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Ebola Happening 446807[View All]

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Anonymous 462376

File: 1411600715895.png (524.93 KB, 435x599, 435px-Paul_Fürst,_Der_Doctor_S…)

Party like it's 1346.

Anonymous 462382

File: 1411602251932.gif (362.61 KB, 400x225, 1411164402788.gif)

>find survivors

Anonymous 463993

File: 1412125014530.jpg (53.57 KB, 526x428, 1411917834119.jpg)

Anonymous 464045

Anonymous 464052


Obligatory THANKS OBAMA!

Something I find interesting is that the CDC and news stories about the first US patient emphasize that a person isn't contagious unless exhibiting symptoms, yet I'm sure I read info previously stating that transmission is possible without symptoms. Here's one which states the virus only needs to be present in the bloodstream:


Add to that the likelihood of someone starting to feel symptoms for a while before realizing he's not just tired or something. While chances are slim that someone who was on the plane with him, or anywhere else between his leaving the plane and being put in isolation four days later, it's still possible. So mark your calendars. If nobody else in the US is suspected or confirmed infected by the end of the month, the Happening is off. Until then, though...happy Halloween.

Anonymous 464074

File: 1412166569877.jpg (109.18 KB, 665x385, FEMA-camps-665x385.jpg)

Does this mean we can fence off Texas and declare the state a FEMA camp?

Thanks Ebola-Chan!

Anonymous 464100

I'm a little surprised there hasn't been mention of enterovirus 68 which has been going 'round the US.


Though I guess it's not quite as exciting as ebola. And speaking of that, our star ebola patient in the US was apparently fucking around with some kids before it was discovered he was infected. And those kids all went back to school to potentially spread the love further.


Anonymous 464272

File: 1412300813939.png (110.99 KB, 500x268, 1410929159680.png)

Im not panickin yet. But if it keeps spreading...

THEN we have cause for concern.

We don't know how many, if any, got infected

Anonymous 464309

Last I read about the Texas case it'd been estimated he'd had contact with 80 people before being diagnosed properly, though only four of his immediate family members were forced into isolation for 21 days (enforced by cops stationed outside their door).

His getting sent home after his first trip to the ER was our version of the Liberian clinic raid--intense stupidity at precisely the wrong time. Even if you trust the articles saying he wouldn't be contagious until he showed symptoms--which, as I've pointed out before, seem to be contrary to articles and factsheets posted prior to this case--you can be sure he had contact with others after showing symptoms thanks to the ER staff.

I also recall mention that someone who recovers can still be contagious a while (a couple weeks I think?) after symptoms subside, so I'm interested in the areas where the health staff brought in from Africa for treatment in the US to see if any cases turn up there as well. It also bothers me that the communicability stats are changing ever since ebola landed in the US. Probably done to keep people from panicking, but could backfire when people take it as true. Also not too thrilled with officials following the historical cases as gospel; if the disease was never observed to incubate more than 21 days, isolate for a month would be my answer, not cut it off on right at 21 days on the button. Err on the side of caution.

Anonymous 464331

File: 1412362952572.jpg (42.9 KB, 512x357, Thomas_Eric_Duncan--US_Ebola_P…)

Anonymous 464423

>Doctor had access Ebola patient's travel history
This defies previous articles where it was claimed there was some sort of error that prevented the nurses' notes on the patient's travels from appearing on the doctor's computer. Curiously, when I searched for that exact headline, several articles which were cached as having that story turned out to be replaced with another article about the patient being in critical condition, with no mention of the doctor's fuck up.

Anonymous 465773

US ebola Patient Zero deaded.

Anonymous 465846

File: 1412816694355.jpg (39.94 KB, 615x409, Excalibur1.jpg)


Sad news for the dog and his family. Even if you don't care about that, it's also a wasted opportunity. They obviously had no problem capturing the dog and getting him into a sealed quarantined vehicle, so it's not like it would've been any problem to keep him isolated and actually gather some fucking data on transmissibility from him. Are dogs a vector? Can the virus actually survive in a dog? Fuck, guess we won't find out now since it's easier to just kneejerk than think. Thanks Spain! Fucking idiots.

Anonymous 465849

File: 1412817224371.gif (1.94 MB, 310x325, 1411342890896.gif)

The virus can be contained in animals.

Italics on can because it's more commonly found in monkeys. Our closest genetic match. So if a monkey has ebola and someone kills said monkey and eats it. That person will get ebola because of the genetic makeup we share with monkeys. Kinda like HIV/AIDS.

If another animal gets ebola, say this dog for example, it might not be that big of a risk because people and dog have nothing in common besides the fact that we are mammals.

Anonymous 465865

Simians and bats, yes. It's thought that dogs can carry without showing symptoms, but not much is really known or understood in that regard. Which is all the more reason why it's really fucking annoying that they threw away this opportunity to learn. Just because it's known to survive in some species doesn't mean it'll survive in all. How long does it survive in a dog? Can it spread from dog slobber? Oh who cares, let's just panic and do something dumb.

Anonymous 465870

File: 1412820434859.jpg (681.2 KB, 1000x1432, colored.jpg)

>Oh who cares, let's just panic and do something dumb.
Like fap to OCs of deadly contagions?

Anonymous 465965

File: 1412880324640.gif (1.09 MB, 400x225, 1408242285710.gif)

Scratch that, the virus can be inside of dog. For how long is up for debate. Can we get infected from dogs is a good question. Such a shame the Spaniards had to put the dog down. Could have learned lots from it.

Now, could Ebola be considered as an STD? Sperm is a bodily fluid.

Anonymous 465968

Anonymous 465979

It wouldn't matter since the sweat swapped from the act of fucking would infect someone anyway.

