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Ponychan-MLPchan Merger >>>/site/15219

File: 1421861880914.jpg (230.22 KB, 1218x953, webrokehisfragilelittlemind.jp…)

...an uncomfortably large single point of failure. Anonymous 496330[Last 50 Posts]

It's over.

moot is taking himself off the day-to-day operations of 4chan.

Time to break open that good bottle of booze you've been keeping for today.

Remember where you are at this moment. It's the moment we can stand proud, knowing we outlasted the cancer that was 4chan's administration.

Anonymous 496332

File: 1421863998282.jpg (138.66 KB, 820x877, thetears.jpg)

The tears flowing over at /mlp/ are so delicious!

Anonymous 496333

We shall welcome our brother, looking for a light of hope in the ocean of doubt while savoring their despair secretly.

Anonymous 496334

File: 1421864960130.png (181.95 KB, 363x615, 1421860117265.png)

Meta threads everywhere on every board of 4chan!

/b/ is on fire!

So much fear, confusion and doubt.

Anonymous 496335

It's delicious to see the mighty one panic.

Anonymous 496336

File: 1421865700348.jpg (105.59 KB, 1366x547, moretears.jpg)

Last one for now. Got to get out of here or I'll never get any shopping done today.

Anonymous 496341

All he's doing is "retiring" from day to day operations. He still owns the site. He can still make whatever decisions he wants. His volunteers now just make day to day decisions in his absence - he can drop in and say to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and he still has sole ownership (and shekel income) of the site.

AKA literally nothing is going to change.

Anonymous 496345

4chan without moot is like genitals without peanut butter

Anonymous 496347

File: 1421875617063.jpg (84.82 KB, 500x500, 1408586157468.jpg)

Free at last, free at last. Thank the lord we are free at last.

Anonymous 496348

File: 1421875765336.png (115.53 KB, 1739x1070, maud_pie_by_aa100500-d7aaxps.p…)

4chan without moot is like MLP without Lauren Faust: it will still go on in more or less the same way while nostalgiafags bitch about how it used to be better.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496350

File: 1421876507916.gif (731.5 KB, 600x460, pinball-intensifies.gif)

we can now foresee many things that might change now Moot won't be in charge. and i don't like where it is going. I'm not really just using /mlp/ but i'm thinking about /pol/. /k/. /ic/. /p/. /g/ and all the other boards.
brace for the surge of SJW shills from now.

i knew this day would come since years, and now it's all ogre.

Anonymous 496351


>we can now foresee many things that might change

such as...? I can't imagine it could get a whole lot worse than it already is.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496354

File: 1421877638348.jpg (639.28 KB, 1440x1920, DSC00027-.jpg)

...7chan exists.
well, i think it still does. in fact i hope it doesn't.

Anonymous 496355

how about being doxxed back to your jerb for posting horse pussy? the forced id system removes any apparent anonymity the site had, now you're traceable back to any account you use for social shit or any email and from there to all your IRL data

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496356

more intrusive ads. tracking cookies... hey that's fun i thought about something this afternoon itself, before reading that new.

"what 4chan would look like in the future"
>using a tripcode or some boards, access adult boards, start threads or being some kind of special snowflake now requires a special, paid account or to register with your facebook.
>big data and everything to monetize your activity

i mean, we already had a lot of shills on /g/ and other boards trying to sell news and products, they are atrociously obvious with buzzwords of all kind and same fagottry, and this will now be legion. there will be stickies every time hasbro/WLF brings a new plushie, with paid posters to push up a product, like you see on facebook.

also, mods will act for the interest of their opinions or their employers. not for the common of anon. censorship has existed on 4chan for years, and it will be more obvious now.

even if i no longer like moot, 4chan remains his creation and he cared for it until the recent events, since he had been forced to ban people about the Gamergate and many other things.

This is the weapon against anon. we're just here to witness the destruction of this community. but like i said, we have no community. we are free to go where we want to express ourselves.

Anonymous 496357

goodnight you sweet princely faggot

Anonymous 496360


If a board fails to serve its alleged purpose, isn't that reason for reform? Can't really discuss politics with a clusterfuck of stormfags.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496361

that's just like saying "freedom of speech is alright, we can make fun of religion, but not judaism"

in fact ,there is freedom of speech, or there is none. and those who want none are no better than the stormfag/SJWs who aims to take down that aforementioned freedom of speech.

(yeah we're plenty into this dilemma right now.)

Anonymous 496363

A board that was pure free speech would suck rancid gopher dicks and you would hate it.

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496364

File: 1421883100039.jpg (155.65 KB, 1300x1285, 1298574062597.jpg)


actually, i often lurk on /furi/ and post there from times to times.

Anonymous 496366


are you a mod? why do you have that name? I've seen you before...

Anonymous 496402

>since he had been forced to ban people about the Gamergate

How was he forced? Last I heard it was all his discretion.

Anonymous 496443

File: 1421972900281.jpg (90.76 KB, 500x848, 774496__safe_solo_twilight+spa…)

> hold court with the community

Anonymous 496448

I don't actually think they're gonna be taking down /mlp/ (I came from there), there will be so much more shitposting and pony spamming other threads otherwise. There will be people burning down someone's houses if this actually happens.

Anonymous 496484

Is it just me or is 4chan slow as shit today?
Posting to make sure it's not my comp.

Anonymous 496485

Nope, not my comp.
Perhaps it's an omen.

Anonymous 496510

It's most likely another influx of digital tourists who have come with grand expectation of the Apocalypse in the aftermath of moot's departure from daily involvement in the administration of the site.

Anonymous 496543

"Final" Q&A with moot currently happening on 4chan/YouTube

would provide link but the thread is getting hundreds of replies every few seconds and it will crash my browser if I open it again

Anonymous 496544

I've only been there three and a half years, so I don't really feel I've been there long enough for something so solemn. Maybe I'll look back to it one day.
also i really don't care, holy fuck this is lagging the fucking site like shit

patachu!LULZISTwQI 496545

no sir i'm a mokvwap.

everything will be different now.

Anonymous 496551



watz that?

Anonymous 496598

S-see you space cowboy.

Anonymous 496606

Those words are too good for the likes of him.

Anonymous 496607

File: 1422082153923.jpg (251.61 KB, 1600x1200, wish_everyone.jpg)


it's the opposite of a pawvkom, or a woknmad flipped upside down

NSRC 496609

File: 1422085056431.jpg (752.29 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

Heh I was there with the rest of my fellow faggots it was sad times but new beginnings happen only reason I am here is because well to shitpost so hav tank

Anonymous 496618

How does a n, become a v?
When u is the upside down n

Anonymous 496623

File: 1422124721678.gif (40.4 KB, 320x220, 959085_orig.gif)


eh, when in Rome

Anonymous 496625

File: 1422127182066.jpg (114.06 KB, 899x600, 1421999753470.jpg)

Many of us are former /mlp/ denizens.

Tanks for the memories.

Anonymous 496628

File: 1422131946602.jpg (371.39 KB, 1280x960, richard's tank.jpg)

I can contribute a tank as well.

Anonymous 496635

File: 1422138516855.jpg (415.43 KB, 1024x840, 1422041808679.jpg)

That's not a tank.

This is a tank.

Anonymous 497056

>tank destroyer
You are lucky i am not there to strangle you.

Anonymous 497385

File: 1422208253850.jpg (Spoiler Image,260.46 KB, 467x614, 1422167777910.jpg)

Oh boy!

8chan is on fire at the moment over what moot claimed during his retirement speech.

