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File: 1405661205149.jpg (94.58 KB, 1089x532, wuh.jpg)

In which we discuss our 4chan bans Anonymous 440731[Last 50 Posts]

My IP changed about a month ago. Just noticed this. I managed to get banned for not posting anything at all :D

In other news, apparantly /g/ and /int/ go all the way back to 2013. And you thought this board was slow!

Anonymous 440780

File: 1405665457071.jpg (108.27 KB, 911x612, baninated.jpg)

I got permabanned for spamming, which means I said something that made a mod cry. Forgot about niggertits for like a year or so, followed a link someone sent me back over there and eventually realized my permaban had lifted at some point.

Anonymous 440790

I had my IP perma banned for being a tor node. I have no idea how that happened, but I did get it appealed. On the second try. After TWO MONTHS.

Anonymous 440791

File: 1405672127384.png (1.14 MB, 1980x1113, 1361418455193.png)

Seeing this thread reminds me...

I've never actually been banned. But around a month ago, I got a sent to a banned page that was dated around August 2013.

It said I was lo longer banned anyway upon viewing the page, so that was a rather pointless thing to happen.

Anonymous 440795

That's your ban page?

Anonymous 440921

File: 1405712260777.png (115.46 KB, 289x354, 576662__safe_solo_rarity_idw_r…)


That page has got to be shopped.

Anonymous 441005

File: 1405719972164.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.67 KB, 800x608, milkuuuu.jpg)

I was banned for posting classical art.

Anonymous 441015

i got banned for posting completely safe for work milky reaction image
Then a cropped image of keldeo's ass from official art
/mlp/ and /vp. got some bitch mods

Anonymous 441020

File: 1405723193969.jpg (1.41 MB, 2000x3008, this_way_milk_flows2.jpg)


Milky is always worth posting. Good job.

Anonymous 441044

its on my old computer literally it was her sighing while resting against a table
scruffy is a dick, i miss the old community

Anonymous 441046

File: 1405733914186.jpg (56.77 KB, 442x565, milkywhy.jpg)


There was a milky thread a month ago I think where the mods were deleting spam IN the milky thread and trying to keep it on track I think.

It went on for a good 20 minutes or so and I became the happiest person alive. TRULY IT WAS A NEW BEGINNING, IT WAS ALL COMING BACK!

Then it finally got deleted. I felt sick inside all day.

Anonymous 441049

File: 1405734626760.jpg (41.9 KB, 495x636, 1405415202416.jpg)

I don't even like milky outside the absurdity of her. She was as much part of the community as any other character, on par with Tracy even. I blame faust for visiting /mlp/ she might have had good intentions but she single handedly killed the board and the community we had...
Muh gay bath house, muh generals, muh MLH threads

Anonymous 441090


I didn't like Milky in the beginning either, I thought a lot of it including many of the generals were too excessive. Just as I began to realize the sweet succulent monstrosity of hedonism /mlp/ was it was taken.

How naive I was...now I must settle with a slow mlpchan which I like more and /mlp/ being an at worst rude ponychan with some naughty greentext stories.

Anonymous 441116

Ponychan was rude, but passive aggressively rude. I prefer honest rudeness, at least you know where you stand.

Anonymous 441321

File: 1405755645655.png (233.68 KB, 667x501, 1377985523625.png)

if you change your ip i think someone else can post with your new ip getting you banned, im guessing this becuz i got banned for the same thing it said i posted "hi" in /pol/ and appearantly thats against the rules

Anonymous 441323

File: 1405756610690.gif (44.32 KB, 440x366, 677693__safe_solo_animated_der…)


yes it feels like winning the lottery. Except with bans.

Anonymous 441325

File: 1405757253546.png (719.69 KB, 894x1024, feel;;y.png)


on 4chan

nobody wins

Anonymous 441739

File: 1405871871009.png (185.31 KB, 2299x1229, 14594 - adorable artist-coalhe…)

Yea, you guys got it much worse than us. At least we were allowed on /b/ for a while. I think we might still be allowed but it seemed to be the same pics posted thread after thread.

Anonymous 444374

File: 1406676541012.png (88.77 KB, 1061x342, idonteven.png)

We've got some serious report button abuse going on

Anonymous 451201

File: 1408419113705.png (23.32 KB, 305x223, bannedlel2.png)

at least your ban was for limited time for a reason...

