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File: 1403828126856.jpeg (55.98 KB, 438x478, PFRRT.jpeg)

Farts Anonymous 432237[Last 50 Posts]

Time for a fresh, new thread!
Post pictures and stories related to ponies farting here.
This thread is strictly about flatulence. Please keep scat in an appropriate thread! Thank you.
The previous thread is here below.

Anonymous 432994

Agree completely, let's do this!

Anonymous 432998

>fresh farts
>not old, musty ones

Anonymous 433000

Oh yes!

Epsilon 433004

This will be fantastic!

Epsilon 433006

File: 1403997628054.png (258.88 KB, 602x600, medium.png)

Not mine….

Epsilon 433026

Can I see some, Chrysalis, Gilda, or Celestia fart fetish material?

americananomaly 435171

Is fatpone farting allowed?

Epsilon 435236

Any pone I believe.You going to put up Dexamphs Chubby Pone?
Also, anyone have anything with Vinyl farting?

Anonymous 435240

File: 1404233829584.jpg (619.76 KB, 3000x2154, 675481.jpg)


I have wanted to see a particular piece of Chrysalis imagery for a long time. Now, as far as I know, this image doesn't exist, but I want to see it. Essentially, Chrysalis is sitting on someone's face and farting. And while she is doing that, she is making a snide remark. I have always wanted to see a picture like that and as far as I know, no one has made one yet.

This is the only Chrysalis farting picture I know of that exists. We need MORE!!!

americananomaly 435270


Blobby pone okay as well? honestly i don' know the rules for this thread in particular. :V

Anonymous 435436

We got some links from the other thread we need to snatch over here. I'd do it but phone and all, sigh.

Anonymous 435534

Can someone do a fanfic?

Epsilon 435535

I know gassipons made a Chrysalis one.It's in his pastebin.

americananomaly 435837

File: 1404367954985.png (Spoiler Image,455.25 KB, 2184x1696, Shimmerzilla Vengeance Atomic …)

Since i'm not sure of the rules on blobby pone, Pic is spoilered.

Anonymous 435859

File: 1404376284531.gif (489.94 KB, 241x233, 1390188912277.gif)

It has a side-boob, so spoilering it was the right choice.
That being said

Epsilon 435994

Never got the appeal of Blobby Pone.........

N30NC0R3 436181

File: 1404523400114.jpg (294.5 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-04_00001.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 436188

File: 1404524669125.jpg (424.09 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-04_00003.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



Epsilon 436201

Thank you good sir!

N30NC0R3 436310

File: 1404540139460.jpg (294.54 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-05_00001.jpg)

N30NC0R3 436311

File: 1404542039949.jpg (387.82 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-05_00004.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 437305

File: 1404686162134.jpg (172.86 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-05_00003.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 437733

File: 1404713836143.jpg (146.95 KB, 1920x1080, backy_4_by_n30nc0r3-d7pifpt.jp…)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 437783

File: 1404754409349.jpg (397.35 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-07_00003.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 437881

File: 1404795050885.jpg (281.91 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-07_00019.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



Epsilon 437902

Vinyl, Gilda, Lyra, Colgate, Celestia, Trixie, or Chrysalis.Any of these please show me.

N30NC0R3 438315

File: 1405019232749.jpg (261.91 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-10_00006.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 438336

File: 1405028385262.jpg (329.42 KB, 1920x1080, backy_6_by_n30nc0r3-d7ppjxu.jp…)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 438337

File: 1405028615720.jpg (176.5 KB, 1920x1080, fluttershy_3_by_n30nc0r3-d7pme…)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 438405

File: 1405050859837.jpg (316.58 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-07_00015.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 440893

File: 1405706361318.jpg (322.98 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-18_00001.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 442615

File: 1406218236081.jpg (114.97 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-24_00001.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



N30NC0R3 442623

File: 1406220892769.jpg (120.85 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-24_00005.jpg)

*I made this this belongs to me!*
If you want to see more click these links



Anonymous 442737

File: 1406267052375.jpg (187.63 KB, 826x1200, 97845.jpg)

Look at what I got a Fluttershy sounding individual to say.


N30NC0R3 444241

Guys check this out!
*I did not make this it belongs to Gasponis!*

Anonymous 444319

File: 1406660976505.jpg (1.16 MB, 2056x1536, 58746.jpg)

Anonymous 445392

File: 1406864583724.jpg (396.9 KB, 900x863, 34275.jpg)

Let us have a discussion to liven things up a little.

-What is it about farting that you enjoy?

-Is your love of pony farting different or the same?

-Does this translate into a legitimate fetish for you? And if so, have you ever fulfilled and explored that fetish in real life?

Epsilon 445898

1. The feeling of being overpowered and forced into that position and the feeling of being used in that way.

2.The same. Just more available content

3.Legitamate fetish. Not fufilled.

Rainb0w Da$h 447486

File: 1407544107675.png (80.17 KB, 931x694, Sweetie Belle Fart Story.png)

Also, a story I wrote on 4chan awhile back

Anonymous 447949


Damn! That was short, but hot as hell. Wouldn't mind Sweetie Bell letting one rip in my face.

Anonymous 447964

-The taboo factor and the fact that something warm and forewarning is being blown out of my favorite part of the body (the ass).
-Same, think I like ponies even more though since they technically have bent over asses.
-Of course. I have only had it fulfilled in a few instances of my life when a hot badonk girl farted.

Also new to these threads, look like they're slow as fuck though (even the scat thread is faster than this). But then again, so is most the site.

Anonymous 448140

Okay, not trying to offend anyone, but this one is a bit lost to me. Can someone explain the appeal? (This is a legitimate request for an explanation).

Anonymous 448293

File: 1407684891242.jpg (119.76 KB, 854x900, 35467.jpg)


That question is posed a lot so it does not offend.

I think it is mainly the taboo of it all. Our whole lives, we are told flatulence is gross, disgusting, and people who do so should be embarrassed. We go out of our way to cover it up and act like it doesn't exist. We blame it on others when it is brought up in a room of various people. All this applies to everyone, especially women. Women get it the worst. They are told they absolutely CANNOT fart in front of anyone for any reason. Society tries to make women seem like they are inhuman, with no bodily function whatsoever.

But why? Why should they be embarrassed? It is perfectly natural. And part of it's taboo is why is turns some of us on. That and when a person farts, they are instantly relieved. If you look at their face, it brings them joy to let it out. Also,the sound of it is pleasing. Plus, farting is very personal. It is a person showing you that they are comfortable around you and are allowing you to see a more natural side to them. As for the smell, it is rarely pleasant. But the fact that it's so dirty and naughty, turns people on despite the fact that it usually smells bad.

Couple all of that with the taboo of it as well as the fact that it relieves a person and makes them feel good and you have a fetish.

Anonymous 448323

You need to write more stories, man. Really, you and gassipons both.

Anonymous 448414

All of what this guy said, although I'd prefer if the person/pony is embarrassed or reluctant to do it. It largely falls (but is not exclusive) with a humiliation fetish of mine.

Rainb0w Da$h 448558

File: 1407715677109.png (194.72 KB, 553x459, ButtonMashConfused.png)

Thanks. I would but I'm so fucking lazy when it comes to these things.

Rainb0w Da$h 448895

File: 1407739943847.png (261.76 KB, 1624x1764, 1365351195327.png)

Bump with story that isn't mine

Anonymous 448937

I remember this, a true classic.

Anonymous 449192

Anyone have the greentext with Celestia farting on Anon's face as a reward for him helping out the other ponies? Celestia's does so because she looks into his mind and sees his love of flatulence.

Rainb0w Da$h 449344

File: 1407967164243.jpg (50.33 KB, 383x750, expand dong.jpg)

I also want to read this.
Also, requesting Filly/Colt fart story.
[spoiler]I would love Button Mash/Sweetie Belle, but any filly/colt couple will do


That was the one from the thread before this, wasn't it?

Rainb0w Da$h 449349

Not sure.

Anonymous 449374

>I would love Button Mash/Sweetie Belle

Rainb0w Da$h 449446

Read it before, but I love this ship so much I need another one

Rainb0w Da$h 451048

File: 1408347442301.png (342.63 KB, 759x800, 196005__UNOPT__safe_sweetie-be…)

also, bump

Anonymous 451568

File: 1408655883983.jpg (148.59 KB, 1075x756, 35465.jpg)

We need more fart stories and pictures.

