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File: 1412472593573.png (501.47 KB, 903x842, ass.png)

Ass, Glorious Ass Anonymous 464761[Last 50 Posts]

Ass thread?

Ass thread.

Anonymous 464782

File: 1412473647729.png (170.46 KB, 719x404, 483181__safe_solo_pinkie+pie_p…)

ass thread

Anonymous 464849

File: 1412476530285.png (1.05 MB, 888x876, 6641 - artist-twilightflopple …)

ass thread

Vertigo 464858

File: 1412478144828.png (Spoiler Image,748.16 KB, 1280x1173, 351266__solo_explicit_anthro_p…)

Spoilered the image this time around, sorry fellas, i posted way too fast to see that it wasn't a mature content thread

Anonymous 464861

requesting rimming

Anonymous 464867

File: 1412479688757.jpg (Spoiler Image,207.23 KB, 1000x955, 36804__twilight+sparkle_explic…)

Anonymous 464896

File: 1412484339910.jpg (59.69 KB, 720x720, 1401611528091.jpg)

I couldn't help but notice that's a Grade A booty you got there, baby.

Anonymous 464912

File: 1412486417755.jpg (44.99 KB, 521x437, ass vibrate.jpg)

Anonymous 465005

File: 1412505771348.jpg (15.3 KB, 460x288, Julian-assange-1.jpeg)

Assange thread.

Anonymous 465020

File: 1412530366762.jpg (155.36 KB, 1200x1700, mtr_1405332500678.jpg)

Anonymous 465224

File: 1412557282385.png (355.63 KB, 1000x933, Twibutt.png)

Vertigo 465274

File: 1412560778532.png (426.02 KB, 1104x1920, 499921__safe_solo_clothes_plot…)

c'mon, >>464867 had hooves

Anonymous 465282

as did >>464867

anon is allergic to spoilers

Anonymous 465283

File: 1412561949698.jpg (528.21 KB, 900x900, 11115 - Questionable applejack…)

Anonymous 465290

File: 1412563013526.png (1.06 MB, 1117x1024, appleass.png)

>Anthro shit
>worthy of hooves

Anonymous 465296

File: 1412563245711.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1465x2100, 5a594d8926a40ee2e1ba32ab828d58…)

Anonymous 465352

File: 1412596765844.png (170.57 KB, 1201x535, butt kiss.png)

Sure thing, milady!

Anonymous 465411


no fucking way AJ has an ass that big

Anonymous 465412

File: 1412632665026.png (Spoiler Image,312.78 KB, 1121x1024, aj19.png)

Sure she do.

Anonymous 476282

File: 1416189037813.jpg (121.73 KB, 506x593, 1407483848601.jpg)

Anonymous 476284

File: 1416189068730.jpg (197.95 KB, 1280x1280, 1407633361965.jpg)

Anonymous 476287

File: 1416189184216.jpg (261.79 KB, 960x1280, 1407685630859.jpg)

Anonymous 476402

File: 1416192543646.gif (2.33 MB, 992x950, 565069__solo_fluttershy_solo+f…)

Anonymous 476468

File: 1416193996779.png (715.56 KB, 1888x2000, Lightning Dust x Spitfire's bu…)


Anonymous 476487

File: 1416194557682.jpg (356.17 KB, 1000x1500, 1409661280503.jpg)

Is that a trap? Looks like it.

Anonymous 476799

File: 1416268379202.png (417.93 KB, 879x1024, large-9_1 (1).png)

I see that pic posted everywhere. Where'd you get it?

Anonymous 476806

File: 1416269486970.png (380.69 KB, 600x479, 1414688746405.png)

I got it on /mlp/. Some guy posted it on a humanized thread.

Anonymous 476822

I miss AWG

Anonymous 476827

File: 1416273744803.jpg (Spoiler Image,752.48 KB, 877x1240, 1409414616360.jpg)

We all do anon. we all do.

Anonymous 476915

Anonymous 476928

File: 1416296227820.jpg (64.2 KB, 1280x1071, 1414890022146.jpg)

Anonymous 476945

File: 1416334367404.jpg (163.24 KB, 1600x1200, 414960.jpg)

Anonymous 476954

but dat booty

Anonymous 476960

Are you sure? I could swear I've seen it somewhere before and the person that posted it said it was the original picture. Wasn't on /mlp/ either

Anonymous 476970

I've only seen it on /mlp/. Unless someone posted it there.

