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File: 1416768292428.jpg (1012.92 KB, 4961x3508, jurassic world.jpg)

Jurassic World Anonymous 478046

Anonymous 478158

It'll be shit.
Just like the second one.

The books were better anyway.

Anonymous 478333

File: 1416792733919.gif (617.99 KB, 263x396, 1415495036603.gif)


>The books were better anyway.

Anonymous 478375

search your feelings, you know i to be true

Anonymous 478451

The frustrating thing about "the books are better" isn't that it's often true but that people say it endlessly whether or not it's true, and the basis is usually something retarded like "they didn't include the entire ten-hour novel in a two-hour film!"

oh no how dare there not be tom bombadil to wipe his nutsack on the one ring, we need fifteen extra minutes trying to hold in piss just to satisfy your stupid fetish

Anonymous 478473

>instead of Jurassic Park, we call it, get this.. Jurassic World!

Anonymous 478560


I wanna take a selfie behind a T rex.

Or a velociraptor. Also I hope they include a Megalodon in this.

Anonymous 478581

File: 1416798811712.jpg (78.58 KB, 587x443, clever girl.jpg)

The book was written in such a way that it wouldn't have made a good movie. Yes, they changed and left out a bunch of content to make the movie as good as it was, but if they hadn't then half the movie would have been about genetics and the science behind actually making a dinosaur. The book was much more detailed and in-depth than the movie could have ever been, not just on the science but on the workings of the park itself.
The movie was a better action/adventure story. The book was a better science fiction story.

And the fucking raptors man. In the book the tried to fucking hitchhike their way of the goddamn island. They moved all their fucking eggs onto a boat and then just hid their waiting for it to leave.

And pic related, it's a raptor that can fucking read. It'll relentlessly hunt you down and try to befriend you, fucking christ that's terrifying.

Anonymous 478620

>reading books

fucking nerds

Anonymous 478685

File: 1416801545996.jpg (88.74 KB, 880x662, diabolus-rex-concept-art.jpeg)


What the fuck is this.

Is this a thing?

Anonymous 478689

File: 1416801731744.jpg (150.95 KB, 610x380, jurassic-world-10.jpg)

Looks like a nice place to stay, dont'cha think?

Anonymous 478691

File: 1416801861192.jpg (102.43 KB, 960x746, mutation.jpg)

Anonymous 478801

>fictional dinosaurs

Anonymous 478803

Would you fuck a T-Rex /anon/?

Anonymous 478806

File: 1416839088490.jpg (465.33 KB, 2560x1920, Ck7PbNA.jpg)

I'd fuck just about anything that turns me on enough.
Yes, I would.

Anonymous 478807

File: 1416839358664.png (346.02 KB, 832x733, Applejack y'all what now.png)

Ya do know we were made six thousand years ago, sugarcube. Dinosaurs are all a fiction.

Anonymous 478808


Anonymous 478812

I'm not AJ but I can definitely say that God put those there to test our faith.

Anonymous 478817

>implying you don't want to see Tyranno-raptor-adder-cuttlefish

Anonymous 478826

>go to Jurassic World website
>latest news scroll on the top right
>"Reach out and touch living history at the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo!"
Who came up with the bright idea to add a dinosaur petting zoo?

Anonymous 478974


Hybrid dino confirmed.

Aquatics confirmed.

Anonymous 478978

It looks like the raptors will be the heroes this time around instead of as the villains in all 3 films.

Anonymous 478984

>Raptor heroes
I hope the T-rex becomes a hero and kicks the shit out of new dino.

I never forgave JP3 for the Spino

Anonymous 479004

Scientist "All right, Jurassic World is now open for business!"

Assistant "But, but, after all the horrific incidents we've had in the past, are you sure it's a good idea to create this super dinosaur?"

Scientist "Pshhhhh, stop being a pussy! It'll be fine!"

Assistant "Can't you at least create a hybrid of the peaceful herbivore dinosaurs?"

Scientist "Nah! We'll make it have razor sharp teeth, and long claws! That's what the kids love!"

Assistant "But, just to be on the safe side...

Scientist "NO. No safety, only SCIENCE!"

Anonymous 479006

Actually, there are rumors of the T-rex and D-rex clashing at the end of the movie.

Anonymous 479019

File: 1416977188183.jpg (43.95 KB, 640x394, not so epic battle.jpg)

Anonymous 479020

The D-rex has long arms and thumbs, yo.
It'll be the battle of the century.

Anonymous 479109

File: 1417060711924.png (36.57 KB, 256x299, really.png)


> tyrranosaur

> velociraptor
> death adder
> cuttlefish



Anonymous 479110

Cuttlefish can change color on the spot. Perfect for stealth.

Also rumored that it is mixed with a Spinosaurus,

Anonymous 479114

File: 1417068044281.gif (2 MB, 391x244, 1416767338309.gif)

>t-rex fight
If the T-rex doesn't win, it is an instant 0/10.

Anonymous 479115

What if the T rex and D rex will mate with each other instead?

Angry sex. Give her the D, D rex.

Anonymous 479117

Oh god, that thing will be the spawn of satan.

Anonymous 479118

I can understand cutting things to keep the length reasonable, but you can't use that excuse if you then turn around and add a bunch of shit that was never in the original.

Kabelymous 479136

a mutant dino & a female tyrant dino- CANNOT CROSSBREED

Anonymous 480577

File: 1417484770872.jpg (4.93 KB, 200x200, D-Rex_better.JPG)

Pic of the D-Rex

Anonymous 480588


Anonymous 480641

Looks alright.

Anonymous 480668

File: 1417567640023.gif (1.55 MB, 636x316, raptor bike.gif)


I want the scene of Chris Pratt riding with the pack to be played at my funeral.

Anonymous 484782

File: 1418869478586.jpg (55.7 KB, 599x797, bros.jpg)

>you will never be BFFs with a raptor

Anonymous 484829

>you will never be raised by a mother raptor
>you will never drink milk from her raptor teats

Anonymous 484831

>>you will never drink milk from her raptor teats
>drink milk from her raptor teats
>raptor teats
You need to learn to dinosaur anatomy.

Anonymous 484832

Well I'm sure as fuck not eating barfed up dino meat.

Anonymous 484840

File: 1418880320726.jpg (175.68 KB, 800x444, tumblr_nfoejlFb5H1qfaw5io3_128…)

Anonymous 484872

Don't knock it till ya try it.

Anonymous 488190

File: 1419821759501.jpg (153.5 KB, 1280x608, concavenator_corcovatus_by_fel…)

Hybrid dinosaur could look like this.

>raptor teats
Anon no.

Anonymous 492326

Anonymous 498472

File: 1422599778129.png (270.81 KB, 1050x431, indominus.png)


Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the bottom of the foodchain

patachu!LULZISTwQI 506496

looks like your typical edgy OC.

Anonymous 515754

File: 1429748853199.jpg (133.62 KB, 1252x1252, heavy breathing.jpg)

>a rumor from on set is that there will be another hybrid, named Arlix
>it has the genetic makeup of a gorrila, a t-rex, a raptor, a mosasaur, and a frog




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