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File: 1420649088481.jpg (109.01 KB, 1371x918, itshappening.jpg)

8chan is under attack Anonymous 492243[Last 50 Posts]

It appears that 8chan is being flooded in a denial of service attack. The site has been down over three hours now.

I wonder who is behind this?

Anonymous 492244


Anonymous 492246

File: 1420649378006.jpg (260.3 KB, 886x1024, 1408574237912.jpg)


8chan has been the only place where an effective counter defense against the cancer of the SJW has been mounted.

This is the work of those who were burned in Gamergate.

Anonymous 492247

Or maybe, and follow me with this, maybe it's the fucking GNAA. Did you ever think about that, asshole?

Anonymous 492248

File: 1420649816898.jpg (128.75 KB, 1000x929, 1409970597997.jpg)

Sticks and stones, bitch.

8chan has made a lot of enemies. But OP is right. Shit has hit the fan. Now it's just a matter of waiting out the shit storm and see what happened.

Anonymous 492251

8chan has fucked itself, it's only turnabout.

It's a dumb, poorly directed mess. It will just keep lashing out at everyone and making more unnecessary enemies all while failing miserably to stem the tide of m-muh gamergate m-muh feminazis.

Both are equally shit.

Anonymous 492254

8chan has progressed beyond just that now though, many persons have made entirely unrelated boards and i enjoy some of these while i couldnt care less about gaymergate
Also m00t fucked up /pol/ beyond repair on 4chan and a lot moved to 8chan, say anything you want about the stormfags but there are always useful links thrown around, /pone/ a shit tho

Anonymous 492255

>fucked up /pol/
...and nothing of value was lost.

Anonymous 492256

File: 1420653960301.jpg (11.65 KB, 213x200, 1420227247450.jpg)

>the site that i usually keep in the background as I play M&B Warband is down

Anonymous 492257

except it's not going to progress beyond that. it's pony board (which is one of the fastest boards 8chan has) is a twentieth the size of 4chans.
8chan crippled its own potential.

Anonymous 492258

File: 1420654358580.jpg (26.5 KB, 720x711, 1408897296323.jpg)

you could say the same about 4chan as a whole since most of it is /b/, /v/, /a/, /vg/ if it was deleted, nevermind the tiny boards

Anonymous 492260


>8chan has been the only place where an effective counter defense against the cancer of the SJW has been mounted.

all they have done is make themselves look like buffoons to everyone, regardless of whether or not they are right about anything.

as a rational gamer I wish "gamergate" would die.

Anonymous 492261

But what about the ethics in gaming journalism anon?????? Isn't that important?

Anonymous 492262

>m-muh gaming "journalism" ethics

such important

much critical

Anonymous 492264

File: 1420656660797.jpg (21.75 KB, 458x319, 1414610112908.jpg)


>expecting their to be legitimate ethics in any form of journalism

>mfw underage gamers are just now realizing that the review industry is fucked up
>mfw they don't even realize it's been like this with every artistic medium for decades
>mfw they think SJWs matter at all

Anonymous 492265

Yay. It's dead.

Anonymous 492266

bu-Bu-BU what about big name AAA game devs shitting on their consumer base?!!? Telling them all gamers are white misogynists who need to shut the fuck up??!?

Anonymous 492267

This actually annoys me a lot: Do the gamergate people not realize that this has been going on since video games were conceived?
Hell, the whole thing with corruption of media and business shitting on consumers has been going on since the first human communicated with another human.

Anonymous 492268

File: 1420658306293.gif (1.84 MB, 325x244, 1404650811528.gif)


>tried to ddos us

>tried to spam us
>tried to forcibly 'recruit' us
>they actually get taken down, with regular frequency

Anonymous 492286

File: 1420663235918.gif (80.66 KB, 125x125, thefier.gif)

8chan should nerf the fuck out of board owners. You create a board you set a topic, that's it. No rules, no posting limits, no hugboxes, just the standard board-wide rules of generally relevant content and flooders getting banned. And don't fucking pick your mods based on whoever hits the "board create" button first, pick them based on who isn't going to fuck with users, and who's stuck around for a while. No applications allowed, invitation only.

if they did that then maybe they could avoid splintering the board communities into the "tolerate these bullying mods because everyone's already here" crowd and the "pick a channel with a weird name and drag everyone over there" crowd. which is exactly why 8chan was even created.

Anonymous 492289

>8chan is one person

Anonymous 492290

They sure as fuck act like rofl

Anonymous 492292

File: 1420664072125.png (47.25 KB, 554x515, 68021__safe_twilight-sparkle_v…)

You're so mean, anon. Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous 492294

Apparently we can't.

Anonymous 492295

File: 1420664206699.png (2.02 MB, 1600x1500, the magic of reading and frien…)

Anonymous 492297

We may fight but we'll always be Horsefuckers. I'm sure nobody will give a fuck about this stupid fighting between 8chan and mlpchan eventually, maybe, I dunno.
Just because some faggot started shit between the two sites and now we're both acting like autistic xenophobes towards each other is pretty retarded.

Anonymous 492302

There's been a fight going on between 8chan and here? LOL I hadn't noticed since that shit raid they did. I thought it was just a one off thing that died quickly.

We're small fry compared to whatever the hell those faggots have a rage boner for. Like tumblr I guess.

Anonymous 492309

File: 1420666018215.png (11.13 KB, 442x430, 283976598723482635987643578962…)

The whole raid was more the work of /b/. Someone from mlpchan allegedly stole /b/'s get which causes them to raid here but nobody gave a shit so the raid died. It was the work of a handful of retards.
Then some autist tried to get us on /pone/ to shill but in the thread he was clearly insulted and told off. Not that anyone cares because now mlpchan and 8chan are both being faggots.
I fucking hate people sometimes.

Anonymous 492313

We aren't doing anything. We never did anything to them.

Anonymous 492314

How many different *chans are there? Seems a bit ridiculous.

Anonymous 492315

File: 1420666562582.jpg (73.7 KB, 392x498, 394.jpg)

Nobody cares. Everyone's just gonna do their own thing and be a retard no matter what anyone says. Just let it all burn.

I remember there being a site that lists them all. There's a fuckload of them.

