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Anonymous 492349

Why are you even watching this shitty show?

Anonymous 492353

why are you posting on a site about it?

Anonymous 492359

you should start by asking yourself OP

Anonymous 492360

>tells to get out of basement
>is actually outside and getting sun

Anonymous 492362

It's cold outside. And dark.

Anonymous 492380

File: 1420680816853.png (383.23 KB, 776x516, 631.png)

I watch for the rare griffon ass.

Anonymous 492388

File: 1420682334139.png (3.73 MB, 4000x2436, 740287__safe_blushing_clothes_…)

Unless you know exactly where to try and find them you're going to go through a lot of plot 'den...

Anonymous 492390

File: 1420682465193.png (733.28 KB, 1023x615, tumblr_mg4fluMEGR1rqu8aio3_128…)

>A griffon will never be a major character

Anonymous 492400

y u here den?

Anonymous 492414

I got caught into the show.

Now I can't stop watching the show and I can't leave 4chan either.

Anonymous 492418

File: 1420686917001.png (860.92 KB, 1024x663, 798149__safe_scootaloo_sweetie…)

Yeah it's a shitty show, but if you take out the bad parts there's a lot of really awesome stuff in it. Normally when you take those commercial shows and take out the bad parts there's just nothing left at all. But with MLP, even when you ignore the somewhat psychopathic inability of the writers to come up with a convincing argument for the moral of the day, or the fact that Ingram really is a talentless hack and half his songs are awkwardly delivered and contextual as fuck, or the stupid amounts of executive meddling that make the show take complete 180 degree theme shifts for no apparant reason, or nobody on the production team giving one single fuck about continuity, or the general lack of attention to quality to the point that they even get the puppets for the fucking main characters mixed up all the time... you still have ponies. You still have a colorful world full of life and wonder. You have an unexplored frontier, the delightful neurosis of a small town, characters with personality and depth that you can really respect and identify with, and occasional breaks from even the above shittiness to produce truly awesome moments. You have surprisingly dark themes with genuinely upsetting and horrifying things going on that you'd never see in a Disney movie. You have humor that isn't too cartoony, while not being too serious either.

So, yeah the show is shitty, but mostly because it's a big budget affair and because corporates ruin it with their copyright faggotry. So once you take that away, there's so much good in it that it inspires non-shitty stuff. Non-shitty stuff that's more awesome than J "Racism" Tolkein.

And even with the show being shitty, you have the only fucking example in fucking existence of a fantasy story that doesn't star humanoids. Until you can point out where I can find my magical land of fantasy animals that isn't MLP you can't say this show has no redeeming value, because there is just nothing else that even comes close to capturing the milieu of its setting.

Closest I can think of is that shit quality Pokémon Mystery Dungeon short, and even that starred a freaking biped.

Anonymous 492457

>fantasy story that doesn't star humanoids
>magical land of fantasy animals that isn't MLP
Hmm. Redwall isn't magical outside of prophecies, and most of the animals function as humanoid. Watership Down isn't magical (beyond a little bit of magic in the show). The Dark Portal has plenty of magic, but the mice/rats function as humanoids. (Albeit tiny ones living beneath a human world.) Silverwing, Guardians of Ga'Hoole, and Warriors are animal fantasy with some magic.

Redwall has a three-season show (first season for Redwall, second for Mattimeo, third for Martin the Warrior). Of those, Martin is best. Watership Down has a movie and a three-season show; I rather liked the show. Guardians of Ga'Hoole has a movie (Legend of the Guardians) which was decent. Silverwing has a show which I've never seen.

I agree we need more non-human fantasy. Just pointing out some titles.

Anonymous 492494

>turning shitpost thread into civilized discussion
I like you.

Anonymous 492498

Gummi Bears and The Smurfs. Hehe.

But I still find Storm Hawks to have a much better world design than mlp's unfleshed turd. Mostly because SH has floating islands and takes place in the air and I'm a sucker for those.

Anonymous 492506

>No humanoids
But anon... stop being a zoophille/anthrofurfag and enjoy your people's race.

Thus I present you motherfucking fairies. Tinkerbell's 6 on-going movies and the 26 episode series Shadow of the Elves.

