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File: 1418565566683.jpg (28.04 KB, 340x266, NIGGA.jpg)

Anime thread Anonymous 483476

Discuss all weeb shit here.

I'm downloading both seasons of K-ON with subs now. I've already seen it dubbed, but I liked it so much that I'm gonna watch it again subbed. I had a dream about it last night-- I dreamed there were ten hours of unreleased episodes and I had to hunt through a jungle to find them.

Also when I originally watched it it was shit streaming quality.

Anonymous 483509

Been thinking of downloading Gunbuster. Its supposed to be good.

Anonymous 484346

File: 1418626277510.jpg (117.37 KB, 1920x1200, [heavy breathing intensifies].…)

It's taken years, but I finally fucking finished Higurasi no naku koro ni kai (during which time I had only seen up to episode 20).
Would've had it on DVD ages ago if not for Geneon licensing bullshit

Took a rare chance to grab the whole torrent and watched it over a few days.

Also plan on getting around to episodes 5 - 10 of Hellsing Ultimate at some point.

Anonymous 484426

Anonymous 484484

Just finished watching Watamote on Crunchyroll yesterday. Fun little series.

Anonymous 484486

Still working my way ever so slowly through Nichijou. I really want to start watching Terror in Resonance.

Anonymous 484491


>tfw Watamote made me feel like shit because I am basically a male version of the MC

Anonymous 484501

File: 1418745533557.png (144.33 KB, 537x416, 1418624778093.png)

Anonymous 484559


nice fake quote


>According to Miyazaki the quality of anime is suffering because industry staff is made up of "otaku," or people who obsessively love anime.

>The term "otaku" has a rather negative connotation in Japan and is used more to classify fans who obsess over something (this need not be anime). Miyazaki's specific concerns are over the lack of attention paid to people in real life. He said people in the industry "don't spend time watching real people" and can be characterized as "humans who can't stand looking at other humans."

>is used more to classify fans who obsess over something (this need not be anime).

Huh...maybe it could be ponies too!!

Anonymous 484561

It can be anything, colorponies, trains, the military, buttons...

Anonymous 484562



Miyazaki is just butthurt because there's too much wish-fulfillment/NEET/otaku-pandering.

It's a valid point but it's no different then a famous avavt-garde musician complaining that there's too much shallow pop music.

Thought-provoking/imaginative anime does exist, some that come to mind for me are Death Note, Code Geass and Peulla Magi Madoka Magika.

Anonymous 484563



Anonymous 484566

Doesn't mean that it isn't a problem. Avant Garde musicians have a right to complain about pop filling the airwaves being bad.

Anonymous 484567

I agree, but there does seems to be a general trend of more shallow fun fanservicy stuff coming out, or at least coming to America. Back in the nineties after evangelion there was a ton of deep mindfucky stuff coming out, and that has been slowly tapering off since then.

Anonymous 484568


I know, I said right here >>484562
"it's a valid point."

Don't get me wrong, I hate how the majority of popular music (at least on the radio) is vapid unoriginal crap that takes virtually no talent to make, but I think the real music fans will always be able to seek out good music, which sort of nullifies the problem (to an extent).

I can't speak as much for anime because I honestly enjoy the shallow stuff. I'm not really a "true anime fan" in the same sense that I'm a fan of music.

What I'm trying to say is, just because there's a lot of shit flooding a medium doesn't mean the whole medium is worthless.

Anonymous 484569

Yeah, but Miyazaki never said that all of it was bad or anything. I think he was spot on with his criticism.

Anonymous 484570

>I hate how the majority of popular music (at least on the radio) is vapid unoriginal crap that takes virtually no talent to make
Isn't this at least as true of the 'avante-garde'?

Anonymous 484571

Lmao. I've already said I totally agree. I was just trying to explain it.

Anonymous 484572

by definition no.

There definitely are tons of vapid faux avant-garde by people who just skip theory and just muscle though thinking they are original.

Anonymous 484574


Oh, sorry. I just saw this >>484501 and was like "holy shit did he really say that?" and a quick google search revealed he didn't.

I totally respect the guy, Totoro is one of my all-time favorite movies and Spirited Away is really good too.

His movies are so good that even people who hate anime can love them.

Anonymous 484575

The wind Rises blew my mind.

Anonymous 485324

File: 1419125412719.gif (2.01 MB, 1280x4913, 1419116335448.gif)


Anonymous 485997

File: 1419170734378.jpg (105.68 KB, 777x932, 1409601457184.jpg)


God that pisses me off so much.