Anonymous 492316


>No rules, no posting limits, no hugboxes, just the standard board-wide rules of generally relevant content and flooders getting banned.

Huh, that sounds kind of like this place!

Anonymous 492318

Except everything here is dead in comparison to other boards, and this one revolves around MLP.

Anonymous 492319

Just like any idea. It sounds good on paper and then once the gears start turning the problems start to show up. Nothings really perfect but I'm cool with 8chan anyway.

Isn't this the normal jackoff board while /pony/ is the mlp board where tripfags from ponychan can jerk off instead of talking about the show?

Anonymous 492320

So, you're saying that people who aren't interested in mlp will come on this website just because we have this board? I doubt it.

Anonymous 492321

File: 1420667099525.jpg (5.76 KB, 168x148, 1391823491916.jpg)

I have no clue what I'm saying more than half the time.
I do however like webms with sound.

Anonymous 492322

So do I, but I'm glad I have this board to find sane people in times of need and /mlp/ to feed my addiction.

Anonymous 492325

>Isn't this the normal jackoff board while /pony/ is the mlp board where tripfags from ponychan can jerk off instead of talking about the show?
That /oat/. /oat/ is like ponychan and /anon/ is like /mlp/

Anonymous 492329

File: 1420670315290.gif (35.61 KB, 300x260, 1312679776367.gif)

post >yfw 8chan never comes back online

Anonymous 492330

File: 1420670435305.gif (70 KB, 360x360, mlfw5741-octavia_clap_by_samab…)

Anonymous 492331

File: 1420670507391.jpg (2.24 KB, 167x250, 1418226810969.jpg)

8chan is still down.

Gawker Media must be shitting their pants with glee over this development.

Anonymous 492332

File: 1420670609045.png (18.8 KB, 400x400, Untitled3.png)

Anonymous 492334

File: 1420671998630.png (238.46 KB, 491x491, I wonder who could be behind t…)

Anonymous 492335

File: 1420672167134.jpg (54.57 KB, 600x600, 1327921039293.jpg)

Does that mean we get to shitpost with you guys? Forever and ever and ever?

Anonymous 492336

I guess

Anonymous 492337

File: 1420672320380.png (511.68 KB, 800x585, sundowner 911.png)

Just like the good ol' days after 9/11?

Anonymous 492338

I guess

Anonymous 492339

File: 1420672533097.gif (2.12 MB, 360x213, 1419651382947.gif)

>it was the only place where my country had an active non-cancerous board
pls no

Anonymous 492340

File: 1420672604418.jpg (67.3 KB, 512x512, 362589__safe_pinkie+pie_image+…)

Anonymous 492343


9 - 1 - 1 + 1 = 8

8chan confirmed for muslim plot

8chan confirmed for never coming back just like the towers

Anonymous 492344

File: 1420673569711.jpg (437.24 KB, 1008x1500, the live jew.jpg)

>implying the towers aren't still there but hidden by a jewish alien hologram
Get a load of this goy.

Anonymous 492347

File: 1420675035073.png (536.04 KB, 794x638, 1419012888789.png)

>implying new york and the rest of the world are real and not jewish illusions to keep us chained
illuminati confirmed

Anonymous 492348

File: 1420675075313.png (248.52 KB, 200x271, le conspiracy face.png)

Anonymous 492355

File: 1420676179628.png (145.51 KB, 802x1300, -Pedobear-Requesting-Fresh-New…)

Hmmm. Looks like this might be the work of a moralfag bombing all the pedo boards on 8chan. Not saying that pedos aren't scum.

Anonymous 492385

I'd make a horrible distasteful, ableist joke about people like Hotwheels running a site like 8chan is why his kind will always fuck up, but I'm a better person than the next channer.

Anonymous 492391

good now you'll get called a moralfag and incite unfunny jokes about HW

Anonymous 492405

File: 1420685051656.gif (42.74 KB, 960x540, 1417835197427.gif)

Still no sign of 8chan coming back online.

Guess I'll just settle in here for the time being. Anything is better than going back to /mlp/

Anonymous 492413

I didn't even notice he said ableist at first.
What's wrong with me? I'm scared.

Anonymous 492415

/mlp/ is rapidly going more and more to shit. It's depressing. I'm glad that here we don't have to deal with Cheese-fag.

Anonymous 492421

File: 1420687394939.jpg (96.61 KB, 600x325, 114148974148941.jpg)

>I wonder who is behind this?
Oh gee, I wonder.

Anonymous 492422

File: 1420687451483.jpg (9.65 KB, 156x128, 1418527998561.jpg)

>hating on /loli/

Anonymous 492424

I was going by 8chan earlier today to see how shitty /tech/ was lately.
Anyways, it's back up.

Anonymous 492426

Not really. And I like it here. It's alot more personal than on any other chan.

Anonymous 492427

Still getting Error 522 messages every time I try loading the home page. Same story for the https address.

Anonymous 492428

Server's getting hit hard mate.

Anonymous 492431

Yep, I am honestly waiting for it to come up to see what /baphomet/ does. Those fuckers are more dangerous then 2006 /b/. There are going to be fireworks.

Anonymous 492432

Does anyone know if any of the boards have launched an IRC chat to deal with any info related to this attack?

Anonymous 492434

There is always #8chan on Rizon...

Anonymous 492436

The site owner said that he should have it fixed in the next hour or two on twitter. Just look up 8chan on twitter to pull up info.

Anonymous 492437

File: 1420690177163.jpg (105.33 KB, 631x852, holyshit.jpg)


It's going to be a long way back given what just happened this morning. But Hotwheels in on it.

Anonymous 492439

Yeah. Let's just live here now? This board seems pretty nice. Good people. No spam. Pretty great.

Anonymous 492443

File: 1420691397882.gif (975.54 KB, 350x263, 0fc.gif)

It's good to have a stable backup for situations such as MLPChan. I'm going to keep this open in a tab.

A lot of people here have complained about the slowness of this chan. I don't mind that a lot. There are much worse alternatives...

Anonymous 492455

Well. It was back,

Anonymous 492456

True, another good thing about this chan is that it is under the radar.

Since everyone here is sipping tea, who do you think is behind the attack on 8chan.

