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File: 1405661205149.jpg (94.58 KB, 1089x532, wuh.jpg)

In which we discuss our 4chan bans Anonymous 440731[View All]

My IP changed about a month ago. Just noticed this. I managed to get banned for not posting anything at all :D

In other news, apparantly /g/ and /int/ go all the way back to 2013. And you thought this board was slow!
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Anonymous 471990

well, i don't know now...

Anonymous 472038

>le 4chan was never good face
>let's shit all over moot and the mods and namecall them SJWs because they are doing their job in removing insufferable shitposts from people such as me
Your Internet hate machine culture is dead. Let it go and stop being a faggot.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 472039

Honestly, the internet, and the world in general, still has need of it; if not necessarily 4chan, somewhere. There must be a strong counter to the world at large, a sort of Gonzo journalism of self-serve commentary on the culture of the normal. As 'normal' continues to be dragged further and further into the bland, into the kid-tested-mother-approved, into the gray-skinned homogenous of litigious, offended, emasculated 'equality', it remains even more necessary.

>le tricky bait hook man
>hurr durr s-stop namecalling!
>not even reading what he posted that you're replying to

Anonymous 472050

File: 1414697741197.gif (84.57 KB, 401x348, 303910__safe_princess+celestia…)


>implying the Interten hate machine is dead

Anonymous 472053

File: 1414699773371.jpg (68.12 KB, 766x681, 4chan man costume.jpg)

Anonymous 472054

File: 1414699799839.gif (2 MB, 330x204, anonymous.gif)

Anonymous 472055

File: 1414700422725.jpg (225.01 KB, 500x422, 700500__safe_oc_laughing_artis…)

> Anonymous Hacker face mask

Anonymous 472058

File: 1414701917035.jpg (39.44 KB, 465x382, 1369225421710.jpg)

Anonymous 472102

File: 1414771603619.png (323.93 KB, 1586x952, Took the bait.png)

>implying that thirteen year olds don't browse 4chan
>implying that I was actually thirteen
>implying that I was actually that actual anon

Anonymous 472117

I posted HE on /v/ again

Anonymous 473240

You're either a retard or a newfag. Even if you were ">ironically" saying that, mods in 4chan usually ban you for even hinting at being underage. You're lucky they didn't ban you for 4-5 years, which would be the amount of time it'd take a 13yr old to become 18.

Anonymous 473256

that would be fucking bullshit.

the mods are horrid assholes.

Anonymous 473265


>the mods are assholes for trying to enforce rules everyone is aware of

Anonymous 473284

stop trying to defend the mods, what are you some kind of nigger faggot?

Anonymous 473296

File: 1415055978771.jpg (58.26 KB, 400x400, 36914665.jpg)

not that anon, but look who's talking, horsefaggot

Anonymous 473299


I defend the mods when they do their job right.

4chan is much more popular than MLPchan so they would probably get in trouble if they openly allowed underage users. So in this case the mods weren't wrong, even if it was a little dramatic. They could have banned you for a lot longer.

I don't always defend them, but I'm sick of people bitching about bans they deserved (or at least made sense).

Anonymous 473307

File: 1415058912785.gif (72.69 KB, 480x480, 692725__safe_rarity_animated_e…)


The OP says nothing about only discussing illegitimate bans.

Anyway just because the mods say it's the rules doesn't mean they're not total faggots for enforcing it.

Anonymous 473309

No underageb& is a rule that actually makes sense.

Most of the problems caused on the internet are the result of underage edgy little shits that don't know or care what the fuck they're doing, because in many cases, they can get away with it since there's no one bigger than them to slap them across the face for being a spoiled brat.

Bad parenting is the bane of the Internet.

Anonymous 473311

I've asked this question dozens of times over the past year and a half.

What sense does an age limit on a web site that was, for the most part, an adult site that also had 'work friendly' content?

The solution to enforcement of an age minimum is fairly easy but would kill much of the traffic over at 4chan.

They could have done what Lotax did and make 4chan a members only site.

As it stands now, no one can ever justify having all age content on 4chan as long as /h/ /b/, /c/, /k/, /pol/ and a half dozen other boards that cater to extremists who do nothing but shit post adult content exist.

The underage rule is total bullshit in the face of what you can still find on 4chan.

Anonymous 473314


>What sense does an age limit on a web site that was, for the most part, an adult site that also had 'work friendly' content?

Hell if I know. 4chan is most certainly not safe for work, and the fact that certain boards aren't allowed to go all out, while others are, is absurd.

If you were caught browsing 4chan at work, it wouldn't matter if it was a blue board or a red board, your employer most likely wouldn't know the difference. You'd get your ass fired either way for browsing such an infamous shithole.

Anonymous 473317



If you aren't 18 or older, you can lie about your age on 4chan. It is an anonymous website with no registration...

Anonymous 473325

I know.
4chan's anonymity is very often a double-edged sword.
The only people who can stop kids on 4chan are their parents, but they don't. It disgusts me.

Anonymous 473330

>tfw when found 4chan at 17
>tfw 18 now, but feel bad about how shitty of a poster I was

Anonymous 473332

>tfw 4chan isn't banned on my college internet
>tfw it was permbanned a year ago
It's an abstract kind of feel.

Anonymous 473334

Fuck, meant to delete the entire post.

