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File: 1417914989643.png (83.72 KB, 374x505, 1386920255284.png)

Drunk Thread Anonymous 481307

There used to be one of these every night.

I'm home alone pounding cider. What's up with yall?

Anonymous 481309

Forgot to mention I'm watching the 1986 classic 'Space Camp'

Anonymous 481313

I've no alcohol, but if I did I'd be playing league of legends drunk off my god damn ass.

Anonymous 481317

File: 1417916028604.png (838.11 KB, 600x800, 1417008508294.png)

Playing The Forest.

Basically survive on an island of naked cannibals and other things. Built a small fort, and since I get a stellar view of the sunset, I called it Fort Sunset.

Not drinking anything yet, but the night is young.

Anonymous 481335

Ugh this fucking movie. Everybody fucks up the most basic stuff. Stuff they should have learned the first day.


I mean I shouldn't be complaining, even the basic premise of the movie could never happen. Even if NASA did allow kids into the orbiter during a main engine test and they had to launch for some reason, they have I mean had basic contingency plans for that shit, many of them automated.

Anonymous 481342

I do have cigars though. FUCK I love me some cigars.
The fat headrush from accidentally inhaling the smoke is also incredible, but I never try to make it happen. Cigar smoke in lungs is total shit.

Anonymous 481350

Ugh. I quit smoking like two weeks ago cold turkey. a cigar sounds soooooo good.

Anonymous 481360

got 2drunk last night.

Anonymous 481361

Yo man. Seriously. Props. Quitting smoking is a pain in the fucking ass I hope I never have to deal with it.
Gold fucking star for you.

Anonymous 481372

Lol thanks. I had a really bad chest cold and knew if I smoked it would make it worse. The worst part of the cold was oer in a few days, but it lingered on for about a week. I figured since I hadn't had a smoke in that long I might as well just not start up again. Its been a little rough. Smoke breaks were a huge part of my schedule. I've had to consciously make it a point to go do something else.

Anonymous 481376

I had the same problem, but with other things. Finding something to do with your time is a lot easier than it sounds, but you have to be willing to change your schedule around.
I filled my time with league of legends, but I strongly recommend finding an actual hobby. Play piano if you can. You'll be insanely surprised as how fast you pick it up if you stick with it for like a hour a day for a month, and women find piano players hot as fuck for some reason.

Anonymous 481379

File: 1417918820955.png (295.24 KB, 792x356, crossguard.png)

im drunk as sht and wat is this

Anonymous 481382

This is the drunk thread, welcome.

Whatcha drinkin?

Anonymous 481386

I usually would smoke on campus between classes and work. Now I just force myself to go to work or go to my next class.

If you don't min me asking, what addiction/s were you overcoming?

Anonymous 481391

southern comfort

Anonymous 481396

regular or honey poo?

Anonymous 481397


Anonymous 481403

never had it. I've been drinking odds and ends that were rolling around in my fridge. Finished one woodchuck granny smith and three angry orchards. Now I'm polishing off a couple of moose drools. All I have left is asian booze. I have a bottle of nice sake I could drink next, or a bottle of shaoxing rice wine a friend left over here. Then again there is a bottle of wine from this time last year (exactly 51 weeks ago, actually) Its been open though. Prolly tastes like ass.

Anonymous 481404

is arite

Anonymous 481409

Doing anything fun while you drink or just sitting in the dark?

Anonymous 481413

playan forest.

yeah i'm >>481317 just got a few driinks

Anonymous 481415

Weed. People are retarded if they say it isn't addictive. It just isn't addictive in the same way cigarettes are. And also, screw anyone that says that weed isn't harmful to your life. I know only a handful of people who can live their life and also smoke weed without any problems, and they all have life styles that work well with being able to smoke weed.
For example, one of them runs his own business, and he doesn't smoke while working.
I'll probably never stop smoking entirely, but it became a problem and I refuse to let it hinder me, so I pretty much quit entirely. I only smoke cigars because I really love to smoke things, be it hookahs, vaporizers, joints, and I don't buy them very often, so they don't tend to be a problem.

Anonymous 481431

I quit weed years ago. I guess I'm a retard, but I don't think its that bad. I quit because I accidentally poisoned myself with some Raid ant poison. After that weed would seriously fuck with my heart. I quit that cold turkey. I had two nights of insomnia, and tht was it. No cravings, no irritability. I was an all day every day pot smoker. It was a million times easier than cigarettes.

Anonymous 481433

Oh, of course it's easier.
My problem with weed is that it makes me lazy, and all of my friends basically smoke weed now, so there's very little to do. I need new friends.

