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/mlp/ coming for a visit Anonymous 489279[Last 50 Posts]

looks like everyone's favorite site will be down for a while
how are things here?

Anonymous 489280

Some 8chins faggot just raided, we're busy rebuilding.

Anonymous 489281

This place is fucked up pretty badly right now.

Anonymous 489294

Wow, just lost the microscopic modicum of respect I may have had for that shithole

Anonymous 489310

/mlp/ and /anon/ are fine. maybe a little testy with each other but mostly ok and both worth their existence.

/pone/ is and will always be like the rest of 8chin. a putrid shithole of edgy children trying too hard to be cool and emulate what they think the anonymous culture should be.

site will implode on itself with either drama or administrative problems within a year. cripplefag and his bullshit patreon to make money are gonna either lose control of it all or get shut down, or the boards will simply shrivel over time.

last i checked 4chan, toilet that it may be and moot the fag he is, still accounts for some 90+ percent of all imageboard posts. it's fastest board, /b/, currently averages 15 to 20,000 posts an hour. 8chings fastest boards don't even get 15k posts a day.

im so fed up with their shilling of that stupid m-muh gamergate shithole, fuck that and fuck them.

Anonymous 489313

Our cousins may be going through a rough patch- but know that they are still family, anon

Anonymous 489315

File: 1420252260760.png (158.68 KB, 400x371, 1408936829515.png)

Ye the "raid" was a shitty move but the actions of one or two faggots isn't enough for me to condemn the place and honestly I'd rather be there than sucking mootcock and walking on eggshells whenever his janitors are awake.

Anonymous 489317

I was just in the middle of a very heated thread as to how to improve /mlp/.

Anonymous 489318

step 1 - delete it. step 2 - let the edgelords trudge to shillchan, and everyone else to /anon/. perfect.

Anonymous 489319

File: 1420252694152.jpg (371.02 KB, 1280x935, 1411704729191.jpg)

And we're done
Post ass

Anonymous 489320

>tfw didn't post on or browse /mlp/ at all in 2014 except for when my friend needed me to because he was banned
>tfw don't give a shit about shillchan and only use mootworld for /mu/ and /vg/
>tfw enjoyed /anon/ and /oat/ all of 2014
>tfw the /mlp/ and 8chan drones come and go and talk shit and I've just remained here through all of it
>tfw still don't understand why people feel some kind of loyalty to /mlp/

Anonymous 489321

I'd rather fix /mlp/ than kill it, but if it can't be fixed, I'm all for a migration to /anon/. This is a nice place.

Anonymous 489322

It'll come back all fresh and new after it's killed.
Like I said, eternal recurrence.

Anonymous 489323

File: 1420252826816.png (304.7 KB, 1600x1607, twilight_looking_into_sky_by_p…)

Good evening /anon/.

Anonymous 489324

File: 1420252952104.png (Spoiler Image,425.02 KB, 931x993, large[1].png)

>the main reason /anon/ is better than /mlp/

Anonymous 489325

File: 1420252976415.png (146.55 KB, 800x840, Cel - amazing plot.png)



Anonymous 489326

/anon/'s too slow for me right now.

Anonymous 489327

File: 1420253115444.png (314.49 KB, 1000x1000, 114360.png)


>why loyalty to /mlp/
Aside from slowness and less variety, this place allows anthro.

Anonymous 489328

File: 1420253123789.png (454.74 KB, 885x525, spike emerging from sweetie be…)

Anonymous 489329

File: 1420253155009.png (582.56 KB, 855x1222, 724812.png)


Anonymous 489330

File: 1420253162449.jpg (1.87 MB, 2076x2824, trolled the fuck out of us.jpg)

Hi there, OP.

As I mentioned on that thread, letting m00t grace us with the sweet kiss of shitstorm would do wonders to thaw our hibernating board.

Anonymous 489331

File: 1420253210004.png (Spoiler Image,543.42 KB, 1280x940, large[1].png)

C'mon Twi, I know you like tit

Anonymous 489332

I have a hard time hanging out here or /mlp/ in places that aren't my regular fetish general.
I've mostly been on other 4chan boards during the hiatus.
I had some CYOAs and other threads in my tabs here, but that's it.
Maybe it will get better after the hiatus is over.

Anonymous 489333


I understand being mad because something you LIKE is BANNED, but being mad because something you DON'T like ISN'T banned, even though you can just hide it?

That's pure autism.

Anonymous 489334

I'm wasn't the OP.
Tat shitstorm ideas something though.

Anonymous 489335

Where do you think we—no wait.

Anonymous 489337

People needs to remember that 8chan is made by the dregs of /v/ and /pol/ Aka, not the best to have around.
Sure, this place is the same, but it was more justified because of the porn, not the stupidity that is fucking gamergate.
The annoying "b-but our place is better!" fag are shit tho.

>I had some CYOAs and other threads in my tabs here, but that's it.
Fucking One arm bro better come here.

Anonymous 489339

"Stop liking what I don't like" is one of the biggest problems of /mlp/. It's one I've spent a long time fruitlessly trying to discourage.

Anonymous 489342

Which CYOA?

Anonymous 489343

It's fast, it's "home", the people (in Generals) are actually nice, there's derpibooru and e621 for porn, and the board is still creative as fuck with greentext and CYOA.
Porn is not enough reason to move, and "neeners neeners we are better!" guys like you aren't either.

Anonymous 489345

File: 1420253600450.jpg (2.98 KB, 101x125, FUCK.jpg)

Been going at it for more than a month and he does tons of creative and interactive shit, pretty fun.

Anonymous 489346

>the people (in Generals) are actually nice
>there's derpibooru and e621 for porn
Oh boy, it's this guy again.

Anonymous 489348

I think you missed this link:>>489343

Anonymous 489349

>this guy again?
Wot? I just arrived because muh blackout.

Anonymous 489350

File: 1420253789498.png (168.22 KB, 946x844, vector__twilight_sparkle_39_by…)

It's not just him. >>489343 is thoroughly correct.

Anonymous 489351


I don't even come to MLPchan for porn, I come because I can talk about whatever the fuck I want.

I can start a video game thread or a music thread that has nothing to do with ponies and I won't get banned for being off-topic, but I also don't have to deal with other 4chan garbage. I like (most) of the community here. /mlp/ WAS my home--before everything changed.

This place is the perfect mix of freedom and 4chan "culture" or whatever you want to call it. It feels like /mlp/ except I don't have to be terrified of the staff, making sure I don't shitpost or be lewd and get banned for three days with no appeal.

Anonymous 489352

that's the same guy.

Anonymous 489355

File: 1420253956770.jpg (126.82 KB, 1280x1024, 1402520562884.jpg)

Accusing of samefagging for opinions with which you disagree is close to the most immature and self-discrediting things you can do.

Anonymous 489357

File: 1420254007924.png (330.46 KB, 602x570, 1397209134595.png)

>video game thread on pony board
I'm glad off-topic is banned on /mlp/.

Anonymous 489360

But he's right though, I'm both posts. Although I don't know who he was talking before so I guess he does accuse of samefagging.

See, here you sound a bit like the 8chan faggots.
Look, I've been on 4chan since 2009, and was among the firstfags on /co/, and guess what, back then we managed without porn and with rules, and we did just fine.

I still spend HOURS on /mlp/ per day with random shit, hitting the catalog and going on threads, at least 2 per day, so I don't see what kind of stupid shit you need (muh random vidya thread but I don't like the tard at /v/! Baaaw! Threads about MLP games are allowed bro) but clearly that just means you have different taste, it doesn't mean that this more effective at distracting everyone.

Anonymous 489361

this place* is more effective
And yeah, off top threads are shit.

Anonymous 489362

File: 1420254338107.png (82.56 KB, 524x450, 1399810342564.png)

Oh, pardon. I misunderstood. In >>489350 I meant to reply to >>489346.

Anonymous 489363

So what will we do while we wait, argue which site is better like usual?

Anonymous 489364

>Look, I've been on 4chan since 2009
You dun fucked up. No one cares when you started posting. And I started posting in the winter of 2005. No one has ever cared or should have about the 'rules.'

Anonymous 489365

I like this site and I don't mind if a thread goes a little off-topic, but I'd rather the board try to always be MLP related.

Anonymous 489366


I don't even know how to respond to this. I guess you just like being trapped in a tiny cage because occasionally they feed you candy instead of shit.

And I've been on 4chan since 2009 as well, you're no more oldfag than I am, so don't pull that card.

Anonymous 489367

What's the point of a pony board, if you post non-pony things?

Anonymous 489368

Then why do you complain about them?
I didn't want to pull that card but then you sounds like a /b/ or /v/tard, which then would explain your and >>489364's attitude.

Anonymous 489370

Anon who's thinking about moving here, what's it like to get banned on mlpchan? Like whats the normal ban length, what does it take to get 'permabanned' (lol) do you get warnings?

Anonymous 489371

It's really weird how stating how long you've been in the community is so common on anonymous imageboards.
Unless you're a tripfag or otherwise have something that can identify you, you have no real proof.
It's also fallacious to think that it even matters in most cases when it's brought up.

Anonymous 489373

File: 1420254636626.png (132.78 KB, 900x711, happy_fluttershy_by_sircinnamo…)

Yes; it means zilch. Anon is anon.