N30NC0R3 451818

File: 1408754886227.jpg (204 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-08-22_00001.jpg)

Here is a pic to satisfy your button mash x sweetie belle fart needs!

N30NC0R3 451820

File: 1408755086148.png (157.47 KB, 1024x768, look_i_finished_something_for_…)

(I did not make this it belongs to deejaytheblank!) He gave permission to post this

Rainb0w Da$h 451977

File: 1408830077683.gif (78.26 KB, 640x480, 1369165695777.gif)

Rainb0w Da$h 451992

I wonder if Gassipons will make a Button Mash Sweetie Belle video one day...
Or maybe another story about them


One day yes I hope to!

Rainb0w Da$h 452090

File: 1408840928806.png (86.9 KB, 569x1040, button_mash_standing_vector_by…)

Anonymous 452607

Okay... my dong demands this be found because reasons....

Anonymous 452823


It was in the last thread. I remember Celestia telling him to say, "I like dirty horse farts."

Rainb0w Da$h 453364

Anonymous 453757

And there it goes

Rainb0w Da$h 453933

N30NC0R3 454255

And there it goes again!

Anonymous 454431

File: 1409490294858.png (2.61 MB, 1540x2380, 2Pie and Shy's Farting Contest…)

Hmm surprised this isn't here.....

Anonymous 454432

File: 1409490365328.png (4.39 MB, 3080x2380, Pie and Shy's Farting Contest …)

Anonymous 454433

File: 1409490388722.jpg (91.95 KB, 828x1280, 1403001069.kyokimute_pie_and_s…)

Anonymous 454435

File: 1409490446402.jpg (95.09 KB, 828x1280, 1402022709.kyokimute_pie_and_s…)

Fuckin piece of shit
read from the bottom up....

Rainb0w Da$h 457102


Anonymous 457146


Are these supposed to be sexy? Cause they're not. They're just funny. I haven't laughed this hard in so long.

Anonymous 457250

Hah! Didn't expect you here! I just wanted to say, keep posting more videos on videobam. I ain't kidding, all videos, except for the one at the very bottom, WORK!


Good to hear! Sometime I'll go and upload everything there.

Anonymous 457321

Everything?! I'm in heaven! (*°∀°)=3

Yoloswaggington 458267

Cool! Although, can you make another one when button farts for once?

Anonymous 458343

I am


I demand

Anonymous 458360

If you could sniff one pony's fart, who would it be?

Anonymous 458393


Anonymous 458513


Anonymous 458736

More pics plz.

Anonymous 458764

For some reason, Carrot Cake.

Anonymous 458876

Anonymous 458877


Do it smell good?

Anonymous 459145

That's up to you.

Anonymous 459559


After a hard days applebucking and her plots covered in a glistening layer of sweat. I'd nestle my face between those firm yet malleable cheeks and wait...

Anonymous 459670

File: 1410829992069.png (Spoiler Image,705.1 KB, 1200x1600, 09 - q0qXna0.png)

WTF 459900


Anonymous 460007

just because

Anonymous 460009

But really dude, this is FAR from the worst.

Anonymous 460409

Does anyone have the Celestia fart torture green text?

Anonymous 460964

Gassipons's gotta new release!


Rainb0w Da$h 461990

File: 1411418468182.png (194.72 KB, 553x459, ButtonMashConfused.png)

I'm still for someone writing a story about Button Mash facefarting Anon while he plays a video game.

Anonymous 462120

File: 1411449091794.jpg (173.98 KB, 1264x1262, 54672.jpg)

This is so fucking beautiful!!! Someone NEEDS to color this....like NOW!

N30NC0R3 462225

I found these interactive MLP fart stories you can pick what happens next and if lucky put in what's going to happen next!

Vertigo 462228

The unf is real.

N30NC0R3 462231

It's a celestia fart story you guys can type what's going to happen next I did not make this by the way! It belongs to the original owner

Anonymous 462233

fekkin hawt

Anonymous 462358

Hopefully gassipons posts more videos soon on www.dailymotion.com and/or videobam.com. If possible, he's working on one right now as we speak.

God I hope it's one with rarity in it.

Anonymous 462359

Post more pics to kill my "boreness" I'm having right now.

Anonymous 462527

It ain't letting me see ANY of it...

(╬ ಠ益ಠ)



Anonymous 462528

Oh wait ok nvm
>repairs table

Anonymous 462534

So what do you think of the story?

Anonymous 462573

>all this new content
I fucking love you guys.

Especially you Gassipons, that Luna story was fucking amazing.

I'll check out the button mom one after work.

Anonymous 462602

File: 1411764386689.jpg (Spoiler Image,524.9 KB, 750x900, 1e15c9d4fd2e5d5d472caff1b79886…)

What do you guys think of Humanized?

Rainb0w Da$h 462618

File: 1411790778857.png (146.67 KB, 478x564, Sweetiewhy.png)

>humanized farts

Anonymous 462622

Is anyone going to reply on my story? How was it?



Anonymous 463337

I don't feel anything...
I don't think it turns me on humanized...
Do it with a "ponymized" form.

And same pony.

Anonymous 463578

I did not say go away!

Anonymous 463719

I think I need a story with this pic just so I can uh... get a better for it, yeah.

Anonymous 463721

Gassipons, the new story is awesome! A variety of smells — delicious!

My only complaint is that the most fun part is crammed into a tiny postscriptum. You could have described Anon's bulging belly and nasty belch at least. ;-)

Next time Anon should try to remain conscious harder. No more wasting of precious time with the princess!

Anonymous 463878

I'll do whatever I can to keep this thread alive!

Anonymous 463999


Ok, that was pretty damn sexy, I must admit.

Anonymous 464087

File: 1412178826458.jpg (113.08 KB, 801x900, 645724.jpg)

Anonymous 464252

I somewhat what agree. I freaking love gassipons so I'm hoping the next one, hopefully with celestia, has anon conscious to get the full feel of her royal dumplings, ha.

Also, fart eating is woefully underplayed in a lot of stories, besides his unfy twi/celly one.


I intend to include some more fart eating/swallowing in some future fanfics.

Anonymous 464336

What about vids?

Anonymous 464366

Awwww yeah!

Anonymous 464845

This thread needs to come back to life >_<


When I have some time maybe I'll write up a greentext or something.

Rainb0w Da$h 465429

Anonymous 465446

already 404d.

Anonymous 465986

more plz

Anonymous 467425

I highly doubt that this thread deserves to die.

Anonymous 467430

Don't worry, it takes months for threads to die here.

Anonymous 467673

For some people it works, for others, it doesn't.

Anonymous 467676

Gassipon's videos (just in case you don't know) can be found at
www.dailymotion.com (search gassipons)
and http://videobam.com/users/gassipons

Anonymous 467677

Anonymous 467735

Does anyone have that one Vinyl fart story? Been looking for it for awhile now.

Anonymous 467874

Anonymous 467953

File: 1413519985437.jpg (168.57 KB, 1280x968, 346748.jpg)

Brand new!

Poor Fluttershy, always letting them rip.

Anonymous 468566

EXACTLY. Thank you!

Anonymous 469447

File: 1413910044288.jpg (175.26 KB, 1067x1280, 784265.jpg)

No shitting, only farting.

Also, does it turn anyone else on that she has her boots on, but nothing else? That really gets me going.

Anonymous 472682

Shouldm't there be more than 1 thread of this so it would avoid death?

Anonymous 472683


Anonymous 474042

File: 1415475517442.jpg (92.46 KB, 973x847, 875421.jpg)

Who wants to sniff what Pinkie lets rip?

Anonymous 474057

Sniff? I'd eat her humid winds, I'd guzzle her farts like water.

Anonymous 474060

Oh I'm sorry, is this thread still alive? Good then.

Anonymous 474441

You wake up from your slumber and feel drowsy you decide to make some breakfast you go downstairs and look out the window you see Button's Mom out there doing her morning jog she's wearing silk black gym shorts that make her rump bigger than usual she's drenched in sweat carrying bags with her workout equipment. You see her coming towards your house you go back into the kitchen quickly and act normal she knocks on your door you go over to it and answer it.

"Oh hey!" You say as you greet her.

"Oh hello anon! I hope you don't mind I do my yoga workout in your room!"