Seems he wasn't quite truthful over what he knew about Gamergate and how his Hot Pocket eating janitors were overreacting to discussion about it as long ago as August of last year.

Shame on you, RapeApe.


Anonymous 497386


jesus christ is this gaymergayte shit still going on?

Anonymous 497387

May 25 21:41:51 <Axism>so you should also remove el ponies
May 25 21:42:01 <yetsturdy>delete /mlp/
May 25 21:42:03 <yetsturdy>it
May 25 21:42:07 <yetsturdy>it's time to do it
May 25 21:42:11 <Axism>now's our opportunity

Anonymous 497388

File: 1422209825197.jpg (61.95 KB, 355x278, 1422177471801.jpg)


Thanks to RapeApe.

Anonymous 497389


this is fake

there is no confirmation of who the new admin is yet

and I would bet 100 dollars he isn't gonna be called "RapeApe", at least not publicly


why do people believe this is real?

>some anon on 4chan claims to know a famous musician or something like that

>"lol bullshit", "liar", "why should we believe you?"

>some anon on 4chan types up fake Skype logs and "leaks" them

>"OMG IDS HABBENING!!!!", "I'm going to believe this because it confirms my paranoia", "HOLY SHIT"

Anonymous 497390

Hi moot.

How's retirement going?

Thanks for stopping by. Nice to know you care. Enjoy your stay.

Anonymous 497391

The chanwars are picking up steam now. Between this proposed merger bullshit being taken seriously and moot stepping down, shit's about to get hot.

Do you still doubt the chanwar is starting?

Anonymous 497392

Dis gonna be gud.

At least we have choices. As far as any talk of merges with ponychan, that's more between /oat/ and the equivalent board over there. Anonymous isn't going anywhere if it involves ponychan.

I'm happy with the new boards over at Fullchan. They've survived the DDoS attacks and are stronger than ever.

4chan is a turd swirling laps around the toilet bowl, waiting for that final drop down the drain.

Anonymous 497393

A big part of what bothers me is that the new site will be called ponychan. I don't want to be associated with that at all.

Anonymous 497395

This isn't the first time we've had to move. It would be sad if it did happen.

But I'm not going to return to a place where the mods were assholes to us and used similar tactics as 4chan used to ban us. There's no going back.

Since 8chan has a pone board, that's where I'll be found. Pity is, I kind of liked some of the stuff that happened here in /anon/ It was one of the few places we could post fluffy pone and Milky Way. Thinking about how 4chan acted about /mlp/ just burns.

Anonymous 497397

I basically just posted the same thing you just said over on site. I really don't like 8chan, but it would be better then being associated with ponychan.

Anonymous 497404

As a point for interested anons, here's the admin's thread for the discussion of the proposed merger of ponychan and MLPChan.



/anon/ remains as is in the new merged site.

Anonymous 497406

The new site will be called Ponychan.net

Even if /anon/ will remain 'as is' we will still become ponychan scum.

Anonymous 497407


That's a really childish way of thinking imo.

People on 4chan complain that ponies are banned, so Ponychan is made.

Ponychan sucks, so moot caves and makes /mlp/.

Eventually mods decide to ruin /mlp/ and Ponychan still sucks so we turn to mlpchan.

But mlpchan is too slow, so people go back to 4chan.

Now there's 8chan and supposedly Ponychan has changed, and we are essentially all allies against 4chan

I don't *want* a merge but I trust that the staff here can make it work, at least they actually communicate with us and care about what we wamt. And in theory, /anon/ will be the same but with more traffic.

Anonymous 497408

While I'm willing to give our admins the chance to do what is right for them, Ponychan has too much baggage for a lot of us to deal with.

Don't ask us to forget what Orange and Minthent did to their forums. That's not going to happen. Some of us had front row seats to that shit fest. It was every bit as ugly as what is still going on at /mlp/

I've already set a tab for /pone/ against the day this could happen.

Anonymous 497409

In theory.

In actuality, yet another migration will occur.

We are internet nomads, always moving to find a site where we can live as we see fit.

Anonymous 497410


I wasn't there for any of the shit involving Orange and the other guy. I rarely bothered with Ponychan.

And I dislike 8chan because it seems like it was just born out of the whole gamergate/SJW hate thing, which I think is retarded and isn't really the best thing to base your entire community on. I mean it seems like the gamergate thing has already died down for the most part. As a gamer it was just embarrassing, to know that people who don't play video games are gonna read articles about all the shit gamergate supporters did and associate me with that.

But if this merge doesn't actually ruin /anon/ (or /oat/ for that matter) I will still be here. I understand the reasoning for the merge. Two communities based on the same interests are stagnating from lack of activity, so why not set aside past issues and bring them together?

Anonymous 497411

Aha, Anonthony you kike, I can't believe I trusted you. At first i thought you were a power-hungry demagogue (wanting to merge so badly in the past), now you're just a faggot.
There's no way I'm contributing to some mega-borad conglomerate ran by the same fags who banned for saying 'cuck'. Fuck I don't care about if /anon/ survives or not, I'm going back to /mlp/, there's been heat for porn there lately anyways.

Anonymous 497412

Where do we go from here? I dislike 8chan, but it seems like the best option right now.

Anonymous 497414

We could always go back to /mlp/.

Anonymous 497415

No. We're not running back there like some bruised chick to an abusive boyfriend.

Anonymous 497416

Rallying for porn, big poll showed large majority wanted it. Now that moots dead there's a chance.

Anonymous 497417

I'll beleive it when its happens. I wouldn't be surprised if they finally just killed off /mlp/

Anonymous 497418

File: 1422217300026.png (85.53 KB, 894x504, 1418383849653.png)

Not with Google being the gatekeeper with their damned 'iIm not a robot' captcha.

They hand out bans at the drop of a Hot Pocket.

This is the last chan that supports Milky Way and Fluffy Pony, both of which were expelled from 4chan. There's no point in going back.

Anonymous 497419

File: 1422217435395.png (460.95 KB, 900x781, 357245__safe_oc_shipping_blush…)


It's not entirely childish. Ponychan was the place that popularized the motto "Love and Tolerate" to the point that newfags claim offhand that it is the brony motto or that the show endorsed it or something. Most people outside of said newfags don't want to be reminded of that particular thing.

I personally think the increase in traffic would be worth adopting what has in the past been a besmirched and tarnished name, but I can understand someone railing against it. Especially since the admin of ponychan apparantly remains the same as ever.

What we really need is federation, which is servers synchronizing with each other so that we can have multiple heads without posters being cut off from each other. That's an infrastructure people have been dedicatedly pushing away for decades now though, kind of sad.

Anonymous 497421

Well lets narrow our choices.

If we go to /mlp/ the worst we'll get is shitposting.

If we go to /pone/ they probably taught us with daily reminders

Now if we stay here could be a chance that nothing might not happen but thats a 50/50 chance... Ok maybe 40/60.
Well shit... That may lessen our options. We could always make a new chan.

Anonymous 497425

File: 1422218624781.png (Spoiler Image,858.15 KB, 900x730, mtr_1420257689587.png)

There is the option of opening an MLPChan section on 8chan. Despite the baggage of that chan, there is no reason we could not create a custom version of /anon/ with an MLPChan based environment.

The downside would be dealing with traffic and the lack thereof, as well as catching shit from /pone/ for not being as hardcore as their membership.

Fuck 'em. I don't see any Milky Way or Fluffy Pone threads in /pone/ That's what I came here for.