Anonymous 465981

File: 1412884560532.png (651.93 KB, 620x1108, but is not.png)

>not fucking in a HAZMAT suit.

Anonymous 465996

Are...are you guys debating the safety of dogfucking in the middle of an epidemic?

Anonymous 466001

Why not?
We're not africans. We don't have much to worry about.


Anonymous 466008

File: 1412901749393.jpg (101.2 KB, 620x340, Weaponized Ebola.jpg)

Mayhaps. It's fine though. Just wear a full body suit and pull the fuck out before your containment protocol is breached.

Anonymous 466279

Death toll for this outbreak now at about 4033. Only nine were from outside Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea--eight in Nigeria and one in the US. Plus collateral damage of one Spanish dog.

>"The number of Ebola cases is probably doubling every three-to-four weeks," says the U.N. special envoy on Ebola, David Nabarro.

Interesting side note: The Liberian president tried to use the epidemic to grant himself special new powers to restrict movement and gatherings of citizens, and to seize property. He got his shit smacked down hard by lawmakers, who accused him of trying to create a police state.

Anonymous 467552

File: 1413321419718.jpg (45.47 KB, 306x432, d3604184.jpg)

Nurse Nina Pham, who contracted ebola while caring for the Dallas patient zero Thomas Duncan, has received a transfusion from ebola survivor Kent Brantly and claims to be "doing well." Brantly is said to have offered a transfusion for Duncan, but their blood types were incompatible. Pham is also notably cuter than Duncan.

Anonymous 467556

File: 1413322708439.png (119.71 KB, 770x700, This_kills_the_pony-(n13262065…)

Damn, I totally forgot that was medically possible. I've only seen things like blood transfusions providing immune stimulation to an infected person in works of fiction.

This news explains why the White House press conference shill on CNN wasn't as concerned about the nurse this afternoon.

Blood transfusions from survivors was a popular plot point in some science fiction stories and movies like Charlton Heston's The Omega Man.

Perhaps there is some glimmer of hope if it works.

Anonymous 467711


Oh good, people finally being more sensible. Not too far off from what I was saying in >>467562, though they could go beyond addressing only respiratory transmission.

Anonymous 467712

File: 1413421024034.gif (493.25 KB, 496x279, 1413400452009.gif)

Anonymous 467713

Read the post right before yours, genius.

Anonymous 468020

File: 1413583347171.gif (1017.08 KB, 403x302, gummint-peepol.gif)


More vindication as the CDC director catches flak for not following his own advice. And yet there are still fucking retards who insist we should just blindly believe without fact-checking whatever pablum spews from so-called authorities who've insisted on promoting only the bare minimum protections based on very little data.

No, I'm not calling this any sort of Illuminati conspiracy, just gummint employees being idiots.

Anonymous 468182

File: 1413675174493.jpg (111.4 KB, 1024x768, mulderpls.jpg)


There is absolutely no proof that the Illuminati exist.

Anonymous 468396

Have you not heard of Jewish Central Bankers?!

Anonymous 468560

I like the part in that episode when Scully says Mulder sang the Shaft theme.

Just saiyan.

Anonymous 468608

Anonymous 477187

File: 1416622976558.png (244.45 KB, 741x713, 1416621880831.png)

Anonymous 487976

File: 1419812970421.jpg (41.32 KB, 446x391, eboladoritos.jpg)

Anonymous 488155

File: 1419820352175.gif (947.95 KB, 449x318, ohmy.gif)

>Ebola in Doritos
>Majority of US gets infected

Anonymous 488610


>> neckbeards dying in the streets

>> cheetoh dust blankets the land

Anonymous 488627

File: 1419886944275.png (52.88 KB, 558x295, AAAAAAHHH.png)

>I just ate a bag of doritos.

Anonymous 488632

File: 1419887928015.jpg (44.9 KB, 450x340, 1.jpg)


>mfw I actually googled to make sure this wasn't real

thank god

Anonymous 488809

File: 1420084380010.gif (1.85 MB, 400x300, 1419307790747.gif)

Yesterday Iraqi media reported on two confirmed cases of Ebola in Mosul.


Now, they are reporting that Isis members have contracted Ebola.


>ISIS has ebola

>now they have capability to do half assed bio-weapon strikes on cities.

Anonymous 488814

File: 1420090730154.jpg (20.54 KB, 500x380, muahhaha.jpg)

>Is it over yet, my brave anons and anon-ettes?

No comrade OP... it has only just begun.

Anonymous 494583

File: 1421349705062.jpg (11.65 KB, 213x200, 1420227247450.jpg)

The authorities are not revealing the cause of death, but it wasn't violence or accidental. He just dropped dead.


His screening showed no Ebola infection, but what nobody is reporting is that you can test negative for the disease and still have it. Back in November a Maryland surgeon who had tested negative for the deadly Ebola virus in Sierra Leone before testing positive days later, died at the Omaha, Nebraska Medical Center.

This has been known for quite some time, but nobody takes it into account when letting people fly back from the hot zone. It's like they want it to spread.
The death toll and infected count is still rising dangerously in West Africa, and even members of ISIS have come down with the disease, giving them samples of what is essentially weaponized Ebola.

If you thought this was over, you're wrong, it's simply not being reported as much as it originally was.

Anonymous 494595

File: 1421355462899.jpg (180.08 KB, 665x920, 696401__safe_solo_traditional+…)


> it's simply not being reported as much as it originally was.

Well yeah, it's been like half a year. Ebola is old news! People are all like, saturated with it. They kept on crying wolf and now nobody is listening, putting us possibly all in danger. What a surprise!

Anonymous 498446

File: 1422567549040.gif (1.05 MB, 480x270, 1422406324119.gif)

Anonymous 498447


Just when we thought it was over...

Anonymous 498450

It's not ogre yet.

Anonymous 501675

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