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File: 1420271426376.jpg (118.84 KB, 704x1331, 1412566456348.jpg)

Anonymous 489807

Daily Reminder

Anonymous 489834

File: 1420273367971.png (10.58 KB, 600x150, octavia.png)

Well, yeah.

Anonymous 489906

File: 1420299684338.png (177.77 KB, 650x592, PrettyGriffonLady.png)

Daily reminder that Griffons > Ponies.

Anonymous 489924

File: 1420312624267.png (188.48 KB, 1270x1024, noble.png)

I already went through this before, I will not go through it again.
>Earth pony's = dumb vermin forced to toil in mud for all eternity
>Unicorns = elite of culture, power, academics and society

>inb4 grey pony musician or some sensationalized minor celebrity scum

Face it, we are superior in blood and have been for thousands of years.

Anonymous 489925

File: 1420314438474.png (80.19 KB, 253x235, 1419487824017.png)

>Unicorns= greedy juden ponies who have never worked a day in their life

Anonymous 489926

>never worked a day in their life
Gee, all those libraries and marble towers and schools and magical spells and all that socio-political ordering. I guess cause we never work in mud we're just inferior.

If you believe you're superior anyways, then why don't you usurp us? Why not become the noblepony or the scholar?

Anonymous 489929

Where do pegasi fit into all this?

Anonymous 489934

File: 1420317058236.png (1.52 MB, 992x1000, Prince Blueblood thong.png)

>the only pony race so insecure they need figurehead royalty
>figurehead royalty is big, burly, and brainless

He's basically a mudpony with an ego, a shower, and a horn, and you all fall over each other to kiss his dick. For fuck's sake.

Anonymous 489935

File: 1420317226403.png (165.59 KB, 1280x1920, Braeburn on the fence.png)

Seriously, if you want to be knocked up/cuckolded by a mudpony so badly you can just swing by a fucking farm. Or go to Appleoosa for the full experience.

I mean your sphincter will never be quite as tight again but for you that's probably an improvement.

Anonymous 489937

File: 1420317900044.jpg (807.2 KB, 900x900, Rainbow Dash lugs Soarin', who…)

Pegasi fit wherever they make it fit.

Warrior culture, babe.

Anonymous 489940

>figurehead royalty
It had nothing to do with insecurity (how do you even go about figuring that?). It's a tradition of blood. Of course no one gives him actual power.
Typical mudpony retorting to pseudopsychological implacated nonsense and sex.

Anonymous 489941

Who built those marble towers? Earth pone

Anonymous 489943

File: 1420323135531.png (361.82 KB, 2500x2362, Twilight 'Pull The Trigger On …)

Anonymous 490024

>Who built those marble towers? Earth pone
Earth pony's didn't do shit. They couldn't get up the fucking mountain. The architectural skill of the unicorns made the design, and then the combined efforts of the pegasus and Unicorns laid the material. Meanwhile you continued to toil in mud.

Anonymous 490051

File: 1420325519923.jpg (164.63 KB, 778x658, swerve.jpg)

Earthies build, Unis make dosh, Pegi do jack shit

Anonymous 490070

File: 1420326566813.jpg (52.82 KB, 600x484, Lightning Dust basks on a clou…)

Daily reminder that you're literally below us.

Anonymous 490098

All you build are mud and wood. You are naturally inept at building anything anywhere extreme.
And at least pegasi can sustain a decent civilization on their own. Before your masters came along you were practically zigger tribes.

Anonymous 490165

File: 1420331388360.png (204.57 KB, 836x880, 2080__safe_solo_vinyl+scratch_…)


>inb4 grey pony musician

Anonymous 490511

Ok thats not fair.

Anonymous 490994

File: 1420357022654.jpg (Spoiler Image,29.76 KB, 445x423, idonthaveanameforthis.jpg)

Dragons > Ponies

Anonymous 490995

File: 1420357161235.png (107.22 KB, 395x363, 774088__safe_solo_rainbow+dash…)

Anonymous 491008

File: 1420362768983.png (398.76 KB, 820x931, hippogryph.png)

Best of both worlds!