Anonymous 481492

Well, if you live in south Texas and wanna drink and watch Rifftrax, you're welcome to stop on by.

Anonymous 481498

File: 1417922971929.jpg (153.23 KB, 798x1001, 1390335414652.jpg)

I've had my drunk day (Friday) for the week.

A whole bottle of Old Virginia and around 4 shots worth of Captain Morgan after that. Spent most of yesterday recovering (no spewing though. I know how to pace myself).

I also actually finally got around watching Rainbow Rocks for the first time (at which point I was pretty damn inebriated).
It was kinda fun to watch...

Anonymous 481499

I'm a country away. But I'll take you up on that offer if I'm ever in Texas.

Anonymous 481503

Canuckland or Mesko?

Anonymous 481514

show them niggers who's the boss.

Anonymous 481515

fukin bastards gangd me.

took me to cave. i found an axe in the cave tho

Arctic Anonymous 481518

Land of Hockey and Maple Syrup

Anonymous 481519

Nice. I like maple syrup. I usually get the fake zero calorie stuff though.

Anonymous 481666

File: 1417932506573.jpg (44.49 KB, 422x377, Octavia hnnngh.jpg)

>women find piano players hot as fuck for some reason.

Anonymous 481724

File: 1417941779257.png (2.64 MB, 2142x2946, berry_punch (4).png)

Been downing spiced rum since Thursday.

Drink like you feel like it.

Anonymous 481741

Question: If unable to answer then that's fine I've been wanting to get into piano for a bit, though I have no idea what to look at price-wise.

It's something I intend to learn on my own and do purely for fun, so I'm thinking an electric piano (would mainly like to learn normal piano pieces) that isn't ridiculously expensive would be the best option for what I want.

But again, no idea what sort of price range I should be aiming for.

Anonymous 481784

File: 1417954843012.jpg (94.58 KB, 476x550, image.jpg)

>>481307 i drank way to much tonjfht
Party was good tho

Anonymous 481953

Not having a shit excuse to fuck up my brain and liver with alcohol lol.

Anonymous 481970

File: 1417998194843.png (364.11 KB, 640x1176, 1389985674520.png)

Anonymous 481972

good good, get all the degenerates/normies in one thread

Anonymous 482303

File: 1418007888270.jpg (2.78 MB, 2528x1806, lol.jpg)

>hurr durr I don't understand the appeal.
>implying that drinking in front of your computer (while being alone irl) is what normalfags do
>implying that watching cartoons for little girls is not as degenerated as taking drugs
Lol, I don't even take drugs, yet I'm butthurt. Good job anon.

Anonymous 482415

File: 1418020087015.png (493.56 KB, 1249x823, oh_dear.png)

Women can find anything hot.

Yet some of us still can't get any.

Anonymous 482518

source. now.

Anonymous 482519


I was joking you dolt

Anonymous 482557

Anonymous 482600

File: 1418090356729.jpg (850.53 KB, 1944x2592, 1418090307257-653449503.jpg)

Drinking fleischmanns tonight

14 dollar jug ftw

Stouts 483469

File: 1418554140291.jpg (181.33 KB, 1153x1024, 1413090211672.jpg)

Several new beers tonight;

Belching Beaver Honey Wit, Peanut Butter Stout

Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, Choco Stout, and India Ale

and I just found some tequila I forgotten about. Didn't realize these threads fell back to /mlp/chan.

Anonymous 484351

Drinking threads started gettin deleted over at /mlp/ for being non pony related.

Anonymous 484365

Oh man I got shitfaced last night. I drank over a case of booze, mostly granny smith cider.

Anonymous 484368

File: 1418630083835.png (107.58 KB, 952x840, 1363939078471.png)

Although I didn't regular the threads, I always thought the deletions were pretty unjustified, and it shows a real problem with global rule 15.

I mean, if people can't talk booze and post pone on /mlp/ (and in a more or less SFW thread at that), then that leaves literally nowhere else on the entire site (similar case with Milky).

It's dumb rule enforcement like that that I eventually stopped giving a fuck about going there (sporadic vore thread deletions were the breaking point).

But enough of that...

Got a bottle of scotch I still haven't got into yet. Might have a bit of that later on.

Anonymous 484382

>vore threads getting eaten
how is that not your fetish

Anonymous 484384

File: 1418661431494.png (178.79 KB, 1000x1000, 1410295220379.png)

I'm a real softfag.

For the most part, there has to be some sort of mutual arrangement and a complete disregard for biology.


Actually, I suppose you could consider thread deletions a reincarnation style of vore.
Fuck, if only I could writefag...

