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Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher Anonymous 488690

Pleas vote for The Luna Cypher here https://plus.google.com/+VisualPony/posts/SQ4Q3xvagYx
The Luna Cypher is a sequel to The Celestia Code, that story in term had a lot of adventure, mystery, show references, friendship building and a little slice of romance. I realy want to hear this epic sequel as an dramatic reading. Therfor i need all of you to help me make this come true pleas help me and the 28 others that voted for this comic.

Link to The Celestia Code: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/141549/the-celestia-code

Link to The Luna Cypher: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/175385/the-luna-cypher

Anonymous 498171


Tell me more about this story?

Anonymous 498173

Yeah, I wanna hear more about it

Anonymous 498179

File: 1422426176696.png (1.18 MB, 644x2324, immabug.png)

> Pleas

Oh, you're off to a great start there my fine author.

Let's see, OP Twilight, check, princess wings check, jury rigged romance, check. Tyrantlestia, check. OC crowbared into the plot, check. Lesbian, check. Changeling redemption, check. Racist unicorns, check. Magitechnobabble, check.

But no it was pleasant enough. Worth skimming through at least. Basically, Twilight the princess gets access to special princess history, and drags an OC with her to dismantle a superweapon in the badlands made by racist unicorns, and also saves the changelings on accident.

The second one's about war so I'm really not going to even look at it.

Anonymous 498181

I don't care.

Anonymous 498210

>OP Twilight
>princess wings
One is a direct consequence of the other in this story, and the princess wings are from the show, so you can hardly fault the story for including them. Unless you just get mad about their existence in general.
>jury rigged romance
In The Celestia Code, no. The OC likes Twilight but she isn't interested in return and they end up friends instead. As for The Luna Cypher, there is a jury-rigged romance. In the most literal sense possible. Twilight's interest in Luna was manufactured to make her cooperate with the villain's plan.
The depiction of her as a tyrant turned out to be false.
>OC crowbared into the plot
Fair enough. She's more like the Watson to Twilight's Holmes, though.
>Changeling redemption
True. But I'm not sure what's so bad about that.
>Racist unicorns
They died off hundreds of years ago.
Again, not seeing the problem.

Anonymous 498241

>Fair enough. She's more like the Watson to Twilight's Holmes, though.
that's spike

Anonymous 498243

File: 1422480278171.png (720.63 KB, 2914x2837, 248579__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


> Unless you just get mad about their existence in general.

Anonymous 498459


Yay. I love ask Doppel.

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