered in a week
>haven't been back to the campus therapist to arrange a meeting with a psychiatrist yet
>haven't written the greentext I should
>haven't read as much as I think I should, not even related to school
>haven't done this and that
>feel awful
>keep on living
>kind of want to die

Anonymous 496523

I don't know OP. I have asperger's and bipolar and OCD and an anxiety disorder but I am considered "high-functioning". I can hold perfectly normal conversations with most people, I can budget money decently, I do live with my mom but I'm only 20 and I plan on moving out eventually once I get my GED (which I'm currently taking a class for) and then a job of some kind, even if it's just basic shit like stocking shelves at a grocery store or maybe working at a library.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, there's an enormous spectrum of mental illness. Some people will always embarrass themselves in public and not be able to take care of themselves, while some people can actually get control of their lives and appear as a normal person for the most part (such as me).

­Anon.m4a 496524

With me though, I have about the educational level of an 8th grader. And prolly around a teenager say something like 10th grade of social skills. I know I don't have it but I just thought about something, I don't know what I am more afraid of or would you rather so to speak, either, be addicted to a terrible drug or have the mental disability.

I met one guy at AWA last year, some where in his 30's+, he mentioned that he has autism. The man didn't seem like he had it but you could see a few quirks. I've noticed a big difference between men and woman who have autism or asp.

I went as Deadpool but later on became like Nightwing, deadpool, trainer (i have Kanto and Johto badges along my utilty belt) but that's another story. She was helping out in the costume repair room and I had broken my zipper. I couldn't get it repaired till i got home but she would not shut the fuck up. ON AND ON ABOUT HER HOME LIFE no one asked her. finally it was closing time, and the guy was sitting there working on a pair of shoes. someone left a whip and she, for about 5 minutes was like,"should I take it...what if they come back for it." and we were like,"ok..yeah...ok..y...OK"

so finally she left. I had to sit and get away from her. My EBD was acting up and I was thinking to myself,"HOLY FUCKING SHIT." I was going to ask if she wanted to get a drink or something but HELL NO AFTER THAT. He said (the 30 yo) he knew her from someplace and then remembered her from his old hang out that he use to goto. He said that she is annoying as fuck and everyone couldn't stand her. Not hate, but legit thought she was annoying. Since then, he avoided her. She's like 22 or something.

BUT the difference I've noticed is that woman that have the condition TALK ALOT men.... are normally quiet and stick to themselves.

Anonymous 496525


Are you or these people you know on medication? Do you/they regularly see therapists, or have any kind of mental health social services? That stuff helps, or at least it does for me. But finding the right medication for you can be hell, because it's different for every person. And not every therapist is great either, and it can be expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it. This stuff is not a cure but just helpful. Also, if your issues prevent you from working, you can get disability income (it's not the same as welfare, and it's not a whole lot, but it can help with groceries and transportation if you can't drive yourself).

Other than that, I really don't know. I've struggled with mental illness my whole life and I've finally gotten to a point where I've overcome a lot of it (not all, but enough to get control of my life, as I said in my other post).

­Anon.m4a 496526

I don't know these people at all, that one time was literally a weekend thing. Loved it though. Hope to go again next year.

Anonymous 496527

I'm sorry, anon. But you're a fucking coward. I can relate a great deal to your story, since i've been struggling with anxiety, depression, and Aspergers since i was about 15 years old. Or my whole life, really. But it was around that age i realized that i was different from "normal" people.

Long story short. I gave up on life. I was overweight, my self-esteem was non existent, and i couldn't even manage to hold a basic conversation with other people around me. I became a shut in, that never left my room unless i had to. Life was fucking misery.

