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File: 1420250887471.png (474.18 KB, 1236x1861, 1412548159389.png)

Screencap Thread Anonymous 489292

Post your best screencaps here.

Anonymous 489295

File: 1420251098205.png (264.25 KB, 896x1114, 1416859986360.png)

Anonymous 489296

File: 1420251188640.png (51.42 KB, 605x518, 1409553881707.png)

Anonymous 489298

File: 1420251336810.png (468.39 KB, 972x641, 1414019625967.png)

Anonymous 489299

File: 1420251370403.png (114.53 KB, 886x334, 1413834806001.png)

Anonymous 489300

File: 1420251386557.png (251.32 KB, 1002x1166, 1409435498678.png)

Anonymous 489302

File: 1420251430963.png (63.57 KB, 1292x755, gravity.png)

Anonymous 489338

File: 1420253407378.jpg (69.88 KB, 687x752, bravery.jpg)

Anonymous 489776

File: 1420267400223.jpg (73.33 KB, 567x404, image.jpg)

Anonymous 489809

File: 1420271527379.png (98.26 KB, 1244x382, MLP MLO My little Ork Friendsh…)

Anonymous 489810

File: 1420271541982.png (1.47 MB, 800x12409, Scootaloo gets a bedtime story…)

Anonymous 489811


For some reason the screenshot invisible till you click on it.

Anonymous 489831

I guess its because its so long. Its a pretty epic cap.

Anonymous 489836


>Scootaloo gets a bedtime story from Slash MLP also Marines Orks Cardassians Klingons 2013 5 13.png

dat filename.

Anonymous 489912

How do mac and iphone/pad users do screen caps?

With PC there is usually a button on the keyboard for it (you may have to hold down Alt or another key at the same time depending on your computer) that automatically takes a screenshot and puts it in you clipboard so you can paste it into an image editor or something and save it.

Anonymous 489917

File: 1420309946176.png (33.54 KB, 651x181, lots and lots of horse porn.pn…)

Anonymous 489918

File: 1420310052662.jpg (53.5 KB, 500x537, 1409045705502.jpg)

Anonymous 489919

File: 1420310121375.jpg (240.94 KB, 1024x600, 1407384553244.jpg)

Anonymous 490061

File: 1420326113002.jpg (73.36 KB, 960x768, 1420324640449.jpg)

Anonymous 490459

Who is that guy?

Anonymous 490990

Bilbo Crumplesnack

Anonymous 490991

File: 1420356697914.png (498.12 KB, 1000x1000, 1365949522447.png)

Wow. This is the only screenshot I have.

Anonymous 490996

File: 1420357651855.png (235.13 KB, 904x476, black_man_stares_at_horses_sta…)

Anonymous 490997

File: 1420357783541.png (225.84 KB, 1243x1838, a_grim_future.png)

Anonymous 491146

File: 1420408476558.jpg (30.25 KB, 500x500, clop clop dash.jpg)


>> Rainbow Dash voiced by 70yo Nicholas Cage

Anonymous 491832

File: 1420437829357.png (289.44 KB, 723x1140, 1402549180494.png)

Anonymous 491833

File: 1420437884261.png (1.47 MB, 927x7759, cutiemarkmywaywardson.png)

Anonymous 491834

File: 1420437942902.png (173.69 KB, 1004x2692, w9MAc.png)

Anonymous 491835

File: 1420437966884.png (962.68 KB, 1623x1178, Rainboomcrash.png)

Anonymous 491837

File: 1420438074723.png (146.23 KB, 904x231, england-football-team.png)

Anonymous 491838

File: 1420438109116.png (1.62 MB, 2818x4827, 1391936737270.png)

Anonymous 491839

File: 1420438143304.png (63.29 KB, 542x572, Late night ef.png)

Anonymous 491841

File: 1420438178222.png (108.4 KB, 1250x155, Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 11_3…)

Anonymous 491842

File: 1420438190220.png (15.98 KB, 713x215, 541149__safe_text_mlp_4chan_te…)

Anonymous 491844

File: 1420438206930.png (102.67 KB, 858x242, shootingrange.png)

Anonymous 491846

File: 1420438224249.png (111.37 KB, 583x915, quills-and-sofas.png)

Anonymous 491848

File: 1420438248569.png (1.23 MB, 1400x2144, 138827671887.png)

Anonymous 491850

File: 1420438321262.png (49.73 KB, 719x389, haha.png)

Anonymous 491851

File: 1420438333096.png (183.97 KB, 916x1383, weeniehut.png)

Anonymous 491853

That never gets old. Right out of the fucking infographic.

Anonymous 491861

File: 1420438675357.png (585.87 KB, 1280x720, window-pone.png)

Yeah, you don't often have anons abide to the cardinal rule of the internet anymore, not even on 4chan.

Anonymous 491863

File: 1420438758015.png (162.54 KB, 819x362, sittinglyra.png)

Anonymous 491865

File: 1420438791522.png (109.96 KB, 696x430, 132869567109.png)

Anonymous 491868

File: 1420439040202.png (85.32 KB, 1007x768, iwantsomenewtons.png)

Anonymous 491869

File: 1420439095648.png (15.88 KB, 581x632, 159555__UNOPT__.png)

Anonymous 491870

File: 1420439107676.png (182 KB, 923x810, scarred.png)

Anonymous 491871

File: 1420439218317.png (252.85 KB, 415x1073, 1351562755009.png)

Anonymous 491872

File: 1420439274911.png (117.86 KB, 656x309, canterlot_elites_HATE_him.png)

Anonymous 491873

File: 1420439302899.png (373.35 KB, 927x2069, iwanttocuminsidedog.png)

Anonymous 491874

File: 1420439346688.png (33.23 KB, 877x201, myteethareponies.png)

Anonymous 491875

I'm surprised that he didn't just reply to himself.