You blush lighty as she finish her sentence you say yes and she runs up there and starts unpacking her bag.

"Oh and hey can you bring me a bottle of water?" She yells out.


You go into the kitchen and get a bottle of water but you decide to play a little prank on her you dump a little bit of the water replace it with farting powder lots of it you put back on the cap and go upstairs and all ready see her getting warmed up on the workout video wearing yoga pants now that curve her rump so perfectly and a sweatband already drenched in her sweat you hand her the bottle of water.

"Oh thanks Sweetie."

"No p-problem." You reply

She takes a little sip of it and puts it down you take a seat on your bed and watch the gas magic happen they tell her to stretch by putting her face down and butt up she starts stretching but let out a loud,wet,and long blast from her butt.

"Oh I apologize that just slipped out!" She said while blushing heavily.

"That's okay just continue doing your pose."

She does the pose again let's one rip again it smells of digested veggies and a hint of a eggy scent she waves her tail trying to get rid of the smell but it made it worst the smell hits you like a bullet you start getting really attracted to her gas you smell it with delight she gives you a weird look.

"Why are you smelling my um gas?"

"I'm really attracted to it I in love with it and also I kinda put farting powder in your water."

"YOU DID WHAT!" She said in a angry tone while she let out a little toot.

"I'm so sorry I did it for my amusement can you forgive me?"

She stands there and think about it for a minute she decided.

"I'm kinda flattered that you love my gas I guess but I forgive you and for your little award you get to smell my gas!"

You blush heavily you lay down on your bed and wait for her to sit on your face she drinks the rest of the farting powder infected water her stomach growls like monster that shakes your house.

"Are you ready for this?"

(I will make a next part to this maybe)

Anonymous 474443

I call the story Button's mom gassy workout

Anonymous 475441

Yeah please continue. I check back here like every two days,i need a reason to make it a daily thing

Anonymous 475455


Well it hasn't died after two posts, so that's already promising.

Anonymous 475558

It's still up, holy shit.

Anonymous 475743

Lasted and still lasting to today?
Yay you posted another video on videobam!

Anonymous 476057


You're newest video was wonderful

Anonymous 476058


Glad you like it!

Anonymous 476703

Hey guys, wrote a new story after a few months long hiatus.


Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

Anonymous 476977

Thread stays alive, Gassipons stays on.

Anonymous 476978

'bout time it 404d

Anonymous 477131

If somebody could write/find a Scootaloo fic, you'd be my hero.

Rainb0w Da$h 478030

File: 1416761852611.png (333.92 KB, 2704x2000, 134265195823.png)

I second this notion.
Now we shall all summon Gassipons


I'd love to write something out with Scoots, but I'm having computer issues and am a bit blocked up with requests so I'm not sure I am able to :/


File: 1416789621267.png (208.58 KB, 702x1139, little_pip_selfie_by_taco0bend…)

Can someone please make a clopfic of Little Pip farting (Pip from Fallout Equestria) there is almost no content relative to her farting.

Anonymous 478608

sounds hot

Rainb0w Da$h 478848

I'm still waiting on a Button Mash/Anon fic

Anonymous 478886

Well then, consider this another request to add to the pile, then.

Rainb0w Da$h 478967

Anonymous 479106


Anonymous 479218

Found a dude who likes fart jokes but implements them rather interestingly
(just watch the whole video, there's a couple throughout including a rainbowdash face-fart moment



Anonymous 480521

File: 1417418945146.png (145.88 KB, 500x500, 247947.png)


That was godly! Seriously, she needs to do more because that is something amazing right there!!


File: 1417474655594.png (170.75 KB, 400x300, goodnewseveryone.png)

AnimatedJames makes farting content. You may know him from Youtube. You see, before the dude who made a blog called "Haily Flowers" and "Sonic Girls" was named Andy Sonic. Turns out it was AnimatedJames who was drawing all the stuff you and I were fapping too. I should have suspected it was him. Some of the content doesn't have any pony farting related things, but keep your fingers crossed and we may be able to see some pony farts HUZZAH! Oh and, here are the links: http://weirdoanimatedjames.deviantart.com/

Anonymous 480793

This fetish thread should never end.

Anonymous 480794

I dug in and found this:
Everything is in there!

Anonymous 480795


Anonymous 480801

I've seen the Hailey Flower tumblr's pictures on DeviantArt, I had no idea it was AnimatedJames. Holy shit. I feel like I've discovered something, but also so stupid at the same time.

Anonymous 481042

File: 1417797678738.jpg (1.68 MB, 1936x2592, 738802.jpeg)

I absolutely love this image! I just wish someone could take it and redo it so it is a better representation. I just enjoy the idea of Fluttershy purposely eating lots of beans and then getting into a bath of water so her farts could be visual. I believe she is doing this for the pleasure of the viewer as she appears to be looking at us while she passes gas.

Someone needs to take this idea and either write a story about it or better yet, make a high quality, colored image of this scene. I would kill to see it.

Anonymous 482606

Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother,
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin',
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.

Anonymous 482607

This thread makes me want to clear out my internet history.

Again. These pony image boards never cease to disturb me.

Anonymous 482610

It looks like she has a bunch of tumors on her asscheeks

Anonymous 482649

File: 1418158753029.png (401.35 KB, 830x467, 1331444.png)


Truly? This is the thread that disturbs you the most? To me, vore and scat threads disturb the hell out of me. But I still do not go into their threads to tell them what I think. Why? Because what they do on their time and in the privacy of their homes is their own business, not mine. If it disturbs you so badly, ignore the thread. Don't even enter it and read it. We are not here to convert people to our side. We are not here to brainwash. We are here simply to enjoy our fetish with like minded individuals.

Anonymous 482650

It's actually quite understandable. This isn't really natural among the average person.
But complaints are futile. You're repulsiveness only hardens my boner. Seriously, that's a big reason I'm into this.

Anonymous 482790

File: 1418280102213.png (552.65 KB, 694x1140, tirt firkle pickel.png)

Anonymous 482965

any more?

Anonymous 484031

Any Applebloom fart fics/images?

Anonymous 484377

Yeah, pls, give us some scat pictures with cutie Applebloom!

Anonymous 484425

WARNING: Around 60% of people have computers that will not have this video working. So try to be one of the lucky ones; Luckily I'm one of'em.
video: http://videobam.com/RYyzb
fart only, plus with babs


I uploaded everything to mega, it should all work there.

Anonymous 484706

I already posted the link>>480795

Anonymous 485086

Anybody home?

Anonymous 486809

Gassipons has new vids lots of them! https://mega.co.nz/#F!gENwnRqb!2R7GFio1tlJp9NNu-210-Q

Anonymous 486859

File: 1419229021622.jpg (201.62 KB, 1280x1280, 32154.jpg)


Any posted on his channels?

Anonymous 487015

Dailymotion, possibly


It was taken down the instant I uploaded it, so they only place to find it other than Mega is http://videobam.com/yHwrO

Anonymous 487018

First youtube, now this. (sigh)

Anonymous 487020

Dailymotion already deleted it.
Videobam will not load the video, that's a bummer.
Mega WILL allow me to view the videos, Christmas saved!

Anonymous 487022

I got rid of Oxy due to computer viruses everywhere.

Anonymous 487128

I second this.

Anonymous 487164

File: 1419313147294.png (529.01 KB, 1600x1213, 139302.png)


I watched the whole thing. Not bad. But I only cared for the first two videos. The third one had moments, but was decent. The last two, I have never cared much for scat. No problem with it, but it is not for me at all. Those first two were awesome though, totally worth it!


Yeah, I know scat isn't for most people. I was trying to put together videos to appeal to the people that like scat and that don't.

Anonymous 487203

Dammit I was hoping RD would be in there!


Don't worry; I have quite a lot of requests with her coming up!

Anonymous 487208

Ok it'll be a New Years' Celebration then.

Vertigo 487211

Them flexible anuses

Anonymous 487259

There are not enough Vinyl fartfics in the world.

Anonymous 487424

Anonymous 487425

File: 1419550489216.png (208.89 KB, 900x1273, 137068.png)

That video was pretty good. Especially that first video. God, what I wouldn't give to be that guy having Luna and Celestia fart in my face. I bet it smelled wonderful. And you would have the smell of their beautiful farts on you for a while.
Just thinking about their flatulence is making me hard.