Anonymous 497426

Lets not forget, we're not only getting the ponychan name, we're losing Anonthony's protection. He'll pay for it, but he'll have and I fucking quote:
>no official status, position, or authority

We're only here because he created a home for us. Without his protection, I doubt this place will stay unchanged for long.

As for opening a new chan, how will we compete with /pone/?

Anonymous 497427

will /pone/ get butthurt if we post fluffy and milky?

Anonymous 497428

Can't honestly answer that. You'll always get hostile social attitudes in chans that are loosely based on the halfchan model, no matter what.

Their responses so far to the news that the merge talks are back on is not looking very welcoming. They view us as all being as tainted as the tripfags in /oat/ or as toxic as the mods of Ponychan in general.

In short, don't count on any support from /pone/

Anonymous 497429

/pone/ doesn't seem that bad now that I'm looking through it.
What's you guys's gripe about it?

Anonymous 497430

That could work. Just one question, would hotwheels aloud it?
> how will we compete with /pone/?
... I'm not sure.

Anonymous 497431

They're very anti-tripfag on /pone/. They consider trips as cancer. Thus, no /b/tards from MLPChan would be welcome.

Hotwheels would allow a customized /MLPChan/ board if he were asked politely, I guess. Anyone interested in running such a board just needs to apply.

Anonymous 497433

board admins can already customize their own boards

Anonymous 497434

>They're very anti-tripfag on /pone/.
How is this a bad thing?

In fact, the more I hear about it, the more I believe it's just what we want.

Anonymous 497435

Then this could be the place a lot of anons would feel at home.

I don't have the mindless hate of trips that a lot of other folks have. While it's true a significant number of them are a pain in the ass, others are downright entertaining in a lot of ways. I have better things to hate on in any case.

Anonymous 497442

its jsut /pone/ seems to ahve this post scruffy /mlp/ mentality of blindly hating things and making big deals while we're more relaxed as we have a lot of weirdass threads that most probably dont like but can be hidden

Anonymous 497443

>Don't ask us to forget what Orange and Minthent did to their forums.
Neither of them are involved now.

Anonymous 497600

That's exactly what I fear. I tend to stay around /mlp/, but if it wasn't for the slow speed of this place, I'd spend a lot of time here because it's often the most relaxed of the pony boards. I don't ever want to go to Ponychan, but 8chan was founded by /pol/ and /v/, which are probably the two most vicious, paranoid, and pessimistic boards out there. Moving there would be just as bad. If MLPchan disappears, I'm left with a choice of evils, and so are a lot of others. I don't think it's right to do that.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 497610

Guys please. You can direct things to me personally, you know.

Besides which, I'm only one of 2 admins here. The other is still going to be an admin.

The biggest stipulation I made going into these discussions was that /anon/ remain as-is with no changes. And that's what's going to happen if we proceed with this. Half the mods here plus the System Admin (who in the end, has the final say on pretty much everything since he's the one who would implement anything) will be running the show.

the rest of this site is pretty much what ponychan currently is anyways, and only /anon/ has a significant difference, one which I enjoy and will make sure it stays as it is. I can only ask you to trust me on this - Macil and Fenolio are the best possible administrative team I could ask for. /anon/ will only see benefit from this, if we proceed - it will stay as it is, and have more possible visitors, and if they don't adhere to the anonymous culture they'll be banned from /anon/

Anonymous 497636

Thank you, Anonthony.

I know from experience that running any website is a job no one appreciates until they have to do the work and deal with the users. You've done a great job with this. I understand that you may want to spend your time on other things.

It's never been about you or the people you work with here. It's about the well known history of Ponychan. Claiming that they've changed isn't going to cut it the day they begin to micromanage things and honk off the people who fled here, myself included, from /mlp/ and Ponychan.

In short, I do not trust the people who run Ponychan. Just thinking of that name evokes really bad memories that rival The Scruffining at /mlp/

I have the option of moving to /pone/ since I don't have any issues with the way that site is running. I feel bad for those who may find themselves with no options other than the mainstream sites.

I wish you and your staff well in any case and repeat my gratitude for the time we were able to make this our home.

Anonymous 497638

Also you should be ware that there are several "anons" here just trying to stir shit up and/or shill for 8chan or get more users to go there or just not be here anymore, using this as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the /anon/ community.

Anonymous 497642

The people who will be "running" the site will be none of the people you've had to deal with before (from their side.)

If there were a mod added who were from among the /anon/s here, would that make a difference to you?

Anonymous 497650

The only shills I see here are those with no memories or sense of history who want a partnership with an organization that is not sorry for what they've done.

And for the record for that anon who claimed that Orange isn't involved with Ponychan, others I trust have said he's still an active member of the user base. That's bad enough.

Since the masses here want this merger so badly, don't worry about the rest of us. This isn't the first time we've been shown the way out.

Anonymous 497663

>This isn't the first time we've been shown the way out.
Or the second, or the third...

For some this is going to be the fifth or sixth migration.

Anonymous 497667

For those of you who don't like 8chan or Ponychan, where are you thinking about heading next?

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 497670

File: 1422236910273.jpg (73.47 KB, 612x900, 123l0tj.jpg)

That's mis-stating it. No one is showing anyone the way out of anything. You're choosing to not even attempt. Fenolio himself is a horsefucker; Yang was an active member here for a good while, and /mlp/ before that. If you have any trust or respect for me as you say, you would see how it works out before selecting the flee option. I mean, I've seen this image posted on Ponychan's /oat/ in the current era, without an issue, for example. I know the bad rep and what some people think of the very name of it - I know more than most people about that, actually, more than you could know. MLPchan came into existence for a reason - and it wasn't about /mlp/ or anyone else, really, it was as a response to systemic issues at Ponychan that had taken it away from when it was really great in the early days of 2011. And after we split in July 2013, it forced them to change by creating competition that forced out their old owner, and eventually led to totally new administration. The two sites outside of /anon/ are virtually identical. The split did exactly what it was supposed to do - safeguarded a segment of the community while forcing the rest to change for the better. Now the issues are largely remedied, but the split remains. I would see these communities unified again, and /anon/ -will- be a part of it, with the same rules and structure as it has right now; if it wasn't going to be that way, I wouldn't have even started discussions about it. The thing about a bad rep is that if people never give you the chance to prove them wrong, you can never change it. And the thing about a board like this is that it has much less to do with the name as it does with the people - and the people on this board are great, and they will be what makes /anon/ a continued great place to be.

Anonymous 497678

You can't just assume complaints come from ignorance because you disagree with them and say "this change is happening no matter what, those who don't like it are wrong". Not if you want to be respected. I'm certain that not all who dislike current Ponychan do so because they're unfamiliar with it. Some may know it very well and still think it's the wrong place to go.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 497681

File: 1422237587415.jpg (45.4 KB, 507x529, 947198196_182.jpg)

I mean, you either trust me enough to go, 'alright well, this will be interesting at least, who doesn't love a little drama in our boring and slow world, I'll give it a shot and if it doesn't suit me I can always fuck off to ___' or you don't. I've worked hard for that respect, as much as one can. I never try to ask for much.
So far that is not the case; the objections are to reputation, not based on any familiarity of late at all. I'm not assuming - I am taking your statements at face value.

Anonymous 497685

You have made your case.

As adults, we can agree to disagree.

Do what you know is right for you and the people who use this image board.

But please do not expect that everyone will want to be a part of what may not work out.

I hope for the sake of those who want this to work that it will.