Anonymous 476971

I've never seen it on /mlp/. Only here

Anonymous 476993

Kabelymous 476997


Anonymous 476998

Can we get some twerking going on in here?

Anonymous 476999

Kabel go home

Anonymous 477000

Anonymous 477001

File: 1416364346747.gif (2.91 MB, 500x347, 1413796330728.gif)

Kabelymous 477002

File: 1416364440687.jpg (51.56 KB, 311x750, all my anons.jpg)

Anonymous 492095

File: 1420529072687.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.73 KB, 400x600, mtr_1387401176679.jpg)

Anonymous 492096

File: 1420529202956.png (Spoiler Image,356.77 KB, 880x660, mtr_1381558354604.png)

Anonymous 492097

File: 1420529216984.png (228.07 KB, 1000x1000, mtr_1376625167541.png)

Anonymous 492098

File: 1420529233702.png (Spoiler Image,421.79 KB, 1280x1024, mtr_1378084992496.png)

Anonymous 492099

File: 1420529251861.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1102x1120, mtr_1378258818909.png)

Anonymous 492100

File: 1420529276151.jpg (357.67 KB, 1565x1220, mtr_1381683410737.jpg)

Anonymous 492120

File: 1420567932238.png (Spoiler Image,886.21 KB, 960x720, 799906__solo_explicit_nudity_s…)

Why the hell hasn't AWG just been moved here yet?

Anonymous 492161

File: 1420585823547.jpg (37.95 KB, 804x536, megan.jpg)

Anonymous 492162

File: 1420586562196.jpg (29.45 KB, 476x358, megan02.jpg)

Anonymous 492217

Anonymous 492644

File: 1420825698173.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.65 KB, 746x900, Buttons mom409267.jpg)

I came so fucking hard

Anonymous 493859

File: 1420971154226.gif (2.41 MB, 992x950, 565252__solo_fluttershy_explic…)


More detailed version.

Anonymous 494246

File: 1421058331461.gif (4.18 MB, 1279x719, large[1].gif)

Anonymous 494250

File: 1421062593745.jpg (23.87 KB, 550x468, 10254_435767636489314_18550312…)

I forgot what i was replying to

Anonymous 494251

File: 1421062876649.jpg (19.03 KB, 500x345, 375111_286316504775732_1075285…)

>Go to derpibooru
>Go to filters
>Turn to Everything
>Search "Ass"

Anonymous 499721

File: 1422851143655.png (929.23 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_27.png)

Anonymous 499730

File: 1422851436556.png (339.15 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_28.png)

Anonymous 512367

>Are you sure? I could swear I've seen it somewhere before and the person that posted it said it was the original picture. Wasn't on /mlp/ either

I can indeed confirm that this picture comes from what you all know as the cancerous abyss of the past, The "prolific" RP Threads of /anon/'s past.

Legends hold that these threads had a whooping number of 1 grils there and that one girl loved to, on occasion, post pictures of herself.

The majority were probably fake, but a reverse image search of this picture implies it's original content.

Not that that matters anymore, but the more you know.

Anonymous 512368

>on the internet
slander and falsehoods

Anonymous 512387

These implications that you're >implying... did you know this supposed "internet girl?" From what I remember, those threads were a close-minded circlejerk. How would you know the inner-workings of such a thing?

Anonymous 512422

File: 1428010440333.png (579.98 KB, 1280x1600, 862881.png)

Ass time?
Ass time.

Anonymous 512423

File: 1428010451449.png (378.66 KB, 960x848, 1427947100631.png)

Anonymous 512424

File: 1428010467375.png (1.16 MB, 1900x1484, 1427945494363.png)

Anonymous 512425

File: 1428010478491.png (586.89 KB, 1271x1271, 1427851764603.png)

Anonymous 512426

File: 1428010489288.jpg (135.16 KB, 773x703, 861178.jpg)

Anonymous 512427

File: 1428010500376.jpg (491.55 KB, 637x1050, 857229.jpeg)

Anonymous 512428

File: 1428010511260.jpg (457.94 KB, 609x1050, 857171.jpeg)

