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File: 1420311717834.png (156.39 KB, 900x800, eh5dnyxfigofve.png)

Fart Fetish Thread! Anonymous 489922

Let's get this going again. All pics/stories welcome.

Anonymous 489930

I farted in my pants once but quietly so it was subconsciously unpleasant for the people around but they didn't figure out why

Anonymous 490042

I wouldn't mind Dash facefarting me.

Anonymous 491815

Grammar is poor, pacing is all over the place. Might I suggest proofreading?

Anonymous 492009

Anonymous 492106


This is horribly written but I still came.

Anonymous 492245

>2 fart threads = shitstorm

Anonymous 492825

That post even exist?
All I see is that you're double-implying numbers.

Anonymous 494678


> Dash slowly walks into her room, yawning and idly flapping her wings.

> She grins when she sees you on her bed, her stomach emitting a low gurgle.
> The cyan pegasus chuckles, making a note to thank Twilight for that spell she cast
> to keep you from falling through the clouds that made up her room and bed.
> "Mmm, you're in luck, anon," she teases, wiggling that trim, luscious plot of hers.
> "At first it was kinda freaky that anybody could be into this
> sorta stuff, but hey, after all that apple pie I had at AJ's place..." She
> giggles and sighs, lifting up one leg and letting a low, bassy fart rumble out. "Hehe, guess I've got a real storm
> brewing back here...and you're gonna get an up-close look!" She flaps into the air and zooms toward
> you, turning around midflight so that her plot collides with your face. "Mmm, nice and soft,"
> she teases, groaning and releasing a loud baritone blast against your nostrils. "Ahh, yeah, this feels *BLLLRRRRPPPTT* awesome...~"
> Her hot, rushing flatus assaults your nose, burning it like a desert wind, but you can't help but enjoy
> yourself, inhaling each puff and blast that Rainbow Dash sees fit to give.
> It seems to go on for at least an hour, Dash's hind end erupting with fetid gas
> and forcing it into your waiting nostrils. But at length it slows, Rainbow Dash yawning
> lightly and leaning forward atop your body. "Mmmph...man, this is hard work..." she sighs.
> "Think I'll take a little nap--right here's good, right? Don't worry, that apple pie's not done with me yet..."
> She giggles as her stomach emits another low gurgle, signifying that she probably still has plenty of sleep farts to look forward to.

Anonymous 494704

Make another part please!

Anonymous 494708

This is gonna be 20% Awesome!

Anonymous 494710

Anonymous 494767

>1st bump

Rainb0w Da$h 501061


Anonymous 501678

Anonymous 505086


Anonymous 506348

File: 1424708539249.gif (450.9 KB, 300x168, e7b.gif)

Farting for sexuality is absolutely disgusting is causing earthquakes, It's been proven.

Anonymous 506374

File: 1424730665995.jpg (38.63 KB, 275x272, 1424116797230.jpg)

Anonymous 506759


Anon­ymous 506877

File: 1425029405796.jpg (131.93 KB, 1020x1506, beautiful.jpg)

Anonymous 506880

Anonymous 506892

muh job!

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