Anonymous 497691

I'm thinking of just giving up on chans

Anonymous 497694

You really shouldn't ask people to trust you because of your reputation on a site built around making reputation irrelevant. Ponychan has an infamous history of censorship and harsh moderation. Since its owners have shown no regret for that behavior, how do we know its community and administration will be inclined to change? How do we know the userbase itself won't try to push MLPchan out, to say nothing of the mods?

Listen to your users. Address these fears and try to show you understand them, don't just treat them as wrong.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 497718

File: 1422239258948.png (584.71 KB, 800x700, Icannotcomehome.png)

I have addressed them; you've dismissed the responses. Who cares what its old owners think? They aren't involved and don't play any factor; because someone saw Orange still post? He makes an occasional post on /oat/ as a user like once a month. How am I supposed to assuage 'fears' based on something like that? How do you know it's administration will be -inclined- to change? I've already noted just how much they already have; their current administrators are Fenolio and Admiral Yang, who I've already described. As far as their userbase 'pushing out', if you've been paying attention to the responses to the proposal from them, they're interested in this, and either shrug at the idea of there being an /anon/ or would be interested in checking it out themselves. Show that I understand these fears? There isn't anyone who knows them better. I put about 5 grand so far into keeping an alternative to them running for the last two and a half years. I know the concerns very well, and I have watched the reasons for them slowly fade into being inconsequential. I would like it if someone could bring up something I could actually address further, but I'm not seeing stuff besides that. It's hard to address and assuage issues based on old perception and memes. It's just a place. I know it got bad for a while - because I was there, along with a lot of others, working to try to keep it from getting that way. It didn't work because of how badly mismanaged it was at the time, and because the mods - most of which are gone now - didn't fight hard enough about it, even though they didn't even agree with the management themselves. They just had a leadership that had a very specific vision that wouldn't be swayed, and all that is gone now. What few mods would even still be in place are bros in my estimation. I could try to show you, but I'd prefer you to find out for yourself. I mean a lot of even what they ended up doing was out of frustration and because it was what their instructions were. They didn't like it either, and fully enjoyed the fact that they've gotten to change over the last year and a half under better administration.

"Shit, i remember when i was a mod and we would have to wait a full month between occasions when orange would show up on AIM (lol) or the modboard, and every time it would just be him coming on at 4 AM, shitting on everything the mods had tried to piece together to run the site in his absence, and then jetting off for another month" - old mod

You can see how that would basically destroy any structural integrity to a staff, for sample. They're just people, and on both staffs (here and there) are good guys who are glad to be able to do something for the community, many of which started off on the /b/ or /co/ pony threads before /mlp/ was a glint in anyone's eyes. They deserve a second chance as much as anyone (which is another thing - in the merged site, all but 4 people's bans would be undone, everyone gets a fresh slate, and those 4 people are only because they tried to hack/ddos the site, for example, and one of them tried to groom a minor for sex, basically the worst of the worst at either site.) This possibility, this potential, is so high.. The upside, the interest, shit - the basic excitement of seeing how it all turns out, good or bad. It's worth it. And there's always something else, if it doesn't pan. But what if it does? Are we so attached to the comfortable, decaying status quo and entropy as to reject it? Why not be a part of such a happening and see where it might lead? The offramp is always there, whenever it suits anyone. (Not that any of us ever really get off the ride - just change vehicles sometimes.) That's all I'm saying. I've put it all on the line for a community I care about for 3 years now, and if there's something I can do that gives life and breath and interest to the pony imageboard communities, I'll do it. No matter what it costs me, or what work I have to put in, or who hates me - as long as *they* are happy. That's all I've ever cared about. The amount of shit I have taken over the years, from so many sources, is astonishing. Death threats, long rants at how I should kill myself, people trying to ddos or hack or raid my site, the money, the work, the effort, the time, the stress, the sleeplessness, the nearly losing my last job for skipping out to moderate internet arguments over colorful pastel horse teenagers... It's all been for you. And you, and you, and Red Star, and Queenie, and Lisbon, and Bready, and Babs, and The Hands, and so on etc etc etc... I just want to do what's best. It's all I wanted.

Anonymous 497732

>for you

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

Anyway. I see where you're coming from, but I will make one crucial recommendation: don't call this merger of sites Ponychan if you can help it. That name means bad things to a lot of people, and if this works, the new site will be very unlike the old one. Let this place be something we haven't seen before. Not as bitter or hostile as /mlp/, not as slow as MLPchan, and with none of the restrictive behavior Ponychan was so infamous for. And keep a close eye on both the community and the administration to be sure old mistakes aren't repeated.

I'll give this one chance. I hope you know what you're getting into here.

Anonymous 497738

I would do anything for love, but I won't do that.

Fen 497765

File: 1422241871524.png (68.05 KB, 600x810, You're doing it wrong.png)

Ponychan admin here.

I can apologise for shitty moderation and site management in general, i know i've personally made bad judgement calls in the past and i try to learn from those mistakes so that they dont happen again.

But, i dont think you guys care too much about an apology from me or anything i have to say really, because talk is cheap on the internet.

Unfortunately, i cant really think of anything that would prove my sincerity of the apology or my following statements, so i guess cheap will have to do for now.

/anon/ wont be fucked with, at all, no rule changes or whatever beyond what's currently here.
Ideally, a mod from /anon/ itself would be picked so that i know you guys aren't getting shafted by somebody unfamiliar, but in case that doesnt work out, current mlpchan mods would have priority ruling over /anon/ in the extremely rare cases that something needs direct mod intervention instead of just removing lolicon or something.

I fully realise how much people hate the ponychan label, which is why i want to change that.
I want the community i look after to grow out of the shadow it's gathered over the years, but i cant do that if people wont even give it a chance because of the (Rightfully gained) stigma attached.
I'm not asking for the mingling of people or that we should bond or any sort of horseshit like that.
All i am asking for is a small period of time to see if our community can co-exist on the same website without killing each other, thats it.

You guys all trust Macil, right? The resident tech wizard? Current co-admin with 'thony?
If our sites are merged, i essentially become his bitch.
If he doesnt want something to happen on this site, it isnt happening, so if nothing else you can probably rest easy knowing he'd keep any ponychan faggotry from getting involved in the board.

Anonymous 497767

Being able to talk to you is definitely going to help.

I'd like to know, will any changes be made to the rest of Ponychan as a result of the merge?

Fen 497791

I'm assuming you mean what changes would be made from how current ponychan is run compared to the merged site?

Well, the rules page would be what's posted on /site/. https://mlpchan.net/site/res/15219+50.html
There would be a clear and more importantly present hierarchy of internal decision-making to hopefully prevent 3 different mods saying 3 different things to everyone, which is the root cause of far too many fuck ups.

All the shit of kusaba will be replaced with tinyboard.

New /site/ will attempt to be kept shitpost / off topic free or at least to a minimum.

/pony/ will function the same.

/oat/ will function the same.

/chat/ will be the place for serials, which are distinct from generals as the former is primarily about socialising while the latter is about content.

/rp/ and /ooc/ will be merged into a single board again to see how they handle the tag system, but its open to splitting again.

/pic/ will be mlp related image dumps that you want to have stick around for longer than usual, i dont think that posts can be made with the mature tag on that board, but any moved threads should keep it as far as i'm aware. (Pinging thony to confirm)

/fan/ will be the /art/fic/collab/ board merged into a single posting entity.

/merch/ content is going to be shared between /pony/ and /fan/ or its going to all go into /fan/, i'm not entirely sure what we decided on that.

/vinyl/ and /g/ are still undecided, but odds are they are going to get absorbed back into /oat/

Our most inactive mods will be getting axed and mlpchan mods will be coming on.