IP counters make that much harder to do now though.

Anonymous 491884

File: 1420440401750.png (539.24 KB, 1366x768, 1342598570607.png)

Oh, I have some old screencaps from when someone from /b/ found out that this feminist site left their administrator username and password as "admin" and "admin" and had the board raid the site. While it's hard to avoid pointing out how typical that is of /b/ to do something like that, I think the outcome of the whole raid was stellar. There's also a lesson to be learned from it.

I dunno, I think that would be offended if he actually had to resort to false flagging if that meant his devotion to trolling /v/, /vg/ and /mlp/ wasn't actually working.

Anonymous 491887

File: 1420440615306.png (197.41 KB, 999x701, 1342598106769.png)

Anonymous 491889

File: 1420440626932.png (148.96 KB, 567x563, 1342596388852.png)

Anonymous 491891

File: 1420440658427.png (505.44 KB, 1346x650, 1342591590950.png)

Anonymous 491893

File: 1420440705626.png (108.7 KB, 720x1280, 1342591373556.png)

Anonymous 491895

File: 1420440834988.png (163.38 KB, 1280x878, 136390858470.png)

Anonymous 491896

File: 1420440990281.png (1.68 MB, 2634x4573, 132875467131.png)

Anonymous 491898

File: 1420441118506.png (853.36 KB, 1256x2624, 1382569639315.png)

Anonymous 491919

File: 1420455004577.png (199.9 KB, 596x393, xrnxrjzm.png)

Anonymous 491920

File: 1420455051571.png (114.48 KB, 1871x850, zkuncnpl.png)

Anonymous 491947

Benficial Condom

Anonymous 491952

File: 1420487344769.gif (455.15 KB, 960x540, 488192__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


my fedoras are splitting

Anonymous 491960

File: 1420488807961.png (49.73 KB, 1263x744, 181741__safe_pinkie+pie_mlp_4c…)

Anonymous 491964

Blueberry Pumpkinpatch.

Anonymous 492107

File: 1420537945731.jpg (34.44 KB, 518x335, Siri autosigns your mails.JPG)

Anonymous 492138

Benadryl Cummy-Tits

Anonymous 492141

Benderude - Cumberstorm

Anonymous 492249

>How the fuck does he type then?

Anonymous 492250

Whah-OH NO~!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 492298

Maybe he employs someone to type for him?

Anonymous 492341


Bigaguy Painforyou

Anonymous 494361

File: 1421115162661.png (55.64 KB, 470x427, spike_gets_a_craving_for_marsh…)

Anonymous 494388

Context for the chairs comment, please?

Anonymous 494390

>screencapping a post
>not revealing the spoilered text

Anonymous 494392

File: 1421133189181.png (39.51 KB, 793x185, moony visits 4chan.png)

Anonymous 496162

File: 1421653764334.jpg (2.34 MB, 1418x2801, 1421653431206.jpg)

I know I'm in this one somewhere..

Anonymous 496193

File: 1421702182487.jpg (94.3 KB, 582x500, apple bloom and sweetie belle …)


> thinks that's spoilered text

Anonymous 496590

File: 1422059850052.png (2.05 MB, 1667x3575, despite ellen page i'm still j…)

Anonymous 497440

File: 1422222802547.jpg (265.53 KB, 1348x1188, image.jpg)

Command shift 3 for the whole screen or 4 to drag a box over what you want
Home and sleep button at the same time on an iphone

Anonymous 498165

File: 1422411293611.jpg (356.31 KB, 1505x980, how to google a picture.jpg)

recently on the misadventures of newfag

Anonymous 498166

File: 1422411418444.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.31 MB, 1600x3500, 1422235438008.jpg)

Anonymous 509476

File: 1426379837266.png (1.05 MB, 1507x818, cumshrooms.png)

Anonymous 509481

Anonymous 509485

File: 1426381301597.png (599.56 KB, 935x887, wonderful.png)

Anonymous 509681

File: 1426402614517.png (45.95 KB, 410x147, WAT.png)

Anonymous 509862

File: 1426472013509.png (46.19 KB, 634x373, 1426273167208.jpg)

Anonymous 510575

File: 1426948911500.jpg (34.58 KB, 390x470, Priceless Shit.jpg)

This thread

Anonymous 510576

File: 1426948967299.jpg (429.37 KB, 526x6494, I don't even.jpg)

Also i figured I should contribute to this thread

Anonymous 510587

File: 1426976316442.png (293.45 KB, 1080x788, jarfil.PNG)

Can you handle... the Jarfil stare?

Anonymous 510589

File: 1426977375576.jpg (15.42 KB, 300x335, jl1.jpg)

Anonymous 510718

>4 to drag a box over what you want
That sounds like an incredibly convenient feature that should be included in PCs.

Anonymous 513758

File: 1428711617788.jpg (158.18 KB, 1453x640, tv on Jurassic World and Chris…)

Anonymous 513952

File: 1428816849343.jpg (151.98 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

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