Anonymous 451209



Anonymous 451213

Bypass for 12 Entire Months ?!
why i didnt have it before ?!

Anonymous 451222

File: 1408443638265.png (91.86 KB, 995x285, areyoufuckingkiddingme.png)

So much as posting in a porn thread is bannable now.

Anonymous 453241

File: 1409162150816.jpg (551.7 KB, 3206x1731, derp.jpg)

derpibooru mods confirmed for full retard

Anonymous 453243

I'm confused.
From that cap, it looks like the Winter Wrap-Up repurposing was allowed, whereas the racist slur was not. That seems like exactly what should have happened.

Am I reading it wrong? What happened?

Anonymous 453244

Just OP trying to start shit for fuck all. They come and go.

Anonymous 453245

File: 1409165759324.jpg (86.9 KB, 650x488, weard.jpg)


the comment could have been a racial slur, or a comment on how applejack is portrayed that in no way validates portraying people as niggers. Or a comment on how portraying starvation as a black thing is racist, or a comment on how winter wrapup was itself racist, because it's so obvious they're making the dirt colored mud pony concerned with starvation, while the white unicorn is concerned with frivolities. you just can't call applejack a nigger without it being uncomfortably fitting. or a comment on how that image is so stupid and drama provoking that it doesn't deserve a well thought out comment. or an attempt to drag the provocation blatantly out into the open so people laugh about how ridiculous it is instead of getting dragged into arguing about it seriously.

it really wasn't clear.

by invoking rule #0 the mods have declared one of two things. either they actually believe the real applejack is a member of derpibooru and not a fictional cartoon pony, or they just declared that a group of users on their site are niggers (and that really is racist).

Anonymous 454946

File: 1409582813224.png (53.62 KB, 1106x356, the co mods are fucking nigger…)

this is my newest one. its fucking stupid. basically on /co/-tmblr and friends anything you say that the mod doesn't like he just bans you.

Anonymous 454949


I'm not saying you deserve that ban but I can see why you got it, with "fucking kill yourself" and "jewsbro".

Anonymous 454951


Anonymous 454977


could have at least made the mods scratch their heads a bit by going with rohippie instead of "daterape".

Anonymous 454986

damn why's /co/ so politically correct all of a sudden? What warranted this bullshit?

Anonymous 454987


What does telling someone to kill themselves have to do with being politically correct? It's just shitposting.

Anonymous 455062


Being politically correct means offending no one. Telling someone to kill themselves will offend them. 2 + 2 = ?

Anonymous 455067


*Technically* you're kind of right but nowadays being politically correct is more about social issues.

Ex: Calling someone who is retarded a "retard" is politically incorrect, whereas "mentally challenged" is the politically correct version.

Stuff like that. I don't think anybody expects everybody to never be offensive.

Anonymous 455092

File: 1409629061341.jpg (30.43 KB, 605x328, 130820_howard_dean_ap_605.jpg)


That's why being politically correct is retarded. Because people do expect you to never be offensive. Politicians will shit themselves folding over backwards to say whatever lie will get them out of offending anyone. The political arena is a broken tattered catastrophe in which nothing useful ever gets done because everyone in it is a career blame avoider, and the few who do actually make a difference get cast down in flames by dirty infighting and rabid FUD spread by mass media to billions of minds around the world. Politicians can never admit to being wrong, and must agree with past politicians in order to survive. Think of what that does to honest discourse over a century or so.

Political correctness might once have been sold as merely trying to avoid offending people, but it quickly revealed the weeping sore in our society that people we trust to tell us what to do are determined never to offend anyone ever and to destroy anyone who does.

Anonymous 455104

File: 1409634713367.png (369.65 KB, 696x1000, Octavia looking.png)

Pointlessly overzealous public decorum is tedious, yes, and often stifles communication, especially on the topic of sex.

This is not an excuse to fling racial epithets or verbally abuse people. "Oh so I'm not supposed to call you a manwhoring landwhale autist faggot who should kill himself like all the other genetically inferior shitskins? It's political correctness gone mad!" No, it's merely the expectation that you treat other human beings as if they are human beings.

Anonymous 455108

File: 1409635639373.gif (1.99 MB, 300x225, 1408171953594.gif)

I posted a picture of a gril in pony panties on /b/

I'll admit, I deserved it.

Anonymous 455119


Okay but we were talking about posting on 4chan, not politics.