Now you notice how much more fleshed out the world design for these shows are compared to MLP.. SotE even has the map of the kingdom in the opening scene, while mlp has it only as an extra on the internet. Some shows even have the entire map of the planet. Poor mlp would have been better off being bought by Disney, it would have at least had the high budget and a real talented team. Sure it would have ended after just 1 season because of horrible time slots, but it would have been amazing just like Motorcity and Tron Uprising.

Anonymous 492516

File: 1420737143778.gif (19.44 KB, 125x125, boingo.gif)


eh I tried that Gahoolie thing, but it was just too silly. I simply cannot take owls that seriously. I liked the Golden Road series relatively well, but Warriors is too "law of the jungle" for me. What's great about ponies is how they built a world for themselves, not how helpless they are with to their own mindless bestial urges in a cruel unforgiving world of kill or be killed. I read Watership Down, didn't really feel a need to watch the movie. That Rats of NIMH movie was a staple of my childhood, even though they were pretty much bipeds.

As for Redwall, calling those books literature is a crime against all that is good. I would run out of the burning library with Mein Kampf and Pride and Prejudice in my protective grasp before I tried saving those things. I've never seen character assassination on such a scale before, where the characters don't even have character before it starts getting ripped out of them. You'd think the show couldn't possibly be worse than that. You'd think.

The Abridged series is ok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmU-EEgacyY


> anthrofurfag


Anonymous 492517

File: 1420737457107.png (645.53 KB, 1280x720, latest.png)


> only an extra on the Internet


Anonymous 492520

File: 1420738717922.jpg (12.83 KB, 210x240, tumblr_mjqtk5ETfR1rndxizo1_250…)


OOHH MY LORD Sweet Apple Acres on the map, but not the Royal Sisters Castle, Appleloosa and other important locations? Triple owned, sorry m8 but your granny is a lying whore. Also apples suck, especially granny smiths.

Anonymous 492521

File: 1420738892487.png (663.26 KB, 1280x720, latest.png)

>What's great about ponies is how they built a world for themselves
Except that clearly almost every pony item is human-made, or at least human-designed.

Anonymous 492522

Also, owls are one of the most operator birds ever. You don't even know.

Anonymous 492530

File: 1420743331097.jpg (30.91 KB, 500x424, 874657423.jpg)

There might be a reason for that.

Anonymous 492532

Clearly the genetically modified superhorses went rouge and killed everyone.

Anonymous 492537

File: 1420748436714.png (354.13 KB, 1280x720, 2713__safe_lyra_artist-colon-e…)


Or maybe every human item is pony design!

Anonymous 492543

>What's great about ponies is how they built a world for themselves, not how helpless they are with to their own mindless bestial urges in a cruel unforgiving world of kill or be killed
Yeah, there's that. Animal fantasy is usually very low fantasy: low-tech, low magic, low civilization. Advanced sapient non-humanoid animal settings are unusual as fuck. I'm failing to come up with a single example beyond MLP.

Anonymous 492544

File: 1420752795604.jpg (70.02 KB, 704x660, Nightmare Moon face.jpg)

They're ponies. They don't go rogue and kill everyone.

Anonymous 492567

>They don't go rogue and kill everyone.
Only because there are no more humans to kill.

Anonymous 492579

File: 1420766037257.png (379.4 KB, 1052x1024, Rainbow Dash cute blush.png)

>human beings develop ponies
>ponies are cuter and more lovable than humans
>the human ability to love each other atrophies
>humans die out naturally, cuddling their waifus to the last breath

Anonymous 492580

File: 1420766490597.jpg (79.77 KB, 960x540, 552675.jpg)

>genetically modified superhorses
I like this idea.

Anonymous 492612

File: 1420791255655.jpg (62.97 KB, 500x256, tumblr_mde166bwjC1rhxogso1_500…)


well, advanced implies sapient, and non-humanoid pretty much implies animal. So all you need to find is a setting about advanced non-humanoids.

Unfortunately, any Sci-fi alien species I can think of that fit that bill are all playing second banana to the brave space humans.

Plus human writers and artists just love making aliens look butt ugly in general.

Anonymous 492613

You literally just posted a picture of a pony who went rogue and tried to kill someone. Unless you think she was shooting nonlethal magic beams at Celestia.

Anonymous 492617

>You literally just posted a picture of a pony who went rogue and tried to kill someone.
Methinks that was the point.

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