Anonymous 487486

Question; How long does it take to make 1 video depending on how busy you are?

Gassipons 487487

Depends really on how long the video is and how much it takes to make it.
If I had unlimited free time a standard 3 minute video would probably take a day or two.

Anonymous 487488

Ok so a 3 minute video minus the unlimited free time plus the progress it takes to make a video plus work in need to be done elsewhere would equal....Illu-2-3 weeks of waiting?

Anonymous 488624

I'm honestly intrigued by this idea and might try to write something on this. Even if it may be my first pony and fart fetish attempt.

Anonymous 488630

Anonymous 488635

File: 1419896871263.jpg (449.68 KB, 1280x1024, 34612.jpg)


I don't have a clopfic, but I do have this.

Rainb0w Da$h 488746

Try it out! I'd love to read it and see how it comes out

Anonymous 488781


Anonymous 488792


File: 1420079378462.jpg (5.88 KB, 230x219, Epp!.jpg)

1000 thank yous. You have made the rest of my 3 months.

Anonymous 488813

File: 1420089276944.png (119.16 KB, 489x388, 133814806598.png)

Anyone wanna have a gassy pony friend? Stinker166 on kik :3

Anonymous 488833


Anonymous 488834

Anonymous 488835

File: 1420139737552.jpg (3.81 MB, 3216x2136, US_Navy_100712-G-2210R-081_Coa…)

Anonymous 488836

Anonymous 488838

File: 1420143966187.png (154.98 KB, 600x400, OhYesButton.png)


Anonymous 488856

Anonymous 488862

File: 1420176731435.jpg (178.54 KB, 576x1220, 65421.jpg)

Has anyone ever looked up FartPrincessSamantha? Her OC pony is Princess whose special talent is farting. I absolutely LOVE this girl! Not just because of her work, but also for the stories she tells of her love of farting. Take for instance, this entry for December.

>RIGHT as I finished writing the title, I let one rip. Smells of eggs. ;3

How could you not love a girl who enjoys letting them rip, I ask you. Here is her page, in case anyone is interested in looking at her work.

Anonymous 492163

Anonymous 492242

Anonymous 492252

LIGHT scat is allowed for me.

Anonymous 492308

Anonymous 492449

File: 1420691804239.png (811.12 KB, 2000x1789, greenfurt1.png)

Art originally by Kas92. I made some fart and scat edits. I'll post the fart ones here.

Scat ones can be found here: https://mlpchan.net/anon/res/456658.html

Anonymous 492450

File: 1420691828820.png (1.1 MB, 1917x1695, greenfurt2.png)

Anonymous 492451

File: 1420691847757.png (668.37 KB, 2000x1789, brownfurt1.png)

Anonymous 492452

File: 1420691872803.png (670.81 KB, 1917x1694, brownfurt2.png)

Anonymous 492731


Anonymous 493909

Anonymous 494281

Anyone here want to write a story? We need some more content here.

Anonymous 494437

Anonymous 494441

Anonymous 494519

Anonymous 494533

Anonymous 494549

Anonymous 494574

Vertigo 494586

File: 1421351070166.png (45.26 KB, 640x480, naturecallsthestenchcloud.png)

Thought you guys'd like this

Anonymous 494593

Anonymous 494632

File: 1421386475109.jpg (48.16 KB, 710x619, AB Fart greentext.jpeg)

Anonymous 494634

Idea: applejack pulling her apple cart. Farts.
Fart Apples.

She sells them anyway.

And, *points at the lucky bastard talented enough to write about it*

Anonymous 494701

You're in the wrong thread. Scat ain't allowed.


File: 1421580711932.png (1.16 MB, 1604x2500, PrFadOQ.png)

Look what I got!

Anonymous 495580


Anonymous 495617

Gassipons 495652

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

Rainb0w Da$h 495658

But at least you're here! What's goin' on?

Gassipons 495753

Just had like no time to work on shit lately, sorry. I have a few things in the works but I can't be sure when I'll be finished.

Anonymous 495873

>>495579 is what I need.


Dude, you did 6 videos. I would need a break myself after that. And they're all good videos.

Anonymous 496217

Hey look, someone else making vids (although I think he's dead now)

Anonymous 496300

It's obvious he's dead. He made his "comeback announcement" 2 months ago without a single video after that.

Joshua 496310

You don't know that. Maybe he's working on a big project.

Anonymous 496312

File: 1421798254319.jpg (80.94 KB, 900x885, image.jpg)

Does anyone know about a cheerilee fart story or can they make one?

Anonymous 496372


Anonymous 496417

Im pretty sure you are gasponis from comments and stuff, just a different account

Anonymous 496478

how u kno?

Anonymous 496537

Anonymous 496538

Wrong thread

Anonymous 496546

I mean one without scat in it!

wheretheyatdoe 496549

File: 1422047885105.jpg (116.23 KB, 623x781, full.jpg)

wheretheyatdoe 496550

File: 1422048147115.jpg (19.39 KB, 282x200, triple_pony_fart__test_commiss…)

This was supposedly commission so it has 2 other ocs but it seems this is the only vinyl one here so

Anonymous 496595


Anonymous 496600

Now I'm weird out about this fandom.

wheretheyatdoe 496602

for all of you saying "this fandom has gone to shit" and "I'm weirded out" can you please gtfo then if this isn't your thing don't fucking come here thanks bye

Ponyfartlover101 497423

Anonymous 497441

Let's hope he doesn't die like Gasponis


Are you making another one now?

Ponyfartlover101 497554

No I only make ones on the weekends.


Okay, but who's the next pony you'll make fart?

Ponyfartlover101 497652

Maybe Fluttershy or someone else.


And will you use cartoon farts?

Ponyfartlover101 497673

What do you mean?


Like stock sounds.

Ponyfartlover101 497692

Yeah I guess?

Ponyfartlover101 497759

Follow my tumblr to get a sneak peak on my progress!


I don't see anything on your tumblr.


If you want to make your videos better, I'd suggest you seek council from Gassipons. He can give you a few pointers.

Anonymous 498032

what's better is that there is videos every week now.

Ponyfartlover101 498037

That is if I feel like it


Who are we to demand you to make videos every friday. You do one whenever you want to.

Anonymous 498100

I understand.

Ponyfartlover101 498141

Where could I find all these stock fart sounds at?


From all kinds of sound download sites.

Ponyfartlover101 498257

Which one would you suggest the most?


Maybe SoundDogs.

Ponyfartlover101 498402

I mean one that doesn't cost money!


Oh, well there's always Stockmusic.com. *realization* Oh wait, that costs money too.

Anonymous 498442

Why not use ones you got now?

Anonymous 498454

File: 1422573973492.jpg (206.01 KB, 394x2021, image.jpg)

Ponyfartlover101 498455

Because I don't have many

Anonymous 498521



This may help you.



And here are these too. http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/fart-sounds.html
(To download these, right-click and select "save link as".)

Ponyfartlover101 498644


I was impressed. Who knew Fluttershy had that much gas?
It's always the quiet ones...

Ponyfartlover101 498840


Upload it somewhere else, please. It got removed from Dailymotion.


Do you have a onedrive account?

Ponyfartlover101 498906

http://videobam.com/ehsKt Here's that Backy fart video that dailymotion got rid of.


Thanks! While you're at it, can you give us your videobam account?

Anonymous 498918

people fap to this shit?


Anonymous 498962

kindly read this >>496602 and then piss off


File: 1422840618303.jpg (217.68 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-02-01_00025.jpg)

Well umm... i'm into Pony farts too... sooo
Here's Pinkie Fazbear Farting


Well done, good sir, well done.


Thanks ^^

Rainb0w Da$h 500176

File: 1422910748284.png (120.03 KB, 967x967, Sweetie Belle plot.png)


Ponyfartlover101 500282

Anonymous 500295


Anonymous 500330

Any stories with Celly and her majestic asswind perhaps? I need a good, hard fap.

Anonymous 500378

You ever read "Between Cheeks So White"?

Anonymous 500517


Anonymous 500538


Nope, I have not. Link please?

Anonymous 500683


Ponyfartlover101 500725

New video on videobam before dailymotion!


Not bad. Not bad at all.