>inb4 "hugbox"

Anonymous 455121

Got permabunned for satire. Was fun

Anonymous 455147



Anonymous 455149

That's not the 4chan I remember years ago in 2007.

Anonymous 455151


Times change. Being edgelords isn't as funny/entertaining anymore.

Anonymous 455153

Since when has 4chan had the smallest modicum of decorum? The thing that got me into 4chan was the fact that I could say ANYTHING, no matter how mean or stupid or what have you. It was the freest of speech. Yeah it attracts weirdos. That kind of unabashed free speech has been attracting weirdos since the beginning of time.

Anonymous 455161

File: 1409685968409.png (161.16 KB, 640x354, 713013__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)


You said "nowadays being politically correct is more about social issues." That's wrong, because politically correct is about not offending anyone ever. Doesn't matter if it's 4chan or the Senate floor. And lying assholes will insist to their dying breath that they totally aren't being complete faggots attacking anyone for being offensive. In trying to frame political correctness as an issue of actual justice, and not petty ego and backstabbing, you came to resemble said faggot assholes.

The fact is you're defending people who silenced someone not for spamming, or flooding, or even disrupting any conversation, but simply because they don't want to allow anyone to think a certain way. Please don't defend that.

Anonymous 455233


Will you just admit you're buttblasted because you lost your shit, told someone to kill themselves and got banned for it?

I mean is it really that surprising anymore (especially on a board that wasn't /b/)?

I see people like you all the time, they find 4chan through some other site and think "Finally! A place where I can be as cruel as I want for no reason all the time" and then get disappointed when boards that aren't /b/, /pol/ or [s4s] actually want to have real discussion and not just "le le kill yourself if you disagree with me faggit ur so autistic lol FOR YOU XDDD".

Anonymous 455239

File: 1409696561189.jpg (51.73 KB, 640x800, twilight sparkle, uncertain, r…)


So now you're saying ban the victims of trolls, not the trolls. Huh. fyi I'm not even the one who got banned. Maybe you should seriously consider taking his advice.

Anonymous 455240

pics or it didn't happen

Anonymous 455250


Wait what? I'm not advocating banning anything, I'm trying to make a point about how people keep overreacting to their 4chan bans and feeling entitled to shitpost and equate 4chan discussion to actual real-world politics.

Nobody has free speech on 4chan. It is run by moot and the staff he chooses, and they can do whatever the fuck they want, because it's their website--they maintain it, they pay for it, they moderate it. 4chan is not some alternate dimension where everyone who enters is free from the bindings of normal human reality, but people act like it is. Again, entitlement.

Anonymous 455251

What, the pic I posted or proof of the ban?

Anonymous 455264

File: 1409701896905.jpg (1.98 MB, 3120x1600, 1396206209298.jpg)

Once upon a time there were generally understood rules of social conduct (see: Miss Manners, Dear Abby, et al) whereby people could largely get along with each other.

Over time these rules grew to be regarded as antiquated and sexist, and people grew increasingly daring with speaking their minds and challenging social norms (see: Elvis, Beatles, punk).

But then people began to feel uneasy with such outspokenness as various groups (from gays to Baptists) demanded to be taken seriously and treated with respect.

As these demands for more stringent and "sensitive" political correctness began to feel smothering, people sought outlets of escape (see: 4chan).

In time, once again, the novelty of being able to say almost anything wore thin as people went beyond merely saying whatever outrageous things they liked to trying to be as offensive as possible. At some point a tv show came along and reminded us what it's like to not be constant assholes to each other, and at least some part of the world population embraced that.

But then the show started to suck and even those who regaled in this show slid back into their outdated ways. And here we are, factions of the politically correct and the trolls still at odds while our own segment wavers uncertainly between the two.

This is of course grossly oversimplified, and I'm sure there's more to the history prior to where I started, but you get the idea. This shit's been going back and forth constantly for decades. For my own part, I'm content with being able to speak my mind when I feel it's worth saying, while trying not to be a dick in the process.

Anonymous 455266


You're referring to South Park, right?

I go to 4chan to discuss music and get recommendations for new music to listen to.

I come here so I can be honest about personal shit without it actually becoming personal.

I'm not interested in having /b/-tier wars of yelling at each other about raping our mom's asses with railroad spikes or something. Shit if I wanted that, all I would have to do is go to the YouTube comment section for a Metallica video, probably.