Until i decided that i wouldn't want to live like that anymore. I sought out help, and i attended a program for people with severe fobias. Like social anxiety. It was incredibly tough for me, but i did it. Everyday i did it. And it greatly increased my self worth. I also began working out, and eating healthy. And i'm proud to say that i'm in pretty good shape now. I started dating again, and got some new hobbies. Like painting, and photography. I still struggle with my mental problems because they never really go away. But i've learned to live with it. To accept myself, and not deem myself as less worthy of happiness in life.

Fuck your Aspergers and your anxiety. It's not threatning to your life in any way shape or form, unless you let it be.

anonymous_on_fire.mp3 496529

File: 1422013560475.png (6.85 KB, 1000x1000, Crystals.png)

I have aspergers
That is why i became a Music Producer

Anonymous 496531

Well, I feel very sorry for the three of you, and anon's friend. Asper and autism are not like depression, something that can be cured fairly easily (relatively) if you try.. Hell, I heard you can even play games to overcome depression.. I think

Anonymous 496532

I think I have a classmate who also has a mental disorder, but it's hard to figure out... He's smart, sometimes has better grades than I do, and we're all in a selective school.
But he doesn't understand common sense like normal people do, he doesn't know that he is disrupting the class ans he doesn't know people don't want him around. Some of my classmates jokes that he has downsydrom, is this true? Can you diagnose him?

Anonymous 496539


I'm trying to get into music production, do you have any advice for beginners? I'm using FL Studio and Audacity.

Anonymous 496541

>"Yes, I get that. But...That's not how you do it. She said no. I can pay for it. I have EBT. That's how I can get her something. She doesn't know that."

It honestly sounds like you were jealous or something. The guy was just being nice.

Anonymous 496542

>Can you diagnose him?
Not from a 5 sentence description online.

It does sound like that poster was being jealous, and I don't think the part of the attempt at explanation he posted was all that great, but the thing is the guy who offered five dollars completely missed why the girl didn't want to get food from there.

Here's another way of looking at it:

Guy 1: We're going to get some food, do you want us to pick something up for you?
Girl: No thanks. Last time I got food there it made me sick.
Guy 2: I can pick some food up for you instead, if it's within five dollars.

The reason the girl didn't want the food was that it made her sick. Guy 2 here would only make sense if the reason the snack wasn't wanted was because it was Guy 1 buying it.

Guy 2 was demonstrating that he heard the initial refusal, but didn't notice or care about the reason for the refusal. Therefore the solution he tried offering for the problem was useless and completely failed to address the problem.

­Anon.m4a 496547

No no, I wasn't jelous of his 5$. I could care aless. It's how he said it, it's how he presented it that made it super awkward

thats another way to look at it. I guess you'd have to be there to hear how it sounded really awkward.

­Anon.m4a 496548

uuum. no dude, that sounds like basic autism.

But then again, I don't understand basic common sense a lot of times. Not like him but that's something more you figure out or learn from something/someone else over time. If you don't get it in your early 20's, it's a lot harder.

So I'm in the car trying to talk to my "friends" mom, while his brother is there too. They both have severe autism like I said. While in the middle of talking,"Hey anon..."right in the middle of me talking,"What do you think of Gardevior. I'm training her to make her...blah blah blah" I wasn't even talking about pokemon and he brings it up out of the blue cause he's playing his 3DS like a child. Nothing against pokemon, I Iove pokemon too but Mom's words echoed...Anon! There's a time and place for everything! But not now!. Right as we were talking about something else. His brother doesn't get it at all (either). I'm glad I don't hang out with both. I know this sounds bad but, as soon as I get my own way around I'm dumping this family. He keeps asking me why I don't want to come over. He thinks it's cause I hate religion and hate his family. I said,"No. It has nothing to do with that. I don't HATE religion. It's just not my thing. I just feel awkward around your family cause I hardly know them."

He wants me to come over and play games. I told him no several times. But he doesn't quiet grasp the idea.

Anonymous 496608

>Hell, I heard you can even play games to overcome depression.