Rainb0w Da$h 500910

Ohh Yes~
A Sweetie Belle video...
Keep making video, bro! I'd love to see how you improve! You might want to talk to Gassipons if you are having any trouble with SFM.

Anonymous 501594

I agree with that. You should try and get your hands on the pony models that have adjustable anuses. Gassipons uses them.


I didn't hear any farts in that one. What's wrong?

Ponyfartlover101 501596

Ponyfartlover102 501619

>>501594 I will never use NSFW models

Anonymous 501623

Just be glad Gassipons uses them, at least.
Speaking of which, where is he? Taking a break?


After making 6 videos, wouldn't YOU want to take a break?

Rainb0w Da$h 501630


Uh... wow. That was quite a story. No, really! that was good. I enjoyed it. :)

Rainb0w Da$h 501699

Thank Gassipons!

Gassipons 501806

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Rainb0w Da$h 501845


Anonymous 501894


Anonymous 501895

As long as you included RD in there I give you 20/10

Anonymous 501914

Bam Bam Bigelow!

Anonymous 501995


Anonymous 502144

had a private conversation with a skilled SFM animator. He will do anything to not be ignored

he sez hes still thinkin about it but there might be some competition for Gassipons here. his name was sonichedgeclipper or something (leave it to me to forget the name)

Anyway, he does writing too and says he does free reqs "you just gotta ask, but no one does"

Anonymous 502145

(he doesnt know about this thread or anything so dont tell him I mentioned him, hes shy


What fart videos did he make?

Anonymous 502283

If you could give us a link or something
If you can find the name again please do inform us

Ponyfartlover101 502330


Wow, was that sexy.

Ponyfartlover101 502870


Again, lovely work.

Anonymous 503056

You have a mega account? These videos are running at like 15fps, it sux. (no offense)

Anonymous 503057

I'm gonna shut my trap now because I instantly realized you can download these...right?


Of COURSE you can download from Videobam. It's got the button.

Anonymous 503908


(sigh) Everytime I try downloading them I get an error.


Oh, well, I wish there was something I could do about that.

Anonymous 503957

Have you tried using downloadhelper or Unplug on Firefox?


Hey guys! Check out what I made!
(I'm a little rusty with SFM, so please be nice about it.)

Anonymous 503992

(*_*) (*_*; (+_+) (@[email protected]) (@[email protected]。 (@_@;) \(◎o◎)/!
>it works now
360 noscope + MLG x illuminati/ 20% x fav pony = infinity/10

Anonymous 503993

>never seen a RD video in a LONG time


I'm assuming you like it?


I made a new video today!

Anonymous 504100

Trixie is worst pony, but I respect how much work you've done so...8/10

Anonymous 504101

How dare you, say that kind of words
Trixie is my favorite pony :c

Anonymous 504102

Why do I have a feeling there are gonna be fart videos everyday?


Don't worry, person who obviously wants to stay anonymous, I'm saying NOTHING against your favorite pony. Each to his own. :)


Whatever you say man. At least you're giving me a GOOD score here. X3


I might not be posting more EVERY day, just at the right time and place.

Anonymous 504129


Hey, thanks!

Anonymous 504401

Legit, pretty great stuff. Really appreciate it.


And wouldn't you know it, I made a new one early!
(Animation might get a bit sticky at a point or two. I'm sorry.)

Rainb0w Da$h 504555


Could you make a vid with two ponies [spoiler]maybe Button Mash and Sweetie Belle?


Hmm... if only I had the models for SFM. THEN maybe I could.


My friend is making a video with Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie farting
he want to upload it on my Dailymotion Channel

Here's My Channel: http://www.dailymotion.com/tacko_marcano
i'm gonna put the video link when it's done
or you can search it on my channel ^^

Rainb0w Da$h 504731

Not bad at all...
My only complaint is that the animations seem... quite stiff. Since the SFM Pony models use the jigglebones in the mane/tail, it really makes the body movements seem too robotic and artificial. The movements should be slower and feel more natural. I'm guessing that this is your friend's first time making a SFM video. Just tell him what I said, and his videos will improve 10-fold!

Anonymous 504780

Hah! 2nd best pony in the vids as well!
>I know thats...


I'll keep that in my agenda. Thank you.


Oh, and what are you working on for your latest MLP fart video?


New video is up!
(Spike IS a character from MLP, so he counts.)

Anonymous 504999



Oh, you're no fun. X3


I made a new video tonight!

Anonymous 505081

>rather watched a trixie video other than this
>wtf did I just imply?

Anonymous 505083

X 20% (Rainbow Dash)
Lowest score yet


You... aren't the same Anonymous, right? O.O


If you don't like it, then why are you even here?


Actually, that comment gets the lowest grade ever. -100/10. Try and top THAT.

Ponyfartlover101 505147


Wonderful. I'm assuming you do 100 times better than I ever can. :'(

Anonymous 505154

>those thundering loud farts
So perfect. they must smell amazing

Anonymous 505156

Anonymous 505157

Uh YES I'm the one posting rates and comments and short youtube videos of mfw

Anonymous 505158

i never follow how people do his work
i do my stuff with my style, if they like it, good. if they hate it, i don't give a fuck
Don't be sad, you can improve your skills even more if you want... or be the idiot who feels pain reading anon comments

--Probably a person you know--

Anonymous 505168

Can you recommend me a book/tutorial/step by step guide/whatever to get into making animations like this?
I have 0 experience with 3d programs, which one should I choose?
Tell me your secrets senpai ;3


*Anger level: rising too fast*
Oh, no, no, go ahead. Rub it in. -_-

Anonymous 505172

Rainb0w Da$h 505173

400th post!
Also, bump

Anonymous 505188

For the 2nd video 15 stars outta 10 diamonds
For the dash video....I give you infinity + 20%

Anonymous 505192

Anyways, who is this creator?


His Dailymotion name is SSjay.


I suppose my videos are kinda out. How about I do pics?


I should try that again.

Anonymous 505820

>>505818 But what about the Button Mash and Sweetie Belle fart video?


Oh for god's sake... HOW ARE MY PICS NOT BEING SHOWN HERE?!?!


Better question: Why in the ever loving TARTARUS aren't my picture files been shown here?!


One more time...


File: 1424592930307.jpg (239.93 KB, 1920x1080, A Gift for Spike - Copy.jpg)

PLEASE tell me you guys can see this.

Ponyfartlover101 505825

Anonymous 505827

day 1: senpai has not noticed me yet

Anonymous 505832



Rainb0w Da$h 505839

I see it, but I don't like pics that much.


Stupid chan thinks every reply I'm making now is automated. I have no choice now but to use quick replies.

Anonymous 505844

File: 1424631368706.jpg (53.54 KB, 446x361, 1408902921164.jpg)

Anonymous 505849

Hey, if you can't handle this and wind up calling us stupid and other shit like that, may as well get out right now because...

Anonymous 505858

File: 1424644465341.gif (2.42 MB, 320x240, 1388614355383.gif)

So is that your real email?

Anonymous 505859

Why would you NOT use qr?

Anonymous 506198

Rainb0w Da$h 506325

bump bump



Anonymous 506370


File: 1424741009927.jpg (278.4 KB, 1920x1080, Special Note - Copy.jpg)

Well, here's another pic as an apology for my attitude the last time I was here.


File: 1424745527593.jpg (387.66 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-02-23_00001.jpg)

It's Equestria Girls farting pictures allowed here?... i mean, they are just Humanized Ponies ._.

Anonymous 506413

Joshua's pic was better
wtf did I just say?


it's okay
i don't give a fuck :)
Nice Picture ^^


File: 1424746449178.jpg (337.4 KB, 1920x1080, 2015-02-17_00019.jpg)

Ok.. here's Sweetie-Bot farting

Anonymous 506416

Course they're fine
I got no complaints about them


File: 1424746956536.jpg (354.74 KB, 1920x1080, 2014-07-02_00008.jpg)

Anonymous 506438

That's better, 20% better.

Rainb0w Da$h 506467


Rainb0w Da$h 506468

Hey are you still going to make the Button Mash and Sweetie Video?


I dunno about a video now that I feel insecure about SFM video, but how about a Button Mash/Sweetie Belle image? Will that make you feel any better?

Rainb0w Da$h 506506

Uhm... not really. I don't like the images to begin with. Not your fault, I'm just not a fan of those images. Keep making videos! They were really good, and they have the potential to become great!