Anonymous 455268


> once upon a time prudes gripped the world with an iron fist

> they killed anyone who acted differently from the church's teachings
> then someone figured out how to stop them
> they've been claiming the downfall of civilization ever since
> despite nobody killing anyone

Anonymous 455346

File: 1409725273533.jpg (364.44 KB, 1701x1318, derpy-slices-cloud.jpg)

>You're referring to South Park, right?
Wut. Haven't watched that show since sometime in the '90s. What I was going over was historical trends in western society from around the '50s to now. The point I was ultimately trying to make is that there's a place between being full-on PC and going full /b/tard where people can be generally comfortable and actual conversations can happen.

Sure, though that's going back further than I did. We could also track other interwoven threads like women's suffrage, black emancipation, defiance of the Crown in pursuit of a more egalitarian government, but my intent was only to show a very broad overview of a more recent timeline to illustrate that this has all happened before and, as said above, there's a reasonable middle-ground to be found where all but extremists can chill.

Anonymous 455356

File: 1409732240838.jpg (90.99 KB, 694x325, meanwhile on your way to work …)


Eh. Extremists can chill sure, but there are times when fence sitting is worse than picking a side. Nothing gets up in my gullet more than wishy washy folks lording it over people who actually have conviction as if that somehow makes them automatically wrong. There are times when gettin mad will just waste effort and brain cells, and there are times when not gettin mad will leave you wasting effort and brain cells 20 years down the road wondering where it all went wrong.

I personally think it's worth getting mad when someone says conformity helps us get along with each other. Especially with how groups forming rules for how people ought to act and how things ought to be are pretty much the only time humanity has ever resorted to genocide.

But more pointedly, Dear Abby is still going. No really. Her daughter continued it even after she croaked. Things were just as bad back then as they are now, and independent thinking was as good of an idea back then as it is now. Painting a rosy past where increased social conformity made us fight less and get along more when said past doesn't actually exist doesn't do you any favors. It covers up the reality that the real reason our society is falling apart, with people fighting more, not getting along and not making any friends, is largely due to two causes: car culture, and the war on drugs.

Anonymous 455358

File: 1409735342366.gif (918.48 KB, 400x287, 1409729599986.gif)

What is everyone going on about now?

Anonymous 455360

So to you, if you're not spewing hate and trololo, or passively stepping on eggshells around everyone, that makes you milquetoast? You and I seem to have very different views on what constitutes middle ground.

Anonymous 455384


Oh. A few years ago South Park did an episode about how some people abuse free speech so they can slander and offend everyone they don't like with no consequences. Of course it was somewhat ironic because that's what South Park has always been about in the first place, but that was in a sense the joke, at least from how I interpret it.

It's actually pretty funny nowadays because it features Cartman, the fat kid, planning to go on live television and say horrible things about Jews and get away with it by pretending he has tourrettes syndrome and can't control himself. It's something I can imagine someone from /pol/ doing.


>the real reason our society is falling apart

>the war on drugs


Anonymous 455479

File: 1409796082201.jpg (42.16 KB, 666x360, eGhyNnhoMTI=_o_white-girl-prob…)


> I didn't even know there were communities nationwide being terrorized and gutted for decades in order to combat the drugs

> I never knew my property's 8 foot walls were actually a rare occurrence before cops started cracking down on us
> the sign on the bus says I should report any suspicious people to the police? But I never ride the bus!
> I just drive my car everywhere!
> Clearly the problem is all that rap music.

Anonymous 455483

As someone involved with law enforcement I can tell you the war on drugs is absolutely a major part of the overall, overarching plan to control society, marginalize the have-nots, and assert the invisible caste system we live in.

Militarization of police
Control of media
Imperial treatment within our national sphere of influence
Distractionary 'cultural' wars over religious values, sex issues, and race matters
Revenue generation, asset forfeiture and criminality of everything
Flat real-income for producers with soaring real-income for ownership
Health, healthcare and wellness as a luxury item
Forced rackets in every area of industry and economy
So, so much more

Anonymous 456019

I got a 4 day ban for "raiding" because I participated in one of bomb thread where dubs sends the bomb to another board.

Anonymous 458344

the faggot ass /co/ mod strikes again with his autismal "i didn't like that post" system of banning

no, thats my writing name over there.

like it said, it is now
co-tumblr and friends

Anonymous 458357


Yeah but man, come on, rohippie is way clevererer than daterape.