Anonymous 491017

File: 1420375421688.jpg (145.61 KB, 800x941, bosmer_by_kokomiko-d5qj9fu.jpg)


Anonymous 491028

File: 1420379887292.jpg (423.42 KB, 1920x1080, 1631771-1398456043.jpg)

Goodbye, elfish filth. May your savage gods have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous 491045

File: 1420386250698.png (17.19 KB, 367x461, FjSSWUh.png)

Nothing but savages

Anonymous 491939

But earth ponies can't do shit, only walk.
Not like magical unicorns.
eat shit

Anonymous 491957

Stop trying to create divisions OP. We're all the same blood. We need to stand together as one against nonpony filth who wish to poison pure pony blood with their defects.

Anonymous 492090

lmao earth ponies can't even use magic

Anonymous 492760

No, thats heresy.

Anonymous 492761

File: 1420849805537.png (105.38 KB, 476x471, Pinkie Pie friendship.png)

But anon, friendship is magic.

Anonymous 492771

File: 1420855041849.png (151.49 KB, 700x700, 531678__safe_solo_monochrome_s…)

Absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 492772

File: 1420855252481.png (195.12 KB, 500x383, DRAGONBORN.png)

While this is true, elves are shit still.

Argonian master race

Anonymous 492777

File: 1420857624607.jpg (392.37 KB, 1680x1050, 1274852_1378312091400_full.jpg)

>lizard skins
Skyrim belongs to the nords.

Anonymous 492779

File: 1420858456204.jpg (460.11 KB, 1024x1024, 1.jpeg)

Nords are faggots. Quite literally.

Anonymous 492783

File: 1420860850978.png (1.25 MB, 607x1065, Aela_3.png)

Anonymous 492784

File: 1420860928266.jpg (138.39 KB, 786x1017, sketchithon_12___the_lusty_arg…)

Nords aren't even hot.

Anonymous 492786

File: 1420861098079.jpg (300.63 KB, 750x1000, Barb4.jpg)

>amazonian/barbarian women
>not even hot

Anonymous 492787

File: 1420861168496.jpg (782.26 KB, 1920x1080, 40740-1-1377056564.jpg)

Not when they look like shit, no.

Anonymous 492789

Well, nobody wants to fuck a lizard

Anonymous 492791

File: 1420862601446.jpg (483.48 KB, 600x800, nord.jpg)

You win this time.

Anonymous 492792

File: 1420862653496.jpg (Spoiler Image,413.92 KB, 1502x1091, 5b5de8df7a24b4581602b29884e413…)

Anonymous 492799

File: 1420869572045.jpg (598.83 KB, 1280x905, RainbowDash-SayHiToTheAirForce…)

Daily reminder that pegasi can survive being accelerated to >340 m/s

Anonymous 492806

Yeah, but jets are more explody.

Anonymous 492812

File: 1420877236141.jpg (77.61 KB, 788x800, Rainbow Dash barbarian.jpg)

Anonymous 493870

File: 1420996828604.png (216.37 KB, 393x391, muahahha.png)

Skyrim may belong to Nord, it may belong to Imperial, or it may belong to Bosmer...

But everything in Skyrim belong to Khajiit :3

Anonymous 493876

That's why you aren't allowed in cities

Anonymous 493878


I thought it was because they peed on the carpet.

Kabelymous 493879

File: 1421006474927.png (86.81 KB, 265x287, Z.png)

Anonymous 493888

Lowsy racist nords.
Won't even let argonians live anywhere but the docks.

Anonymous 493895

File: 1421009934174.jpg (625 KB, 921x1183, reptile gal.jpg)

The temptation would be too much.

Anonymous 493897

Valid point.

Anonymous 493901

File: 1421011049907.jpg (153.04 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_3565.JPG)

Anonymous 493902

File: 1421011183192.jpg (Spoiler Image,137.82 KB, 1008x1278, 1415234243135-0.jpg)

I do love some lizard gals

Anonymous 493903

Pretty sure that is a snake, anon.

Anonymous 493904

Snakes are lizards/reptiles.

Anonymous 493905

They're reptiles, sure. Not lizards, though.

Anonymous 493906

What's the difference?

Anonymous 493907

File: 1421012118088.png (51.02 KB, 250x279, tumblr_mbbt46QFiP1rqu8aio1_250…)

You're just messing with me, right?