Considering how long it has been going on it is someone with deep pockets. I really am starting to think it might be intel after gg started taking over their twitter with those imgur images.

Anonymous 492459

I doubt they would waste their money on us, especially because if they are caught DDoSing someone they essentially ruined their rep.

Anonymous 492461

They are already flooding their feed with bots to try and push out any human voices. Also, companies like Intel certainly would use a DDoS as a weapon to save face. Hell Sony DDoSed the pirate bay and others to stop their stolen info from being torrented.

Anonymous 492463

Who's they? And really? Seems crazy to think they would do that. And what makes 8chan a target? It's not really that big of a threat to their business.

Anonymous 492466

By they I mean Intel. Check out #ces2015.

Read the comments and look at the frequency. It is FULL of bots. It was not like that until GamerGate started tweeting out those images showing who Intel was supporting. Then BAM 8chan goes offline. This all seems like Intel trying to not have any ripples during Ces.

Anonymous 492468

I still doubt it. Websites like 8chan and 4chan are prone to little shits wanting to ruin communities for the lulz. It will be back.

Anonymous 492469

Of course the site will be back. >_>
The purpose is just to silence the user base during a period they don't want negative publicity. Oh and if you think companies don't DDoS have a read

Anonymous 492470

Whatever you say man. I just Hotwheels will turn off php errors that leak the IP address of the server to make it that easier to DDoS

Anonymous 492471

I can't understand this sentence dude,
"I just Hotwheels will turn off php errors that leak the IP address of the server to make it that easier to DDoS"

Anonymous 492472

My bad. These drugs are really getting to me.

I just *hope Hotwheels (8chan admin) will turn off the debugging messages (used when developing a website) that give away the server's IP address without going through Cloudflare (a service that prevents DoS attacks from bringing down the website).

Anonymous 492473

Ah gotchya, I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous 492475

Yeah. Because whoever is doing it knew the IP address of the server behind cloudflare, otherwise all the traffic it would have been cloudflare's problem.

Anonymous 492476

Well it seems he is wising up and thinking about using cyberbunker. That would pretty much safeguard against most future attacks.

Anonymous 492477

Who knows how expensive that it, but whatever works.

Who hosted 8chan before we merged with 2channel? And why did they think merging with 2channel was a good idea to begin with?

Anonymous 492478

I don't know who the original host was but hotwheels did complain about them before moving to 2chan. From what I know it was hotwheels who wanted to merge with 2chan to boost the reputation of 8chan. It was also a way to give halfchan the middle finger since Moot at a far earlier time wanted to work with 2chan. Apparently Hotwheels didn't even seek out 2chan, they came to him. But whatever now 8chan has been moved to its own network away from 2chan.

Anonymous 492479

I bet 2chan wants them as far away from their network as possible now. haha. after bringing down their whole network earlier today,

Anonymous 492480

LOL you know it. I still can't believe that the DDoS was large enough to bring down 2chan. That is the reason I think it has to have been someone with deep pockets.

Anonymous 492481

Good stuff...

We are approaching our 21st hour of downtime...

Anonymous 492483

Heh as I said before I want to be there when it comes back just to see what /baphomet/ will do. Whatever happens it will be a good time sit back and eat popcorn. Shit is going to go crazy REAL fast.

Anonymous 492484

Oh defiantly. haha have my own 8archvie clone running on my computer and I'm trying to save some of the boards responses to the downtime. /baphomet/ included.

Anonymous 492485

Adding on to my last post, 2channel killed the server that 8chan is running on and removed the DNS records for it to try and stop attacks from hitting it.


http://hayabusa2.2ch.net/ Says "Server not found" instead of "Timed out"

Anonymous 492486

Heh very nice. It will certainly be a big moment in 8chan's history. Best to save it in all its glory. Well anyway nice talking to yall I am going to pass out now.

Anonymous 492487

Nice to chat with you anon. Take it easy.

Anonymous 492488

Likewise, Cheers this is going to one fucking hell of a year.

Anonymous 492492

File: 1420712382545.gif (993.03 KB, 317x178, 1408246298397.gif)

>wake up
>still down

Anonymous 492496

File: 1420727069492.gif (987.16 KB, 229x176, 1402259192998.gif)

Anonymous 492499

Lots and lots

Anonymous 492500

I just wanted to jack off to ponies and read stories. And now I can no longer access /pone/ because Lizard Squad is renting out their buttnets to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that wants to "stress test" a site.

Anonymous 492501

Oh well. I'm just surprised that it's still down.

Anonymous 492502


Hotwheels is getting new network hardware.

Anonymous 492503

Well good Haha

Anonymous 492508

Here is the best news update available from Hotwheels.


tl:dr They're working at getting this resolved. It could take up to two days.

Don't spread rumors about who did or didn't do this. Let the adults deal with the very real legal ramification against those who performed the DDoS.

Anonymous 492509

File: 1420735356719.png (1.27 MB, 6000x4500, 795538__safe_rarity_smile_rape…)

m00t did it using the dark powers of Anna Sarkeezian

Anonymous 492510

There isn't going to be legal action taken.... No one knows who it is and we aren't big enough for them to find out.

Anonymous 492511


We do know that they're using Lizard Squad's botnet though...

Anonymous 492512

I'm not sure how to feel. On one hand I can't browse 8chan but on the other hand I get a vacation from writing my CYOA on /pone/ so I can finally get some progress in Shovel Knight...

Anonymous 492513

File: 1420736721266.gif (2.84 MB, 411x423, mustang2fast.gif)

I rarely don't go to 4chan /mlp/ more than maybe once a week now. It makes me think of a long ago neutered dog that gets beaten by it's owner. It's sad.

Unless there is some underlying butt-blasted drama I am unaware of MLPchan and 8chan should BOTH be supported. They are much better than /mlp/ IMO and have less asshole moderation.

Any place that allows me to post milkyway, porn, everlasting social drama, and make obscure claims out of thin air is ok in my book.

I don't even fully know wtf pol and gamergate are talking about sometimes but it's good for a read. If anything I laugh.

MLPchan and 8chan should be embraced. One less is nothing good to me personally. I would never want to look at halfchan again for pone. Gawd forbid they both die someday.

Anonymous 492514


I rarely go to 4chan*

sorry I just woke up, my brain is still booting.