Anonymous 489374

/anon/ is dead, /mlp/ is nice
If you want porn and anthro, go to derpiboo.ru

Anonymous 489376

People are more likely to mention small details about themselves in an anonymous context because they know no one will be able to attribute those statements to them. It's a bit like going to confession.

Anonymous 489377

File: 1420254720890.png (5 KB, 566x89, 1413528724306.png)

>/mlp/ is nice

Anonymous 489378

>/anon/ is dead
It's been that way for a while

Anonymous 489379

>Nice is not "good"
>using a random anon post in an argument.
You must have a pretty small dick OP.

Anonymous 489380


I haven't posted on /b/ since like 2010 and I rarely go to /v/ unless I feel like pissing them off by saying Morrowind is overrated or something.

I don't like the people who come here just because /mlp/ is down and then criticize us, it's basically like /anon/ is that nice guy and /mlp/ is the bitch that cries on his shoulder after her boyfriend (moot) beats her the 20th time, but then goes back to him again.

It's getting old.


Max I've been banned here is for 10 minutes because a mod said specifically not to do something and I did it right away, forget why exactly.

Anonymous ## Mod 489381

File: 1420254837076.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 1245x1920)

Other than spam, bots, or CP, we don't ban.

I mean unless someone is just deliberately shitposting like there's no tomorrow, but I guess that'd be counted under spam. Very rarely if someone is tripfagging without any cause, they'll get a warning, and ignoring that may result in a short ban.

That's pretty much it.

You may return to the argument pit.

Anonymous 489382

Tell me why do you thing it's not nice? /mlp/ is still pretty active, mods actually clean shitposting and raids don't end with an erased board

Anonymous 489383

Anonymous 489384

think* I'm sleepy and I mess words

Anonymous 489385

I come here when /mlp/ is down because I know there'll be someone here to talk to. If I could count on reasonable posting speed here all the time, I'd be here all the time. Don't really want to play favorites between this and /mlp/ though.

Anonymous 489386

File: 1420254936131.png (196.85 KB, 545x694, 1390706577769.png)

Thank you.

When 4chan is down I like to come here to complain about /anon/.

Anonymous 489387

Not all of us hate you guys, plus, this rarely happens, unless some faggot goes here claiming /mlp/ is dead or whatever, then sorry about the faggots.

Anonymous 489388

You're pretty cool for a mod.

Anonymous 489389


How do you propose to increase traffic if you just keep going back to /mlp/?

Anonymous 489390

>I don't like the people who come here just because /mlp/ is down and then criticize us, it's basically like /anon/ is that nice guy and /mlp/ is the bitch that cries on his shoulder after her boyfriend (moot) beats her the 20th time, but then goes back to him again.

Now you're the hypocritical bitch, we often have random guys coming on /mlp/ trying to get people to come here because >we have porn and everything. I don't criticize you for existing, I criticize your sense of superiority like >>489320 this fucking guy.

And coming here because of a 3/4 hours downtime is not "moot beating us for the 20th time" you overdramatic bitch. You're just a bonus to keep us occupied, we don't rage at moot for server updates and shit.

Anonymous 489391

>Very rarely if someone is tripfagging without any cause, they'll get a warning, and ignoring that may result in a short ban.
That´s like heaven

Anonymous 489392

By the way, I remember there was music on theme "Geocities", where is it now?

Anonymous 489394

I think it was for a special occasion. The theme is still there but the music was a prank or something.

I wish they'd do the katamari thing again.

Anonymous 489395

Guys I got things mixed up. I thought he was implying that the people posting on /mlp/ are nice and not the board itself. It´s 4am here and I´m tired and a faggot.

Anonymous 489396

Anonymous 489398


>we often have random guys coming on /mlp/ trying to get people to come here

Well I wouldn't know about that because like I said I don't go on /mlp/ anymore.

I'm sorry if I come across as having a superiority complex but I am sick of this shit.

Anonymous 489399

File: 1420255261601.jpg (111.11 KB, 800x897, 1393384263157.jpg)

/mlp/ mods have gotten pretty cool too. They're fastidious about eliminating shitposting and anthro, and they respond to messages; they banned topf and flashfag and other persistent shitposters, and re-banned every time they came back.

Anonymous 489400

Thank you, shill anon.

Anonymous 489401

What shit? /mlp/ barely comes here.

Anonymous 489402

>I accept authoritarian dickery when it bans something I don't like

Anonymous 489403

If this place is being particularly fast, I leave a tab open for both it and /mlp/ until it slows down. Do your board a favor and don't get annoying about recruiting people, it just drives them away.

I noticed that. Glad to see it, even if I am still living in fear of so much as mentioning doubles even in an otherwise on-topic post because I get b& for it every time.

Nice digits, by the way.

Anonymous 489404

Look at the top of the thread.

How many posts are insulting /anon/?

Meanwhile, /mlp/ take a hit on the third post: >>489294 as if telling this no life nerd to go outside as joke was a capital offense.

If you want some of us to stay, try to act shill when we visit, don't start a fucking board war.

Anonymous 489405

True, even bat threads are cleaner now, I like new mods.

Anonymous 489407

File: 1420255458713.gif (333.87 KB, 300x169, dash laugh.gif)

>dat fucking typo.

Anonymous 489408

File: 1420255460681.jpg (61.42 KB, 403x873, 1420213286757.jpg)

>this entire thread

Anonymous 489409

File: 1420255464800.png (260.68 KB, 600x800, I see, but I don't understand.…)

Blame the "remember when /b/ was good?" faggots.
And I agree, it mystifies me that anon will say that when the aim of anonymous image boards is to stop the seniority/authority arguments from common fair forums.

But I do agree that if someone behaves like a newfag you should always reply with "lurk moar"

Anonymous 489410

>/mlp/ take a hit on the third post
He was talking about 8chan, and the raid.

Reading comprehension.

Anonymous 489411

File: 1420255483865.jpg (229.33 KB, 1600x1103, 1408594722002.jpg)

One thing I've often wondered, if you don't mind answering.

When you're just browsing, can you, or do you have the option to, see "anon-ID's"?

I've been curious if that's part of /mlp/ mods' mod-vision.

Anonymous 489412

I join this.
You have authoritarian dickery here too, if this place was truely free, why ban the spam?
Every places needs rules, 4chan is still anon, the porn rule is stupid, but the shitposting rule is not, the /b/ crowd is still not the best neighbours.

Anonymous 489413

Of course.

Anonymous 489414

I've always wondered.
What defines 'shitposting'?

Anonymous 489415

File: 1420255644771.png (269.67 KB, 1041x1024, mtr_1408239131759.png)

I always report doubles, and am grateful for mods cleaning up that worthless null-content.

That said, I am glad that others have noticed the change in /mlp/'s management-style as well.

Anonymous 489416

Oh yeah.
6th, 7th and 8th post then.

Anonymous ## Mod 489417

>if this place was truely free, why ban the spam?
Just gonna say that's a pretty terrible argument. I mean seriously, deleting spambot's is 'authoritarian dickery?' You can do better than that for an argument, man.

Of course; whether tinyboard or kusaba moderators have the option.

Anonymous 489418

>change in /mlp/'s management-style
People have been saying this for years. I never noticed anything.

Anonymous 489419

File: 1420255754767.jpg (31.47 KB, 501x372, 1417419212816.jpg)

How do we know it was 8chan?

Anonymous 489420

According to Urban Dic, which is as good as we'll get, Shitposting is:
1: The failure to make a constructive post
2: The inability to add useful information to a forum
3: Worthless overly offensive generally racists posts written in a manner which aggravates others.

Anonymous 489421

>6th, 7th and 8th
Sixth post is >>489315 , yes. Someone who dislikes /mlp/.
Seventh post is >>489317 , someone who actively seeks to improve /mlp/.
Eight post is likely the same as the sixth post.

So one person.

C'mon dude.

Anonymous 489422

Would you mind only reporting mentions of repeating digits if they're not accompanied by an on-topic post? That way you're only getting rid of posts that truly contribute nothing.

Anonymous 489423

Because the autist who did it was the person who threatened to do exactly what happened, and posted about it there.

Anonymous 489424

File: 1420255817512.jpg (37.08 KB, 474x498, 1410898458712.jpg)

I knew mods could see a given user's posts; I was just curious if it were that easy when just browsing. Thanks.

Anonymous 489425

File: 1420255840267.jpg (65.69 KB, 860x650, Proof ;DDD.jpg)

Was about to ask the same.

Anonymous 489426

Nah, seventh here, I was advocating the destruction of /mlp in that thread.

Anonymous 489427

I'm saying that every places had its rules.
4chan always had rules, /co/ had rules, /tg/ have rules, except /b/, /v/ and /s4s/, every places has rules.

The porn rule is stupid because the place is mature, 18+ and obviously there's sitll porn around in text form, and is more caused by Moot's furry rejection. But to act like 4chan was always a free state is stupid, it never was, you just complain now because mods finally woke up (rather, he upgraded the system just after faust's visit, a bad coincidence) and so, just like the /v/ and /pol/ of 8chan, some made your own little "safe heaven".

