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/mu/sic thread Anonymous 495640

ITT: Music, all genres are welcome, except for EDM and metal just kidding of course

What releases are you looking forward to this year?

What are your favorites so far?

My favorites of 2015 are:

>Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper by Panda Bear (psychedelic rock by one of the members of Animal Collective)

>Tetsuo & Youth by Lupe Fiasco (hip-hop, Lupe's best album since The Cool and probably his most ambitious to date)
>B4.DA.$$ by Joey Bada$$ ("conscious" hip-hop, 90s revival, the dude is like 17 and he can spit fire)

Looking forward to:

>new Bjork (it actually just leaked, but in really low quality so I haven't listened yet. Unfortunately people are saying it isn't that good).

>new Joanna Newsom
>new Radiohead
>new Kendrick Lamar
>new Kanye West
>new Death Grips
>new Lil B
>new Olivia Tremor Control
>new Chance The Rapper

in no particular order

Anonymous 495642


OH and how could I forget, new Aphex Twin as well

Anonymous 495744

File: 1421629772629.jpg (Spoiler Image,13.71 KB, 220x220, 220px-In_the_aeroplane_over_th…)

Well since were being so /mu/...

I actually found this to be pretty good.

Anonymous 495875


It's an absolute masterpiece and gets better with every listen.

>In my dreams you're alive and I'm crying

Anonymous 495897

Anonymous 496149

File: 1421646735767.png (201.98 KB, 1180x1024, scootdashhug.png)

I know man. I went into it blind, and was glad to find I was far from the only one who found the ending to be the best.

Anonymous 496157

There are already TWO other /mu/ threads



Theres even a third specifically for 2014 music. You fucks better not have bumped anything good off the board. Check the damn catalog next time.

Anonymous 496167


I know but I wanted to start a good new one for 2015. Besides those threads have been dead for weeks if not months.

Anonymous 496177

Anonymous 496182


Anonymous 496191

Anonymous 496199

Good taste and theme, anon.
also, lets have something longer.

Anonymous 496201

I'd contribute, but I can't think of anything I haven't already posted in the other threads.

Anonymous 496202


I've been here since 2013. Not even joking, I came here during the original Scruffening.

Anonymous 496203

That's my line, faget!

Anonymous 496214

Post songs that have moved you to tears (or close):


Anonymous 496216


Powerful message and some shit-high vocals near the end there.

Also first time hearing that solo (seriously). The sheer level of metalness pouring out of that track. Beautiful.

Anonymous 496247

You ever see Priest live? They still tour, and tickets are usually relatively cheap.

You should see them. Painkiller live will melt your fuckin brain.

Anonymous 496248

Unfortunately haven't seen them yet.

I'm down here in Australia though, and some bands don't really make their way over here a whole lot.

I did, however, just find out that they will be playing at this years music festival in February.
And mother fucking shit balls cunt, why do I not have to be going this year...

Anonymous 496323

File: 1421821396955.jpg (219.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1420912330738.jpg)

Nigga what, you aren't looking forward to new MM? Even if it sucks its the first they put out since We Were Dead, and I'm still hyped.

Don't care about new DG or Kanye, but hoping Chance's new release will be as good as Acid Rap.

Anonymous 496327

I'm trying to start a CD/vinyl/cassette collection but I don't have a whole lot of money. I've decided I'm gonna buy a couple albums a month at my local record store, to support them (even though shopping would be easier).

They specialize in older rock, they don't even have hip-hop or electronic sections. I made this list of albums I know they have (or most of them):

>Best 60s albums:

>Revolver – The Beatles

>Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
>The Doors s/t
>The White Album – The Beatles
>Rubber Soul – The Beatles
>Hot Rats – Frank Zappa
>At Folsom Prison – Johnny Cash
>Safe As Milk – Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
>We’re Only In It For The Money – The Mothers Of Invention

Best 70s albums:

>The Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd

>Red – King Crimson
>Tago Mago – Can
>Lark’s Tongue In Aspic – King Crimson
>Music For 18 Musicians – Steve Reich
>Rock Bottom – Robert Wyatt

The last one I got the owner to order a vinyl copy for me that is about 25 dollars and comes with the CD version too. He's a super old guy, probably close to 70. I feel so weird being in the store with my hoodie and athletic pants.

Anonymous 496589

So do any of you guys actually make your own music?

I made a few really short, shitty techno/noise songs using FL Studio and Audacity. Shit's harder than you would think, takes a lot of patience.

Anonymous 497595

Y-yeah. It's shit though. Mostly classical stuff that isn't good.
>you will never compose like scriabin
why live?

Anonymous 498553

File: 1422675498494.jpg (309.21 KB, 1024x1024, In_the_Wake_of_Poseidon_-_Orig…)

Heard this recently, one of my favorite albums ever.
I know it's not considered their best, but still.

Anonymous 498576


I'll have to listen, I love ITCOTCK, Red and Lark's Tongue In Aspic.

Anonymous 498806

Totally should. By the way, Lizard's another underrated one imo.

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