Anonymous 512429

File: 1428010522855.png (1.86 MB, 1920x1372, 856820.png)

Anonymous 512430

File: 1428010533712.jpg (216.49 KB, 1024x1024, 1427015862183.jpg)

Anonymous 512431

File: 1428010544551.jpg (913.86 KB, 5000x5000, 854373.jpeg)

Anonymous 512432

File: 1428010555096.png (115.04 KB, 743x773, 1426816203028.png)

Anonymous 512433

File: 1428010566284.jpg (474.21 KB, 679x1050, 853127.jpeg)

Anonymous 512434

File: 1428010577438.jpg (661.28 KB, 684x1050, 852477.jpeg)

Anonymous 512435

File: 1428010588232.jpg (625.04 KB, 695x1050, 852339.jpeg)

Anonymous 512436

File: 1428010599128.png (44.11 KB, 617x472, 791784.png)

Anonymous 512437

File: 1428010610442.png (1.15 MB, 1500x826, 849068.png)

Anonymous 512438

File: 1428010621252.png (355.45 KB, 986x1220, 848571.png)

Anonymous 512439

File: 1428010632244.jpg (449.53 KB, 1157x1157, 848523.jpeg)

Anonymous 512440

File: 1428010643472.png (174.35 KB, 1087x800, 1426207232699.png)

Anonymous 512441

File: 1428010654123.png (450.45 KB, 999x801, flutterseatgilda.png)

Anonymous 512442

File: 1428010665091.jpg (444.66 KB, 818x1157, 842156.jpeg)

Anonymous 512443

File: 1428010696061.png (382.63 KB, 1024x768, 1425337038073.png)

Anonymous 512444

File: 1428010707244.png (876.69 KB, 1280x980, 840525.png)

Anonymous 512454

File: 1428015242999.png (387.87 KB, 1280x902, 1425269797056.png)

Anonymous 512455

File: 1428015255542.jpg (106.73 KB, 1024x724, 1425261630226.jpg)

damn flood detection

Anonymous 512456

File: 1428015267199.jpg (696.04 KB, 1200x800, 1425261067946.jpg)

Anonymous 512457

File: 1428015279061.png (308.61 KB, 1280x1332, 1425255898635.png)

Anonymous 512476

Exactly which why I say Legends hold.
Merely conjecture.
The history books talk of a mystic place called "The Chat Rooms" contained within the world of "AOL". "Girl" would mean Guy In Real Life.
I suppose some beliefs hold true even past the days of myths.

Did I /know/ her? Of course not.
You can't /know/ anybody in the internet.

A close-minded circlejerk, mate? I'd describe them as lambs that stuck too close to their comfortable path. If you've ever heard of the Tarot, you'll know even The Fool has admirable qualities.

>How would you know the inner-workings of such a thing?

It sounds as if we have a regular Phoenix Wright here. It's as if you're only looking for one answer.
No use in hiding the past. I was a part of this circlejerk.
"Alas, poor RP Thread! I knew them, Anon!"

Anonymous 512480

you think someone would do that? just go on the internet and tell lies?

Anonymous 512481

>"Alas, poor RP Thread! I knew them, Anon!"
Shakespeare fail.

Anonymous 512484

Part of the RP threads? Doesn't sound so bad to me.
How did this "girl" present herself?

Anonymous 512485

File: 1428041229952.jpg (161.46 KB, 1280x1766, mtr_1402111214704.jpg)

>might as well be contribooting
One would hope not.
But hopes are for people with futures.

u no it bb
Though, I must commend you on making fun of the fact that I used Shakespeare and not that I was part of the RP Threads. Good on you, anon.

Anonymous 512486

>girl in quotation marks
this is someone claiming to be a girl on an image board anon. it's okay to call it a trap

Anonymous 512488

File: 1428043831493.jpg (Spoiler Image,113.22 KB, 850x579, 1425092408211-1.jpg)

Anonymous 512489

File: 1428043868530.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.81 KB, 300x400, [email protected])

>Do take all of this as claims and works of fiction and please don't dispute it's merit of truth I'm too lazy to say "supposed", but not too lazy to make this disclaimer
She just presented herself as a girl who liked to RP sex with ponies and... hold on.... dare I say? Oh how disgusting... humans.
She had a boyfriend who would come on the threads and laugh. She'd get all hot and bothered with us but he'd get to "deal" with her.
As one can imagine from this being a quote-unquote circlejerk and her being the only quote-unquote girl there, she was the life of the party. RPs would usually screech to a halt if she wasn't there. ("Luckily" they never got as dead as the current RP threads. If any of you have ever seen the current RP threads, they are ded.) So if any of you have ever seen the picture "super lesbian horse RPG" it was kind of like that.