Point is, the college is fine with it, but the IP was permbanned a year ago.
Fucking sucks.

Anonymous 473352

File: 1415092712605.png (300.52 KB, 2050x1074, 5055__safe_filly_dark+comedy_s…)


Trouble is then all the horny teens are lying about their age, and the prudes are all "Look see since everyone says they're 18 that means teenagers are all beautiful pure innocent angels not for sexual." It's a dangerous delusion.

Anonymous 473355


iktf, except I was like 15 or 16

I didn't leave /b/ for a whole year.

Anonymous 482868

File: 1418383849653.png (85.53 KB, 894x504, banned for something, I dunno.…)

Somehow I just received a ban that was issued two days ago. I was posting fine yesterday, and even just a few hours ago. And I have no idea what it was that I got banned for posting.
Thanks moot.

Anonymous 482877


>uploading copyrighted images is now a bannable offense

Holy shit. That's fucking stupid. Although I wonder if it was some celebrity nudes or something...

Anonymous 482879

File: 1418410098048.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.33 KB, 467x700, tumblr_mwp8derpmV1sldpjqo1_128…)

>celebrity nudes
>not hardbody nudes

Anonymous 482890

File: 1418415263834.jpg (73.03 KB, 555x555, Come with me if you want to li…)

It really surprises me how many young teenagers come into 4chan through /b/.
Obviously when you branch out into other boards you take part of the mannerisms you learned there with you - and /b/ is the last thing other boards want.

I kinda wish /b/ was off limits to a user until they have 250 posts on other boards or something. But then the freedom tears would never end.

Anonymous 482893


>being surprised that teenagers are enticed by the idea of a porn-filled website where they can spout off edgy racist bullshit

Anonymous 482907

I'm surprised at how they find it. I came into 4chan through /a/ because I was actively searching for a topic. /b/ is it's own topic, so I would imagine you would have to be actively looking for /b/. /b/ never came up in my middle school or high school conversations though, so I'm puzzled as to how these teenagers hear about it in the first place. I would have to guess social media which aligns with the influx of many mainstream influences nowadays.

Anonymous 482954

File: 1418426660438.png (96.73 KB, 804x396, 4chan mods are farquaads.png)


I don't remember exactly what I searched that led me to find /b/, but I specifically found out about it on either ED or KYM, can't remember which came first. Plus there was all those demotivational posters going around about how "fucked up" it was (this was back in 2009, by the way).

When I first started browsing /b/ I was an idiot teenager and it took me nearly two years to realize there was even anything else good about 4chan. Then for a while I started going to other boards, but I eventually lost interest in most of them and now the only one that I consistently go to and post on is /mu/. I've also been on /vp/ a lot the last couple months because those new pokemon games came out, and it's actually not bad.

I like /mu/ because even though there IS a faggot janitor who shows up at times, it's much more lenient than boards like /co/ or /a/ nowadays. You really only get banned if you do blatantly off-topic shitposting. pic related

Anonymous 482957

File: 1418429151399.jpg (537.67 KB, 1492x1564, 1418421882052.jpg)

Anonymous 482959

File: 1418430089830.jpg (101.34 KB, 1000x1000, twilight_sparkle_laughing_by_m…)

Hey, I was in that thread. I'm the one who asked you(?) how old you were.

Anonymous 482960

File: 1418430263220.gif (4.08 MB, 480x270, 335985__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

I have never been banned because I don't shitpost.

I'm glad you guys got these bans.

Anonymous 482961

File: 1418430423276.png (93.23 KB, 229x219, shiggy 9.png)

Anonymous 482964

It's only a matter of time if you're posting with any regularity. I've been banned a dozen times, and only four of those times were for things that I actually did that broke any rules.
Simply replying to certain threads can get you banned.

Anonymous 483006

I once got banned for 2 days for disliking something that someone in the Bat General created.
>You're not allowed to hate anything that anyone draws or writes there
>Meanwhile, all of /mlp/ is drowning in an ocean of shitposters and spamfags
That was the thing that crossed the line and made me stop being a batfag.

Anonymous 483470

Making an NDT, again.

Anonymous 484685

>tfw just got a refund for my Pass

feels good

Anonymous 494489

File: 1421255214306.png (79.42 KB, 840x441, fanfiction ban.PNG)

now these faggots are banning for fanfiction

Anonymous 494495

There's your problem anon

You were talking about video game characters on /vg/

Anonymous 497885

got banned again for posting a pic of annie from based shadman, asking where the pedos were.


Anonymous 510382

File: 1426681863565.png (80.2 KB, 907x349, tumblr mods at it again.PNG)

mods straight out of tumblr

Anonymous 513561

File: 1428443502520.png (219.24 KB, 847x544, banned.png)

It's still going? Ok, I remember being banned for Photoshopping a little girl naked in /pol/ at 1st April because they talked about if realistic child porn could be illegal. It is quite ironic but it is very boring to be banned for a long day. I got perma-banned.

Anonymous 513617

Change IP and hue at them.

Anonymous 513625

File: 1428536580099.gif (712.92 KB, 370x307, Rarity ew.gif)

>posting child models

Anonymous 513629

File: 1428538507463.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.47 KB, 810x1000, 1428512882767.jpg)

I like to call them "art references" ;^)

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