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Anonymous 492729

Describe your sex life with a movie title:

The Horse Whisperer

Anonymous 492735

File: 1420846347057.jpg (42.34 KB, 970x721, daria26f-5-web.jpg)

The Ship that Died of Shame

Anonymous 492743

One Man and His Dog

Anonymous 492751

Idle Hands.

Anonymous 492763

File: 1420850183484.png (159.42 KB, 456x404, 34534534.PNG)

The desperate man
did you take the knot? i demand a story you filthy slut

Anonymous 492767

File: 1420853184870.png (277.89 KB, 637x394, EGTyEfT.png)

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

Anonymous 492768

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Anonymous 492776

File: 1420857607880.gif (546.97 KB, 697x400, bueno.gif)

>did you take the knot?
Nope, she's a bitch.

> i demand a story

There's not much to tell and I'm no writefag, but if you insist...

I was bored. Few weeks earlier I started masturbating anally. It never was pleasant to me, but it was extremely exciting to do something so... wrong. I felt that I've broken an unspoken rule. I started pondering: what else I can do?
Then I saw my small, black bitch. She was lying on my bed, licking her hairy, saggy tits and vagina.
I quickly googled my desires; I learned that I won't get sick from sex with animals, but she's way too small to take my member.
I stood in front of her. She waved her tail few times, still not knowing what we will be doing on the bed.
Breathing heavily I took of my glasses and laid besides her, my face in front of her crotch. She seemed to be glad that I came to pet her. Then I gently rolled her on her back: her tail waved anxiously few more times, she was clearly surprised.
I started massaging her breasts to make her less nervous. I slowly moved my head closer to her vagina.
Lick. She stopped moving.
It was intense taste, something between bitter and sweet, quite pleasant, and very unique. I've never tasted anything like this before.
I licked her again, a bit harder, putting a tip of my tongue inside her; I wanted to feel her velvet, warm genitalia around me. I felt how her muscles started relaxing.
After licking her few more times she was nice and moist. I started teasing her clitoris with my fingers. Moment later I putted my finger deeper. It felt like a glove with a rubber band in the middle, gently wrapping my erected finger. I could feel wrinkles of warm flesh inside her. She responded by humping my hand: now my whole middle finger was inside. I was surprised and amazed that I could make an animal feel this way. Unfortunately it ended quickly: she got tired (after all she was 17yo).
I gently took out my (now wrinkled) finger: it felt cold outside.
I licked her few more times. I wanted to cuddle a bit, but she already have started cleaning herself. So I went to bathroom to masturbate - earlier I was too busy with petting her to take care of my own needs.

I had her amazing taste in my mouth for the whole day, despite having normal meal and brushing my teeth.
It never was so intense again.

Anonymous 492778

>no knot

Anonymous 492829

>Gone In 60 Seconds

Anonymous 492831

Wizard of Oz.

Anonymous 492833


Anonymous 492834

Mrs Doubtfire

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