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File: 1421034458433.jpg (107.5 KB, 999x999, h.jpg)

Absolutely Disgusting Clopfic Anonymous 494163

I appreciate writing and are sort of a writeosexual, so to get my jimmies off I will put characters in absolutely delightful sexual encounters that could never possibly happen. Toying around with this somehow turned into an epic tale that I think to which you might be interested in reading furiously. I'm a little nervous about sharing it though, reasons for which should be clear given the following snippets. I cannot paste the entire huge thing here and don't really know a safe place to put it, but I was just hoping you might let me know if anyone is even interested in something like this.

It’s a pretty basic premise, copied from another story. Discord turns Apple Bloom into a boy during estrus season.

“How do they even masturbate?” Scootaloo exclaimed in a consternation, then blushed and clammed up right tightly.

“They don’t got labia,” Apple Bloom asserted, “That much ah’m absolutely clear on. It’d have been nice if Twilight explained the male side of that diagram, but at least everything was labeled.”

“Sure you didn’t see labia?” Sweetie Belle said hesitantly. Apple Bloom shook her head.

“Might have missed it in the diagram, but when I crashed in on them, hoo boy,” Apple Bloom wiped a bit of sweat from her brow. Was it getting hot out, or was it just her? “Definitely no labia, just that handle thing, which must’ve been the um...”

She looked both ways leaning forward and whispering, “The penis. And also this hangy sack thing. Might have just been underwear though, ‘cause I don’t recall that in the diagram.”

It wasn’t the third spurt that Aura herself orgasmed again. She didn’t even make a single sound when that stuff started to fill her, just slowly lifted her head and inhaled, and then her insides went nuts. That must have orgasm been number three for Aura, all in the span of minutes. Apple Bloom could only look down at the pony in wonder as Aura gasped and shuddered, her cunt throbbing rhythmically around Apple Bloom’s dick even as Apple Bloom’s dick throbbed rhythmically in its own way, with pulse after pulse. One more and it should‒ she felt her semen spurt out Aura’s opening. That’d have gotten every inch of her. And Apple Bloom was still going!

”Why weren’t you at school? Cheerilee said you were sick? Were you playin hookey? Why does it smell like a colt in here? You been seeing a colt? What’d he do to you? Where is he? I’ll what the buck is between your legs?!”

She put her leg down facing the unicorn again saying in a practical fashion, “It’s like... it’s like a runnin’ race really. You have to go and pound your hooves like you were pullin’ the earth around under you, and flex your muscles and get all sweaty and excited. You can’t study when you’re runnin’ but after the race you’re all relaxed and happy, and your muscles make the little twinges in it that let you know you did a good job. You follow?”

Dinky’s eyes fluttered open, seeing Apple Bloom’s member fully turgid for the first time. It almost seemed like she didn’t know what she was looking at. But then her hips started just twitching, and the pitch of her hot breaths rose to a point, then she just gave this adorable squeak and fell over on her side, legs kicking convulsively.

Both Apple Bloom and Archer drifted enthralled to Dipsy’s rump, nostrils flaring and pupils dilating. They knew what was going on long before Dinky did, but even she in her excitement and devotion could not mistake what Dipsy’s firm, round, wide hips carried with them.

“It’s like when Twilight had that drinking problem. You get her in a room with all her friends and tell her she needs to cut it out, and then she can’t leave until she at least talks it out,” Scootaloo explained.

“How do you know about that?”

“Oh, she um, sort of was holding me ransom to get at Rainbow Dash’s secret Cider supply.”

“Diamond Tiara I will buck you until you can’t see no more you nightmare bucking maniac lemme go you bucking lunatic lemme at her I’ll show you a pecking order Diamond I’ll peck you until not even the chickens can find all the pieces get back here you walking bag of horse pies ain’t an apple more rotten than you you, you... worst pony!!”

“Well I guess I’m in trouble then,” Apple Bloom said sadly, “And I guess you’re in trouble too, since you couldn’t watch me like you’re supposed to. It’d be awful easier though,” she suggested helpfully, “If neither of us got in trouble, because I was here this whole time.”

“And then she tried to blackmail me!” the monitor declared to Cheerilee while Apple Bloom just grumbled and looked at the bottom corner of the room. She really had thought that would work too.

Anonymous 494199

Try pastebin

Anonymous 494207

File: 1421037407838.jpg (98.75 KB, 850x1200, 210973__safe_solo_apple+bloom_…)


But that site looks horrible!

