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File: 1420237384566.png (Spoiler Image,155.71 KB, 830x576, 2015-01-02_223542.png)

"Useful software to handle your pony pictures" thread Anonymous 489223

Hey, people. I thought this application would make you happy.

He dares to adventure into your awful porn pony folder in search of duplicated pictures or simply too similar ones. He doesn't care about resolutions or different filesizes.

When he finishes comparing every pic with every other pic, he starts listing the files he thinks are too similar, and shows you both pictures for you to judge I they're the same or not. If so, you can delete one of them.

Wonderfully useful for finding uncensored versions inside your own gallery.

Check it out.

There's also AllDup wich does the same but only compares files byte by byte, so it won't catch different resolution files, only exact duplicates. It does delete them all automatically, so its usually faster than the other.

I reccomend passing AllDup first, and then, when you have time, use SimilarImages to catch the "similar but not exactly th same" ones.

Both programs are currently helping me a lot cleaning my 14gb absolutely SFW folder.

Do you think they can help you too, anon?

Anonymous 489229

I'm on linux so I use geeqie. It works fucking awesome for finding duplicate and similar images. It works across different image sizes and formats. It gives you percent similarity and stuff. I've been using it for about a year now.

Anonymous 489247


We /mu/ now 489249

Just bust out the copypasta. You know you want to.

Anonymous 512568

Think you could do the same for music MP3 files? God knows I have a mess of them due to not knowing how the computer catagories them early on. Especially in folders in that regard.

Anonymous 513750

File: 1428692478807.png (859.82 KB, 5244x4429, derpy_hooves_by_medio_cre-d6hl…)


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Anonymous 513764

I run GNU/Linux, so I'd rather write my own if I needed to.
Alldup doesn't sound hard at all to replicate and then extend.

Anonymous 513767


Anonymous 514557

File: 1428923482391.jpg (10.49 KB, 480x360, why.jpg)

reminds me the day i massacred a coworker's face the day he installed a program to save hard disk space on MY Dell.

it basically converted every PNG, TIFF, PSD and BMPs into low quality JPG, recompressed all JPG photos into oblivion, and entire CMYK PDFs into abominations full of artifacts. Everything had to be redone, i had a backup but still had to deal with photos that looked like having been shot with a potato/webcam, not a Sony F828.

that guy was a living nightmare. he also installed ad-ware on every desktop, hopefully mine had a password on the bios and remained operational.

"herp derp he's the boss's nephew, he's very skilled with computers! he's a true genius his iq is around 500!"

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