The girl would join in on the fun. She was actually the protagonist of some "arcs". Seldom would anyone call her out for her promiscuous tendencies, except for that one guy.

Because of her nature, she'd post nudes of herself as well. One time, someone she got along with outside of the threads (in email conversations) accidentally posted a picture of her face.

I reverse image searched the picture and it took me to some of those dummy sites. "Hot Grils in Dresses".com

Most of the pictures, surprisingly don't show any on the reverse image search.

I'm sorry, did I answer the question? I feel as if I was about one samurai sword and one 70s hit away from talking about French Big Macs.

Apologies if this pic is a repost. I just don't want to be 100% derailing a glorious ass thread.

Anonymous 512490

File: 1428044278638.png (712.13 KB, 1304x1345, 1427946271730.png)

You aren't derailing anything.
>luckily they aren't as dead as the current ones
Lack of interest probably. SLHRPG had its time in the spotlight, no use in trying to pull a frankenstein and bring it back.

Anonymous 512491

File: 1428044770475.jpg (96.54 KB, 567x756, mtr_1402112091146.jpg)

It must be the nostalgia talking.
I mean, I (tell myself) know that /anon. is slow just because of hiatus and not because people have gotten over MLP.
I miss a time when /anon/ had other things to engage in, I suppose.

Having a nice using the word nice very liberally *moving* thread.

>SLHRPG had its time in the spotlight,

It did. So many people got salty. Truly a glorious time to be a faggot.

Anonymous 512492

File: 1428049771281.jpg (189.42 KB, 1920x1080, RP General.jpg)

what if we brought back the previous era of Warhammer, SCP, and Yu-Gi-Oh characters jockeying for highest power level?

Anonymous 512493

File: 1428056216632.jpg (312.54 KB, 1592x1190, RP General- Ass Thread Edition…)

>Not posting sweet Goku Super Saiyan ass
At least use an appropriate photo, faggot.

Also, I remember the Pharaoh. Those were *funny* times. Mostly because in the Yu-Gi-Oh lore, the only way for the Pharaoh to summon those monsters was out of stone tablets.
So I imagined that character carrying a shit ton of stone tablets all over place.

But not Warhammer or SCP. I never saw any of that shit. That sounds like cancer.

Anonymous 512563

SCP was aight. The thing is, the ones everyone else thought were the scariest were the ones I thought were the lamest most of the time.

Anonymous 512564

You fool. You will upset the balance of nature.

Anonymous 512578

File: 1428122504184.jpg (157.53 KB, 1050x800, 1426319334920.jpg)

Anonymous 512587

>There is someone in China who worked very diligently on making underwear with technicolor ponies and lace for 5 cents each
>This thing exists

Anonymous 512600

Sounds like an interesting gal.

Anonymous 512603

File: 1428166586430.png (400.71 KB, 1337x658, human Octavia booty in bed.png)

Generally enjoyable, yes.

Gilda 512609

I can only imagine

Anonymous 512625

File: 1428188979159.jpg (113.13 KB, 500x600, cocky.jpg)

She has a thing for human Gilda.


Gilda 512631

Who doesn't?

Anonymous 512646

File: 1428192933449.png (1.08 MB, 1280x1280, 1422309390141.png)

>human gilda
I know exactly why I have this boner

Anonymous 512676

File: 1428193655042.jpg (Spoiler Image,142.63 KB, 500x600, Gilda bum.jpeg)

Anonymous 512692

File: 1428193865943.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1080, 1422320100115.png)

I think I know why (atleast in my professional opinion) human gilda is better than the griffon version

Who wants to fuck a cat bird? Besides me, not a whole lot of people

Anonymous 512718

File: 1428194494193.png (Spoiler Image,2.65 MB, 2000x1536, 329410a471ef87021287f0ba8a9a1f…)

>big tough griffin girl
>stuck going to pony dweeb school
>lame chants, lame rules, lame, lame, lame
>how can ponies be so flipping lame and so desirable?
>...n-no, wait. They're not extreme enough for you.
>Y-Yeah, that's it. You need someone extreme

Anonymous 512734

File: 1428194825867.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 2442x2939, 333433__explicit_nudity_vagina…)

Yeah, who would want those sleek, muscled feline haunches? What kind of loser would want to spread them wide and expose that cute little cat cooch?