Anonymous 458419

File: 1410647423350.png (101.7 KB, 597x360, das racist.PNG)

what the fuck is rohippie?
at least daterape means something, there is a story behind that name

Anonymous 459562

The first time I ever visited 4chan I was already banned. I had apparently been shitposting on /vp/ just a week earlier.

Anonymous 459662

File: 1410828195742.png (57.07 KB, 1349x684, lel.png)


Anonymous 459672


It's a play on the word rohypnol.

Anonymous 462401

File: 1411614581185.jpg (4.38 KB, 636x61, not gonna cut it.jpg)

Whenever I get banned from somewhere I have this physiological reaction I don't get from anything else. I get all flushed in the face and my heart is pounding. Even stuff I don't care about. It's a channel you were quitting anyway not a leopard; what's the big deal?

Anonymous 462418


I kind of feel the same way.

Anonymous 462450

People are programmed by evolution to belong in social groups; it's easier to survive in them. It's normal, biological reaction to feel like this after being banned.

Anonymous 462544

File: 1411705375944.gif (1.74 MB, 800x550, 728694__safe_rarity_animated_e…)


But any social group? What if it's a group you didn't even want to be associated with? It feels harder to survive in 4chan, not easier!

Anonymous 462560

It's your latent homosexuality screaming for its daily quotient of drama.

Anonymous 462563

We allegedly evolved in tribes small enough that everyone knew everyone, which means when a social group kicks you out, everyone knows, and your status takes a hit.

Anonymous 462566


and yet here I am bragging about getting kicked off 4chan, or the like. I know what you mean though.


noooooo not my homogay

Anonymous 462570

File: 1411718666662.jpg (157.12 KB, 600x906, darth_vader_punished_pixels.jp…)

Search your feelings, sweetcheeks. You know it to be true.

Anonymous 462600

File: 1411758555412.png (145.8 KB, 555x575, 582261__safe_solo_pinkie+pie_m…)

Anonymous 470001

File: 1414265787124.png (130.56 KB, 924x379, global rule 3 is just janitor'…)

global rule 3 is literally just the janitor's way of going "it don't like what you said! banned!"

Anonymous 470040


You totally deserve that ban though. You used the words "loli" and "rape" in your post. What part about that is not clear? You just don't want to admit you are wrong.
(oh shi)

Anonymous 470318


Anonymous 470336

File: 1414286805188.png (202.17 KB, 512x384, 1414111299799.png)


Anonymous 470362


Is there some context to where you posted it that we can't understand?

Anonymous 470866

File: 1414312349386.png (356.74 KB, 1024x720, 568985__safe_solo_sweetie+bell…)


He posted it on /co/ where talking about rape is banned.

Anonymous 470876

its not like i posted porn on a blue board, explicit writings are still allowed, the mod is just a fucking faggot

/co/-tumblr and friends

Anonymous 470877


Then how do they talk about cartoons involving rape (Family Guy or South Park for example)?

I used to go on /co/ all the time a couple years ago and it was great, what happened?

Anonymous 470882

I was permabanned for posting and making IRL mare and filly vag general

Anonymous 470891

Advocating rape may as well be the same as posting images of such.

This thread is sad and it's a shame over all these bans being for low quality posts. They are deserved when you look at it properly.

Anonymous 470892

File: 1414354902579.jpg (11.27 KB, 172x171, I sincerely hope you don't shi…)

>Advocating rape

Anonymous 470893

People always get the wrong impression that 4chan is truly free speech unless they have an excuse to cry at the mods for not reading and understanding the rules.

Anonymous 470894

File: 1414355492268.png (114 KB, 600x600, 569484__safe_solo_sweetie+bell…)


Gosh it's almost like the mods are just being faggots.

Anonymous 470898

File: 1414356638003.jpg (48.95 KB, 612x816, 1410181791093.jpg)

While Christopher Poole has every right to create and enforce rules on his image board, the fact remains he created 4chan as resistance to censorship of his favorite hobby imposed on him by Something Awful.

And his 'reaction' to the predominant board culture that came into being on 4chan was pathetic at best. moot knew full well what was going on in the various boards. He wasn't just drooling over his Japanese goth/loli fetish board.

Board culture matters far more than you seem to think. Without the community that was the users of 4chan, moot had nothing but a server farm and a monthly bandwidth bill.