I CAN'T keep making videos. I'm scared that SOMEONE will give it a low grade for it. *eyes anonymous*

Anonymous 506582

>I'm scared
I rate this excuse 3/10.


You know something, pal? If I didn't feel the need to be gentle, I'd flip over nine thousand birds at you at full force. -_-

Anonymous 506586

>I feel the need to be gentle
I like this excuse more, it's almost funny; 4/10


Here, I have an idea for you to try: Leave. Leave right now. Leave and never return.

Rainb0w Da$h 506682

Who gives a fuck what he thinks? Many more people will love that video!


I hope you're right.


File: 1424924955212.png (1.68 MB, 2139x2271, ambrosiend.jpg)

In the meantime, How about a little story?

Anonymous 506711


the guy who filled my request.
ask him stuff via deviantart for some reason he doesn't have a g+

he asked me to mention that no
"requests or stuff" be given over youtube. he wants to keep it quiet. (dunno what for but I respect him enough so far)

Anonymous 506714

>>502283 found him again
http://sonicthehedgetrimmer.deviantart.com/ dont be shooed by his "i'm done with deviantart" thing, he still uses the messaging services of the site. like I said before, don't swarm him he's about as shy as fluttershy almost


And what's the big deal about that? He's free to make his own choices.

On the subject of who farted, I'd pic one of the three girls. Most likely Rainbow Dash or BlackJack.

Anonymous 506740

>he's free to make his own choices
I meant he [even told me] that he doesn't want to become a "source" for us, whatever he means by that
I just recently informed him about this thread; I don't want to scare him off since he doesn't have the fetish, he just likes fart jokes (but says he enjoys his own farts)

for his sake I'll re-iterate what he repeated over and over in his last DA Private message:
'Under no circumstances is anyone to link this thread to him on public grounds but this one.'
He was very insistent on that one, I think he's a bit paranoid. I guess that just means keep all requests private and not like in comments or something

Still, he says he's happy to oblige anyone who asks for something so long as its "at least borderline SFW"

Anonymous 506741

He doesn't really make fart-specific videos that much but theres plenty of jokes in other videos, I scoured a few and got the times
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI0Itq6dyQ0#t=164 at about 2:44

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAJBIC6EXFg#t=50 at about 0:50

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCMhJ20qUpY I posted the link to this one before I think, that ones practically the one with the most pony farts in it

Anonymous 506742

( I should really learn to fit everything into one post)

Anonymous 506749

That first video is the weirdest video I've ever seen.


I don't want to disappoint you any further, but even if I COULD make a video, I can only see Sweetie Belle.

Anonymous 506762

Do it! Like the old saying goes,
>"Film it, and they will fap."
...Might be paraphrasing a bit, but it conveys the same message nonetheless!


What I mean is it won't load the model into SFM. I'm sorry, but I can't bring it up there. I put the model in the right folder, but it doesn't show up in the application.

Ponyfartlover101 506768


Ponyfartlover102 506772

Did you put it in the usermod folder?

Ponyfartlover101 506774

Accidentally put 102 instead of 101 sorry!

Ponyfartlover101 506830

I'm thinking of making a Sweetie Belle fart ask blog on Tumblr how would you guys think of that?

Rainb0w Da$h 506838

File: 1425008662192.png (171.23 KB, 569x319, 22047__safe_scootaloo_sweetie+…)

I would drown in my ecstasy

Rainb0w Da$h 506841

Speaking of Tumblr, Gassipons has a Pinkie fart blog up


He hasn't posted there in awhile, and there is some scat in there.

Ponyfartlover101 506843

Then it's settled I'll make it tomorrow!

Rainb0w Da$h 506855

File: 1425012119737.gif (550.61 KB, 500x347, Sweetie Belle hug all.gif)


Yes, I did.


Thanks for covering for me.

Anonymous 506916

Wait...didn't you just make one about a week or 2 ago?

Ponyfartlover101 506917

No? Why?

Anonymous 506920


Hey, how's it going with the Sweetie Belle fart blog?


Not a very big fan of sweetie bell or any cmc. It just grosses me out because they are like 7 years old.

Ponyfartlover101 506980


Looks cute right from the get-go.


If you'd be so kind as to open the ask box, that would be nice.

Ponyfartlover101 507000

Asks are open now!




Hey, you didn't do a SFM pony fart video yet. Taking a break, huh?

Anonymous 507007

oh whoops read it wrong.

Anonymous 507097


Ponyfartlover101 507108

I need asks! Send them in I also allowed M!A questions!


I already sent you an ask.

Anonymous 507263

Can someone please do a pinkie farting on a stallionhood in the ask stinker pie tumblr? Or even the Sweetie Bell one?

Anonymous 507264

I have crappy internet so tumblr is hard to operate

Anonymous 507266

Fans of farts I plead to thee. I ask of one thing. Stinky kinky butt on dick action! I know anyone here has dreams of a smelly lap dance. I say to you wonderful artest to stop beating around the bush and to beat it where we all want to. Right in the stinker!

Gassipons 507286

Have you left it as a question?


Will YOU make one?

Gassipons 507290

Well if someone sends that question to the stinkie pie tumblr I will get to it eventually

Anonymous 507291

I've tried asking it on tumblr unfortunately I can't get a question to get through. But I am fortunate that the primitive means of internet I do have let's me put this on the message board


You still kinda need to finish your Fluttershy M!A stuff.

Vertigo 507313

"Have you ever farted on a stallionhood?"
Just sent this question. You're all welcome

Anonymous 507485


Rainb0w Da$h 507661


Rainb0w Da$h 507664

>you will never deeply inhale Sweetie Belle's rancid farts after a binging at Hayburger.

Anonymous 507670

I just wish for the feeling of a cute round plot letting lose on my lap. The amazing feeling of warmth and vibrations on my lower half

Rainb0w Da$h 507697

bump for possible story

Anonymous 507713

Celestia and anon enjoying anal reverse cowgirl as her hit decides to let a violent flow of gas out. Effectively making her big plot vibrate and stink for pleasure. Is that s story?

Anonymous 507718

Another fun one to do is hotdogging
Stick your dick between the buns as the smelly farts flow

Anonymous 507720

A hotdogging story would be the best thing ever. The feeling of stink blowing out of a big beautiful booty

whatthefuck 507722

File: 1425329389887.jpg (109.29 KB, 850x850, sample_53411bdc047ece166e212bc…)

SO nobody seams to be actually uploading good fart art to this thread unfortunately I think we used up every gas related mlp picture ever found but i still manage to find a pretty good one right here

Anonymous 507723

I don't know why that one doesn't do it for me. Maybe the position

whatthefuck 507724

i know right it doesn't really quite work even tho it should

Anonymous 507725

Mostly because I've seen it plenty of times. Thanks you though

Anonymous 507726

Is there anything with anal other than that amazing video gassipons made?

Gassipons 507727

Legs spread open + farting is easily the sexiest position for me.


Here's a little something starring Fluttershy and her Equestria Girls counterpart.
Also, don't even BOTHER asking me where his dailymotion account is. I asked him multiple times and he didn't answer.

Anonymous 507731


Anonymous 507732

Can I still have anal + farts?

Rainb0w Da$h 507733

It got taken down I think.

Anonymous 507738

Removed what?

Anonymous 507756

*Farts out loud to see if any ones on this thread*

Rainb0w Da$h 507759



P.U.! What did you eat?

Anonymous 507773

I ate hope. the hope to have a pony fart on my lap. #stinkylapdance. It made my belly hurt

Anonymous 507774

I love this thread and you guys

Anonymous 507777

Does anyone like the idea of skunkponies? Maximum stinky.


*Rips a long stinky fart*
Ahhh... Excuse me.

Anonymous 507802

Hotdogging(assjob) + farts = Stinkjob

Gassipons 507812

Also guys, I apologise for my severe lack of videos lately. I'll have something else out soonish!


What do you mean?

Anonymous 507816

Hi gassipons I've been on this thread for a few days now asking about dick to butt fart action. This is my first time on a thread and you are my clop hero. Can you make my dream come true? I've been following you since YouTube

Anonymous 507817

Don't get me wrong I love face farts I've just always dreamt of a sexy plot warning and stinking up my lap.

Anonymous 507818

And don't apologize your an artest and should take as long as you need

Anonymous 507819

rd video, go!