Anonymous 489428

File: 1420255896561.png (117.46 KB, 292x350, 1410899628430.png)

If it's accompanied by meaningful content, I seldom report it, though I still think it's worthless.

Anonymous 489429

I don't see any post on /pone/ or /b/ or /pol/ from someone that said they did it.

Seems like a kneejerk reaction to blame them.

Anonymous 489430

The mods recently came down hard on TOPF and Flashfag, among others. People have been pretty happy about this.

Anonymous 489431

>Max I've been banned here is for 10 minutes
>Other than spam, bots, or CP, we don't ban.
Right, I'm okey with this.

So you guys have a couple of rules, one of them seems to be "In general, R34 (is) not allowed"
Not sure if it's badly worded or if I'm just retarded and can't read; if you put a spoiler on a r34 image on a non-mature content thread is that okey? If you were not image dumping clop - just posting a image that was related to the topic at hand.

Do you guys normally just remove the offending posts and give a warning instead of a short ban? Or both?

Anonymous 489432

File: 1420255972927.png (211.18 KB, 1370x1179, happy scrunch.png)

Yes. Also they allow lewd and even diaper threads (in the latter case, if the OP image is deleted).

Anonymous 489433

And even the trifecta has rules, GR15 being one of them, its just so fast that often they get past entire threads.

Anonymous ## Mod 489434

We have an option to only show them if we roll-over the post. I prefer it so I don't see the IPs unless I need to.

We'd gotten a threat from a specific user from /pone/ about it, the last time they raided and failed in their DDOS.

>So you guys have a couple of rules, one of them seems to be "In general, R34 (is) not allowed"
That's only on the other boards. Not /anon/.

Anonymous 489435

Hm, that's not nearly enough for them not to be faggots.
But enjoy your candy.

Anonymous 489436

>i cant ignore things i dont like, please ban it for me

so basically you're half ponychan and half 4chan
sounds gay. no thanks.

Anonymous 489437

I'm not sure, but maybe banning porn from /mlp/ was related to zoophillia being banned in some states/countries? You know, to stop feminist-like faggots to shit on moot for allowing posting pictures with horse genitalia? Also, if you send a report on post with greentext clopfics, mods will delete them too, but they won't ban

Anonymous 489438

I'm not here usually, I'm a guy from /mlp/ as you'd guess, but it looks like something happened to this board, there's only a few threads, what happened?

Anonymous 489439

File: 1420256223688.png (167.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1419034615431.png)

Why would anyone report on-topic greentext?
Also, I'm skeptical that mods would delete that sort of original, appreciated content these days.

Anonymous 489440

File: 1420256224977.png (48.19 KB, 1337x453, mods and clop.png)

>caused by Moot's furry rejection
You know I was lurking moe for prehistoric posts of /mlp/ when I found these.
Seems like you are not that off.

Anonymous 489441

Probably not. There's far worse shit on the Hentai boards.
>send a report on post with greentext clopfics, mods will delete them too, but they won't ban
Lol what, I never saw this ever since they arrived. Where the fuck has this happened.

Anonymous 489442

An extremely persistent and autistic spammer put together a big spam effort that pushed a bunch of threads off the board (and another board.)

Anonymous 489443

File: 1420256268593.jpg (32.52 KB, 395x400, 987392436534.jpg)

There was a notification at the top of every page saying that the site would go down for a few hours for maintenance.

Anonymous 489444

You're not very perceptive, are you?

Anonymous 489445

File: 1420256338291.jpg (118.9 KB, 1024x640, 1399954372800.jpg)

Pardon? It's still there.

Anonymous 489446

TOPF and Flashfag spam Pinkie and Twilight threads respectively with content they know people there dislike, and actively take measures to prevent anyone from being able to ignore them. I'm pretty sure they would be banned here as well.

Anonymous 489447

Well fucking Duh, I know it's that. Why do you think ANTHRO is also banned?
Again, stupid, but the board still manage to be entertaining.
They are two obvious trolls, they'd get the same treatment here man.

Anonymous 489448

We're referring to this site, /anon/.

Anonymous 489449

>bad reading comprehension
>arduously defends 4chan in a passive manner
Yep, a verifiable faggot here.

Anonymous 489450

>Not constructive.
>The inability to add useful information.
So roughly 99% of my posts are shitposting?

Anonymous 489451

He was asking what happened here. That was pretty clear, too.

Actually, TOPF still posts here on /oat/, because they managed to affect his behavior through methods other than bans, and he's marginally acceptable as a poster there now. He even has friends.

This, lol.

Anonymous 489452

Flashfag was definitely a form a prolonged image-spam shitposting, regardless of content.

TOPF was also pretty clear-cut shitposting.

Anonymous 489454

>clopfag should be hoofed on the balls
I wonder if that was just the mod trying to fit in or if he was a full on brony.

Anonymous 489456

File: 1420256506002.gif (1.63 MB, 793x830, 1411950252743.gif)

Oh, I see. I'm daft today.

Anonymous 489457

Well, I hope the mods come down on him at the first sign of trouble. He's got a real addiction to making people hate him.

Anonymous 489458


every week or two we have a thread like this

4chan goes down, or has some shitstorm where people think it's the apocalypse but then quickly forget about it (recent example: gamergate) and people come here, and we have this same thread with people arguing about the same stuff.



>if this place was truely free, why ban the spam?

I don't know, maybe because it knocked literally every thread off of the board, which included a lot of stuff people cared about?

Anonymous 489459

Isn't shitposting only shitposting if the intent is to shitpost?
I don't think TOPF's intent was to shitpost.

Anonymous 489461

>Every week or two
Wasn't the last downtime like 3 month ago? Hell, gamergate was in august.
And here you use an obvious straw parody.
So basically, you're exactly acting like an elitist shill.

Anonymous 489462

Well those guys must be faggots or something, because most of us ignore big events or stick to /mlp/ to scream about it. I think I said this somewhere else before, but sorry for the faggots.

Anonymous 489463

>Isn't shitposting only shitposting if the intent is to shitpost?

No, you can shitpost just fine while thinking you're in the right. A person could genuinely believe, for example, that all fans of a certain pony are terrible and that telling them this does a service to the world, but doing that would still be shitposting.

Anonymous ## Mod 489464

File: 1420256818531.png (525.41 KB, 1000x1000)

We did, when it was necessary. Though reason seemed to work well enough.

He's been away for a bit, but I think that's for other reasons. He's a semi-regular poster on >>>/oat/ . We haven't had to ban him for a long time.

Can't we all just get along~

Anonymous 489465

File: 1420256881867.jpg (110.86 KB, 960x719, 1420250713149.jpg)

>Can't we all just get along~
Peace is never an option

Anonymous 489466

I just want to ensure he doesn't get away with the same shit again, on /mlp/ or anywhere else. If you've got him under control, consider me impressed and relieved.

Anonymous 489467

You mean he's still alive?
Fuck I need to talk to that faggot. We had some good times.

Anonymous 489468

you fags should go over to /pone/ on 8chan

Anonymous 489469

How did you even manage to keep him on a leash?

Anonymous 489470

Seriously? Let's just get to a new conservation, like what makes us like pone.

Anonymous 489471

What is sarcasm.

Anonymous 489472


I don't care anymore, I'm going to bed.

Maybe I overreacted, I'm sorry I guess.

If /mlp/ is what works for you, then I guess you should keep going there, because in the end one of the biggest freedoms is to choose where you post in addition to what you post, or something like that. I just prefer here.

My personal issues could be fucking with my mentality right now.

Anonymous 489473

I don't like ponies, Anon.

Anonymous 489474

Sorry, I'm just a bit sleepy like everyone else, but the point remains.
I know you must be joking now.

Anonymous 489475

That's alright man. I'm a bit sleepy to. The buzz from new years still has taken it's toll.

So who is best pony.

Anonymous ## Mod 489476

File: 1420257285235.jpg (33.46 KB, 640x640)

I'm ready.

We do what we must because we can~

Mostly we used de rigueur rather than de facto methods. Socially, and for his own benefit to continue to be able to post, he had to alter his behavior and conform to the norms at that board.

And you should probably advertise elsewhere. Mostly because it won't be helpful to you.

Anonymous 489477

>what makes us like pone

The show and the stuff the fandom creates, mostly. An imaginative fanbase can make anything a lot more appealing, and it certainly helps, but the show itself is really what keeps me here.

Anonymous 489478

File: 1420257303834.jpg (149.31 KB, 1095x795, knave.jpg)

Anonymous 489479

I find Applejack to be pretty good.

Anonymous 489480

File: 1420257355037.gif (2.7 MB, 300x189, War has changed.gif)

Bring it on.

Anonymous 489481

I liked the one I knew and loved.
Please don't tell me https://mlpchan.net/oat/res/2898110.html is him now.

Anonymous 489483

File: 1420257423634.png (207.5 KB, 1280x998, cocanie.png)

Celestia is best pone
Dunno if its that motherly tone or what but she does things to my heart, man.

Anonymous 489484

Nah, that's not him.

Anonymous 489488


Anonymous 489489

I can agree with you, but there's also some other things I like about the fandom, if you know what I mean. The positive support. Oh, and the porn, too
She is pretty godly.