Anonymous 492515

I agree with you. I knew mlp chan has been here for a while, and now that I am realizing that /mlp/ has gone to shit, I'm going to browse these boards more often, even if they aren't as active as the other boards.

Anonymous 492518

File: 1420737612925.jpg (13.19 KB, 255x159, image.jpg)

/mlp/ has gotten really bad mostly cause it's the same threads over and over and just the same anons doing the shitposting every thread
>/mlp/ is shit

Anonymous 492519

You couldn't be more right

Anonymous 492526


>Unless there is some underlying butt-blasted drama I am unaware of MLPchan and 8chan should BOTH be supported.

There is some drama occasionally. I think /b/ and mlpchan had a fight for like... one day or so that resulted in /b/ being tricked into ddosing the fbi, but I think it's all in good jest anyways.

Also, some folks on /pone/ like to report people for being from mlpchan from time to time. It never stops being funny, and I never stop throwing their reports into the trash.

Anonymous 492534

I agree with the last few posts. There should be a brotherhood sense between mlpchan and /pone/
Mlpchan showed its resolve in the face of attacks and and spam from 8chan which it did not deserve. Mlpchan is 'small but mighty'. They both created to get away from oppression; ponychan and 4chan.
8chan shills too hard at times but everyone had flaws.
My only criticism right now is that hw should have known the site would be bound to attract enemies and attacks; not having a backup plan already in place to shift the site to a backup network was a rookie mistake.

Anonymous 492536

File: 1420748298699.gif (35.47 KB, 125x91, rainbow dash super cloud smash…)

My only criticism of 8chan is shitty board mods by design. I don't exactly have a solution at the moment though.

Anonymous 492548


Well, he's planning on making a backup IIRC, to be hosted on CyberBunker in case the shit hits the fan.

Anonymous 492552

But they barely do anything, that sounds like good mods to me.

Anonymous 492563

File: 1420757567058.jpg (68.68 KB, 520x678, 1719.jpg)

>8chan goes down
>cuckchan's /pol/ suddenly unfucks itself

Anonymous 492566

File: 1420759996097.png (146.56 KB, 722x349, 1420434289997.png)

I can still see the CYOA I so disgracefully abandoned after I got into /pone/.

Christ I shouldn't feel so ashamed but I do, like holy shit.

Anonymous 492572

Looks like 8chan's back, It's been fun hanging with you guys though. See you guys next DDoS?

Anonymous 492573

File: 1420762830351.jpg (22.14 KB, 560x420, tumblr_n39lx7WO0l1sdr0nxo2_128…)

I'm always here, gotta support both milk threads.

Anonymous 492574

File: 1420763488215.jpg (19.33 KB, 170x250, 1420759871499.jpg)

Today is looking up at last!

I'll keep this tab open just for fun.

Anonymous 492575

File: 1420763489169.gif (836.54 KB, 500x280, 1419141199606.gif)

Hey it's back.
Well I'll be sure to stop by every now and again for milk and cookies.

Anonymous 492576

File: 1420764484655.png (17.46 KB, 550x585, Aldmeri Dominion.png)

>I wonder who is behind this?

Anonymous 492583

File: 1420768447048.gif (1.5 MB, 230x172, 1419360708411.gif)

See ya 'round guys.

Anonymous 492588

offline again

Anonymous 492589

nvm back

Anonymous 492593

God fucking dammit Lizard Squad.

Anonymous 492596

By the looks of things, halfchan is also being ddos'd. Now ain't that hilarious?

Anonymous 492597

Laughing my ass off, bro.

Anonymous 492599

File: 1420785920486.png (271.63 KB, 649x704, mfw_luna_bored.png)

Actually >>492591
But anyway, what's up?
How have you been?
That goes to both /pone/ and /anon/

Anonymous 492600


I have been well. I think 8chan's finally back up right now... somewhat. Can finally jack off to good pone.

Also, purple hair Luna looks kinda cute

Anonymous 492601

File: 1420786290758.webm (2.97 MB, 620x412, duckwaterslide.webm)

have some ducks

Anonymous 492602

I almost cried watching those baby ducks have fun.

Anonymous 492604

And then you realize they're trying to get food out of the cross bar at the top only to be hurdled down the slide.

Anonymous 492624

rolling for how many days until next failure
Roll 1d100 - 50 = 45

Anonymous 492629

It was up for a few hours and now it's down again, I can't even view the boards.

Anonymous 492630


I am waiting to work in draw threads across various boards, but work cannot be posted and responded to like this.

Regardless I will not go back to halfchan to aid in content. I'm sick of moot. I really hope people don't crawl back to that censored crap.

It would disturb me greatly if he had any part to play in trying to destroy the new to make way for old tarnished shit.

I'll wait this out.

Anonymous 492631

>there were better alternatives long before shillchan
>there were better alternatives before even /mlp/ was made

Anonymous 492634

8chan is down again as of this post.

Good thing MLPChan is out of harm's way for now.

Anonymous 492635


Fucking agreed. Hopefully they don't mind being /pone/'s safe haven

We'll take you in if your site ever gets ddos'd

Anonymous 492638

We've been several times. But they never actually manage to take the site down. Same with the spam and raids. The hacking attempts. This place is "small yet mighty."

Anonymous 492640

File: 1420824434962.jpg (51.35 KB, 686x600, 64717__reaction-image.jpg)

>mfw realizing that mlpchan is the Horsefucker Helms Deep

Anonymous 492643

Which makes sense, since the admin has referred to himself as Theoden at times.

Anonymous 492645

Nigga knows what's up.

Anonymous 492649

File: 1420828865997.png (1.99 MB, 928x1488, 1418878194795.png)

Fuck it.

Okay /anon/ since 8/pol/ is gone we're making our own pol.

Anonymous 492650

File: 1420829035062.jpg (61.68 KB, 597x590, paranoid_twilight.jpeg)

Livechan.net is down too. Hotwheels has mentioned it twice on the Twitter. Could this be a related attack?

Anonymous 492651

File: 1420829128025.png (52.88 KB, 558x295, AAAAAAHHH.png)

Anonymous 492652

File: 1420829152568.jpg (80.64 KB, 630x720, shitstillhittingthefan.jpg)

Looks like it.