If you don't like something, don't watch it. This is America. We have freedom of speech/expression/art. Just because people watch a fucking cartoon with a rape scene in it doesn't mean they support real rape.

What about all those movies that show guys getting their dicks cut off, like Hostel? Or what about movies that objectify men, like Magic Mike? (which sold millions).

So much hypocrisy, so much ignorance. There is less sexism than ever in America compared to previous decades, but these feminists/SJWs want to invade every medium that they don't even know anything about and censor it and control it and try to make men look like monsters.

Anonymous 490628

File: 1420343377681.png (891.37 KB, 1127x605, 0sodihgsdg.PNG)

brb watching Cross Ange

Anonymous 490795

Back from the dead!

Damn, it feels good to be a weeaboo.

Anonymous 491019

File: 1420376501028.gif (842.45 KB, 500x312, 1415324079697.gif)

From the last thread

Anonymous 491023

File: 1420379162234.jpg (36.69 KB, 250x323, 1419023619692.jpg)

>blood pouring out of her anus.

Anonymous 491024

So what is your favorite VN /anon/? (besides Katawa Shoujo because I know a lot of people would say that)

I keep downloading them and forgetting them but the last one I played was Canvas 2 and it's okay but I've played for HOURS and there hasn't been one lewd scene.


my body is ready



Anonymous 491025


*forgetting to play them

Anonymous 491026

File: 1420379368010.jpg (100.24 KB, 1280x720, 1419128904281.jpg)

I've always dreamed of VR games.
But nothing like this

Anonymous 493858

Anyone here ever watch Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan?

Protip: Its not about Jews

Its pretty great if you can enjoy/ignore the pee fetish stuff.

Anonymous 493862


>Anyone here ever watch Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan?


>pee fetish stuff.

well now I have to!

Anonymous 493865

File: 1420987131989.jpg (48.1 KB, 534x400, 39-my-neighbor-totoro-1988-nib…)

tfw know nothing about anime, watched all the studio ghibli stuff and am now like "well, now what?"

Anonymous 493866


What do you want to see?

The first anime I would always recommend for people who haven't watched a lot of anime is Death Note. It is absolutely mind-blowing, or at least it was for me.

Anonymous 494135

You should start with something like Cowboy Bebop.

Meh, it was alright. Kinda came in at the tail end of the mindfuck trend. For a mindfuck you can't be Evangelion. Serial Experiments Lain is another good one.

>well now I have t
Yeah. The chicks piss themselves everytime they get their head bashed in with a baseball bat, which happens constantly. Its very a ecchi show. The original manga doesn't have the pissing. The guy who directed the anime added that part in because he likes the peepee.

Anonymous 494144


How graphic is it?

Anonymous 494151

Its not porn, but it gets pretty close sometimes. Lots of scantily clad jiggling, bare asses, that kind of stuff. The pee thing is mostly just them wetting themselves, leaving a golden trail as they fly through the air. Theres no watersports or golden showers or anything like that, though the one chick does derive extreme pleasure from getting her head bashed and pissing herself.

Anonymous 494152

I assumed you were talking about Fight Ippatsu! and not Cowboy Bebop.

Anonymous 494283

File: 1421090147669.jpg (105.9 KB, 957x711, erryday.jpg)

Anonymous 496165

File: 1421658197542.jpg (59.08 KB, 1280x720, [DmonHiro] Kyousougiga #09 - L…)

>tfw just now finishing up Kyousougiga
Ive been putting it off for a whole year of having it on my hard drive because of how spaztic the ordering of the show was. The timeline in which its told is all sorts of fucked. Keeps going from Past to present to snipets in-between. Kind of a turn off. I kinda got used to it now though.

Anonymous 498582

File: 1422724696942.webm (781.59 KB, 640x480, nope.webm)

Started what will unfortunately be the very long process of downloading the whole torrent of Zoids: Chaotic Century.

I'll be backin' this shit up once I have the whole thing.

Be good to finally watch it again.

Anonymous 498591

Now that was a fucking good show.

Anonymous 498795

I got fond memories of it in the mornings before school.

I don't know why it went out of print and that Madman of all publishers never tried obtaining the rights over the years.

These torrent eps are pretty fuckin' good quality though, so I can be happy for that.

Anonymous 498798

That show was the shit. I think I have some of the little models that they used to sell

Liger Zero Panzer is my favorite.

Anonymous 498827

File: 1422764340898.jpg (38.07 KB, 500x411, 51N64XTJtIL.jpg)

I only had a couple of old-school models from when I was pretty young (had to have been around early to mid 90's), though I had no idea what they were from.

