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We /mu/ now 489248

Music thread. Talk about music. Make sure everyone knows your music is better than theirs.

I'll start.


Anonymous 489272


Currently listening to Far Side Virtual by James Ferraro, a vaporwave classic:


Top 20 albums of 2014:

1. To Be Kind by Swans
2. Tomorrow's Modern Boxes by Thom Yorke
3. Niggas On The Moon by Death Grips
4. Noir by Man Bites Dog
5. Ghettoville by Actress
6. Perfect Hair by Busdriver
7. Sisyphus self-titled
8. Benji by Sun Kil Moon
9. CLPPNG by clipping.
10. Deep Frigid Winter by Ice Cream Drone
11. Pom Pom by Ariel Pink
12. Syro by Aphex Twin
13. Familiars by The Antlers
14. It's Album Time by Todd Terje
15. You're Dead! by Flying Lotus
16. The Water[s] by Mick Jenkins
17. And Then You Shoot Your Cousin by The Roots
18. Nobody's Smiling by Common
19. Imagine Yourself In A Free And Natural World by B L A C K I E
20. My Krazy Life by YG

Favorite album of 2015 so far is Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper by Panda Bear.

Anonymous 511690


I found this jem the other day.

Anonymous 511713

>we /mu/ now
>space dandy OST
this is why we can't have nice things
this nigga gets it, tho he's probably rating TBK a little high

Anonymous 511723

Space Dandy OST is God tier, m8

Anonymous 511831

Does finding random music on the internet count as art?

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