...h-her tail flicking playfully in your face, wafting scents you can't ignore...

Anonymous 512743

File: 1428194986453.png (427.8 KB, 590x1024, stupid sexy spitfire.png)

You can't make me want to fuck the griffon version of her.

Anonymous 512797

File: 1428195998574.jpg (193.91 KB, 835x700, Gilda booty.jpg)

You got it backwards, dweeb.

It's your job to make the griffon version want to fuck you.

Anonymous 512828

And how would one do that? It's a fucking catbird or a horsebird, depending on the variation

Gilda 513084

File: 1428254812555.png (187.66 KB, 677x666, mtr_1421567279909.png)

I hear that they're partial to treats and belly rubs if you're that ballsy.

And, who knows? You might find that they're real sweethearts when you've befriended them

Anonymous 513090

File: 1428262606361.gif (885.19 KB, 450x253, 1418858702156.gif)

Warframe has some good butts, if my memory serves me right.

Anonymous 513370

File: 1428296908840.png (509.81 KB, 576x700, 1400361551080.png)


If only more traps took the time to wear it.

I'd actually say she's as interesting as the entirety of her brood.
A Canadian heartthrob.
An uber American Aryan who fears prostate ticklings.
His prone-to-panic, disassociate identity disorderly wannabe-white sidekick.
A country boy stuck in the middle of nowhere with a love of the sun.
A smut writing, porn loving, prolific wordsmith.

Among several others.

Would you say...
RP Generally?

Nice to see you stop by from the Neo-New RP Threads.

>implying that we all don't

I know it's not ass but Happy Easter you glorious, attentive motherfuckers.

Anonymous 513371

File: 1428296982029.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.44 KB, 810x600, 1385521917553.jpg)

Anonymous 513377

File: 1428298360660.jpg (71.16 KB, 807x651, mtr_1385679602094.jpg)

>I know it's not ass
I actually prefer tits.
I still miss AWG, though

Also, I saved the pic you posted, thenw hile I was browsing for a pic to post, I saw that I had already saved it twice. lel

Anonymous 513379

File: 1428298479599.gif (2.98 MB, 180x201, 1418743540537.gif)

Happy Easter to you too.

We all miss AWG. ;__;

Anonymous 513382

File: 1428298663158.png (267.9 KB, 422x1011, mtr_1402110493309.png)

I wish I knew/could remember what this stood for.
It happens to me all the time. I suppose some pics are worth saving twice. Or thrice.

Anonymous 513386

File: 1428298808532.jpg (1.41 MB, 1074x1526, 1414726022843.jpg)


It was as fun as it sounds.

Anonymous 513388

File: 1428298920804.jpg (Spoiler Image,464.42 KB, 1434x1680, 470442__explicit_nudity_prince…)


So which ass do you worship, generally?

Anonymous 513389

File: 1428298988224.png (1.12 MB, 1588x2020, human Luna angry ass.png)

Take thy time. There is a wrong answer.

Anonymous 513393

File: 1428299106641.png (156.7 KB, 400x534, mtr_1402110306749.png)


Anthro or Human Ass, unfortunately.
>no hooves
Yeah, yeah...

Anything round and plump.
Classy ass.
Incestuous ass.
When it comes to the monarch, it ends up being both.

Anonymous 513394

File: 1428299305100.jpg (69.88 KB, 855x1034, 1422864633107-0.jpg)

All ass is equal in my book. As long as it is nice and plump. Fit asses are okay as well.

Anonymous 513399

File: 1428299781951.png (Spoiler Image,191.04 KB, 776x613, 1371448000139.png)

Wii Fit Trainer is so good.
I'm so glad she exists.
Thank you Papa Sakurai.