Rules, when wrong, must be questioned and changed. moot was far too slow to respond. And that's what is really killing 4chan. Not disobeying bad rules.

Anonymous 470908

File: 1414360431362.jpg (682.83 KB, 1920x1070, 413__safe_applejack_apple_swee…)

> has every right to create and enforce rules on his property

This is an interesting concept that has had a very large impact on history in general. When your property is used by someone else, even when it is primarily used by someone else, as far as Americans/Eurofags are concerned it's still your property. There is no responsibility to your users, and they gain no stake in what they're using, no matter how much they depend on it, and no matter how little you participate.

This is what enabled noblery to evict people from their ancestral homes on the argument that the nobles owned it, and the peasants had no villeinage since that law would grant land users rights, not reserving them all to property owners. This didn't entirely benefit the nobles, as villeins are legally bound to not move away from their land, so it gave the serfs more mobility and freedom. It was still a rather one sided victory though, with that mobility only ever being used for further exploitation, leading to the modern working class.

Anonymous 470914


It's funny because moot and the mods have done a complete 180 with their stance on lolicon, they even delete loli threads on /a/ that aren't technically breaking rules (meaning they're worksafe and relevant to non-pornographic anime discussion) because 4chan is so popular they can't come across as "sick pedo fucks" to normalfags and the mainstream media, especially after shit like the "fappening" that brought an enormous amount of attention to the site.

Anonymous 470919

>moot finally gets laid
>no more loli on 4chan

Anonymous 471922

File: 1414510050950.png (100.42 KB, 923x756, snip snip (2).png)

part 2 of this ban.
this on really pissed me off.
it was just writing, there was no rule-breaking picture posted with it, and erotic writing is not NSFW, i broke no rules, the mods are just fucking faggots

Anonymous 471925

Quality of content >>> Board Culture
>Threads on /v/ that are barely about videogames, for instance

Anonymous 471926

Allowing loli outside of /b/ just turns the main anime boards into a shitfest. It's been this way for a long time.

Anonymous 471933

>Quality of content

Pick one.


4chan was never about 'quality' content. It was about what moot wanted out of it without the shit sticking to him and catching fire.

Anonymous 471934

What sucks is that your story comes under the heading of 'promoting rape culture' which offends the newly minted SJW crowd moot is welcoming with open arms.

While they haven't codified the prohibition of rape culture
related content, you know the SJW janitors will make their own until moot gets around to it.

Kiss the days of free thinking farewell on 4chan.

Anonymous 471935


I wouldn't be surprised if loli isn't even allowed on /b/ eventually. Or rape. Or anything that isn't completely normalfag-approved.

Anonymous 471936

I always got the creepy loli vibe from what was posted on /c/ despite the rules.

That's where most of the grey area Chinese comic child 'art' wound up the past few years.

Anonymous 471944

I'm getting a serious SJW shill vibe from half the posts in this thread. SJWs please go.

Anonymous 471947

So you're going to continue that story right?

Anonymous 471990

well, i don't know now...

Anonymous 472038

>le 4chan was never good face
>let's shit all over moot and the mods and namecall them SJWs because they are doing their job in removing insufferable shitposts from people such as me
Your Internet hate machine culture is dead. Let it go and stop being a faggot.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 472039

Honestly, the internet, and the world in general, still has need of it; if not necessarily 4chan, somewhere. There must be a strong counter to the world at large, a sort of Gonzo journalism of self-serve commentary on the culture of the normal. As 'normal' continues to be dragged further and further into the bland, into the kid-tested-mother-approved, into the gray-skinned homogenous of litigious, offended, emasculated 'equality', it remains even more necessary.

>le tricky bait hook man
>hurr durr s-stop namecalling!
>not even reading what he posted that you're replying to

Anonymous 472050

File: 1414697741197.gif (84.57 KB, 401x348, 303910__safe_princess+celestia…)


>implying the Interten hate machine is dead

Anonymous 472053

File: 1414699773371.jpg (68.12 KB, 766x681, 4chan man costume.jpg)

Anonymous 472054

File: 1414699799839.gif (2 MB, 330x204, anonymous.gif)

Anonymous 472055

File: 1414700422725.jpg (225.01 KB, 500x422, 700500__safe_oc_laughing_artis…)

> Anonymous Hacker face mask

Anonymous 472058

File: 1414701917035.jpg (39.44 KB, 465x382, 1369225421710.jpg)

Anonymous 472102

File: 1414771603619.png (323.93 KB, 1586x952, Took the bait.png)

>implying that thirteen year olds don't browse 4chan
>implying that I was actually thirteen
>implying that I was actually that actual anon

Anonymous 472117

I posted HE on /v/ again

Anonymous 473240

You're either a retard or a newfag. Even if you were ">ironically" saying that, mods in 4chan usually ban you for even hinting at being underage. You're lucky they didn't ban you for 4-5 years, which would be the amount of time it'd take a 13yr old to become 18.

