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Luna and Celestia comic series Anonymous 483002

I know something we can do which doesn't involve kickstarting our own pony mmo or our own animated cartoon series.

You know what's that?
A comic series. A writer and a visual artist(2, maybe 3 people) are much easier to handle than a team of 100 people.

Hold auditions for a writer and put them to write the most fun, innocent and creative Luna and Celestia comic without pushing their headcanons into it, then pick one. Then request or commission an artist to draw that idea with comic panels. Get a colorist too. If you want it done faster then hire 4 artists which can copy outlines and drawing styles.

There's tons of designs and stories to tell about Luna and Celestia.
Especially if you do a babies/fillies alicorn princesses comic.

Anonymous 483003

How many issues we talking about here?

Anonymous 498189

Like 50 issues I suppose? 25 issues were always too little for Idw.

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