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Anonymous 491879

Okay everyone. The backups have now been restored.

Please return to not talking in any of the threads and letting everything just sit here wasting space.

Please remember to create plenty of threads unrelated to pony and make sure to never reply in any of them.

Anonymous 491899

File: 1420441143877.jpg (53.54 KB, 446x361, 1408902921164.jpg)

Anonymous 491911

>threads unrelated to pony
This isn't /mlp/, m8.

/anon/ is just /oat/ without the drama names.

Anonymous 491938

Anonymous 491943

Yes. That also excuses the dead nature of almost all of the threads.

Anonymous 492104

Aaahahaha, this site's still populated by the same few shit users holding their tiny circlejerk as months ago, and all still so very puzzled why nobody else wants to hang with your sorry asses. Enjoy your itty bitty clique, faggots. It's your own making.

Anonymous 492108

File: 1420537996388.png (705.77 KB, 853x477, 1392395539534.png)

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