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Gameloft MLP game Anonymous 484881

I've been playing this for a few months now, and doing spectacularly well considering I have never paid a cent for it. However, I haven't finished the Twilights ascension plotline because I've heard it screws up Derpy by removing her box and turning her into some kind of slendermane-mutant. I haven't found pictures of it anywhere, so anyone have a screenshot of what it actually looks like?

Anonymous 484885

File: 1418933345801.jpg (762.53 KB, 1024x768, Koala.jpg)

That happened to me when I had my iPad mini, and it's not that bad to be honest. She still has the animation of coming out of her box when you tap her though. Why is this a problem?

Anonymous 484900

File: 1418949215207.png (919.02 KB, 1750x1250, 222411__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


She's my main source of gems, so if she became harder to find (by looking like other ponies at a glance), it would make the gem farming more time consuming.

Anonymous 494391

And also because Twilicorn a shit.

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