Someone dumped a whole lot of cash into this DDoS attack. Can't remember one that lasted this long in recent memory.

Anonymous 492654

File: 1420830109587.png (155.32 KB, 431x509, horror.png)


Why would some forums deserve so much attention? I barely get money to buy food - how does one decide to use it to take down cartoon websites?

Anonymous 492658

File: 1420831040697.jpg (230.93 KB, 900x900, how much to earn a gallon of m…)


Because some people don't have to work as hard as you to get money.

Anonymous 492660

File: 1420831513348.jpg (72.78 KB, 533x800, i bet the jews did this.jpg)

Something isn't right...

Anonymous 492662

File: 1420831773257.jpg (218.01 KB, 1280x960, mfwihnf.jpg)

8chan isn't about cartoons. It's made a lot of enemies recently with that gaymergate stuff and a particularly rabid /pol/. Then there's a new raiding board which has ambiguous motives. IIRC the rent for an unlimited botnet attack was $500. That's nothing to a wealthy SJW or bored trustafarian looking for lulz. Of course, it might not be an aggrieved individual. It could be a Gawker funded attack. I expect /pol/ are already fermenting complicated conspiracy theories in which 8Chan has been silenced by jews, illuminati, commies and the government, mang.

If the DDoS is the work of an individual or an opposing group then we can be sure they will gloat about it sometime soon.

Anonymous 492665

File: 1420834104219.png (58.99 KB, 225x250, pony_peasant.png)


>tfw peon class, and my relatives/friends are all top 6% - 2%

At least they take me out to eat with them sometimes...thank you President/CEO-sempais


Is there any way 8chan can protect itself in the long run?

Anonymous 492668


Well, for one thing they could stop publishing the public IP of their backend web server for botnets to target. error_reporting = 0 or something.

Anonymous 492669

File: 1420835865368.jpg (71.8 KB, 637x338, 1413916077488-2.jpg)

Hidden IP and Cloudfare, I guess. Hot wheels has been pretty naive (or casual) about security so far. m00t learned how to protect 4chan the hard way and HW needs to learn the same lessons quickly. I don't think he was ready for the huge increase in traffic he got since September and he certainly wasn't prepared for the shitstorms 8chan brewed up. In a year or two all this will a legend of teh interntz. Whether 8chan will still be around then remains to be seen.

Anonymous 492670


Hw was naive and has made rookie mistakes
dont forget just how young 8chong is. It can easily find itself in thr wastebin of failed sites among so many others
mlpchan too learned its hard lessons
even a little pony site attracts enemies and hate and attacks - both in the beginning and recently from 8chans /b/

Anonymous 492671

File: 1420836433862.gif (102.99 KB, 232x297, 1420774335821.gif)

8chan is back
for now

Anonymous 492672

File: 1420837390856.jpg (37.76 KB, 500x282, gorn.jpg)

...but not for long

Anonymous 492701

Back up now and has been for about half an hour. I'm looking for the attacker gloating and identifying themselves. Nobody does this level of DDoS without boasting about it.

Anonymous 492705

What is /baphomet/?

Anonymous 492708

File: 1420841151177.gif (781.4 KB, 400x300, 1420770054441.gif)

It's hell

Anonymous 492716

File: 1420842228617.jpg (26.12 KB, 379x480, leet_cereal.jpg)

We're not really sure. It claims to be 'old /b/' with 1337 anonymous lulz and epic wins. Some say it's a false-flag Tumblr infiltration board trying to discredit 8chan (as if that were necessary) by being as obnoxious as possible. The some who say this are all from /pol/, naturally. It certainly showed up with a ready made userbase but then it got temporarily shutdown by a casual spambot, so I tend to agree with the tinfoil milliners on /pol/.

Anonymous 492746


Man, not even 8chan's /b/ hates MLPchan. It's just that both Hotwheels and you guys' admin is a massive troll. Also, /b/ is fairly fed up with ponies because of a certain group of posters who refuse to move to /pone/, or to /7get/, or to really any other place that would accept them with open arms, or at worst with ambivalence. They don't mind getting spammed, as long as they can post ponies on /b/.

Anonymous 492752

...and so the chanwars began in the early days of 2015.

Anonymous 492753


It isn't another *chan that ddos'd us, and I'm pretty sure the short little thing that happened between 8chan and mlpchan is over.

Anonymous 492754

File: 1420848268423.png (126.07 KB, 800x551, bon_bon_isn_t_happy.png)

That retarded clique of tripfags who circlejerk on /b/ like it's their personal chatroom can fuck right off. They are only there to piss everyone else off. /pone/ would ban them on sight and I doubt even /7get/ would put up with such massive faggotry. They belong on Ponychan or some crappy forum with avatars, post signatures, membership seniority indicators and all the other trappings of attention whoring cancer.

Anonymous 492755


/pone/ would likely tell them to fuck off, but if worst came to worst, we could let them stay in a single thread to use their trips. /7get/ is full of posters just like them; it is literally a board for faggotry and shitposting.

Anonymous 492757

It's not even the "original" /b/ ponyfag community. The original /b/ronyfags who started on /b/ (and other than the /co/ general, is the oldest ponyfag community on the internet) is mostly here in a general on /oat/ (/b/ & friends). They migrated and stopped the whole "hurr durr we gotta post on /b/ to annoy everyone and get attention which fuels us." That "original" community, lives on just fine and healthy. It's just about a dozen autists who refuse to go anywhere but a board that says "/b/" (whether that's 4chan or 8chan). It's a pitiful little shell of a community that tries to claim it's the original, when it's just using the name and making that original community look bad.

I didn't presume that they hate mlpchan now. But they did for a bit for a stupid reason. Thankfully resolved with mutual, if begrudging, respect earned in battle for mlpchan.

Anonymous 492770

8chan is the Klingons, hot tempered, quick to action, and MLPchan is the Federation, more buttoned up, etc. They started off contentious, but the Klingtons gained respect for the Federation in battle and now they are begrudging allies.

4chan is the Ferengi. Space jews.

Anonymous 492775

File: 1420857539443.jpg (89.67 KB, 680x680, image.jpg)

I like the idea of us being BFFs. I hope things improve between the two boards.
Maybe m00t will finally cuck /mlp/ for good and horsefucker kind will see a new golden age.