Naturally, due to the higher number of pchan mods, a "majority rules" style of working out issues wouldnt sit too well with people who have concerns about hostile takeovers, so what i'm going to try to do is weigh the opinions of everyone equally, then take into account their senority with whatever group or person in question is part of the incident. (Also bare in mind that macil would also be providing oversight)

For example. a mod who primarily works with /rp/ would have high senority for /rp/ situations but could also be biased, so an "outsiders" opinion is also valuable in this case
It's a juggling act of deciding what kind of opinion is given what amount of weight on a case by case basis, but mods are trusted to know what to do for the most part.

And, for whats it worth, just because 'thony "has no official status, position, or authority." doesn't mean that his opinion will be discarded if this merger goes through, he's still a pretty major part of the community that can offer some pretty good advice and direction.

Cant really think of anything else, sorry.

TGSB 497795

Putting a name on to not be too shady since I don't want my voice to count more than it should if I end up discussing more than just a few posts and have discussed it on the other side.

I know many people here like foalcon. I know the current mods openly allow it even though the rules say they don't. There is literally tons of it.

While I personally don't like it, I'm wondering about the people who do, and how the handling of it will be well, handled.

Also, if its going to be "allowed" like it is here, could this mean the servers could be moved to the US and we could just remove "legal" rule cruft like this one is here?

Anonthony 497796

Just gonna say, we're pretty well in agreement not to do anything like that. If it's a filly, doesn't have a cutie mark, whatever, it's gonna get deleted at least. That might irritate a few people but it's a small price and a small segment of people.

Anonymous 497798

Well, so far the arrangement sounds pretty decent. It's all down to the userbases of both sites to ensure that things work out, though. Are any plans in place to enforce a lack of tripcode and name usage on /anon/, or will it generally just be discouraged without being enforced except in special cases?

TGSB 497800

Alright, just wanting to know.

I hope people find there is enough horse porn of allowed variety to keep people happy anyway.

Anonthony 497801

Fen will probably echo this, but since I'm about to head to bed I'll say that we discussed the same system we have here - allow names and trips for certain things (games, RPs, CYOAs, art, etc) but keep it anon otherwise. Abuse of a name/trip would be warned, then banned if it kept up. Mods too will post as Anonymous ## Mod, but for accountability purposes you can always request the name of a mod who took whatever action or statement.

Anonymous 497804

That's acceptable. Will there be a system by which users can appeal to other mods if they believe the one assigned to their board is taking too much (or not enough) action?

Anonthony 497805

You can always go right to the admin(s) with any issues you have with any moderators actions or inactions. They rarely sleep anyways.

Fen 497808

File: 1422245025733.png (137.13 KB, 1200x720, TwilyTwilyTwilyTwilyTwilyTwily…)

Discouraged followed by enforcement if people dont get the hint.
/anon/ bans are easily done.

What he said, even down to going to bed.

The system will likely be talking to me if there is a problem with the mods, and talking to macil if there is a problem with me.

We're both full admins, but macil will be focusing on tech while i focus on the community.

>They rarely sleep anyways.

Fuck off kettle.

Anonymous 497815

Alright. So far, things sound reasonable. As long as bans and warnings are never handed out too lightly and you try to keep the boards on-topic, things should be okay.

Why so much dm29, though? That guy spams Flash Sentry everywhere and his art all looks the same.

Anonymous 497816

Its all about how the name situation plays out. If it ends up as ponychan I'm fucking gone

Fen 497817

File: 1422246614083.png (158.74 KB, 650x575, Ponychan porn.png)

>As long as bans and warnings are never handed out too lightly and you try to keep the boards on-topic, things should be okay.
Thats the plan.
I find his style adorable, and i can deal with the shipping.

Anonymous 497818



I don't mind shipping and I don't always hate Flash Sentry pics, but dm29's art is so monotonous. Its content, quality, and style never changes- it's just Flash, Cadance, Twilight, and Shining over and over. I much prefer Egophiliac.

Anonymous 497823

File: 1422251444921.jpg (49.98 KB, 961x244, ohmy.jpg)

I'd suggest someone here monitor and screencap from this following thread.


It doesn't hurt to keep track of things and see what the general consensus is over at Ponychan.

Anonymous 497829

>you guys aren't getting shafted by somebody unfamiliar
I don't want to speak for everyone but I believe that is our fetish.

Anonymous 497838

File: 1422260066188.png (326.33 KB, 734x946, in rainbow sneakers.png)


Ah, look! Regret! Your prayers have been answered! People can actually make mistakes, and own up to them!

Anonymous 497839

That's part of why I'm giving this a chance to work.

Anonymous 497849

The new ponychan will be under UK law.

That means we can kiss most of the shit here goodbye.

They arrested a tripfag from /int/ for shitposting for god's sake.

People are arrested for facebook posts in the UK.

We'd have to abide by UK law. I'd rather make an MLPchan on 8chan than become Ponychan.

Fuck that.

Anonymous 497857

The servers are actually in Canada.

Anonymous 497858

Further the specific server Terms I see for the canadian servers from the company says only "Use of the Service for unlawful or illegal purposes", which does specify child pornography and hacking, spamming, online gambling, etc, but the 'etc' would then be Canadian law. Not UK.

tl;dr you're safe.

Anonymous 497861

A dude got arrested in the US for posting 'put wings on pigs' (which is a song lyric). Another was arrested for using the cop emoji face next to a gun emojicon. Face it:nowhere is 'safe'. The world is fucked up. But we're not a big target. If you were afraid, you'd havr been afraid at 4chan where the administration would be more than happy to give up your info to whoever wanted it.e

Anonymous 497871

File: 1422283292778.jpg (52.3 KB, 940x220, one vote no.jpg)

I want to give this a chance as well. But not at this price.

This is /mlp/ all over again. The SJW types on Ponychan are whining about the fact we exist. It's no-fun time.

I for one don't want to exist in a new containment board to make people like this happy.

Anonymous 497872

File: 1422283519530.jpg (112.29 KB, 1271x461, rules rules rules.jpg)

Here's another example of why merging the two communities won't work.

Anonymous 497873

File: 1422283665032.jpg (123.87 KB, 1034x554, et tu Fen.jpg)

Trust is earned.

I don't see this example of negotiation as trustworthy.

If this is any example of what our future looks like, this isn't going to be a safe place for anon.

Anonymous 497875

Dat triple post.

People whine about the fact you exist now. And it has no effect on your existence.
...Uh, who in that cap is a problem for you? TGSB, who used to be an /anon/ regular, and asks specifically how it's going to work should it go forward?
Neo, talking about how our software is superior?
Shmaltz, answering TGSB's question? You seem to be grasping at straws.
To the top part of Fen's post, you totally removed the context from it entirely - which was a direct answer to someone asking questions about how much looser /oat/'s rules were going to get. He's literally not even talking about /anon/. At this point, one could only surmise you're purposefully twisting things and taking them out of context to pursue some kind of agenda about this.
To the bottom of Fen's post, he's reiterating what is already in place here, that outside of mature threads if you link to something nsfw you have to at least say it's nsfw so someone doesn't click your link and end up seeing a hardcore gangbang image while they're at work.

Just what is your agenda here?

Fen 497876

File: 1422286063042.jpg (224.42 KB, 865x580, Top Goo.jpg)

Oh i agree on the monotony, he just has a lot of shiny and i like to avatarfag occasionally.

>ponychan is full of subs
Sorry guys it would never work, merger canceled.