Anonymous 494213

better than deviant shit
besides there's always Fimfiction

Anonymous 494224

File: 1421041387935.png (11.8 KB, 997x1082, 326686__safe_solo_apple+bloom_…)


does fimfiction block proxies?

Anonymous 494225

i... don't know
wait what why

Anonymous (From the other thread) 494227

File: 1421041725675.gif (1.55 MB, 235x240, QYcKLM5.gif)


That was.... surprising good for a demo, I'm not really into CMC 'Fics, but shit man the detail you put into that! describing the bodies trembling during sex, the interesting story plot between sex, and it's only a demo!

Look, as long as the fetishes don't delve into shit or gore, I can really say I will be reading this if I come across it.

So yeah, don't be too down on yourself, take pride in the work and do what feels right for the story to you, not other people.

if anyone is reading this and doesn't understand, check >>489659

Good luck friend!

Anonymous 494257

Unless you live in Europe or something, why would you be scared to share this online?

Anonymous 494338

File: 1421108576228.jpg (527.41 KB, 1902x1906, 177433__safe_solo_applejack_up…)


Doesn't have to be illegal for it to ruin your life if it gets out. It's not a huge risk anyway, just mostly me being nervous about it. my life is already ruined so, no problem right

Anonymous 494547

That was nice. I should really put the same level of detail into my dialogue.

I tend to focus more on actions in an autistic way and in describing the environment.

You should post this so I can masturbate to thoughts of it later.

That's simple. Stop caring about your "real" identity.

det 495627

File: 1421626089576.jpg (181.7 KB, 814x982, m.jpeg)

Well, I did manage to publish some chapters to this story. Who knows how long before it gets banned, but for now you can read it here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/242221/boy-stuff

Anonymous 495739

>tfw tried sending in a story some anons made on a webdoc to FimFic and was denied

Fug. Here it is.

One day Fluttershy was walking down the road with my [redacted] in her [redacted] when a giant [redacted] dragon came out of the sky and blessed her with EIGHTY THREE TYPES OF SPICE IN HER insipid ANUS, NOT INCLUDING [redacted] CUMIN! “I want to CINNABON Rainbow Dash!” Fluttershy suddenly said. Fluttershy COM BOBBLED off to find Rainbow Dash, not even thanking the TREX of DOOM for making her HAVE NINghTY THREE TYPES OF SPICE IN HER ANUS, NOT INCLUDING [redacted] CUMIN.
Unrelatedly, I really want Pinkie Pie to take a wet fart in my mouth right now.
“I want to taste the traces of digested cakes when her anus blows its air bubble into my opened maw.” -moot (professional [redacted]) Think of the whaLES.
When Fluttershy found Rainbow Dash’s antediluvian cock sleeping on a cloud, she inserted 8 more spices, not including horse semen, into Dash’s unsuspecting urethra. Rainbow Dash jumped up in suprise with paprika sprinkling out of her anus. “Fluttershy, fill me with more of your sweet spices, except for [redacted] cumin!” Rainbow Dash yelled in delight. Fluttershy proceeded to stuff as much [redacted] cumin as [redacted] possible into Rainbow Dash’s tight, feces-encrusted, pernicious anal cavity. “Fluttershy, I’m going to BAZINGA BAZINGA BAZINGA, lel!” Dash exclaimed to the heavens.
Fluttershy, however, was still focused on pounding spice into Rainbow Dash’s [redacted], and did not notice a certain purple spergicorn creeping up behind her, rape-horn carefully aimed into the poor pegasus’s ponut. “Fluttershy, DROP THE [REDACTED] CUMIN RIGHT NOW!” Spergle vomited. She was too late, though. Rainbow Dash had already slopped the gaudy gourd.
“MUAHAHAHA!” Fluttershy curmudgeonly and crustily laughed. “You’re too late! I’ve already taken one of the Elements of Harmony. Now no one in Equestria will be able to stop me from spreading my NINghTY THREE TYPES OF SPICE!”
When Fluttershy found Rainbow Dash’s cock sleeping on a cloud, she inserted 8 more spices, not including horse semen, into Dash’s unsuspecting urethra. Rainbow Dash jumped up in suprise with paprika I am the Grand Poohbah!sprinkling out of her anus and screamed “Fluttershy! Fill me with more spices, but no [redacted] cumin!”
Fluttershy then proceeded to vigorously pound Rainbow Dash’s prostate cavity with vast amounts of cumin. “You’re going to hives, Rainbow Dash yells.
Lemony Lemon /lemon/
Trixie a shit. Twilot a best
if you highlight “prostate” and right click Google gives you the option to “Research prostate”
cOOL bEANS. lol people in my neighborhood are setting off anal spices 8 butts early
People in my neighborhood are setting off fireworks 200 and a half minutes late
Rainbow Dash ALWAYS DRESSES IN STYLE when adding anal spices and bees and knees and these and wees and alamajees.
Bes New Years ever . Welcome to the Principality of Cambria! Horse should horse horse.
>You will never
We should publish this story to the new york times.
We impact now >implying >Still impact :^)
You wanna get #rekt m80. I swer on me mum.
Is this over anons
Too tired to keep awake. I think its over.
This is the ride. It isn’t over.
Well then its just slowing down. For a bit.
Happy New Year [REDACTED]. Y-you too. Im not even going to [REDACT] that faggot anymore. Ah fuck it. I guess i did.
Good night sweet princes.
Where were you when doc
reading this document, Rainbow Dash
no YES