I'm >>496441.
This is a temporary solution. Every second I spend not playing a video game or doing something to occupy my mind, I feel like I'm becoming more and more mentally unhinged. It's become a necessary part of my life now, because I hate living in the real world. A lot. I tend to have many suicidal thoughts because I realize I have absolutely no useful talents that I could apply to any job. All I can think of is "video game bug tester" but I doubt that's possible to obtain, and it would probably pay like shit, too.

A video game is the only place I feel I have any sort of power over things, and if I don't have power over something, I slowly start to go mad. A side effect of this is if something happens in a video game that I DON'T have control over, I get even more deranged than usual. For example, when it was revealed that Dr. Mario and Dark Pit were in Smash 4, I went fucking BERSERK. When people tell me "stop getting mad at video games" or "it's just a game" it just makes me even MORE pissed, because to everyone else it may be a video game, but to me it's life, and the real world fluctuates between being purgatory and being hell.

When I do eventually muster the nerve to commit suicide, I hope to do it in a way that hopefully leaves my brain as intact as possible, because I want to donate it to science in the smallest hopes that it will help someone find a cure for Asperger's, because I wouldn't wish for even my worst enemy to have to live with this shit corrupting their head.

Anonymous 496616


It honestly sounds like you have more than just asperger's.

I have asperger's (as well as some other stuff I mentioned here >>496523 ) and it certainly makes things difficult, but the way you're describing it seems really extreme--and I've met other people who have it too. I've been to meetups for it.

I understand the video games, I used to be like that too, there was one year where I almost never left my room and I just played online games for several hours a day, and when I wasn't doing that I was posting on 4chan, jacking off or watching cartoons. I was obsessed with my online ranks, and completing as many challenges as possible, and my k/d ratio, and most of the time I didn't even play with friends, I was just solo because I was scared to try and become friends with people even online, and I yelled and cursed at the games like crazy when I lost.

It was only last year that I really got a hold of myself and realized "I can't be like this my whole life. I need to learn to be independent, and productive." I started taking slow steps to better myself. Instead of relying on my mom for transportation, I started using buses and trains. I learned to make my own phone calls. I tried out a bunch of support groups until I found one that I am able to go to regularly. I even eventually made some friends who I talk to every week and occasionally go to the movies with (they are idiots though).

This year, I decided I'm going to do even better. I started taking a class to study for my GED, because I never got a high school diploma. My ultimate goal is to get a job (even if it's a shitty job mopping floors or stocking shelves) and move out of my mom's house, likely into some kind of supported housing (not a group home, but not a "normal" home either).

My point is, if you want to make your life better, you have to change your perception, and find ways to motivate yourself. It's really easy to find all the things that are wrong with the world and your life, but even if you feel like you have no real talents, there are still ways to find self-worth.

This is the age of the internet. We (you) have access to an unlimited wealth of information and music and movies etc. Why not try to branch out from video games and pursue other interests? If you build up a lot of knowledge and experience with different art forms, it could give you a lot of self-worth. That’s exactly why I have started reading, watching movies, listening to albums, writing, and making my own music regularly. It makes me feel like more of an individual, like I have a real identity and stuff to talk about.

I’m sure you could also find meetups for people with asperger’s or general mental health issues. They are everywhere. I know you’d have to work up a lot of courage to go to one, but it is possible, like I said I went through the same thing and I have extreme anxiety.

If you feel like you are taking video games too seriously, maybe you should cut back on them. You have to remember, they are primarily meant to be entertainment, not make you angry. Have you ever tried writing reviews for games you’ve played? Based on your posts it seems like you have a good grasp on writing.

That’s all I can really think of to say. It sucks for me to know people are struggling like you, from a personal standpoint, because I’ve been through so much of it.