Anonymous 513402

File: 1428300200702.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.45 KB, 800x1000, 1415999063455.jpg)

Oh yes. WiiFit trainer is amazing.

Anonymous 513404

File: 1428300276018.png (Spoiler Image,993.8 KB, 1200x932, yeah, it's my cooter, dweeb.pn…)

RP's human Gilda was always uncomfortable with private sex. A little too intimate. She was more into public displays of affection. Those, and threesomes.

Anonymous 513406

File: 1428300605191.png (869.76 KB, 1000x1399, 1425434000773.png)

>public sex
Hard as diamonds.

Anonymous 513407

File: 1428300808794.jpg (Spoiler Image,407.63 KB, 700x919, Gilda Pinkamena.jpg)

Funny thing, that. People assumed she'd dominate, from her attitude and all, and you'd pretty much have to fight if you wanted anything else. Good luck with that. She's fuckin' big.

Wasn't quite like that.

Anonymous 513408

File: 1428301037715.jpg (Spoiler Image,383.83 KB, 700x846, d5329e9d88800bbdbffa430575ae77…)

Yeah, if you wanted to 'make love' or some shit, she'd shove your ass into the couch and skip the bullshit. And make sure everyone was watching her do it.

I mean, come on. It's a fuck, not a wedding.

Anonymous 513410

File: 1428301124360.jpg (394.16 KB, 1181x1625, 1427065436717.jpg)

>I mean, come on. It's a fuck, not a wedding.
Now that attitude is an attitude I like. No use dancing around it, just get to the goods.

Anonymous 513412

File: 1428301356473.jpg (Spoiler Image,153.35 KB, 1000x1500, 1039008 - Darkstalkers Hsien_K…)

>those thighs
Hard as diamonds

Alpha women are fantastic.

Anonymous 513413

File: 1428301413932.png (Spoiler Image,1012.91 KB, 1280x1599, making this bitch my bitch.png)

Yeah. We got urges, we got shit to do. Not gonna perform? Look, someone's gotta drive. If it's not you, who'd you fuckin' think was gonna step up, dweeb? Fuck, be fucked, or fuck off.

Well, that or drink and talk shit. Plenty of room for good times with your dick still in your pants. But if there's sex on the table, then lie back or bend me over already.

Anonymous 513414

File: 1428301491234.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.09 KB, 900x599, 60b8cd302d587aa99d49d9b676521e…)

>Alpha women are fantastic.
You know it, dweeb.

Anonymous 513416

File: 1428301634106.png (712.13 KB, 1304x1345, 1427946271730.png)

God damn I don't know if I can get any harder.

Anonymous 513417

File: 1428301694838.jpg (Spoiler Image,492.31 KB, 826x1169, mtr_1416151713969.jpg)

Big, fit, strong alpha women.

Anonymous 513421

File: 1428302294885.jpg (391.93 KB, 640x1280, empty elevator.jpg)

No shit. Have a pussy? Cool. Be a pussy? Ugh, fuckin'... grow a pair.

Pop quiz, dweeb. You got an empty elevator. What do?

Anonymous 513424

File: 1428302539074.jpg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1139x2046, mtr_1414829376894.jpg)

Elevators are just snug, moving fuck closets.

Anonymous 513426

File: 1428302733907.jpg (129.48 KB, 637x900, realxxiii.jpg)

Fuck her in the elevator. If someone comes on welcome them. I've been paying attention you know.

Anonymous 513430

File: 1428302967112.jpg (1.37 MB, 1342x1890, mtr_1414980524347.jpg)

God Tier.

Anonymous 513431

File: 1428303094459.jpg (1.03 MB, 991x1403, unzipping.jpg)

Yes indeed.
>delicious brown girl
>fit as fuck
>short hair
Perfect woman.

Anonymous 513435

File: 1428303246159.jpg (123.44 KB, 506x900, mtr_1414822631870.jpg)

This Ass thread has been taken down.
I guess this is...
Survival of the Fittest.

Anonymous 513437

File: 1428303407081.jpg (478.35 KB, 1024x1430, raiden.jpg)

Fine by me. Dunno if Raiden is super fit as fuck or that's just the cyborg shit but who knows.