Anonymous 473256

that would be fucking bullshit.

the mods are horrid assholes.

Anonymous 473265


>the mods are assholes for trying to enforce rules everyone is aware of

Anonymous 473284

stop trying to defend the mods, what are you some kind of nigger faggot?

Anonymous 473296

File: 1415055978771.jpg (58.26 KB, 400x400, 36914665.jpg)

not that anon, but look who's talking, horsefaggot

Anonymous 473299


I defend the mods when they do their job right.

4chan is much more popular than MLPchan so they would probably get in trouble if they openly allowed underage users. So in this case the mods weren't wrong, even if it was a little dramatic. They could have banned you for a lot longer.

I don't always defend them, but I'm sick of people bitching about bans they deserved (or at least made sense).

Anonymous 473307

File: 1415058912785.gif (72.69 KB, 480x480, 692725__safe_rarity_animated_e…)


The OP says nothing about only discussing illegitimate bans.

Anyway just because the mods say it's the rules doesn't mean they're not total faggots for enforcing it.

Anonymous 473309

No underageb& is a rule that actually makes sense.

Most of the problems caused on the internet are the result of underage edgy little shits that don't know or care what the fuck they're doing, because in many cases, they can get away with it since there's no one bigger than them to slap them across the face for being a spoiled brat.

Bad parenting is the bane of the Internet.

Anonymous 473311

I've asked this question dozens of times over the past year and a half.

What sense does an age limit on a web site that was, for the most part, an adult site that also had 'work friendly' content?

The solution to enforcement of an age minimum is fairly easy but would kill much of the traffic over at 4chan.

They could have done what Lotax did and make 4chan a members only site.

As it stands now, no one can ever justify having all age content on 4chan as long as /h/ /b/, /c/, /k/, /pol/ and a half dozen other boards that cater to extremists who do nothing but shit post adult content exist.

The underage rule is total bullshit in the face of what you can still find on 4chan.

Anonymous 473314


>What sense does an age limit on a web site that was, for the most part, an adult site that also had 'work friendly' content?

Hell if I know. 4chan is most certainly not safe for work, and the fact that certain boards aren't allowed to go all out, while others are, is absurd.

If you were caught browsing 4chan at work, it wouldn't matter if it was a blue board or a red board, your employer most likely wouldn't know the difference. You'd get your ass fired either way for browsing such an infamous shithole.

Anonymous 473317



If you aren't 18 or older, you can lie about your age on 4chan. It is an anonymous website with no registration...

Anonymous 473325

I know.
4chan's anonymity is very often a double-edged sword.
The only people who can stop kids on 4chan are their parents, but they don't. It disgusts me.

Anonymous 473330

>tfw when found 4chan at 17
>tfw 18 now, but feel bad about how shitty of a poster I was

Anonymous 473332

>tfw 4chan isn't banned on my college internet
>tfw it was permbanned a year ago
It's an abstract kind of feel.

Anonymous 473334

Fuck, meant to delete the entire post.

Point is, the college is fine with it, but the IP was permbanned a year ago.
Fucking sucks.

Anonymous 473352

File: 1415092712605.png (300.52 KB, 2050x1074, 5055__safe_filly_dark+comedy_s…)


Trouble is then all the horny teens are lying about their age, and the prudes are all "Look see since everyone says they're 18 that means teenagers are all beautiful pure innocent angels not for sexual." It's a dangerous delusion.

Anonymous 473355


iktf, except I was like 15 or 16

I didn't leave /b/ for a whole year.

Anonymous 482868

File: 1418383849653.png (85.53 KB, 894x504, banned for something, I dunno.…)

Somehow I just received a ban that was issued two days ago. I was posting fine yesterday, and even just a few hours ago. And I have no idea what it was that I got banned for posting.
Thanks moot.

Anonymous 482877


>uploading copyrighted images is now a bannable offense

Holy shit. That's fucking stupid. Although I wonder if it was some celebrity nudes or something...