Anonymous 493908

Yeah, I know.

Anonymous 493917

File: 1421016739541.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.06 KB, 223x342, trouser snaker.jpg)

You like snakes, /anon/?

Anonymous 494228

Unless that's a snake sucking someone's dick, that looks really fuckin' gay.

Anonymous 494254

So we can all agree at this point that Earth Ponies are, in fact, not the master race?

Anonymous 494255

File: 1421070122367.jpg (59.22 KB, 716x525, 1407048718227.jpg)

Anonymous 494259

File: 1421072716079.png (1.09 MB, 1118x714, _no_longer_lost__rarity_concep…)

Anonymous 494260

File: 1421073387605.jpg (305.17 KB, 790x1011, 1363644396057.jpg)

Pegasi and unicorns would be useless without their wings and magic.

Earth ponies dun need that shit to get things done.

Anonymous 494268

File: 1421079591920.jpg (72.4 KB, 800x546, 2d3cfa9cdc655c4e034b07b53cc59a…)

Last I checked, earth poines could barely handle keeping winter warp up organized.

Anonymous 494279

File: 1421088747847.png (212.2 KB, 768x800, Braeburn with an apple.png)

Well, they were doing just fine in Appleoosa.

Anonymous 494299

File: 1421091425288.jpg (88.29 KB, 800x500, 17455-1t5mr7m.jpg)

Out of ponies? Fuck no.
They're the only good breed of pony.

that said, griffon master race.

Unicorn Noblecolt 494314

>were doing just fine in Appleoosa.
>didn't know they settled next to Buffaloes
>used pies as weapons
>were going to die

>They're the only good breed of pony.
Explain. And I'm booty-beffudled that a Griffon would say something like this because it ignores the rest of the threads discourse, and I always saw Griffons as being somewhat intelligent to go along with their strength. But then again Gilda's an idiot.

Anonymous 494343

File: 1421110711867.png (441.03 KB, 485x488, 1394152077287.png)

EArth ponies are only good breed because they aren't massive magic-weilding faggot essentially-elves unicorns, or pegasi, who are actually kind of okay, but get dropped a bit when you realize that their wings look dumb.
Earth ponies, however, win primarily because magic sucks, and they do all sorts of crazy awesome shit without the ability to fly or use magic. Earth ponies have trains and flying machines.

Also, yeah, griffons are pretty awesome, and I am sure they're fairly intelligent.

Anonymous 494414

File: 1421166092732.png (780.06 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (130).png)

>griffons I am sure they're fairly intelligent.
>got in last place at the crystall games
>ost against fluttershy of all people

Sorry, but that's more stupid than losing to derpy and snails combined.

It looks like griffins are more useless then we thought.

Anonymous 494416

>Implying they didn't lose just purely because pony bias

Anonymous 494417


Ponies don't vote for winners in the Olympics anon.

Unicorn Noblecolt 494426

>EArth ponies are only good breed because they aren't massive magic-weilding faggot essentially-elves unicorns, or pegasi, who are actually kind of okay, but get dropped a bit when you realize that their wings look dumb.
>Earth ponies, however, win primarily because magic sucks, and they do all sorts of crazy awesome shit without the ability to fly or use magic.

This is a terribly weak argument and has utterly failed to convince me of anything.

>Earth ponies have trains and flying machines.

>implying well-read unicorns didn't invent those

I'm fairly certain one of them could rip your throat out. And unlike earth ponies (who can only create small farm tribes) Griffons have made societies big enough to participate in foreign games and have become common enough not to have foreign society flee in terror of the unknown. They are a capable group of creatures, and along with the fact they are a cross between a lion and an eagle (two of the most majestic creatures on earth) they are far more superior than any mudshit or pegaspic.

Anonymous 494429

File: 1421185377842.png (587.81 KB, 1036x770, she'll figure it out folks jus…)


> implying ponies weren't out there scoring gold medals in the hypothetical off camera Griffonestria games.

Anonymous 494432

No, but they still can rig them.

Unicorn Noblecolt 494443

Should you be replying to me?

Anonymous 494485

Anon, when the hell did any of this showed up in the actual show?
Till they do an episode to prove your little theory, it will continue to remain a theory/headcannon.
What's next, you gonna blame the writers?