Anonymous 513438

File: 1428303411728.jpg (Spoiler Image,230.03 KB, 1039x736, dildo.jpg)

Heyyyy, someone gets it.
Part two, dweebs -- you fucked the elevator into a sex-stinking mess. It's the only shaft, so everyone's gotta ride it.

You clean up?

Anonymous 513441

File: 1428303578573.png (2.17 MB, 1235x2046, mtr_1415684153980.png)

The elevator isn't the only shaft people can ride.
BOOM! Dick joke.

The answer is yes.

Anonymous 513442

>dropping the 'ass' shtick
What is this, abs worship general?

Anonymous 513445

File: 1428303855451.jpg (692.17 KB, 851x1200, 1423432017253-4.jpg)

Hell yes, ab girl thread.

Anonymous 513446

File: 1428303951451.jpg (53.54 KB, 486x660, Jodokon2134dec1071bec95.jpg)


This is a tribute to the #SquatsMasterrace.
Work that ass and that core!

>Character Action Games are Sexy

Anonymous 513451

Is there another shaft worth riding, dweeb?
It better get me to the top floor.

Abs-o-lutely dicksucking.

Anonymous 513453

File: 1428304258472.jpg (98.41 KB, 800x1000, 1425755593226-1.jpg)

Why yes. Yes it is ab worship general

Anonymous 513454

File: 1428304436212.png (Spoiler Image,933.83 KB, 1280x1280, mtr_1415490953129.png)

I can think of one shaft worth riding that'll get you to top.

Anonymous 513458

Yeah, you'd love to work that ass, dweeb. Work it to the core.

Better be a high rise.

Anonymous 513459

File: 1428305034906.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.24 KB, 640x928, undressing.jpg)

Can't worship what you can't see, huh?

Anonymous 513460

One thing I don't like is teasing.
Okay that's a fuckin' lie. Gotta love me some teasing.

Anonymous 513461

File: 1428305337809.jpg (Spoiler Image,179.13 KB, 358x649, tall, strong, and sexy.jpg)

That so, dweeb? Guess you'll hate this.

Watch him pop a fuckin' stiffy and be stuck that way for hours.

Anonymous 513462

File: 1428305427811.jpg (Spoiler Image,107 KB, 850x884, I even dominate other franchis…)

Anonymous 513463

File: 1428305490512.jpg (133.37 KB, 600x800, v-vamp no. pls what are you do…)


>Watch him pop a fuckin' stiffy and be stuck that way for hours.
Why do you do this to me

Anonymous 513464

File: 1428307156755.webm (1.89 MB, 480x270, kissing a girl into submission…)

>all these lame-o franchises can't even handle the G

Anonymous 513465

File: 1428307617795.png (229.5 KB, 580x1075, raiden coffee.png)

>tossed a RAY halfway across a city
>all these lame-o franchises that can't handle G

Anonymous 513483

File: 1428338975053.gif (4.07 MB, 499x649, 0f2.gif)

Can we get back to asses?

RAY's a shit.

Anonymous 513498

File: 1428354599552.png (542.24 KB, 1400x600, 1428309775251.png)

>RAY was designed as a REX killer
>RAY is still shit

Anonymous 513500

File: 1428354908448.jpg (64.33 KB, 640x640, 1428354646825.jpg)

Anonymous 513508

File: 1428363209549.jpg (68.79 KB, 715x1000, 1428359115209.jpg)

Anonymous 513509

File: 1428364148994.png (1.37 MB, 1024x1331, hoers no lipstick (2).png)

Anonymous 513510

File: 1428364200252.jpg (344.27 KB, 1300x1007, Applejack hoers.jpg)

Anonymous 513534

File: 1428372692904.jpg (3.6 MB, 2500x1939, mtr_1415230264935.jpg)

Anonymous 513542

File: 1428375699971.jpg (Spoiler Image,657.96 KB, 874x1240, 1421419412739-2.jpg)

Anonymous 513545

File: 1428389593408.png (1.24 MB, 1336x778, S05E01_mane6_plots.png)

So, uh...did they improve the butt animations this season or was it just a really long hiatus for me?

