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Anonymous 452577

Anonymous 452618

Its too damn short.. You can beat it in like five minutes. The story is vague as fuck. There's nothing to it.

Anonymous 452619

Let's talk about how dumb Ruby is for making Applebloom follow her and Ruby not having any personality. She doesn't even seem to realize she's a ghost or have any opinion on the town's people murdering her.

Anonymous 452624

I don't know man. The villagers made me want kill them all.

Anonymous 452625

>I don't know man. The villagers made me want to kill them all.

Anonymous 452724

Zombies are overdone.

Anonymous 452768

They talk and stuff. It's not very zombie.

Anonymous 452969

They're le silhouettes, very exquisite and pretentious. They're more like demons rather than zombies.

Pre-classical era people are a superstitious bunch, so yeah they're very fucking horrible people with no character and value.

Anonymous 453076

Are Zecora's hanging rope bottles a reference from Princess and the frog? or that's just a thing people do?

Anonymous 453475

The backgrounds look like they came from Atari.

Anonymous 455847


I think its a thing people do.

Anonymous 456756

I liked it

Anonymous 456764

File: 1410131045800.jpg (33.27 KB, 640x425, 1410117951737.jpg)

that is the point when you make a retro game

Anonymous 457047

No as in he could have did a better job with the graphics. Even NES had better looking graphics and they constantly tried to make smooth circles out of those squares.

Anonymous 460108

5/10 It's o-kay.

Anonymous 475596


I like how it is used in the fanfic Waking Nightmares.

Anonymous 484930

Aside from having a little story there is nothing to it.

Anonymous 492817


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