Anonymous 489494

My favorite ponies for porn:

1 Applejack
2 Celestia
3 Rarity
4 Cheerilee

Anonymous 489501

Twilight's my favorite pony, but I seem to enjoy porn of Rarity most, with Pinkie in a close second and Applejack in third. Maybe it's just because their personalities and designs work well in those situations.

Anonymous 489502

File: 1420258028967.png (450.5 KB, 3000x3254, 1397318523662.png)

>masturbating to ponies

Anonymous 489504

Test >>489482
Does this work?

Anonymous 489506

File: 1420258153380.jpg (101.63 KB, 900x772, 1398761218385.png)

>not masturbating to ponies

Anonymous 489507

File: 1420258201274.gif (Spoiler Image,152.97 KB, 375x430, doyouseemenowmrcrabs.gif)

Yep. As you can see they're still advertising.
Damn you /pone/

Anonymous 489513

File: 1420258318331.jpg (Spoiler Image,555.43 KB, 1101x1200, Flutters1408699499894.jpg)

Ponka is my favorite pone but fluttershys voice in the sack fucking unf also she makes the best cute porn, sunbutt has to be my second for porn for obvious reasons

>standard masturb8 to pony b8/10

Anonymous 489515

i'm a faggot and would enjoy sucking your cock
This post was edited by a moderator on .

Anonymous 489518

File: 1420258442957.png (91.81 KB, 274x337, blushing shy dashie.png)

Pic related, I found her the more human like, and she would be the closest to hang on *chans.

Anonymous 489523

/pone/ bans anthro for literally no reason, I'm not even from here and I can see what one is better.

Anonymous 489535

if you like anthro 8chan has a /furry/ board too

Anonymous 489537

Stop giving me more reasons to dislike your site.

Anonymous 489546

>arbitrarily divide content because some people can't ignore it or dislike it
lmfao some freedumb you got there faggot

Anonymous 489549

you said you like anthro, people on /pone/ dislike it,
anyone who likes anthro is basically a furry

Anonymous 489555

and you wonder why everyone complains about how slow /pone/ is?

Anonymous 489559

What are you talking about? I didn't even mention anthro.

Anonymous 489561

its a very good thing in practice and has worked out very well so far

Anonymous 489566

someone said they like it

Anonymous 489569

>someone said they like it
>instead of replying correctly, he replies to a random post.

Anonymous 489571

Anonymous 489576

ITT: /anon/ and /mlp/ have a slap fight, then 8chan walks in and they both turn to shoot him in the face.

Anonymous 489580

>I'm not the one botting them
>But it does produce a very good opportunity for us to try to get some of them over here
>I already got one to admit he was gonna try us out
>I'm sure there are others lurking in that thread who are gonna try us too
What the fuck is wrong with them? They're taking this far too seriously.

Anonymous 489582

Well, the site was created by /pol/ conspiracy theorists. I imagine they take everything too seriously.

Anonymous 489584

File: 1420259576055.png (53.48 KB, 218x260, rarity_no.png)

/pone/, the new kid on town everyone stomps over.
Even ponychan.

Anonymous 489586

/v/ermin are the main reason it's around.

/pol/ used to be a pretty good board.

Anonymous 489587

lol this

Anonymous 489588

Ponychan, really?

Anonymous 489589

I imagine he'd get stomped on less if he stopped following them around talking about how great he is.

Anonymous 489590

I'm from /pol/ and I'm SO offended

Anonymous 489594

Ya es hora

Anonymous 489596

File: 1420259889427.png (17.46 KB, 550x585, Aldmeri Dominion.png)

>/pol/ conspiracy theorists
Oy vey!

Anonymous 489597

It's funny we said the same thing about /anon/ after the scruffening.

Anonymous 489599

The same advice applies. If you want someone to believe your website is good, show, don't tell.

Anonymous 489600

File: 1420260065476.png (284.66 KB, 491x491, 526.png)

Anonymous 489601

File: 1420260120680.gif (2.84 MB, 418x312, happy merchant.gif)

Anonymous 489602

My samefag sense is tingling.

Anonymous 489604

File: 1420260269776.png (57.53 KB, 1870x912, 1409618041962.png)

Anonymous 489605

File: 1420260283997.png (19.07 KB, 305x116, Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 5.44…)

you should get that checked out Anon.

Anonymous 489607

What were these cryptic messages anyway?

crossboarder here. was watching a couple of threads on this board, shame they got deleted because of those fucking spammers. this is one of the only boards i know of that allows irl horse pussy, other then 7chan.

Anonymous 489608

File: 1420260390506.png (169.82 KB, 471x349, 1405081415611.png)

Anonymous 489609

In that case, I advise /pol/ to not immediately accuse anyone who calls them conspiracy theorists of being part of the conspiracy. It kind of proves the point.

Anonymous 489614

Welcome to namecalling 101
if you talk shit about /pol/ you get called a jew
if you talk shit about /b/ you get called a nigger
if you talk shit about [s4s] you get called rude
if you talk shit about bane you get called a hothead
if you talk shit about tumblr you get called a white man
it you talk shit about ponychan no-one cares

Anonymous 489615

Trouble is, I think /pol/ might actually believe anyone who doesn't like them is a Jew.

Anonymous 489617

>implying you're not part of the JIDF

Anonymous 489620

Man I came here just to see if he'd come.

I hope he does.

Anonymous 489621

Been two hours, probably not.
And he'll probably spend the week end with his wife.
He deserves it though.

Anonymous ## Mod 489622

File: 1420261140451.jpg (121.55 KB, 1152x864)

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.

Anonymous 489623

File: 1420261184273.png (57.53 KB, 1870x912, 1409618041962.png)

Anonymous 489624

The power at my place has been out for most of the day. I wasn't able to get on at all. What happened in the story today?

Anonymous 489625

File: 1420261214910.png (1.31 MB, 1270x714, huaheehuehueha.png)

Oh wow.

Anonymous ## Mod 489626

FUCK I forgot it removes the filenames from mod posts.

my clever >le happy marechant.jpg doesn't show up. dammit

Anonymous 489627

File: 1420261256698.jpg (72.37 KB, 1000x591, 1412996127465.jpg)

This is why /mlp/ mods are better.

Anonymous 489629

>what are jokes

Anonymous 489630

cock sucking mother fucking jidf oy vey shill FAGGOT

Anonymous 489631

File: 1420261301537.jpg (222.75 KB, 1598x1397, mlp twi descovers the meaning …)

Anonymous 489632

File: 1420261314799.gif (110.89 KB, 350x350, 1410898523402.gif)


Anonymous 489633

You are falling for bait miserably /anon/

Anonymous 489634

*quack quack*

Anonymous 489635

I once spent several threads screencapping episodes and trying to come up with clever filenames for each screencap. It is a good pain.

Anonymous 489636

File: 1420261378716.png (250.71 KB, 746x682, rainberg_dashowitz_by_elegantm…)

Aye, merchant thread is go.

Anonymous 489637

We play as biff.
Turns out he ended up landing on an island full of Amazon virgin mares who want his pure dick.

Anonymous 489638

File: 1420261466443.jpg (90.4 KB, 739x742, 2011+5 and still falling for b…)

Of course!

Anonymous 489640

File: 1420261507272.png (1.12 MB, 515x3497, awakening_by_foudubulbe-d7s86d…)

I'm going to dump something. You can deal with it.


Precursor (optional): http://foudubulbe.deviantart.com/art/Damp-Rocks-short-movie-469436997

Part 1: pic related

Part 2: http://foudubulbe.deviantart.com/art/An-Enthusiastic-Listener-474307905

Part 3 etc: link to each successive comic below the predecessor.

You won't regret it.

Anonymous 489641

File: 1420261519648.png (696.29 KB, 400x1887, an_enthusiastic_listener_by_fo…)

Anonymous 489642

File: 1420261531609.png (574.39 KB, 400x770, an_enthusiastic_listener__2_by…)

Anonymous 489643

File: 1420261544153.png (1.35 MB, 650x3406, maud_s_day_off_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489644

File: 1420261552482.jpg (9.7 KB, 290x174, bane.jpg)

Anonymous 489645

File: 1420261556395.png (528.77 KB, 600x1176, pink_encounter_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489646

File: 1420261569437.png (500.96 KB, 600x1300, gummy_the_insatiable_by_foudub…)

Anonymous 489649

File: 1420261581864.png (559.17 KB, 600x1559, awakening_again_by_foudubulbe-…)

Anonymous 489650

I don't know why I love Baneposting so much.

Anonymous 489651

File: 1420261594055.png (737.45 KB, 600x2085, kiss_me_once_by_foudubulbe-d7v…)

Anonymous 489652

File: 1420261605705.png (480.84 KB, 600x1180, alone_together_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489653

File: 1420261616366.jpg (76.71 KB, 575x1024, WHY DOES HE WEAR THE MASK.jpg)

Anonymous 489654

You mean shitposting?

