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Pony Dreams Anonymous 491932

What pony-related dreams have you seen? Post them here!

Here's a pretty long thread about dreams from ponilauta, machine translated:


Here's the original page: http://ponilauta.fi/k/res/8814.html The google translation seemed pretty bad, so what translator would you recommend?

Also, here's also a shorter thread of nsfw dreams, that the google translator didn't even open: http://ponilauta.fi/nsfw/res/336.html

Anonymous 491934

File: 1420476622463.png (105.73 KB, 772x736, 1374013739267.png)

Only had two pone dreams. Both of which turned sexual at one point.

In the first one I got a batpone head/nibble job (pretty nice, except I fucking woke up before orgasm).

The second one was some weird side scrolling cookie clicker dream with a dragon that morphed into a kind of Twilight Sparkle, which I eventually found myself fucking from behind and cumming inside.

That felt breddy damn gud let me tell ya.
I somehow didn't make a mess of the bed.

Anonymous 491935

File: 1420477048493.gif (75.14 KB, 500x513, pinkiepieohshit.gif)

I had one where I found myself as a light blue pony in Ponyville late one evening.

Pinkie Pie and some other friend of hers were showing me around town, and as it got later their were fireworks and celebrations. We spent most the night going to different booths and late night restaurants during this festival. (though I cannot remember what it was for)

When it got much later we both went back to Pinkie's place and talked with her friend in the kitchen for a while. Eventually that friend left to go home. I was embarrassed that I had nowhere to stay, and Pinkie said I could sleep in her room.

Nothing sexual happened whatsoever. It was a very pleasant, calm, and happy dream - I wish I had more like that.

Anonymous 491967

File: 1420493017385.png (335.07 KB, 719x1024, large[1].png)

Here are some Dwarf Fortress/MLP crossover dreams. I had written them to the DF forum so they were already handily in english:

I was the mayor of a dwarven fortress, and it was time to meet with the human diplomat. The corridors of the fortress were huge, roughly seven meters wide and high, with brown brick walls and smaller doorways splitting into separate rooms. On the way I caught a glimpse of Derpy Hooves in some wacky antics.

The human diplomat was a huge, bald man with a low flat head and muscles like a toad's legs. I thought there was no way this was a human, or whatever god it impersonated, but went along with the negotiations about building a training room. The training room was to contain poles with spinning spiked balls a la Dungeon Keeper 1, which is what I've always imagined danger rooms to be like. The negotiations were heating up, but Twilight Sparkle came to assist me until I woke up.

Anonymous 491969

File: 1420493402562.jpg (71.35 KB, 800x600, commission__rainbow_dash_plush…)


I saw a dream that I was in a dwarf fortress, telling craftsdwarves to make pony plushies. When a craftsdwarf asked for a work queue, I answered "Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow!"

Anonymous 491970

File: 1420493763535.png (254.11 KB, 1280x720, latest[1])


I had traveled with Rainbow Dash to the entrance of an old fortress. The land was charred black, littered with burnt camel corpses, and was literally radiating evil. Still, something in this very ominous place had drawn us to it.

The fortress was built along a double staircase, with progressively wider floors spreading from it in a pyramid shape. It wasn't abandoned, but inhabited by zombielike dwarves lumbering around performing their unholy tasks. When the dwarves refused to notice us, the hot-blooded pegasus kicked one, snapping its neck and killing it instantly. I held my breath in terror of getting the entire fortress against us while still inside it, but the catatonic dwarves didn't even react.

At this point I woke up and jumped at my phone; It should have woken me in time to take the control, but now I couldn't even FIND the fortress controls from it! It took about five seconds to realize that it had all been a dream, and I went back to bed.

Anonymous 491971

File: 1420493868702.jpg (37.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


The ponies had started digging a fortress near a modern human city. Rarity had discovered a batch of gems she really wanted to the south, but digging to them would require digging through a human sewer pipe filled 1/7 with dark green waste. I decided that if Rarity wanted the gems so bad, she could mine them herself. She started digging towards the sewer, and Fluttershy discovered a vein of unknown ore along the wall of the tunnel.

I was also a little worried about how humans would react to us breaching their sewer pipe, but I figured they wouldn't mind as long as the sewage kept flowing away from their city.

Anonymous 491972

File: 1420494021247.png (1.11 MB, 900x683, mlp_water_golem_pony_auction_2…)


Dwarf Fortress had 8-bit looking graphics with animated characters, and I had built a small but successful fortress of ponies. A miner breached the caverns, where a giant cavespider hanging around a river was inexplicably shown as a light green letter S. I decided to go kill it with an adventurer, and ordered the ponies to safety on the surface, where they spontaneously started a ballgame while waiting.

My adventurer arrived at the castle yard, jumped over a trench (I remember rejoicing over how much that little ability has brought to the game) and headed inside. I got down into the caverns, but before getting to the spider I encountered an earth elemental. I hadn't seen one before so I read its description, which said it was a bulky humanoid composed of moss and plant matter, and that eating its innards could cure any disease. This was better than I could have expected, because the adventurers father was deathly sick, and this twist of events was so good it seemed almost scripted. I woke up before killing either of the beasts, but it was a nice dream and I think having a reason to hunt titans and forgotten beasts would be a nice addition to the game.

Anonymous 492010

File: 1420505892112.gif (70.77 KB, 1000x884, 442724__safe_solo_animated_col…)


> minuet


Anonymous 498026

File: 1422323995034.png (774.49 KB, 600x1200, 802250__safe_solo_princess+cel…)

A few days ago I saw a dream where I made out with Celestia, and ended up licking her pussy.

Anonymous 498042

I used to have tons of nonsexual ones. Less as of late sadly. It'll probably pick up during the season

Had a few sexual ones. Pretty cool dreams. One was kinda "epic" and weird and sex was a plot point rather than a thing on its own and the other was just straight secks.

Anonymous 500169

File: 1422905638730.png (74.43 KB, 249x304, 817213__safe_solo_trixie_artis…)

Last night I was playing Expand & Exterminate, while somehow sitting opposite to Trixie at a small table. She was pretty distracting with her rear hoof between my legs.

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