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8chan is under attack Anonymous 492243[View All]

It appears that 8chan is being flooded in a denial of service attack. The site has been down over three hours now.

I wonder who is behind this?
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Anonymous ## Mod 494337

File: 1421108403144.png (350.5 KB, 737x419)

It is indeed official, from Hotwheels himself:


The domain was suspended for reasons of CP and complaints, and was then subsequently, immediately snatched up by a domain name squatter who parked it, as is common practice, to sell for a profit later on.

RIP. Very sorry for the loss. /anon/ feels for you, /pone/fags.

It's just moot and his shekel-grubbing hands now to turn to, if you can stomach it. While it's a shame people can't seem to find their way here more consistently when this happens, we can't help but acknowledge we're a bit out out of the way, and we don't go 'out of our way' to shill very much. We hope for the best for HW and 8chan's future endeavors, if possible.

Anonymous 494339

How the fuck does 8chan get shut down for CP but 4chan has a CP thread practically every 30 minutes on /b/ and somehow that's fine?

I didn't even go on 8chan but something seems off about that.

Anonymous 494340

My only guess is that 4chan, a for-profit company with more staff, was better able to prove that it actively works to remove such content, and that HW lackadaisical attitude and severe lack of global mods (he only had 7, last I heard recently), was unable to prove such.

Anonymous 494341


but 4chan has like 20 times the traffic and I think moot said they had less than 30 mods

I mean I don't care about 8chan personally, it's just weird.

Anonymous 494342

They also have a finite number of boards.

8chan has like a gorillion boards and most are barely monitored if at all.

Anonymous 494344

I hope it comes back. I hate 4chan, and liked the /tes/ boards stuff.

Anonymous 494346

File: 1421111877138.jpg (278.95 KB, 950x1252, 1412807030956.jpg)


The site "8chan.co" is never coming back.

Once a domain is hijacked, it is next to impossible to recover it. The squatter/troll will hold on it, change registrars, and Hotwheels be unable to recover it. Then the new owner will flip it for a profit most likely.

HW may start another site, maybe with all the same stuff, on a new domain, but that's the best he'll be able to do.

And with all this downtime, and with this big shutdown, all the momentum 8chan had is gone.

It's ogre, anon.

Anonymous 494347

I hope not. It isn't too far fetched to say that it'll be fine. Just has to change the domain.

Anonymous 494348

Yes, well, he can set the site back up on a new domain, it will just never be "8chan.co" ever again

Anonymous 494349

It's over when we give up and walk away, which is what these parasites are hoping for.

This all smells of something that was planned out. But we'll never be able to dig to the bottom of that plot now. All we can do is refuse to give those who hate free speech what they want.

Not one inch. For every inch they think they got, we'll take back twelve.

At some point, those who claimed that 8chan was willingly hosting cp will be exposed. They won't be able to keep from bragging about it. That's when the fun begins.

We need a hashtag. #notoneinch is my suggestion.

Anonymous 494351


Anonymous 494353

>mfw Anonthony was right about 8chan the whole time
>mfw I'm too lazy to even browse through my enormous image folders to find an appropriate face

I never really doubted him

Anonymous 494354

File: 1421114365863.png (97.21 KB, 1818x520, 8chan.png)

Anonymous 494356

Fuck you, Anonythony.
You were right

Anonymous 494358

File: 1421114840230.jpg (261.7 KB, 1280x1749, Doomjack.jpg)



Anonymous 494359

8chan's down? Possibly for good?
It's gonna be awkward having to move my cyoa here if so...

Anonymous 494362

File: 1421115634938.jpg (115.03 KB, 1280x720, HW.jpg)


>8chan is kill

And nothing of value was lost. For real yo.

Anonymous 494363

That's your opinion, I guess. Kind of makes you a dick, but I digress, that's your business anyhow.

Anonymous 494364

File: 1421116734717.gif (69.48 KB, 254x278, twilight sparkle sweating.gif)

I noticed that mlpchan has a rp board. I assume you guys wouldn't mind me moving my CYOA over to there, right? A little "content" is too bad, is it?
Only in the event of total /pone/ destruction will I move the whole thing though. I'm gonna wait until things settle.

Anonymous 494365

We have no problem with you doing whatever you want.

I mean we aren't all RAH RAH FIGHT THE POWAH F-FREE SPEACH GUISE but all the pony related porn and content anyone could want is allowed, same as /pone/. I mean basically the only thing the whole 8chan thing has gotten anyone is headaches from autists and SJWs over CP and MUH-SOGGY-KNEE

Anonymous 494366

/rp/'s culture is completely different. Those are the people that Ponychan think are autistic. Would probably be much better received if you stayed on /anon/

Anonymous 494367

File: 1421117132266.gif (494.41 KB, 300x197, girl tripping into glass windo…)

I'm not sure how anyone would tell who I am without my trip or anything. Jesus, this is a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 494368

Trips are allowed here for things like that.