Anonymous 489655

File: 1420261629101.png (523.8 KB, 600x1152, the_magic_trick_by_foudubulbe-…)

Anonymous 489656

File: 1420261641553.png (721.33 KB, 600x1689, the_broken_ear_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489657

File: 1420261655199.png (715.34 KB, 500x2758, the_maud_hatter_by_foudubulbe-…)

Anonymous 489658

File: 1420261667470.png (740.52 KB, 550x1465, shadows_of_the_past_by_foudubu…)

Anonymous 489660

File: 1420261679294.png (854.21 KB, 550x2106, shadows_of_the_past_2_by_foudu…)

Anonymous 489661

File: 1420261691150.png (308.18 KB, 600x853, a_tricky_morning_by_foudubulbe…)

Anonymous 489662

File: 1420261703903.png (357.63 KB, 550x822, getting_up_on_the_right_side_o…)

Anonymous 489663

File: 1420261717102.png (449.24 KB, 500x990, civility_reward_by_foudubulbe-…)

Anonymous 489664

File: 1420261729431.png (425.63 KB, 550x1049, basic_feeding_guide_for_maud_b…)

Anonymous 489665

File: 1420261741399.png (577.68 KB, 500x1500, shopping_by_foudubulbe-d7xwi71…)

Anonymous 489666

It's a clever sort of shitposting http://imcute.yt/mlp/thread/21243518/

Anonymous 489667

File: 1420261753857.png (427.33 KB, 500x1255, the_present_by_foudubulbe-d7y0…)

Anonymous 489668

File: 1420261768950.png (823.05 KB, 500x2149, the_purchase_by_foudubulbe-d7y…)

Anonymous 489669

File: 1420261780811.png (562.92 KB, 500x1788, trixie_s_anger_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489671

File: 1420261801443.png (692.99 KB, 500x1926, return_by_foudubulbe-d7yjf88.p…)

Anonymous 489672

File: 1420261816926.png (768.39 KB, 350x2706, relaxation_by_foudubulbe-d7zu3…)

Anonymous 489673

File: 1420261836768.png (538.24 KB, 350x1852, face_it_by_foudubulbe-d8090pk.…)

Anonymous 489674

looks like spam

Anonymous 489676

No, it's some dude posting a comic to pass the time.

Anonymous 489677

File: 1420262045022.png (315.44 KB, 350x901, face_it_by_foudubulbe-d8090pl.…)

Anonymous 489678

File: 1420262063309.png (852.11 KB, 350x2822, true_fear_by_foudubulbe-d80gof…)

Anonymous 489679

File: 1420262077839.png (891 KB, 350x2833, training_request_by_foudubulbe…)

Anonymous 489680

File: 1420262094682.png (878.34 KB, 350x2833, the_lesson_by_foudubulbe-d8181…)

Anonymous 489681

File: 1420262106989.png (801.05 KB, 350x2822, smashing_despondency_by_foudub…)

Anonymous 489682

File: 1420262118750.png (891.26 KB, 350x2822, love_talk_by_foudubulbe-d82u5u…)

Anonymous 489683

File: 1420262130295.png (710.54 KB, 350x2822, breathless_by_foudubulbe-d83dh…)

Anonymous 489684

File: 1420262142194.png (699.25 KB, 350x5118, reconciliation_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489685

File: 1420262153840.png (793.16 KB, 350x2822, dream_rescue_by_foudubulbe-d84…)

Anonymous 489686

This fucking guy pushing his crazy trixiemaud ship...

Anonymous 489687

File: 1420262165480.png (786.02 KB, 350x2822, quick_temper_by_foudubulbe-d84…)

Anonymous 489689

File: 1420262197926.gif (216.53 KB, 600x1469, 0301_by_foudubulbe-d872et9.gif)

It's crazy, but the way he executes it, incredibly cute.

Anonymous 489690

File: 1420262213432.gif (165.34 KB, 600x1132, fate_and_will_by_foudubulbe-d8…)

Anonymous 489691

File: 1420262226833.png (720.62 KB, 500x1712, argument_by_foudubulbe-d87o3ff…)

Anonymous 489692

File: 1420262233659.jpg (43.54 KB, 383x700, 1419816680382.jpg)

Anonymous 489693

File: 1420262238110.png (378.34 KB, 600x930, under_the_bed_by_foudubulbe-d8…)

Anonymous 489694

File: 1420262267102.png (371.96 KB, 600x739, the_confession_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Yeah, it really shouldn't. It's strictly adorable.

Anonymous 489695

File: 1420262278620.gif (163.43 KB, 600x1100, rebellion_by_foudubulbe-d890ab…)

Anonymous 489696

File: 1420262289664.gif (216.53 KB, 600x1469, 0301_by_foudubulbe-d872et9.gif)

Anonymous 489699

File: 1420262301514.gif (165.34 KB, 600x1132, fate_and_will_by_foudubulbe-d8…)

Anonymous 489700

File: 1420262316596.png (720.62 KB, 500x1712, argument_by_foudubulbe-d87o3ff…)

Anonymous 489701

File: 1420262329687.png (378.34 KB, 600x930, under_the_bed_by_foudubulbe-d8…)

Anonymous 489703

File: 1420262343150.png (371.96 KB, 600x739, the_confession_by_foudubulbe-d…)

Anonymous 489704

File: 1420262354641.gif (163.43 KB, 600x1100, rebellion_by_foudubulbe-d890ab…)

Anonymous 489705

File: 1420262374600.gif (206.15 KB, 600x2039, 0307da_by_foudubulbe-d89t2zj.g…)

Anonymous 489706

File: 1420262408744.png (295.29 KB, 700x597, the_gift_by_foudubulbe-d7viwoi…)

Fin, for now.
The artist updates semi-regularly.

Anonymous 489707

What does /mlp/ and /anon/ think about that's probably the first and last time I'll say that all the other pony based forums?

Anonymous 489708

File: 1420262477653.png (330.36 KB, 600x689, fly_me_away_by_foudubulbe-d8bj…)

Oh, speaking of which.
Now fin.

Anonymous 489709

Name one that isn't filled with 14 year old autists.

Anonymous 489710

Never been to Ponychan and 8chan. I have no plans to visit either.
EQD is okay if you stay out of the comments section, I mostly just check it for the art posts.
Derpibooru serves its purpose very well, and though I've heard complaints about the mods, the worst I've ever gotten from them is a warning.
Don't care enough about any other sites to list them.

Anonymous 489711

Do you have a link to the archive?

Anonymous 489712

ponychan - hugbox of manchildren in most boards
mlpforums - boring, tepid traditional messageboard
/pone/ - seems like a bunch of edgelords who ran away from 4chan because m-muh gamergate. arbitrarily ban anthro and off-topic but consider themselves FREEDUM
/mlp/ - it's alright. but somewhat stolid lately, which while sometimes a good thing, not so in this context.
mlpchan - /anon/ - as has always been it's description, a very nice board suffering only from lack of activity. /oat/ - tripfagging and circlejerkery and autism, but in a deceptively pleasant form unlike ponychan's version.
r/mylittlepony - a terrible mix of bland news, announcements, and people whoring their (or other people's) art
EQD - boring news site, comments section is akin to Youtube comments. mind-killing.

graveyard - equestriachan, fimchan, 7chan, fluttershy.us, r34pchan, canterlotunderground, dashchan, pony-chan, lunachan, etc etc etc

Anonymous 489713

Roundstable or whatever site that was made by pony goons is now a cancerous shithole.
And although /pone/ has always have advertisers they're overstepping it. I hope they keep the shillers on a leash.
Ponychan (apparently) was a brutal dictatorship at some time, but I've never visited them.
That's pretty much it.

Anonymous 489717

We at /pone/ have no real way of controlling the retards trying to shill but we certainly don't support it. It's almost like a form of trolling for them.

Anonymous 489721

/mlp/ it's rules are stupid, but it's fast and filled with the kind of threads I like, only 95% of the people want it to be NSFW
/anon/ would be good if there were more people.
/oat/ pointlessly namefagging, tripfagging, circlejerking 200%mad
/pone/ stupid rules and run by 14yos, plus the constant 8chan shilling is a real turn off
ponychan hugbox, circlejerking a prime example of why you should always get called a faggot at least once a day
r/mylittlepony is tumblr right? would never set foot there/10
EQD they hear all their interesting news from /mlp/ anyway so why would I go to a site full of underage kids when I can get it str8 from /mlp/
Derpibooru I'm not sure what is the difference between derpibrooru.org and derpibroo.ru even though I have been using .ru for over a year, only use it for images however and have not posted a single comment but I hear the mods are shit - basically bending over backwards to try and please the loudest people, people want a clear set of rules they don't want them to be constantly bent just because some SJW gets pissy. But I like it for images and find it easier to use than e34 or whatever it's called.

Anonymous 489723

File: 1420263842996.png (1.52 MB, 6463x7928, 1419051376580.png)

yeah no

Anonymous 489724

>filled with the kind of threads I like
okey I better explain that a little, I normally have 50ish threads blocked at all times so I only see the threads I like, no plane/moth/fat pones ect


Anonymous 489726

>Using filters the way m00t intended.
But that's cheating Anon :o

Anonymous 489727

since when has 7chan allowed pony? the closest thing i think they have to a board like that is either /fur/ or /be/, everything else has a ban on sight policy.

Anonymous 489729

But I thought everyone did that on /mlp/ nowdays?

Anonymous 489730

There are no threads I wish to filter, but I've used it to filter certain name/tripfags.