>I for one don't want to exist in a new containment board to make people like this happy.
Well, you wouldnt, at least in any way different from you are now in that you're a board with slightly different rules.
For what it's worth, /oat/ is practically our own containment board.

I thought underage content was already removed here? (If thats what you're referring to with the "rules rules rules" filename)
Because i honestly dont want to fuck with /anon/ after the shit you've had to deal with over the years, lets just say I completely sympathise with terrible administration and leave it at that.

Thats for places outside of /anon/ as >>497875 said.

Anonymous 497879

I like foalcon and it isn't illegal.

Anonymous 497880

It's actually a legal gray area in many places.

Anonymous 497881

Not in my state.

Not only is it just drawings, but it's not even drawings of humans.

Please point out a US state where drawings of underage animals is a legal gray area or actually illegal.

Anonymous 497883

Okay let me see if I can help here.

I just dug through some of the terms and conditions and all that other legal shit at the host and also checked forums and stuff where other people who used said host had adult content on their sites. Specifically, the datacenter for this site and the physical server location is in Canada. Not the US or UK or wherever. The terms for it specifically say:

>The Customer acknowledges and agrees to be also subject to the laws applicable in the territory on which the equipment are installed.

Now, while Canada is fairly strict on child pornography (which I agree with), and enumerates:

>"shows a person who is or is depicted as being under the age of eighteen years and is engaged in or is depicted as engaged in explicit sexual activity"

That's fairly standard. I only know of one case where fictional depictions resulted in punishment, that of a case of an immigrant who was importing explicit child porn hentai. And it also seems to cover graphic/explicit writing about child sexual abuse (which again I don't disagree with.)

As for other issues - like free speech issues or guns or whatever, Canada is not nearly as draconian as the UK.

Anonymous 497884

We're following the /site/ thread, dude.

Anonymous 497902

reasons for, as I've collected from discussions:
>yes, it's a less desirable url from a reputation standpoint, but - it is also a larger community, where a surprising number of other horsefuckers reside who would very likely be curious and interested in posting on an /anon/ board themselves
>it consolidates resources and makes less division and reduces the amount of thinning in the pony imageboard communities

the reasons against, and their responses:
>fear of the old pchan mods - that crew has long since retired or been fired, and the current proposed staff contains a mix of both pchan and mlpchan's mods, all of which have 0 problem with /anon/ or horse lewdity
>fear of being changed - to which everyone involved has said that "no changes would be permitted to /anon/" and any changes were considered a deal breaker for them

Take that as you wish. I would like to think anons can think logically about this.

Anonymous 497915

>where a surprising number of other horsefuckers reside

>>it consolidates resources and makes less division and reduces the amount of thinning in the pony imageboard communities

Has the nigger forgotten quality > quantity?

My main objection is not wanting to contributing to a megaboard fag congregation under a name that should have died a long time ago. You know some shit's going to change for /anon/ considering we're going to a site with a much larger ratio of normal brony's than us.

Anonymous 497916

>where a surprising number of other horsefuckers reside
That shouldn't be surprising. There *are* a lot of them. And even further, who would be if they weren't suppressed as they used to be.
In fact it happened once at ponychan; they created a board with "freer rules and less restrictions"; people *flocked* to it, but the old administration hated it so they got rid of it. Thankfully the old administration is gone now too.

>quality over quantity

That may be a truism, but not always accurate. Quality requires a modicum of quantity; and even if there's less of a percentage of quality, if there's much more quantity, the total amount of quality still rises. Think about it.

I accept the guarantee Fenolio gave above pledging /anon/ to stay that same.

Anonymous 497919


Anonymous 497920

That's an interesting philosophical question, really. At what point do we consider something a 'person'?

Do we equate it very narrowly to a human being? Can the term 'person' be applied to anything sentient, such as an alien race or a sapient animal? Is it really an 'animal' if it has sentience?

Anonymous 497921

>Do we equate it very narrowly to a human being?

Anonymous 497923

>At what point do we consider something a 'person'?
Are you stupid?

Anonymous 497924

.. maybe

Anonymous 497925

Sapience should grant personhood, but no government is going to consider fictional sapient non-humans as legal persons. That's crazy.

Well, unless they're monied interests.

Anonymous 497950

The agenda is fairly simple.

To insure everyone here who is reading what is being written has as full a disclosure as is possible given the number of places thing are being discussed.

This is a very important choice the admins are making. A lot of money has been spent by people who want this transition to work. I don't want that money and effort to have been wasted.

The only problem that is being ignored is the reality that too many people from both sites are not going to accept the merger under the name Ponychan or the rules imposed by one or the other side.

Look at how much traffic has been generated during the talks. We've even got other boards watching.

It's been said many times that the name Ponychan is too toxic to be a good banner to fly under. Some people here want to trivialize the history. But as you can see from the discussions on Ponychan as well as here, nothing has changed. The board cultures are never going to meet or work together as things stand now.

It's going to take a lot more give and a lot less take before I can say I believe this will work.

Anonymous 497955

File: 1422304521899.jpg (232.33 KB, 1024x1024, spaghetti monster.jpg)


> Solar Empire Commander (Element of the Imperial Guards)

Good lord

Anonymous 497958

File: 1422305371499.png (61.55 KB, 250x250, Cheerilee_next_to_easel_ID_S1E…)


Technically it does have an effect on our existence, if mlpchan is literally going to cease to exist in favor of ponychan reform.

I think the objection to the second post was how that smug midget thing was posted, as if happy that certain content is banned. They should have posted a picture like this if they were trying to appear genuinely helpful. ...it's not a very strong objection.

Anonymous 497974

File: 1422306245167.jpg (227.56 KB, 1280x1107, 481171__safe_solo_crossover_ch…)


You know, I don't know if Fenolio is going to read this but I just wanted to point out that tightening the limit is a good thing. Arbitrary limits, like arbitrary justice, are only something an administrator who is egotistical enough to assume they won't make spur of the moment judgement errors will advocate. And in fact, people who post edgy stuff just for the thrill of it are actually very helpful, because it allows you to define your limits better. Telling someone off for being cheeky is fine, but banning them is egregious and uncalled for, and makes you look massively butthurt. Remember, these are posters who have very little power over you, so their abuse of it has little impact, but if you push the limits you have set for yourself, banning people for stuff that isn't technically against your own rules, as the board owner you will have a much larger impact. You don't want to allow free expression, then have a chilling effect set in as nobody wants to even approach the limit so they only post PG work of anything.

It's something even real world administrators fail to understand. Malcontents and dissidents are actually some of their greatest allies in keeping everything from degrading and collapsing into discord, rejection and revolution.

Anonymous 497984

Seriously, what the fuck is with the names? These people are all over /meta/.

They're all smug as hell, being passive aggressive has always been their specialty.

Fen 497998

File: 1422311094859.jpg (72.6 KB, 1115x717, skoll__the_sun_ender_by_prince…)

Still lurking this thread.

And i know all that, when i say "das a warning" i mean if somebody has been spamming it, like a full thread of just barely within the line material, which then becomes the recorded warning.

Otherwise its just a verbal "Oi faggot keep it clean."

It's a lite-rp thing that spawned during the first year of the site and devolved to just having a name like that because other people do, there's still a couple screencaps of me floating around where i was a lunar aspirant or some shit.

Anonymous 498001

It's gay as hell is what it is.
>because other people do

Anonymous 498002

File: 1422312441043.png (149.01 KB, 1120x710, 711600__safe_wat_vore_pipsquea…)


Yeah I know it's an rp thing, but the sheer amount of spaghetti it takes to come up with a name like that is massive.