Anonymous 496621

File: 1422119428337.jpg (63.65 KB, 514x789, underdiglett.jpg)

>how do you deal with ppl with disabilities?

i have a friend who has a mild form of asbergers, hes just not good with social cues and occasionally makes silly remarks

he parties though, always down for a blunt forsure

i treat him like i would anyone else

Anonymous 496863

I've had high-function autismos for the last 20 or so years, and I do sometimes wonder if others think they need to deal with me in a certain way.

I do have a license and can more or less look after myself... and can even speak pretty well with people a lot of the time when there's no real expectations you.

The problem though is general awkwardness with social environments and the fact they fuckin' terrify me for the most part (unless really drunk), and that's the part that always gets you in the end.

Anonymous 497353

File: 1422185270069.jpg (178.28 KB, 1239x795, 1422056012167.jpg)

The only correct and fail-safe answer.

Anonymous 497356

File: 1422189440455.png (190.12 KB, 373x327, edgy.png)

Anonymous 498004

I used to be like that, but I grow out of it at around when I was 12-16~. Use shame especially in public. When he does something awkward, stare him in the eyes, scold him if you get to opportunity and let him try to defend himself and get it to turn into a small scene. After he get's used to it, be a little more passive aggressive, for example, he's talking about how many times he gets off : "Honey, the people around us don't want to hear about that kind of stuff".

­Anon.m4a 498014

Well, he doesn't say it loud enough for people to hear, thats also the good thing

Anonymous 498052

I've been depressed. The merger triggered some really bad memories of being bullied on pchan Then someone said I acted like a kid about it. I have Asperger's Syndrome and had been infantilized most of my life. I don't know how to act like an adult, and what happened the other day reminded me of the complete total feeling of helplessness and fear from being pushed to do what I can't. Now I feel like crying myself to sleep again.

Anonymous 498065


the merge is stressing me out too

Anonymous 498072

In all honesty, I'm not too worried about this whole thing (if it is indeed habbening).

I mean, I've barely set foot inside Ponychan, so I don't have the same lingering animosity that some others may have towards that place (heard the stories though).

I do trust Thony though. This has been like a second (if sometimes deserted) home ever since the whole scruffy fiasco, and I'm grateful for all the support we've been given throughout that time.

We've been given reassurance on both sides that /anon/ will remain as it is, so us anonfags would still get to keep out little hidey hole as things more or less continue on as normal

­Anon.m4a 498089

No you don't Alex

­ 498090

Don't listen to this person. She is 32 that is around the mental age of 14. She has no idea how to act and thinks that everyone is going to bully her. Just pay her no attention. She has proven it in the Water Testing thread on /oat/. She is too easy to spot.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 498101

Shut the fuck up, Tarra

As if anyone was more 'easy to spot' than you

­Anon.m4a 498102

you can see my IP address that makes everything easier.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 498103

A deaf-blind monkey with Down's Syndrome could tell who you are.

­Anon.m4a 498104

thats not fair. people can tell by touch.

­Anon.m4a 498105

fuck it, im done trying to help people. people don't want my help, I wont lend a hand unless asked.

Anonymous 498106

I never wanted your help.

­Anon.m4a 498107

What help was that?

­Anon.m4a 498108

oh wait i read that wrong

­Anon.m4a 498109

then stop complaining like a 14 year old girl would. seriously, if your 32 years old you should act it. Stop being whiny. Shit even I act my age on occasion.

Anonymous 498110

Leave me alone.

Anonymous 498111

>tarra telling people to stop complaining like a teenager
top lel

­Anon.m4a 498112

please exist my thread <3

i admit it, im not fully here a lot but shit, at least i can say more than others.

­Anon.m4a 498113


Anonymous 504508

>Depression Quest
>by Zoe Quinn
I wouldn't take advice from someone who is a terrible person IRL
>slept with journos to get favorable views
>SJW cunt
>the trigger that started GamerGate


Part-time worker with HF burgers here. Able to help out with stuff around the house, but still living with my parents.

Shit happens. >>496527 is right though. You gotta fight for it even harder than normalfags.

sage for non-pony

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