Anonymous 513597

Those all seem like how they normally are. I think we've just been off the show for a while because of the hiatus and now are remembering how they can be sexy sometimes in show too

Anonymous 515677

File: 1429628359600.jpg (129.38 KB, 900x850, 235563__oc_anthro_solo+female_…)

Do we know what she went by?

Anonymous 515683

Does panty gril count?

Anonymous 515684

I guess. Is that what she went by?

Anonymous 515685

>is that what she went by?
Beats me. If it was then lucky guess if it wasn't then beats me. But panty gril is a kick ass name though

Anonymous 515693

File: 1429655608158.jpg (410.69 KB, 754x1200, 1429499034442-1.jpg)

Anonymous 515695

File: 1429657067583.gif (1.56 MB, 400x240, 1429056281206.gif)

Anonymous 515698

File: 1429658008625.jpg (334.62 KB, 850x1201, 1427233742236-1.jpg)

Boobs should count. Boobs are as good as butts.

Anonymous 515705

File: 1429664118344.png (Spoiler Image,445.18 KB, 1000x1000, 1425626046135.png)

Anonymous 515706

File: 1429664196520.png (369.53 KB, 889x1405, tumblr_nkqbtrDkKx1teexfeo1_128…)

Anonymous 515707

now that is a butt one could use as a pillow

Anonymous 515710

Anonymous 515712

I have no idea who she is, but I wanna knead that booty like pizza dough.

Anonymous 515713

File: 1429683225639.jpg (347.7 KB, 1518x1121, 2014-09-26-gogo-tomagoxxx.jpg)

That's Gogo from Big Hero 6

Anonymous 515714

File: 1429688404506.jpg (117.28 KB, 675x1182, gogo_tamago_by_hi_ku-d89l5f3.p…)

>Gogo with a big ass
She's skinny, though.

Anonymous 515715

File: 1429688437266.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.8 KB, 1103x1600, Gogo Tamago.jpg)

>getting aroused by children's entertainment

Anonymous 515718

>implying minor things like the character's actual physical appearance apply when drawing porn
come on man, you should know this

Anonymous 515720

Shadman hasn't improved, and the Earth still orbits the Sun.

Anonymous 515722

File: 1429697179409.jpg (133.96 KB, 600x804, 1293671893.dingbat_wedgie.jpg)

Anonymous 515729

keep your furshit in the furshit thread.

Anonymous 515733

File: 1429723646674.png (755.02 KB, 848x507, Shadman.png)

>mandatory "God damn it Shadman"

Anonymous 515734

File: 1429724163668.jpg (101.03 KB, 720x960, 1429697415903.jpg)

ass for the ass god

Anonymous 515735

File: 1429724733032.png (321.08 KB, 776x1024, fembra.png)

Well it was worth a guess

Anonymous 515736

File: 1429725251023.png (148.17 KB, 1024x768, 8c1059fb778c616c0901c19aa73812…)

Cry moar, faggot.

Anonymous 515737

File: 1429725471629.jpg (113.22 KB, 850x579, 1425092408211-1.jpg)

Anonymous 515738

File: 1429725567294.jpg (286.79 KB, 1000x1414, 1418078046442.jpg)

Anonymous 515740

File: 1429725838438.png (1.17 MB, 1600x1132, 1429681986987.png)

Anonymous 515741

File: 1429727648937.png (407.8 KB, 800x932, nmm3.png)

Anonymous 515743

File: 1429735166910.jpg (218.24 KB, 663x1050, 875536.jpeg)

Anonymous 515744

File: 1429735177742.jpg (68.92 KB, 1023x632, 873272.jpg)

Anonymous 515749

File: 1429735660736.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 2200x1555, c8751c0aacc2fa49812c3b6ebffc87…)

Anonymous 515750

File: 1429735673950.jpg (Spoiler Image,362.87 KB, 885x1252, nonobutt1.jpg)

Anonymous 515751

File: 1429735685757.jpg (Spoiler Image,572.97 KB, 743x1200, satsbutt5.jpg)

Anonymous 515755

File: 1429752909361.jpg (283.32 KB, 1400x840, 1407558679276.jpg)

Anonymous 515756

Anonymous 515757

File: 1429764576416.webm (1.22 MB, 1280x720, butt.webm)

Anonymous 515758

File: 1429764704372.jpg (152.87 KB, 1280x720, 2zYLF6k.jpg)

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