Isn't it better if it's confined to one thread, anyway?

Fen 498003

Not approving it, just saying it like it is.

The issue isnt confinement, its the issue of; If nothing is done, they'll push the line even further, and further and further until full porn is posted and then they bitch about being punished for something while citing one of the lesser things they posted which they got away with.
Not to mention if anyone else sees them posting things like that and gets punished for posting something similar but over the line.
It just causes a headache all around for no reason when a simple "Stop that" can fix it before it gets out of hand.

TLDR: Autism

Anonymous 498010

File: 1422313953396.png (883.91 KB, 3000x3000, 20573__twilight+sparkle_rainbo…)


That's when you point out how all the lesser things they "got away with" was actually within the rules and they didn't get away with jack shit. Only time you get in trouble here is when you're negligent and they get away with something that is actually against the rules.

Anonymous 498011

File: 1422315974337.jpg (123.97 KB, 625x625, humanoid Applejack licking her…)

Any rules list is probably gonna have a gray area, but you want the gray area to as small as possible. Hence the need for simple, clear, specific rules. Consider MLPchan's current rules on porn (outside mature threads):
>Depictions of sex acts, genitals, female nipples, sex fluids, and underage sexualization are prohibited.
That's pretty specific. There are edge cases (what if they're ambiguously having sex, what about outlines of naughty parts through tight clothing, etc.) but the gray zone is small.

Compare that to the corresponding proposal from the merge thread.
>No pornography or overtly sexual images outside of /anon/

'Overtly sexual images' is a gray zone a mile wide.

Anonymous 498012

Simple: allow porn.

Anonymous 498018

File: 1422322834649.jpg (Spoiler Image,260.46 KB, 467x614, 1422167777910.jpg)

Sadly, this isn't going to happen given the majority of the user base of pchan.

I want a full bore adult MLP/FIM website where we don't have to accommodate those fans who would be better served by joining Gaia Online or some other social community with an existing all-ages sub forum for discussing the show.

This was moot's greatest mistake with /mlp/

Making /mlp/ an all-age board in the middle of the internet hate machine was the most jackass move I could imagine. The odds are we wouldn't be here had /mlp/ been a fully adult board.

But that's history now. Please, let's learn from it, m'kay?

Anonymous 498019


>Sadly, this isn't going to happen given the majority of the user base of pchan.

Except the mods have already confirmed it is.

Anonymous 498021


Anonymous 498022

That's only true in /anon/ and with several restrictions that give any complainers wiggle room to take such posts to the mods.

The best example will be anything related to foals, pony or EqG. No depictions of fictional minors will be allowed. And that's fine by me.

Anyplace else on the new board will be porn free. And that's from the mods as well.,

I don't envy the people who will have to deal with the kinds of people who will come in here spoiling for a fight over adult content.

Anonymous 498023

>implying that won't be fun and hilarious

I rarely ever see anything here now that would cross the lines of the proposal.

Anonymous 498024

I like foalcon.

Anonymous 498025


>several restrictions that give any complainers wiggle room to take such posts to the mods.

Besides the underage shit, what restrictions are you talking about?

And just because people can "take things to the mods" doesn't mean the mods have to obey them.


>Anyplace else on the new board will be porn free

And that's a problem why...? I'm pretty sure /anon/ is currently the only board with porn already.


me too but the mods are banning it for legal reasons, not just to be dicks. they have to cover their asses

Anonymous 498027

protip: foalcon was already not allowed. underage depictions are already prohibited for the site and the server. it was always that way. people just didn't notice I guess, because reasons.

Anonymous 498028

The harsh reality of the legal system is coming down hard on the internet.

England has basically made posting any sexual content on their IP addresses illegal. Way to set the bar low, nanny state!

Since our new web server will be hosted in Canada, we won't have as bad a time as England or the US under the new Obama freedom-to-spy on you laws passed quietly over the holidays.

I don't want our hosts to have to face a trip in the FBI party van because we got too wrapped up in our fun.

Anonymous 498029

also fun fact and FYI:

As far as it goes, the new law only applies to on-demand video produced in the UK

Anonymous 498030

A recent poll on /mlp/ showed that 85% of users wanted porn, and it had well over a thousand votes. So now we all know rulefags are a minority, but they are still arduous as hell still think they'll be janitors.

Anonymous 498031

But we already discuss foalcon here.

Anonymous 498039

File: 1422332826590.gif (26.27 KB, 125x125, playing with mah loopdee hoop.…)

Discussing it and posting it are two different things. One, people cannot choose to unsee.

Anonymous 498041

I meant posting it by discussing it.

I like masturbating to little fillies. It's not even illegal.

Anonymous 498043

File: 1422335483068.png (203.39 KB, 800x600, 407637__safe_solo_armor_royal+…)


Maybe not on Earth but you're in Equestria now, buddy!

Anonymous 498049

>I'm pretty sure /anon/ is currently the only board with porn already.
mlpchan's /art/ currently allows mature threads; the merged '/fan/' board wouldn't.

Anonymous 498056

File: 1422349065801.png (1.6 MB, 1280x845, large.png)

>Recognizing pony authority
>Not joining the New Griffon Conglomerate

Anonymous 498078

whats the big deal with NSFW content anyways, do they shitpost with their kids or what?

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 498079

File: 1422376932629.jpg (170.07 KB, 800x800, 1401332338217.jpg)

>not teaching your offspring the finer points of shitposting, rewarding them with tendies and punishing them with removing their jug privileges

Anonymous 498088

I have no idea what you just said.

Anonymous 498092

I'm more afraid that I understood what he posted.

Anonymous 498093


these new pepe images really creep me out

Anonymous 498096

File: 1422391406248.png (Spoiler Image,125.3 KB, 500x493, 1420174679117.png)

You haven't seen anything yet.


Anonymous 498488

File: 1422629145539.jpg (266.46 KB, 1229x1750, titanic-the-philosopher_o_1261…)

Oh well.

Time to start the countdown timer.

Let's have some music to enjoy while we wait for the pchan/MLPChan merger to go forth.

We're dedicating this track to the anons who have already jumped ship and sailed off to calmer waters.


Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 498489

>people not relishing the idea of pchan accepting anon culture board and porn
>fresh slate and all bans undone
people are dumb

Anonymous 498492

truest thing said so far

Anonymous 498493

Nothing I have seen posted on Ponychan regarding any claim that the members of Ponychan accepting /anon/ with the regulations in place substantiates your claim.

Nothing I've seen shows that people recognize that the name Ponychan will always be linked to massive mistakes that dragged the adult fan base into the mud. That isn't going away.

A 'fresh slate' won't erase the history of Ponychan. That is there forever.

And name calling is rather immature, don't you think? There is a vast world of difference in being naive and being ignorant. I see no ignorance in facing facts such as these.

Anonymous 498497

4chan is down.

Anonymous 498502

File: 1422643409764.png (528.36 KB, 1280x1200, 1411164520225.png)

Best news I've seen so far today.

Anonymous 498504

>Nothing I have seen posted on Ponychan regarding any claim that the members of Ponychan accepting /anon/ with the regulations in place substantiates your claim.

there are 5 mlpchan mods in place there to make sure that they do

>Nothing I've seen shows that people recognize that the name Ponychan will always be linked to massive mistakes that dragged the adult fan base into the mud. That isn't going away.

because the pony fandom had such a clean and untarnished name before ponychan. k.

Anonymous 498506

File: 1422643842068.gif (239.84 KB, 482x361, 1370629075290.gif)

I'm running out of hope.

