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m00t Anonymous 494509

Wow, look everyone, we were wrong. Moot is actually a really great guy.


tl;dr: just read the damn thing, it'll take you three minutes

Anonymous 494511

LMAO. Stop being a faget. Donating to charity does not make you a good person.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 494513

tl;dr a bunch of spin and high-minded words framed in corporate terminology

moot is a failure as a businessperson and a hypocrite as an administrator, who is so confounded by what the hell to do with the only successful enterprise he's ever been involved in that he let's it stew for years while hoping beyond hope someone gives him a decent offer to take it off his hands so he can be rid of it.

moot can't figure out where he wants to stand or what he wants to stand for, and feels an unwarranted sense of 'ownership' of the 4chan community when all he fucking owns is a domain name and a set of servers. the community owns the community, and everything it has ever done, accomplished or means. he's an unfunny, self-interested smug sonuvabitch who loves the sound of his own voice.

Anonymous 494516


>I don't understand obvious sarcasm

Anonymous 494517


What do you stand for Thony?


Anonymous 494518

>>I don't understand obvious sarcasm

Anonymous 494532

File: 1421284093067.gif (1.22 MB, 250x250, 1420238579286.gif)

Anonymous 494570

File: 1421317894864.gif (111.85 KB, 320x240, mtr_1384705451127.gif)

Anonymous 494740

anyone have a sauce for this gif?

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