Anonymous 484420

I miss whiskey stones

Anonymous 484667

File: 1418794009977.gif (110.88 KB, 985x907, 711183__safe_animated_blushing…)

>That feel when you've been having a bit of some hard stuff but can still get your shit up.

Anonymous 510321

Was lurking on the last page because drunk and bored, and what thread do I find? This one.

Pounding cider again. Still haven't had a cig. Drunkfags get in here.

Anonymous 510323

File: 1426564815094.gif (274.81 KB, 667x831, 1390098835038.gif)

Trying to give the booze a break this week since my weight has been staying a little higher than normal (probably the reason it has...).

Still gonna get into my usual bottle of rum or bourbon on the weekend though.

That's also when I'm going to house sit for my sister and brother-in-law. Gonna be looking after their dogs there for two and a half weeks while she and her husband go over to 'murrica.

Anonymous 510324

My weight is always a little higher than normal. Its starting to fuck up my knees. I'll prolly be in a scooter in 15 years.

Anonymous 510325

Honestly, I'm surprised I'm not a lot higher. Do have a bit of the pot belly, but that's because I never fucking exercise.

Perhaps my one saving grace is that I don't shovel in food all day.

Really wish I did have the motivation for exercise though. I certainly have the time for it.

Anonymous 510326

>Perhaps my one saving grace is that I don't shovel in food all day.
How? Tell me your secrets.

Anonymous 510327

File: 1426569097236.png (5.29 KB, 420x420, 292796__safe_berry+punch_drunk…)


Sometimes I'll grab some snacky shit. But often when I head to the fridge, I'll just have a little swig of water, OJ, or milk.

But really, I just try to only eat when I'm feeling hungry.

I find that people will also often use food as a distraction, so it does help to think of other things to occupy your time.

Anonymous 510328

I've gotten so desperate, I've turned to chinese traditional medicine. I've been eating a bowl of chicken soup with special herbs that 'clear phlegm and dampness from the spleen.'

If this doesn't work I guess I'm off to overeaters anonymous. It does seem to be working, though. I couldn't eat much today. Though pounding down booze is just empty calories anyway.

Anonymous 510329

File: 1426574539048.gif (368.12 KB, 1200x1000, 1396162220552.gif)

Well as long it seems to be working for you.

Now if I can keep up my own willpower and not drink till the weekend.
S-surely a little straight scotch would be fine...

Anonymous 510330

Nigga, no!
One day at a time, man. Stay the course.

Anonymous 510331

File: 1426576727629.gif (31.11 KB, 250x350, 1286782149626.gif)

Anonymous 510332

File: 1426578820812.png (1.31 MB, 4000x4906, berry_punch_is_not_amused_vect…)

Honestly, just pacing out 2 - 4 shots worth in a glass during the evening and night is plenty enough to relax the fuck out of me.

The problem is when I get bored/depressed and buy a whole case of cider or a boltle of bourbon or rum (usually with cola) and drink all that on top of my normal booze weekend. I just end up drinking more than I really need to ('cause I feel much happier and less bored when drunk).

Anonymous 513796

wassup, whats goin on in this thre...
>last post 17 Mar 2015
so... no one here?

Anonymous 513798

OP and main poster here, I haven't done any drinking in awhile. Its my last semester in college and I'm busy studying and doing bullshit most of the time. Maybe I'll do some drinking tonight.

Anonymous 513799

File: 1428789366061.jpg (122.11 KB, 894x894, 1334462395973.jpg)

I'm mostly /mlp/ resident, but since drinking threads are go, I searched for some... company while drinking whine and enjoying night and stuff...
finals... sucks to be you, semester finals not last ones though gonna rape me like in two months so i'm fine for now, anyway good luck and peace whatever you are prepairing for.

Anonymous 513802

I'm a chemist. What I really want to do is non-academic research, but I'll prolly end up doing some bullshit for an oil company for the money. I took my major field test yesterday and scored in the 91st percentile.

Anonymous 513817

sounds cool, depending on your talent, companies always look for people that can make their stuff more efective or can develop something that gaves them functional or market advantage.
I'm IT engineer ... well more like pholosopher that decided to study IT because I'd like to do something better than McFuck, and I'm not so capable to do blade-edge science. So I'm more specialized on analysis, use-case diagrams idk if you know what that is, transforming customer's vision into project, understanding the problem, etc. However analysis being senior position I'll end up coding for some web-making company or something anyway.

Anonymous 513822

well drunk limit reached, time to move on, mybe see you later*

(* later: /anon/ being slow as is, It's more like it's not "slow", but more like "timeless", it's flow is decided by content, not by time limit, so the question is not "why is there so little" content, but "when the content arrives". I wonder if it makes any sense... )

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