Anonymous 495742


his thing is a true work of art. Someone cap pls. And post to FiMFiction AND FANFICTION.NET I’ll do it what should the name be
PLz delivar

This document is a[REDACTED] train wreck
Thank you, We try.
You guys don't know how bad I want to fuck this little filly. I want to fuck her more than anything in the world right now. I want to feel her warm filly juice engulf my cock while I fuck her slowly. I want to feel that winking vulva rubbing the bottom of my cock while I slowly penetrate her filly pussy. I want her to try and fly while I'm fucking her so I can feel the vibrations while she's flapping her cute little wings.
In case you didn't notice, I want to fuck Scootaloo so bad. She's my fav.
What the hell mang??
I love scootaloo

det 495902

File: 1421634844160.gif (159.92 KB, 638x702, scoota.gif)


here you go, romeo.

Anonymous 495980

File: 1421637555303.gif (1.58 MB, 500x281, OhAnon.gif)

Jokes on you
Misguiding images are my fetish

det 497343

File: 1422171585681.png (69.63 KB, 776x644, 487932__safe_solo_apple+bloom.…)

So, my fic got banned from fimfiction. You can't read it anymore, sorry. No appeals. I also never managed to upload the last uh, 16 chapters written so far. There is a similar story you can read though. It updates about once a year, and the characters are arbitrarily aged up.

Anyone want me to try putting it on pastebin or something I guess? It's so ugly, but maybe I wouldn't get banned there? I don't think pastebin would care about "too derivative" and nobody cares about the fact that it's absolutely disgusting clop, but underage might make it banned there too. Is there any clop that might be considered early teen that hasn't been banned from pastebin?

Is there something to make pastebin I dunno, prettier?

There were 4 people who favorited it on fimfiction that I could forward to any new location. I'd most certainly get permabanned for doing that though, so before doing so I'd like to make sure it's a place that I can stay at. Nineteen up-votes, but I don't get to see who did those, so can't forward them anywhere.

Lisbon!waifuvY/O. 497355


all this to protect the dignity of a nonexistent talking horse from being sodomized in text format. get me off this planet.

Anonymous 497361

As someone who plans to write a clopfic also featuring Applebloom, this scares me
Is Boy Stuff actually banned? I can still read it

det 497400

File: 1422212057831.jpg (106.23 KB, 960x539, fudiaw.jpg)

Oh, silly me! I forgot my original plan when people started complaining. I'll just rip out any material related to the other story, resubmit, and keep on posting it like a boss.


Believe it or not the complaints were praising me for my gross horse porn then saying it's too derivative to be allowed to exist.


Don't worry about it. Just never publically admit your inspirations and you should be fine. Just like the real publishing industry!

You can still read it though, which is sort of peculiar. I thought when they un-approved a story it could only be read with a special author provided password. I guess it just stops showing up on listings or giving you updates then? Maybe you need to clear your cache? (or save it before doing so...)

det 498262

File: 1422491162715.png (818.21 KB, 3970x7000, 784290__safe_solo_vector_apple…)

Alright, I removed all the derivative stuff and resubmitted. Anyone who hasn't already read up to that point, sorry just... skip ahead or something.

It was harder than I thought.

I could use a hug right now.

det 500498

File: 1423097817598.png (630.12 KB, 1280x1067, 814484__safe_solo_apple+bloom_…)

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