Anonymous 492793

8chan is down again tonight.

Nothing much was posted other than a couple of comments about the attack when it was running earlier tonight.

Could be Hotwheels moving things around on his new hardware.

I just can't see anyone sticking their necks out and throwing away a botnet to harass 8chan. The collateral damage to 2chan from an ongoing attack is going to be bad all around.

Anonymous 492794


>Nothing much was posted

Dude, Glupiec and I both updated our stories in that time.

>The collateral damage to 2chan from an ongoing attack is going to be bad all around.

I had heard from some folks on irc that 2ch was actually supposed to be the target of this attack, and that we were only getting hit because of the server share thing...

Anonymous 492795

I'm telling you guys, its chanwars. The tubes will run red with the blood of anons.

Anonymous 492796

>chan war
oh boy it's like Bosnia all over again

Anonymous 492805

It will look like a big red truck.

Anonymous 492827

You know I was pretty bitter about 8chan at first but it seems like they're speeding this place up, so if we can make good together and they hang out even when their home is back up then I think everyone would be happy. And of course it takes even more power away from moot.

Anonymous 492840


Dunno how many of us will stay, but I personally have found myself dropping in here from time to time. That said, if we really wanted to take power away from moot, we'd find a way to make /mlp/ make a complete exodus. Mind you, this would end up as something that most on /pone/ would simply NOT WANT, because it would mean we'd inherit a lot of the cancer that has formed on /mlp/ (most of the threads either involve Equestria girls, Cadence/generic shitposting, or general #8937425964359). Still, if /mlp/ was no longer the default place for discussion of the fandom, he might just drop quite a bit in the Alexa ranks...

Anonymous 492842


I was actually joking about the taking power away from moot...or at least, I didn't mean it that literally. I think even if moot axed /mlp/, it would barely hurt him. /mlp/ isn't even in the top five fastest 4chan boards.

Anonymous 492847

File: 1420920323253.png (227.7 KB, 400x500, Sunset shirtless.png)

>not liking Equestria Girls

Anonymous 492848

As far as traffic related to MLP:FIM is concerned, nothing is going to happen until the day Hasbro and Discovery Family announce the day Season 5 will begin. That's when the pone related traffic on the web will explode.

Everything between then and now is kind of meaningless. Fucking useless overly long hiatus between seasons.

Anonymous 492857

Sunset Shimmer is the only good part of the movie.

Anonymous 492859


Equestria girls is okay, but /mlp/ overdoes it. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a show about ponies, not humans.

Anonymous 492860

File: 1420925374539.png (43.81 KB, 256x256, 7wyefi7wyh4.png)

>Equestria girls is okay

The fact that /mlp/ now circlejerks around EQG shit instead of laughing at it just shows how far it has fallen.

Anonymous 492864

File: 1420925751928.jpg (71.75 KB, 478x428, rd3.jpg)

It's alright.

Anonymous 492872

File: 1420930768743.jpg (269.76 KB, 1280x860, Adagio and team in uniform.jpg)

Anonymous 492873


>being this elitist about what species of cartoon you want to fuck

come on son


that's what they said about season 4...

Anonymous 492875

File: 1420930910971.jpg (284.23 KB, 1680x1050, 1417555135490.jpg)


Anonymous 492876

File: 1420930956748.png (221.18 KB, 462x500, blueone3.png)

I'd tickle the blue one's fancy.

Anonymous 492878

File: 1420931168472.jpg (265.21 KB, 610x484, 747216__safe_equestria+girls_r…)

It's less to do with the species and more to do with the fact that EQG is just uninspired as well as retarded in comparison to Fim. It's hard to to think poorly of someone who watches garbage.
I'd still fuck Dusk in the taco hole.

Anonymous 492880


I agree, the EqG movies are a terrible cash-in and I only watched them once just to see exactly how bad they were.

Anonymous 492884

File: 1420932295624.png (79.16 KB, 226x326, Adagio's hair.png)

Anonymous 492885

>but /mlp/ overdoes it. Keep in mind this is supposed to be a show about ponies, not humans.

To be fair, this is the only content they have to work with so far. Once season 5 returns they will return right back onto the pony bandwagon.

Anonymous 492886

s-stop trying to sway my opinion on her. she sucks.

Anonymous 492887

File: 1420933283894.jpg (232.84 KB, 900x887, Adagio table seduction.jpeg)

Anonymous 492888

Anonymous 493117

>Fucking useless overly long hiatus between seasons.
When that happens it usually means a show is on thin ice. Habsro will milk this franchise for all its worth, but if at any point it even remotely looks like it will stop turning a profit, they'll drop it like a sack of hammers. They won't lift a finger to save it.

Anonymous 493170

File: 1420939012084.jpg (689.03 KB, 1650x1276, 801367__safe_solo_applejack_up…)

What groups are out there that could better manage the My Little Pony trademark, than Hasbro?

Anonymous 493207

Time Warner

Anonymous 493216


When Disney and Time Warner are better than you, you have problems.

Anonymous 493649

File: 1420949038514.png (1009.94 KB, 1200x1215, 486928__safe_princess+luna_pri…)


Really? Disney who took a princess sister isolated and rejected by her only family, and just made her sort of a little bummed out? With how they treat fan creations? They'd be my last choice honestly.

No idea about Time/Warner except they're megalithic and hostile takeovery.

Anonymous 494269

File: 1421082741306.png (756.48 KB, 815x591, fluttersplodes.png)

8chan is fucked again. It seems most of /pone/ is ok with this, they go do other things like lead productive lives during downtime. Damned casual if you ask me.

Anonymous 494270

File: 1421083261130.jpg (5.73 KB, 600x225, df.jpg)


Maybe turn on steam/skype/aim/whatever you might have friends on and just talk to them. That's what I do at least.

If you draw or write go have fun with that.

Always vidya too.

If you are feeling outright insane you could go outside. not recommended

Anonymous 494271

File: 1421083680534.png (424.21 KB, 714x817, pinkie_pie_by_pony4444-d4uze59…)

I've just been outside all day. I have a job. When I come home I want to hide in the magical realm of Equestria where the sun always shines and reality never casts a shadow.
I know I should be doing useful real world things but that would be like being at work again. Fuck that for a lark.

