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File: 1420740166656.jpg (58.77 KB, 744x1392, image.jpg)

8chan Anonymous 492524

How many people came here seens 8chan is down?

Anonymous 492528

I did.
Or at least, I spent more time here.

I miss 8/k/

Anonymous 492529

File: 1420743010697.png (517.2 KB, 800x448, Princessless.png)

I'm here. This is place has always been our lifeboat even back on /mlp/. It's the best pony up at the moment.

Anonymous 492535

8chan should tweet this as the rendezvous for /pone/

Anonymous 492542

File: 1420750105811.png (25.5 KB, 504x432, 1418934472811.png)

I'm here.

I miss 8/pol/

Anonymous 492545

File: 1420752857877.jpg (69.72 KB, 500x396, ignore the feel.jpg)

>can't work on my cyoa
>don't want to play vidya anymore
>realize that my crappy cyoa is all I have to do any more

Anonymous 492549


please god no

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