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HELLO! NOTHING! Anonymous 496249

Why does music on hold stop to announce that "we're busy and you're on hold" every five seconds? What possible purpose can breaking the music, the one thing meant to actually make the waiting bearable, with just FUCKING with the customer?

-We're busy, please wait.
*peaceful music star-
-Hello. You're on hold.
*peaceful music continu-
-Hello. We're still busy and you're still waiting.
*peacefull music is just fragm-
-Hello. You're on hold.

I'm asking it here because even Google couldn't answer that. Just WHY did anyone think this was a good idea, and why everyone keeps using it?

Anonymous 496250

I think you may have autism

Anonymous 496285

Maybe so you don't feel like you're forgotten about, or that you don't forget you are on the phone to begin with.
This one place I called didn't have the interruptions, I forgot I was on the phone after a while because I was just lost in the music.

Anonymous 496298

File: 1421788923453.jpg (37.84 KB, 500x500, My-Little-Pony-Universal-Porta…)

Because they're fucking sadists that's why. They're just trying to force your attention, to no benefit to them, only to your detriment, just because they value controlling others however pettily above even basic human decency.

Invest in a speaker phone, seriously. Anyone who still uses an automated phone responder these days and not like, email or something, you can pretty much assume they're going to be a psychopathic control freak. (The fact that almost every big business does this is very telling about the current economy.)

But, invest in a speaker phone.

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