Anonymous 494275

You might want to consider a permanent move here.

'Glorious leader' Hotwheels seems determined to bring his own site down - recently during the brief time the site was back up he posted the personal info of people who were reporting CP. Not the people posting it - the people reporting it so it could be removed, you know, so HW doesn't get v& and the site shut down. Doxxing your own users who report CP and doing nothing about the people who actually post it. BRILLIANT. Seems like a real nice place.

He may mean well, but he's clearly retarded.

Anonymous 494277

Wut? I know he was doxxing the fags who reported 8chan to cloudfare but they are not his users. Cloudfare appears to have no rat's asses to give about these things; they gave HW the reporters' names. There seems to be some epic cultural wars going on on teh internetz right now. As I said the other day, all this will be the stuff of legends in a year or two.

Anonymous 494305

Literally zero people outside of shut-in fat neckbeards and ED readers are going to give 2 fat shits about le epin culture war XDDDDD and some shoddy offshoots of a shitty americanized jap imageboard on the asshole of the internet.

Anonymous 494307

Literally zero people outside of shut-in fat neckbeards and ED readers are going to give 2 fat shits about le epin /b/ maymay XDDDDD and some shoddy remake of a shitty cartoon for little girls on the asshole of the internet.

Anonymous 494315


8chan's domain has been SUSPENDED.

Likely due to reports of CP - not just the abuse reports, but the actual CP that HW and 8chan has been so lax and cavalier about doing nothing about.

People tried to warn you.

Now you're stuck with jew moot and 4chan mods.

Why didn't you listen.

Anonymous 494318

File: 1421101292238.png (791.55 KB, 1668x953, 8chan2.png)

Uhm, it's still working for me actually.

Anonymous 494319

More like a bunch of SJW's spamed the report system to take it down despite CP being actively deleted. Check Hotwheels Twitter.

Anonymous 494320

File: 1421101600943.png (71.8 KB, 1668x956, 8chan3.png)

"Less than a minute ago"
I just took this cap from http://8chan.co/gamergate/res/201398.html#210522

Is anyone actually having problems?

Anonymous 494321

is that person the only person posting in that thread

Anonymous 494322

4 posts in the thread are made by that same poster (thanks IDs)
the post before it is a different ID.
There are still multiple people posting on /gamergate/ in other threads aswell.

Anonymous 494328

Yes. Did you edit your host files to get on 8chan?

Anonymous 494331

File: 1421105273545.jpg (8.99 KB, 244x255, image.jpg)

Anonymous 494334

Ok, NOW I'm getting problems.
I didn't change anything, it was just working normally a while ago.
Now it isn't, sadly.

Anonymous 494335

File: 1421107497328.png (754.9 KB, 1923x1077, infinitechan.png)

Anonymous 494336

Ok I tried this fix and it got me to h.8chan.co but I can't get on normal /pone/.

Anonymous ## Mod 494337

File: 1421108403144.png (350.5 KB, 737x419)

It is indeed official, from Hotwheels himself:


The domain was suspended for reasons of CP and complaints, and was then subsequently, immediately snatched up by a domain name squatter who parked it, as is common practice, to sell for a profit later on.

RIP. Very sorry for the loss. /anon/ feels for you, /pone/fags.

It's just moot and his shekel-grubbing hands now to turn to, if you can stomach it. While it's a shame people can't seem to find their way here more consistently when this happens, we can't help but acknowledge we're a bit out out of the way, and we don't go 'out of our way' to shill very much. We hope for the best for HW and 8chan's future endeavors, if possible.

Anonymous 494339

How the fuck does 8chan get shut down for CP but 4chan has a CP thread practically every 30 minutes on /b/ and somehow that's fine?

I didn't even go on 8chan but something seems off about that.

Anonymous 494340

My only guess is that 4chan, a for-profit company with more staff, was better able to prove that it actively works to remove such content, and that HW lackadaisical attitude and severe lack of global mods (he only had 7, last I heard recently), was unable to prove such.

Anonymous 494341


but 4chan has like 20 times the traffic and I think moot said they had less than 30 mods

I mean I don't care about 8chan personally, it's just weird.

Anonymous 494342

They also have a finite number of boards.

8chan has like a gorillion boards and most are barely monitored if at all.

Anonymous 494344

I hope it comes back. I hate 4chan, and liked the /tes/ boards stuff.

Anonymous 494346

File: 1421111877138.jpg (278.95 KB, 950x1252, 1412807030956.jpg)


The site "8chan.co" is never coming back.

Once a domain is hijacked, it is next to impossible to recover it. The squatter/troll will hold on it, change registrars, and Hotwheels be unable to recover it. Then the new owner will flip it for a profit most likely.

HW may start another site, maybe with all the same stuff, on a new domain, but that's the best he'll be able to do.

And with all this downtime, and with this big shutdown, all the momentum 8chan had is gone.

It's ogre, anon.

Anonymous 494347

I hope not. It isn't too far fetched to say that it'll be fine. Just has to change the domain.

Anonymous 494348

Yes, well, he can set the site back up on a new domain, it will just never be "8chan.co" ever again

Anonymous 494349

It's over when we give up and walk away, which is what these parasites are hoping for.

This all smells of something that was planned out. But we'll never be able to dig to the bottom of that plot now. All we can do is refuse to give those who hate free speech what they want.

Not one inch. For every inch they think they got, we'll take back twelve.

At some point, those who claimed that 8chan was willingly hosting cp will be exposed. They won't be able to keep from bragging about it. That's when the fun begins.

We need a hashtag. #notoneinch is my suggestion.

Anonymous 494351


Anonymous 494353

>mfw Anonthony was right about 8chan the whole time
>mfw I'm too lazy to even browse through my enormous image folders to find an appropriate face

I never really doubted him

Anonymous 494354

File: 1421114365863.png (97.21 KB, 1818x520, 8chan.png)

Anonymous 494356

Fuck you, Anonythony.
You were right

Anonymous 494358

File: 1421114840230.jpg (261.7 KB, 1280x1749, Doomjack.jpg)



Anonymous 494359

8chan's down? Possibly for good?
It's gonna be awkward having to move my cyoa here if so...