Anonymous 489731

>moot intended
he didn't intend shit, he was satisfied leaving his shitty and poorly coded site the way it was. users made all those improvements, only after everyone was using the extensions for years did he finally allow it to be added in-site because other people did the work already.

Anonymous 489732

Not according to the monthly "too many general" general or the recurring "how do we fix /mlp/?" threads.
Personally I don't care about generals either way so I don't use filters.

Anonymous 489733

Those people don't realize that without generals, /mlp/ would be 90% memes, underage arguments, and shitposting.

Generals are where most of the content is, as well as better discussion. The front page is full of /b/-tier underage.

Anonymous 489734

But I thought everyone did that on the too many general general was just new?

Anonymous 489735

Anonymous 489736

I don't like derpibooru.

I can't even call an idiot out for basically roleplaying in the comments section without getting banned.

First, I called him a faggot and then my comment was deleted.
Then, I said that he preferred the company of the same sex and it was deleted.

It's only good for storing images in a single place.

Anonymous 489737

Silly Anon, we would keep the good generals just get rid of the ones I don't like :^)
after all, people should not like what I don't like.

Anonymous 489738

I don't use filters. I scroll past what I don't like. If a thread has porn I don't like looking at, gore, or shitposting in the OP, I report it and move on.

Anonymous 489739

File: 1420264629085.jpg (10.7 KB, 248x414, QuestionMArk.jpg)

Since we have a reportfag here.
My guess is that you don't stick around those threads an spam Penn, correct?
Those are just trolls and newfags, right?

Anonymous 489740

Not that guy, but I report Penn alongside shitposting (which it is) and anthro.

Anonymous 489741

I can usually get away with calling people out on their stupidity, even telling mods I don't like the way they're acting. It's not too hard if you don't have a history of troublemaking and you explain what you don't like and why rather than just calling people faggots.

Anonymous 489744

Hell no, I never announce reports. I don't even report most porn threads, just the ones with stuff I dislike in the OP pic.

Anonymous 489746

What pony websites does /mlp/ and /anon/ support?
Is there any that you turn your ad block off for?

Anonymous 489748

literally none. here if they had advertisements I guess. but they don't, so no need.

Anonymous 489749

Also, just got word from the SysAdmin he's about to restore the pushed-off threads.
Was probably waiting till well after the spam died.

Anonymous 489750

File: 1420265236622.jpg (15.22 KB, 250x238, 1380121716420.jpg)

>if generals didn't exist, there would be no content! It would all be shitposting!
Anon, stop being stupid. That's like saying if there was no derpibooru, then there would be no images of ponies. That's retarded. Just because something practically has the monopoly on content does not mean it "creates" that content. Generals do not magically produce stories and artwork. Drawfags and writefags do. If there wasn't a general, then they'd go somewhere else to produce content, which a lot of writefags do. Generals are just outlets. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Anonymous 489751

4chan, MLPchan, and another chan or two are practically the only sites I allow to even use javascript.

Anonymous 489752

Fair. But it's also true that generals are effectively just very long threads, reflecting popular concepts and content.

Anonymous 489753


To be honest, most of those threads were dead shit with almost no replies.

Why not just start over?

Anonymous 489754

I turn it off for EQD since their ads are easy to ignore and I don't actively dislike them.

Anonymous 489755

>Why not just start over
Thats okey with me, but then I'm new so nothing I valued was lost.

Anonymous 489756

I'm not going to say
>rid all generals
Or that it's wrong to have them. I don't like any of them, so I just don't go them, but the generals in /mlp/ are getting to the point that they feel desperate, and gimmicky. Not a lot of really novel ideas there

Anonymous 489757

I use derpiboo.ru and 4chan but I don't like their moderators so adblock stays on.

Pastebin and imcute.yt/mlp/ I use and support, but pastebins ads are annoying and imcute has none, I might get pastebin pro just as a thank you though.

Vertigo 489763

My... my scat thread :'(

Anonymous 489766

I'm sure you can push a fresh one out.

Anonymous 489768

makes my puns look like crap

Anonymous 489769

I shit you not, I'm not very good with puns.

Anonymous 489772

Anonymous 489773

He died like Elvis did.

Anonymous 489774

Anon, you're the ass of the joke.

Anonymous 489792

So what is everyone doing while /mlp/ is down? Apart from shitposting on /anon/, I mean.

Anonymous 489793

Call me a faggot if you want.

I'm busy runescapin'. Always browse while playing, it's a good mix.

Anonymous 489794

Well, it isn't shitposting, but more along the lines of talking, but I'd imagine their everywhere, from 8chan to YouTube.

Anonymous 489795

I'm doing two of the three things I do asides from shitpost.

I'm reading and listening to music.

Anonymous 489796

watchin a stram, chatting with my usually crowd of faggots

Anonymous 489797

Does anyone know what the last post was before the shutdown?

Anonymous 489799

The last reply appears to have been in thread 21253015.

Anonymous 489800

I looked, the last post was of a pic of EqG Pinkie with the words:Did anyone noticed the masterplan, already?

Anonymous 489801

I'll admit, I hadn't noticed it yet.

Anonymous 489802

Yep. So what do you think m00t's doing?

Anonymous 489808

not him but i betcha he's probably fucking up/with the site somehow. last time 4chan went down, when it came back up, /pol/ became even more of a shitpost general.

Anonymous 489812

I just hope he gives us some slack.

Anonymous 489813

I wonder how moot feels about 4chan.

He's got people that would commit massacres if they didn't have the site to post on.

Anonymous 489814


you don't know the least of it. i'm 47% sure there's gonna be a shitstorm for some reason because of a change. maybe /pol/ is deleted and they run rabid everywhere. maybe /mlp/ is made nsfw and all the threads become porn, much to the liking of most and to the disdain of the faggots. who know's what will happen when he's messing with the site.

Anonymous 489815

taking out a containment board would be a bad idea, Shit would be spread through all the other boards.
Kind of like blowing up a septic tank, sure, you got rid of the place where all the shit is but sometimes you need a place for shit to go.

Anonymous 489816

>maybe /mlp/ is made nsfw and all the threads become porn
we can dream Anon.

Anonymous 489817

didn't pol try that when moot cucked em a month ago? I don't remember that going over too well

Anonymous 489818

and all the shit's gonna go everywhere as well if you blow up the septic tank.

Anonymous 489819

You do realize that you're posting on a board that allows porn, right?

Anonymous 489820

Do you think he'd even feel anything if someone actually did that?

Anonymous 489821

Anonymous 489822

I didn't say that.

I'm just wondering how he feels having that level of control.

Anonymous 489823

It's because majority of 4chan can deal with nazis and conspiracy theorists on their boards.
However, ponies are another thing, capable of even provoking the entirety of /b/.

Anonymous 489824

Why? You have here.
>b-but it's not /mlp/!

Anonymous 489825

they tried implementing something called "the samson option", iirc. people from /mlp/ would know how it went. poorly. i counted only two /pol/ specific threads posted, and they were gone in less then a minute. at least we got some porn.

Anonymous 489826

b-but it's not /mlp/!

Anonymous 489827

Their plan was to flood /mlp/ and push /mlp/ every else.

Moot was prepared and had tight moderation on every board they tried to go to.

Anonymous 489828

Exactly and what I'm saying if the /mlp/ were killed why would it be any different for us?

Anonymous 489829

I still don't know what you're trying to say.

I'm out of it.

Anonymous 489830

not everyone is going to flee /mlp/ because someone is raiding it, people would act defensively by nature.
However, if their home was completely taken off, where do they all go? Imagine all the people that do frequent /mlp/, including lurkers, without a home. They would raid other boards in anger, a good chunk of them, and do it religiously. Many users would get butthurt and mods would get angry with their jobs just trying to delete all of it, which they do
>for free
which would probably add incentive to just giving up and letting ponies be posted, because effort sucks.

Anonymous 489832

if /mlp/ was killed, i imagine this site would get a shitload of traffic in less then a day as people scramble to go to what would be neo-/mlp/. the only other boards available that are somewhat like /mlp/ are /anon/ and 8's /pone/. that also means a shitton of newfags to this site, who don't know what is considered right and wrong on this board and who shit up the board. i also imagine the moderation team for mlpchan wouldn't be able to keep up if all of a sudden at least half of people who browse /mlp/ came to this site all at once. hell, i don't even know if the servers can keep up with a userbase of that magnitude.

either that or what >>489830 is saying, since that's probably easier to raid every other board. what i'm saying might come after though

Anonymous 489835

I doubt that this board would rise up in THAT much traffic, I mean it would definitely gain traffic as a result of /mlp/ goin' kaput but I bet many anons from /mlp/ don't even know shit about this site or have completely forgotten about it. Same with /pone/, only those that use it really know about it and there are few that remember, when compared to the amount of people that don't know shit or have forgotten.
Alot of people are dedicated to keeping their home safe, and if your home were to be destroyed, perhaps you would go for vengeance first instead of seeking another home because you have the ability to, and there is no risk to it. Posting and getting banned on 4chan is a minor risk, not many people will care afterwards and some will only get proxies and vpns and all that.