Unicorn Noblecolt 494498

When did what not show up in the show? It's all analyzation.

Anonymous 494500

File: 1421269151189.jpg (98.61 KB, 580x851, injured trainee Spitfire.jpg)

>What's next, you gonna blame the writers?
Different anon, but I do blame the writers for presenting "Rainbow Dash + two casuals" as a competitive Olympic flight team. It's one thing in an event where one pony can carry the team, but even if Rainbow Dash's leg of the relay took no time at all, Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps still should not be able to complete the course in two-thirds the time of a professional flier. They're presented as comically incompetent. It ain't plausible.

It was one thing when they scraped by on the time trial. That I'll believe.

It would be one thing with Dash + Thunderlane + Cloudchaser. Thundie and Cloud aren't at Wonderbolt level, but they were good enough to qualify for the Academy, and they're actively interested in flight sports. Fluttershy and Bulk are just out there to support Rainbow Dash.

The way I see it, Fluttershy and Bulk were out there to support Rainbow Dash, not because they're actually into competitive flying. If they found out the Wonderbolts were scouting her, they should've been completely in favor of Dash going to fly with them. (Of course, that becomes a tangle if she'd have to replace Soarin', but it's a better tangle than the one we got.)

Anonymous 494502

>that becomes a tangle if she'd have to replace Soarin
Not the anon you're responding to, but a thing a lot of people seem to forget is there are plenty of wonderbolts, but for some reason only those three get actual focus.
Every episode with the wonderbolts is stupid anyways.

Anonymous 494507

File: 1421271659977.png (317.26 KB, 563x600, Fleetfoot ur a nerd.png)

>for some reason only those three get actual focus.
Character efficiency. There's not enough Wonderbolt focus to split over the whole team, so you pick out a few and leave the rest as background. I would love a Wonderbolt show that could properly cover the full span of the team, but FiM can't be that.

(Also, Fleetfoot/Spitfire/Soarin' were the top three finishers at the Wonderbolts Derby back in Sweet And Elite. So there's continuity logic in using them as the three top Cloudesdale fliers for a relay sprint.)

Anonymous 494512

File: 1421273863147.jpg (710.31 KB, 857x1200, derpyandsomebghorses.jpg)

> alright so here's the pivotal moment of rainbow dash's character

Anonymous 494523

w-well you can't move forward in life unless it's about your friends, can you?

imagine a job interview where you don't have a hard time and choke and almost lose it but then your friends come in and make the case for why you're an amazing person and you get the job and everyone hugs

that would suck

Anonymous 494525

File: 1421280592203.png (526.74 KB, 1280x720, Fluttershy_and_Bulk_hugging_Ra…)


Except in this case, Rainbow Dash didn't choke and almost won it, but her friends came in and made the case for why she was being a huge jerk and she didn't get the job and everyone hugs.

Anonymous 494537

Fleetfoot is awesome. I don't really like ponies, or pegasi, but Fleetfoot is the best.

Anonymous 494548

Diaper thread! Yay!

Anonymous 494578

Sometimes I feel like i'm the only one that found it stupid and pointless for them to put derpy in. I would be surprised if they used her as a reason to half ass that episode.
Your headcannon about griffins. When did that stuff show up in the show?
My guess is they wanted to show growth with them, but for some reason mixed comedy with development...

Unicorn Noblecolt 494606

You mean
>Griffons have made societies big enough to participate in foreign games and have become common enough not to have foreign society flee in terror of the unknown.
It's only sensible. Zebras, dragons and donkey's don't participate in games, but Griffon do, and society doesn't seem to be too freaked out about Griffons. Clearly they're notable enough to participate and integrated enough not to be spooky.

💀 Thony Bones 💀 !AppLeJAcK. 494607

Sensible post, chap.

Anonymous 494608

Seems like mules/donkeys are thoroughly integrated and live among the ponies like ponies, whereas griffons stand out a bit more. (At least, in Ponyville they do.)

Notably, Gilda attended summer flight camp with Rainbow Dash, and both Gustav and Mulia Mild participated in the baking competition.

Anonymous 494623

Makes sense especially if you get your butt kick by futtershy?

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