Having gone down this road one time too many, it's impossible to have faith given the resistance to face reality I see with this effort.

What has been set in motion cannot be stopped now. All we can do is take our bets and see who calls the outcome.

All that is left after that is to sit back and watch.

Anonymous 498507

it's not really about hope. it just isn't logical to say that this isn't going to work out for /anon/
absolute worst case scenario for this board, people freak out and mlpchan splits back off. not much worse could happen than that

Anonymous 498509

File: 1422649184427.jpg (7.44 KB, 225x225, froge.jpg)

>wanting to build a pony board monopoly
>being e-kikes

Anonymous 498510


dumb frogposter

Anonymous 498511


>absolute worst case scenario for this board, people freak out and mlpchan splits back off. not much worse could happen than that

pretty much this. we don't have a whole lot to lose. /anon/ certainly isn't thriving as is.

Anonymous 498513

sh-shut up or Twilight will turn you into an orange, you frog parasprite

Anonymous 498514

>2 boards together out of like 10 billion
>a monopoly

Anonymous 498525

Fuck moot.

/mlp/ newfags even made a goodbye card for that son of a bitch.

I may not have been around for that purging, but I'm still not that stupid.

Anonymous 498540

File: 1422661622522.png (299.55 KB, 1058x705, 1385541084071.png)

Thank you!

I just came back from a very long walk. It helps when your head is clear after a couple of hours doing something other than trying to make a point that won't be acknowledged.

As has been stated already here and elsewhere, the course is set and the decisions made. It's just watch and wait from this point forward.

Anonymous 498552

>two large boards that will encompass all the circlejerk imageboard faggots of the fandom

Anonymous 498613


Anonymous 498614

Anonymous 498622

I've been banned from 4chan for complaining about anime on a board that isn't about anime.

I fucking hate anime so much.

Anonymous 498623

File: 1422745085801.png (258.98 KB, 862x926, AJ - Kojak outfit 2.png)

death to anime
death to 4chan

Anonymous 498626

I've got an uncomfortably large single point of failure

in my pants.

Anonymous 498668

File: 1422751445826.jpg (625.28 KB, 975x1646, anime on 4chan 2.jpg)

Anonymous 498670

File: 1422751547417.png (323.77 KB, 1054x748, 1422729151721.png)

Anonymous 498678


>implying a board that isn't specifically dedicated to weeb shit isn't allowed to have weeb shit

>implying it matters if the (former) admin still watches actual anime anymore (he's probably seen everything good and just faps to it now)

I'm not even a hardcore weeb but it is way more autistic to be mad about people posting anime on 4CHAN than to watch any amount of anime itself.

Imagine if five years from now, MLPchan has a huge population influx, and to accommodate this some new boards are made that aren't specifically MLP-related, and then some new users go to those boards, see older users posting MLP pics and flip out about it, calling MLP fans autists and saying it doesn't matter that they are posting on a site literally built around the MLP community. That's the same as what you're doing.

Anonymous 498679

>That's the same as what you're doing.
No. 4chan is a general purpose chan.

MLPchan is a My Little Pony chan.

All the anime posters do is shitpost when anime images aren't used for certain things and about how they own the site and can post anywhere they want.

They're annoying assholes.

Anonymous 498680


>No. 4chan is a general purpose chan.

AFAIK, it wasn't originally. Originally the only boards were /b/ and /a/. /a/ for anime discussion and /b/ for fucking around.

>All the anime posters do is shitpost when anime images aren't used for certain things and about how they own the site and can post anywhere they want.

>They're annoying assholes.

this is a sweeping generalization. and they're not wrong. moot said in the recent Q&A that anime was allowed everywhere on 4chan.

Anonymous 498681


This is kinda off the topic.

Anonymous 498683

>AFAIK, it wasn't originally.
It is now.
>Originally the only boards were /b/ and /a/.
/b/ was the first. /a/ didn't come for a while later.
>this is a sweeping generalization.
Not from my experience.
>and they're not wrong. moot said in the recent Q&A that anime was allowed everywhere on 4chan.
Luckily, the cuck no longer runs the site.

Anonymous 498688

File: 1422752617242.jpg (16.98 KB, 367x271, newfag.jpg)


>>AFAIK, it wasn't originally.

>It is now.

which is exactly my point, the same could happen to MLP discussion here (although unlikely).

>>this is a sweeping generalization.

>Not from my experience.

Oh I'm sorry, do you monitor each of 4chan's 40-something boards 24/7 for the last 12 years?

>Luckily, the cuck no longer runs the site.


wow, great buzzword.

Anonymous 498807

4chan is 4chan. It's for weebs and non-weebs. Christ.

Anonymous 498822

Huh. I've been going through the other chans and I've found that my intense hatred for anime girls makes me a prime target of guro.

I fucking love guro and I didn't know it until now.

Anonymous 498831

File: 1422765147953.jpg (144.14 KB, 1422x704, dumbooru.jpg)

I don't hate anime, but it is rather annoyingly pervasive and bland. Most of it's just boring generic racist pinups of scantily clad girls. Take danbooru for instance. What even is the point of all these uncreative copypasta drawings?

Anonymous 498844

Anonymous 498915


It seems like you have only seen porn/moe/fanservice-type anime.

If you are looking for something deeper my first recommendation would be Death Note, which is anything but bland, and has very little focus on scantily clad girls.

Anonymous 498916

While as usual, I don't think Death Note is as good as Anon thinks it is, he's right. The whole Moe thing is actually a new trend. Most older anime has much more to offer than cuties. Some of them don't even have cuties.

In Japan, animation is just seen differently. In The west, anime is seen as being for kids, with a few exceptions. Once my grandfather freaked out because I was watching King of The Hill (a cartoon) in my teens.

In Japan you can find anime of every genre, from little kids shows to historical dramas to sci-fi to hardcore rape porn, and everything in between.

You can see the west's attitude in the anime they bring over, which is mostly Shonen. Shonen is anime for younger boys. Stuff like Bleach and NAruto. ITs tends to have lots of fighting and more shallow plots, though they can still be good. Being older almost thirty I tend to like seinen. Not a lot of seinen makes it to the US. Seinen is shows for older boys and adults. This is stuff like Death Note, Hellsing Ultimate, Cowboy Bebop. These shows tend to have more drama, be a little bit more driven by well defined characters, and just generally be a little 'deeper', though I hate to use that word.

This is why I don't subscribe to any of the anime magazines like Otaku USA or Newtype or Neo. They tend to focus on shonen shows.

Anyway, some seinen shows I recommend are Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing Ultimate, Ghost In The Shell, Neon Genesis Evangleion (the original TV show, not the movies they are currently making)

Cowboy Bebop is a great character driven sci-fi story about a group of bounty hunters trying to make ends meet.

Hellsing Ultimate is about vampires and Nazis. One of the main characters, Alucard, is super OP, but in the best possible way.

Ghost in The Shell is cyberpunk mystery. Its really complex, but not in a pointless way.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a mecha anime, but don't let that fool you, its really an intense character drama about emotional intimacy and overcoming sperginess. The guy who made it is the first guy who said he believed being an otaku is a form of autism. When he said that, it was part of an explanation about why he made this show.

>It seems like you have only seen porn/moe/fanservice-type anime.

This is inevitable on the internet. People here can't stop jacking off. As soon as I hit 'New Reply' I'm gonna go do just that.

Anonymous 499134

Watch Legend of the Galactic heroes

Anonymous 499136

Admiral pls

Anonymous 499162

not even admiral. Its just that good.

though he got me into it with his "watch it" posts

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