Wish I had taken better care of them. So many pieces are missing now...

Anonymous 498855

You can get some from ebay or amazon.

I think Zoids had a later series called Bio. It's sorta weird. And to my understanding its the souls of people that are driving them forth. Weird but brutal.

Anonymous 498857

Scratch that. It's called Genesis. It's the most recent series of the show. So recent in fact that it hasn't been dubbed. Thank jesus.

Anonymous 499944


Anonymous 500000


Anonymous 500009


Anonymous 500013

File: 1422861456270.png (443.23 KB, 700x525, 1417407497641.png)

>anime gets the get
>i asked mod to make /anon/ "name of whoever gets the get"
what name you want anon?

Anonymous 500018

The name of get banned.

Anonymous 500023

/anon/ get banned

i could live with this.

Anonymous 500031

Literally worst get. Still, hetter than /b/ gets

Anonymous 500036

At least is just quints.

Anonymous 500039

anonthony, please

>/anon/ anime

Anonymous 500068

u wot m9
do you even anime

Anonymous 500069

nah the guy who got 500000 is a faggot

wheres >>499999

Anonymous 500076

2/10, not as good as >>444444
Now that was legendary.

Anonymous 500177

File: 1422910819763.jpg (200.14 KB, 1000x1445, involuntarymasturbation.jpg)

I stream a lot and I will never stop.
I watched K-On subbed, but 2 or 3 eps dubbed instead. I think the dub did pretty good. I somehow have a few episodes left to watch somehow though.
Gotta finish my fucking fall season already before anything else.

Anonymous 500180


What was some good anime from late last year?

I saw Black Bullet, No Game No Life, and Is The Order A Rabbit.

Anonymous 500516

File: 1423104408478.png (187.5 KB, 347x334, 1400557834214.png)

Tsukimonogatari to a point i guess
At least it was better than Hana.

Not late 2014 but Chaika is prob the best from last year imo.
If youre into Claris and RomCom's Nisekoi but if not then i wouldn't recommend it.
Gugure! Kokkuri-san

I didnt really watch much recent stuff from late 2014 so youre better off asking someone else.
Although Kofuku Graffiti is pretty nice so far. Even if it is a 2015 anime. Think sexy cooking. With SHAFT.

Anonymous 500690

File: 1423261211386.gif (403.9 KB, 640x360, YYS_Lewd.gif)

>Just finished Yuyushiki
Damn that was amazing. I watched it coming right off of a Yuru Yuri high expecting this to be pretty dull but it was actually really good. The jokes are actually better than Yuru Yuri too. I cant believe that the Nips arent giving it a second seasons though. Seriously.

Anonymous 500693


I'm about three episodes into Yuyushiki, I'm enjoying it but I wouldn't dare say it's even close to Yuru Yuri. Yuru Yuri is probably the best yuri/"cute girls doing cute things" show ever...well, except maybe K-ON, but that's highly debatable.

Anonymous 500727

While not anime, I just finished Kamen Rider Gaim, and holy fuck was it awesome. I suggest anyone thinking about getting into tokusatsu to check it out.

Anonymous 500894

File: 1423345766344.jpg (32.43 KB, 225x350, BES.jpg)

Yeah overall Yuru Yuri is definitely a better show but there are some aspects of YYS that i really like. I actually put YYS on hold after some 4 eps but i just marathoned it and now its a lot better once i got into it.
Also Yui best girl

Anonymous 500899


I'll put it higher on my list of shows I need to finish. My problem is I keep starting new shows, watching one or two episodes, and then going to MORE new ones instead of finishing them. Sometimes I don't even finish full episodes in one sitting. For example I just watched the first half of the first episode of Girls Und Panzer a few days ago. I like to drink slushies while I watch anime.

And I've also been meaning to read the new books I got, but I've only read a single chapter this month. I just keep listening to music, and also occasionally playing video games or watching movies. I'm bad at sticking to schedules. I've really got no excuse either because I've been home for almost the entire last two weeks because of all the snow.

Anonymous 501481

Has anyone here seen kids on the slope? That was an amazing show, even if it was technically shojo. A must see if you like jazz, too.