Anonymous 507831


Gassipons 507833

I think I've done it a couple of times in the past, but in the future I'll try and include in a video, sure.

Anonymous 507836

Thanks you gassipons :) it's just been my fantasy to have a gassy hotdgging


Two can play at that game.

Anonymous 507859

Oh yeah? *Hnng Bbbbbbbbfffffhhhuuubbfb*

Anonymous 507862

Isn't that known also as a gasjob?

Anonymous 507874

Gasjob? Can I has please? Picture or video?

Anonymous 507885

File: 1425440692517.png (174.06 KB, 1024x891, sad_lilpip_by_tvio-d6p3o7k.png)

>you will never have Little Pip fart on your lap.

Anonymous 507888

Please? I'm begging for the chance to experience fart Nirvana. Anypony will do. pweeze?


Quite a game player, aren't you? *Hnnng!*
*Plrrrrp! Poot! Pweeeep! Pssshhhh!*

Anonymous 507919

That I am. I'll never give up till a pony gives me a gasjob.*ppppfffffbbbbbb*


I can do this all day. *Bllloooorrrrp! Pfffrrrrt!*


Let me help you with that.
(Skip to 6:00.)

Anonymous 507944

I knew about that. It's my favorite :3. But I'm really hoping for some new ones.

Anonymous 507945

Herk! *prrrrt* ah, i think I'm out to :(


Mighty respectable, but...
*PBLBLBLLLOOOORRRRP!* Whoa! I'm lucky I didn't have an accident after THAT one. XD

Anonymous 507948

You win already XD. I appreciate the fun. Now I just wish I could get that gasjob if anything I want Celestias fat butt twerking and stinking up my lower self *extends hand to thanks for the fun*


My pleasure. Oh hey, while we're at it, pull my finger.

Anonymous 507950

*pulls finger*


*Pffffrrrrrrblblrrrpt! Poot!*
Ahhhh... Thanks, man.

Anonymous 507952

No thanks you. I'll leave this so you can tell what anon I am #pullsfinger


*bowels gurgle* I think I need to poot again.

Anonymous 507954

So Joshua, this really is my first time on a board. What do you think of my fantasy? #pullsfinger


Honestly, I wouldn't mind having your fantasy myself. I think I need to fart again, do you mind?

Anonymous 507957

Pulls both index fingers #pullsfinger


*pffffft! Pblrrt! Paaarrrp!*
Woo-wee! Thanks! I'm still kinda gassy, but I wanna show you this trick. I don't think it'll require any finger pulling, though.

Anonymous 507959

??? #pullsfinger


Wanna see it?

Anonymous 507961

Sure I guess #pullsfinger


First, I think I need to give it more passage. *removes pants and stands on hands* Okay! Check this out. *Hnnngg!*

Anonymous 507963

Oh?! The old skunk hand stand. Slowly claps hands #pullsfinger

Anonymous 507964

Impressive #pullsfinger


Heh, thanks. Ever tried it?

Anonymous 507966

Nope but I shall do this *removes your shoe pulls toe* #pullsfinger


Huh. Didn't know that can work.

Anonymous 507970

*coughs* me either *hits the ground* #pullsfinger


That one MUST'VE been stinky. Are you alright?

Anonymous 507973

*twich* I'll live #pullsfinger


Whew! Thank god. Hey, watch this. *squats* Ready?

Anonymous 507975

I think I am? #pullsfinger


Okay, check this out. *Hnnng...!*
Uh oh... I'm gonna need a moment. *dashes to the bathroom*

Anonymous 507977

I somehow new that was going to happen....... #pullsfinger


*farts loudly and deficates in the toilet*

Anonymous 507980

You going to be long? I was having fun #pullsfinger



Anonymous 507982

That sounded painful. I blame pulling your toe. #pullsfinger

Gassipons 507983

It may not be the same as a video or a picture, but If you wanna add me on Skype or something we could always have a little Celestial gasjob RP..


*flushes toilet*
Whew! I almost clogged that thing, didn't I?


Sounds interesting, What's your skype?

Anonymous 507986

I'm on a smartphone T.T bumming internet. This is the most I can do #pullsfinger my laptop was stolen from me about 10 days ago :(


Where you talking to me, or gassipons?

Anonymous 507988

Every 1:00 minute to load a video takes about 5:00 on this thing #pullsfinger


Aw, that sucks.
Oops, 'scuse me.

Anonymous 507990

At least I can talk to you guys here. Hey gassipons would you be willing to make the Celestia gasjob a story? Or even a video? It would literally be the best thing ever. #pullsfinger


Can you do something for me?

Anonymous 507992

Yeah what #pullsfinger


I need you to tell me how bad this smells.

Anonymous 507994

I think the dead grass will tell you for me. Id describe it as rotten eggs #pullsfinger


Hmm.. I thought it'd smell worse. How about THIS one? *Pblbllrrroorrrt!*

Anonymous 507996

*herk!*.falls on back. #pullsfinger


Oh... I hope that didn't kill you.

Anonymous 507998

Bad meat and death °~°


That IS stinky, huh?

Anonymous 508000

I can't feel anything #pullsfinger

Gassipons 508001

You can't get a Skype or kik app? Also my Skype is... Well... Try and guess..

Anonymous 508002

This area us going to have a gas cloud for days.#pullsfinger

Anonymous 508003

This phone couldn't handle it . I've tried T_T #pullsfinger


Whew! It stinks, don't it?

Anonymous 508005

It will stink for all eternity #pullsfinger


Man, I'm so gassy.

Gassipons 508007

That's a shame!


Hey! Do YOU have any gas?

Anonymous 508009

That you are. *pulls finger as hard as I can* #pullsfinger

Anonymous 508010

Irl and hear but it's weak :/ #pullsfinger


*Prrrrrt! Plllaaarrp! Poot! Brrrrrt!*

Anonymous 508012

PU! That one made my eyes dry up. #pullsfinger

Anonymous 508013

Let's try this. *pokes your belly* #pullsfinger



Anonymous 508015

I need to sit down. Y our gas us making me dizzy. #pullsfinger


Anonymous 508017

*sits down*. Inhale........ Exhale. #pullsfinger


Feeling better?

Anonymous 508019

Much. Please continue with your gas tricks I'll just watch #pullsfinger


*stomach starts bubbling* You might wanna watch out for this one.

Anonymous 508021

I can handle it. Pulls seatbelt out of sitting chair and protective goggles. #pullsfinger



Anonymous 508023

Flies back in chair. That was terrifying, yet somehow exhilarating #pullsfinger


I'm not even a girl, and I'm enjoying this! But I'm being selfish. How much gas do you have?

Gassipons 508025

Maybe you can shake something free..
*extends finger*

Anonymous 508026

Selfish? I think not. Inhale *ppppppppPPPPPPPPPBBBBBBBBBBLLURR * sigh.


*pulls finger*


Whew! That was foul!

Anonymous 508029

Pulls both fingers #pullsfinger



Anonymous 508031

Okay question time what pony do you want to fart on you and where? #pullsfinger


What do you mean by "where"?

Anonymous 508034

Hand, face, dick,stomach, back. Stuff like that. #pullsfinger


File: 1425490225851.png (736.1 KB, 1280x1107, tumblr_nb8wrcxWlC1tfn5yco1_128…)

Now that you mention it, I'd like Rainbow Dash to fart on my pee-pee.

Anonymous 508036

I think that would be awesome. :) myself I want Celestia. Same spot. Want me to RP as RD and then vice versa?


Maybe. Oh, hang on.

Anonymous 508039

Rank dude #pullsfinger


Let's see you try and top it.

Anonymous 508042

Are you guys trying to make the thread autosage early or something?


What are you talking about? We're just having fun here.

Anonymous 508044

I don't think I can. Heeer *ppt!*
That's the best I've got :/ #pullsfinger


Not bad. Oh, check this out. *spreads butt cheeks open*

Anonymous 508046

We did kind of over do it #pullsfinger


Yeah, but at least this thread's still alive.

Anonymous 508048

It won't be if you guys keep up the spam
And stop using hashtags on mlpchan it's a twitter, tumblr or facebook thing


I don't think it's spam... o.O


Why don't we stop? We want this thread to live, don't we?