Anonymous 489837

File: 1420273515561.jpg (45.94 KB, 620x444, 1408236824300.jpg)

because other boards find horsefuckers far more offensive than nazis

Anonymous 489838

those are sum cute ass horse booties though

Anonymous 489839

>that also means a shitton of newfags to this site, who don't know what is considered right and wrong on this board and who shit up the board.
talking about that, whats the bump limit for /anon/?

Anonymous 489840

Yep they're three very sexy girls

Their riders are okey also.

Anonymous 489841

just look at /v/. they hate anything pony with a passion. there was a recent thread where on some fps paintball shooter thing, iirc, someone posted someone that had a similar hairstyle and colour to humanised sweetie bell. instant butthurt and thread derailment once people noticed. though they have been known to be attracted to humanised pony, specifically celestia.

those are some nice horses there though.

Anonymous 489842

Speaking of /v/, I've been wondering about something.

How did that fnaf game get so popular? You have people making music, stories, artwork, etc.

I'm not really seeing the appeal.

Anonymous 489844

Oh wait it's just reflective strips
Kinda looked like boots to me

Anonymous 489845

File: 1420274014281.png (931.99 KB, 1045x618, Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 9.32…)

strange, seeing that /v/ is the top board that nor/mlp/eople use.

Anonymous 489846

me neither. i just think it's another generic jumpscare game. maybe some online gaymer like pewdiepie reviewed it and their horde of fans joined the bandwagon.

/mlp/ generally considers them tsundere for pony, there's one part of them that hates us with a passion, and the other part want's to fuck them like we do.

Anonymous 489847

Anonymous 489848

I can't even see /g/.
Yeah. I'm ashamed of my taste in music. I can't help but listen to some of the fnaf music people produce.

Anonymous 489849

Anonymous 489850

i only listened to tombstone's first one when he released it on youtube and it showed up in my subscriptions. didn't listen to anything else. mainly because i couldn't be fucked looking through the shit to find the bronze.

Anonymous 489851

I've had computer issues frequently for the past few months and I tend to find new music when I'm on computers that aren't mine. I just explore youtube for shit to listen to while biding my time.

I'm pretty ashamed to admit that I listen to mando's music on it.
The thing is, it's shit. It's even about him and how the animatronics like him.
I know it's shit and yet I continue to listen to it. I have no idea why.
I'll be damned if I pay him for it though. I'm just listening to youtube rips.

Anonymous 489852

Lyrics aren't the only part of a song. Is the music any good?

Anonymous 489853

haven't listened to his fnaf shit yet. in fact, the only song i actually listened to and liked was loyalty. wouldn't be surprised if it was shit though, since i imagine it would of been rushed so he can jump on the bandwagon like tombstone did or something.

Anonymous 489854

I guess.


The latest one he made is called 'Just Gold' and it has a nice beat, I suppose.

I also listen to covers of the metal gear rising revengeance soundtrack with kazoos.


I don't really know what to do about my musical tastes. One part of me tells me to disregard what others would think, but that's still hard to do when it comes to something like this.
I go by /mu/ every now and then and I feel like I'm missing out. It seems like they know about something I don't.

Anonymous 489855

The tough thing about trends like this is that you can't tell whether someone created content for it because they wanted popularity, or because they heard about it from the others who were doing it and got inspired. Personally I just enjoy what I can and try not to question the source.

Anonymous 489858

Are you at least using the macbook ironically?

Anonymous 489859

I've just gotten used to the idea that a work can turn out well or turn out badly regardless of why it was made or who made it. It's better to fairly critique the result without trying to judge where it came from. At least I can find more stuff I like that way.

Anonymous 489860


i have that same feel when i go to /mu/. at least they got me into vaporwave. i don't know why but it sounds good.

if the music's any good, then i don't see a problem, it's like the music of this fandom. if the music's shit though, it raises a few questions like "was this rushes?", "is this just a ploy to get more views/money?" and more. mainly from boards like /anon/ and /mlp/, since everyone else seems to like sucking the dick of the people who make the music, no matter how bad the music they make.

fuck this bloody broken trackpad.

i wish. parent's got it for me to use for college two years ago, since everyone had one and it was college policy to bring your own device. my only other computer is some netbook with debian (i think, haven't booted it for at least 6 months) on it i got 4 years ago. even though i look like a faggot to everyone except hipsters, at least it's faster then something with an atom processor and 1 gig of ram. plus, i got windows on it anyway. call me a faggot if you want, but i'd rather use any computer then no computer.

Anonymous 489861

That's a shame.
I'm currently using a thinkpad that my family helped me buy for christmas. It's in the x series.
A bit of advice. The older thinkpads are very cheap. I got a few for $30 each.
Those things will overheat or some other component will fail on you and leave you without a computer. Don't do it.

Anonymous 489863

tried to find a thinkpad, since /g/ seems to be so into them. i don't know why they splurge out over thinkpads, especially the older models, when almost everyone says they're shit. thinkpads don't seem as common in western australia, since i can't find any thinkpad on craigslist or gumtree (aussie craigslist). probably gonna get a <$1000 laptop or desktop when this macbook dies, the electronic stores usually have some good deals, hell, my parents bought two laptops for the price of one at harvey norman a few years back. used one for themselves and one for my younger bro for high school. sure, the free laptop had half the specs of the first one, it had no disk drive and it uses amd, it's free. free shit is always good.

Anonymous 489864

Thinkpads are easy to work on and parts are interchangeable among many different models

Anonymous 489865

i guess that's why /g/ likes it, if it breaks, just replace the part with the same or something similar and it works again.

Anonymous 489866

That's true. I'm >>489861 and I did this with older ones since they're so cheap.
I got tired after they kept on failing. Just avoid the older models. They're cheap, but not worth it.
I can still use them, just not as laptops.

Anonymous 489868

>i can still use them, just not as laptops
what can you use them as then? paperweights?

Anonymous 489872

Servers, routers, etc.

Anonymous 489873

this is probably a stupid question but how do you use a laptop as a router? unless it had multiple ethernet ports or something.

Anonymous 489874

I haven't converted one to a router yet, but I don't really have that many needs.
I could use it wirelessly, get a hub, use the ethernet port already on it, etc.

Anonymous 489876

ah, alright. so like what i sometimes do with my mac when i run out of data on my phone, just enable internet sharing and i broadcast my ethernet connection through wifi. fuck if osx doesn't have some useful built in features, plus the fact it's a more usable version of unix. linux is fine, but i constantly find i can't understand how the hell it works.

Anonymous 489877

>ah, alright. so like what i sometimes do with my mac when i run out of data on my phone, just enable internet sharing and i broadcast my ethernet connection through wifi.
Pretty much. I meant router literally. I'm just routing packets through it.
>fuck if osx doesn't have some useful built in features, plus the fact it's a more usable version of unix. linux is fine, but i constantly find i can't understand how the hell it works.
I feel you. I've been learning about how the hell I'm supposed to use UNIX through the BSDs. It's a shame I can't justify switching to the BSDs though.
I'd like to, but they're pretty unusable for most things.
I want Haiku OS to get out of Alpha so I can start using that. UNIX fucking sucks.

Anonymous 489878

File: 1420278901106.png (68.22 KB, 438x442, 1367501018141.png)

>it's a more usable version of unix. linux is fine, but i constantly find i can't understand how the hell it works.
Dude, seriously?

Anonymous 489879

how is haiku anyway? i heard some decent things about it.

sorry if i'm being retarded when it comes to linux, but that's how i see osx as, a somewhat more stable type of unix. although i guess it depends on the type of distro, i imagine distros like red hat and other server distros are specifically designed to be stable and optimised for long uptimes, whereas there are other distros like arch or gentoo, which either require 10 hours of fixing whenever you run pacman or requires 10 hours of setup for a destop environment. plus, i've grown up using and learning about windows, i've only started looking into linux somewhat about a year ago, because i wanted to see what it's like. that's what i used my shitty netbook for, experimenting with different distros i downloaded.

Anonymous 489880

I haven't had an opportunity to use Haiku yet. I'm only interested because it's an operating system that isn't UNIX.

Anonymous 489881

you could make a beowulf cluster if you have enough of them

Anonymous 489883

then again, you could make a beowulf cluster from almost anything if you have enough of them, from raspberry pis to ps3s.

Anonymous 489884

Thinkpad guy is going to sleep, I guess.

Goodnight MLPchan.

Anonymous 489903

Is this thread in autosage or something?

Anonymous 489904

yeah, it hit the bump limit.

Anonymous 489936

On this site bump-limited threads can still bump ~twice per day.

Anonymous 490846

Anyone know how long you get banned if you post porn?

Anonymous 490969

On /mlp/?

It's usually 3 days or slightly less, like 2 days and 23 hours.

Anonymous 502962

shit's down yo

Anonymous 502963

File: 1424002349315.jpg (30.08 KB, 456x628, 1394183693868.jpg)

im worried

Anonymous 502964

You shouldn't be.
This down time is nothing that hasn't happened before.
And deleting /mlp/ would be one of the dumbest things the new administration could do. It's up there with deleting /pol/.

Anonymous 502965

are you sure? which board? why don't we fight back?

Anonymous 502966

File: 1424002648485.png (49.54 KB, 1357x732, Capture1.PNG)

nevermind, just noticed the date.. so what happened today?

Anonymous 502967

Servers are down.