Anonymous 494362

File: 1421115634938.jpg (115.03 KB, 1280x720, HW.jpg)


>8chan is kill

And nothing of value was lost. For real yo.

Anonymous 494363

That's your opinion, I guess. Kind of makes you a dick, but I digress, that's your business anyhow.

Anonymous 494364

File: 1421116734717.gif (69.48 KB, 254x278, twilight sparkle sweating.gif)

I noticed that mlpchan has a rp board. I assume you guys wouldn't mind me moving my CYOA over to there, right? A little "content" is too bad, is it?
Only in the event of total /pone/ destruction will I move the whole thing though. I'm gonna wait until things settle.

Anonymous 494365

We have no problem with you doing whatever you want.

I mean we aren't all RAH RAH FIGHT THE POWAH F-FREE SPEACH GUISE but all the pony related porn and content anyone could want is allowed, same as /pone/. I mean basically the only thing the whole 8chan thing has gotten anyone is headaches from autists and SJWs over CP and MUH-SOGGY-KNEE

Anonymous 494366

/rp/'s culture is completely different. Those are the people that Ponychan think are autistic. Would probably be much better received if you stayed on /anon/

Anonymous 494367

File: 1421117132266.gif (494.41 KB, 300x197, girl tripping into glass windo…)

I'm not sure how anyone would tell who I am without my trip or anything. Jesus, this is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 494368

Trips are allowed here for things like that.

Different anon.

Content creation, RPs, CYOAs, art, etc. Use a trip.

/anon/ isn't forced anon 494369

/anon/ isn't purely an anonymous board, it's just to distinguish it from the rest of the site. /anon/ is named after anonymous, 4chan style culture. The rest of the site is essentially Ponychan 2, electric boogaloo, where pretty much everyone has a name or trip.

dildo 494370

File: 1421117369675.gif (1.98 MB, 370x281, D&D Basic party enters a r…)

I can post with a trip here? Shit. That's good to know.
We'll see what happens then. Or maybe mlpchan will think my threads are shit and chase me away, also fun.

Anonymous 494371

It's back up at 8ch.net

Anonymous 494375

File: 1421118111354.jpg (65.77 KB, 852x631, 134094604062.jpg)

Are 8chan and 8ch the same or two separate sites? I can't into computers and I'm so confused! Will my posts appear on both if I post on one? That seems to be the case since I've got both sites open.

Anonymous 494377

It's the same site, 8chan's domain was squatted by internetbs but if you followed https://4zip.pw/8chan.txt then it should redirect to the actual IP; same goes for 8ch.net

Anonymous 494378

Didn't the same thing happen to Moot?

He just changed the top level domain.

HW can just get 8chan.net or something.

Anonymous 494379

As you may have guessed, /baphomet/ is up and running. They've already set up an alternative site to conduct business in case the current domain comes under DDoS again.

This is going to be a long night and a good show!

Anonymous 494383


Internet.bs is contractually obligated to provide the domain name 8chan.co to Hotwheels until 2017. He need only file a lawsuit.

Anonymous 494387


Anonymous 494409

the little midget cripple has crafted a ridiculous cult of personality around himself, which moronic manchildren have become enthralled with. he's tacitly and explictly encouraged even *more* attacks against the site, making it harder for people to use and enjoy the site. sacrificing the community's ability to do what it was meant for, for his own attention and personal 'glory' people give him for all this so-called 'based' action.

further, all the biggest boards on the site are pure straight up vomit. other than the small niche boards like tabletop gaming and such, it's all the same old 4chan bullshit; /b/, /v/, m-muh gamergate dumb shit. hurr durr muh gaming journalism ethics, wow such important, much worth.

Anonymous 494486

File: 1421248552532.jpg (521.89 KB, 1280x720, 1408768643476.jpg)

Here we go again!

The DDoS has resumed against the new domain name.

The drama, like the ride, never ends.

Anonymous 494488

Can anyone summarize the drama a little?

I don't understand why the attack continues.

Anonymous 494490

File: 1421256026642.png (867.15 KB, 1267x547, crying gorge.png)

Because things.

Anonymous 494493

File: 1421257229108.jpg (38.03 KB, 400x300, incoherent rage.jpg)

Hotwheels hasn't updated his twitter feed yet today.

Guess he's too busy dealing with this newest attack.


Anonymous 494508

File: 1421272714148.png (197.88 KB, 900x900, 81f.png)

>plan doesn't work
>try something else
>other plan doesn't work
>better go back to the other plan that didn't work
>implying we'll ever stop shitposting

Anonymous 494514

File: 1421274806417.png (1.67 MB, 1000x1368, 1360316630663.png)

Still no news on the twitter feed.

Tried to get in after clearing my browser caches. At first, everything was working. Slow but working. Then after a couple of minutes of browsing, got the error 522 page.

It's a full on war between 8chan and whoever is paying to keep the site down.

Anonymous 494522

I wonder if catfood will make a comic about this.

Anonymous 494531

If this shit is going to be happening on a regular basis, we should probably just make a "8chan bunker general" or some shit. Although I'm pretty sure most of us are heading to weekend chan instead of here...

Anonymous 494577

File: 1421339339479.jpg (50.89 KB, 640x640, mlfw1760_medium.jpg)

Good news, everyone!

We appear to be past the worst of the storm. 8chan is up and running.

Anonymous 494579

The fuck is weekend chan?
>good news

Anonymous 494580



Anonymous 494709

couldn't they just get hatechan

Anonymous 495125

File: 1421557675053.jpg (34.19 KB, 584x436, look at him and laugh.jpeg)

>/pone/ is working again
>now everyone's fighting over a fucking mascot for the board
>despite separating from /mlp/ everyone wants to use a shitty OC from /mlp/ and continues to suck /pol/'s cock
Jesus Christ, what a fucking joke.

Anonymous 495134

I thought they used Emily with /pone/ instead of /mlp/ in her hat.

Anonymous 495137

Who the fuck is Emily?

Anonymous 495410

File: 1421566286103.png (55.29 KB, 600x600, 667175__safe_oc_monochrome_plu…)

Emily - /mlp/ tan

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