Anonymous 501608

File: 1423400704051.webm (498.84 KB, 1280x720, Styling On These Platinium Bit…)

>I'll put it higher on my list of shows I need to finish. My problem is I keep starting new shows, watching one or two episodes, and then going to MORE new ones instead of finishing them
Same. Doing it too much is a bitch though cause when you want o pick a show back up you cant even remember where you left off at times. I also put off endings a lot too. Knowing after you finish the show you wont ever be seeing more of it anymore isnt a good feeling. Not really a god habit to keep up though ;_;
Ive actually had GuP on my harddrive for a long time now but havent touched it yet. ALong with gosick, Hanasaku Iroha, Eureka 7, Gatchman Crowds, and some others. Backlogs are a bitch to get through. Currently downloading the Rest of the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series minus the first season and Madoka.
> I like to drink slushies while I watch anime.
I like to drink tequila when watching comfy SOL moe type anime. Non Non biyori will be the death of my liver. Normally just drink Oi Ocha though.

Anonymous 501609

File: 1423401102910.gif (95.44 KB, 400x300, Tomoko a Chunni.gif)

Remind me of BECK
Ill give it a shot and see if i like it

Anonymous 501610




That show is fucking amazing. I marathoned it in one day and almost cried at some parts. It left me with such a strong emotional feeling that I could barely sleep for three days.

Anonymous 501620

PROTIP: In Kids On The Slope, all the parts where they're playing music are recorded from actual amateur musicians Watanabe found on youtube. The animation is the footage of that rotoscoped. He wanted the animation to actually be playing the music. Apparently it was an expensive major pain in the ass, and that's why nobody does it.

Anonymous 501629

>Rebellion has finished but the actual series is only 3 eps done
The temptation to skip ahead and watch the movie is strong. Also i read that the series is the same as if i just watched the first two movies. Is one better than the other or are they basically the same?
At this rate i wont watch it until tomorrow though. I need better internet.

Anonymous 501631


I have only seen the third movie and I didn't like it nearly as much as the show. It seemed unnecessary.

Just stick with the show and forget the movies. Once you get past the 5-episode mark you probably won't be able to stop watching.

Anonymous 510470

Fuck yeah, a third season of Yuru Yuri has been confirmed.

Anonymous 510544

And a second season of Kiniro Mosaic.

Anonymous 514585


I want fucking real seinen, not shonen with gore, not shonen with tits, not shonen with tits and gore.

Seinen in America is basically dead right now. I mean, yea Hellsing Ultimate is on Adult Swim, but it should have been on there years ago.


Anonymous 514659


What is seinen and shonen?

I don't know how I don't know this already but I don't.

Anonymous 514668

In anime and manga, Shonen refers to a younger male audience (mainly teens) and stuff like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece, Bleach...

Seinen is targeted towards older males and can refer to hentai or any anime with more "mature" themes.

Anonymous 514673

Seinen is seperate from hentai and seijin-muke.

Anonymous 514677

It was poor choice of word.

Hentai isn't seinen, but there can still be sex scenes in an anime that isn't intended as pure fap.

Anonymous 514680

Yes, but it still wouldn't be seinen. I'm not saying you said it was, but its a point I want to make.

Seinen may have tons of profanity, but the sexual content is mild at best.

Anonymous 515663

>brother has his gf and another friend over
>they're making a fuckton of noise and playing annoying parody music and illuminati joke videos
>I've been waiting for them to leave so I can watch the new Kiniro Mosaic
>finally they leave
>I start cooking a pizza
>I put the episode on my laptop without headphones because I'm alone
>before my pizza is even done, they come back and say they changed their minds about going out
>"anon what the fuck are you watching"
>"how can you even understand that, it's in Chinese or something"
>"why do they sound like they're getting raped"
>I decide I'm not gonna give a fuck and put it full volume to drown out their bullshit

kinda awkward

Anonymous 515666

File: 1429575579670.png (1.45 MB, 1123x873, AliceInThought.PNG)

Damn man. Sorry that happened to you. Im pretty much constantly alone so im glad i never have to deal with people giving me shit thankfully.
Although last Valentines Day break my family came over for a surprise visit and completely ruined my plans so i feel your pain.
>>"how can you even understand that, it's in Chinese or something"

Anonymous 515667

>"how can you even understand that, it's in Chinese or something"
>"why do they sound like they're getting raped"
That's just ignorant.

Anonymous 515668


the nice thing is that my brother actually defended me, his gf was all like "anime is weird" and he said "well Anon likes it and there's nothing wrong with that."

he can be pretty based sometimes

Anonymous 515721

File: 1429695311850.png (100.42 KB, 707x589, japanese.PNG)

Never ever.

Anonymous 515724


what is this

Anonymous 515732

Laziness and procrastination in pure form.
(it's program called Anki, it makes learning foreign languages easier... if you actually use it, unlike that faggot)

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