Anonymous 482879

File: 1418410098048.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.33 KB, 467x700, tumblr_mwp8derpmV1sldpjqo1_128…)

>celebrity nudes
>not hardbody nudes

Anonymous 482890

File: 1418415263834.jpg (73.03 KB, 555x555, Come with me if you want to li…)

It really surprises me how many young teenagers come into 4chan through /b/.
Obviously when you branch out into other boards you take part of the mannerisms you learned there with you - and /b/ is the last thing other boards want.

I kinda wish /b/ was off limits to a user until they have 250 posts on other boards or something. But then the freedom tears would never end.

Anonymous 482893


>being surprised that teenagers are enticed by the idea of a porn-filled website where they can spout off edgy racist bullshit

Anonymous 482907

I'm surprised at how they find it. I came into 4chan through /a/ because I was actively searching for a topic. /b/ is it's own topic, so I would imagine you would have to be actively looking for /b/. /b/ never came up in my middle school or high school conversations though, so I'm puzzled as to how these teenagers hear about it in the first place. I would have to guess social media which aligns with the influx of many mainstream influences nowadays.

Anonymous 482954

File: 1418426660438.png (96.73 KB, 804x396, 4chan mods are farquaads.png)


I don't remember exactly what I searched that led me to find /b/, but I specifically found out about it on either ED or KYM, can't remember which came first. Plus there was all those demotivational posters going around about how "fucked up" it was (this was back in 2009, by the way).

When I first started browsing /b/ I was an idiot teenager and it took me nearly two years to realize there was even anything else good about 4chan. Then for a while I started going to other boards, but I eventually lost interest in most of them and now the only one that I consistently go to and post on is /mu/. I've also been on /vp/ a lot the last couple months because those new pokemon games came out, and it's actually not bad.

I like /mu/ because even though there IS a faggot janitor who shows up at times, it's much more lenient than boards like /co/ or /a/ nowadays. You really only get banned if you do blatantly off-topic shitposting. pic related

Anonymous 482957

File: 1418429151399.jpg (537.67 KB, 1492x1564, 1418421882052.jpg)

Anonymous 482959

File: 1418430089830.jpg (101.34 KB, 1000x1000, twilight_sparkle_laughing_by_m…)

Hey, I was in that thread. I'm the one who asked you(?) how old you were.

Anonymous 482960

File: 1418430263220.gif (4.08 MB, 480x270, 335985__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

I have never been banned because I don't shitpost.

I'm glad you guys got these bans.

Anonymous 482961

File: 1418430423276.png (93.23 KB, 229x219, shiggy 9.png)

Anonymous 482964

It's only a matter of time if you're posting with any regularity. I've been banned a dozen times, and only four of those times were for things that I actually did that broke any rules.
Simply replying to certain threads can get you banned.

Anonymous 483006

I once got banned for 2 days for disliking something that someone in the Bat General created.
>You're not allowed to hate anything that anyone draws or writes there
>Meanwhile, all of /mlp/ is drowning in an ocean of shitposters and spamfags
That was the thing that crossed the line and made me stop being a batfag.

Anonymous 483470

Making an NDT, again.

Anonymous 484685

>tfw just got a refund for my Pass

feels good

Anonymous 494489

File: 1421255214306.png (79.42 KB, 840x441, fanfiction ban.PNG)

now these faggots are banning for fanfiction

Anonymous 494495

There's your problem anon

You were talking about video game characters on /vg/

Anonymous 497885

got banned again for posting a pic of annie from based shadman, asking where the pedos were.


Anonymous 510382

File: 1426681863565.png (80.2 KB, 907x349, tumblr mods at it again.PNG)

mods straight out of tumblr

Anonymous 513561

File: 1428443502520.png (219.24 KB, 847x544, banned.png)

It's still going? Ok, I remember being banned for Photoshopping a little girl naked in /pol/ at 1st April because they talked about if realistic child porn could be illegal. It is quite ironic but it is very boring to be banned for a long day. I got perma-banned.

Anonymous 513617

Change IP and hue at them.

Anonymous 513625

File: 1428536580099.gif (712.92 KB, 370x307, Rarity ew.gif)

>posting child models

Anonymous 513629

File: 1428538507463.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.47 KB, 810x1000, 1428512882767.jpg)

I like to call them "art references" ;^)

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