Different anon.

Content creation, RPs, CYOAs, art, etc. Use a trip.

/anon/ isn't forced anon 494369

/anon/ isn't purely an anonymous board, it's just to distinguish it from the rest of the site. /anon/ is named after anonymous, 4chan style culture. The rest of the site is essentially Ponychan 2, electric boogaloo, where pretty much everyone has a name or trip.

dildo 494370

File: 1421117369675.gif (1.98 MB, 370x281, D&D Basic party enters a r…)

I can post with a trip here? Shit. That's good to know.
We'll see what happens then. Or maybe mlpchan will think my threads are shit and chase me away, also fun.

Anonymous 494371

It's back up at 8ch.net

Anonymous 494375

File: 1421118111354.jpg (65.77 KB, 852x631, 134094604062.jpg)

Are 8chan and 8ch the same or two separate sites? I can't into computers and I'm so confused! Will my posts appear on both if I post on one? That seems to be the case since I've got both sites open.

Anonymous 494377

It's the same site, 8chan's domain was squatted by internetbs but if you followed https://4zip.pw/8chan.txt then it should redirect to the actual IP; same goes for 8ch.net

Anonymous 494378

Didn't the same thing happen to Moot?

He just changed the top level domain.

HW can just get 8chan.net or something.

Anonymous 494379

As you may have guessed, /baphomet/ is up and running. They've already set up an alternative site to conduct business in case the current domain comes under DDoS again.

This is going to be a long night and a good show!

Anonymous 494383


Internet.bs is contractually obligated to provide the domain name 8chan.co to Hotwheels until 2017. He need only file a lawsuit.

Anonymous 494387


Anonymous 494409

the little midget cripple has crafted a ridiculous cult of personality around himself, which moronic manchildren have become enthralled with. he's tacitly and explictly encouraged even *more* attacks against the site, making it harder for people to use and enjoy the site. sacrificing the community's ability to do what it was meant for, for his own attention and personal 'glory' people give him for all this so-called 'based' action.

further, all the biggest boards on the site are pure straight up vomit. other than the small niche boards like tabletop gaming and such, it's all the same old 4chan bullshit; /b/, /v/, m-muh gamergate dumb shit. hurr durr muh gaming journalism ethics, wow such important, much worth.

Anonymous 494486

File: 1421248552532.jpg (521.89 KB, 1280x720, 1408768643476.jpg)

Here we go again!

The DDoS has resumed against the new domain name.

The drama, like the ride, never ends.

Anonymous 494488

Can anyone summarize the drama a little?

I don't understand why the attack continues.

Anonymous 494490

File: 1421256026642.png (867.15 KB, 1267x547, crying gorge.png)

Because things.

Anonymous 494493

File: 1421257229108.jpg (38.03 KB, 400x300, incoherent rage.jpg)

Hotwheels hasn't updated his twitter feed yet today.

Guess he's too busy dealing with this newest attack.


Anonymous 494508

File: 1421272714148.png (197.88 KB, 900x900, 81f.png)

>plan doesn't work
>try something else
>other plan doesn't work
>better go back to the other plan that didn't work
>implying we'll ever stop shitposting

Anonymous 494514

File: 1421274806417.png (1.67 MB, 1000x1368, 1360316630663.png)

Still no news on the twitter feed.

Tried to get in after clearing my browser caches. At first, everything was working. Slow but working. Then after a couple of minutes of browsing, got the error 522 page.

It's a full on war between 8chan and whoever is paying to keep the site down.

Anonymous 494522

I wonder if catfood will make a comic about this.

Anonymous 494531

If this shit is going to be happening on a regular basis, we should probably just make a "8chan bunker general" or some shit. Although I'm pretty sure most of us are heading to weekend chan instead of here...

Anonymous 494577

File: 1421339339479.jpg (50.89 KB, 640x640, mlfw1760_medium.jpg)

Good news, everyone!

We appear to be past the worst of the storm. 8chan is up and running.

Anonymous 494579

The fuck is weekend chan?
>good news

Anonymous 494580



Anonymous 494709

couldn't they just get hatechan

Anonymous 495125

File: 1421557675053.jpg (34.19 KB, 584x436, look at him and laugh.jpeg)

>/pone/ is working again
>now everyone's fighting over a fucking mascot for the board
>despite separating from /mlp/ everyone wants to use a shitty OC from /mlp/ and continues to suck /pol/'s cock
Jesus Christ, what a fucking joke.

Anonymous 495134

I thought they used Emily with /pone/ instead of /mlp/ in her hat.

Anonymous 495137

Who the fuck is Emily?

Anonymous 495410

File: 1421566286103.png (55.29 KB, 600x600, 667175__safe_oc_monochrome_plu…)

Emily - /mlp/ tan

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