Anonymous 502968

Calm down, multiple boards are affected
I do wonder if the admins are aware though, I don't even know the contact address...

Anonymous 502969

yeah.. i got that part... but why?

Anonymous 502970

/b/is fine, guess i'm staying there tonight.

Anonymous 502971

We don't know
I think neither admins know...

The posting system is fucked too

Anonymous 502972

nvm just realized.....

Anonymous 502973

I bet the Donkeys did this.

Anonymous 502975

I couldn't bring myself to go to /b/ even if posting worked there. /mlp/ is pain and suffering, but at least it's not that way on purpose.

Anonymous 502976

Fuck, how long has this been going on? I just woke up.

Anonymous 502978

well... i been on b before i joined the fandom... so it's kinda a habit now.

Anonymous 502979

File: 1424007125848.jpg (302.21 KB, 800x1042, 1416342999414.jpg)

So /anon/ are you ready for your new ponychan overlords

Anonymous 502981

About three hours now.

Anonymous 502983

File: 1424008698090.png (43.55 KB, 1890x705, wtf.png)

What the hell is going on?

Anonymous 502984

I'll steal all your content and shove it into 8chan onto my board.

If I had just 1 day of admin control on that shithole I'd be nuking the shit out of /pony/ and putting on restrictions allowing only /fic/ to post in it. (which should have been done since summer 2011). Same thing I'd do with /mlp/'s generals, no more Anon In Equestria, instead only Pony In Equestria and only good non ironic non comedy non smut stories.

Anonymous 502985

Well, I couldn't make sense of half of that post, but I know there was a lot about how you wish you had mod power so you could blatantly abuse it.

Anonymous 502987

/mlp/ isn't the only one suffering from this apparently.

/mu/, /f/, /g/, /a/, amongst others are down as well

Anonymous 502989

All of 4chan is down it seems.

Right when we have a Flashlight confirmed shtistorm on our hands.

Anonymous 502990

File: 1424012410870.png (556.84 KB, 1044x766, bhjk.PNG)

Anyone watching the 4cc? I need my hype, but /mulp/ is dead.

Anonymous 502991

What do you mean confirmed? You mean the Flash toy or something else?

Because if FlashLight was confirmed don't you think we would have had a thread for it up here already?

Anonymous 502992

This place is dead.

Presenter at Toy Fair gave away spoilers for Friendship Games, a "blossoming romance" between Twilight and Flash, and Twilight transforms into "Midnight Sparkle" at the end of the movie.

Presumably it's human Twilight but who knows.

Anonymous 502993

Should we make a thread here and link it in /vg/?

Unless /vg/ is dead too...

Anonymous 502994

/vg/ is just as ded as every other board

Anonymous 502995

Everyone always says that /pone/ is all underage shitposters. I've only ever been there a handful of times, but I didn't notice any difference between /mlp/ and /pone/. It makes me wonder if the /pone/ hate is based on fact or if it's just board rivalry. People on /mlp/ say the same kind of shit about /anon/. If you ask me all 3 boards are shit. The only difference is the lack of rulesfags on /anon/ and /pone/.

Anonymous 502996

We could link it in the Twitch chat.

Anonymous 502997

You're shitting me right? If Flash and Twilight so much as kiss in EG, Meghan and Co. are going to have a huge shitstorm on their hands to deal with. Plus the reputation will suffer a massive hit

Anonymous 502998

They do what Hasbro tells them to.

Anonymous 502999

File: 1424012923847.jpg (1.08 MB, 2048x1536, 8.5GB.jpg)

So, I was drinking last night, waiting for people to leave my apartment, and I fell asleep. I wake up, and /mlp/ is nuked.

What the fuck happened?

Anonymous 503000

File: 1424012989509.webm (1.9 MB, 1080x608, acrobatic finisher.webm)

activate it
I bet the bears did this

Anonymous 503001

/mlp/ and several other boards have been deleted.

CapperGeneral 503002


Anonymous 503003

What exactly happened though. You said that Flash and Twilight have a blossoming romance, but was there anything else added onto that?

Anonymous 503004


I actually doubt they'd even kiss, but there'll probably be a whole lot of awkward blushing "almost" moments like at the end of Rainbow Rocks.

Anonymous 503005

Yeah pretty much this. Hasbro tends to be iffy on things like kissing. People only kiss if they're married according to Hasbro logic, so most likely an awkward blush is all we'll get.

However, we don't know if this romance is going to be for "Brad" or for Flash Sentry the pony.

Anonymous 503006

Plot wise, what exactly did the presenter give away? Anything about Scilight or the new villains?

Anonymous 503007

File: 1424013662634.png (1.2 MB, 1279x708, 829037__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

They have the "Scilight" doll touching hands with the Flash Sentry doll.

Anonymous 503008

If its Scilight and Flash I don't mind then. So long as normal Twilight is safe, that's all that matters.

Most likely then Scilight will get together with Flash, simply because normal Twilight knows that a romance between Flash and herself wouldn't work since she's a pony

Anonymous 503009

>those abs

Seriously, did they need to sexualize it so much?

... holy shit, I'm actually agreeing with the SJW's. Somebody shoot me.

Anonymous 503010

No, no. You're agreeing with reasonable feminists. SJWs wouldn't have a problem with a man being made into a sexual object, or claim that a doll aimed at little girls is somehow a male power fantasy and enforcing patriarchical gender roles or something.

Anonymous 503011

Just curious, by Twilight did the presenter mean normal Twilight or Scilight?

Anonymous 503012

File: 1424014397903.jpg (20.8 KB, 458x461, malebacon.jpg)

Fuck do I hate you people, especially for becoming Ponychan 2.0.

But at this point I don't have much choice, do I? I'm crashing in your pad. What's the news?

Anonymous 503013

File: 1424014411954.gif (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 1000x1000, 828019.gif)

Anonymous 503014

Unknown. But normal Twilight hasn't been seen in any of the merchandise or promotional media for Friendship Games so far.

Personally I think she's been permanently replaced by Sunset now.

Anonymous 503015

IDK man, you never know with Hasbro. They may want normal Twilight in the movie anyway. But we won't know that until we start getting the preview teasers, and that won't be until months from now.

But the fact that its Scilight holding hands with Flash seems to back up that normal Twilight isn't getting with him.

Anonymous 503017

Any other spoilers though that are important?

Anonymous 503018

In that case the only concern remaining would be whether the ship will be mirrored in FiM.

On the one hand you'd say shipping wouldn't appeal anyway to the FiM target demographic (and to the adult fandom).

On the other hand...girls do love weddings and wedding playsets. And it's already been a while since A Canterlot Wedding. I can fully imagine FiM ending with A Ponyville Wedding

Anonymous 503019

File: 1424014921224.gif (Spoiler Image,351.26 KB, 940x1087, 310755.gif)

Fuck this, back to bed

Anonymous 503020

File: 1424015024140.png (1.48 MB, 1680x942, 828935__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Nothing we didn't deduce earlier, though some official confimations.

Friendship Games will have three events: Archery, Rollerskating and Motorcross. The school the Shadowbolts represent is called Crystal Prep Academy.

+ Flashlight and Midnight Sparkle.

Anonymous 503021

File: 1424015091979.jpg (86.08 KB, 480x640, 85.jpg)

Moot could pick any day to unleash his final cuckening and he chooses a day with 4cc matches.

Anonymous 503022

We wouldn't have to worry about anything like that manifesting in Season 5 though. Ishi Ruddel(The director of the Equestria Girls movies) said that if anything from the movies appears or is brought up in anyway in Season 5, then he will give half his paycheck to charity.

And I seriously doubt Ishi wants to give up his money, so season 5 is safe from Flash Sentry. Season 6 however, thats going to be a different story

Anonymous 503023

So my guess is Scilight joins the rival school in order to find out what's happening at Canterlot High. She "bumps" into Flash at several points in the movie, at first finding him annoying, but soon starts to develop feelings for him. Movie ends with Scilight becoming Midnight Sparkle and saving the day. At the end she then holds hands with Flash for some reason.

Guarantee you it'll happen just like that.

Anonymous 503024

File: 1424015331391.png (241.66 KB, 436x528, 829069__safe_solo_toy_cutie+ma…)

Back to FiM, we might have cutie mark confirmation of the premiere villain.

Anonymous 503025

Actually now that I think about it, It makes more sense that Scilight already goes to the Academy, and joins the Friendship Games because she wants to find out more about Canterlot High and what's happening. Everything else about Flash will happen though

Anonymous 503027

File: 1424015887638.png (87.72 KB, 640x960, 1410275655180.png)

do links work the same way here? let's hope they do.
I made a thread for all the 4cc fans here

Anonymous 503029

Ok guys sites back online

Anonymous 503030

the city of me

Anonymous 503033

In this week's news you're a massive faggot.

Anonymous 503048

File: 1424036949952.png (87.73 KB, 426x346, 1422414932515.png)


Look mom I did it again

Anonymous 503061

File: 1424043786457.png (26.96 KB, 119x116, beyond ellen page.PNG)


Anonymous 503062

File: 1424044252867.png (2.05 MB, 1667x3575, despite ellen page i'm still j…)

I don't think so.

Anonymous 508488

shit's down yo

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