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File: 1421629384631.png (887.39 KB, 1599x899, ILoveMyLife.PNG)

Im stupid Anonymous 495725

So i purposely got myself permabanned from 4chan by doing pic related thinking it would give me more free time and make me productive but if anything ive gotten worse. I now got into anime and have spent over 200 on harddrives to store more anime. My room smells of stale piss botles and protein bars. I kinda wanna get back on 4chan now but dont know how to bypass the ban. Ive downloaded some MAC Adress changing ish some FurFag reccommened i use but its a no go. Any help.

Anonymous 496159

I don't care. If you want to post nippon crap, go to 8chan or something. 4chan is shit anyway.

Anonymous 496161

Ignore the above douchebag and come hang out in the weeb thread. This board needs more weebs.

Weeb Thread >>483476

Anonymous 497422

How many boards did you post that on?
Ask your isp for a dynamic ip

Anonymous 497424

How is that a permaban?

Anonymous 497438

>Ive downloaded some MAC Adress changing ish some FurFag reccommened i use but its a no go. Any help.
>Windows faggots

Anonymous 498035

Literally all but 3
I know one i couldnt do it on was /r9k/ cause of the (deceased) robot filter. I think the mods actually waiting for me to finish before my ban started. What nice Janny's.
Im liking it here and on 8chan nice enough though so i dont think ill be going back to 4chan for a while. Especially with all the shit going on over there. Just wished the weeb thread here was faster.
>You have been permanently banned from all boards for posting the following...
Read the thread topic my brother

Anonymous 498194

>wanting to go back
Do something meaningful with your life instead.

Anonymous 498195

I could use some help with a ban myself. I got a permanent global ban for a completely normal post (just commenting that Rarity is good-looking, something you could get away with approximately anywhere) because they claim I was posting through a proxy/VPN/Tor exit node, which I wasn't. I hadn't been messing with the internet settings and I've never evaded a ban or gotten in trouble with the mods before. Any idea what might have given them a false alert on this so I could explain the situation properly when I get a chance to appeal the ban?

Anonymous 498393

File: 1422517324101.gif (471.14 KB, 640x360, 712288__safe_solo_rarity_meme_…)


I think I know what your problem might be. The mods are complete faggots.Rarity is worst pony.

Anonymous 498398

Actually, I think it may have stemmed from a false report. There was a ban evader/samefag spamming the thread and all my posts from the last few hours got deleted at the same time as his. I appreciate getting stuff like that cleared out but the mods need to be more careful who they ban next time and make sure they only delete posts that were actually making trouble.

Anonymous 498443

>You have been permanently banned from all boards for posting the following...
I don't see a reason.
Was your post some kind of spam animu meme?

Anonymous 500513

Pretty much

Anonymous 500528

Fuck you.
Fuck weebs.

anonymous_on_fire.mp3 500529

Turn off your router, than turn it back on

Anonymous 500537

File: 1423159369243.jpg (43.31 KB, 347x405, mtr_1379269320000.jpg)

I'm waiting, bby

Anonymous 500543

File: 1423169348189.jpg (14.88 KB, 251x238, image.jpg)

Throw out those piss bottles and protein bars

Go get some friends

Stay away from 4 chan

Find something productive to fill that free time

Is this helpfull?

Anonymous 500565

Are protien bars a thing as well?
Guess i fit the picture perfectly without even trying. Also my mother threw away my piss bottles without telling me so thats one down. I already stay away from 4chan so thats another down.
As for friends im trying to be realistic and do things that are within my range of possibility.
Productivity is for people with drive and confidence.
This wasnt really any help to be honest.

Anonymous 500567

File: 1423172825272.png (120.18 KB, 314x275, 1401501408546.png)

>Fuck weebs
Id love to

Anonymous 500579

>Are protien bars a thing as well?
Gotta keep the energy up for fapping.

Anonymous 500584

File: 1423183286039.png (626.37 KB, 864x810, 1402617098698.png)

They make cum taste weird though
I'll just stick to my tofu for protein. Even if protein bars are more convenient.

Anonymous 500587


I'm so fucking excited to fap tonight.

I haven't fapped in like three days. I'll probably cum in about 15 seconds but it will be glorious. I won't even need porn.

Anonymous 500588

File: 1423184848503.png (95.75 KB, 243x243, 1419901598496.png)

What are you planning to use as material?

Also i love that feeling so much. When you fap daily the afterglow is there but just not as pronounced as when you've been going cold turkey for a week or something. It just keeps spraying and spraying once it actually comes.

Anonymous 500589


>What are you planning to use as material?

My imagination as I lie down with my eyes closed under my bed covers.

Anonymous 500590


Go all out, man,

Anonymous 500591


What do you mean?

Anonymous 500592

Well when i use imagination it usually inst ever as good as actual material. It feels like the second option. The backup plan for when the first one fails.

But do what you want. Its your penis.

Anonymous 500594

We got a fuckin MLPchan goonsquad in this thread.

Anonymous 500595


I actually use my imagination more often than porn. But that's mostly because I'm very picky with porn. Usually when I find something really good, it works a couple times, but then I have to find something else again, and it can take forever. There's only a few things I've found that can work over and over again.

With my imagination, the sexual fantasies are literally limitless. I can imagine things that likely don't exist in porn, exactly as I desire them. I think I got used to it because when I first started fapping, I didn't even look at porn. I don't think I saw porn for the first time until I was 15.

Anonymous 500597

File: 1423185735534.png (90.61 KB, 567x486, Thug.png)

Straight busta niggas out a Compton
Well i guess that makes sense then. I have a pretty bad imagination so thats why i tend to resort to actual material to work with. The first time i fapped was when my m8 brought a porn mag he stole from his dad to my house. I was like 9 or less. Didnt even have any semen when i "came".

>tfw i was terrified when i actually saw white stuff come out of my penis. Stopped fapping for the rest of the year.

Anonymous 500611

Welcome home, anon-kun

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