File: 1425492472718.jpg (906.49 KB, 3000x2950, 626315__solo_explicit_nudity_s…)

Oh, and for the record, I'd love to have Queen Chrysalis fart on my face.

Anonymous 508052

It's all good. I have to go anyway. Thanks for the fun Joshua. Please get someone to make a gasjob video/story. Bye #pullsfinger

Anonymous 508053

Gasjob assjob + farts

Gassipons 508054

I will admit you two are making the thread dangerously long. Perhaps you should just set up a chat room for the RPing or something, and invite me of corse :3

Anonymous 508055

File: 1425493499677.jpg (92.63 KB, 1024x768, eg_vinyl_unleash_the_wubs_on_p…)

Course you wouldn't cause your the one participating in it
Just like how trolls say they're not trolling
This is a good suggestion

Anonymous 508056

that would be awesom! Not only Am I talking to gassipons my hero but the chance to RP with you to?! Now how do we do this #pullsfinger

Gassipons 508057

Heh, well I think Chatzy is maybe an option. Give it a shot.


Appreciate the invite.

j 508059

File: 1425498473555.jpg (256.68 KB, 580x640, pokemon_lulz-s580x640-106475.j…)



What's this?


So... Anyone got any fantasies on which pony farts on where?

uhh 508062

still no new photos, ugh. I NEED VISUAL HELP FOR MY PENIS OK.

Anonymous 508064

I kind of want some pumpkin cake farts


I'm no pedophile, but I do wish as well we had fart pics/videos starring the cake twins.


It's getting kinda lonely here on chatzy.

Anonymous 508077


Anonymous 508098

Can gassipons join the chat? Please?

Anonymous 508113

Who all want to RP at 12:30?

Gassipons 508115

In what timezone? I might be able to a bit later on at some point.

Anonymous 508120

I'm 4:00p.m. Right now. Feel free to join us as now if you can

Anonymous 508121

I just have to thanks you gassipons. For RPing with me. Can we do it again whenever your free and willing?


Click the link if you want visual help for your penis. http://dutchoven.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=my_little_pony


File: 1425612735279.jpg (537.47 KB, 2400x1800, 870a573e23ca8294f7f133f84a3c70…)

Maybe this hot picture will interest you...

Rainb0w Da$h 508292

File: 1425691744784.png (591.3 KB, 1255x953, piisdnoidnboiemvpeko -94i6.png)


Krone 508294


I have some edited pics there if anyone's interested. Shameless self promotion, woo.

Ponyfartlover101 508301

I need more questions for askgassybelle! Anon magic(M!A) is open give me the craziest ones you can think of!

Ponyfartlover101 508303

Can someone make a chatzy Premium room for pony farts I want to look at the previous content but I can't. Cant't we start this somewhere else?

Anonymous 508389

Come on ponies get in here!

Anonymous 508434

Sent you something

Rainb0w Da$h 508596


Anonymous 509017


Anonymous 509022

You are the 666th replier

Anonymous 509029

Does that mean I can finally have that gasjob?


Uh oh, I've been told that's the number of the Beast. O.O

Anonymous 509039

Hey Joshua, Utes me that posted it...... You know. Finger


Don't worry. As long as the three numbers aren't tattooed on your skin, you won't be going to hell.


I'm on Chatzy if you need to talk.

Anonymous 509204



File: 1426134096881.png (893.98 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nl2xx6Cknb1tapk66o2_128…)

It's a miracle; an image has been posted on this site for once!

Anonymous 509236



hey joshua can plz make a trixie and twilight fart video or applejack and rainbow dash video and if not i understand. can you put your videobam account link plz?


Actually, I DID make two videos before; one of Trixie and the other of Rainbow Dash.
I hope you can find my name when you're on this site here. http://videobam.com/UTpvx

Anonymous 509252

Hey Joshua? If you get the chance can you get on chatzy?

Anonymous 509291

It would be cool to get some stories instead of shitty low effort videos


Watch it, buddy. I can hear you.


um joshua can you make a video that has both trixie and twilight in it


I'm running a mac right now, SFM can't run on OSX.

Anonymous 509398


Anonymous 509446

Where are videos when you need one?


Yeah. We DEFINITELY need new videos.


Okay, here's ONE video I found. It's short, but it has pony farts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2k1MpSF1spY

Anonymous 510343

Would anyone like to jump in the chat room?

Anonymous 510373

Can someone post some pics of celestia?


File: 1426653217940.jpg (247.29 KB, 700x700, 1372229986.trayx_celfart.jpg)

You mean like this?

Anonymous 510444


Anonymous 510467

Anyone want to chat?


I'm on chatzy.

Anonymous 510490

Everyone post and make skunk ponies! They have bat ponies

Anonymous 510578

sick of the 2-posts-per-day routine.

Anonymous 510579

I could try and help add a 3rd post per day. I don't know what else to add, maybe some talk.

Anonymous 510581

Dude, it's mlpchan, it's gonna be slow.
And it doesn't have to be bumped constantly, it's not gonna die for about three months.


It might even last longer than that.

Anonymous 511057

2 more until 700, 2 more until 700.

Anonymous 511058


Anonymous 511059

Anonymous 511440

More farts please. Maybe some sexy gas sex. Or a skunk pony hybrid


File: 1427126978486.jpg (123.13 KB, 1280x891, 1427086002.hericks_15-03-22_st…)

More farts, you say? Okie Dokie Lokie!

Anonymous 511527

Thanks Joshua :) anyone want to join the chatzy room?

Anonymous 511529

I still can't watch Flutterbat farts T.T

Gassipons 511530

Anonymous 511535

Hey gassipons. Would you be willing to RP still? The room only has myself in it T.T

Gassipons 511538

I can't right now but at some point I'd like to.

Anonymous 511539

Thanks gassipons. May I ask how your latest works has been? I know we all look forward to anything new to be posted

Anonymous 511546


Anonymous 511570

Anyone want to get on chatzy? It quite lonely right now but I'll be on all day

Anonymous 511590

Someone look for and post on here the ask pootershy tumblr

Anonymous 511599

Anonymous 511618

Anyone got a pic of a pony farting while having sex?

Anonymous 511627

still waiting for that fart-apple story ._.


Anonymous 511639

I'm having sex with myself on farting pony.

Anonymous 511666

Bat ponies are cute but can someone make a new pic of some skunk ponies? Someone join me in the pursuit of the perfect stinky gassy pony plot

Anonymous 511735

Are you making anymore videos?

Anonymous 511847


Anonymous 511852

File: 1427656657887.png (1.67 MB, 4000x4000, 1427599217532.png)

Can someone please edit these?

Anonymous 511853

File: 1427656684229.png (1.7 MB, 4000x4000, dLlhSzQ.png)

Anonymous 512189

I like the bug pony but can we have something that will probably fart more? Skunk Ponies :)

Anonymous 512239

You're constant request shit gets annoying after awhile finger

Anonymous 512241

I'm sorry :(


Wow, there's not a lot going on, huh?

Anonymous 512270

Antone want to chat?

Anonymous 512327



I'm on chatzy.

Anonymous 512449


Rainb0w Da$h 512503

We need more stories and videos!
Why did PFL and Gasponis leave?

Anonymous 512565

why would anyone leave?

Gassipons 512566

I haven't left, I just don't get a huge amount of time to work on stuff.

Anonymous 513083


Anonymous 513482

I think he meant someone else.
Gasponis is a different person


Well, the least you could do is update your Pinkie Pie blog.


File: 1428450965997.png (4.55 MB, 1000x3936, Pony's Life copy.png)

It's getting really boring here. How about a comic?

Anonymous 513568

That's hot


Thanks! I based it on the PS2 game Dog's Life.


File: 1428560803199.png (4.95 MB, 1000x3936, Trixie and Big Brian's fart da…)

Anyone up for a new comic?

Anonymous 513747

Woulda been sexier if it was Fluttershy, and the thing she fart-killed was one of her animal friends. But still, nice work.

Anonymous 513748

i hope season 5 is able to revive this thread is basicaly dead now

Anonymous 513971

I seriously need a Lightning Dust and or Gilda fart torturing Rainbow Dash story

Anonymous 513973

Dude, we're one of the most active threads here. Just because content isn't pumped out everyday doesn't mean its dead, it's just a slow shit site.

Anonymous 514605


Anonymous 514703


Anonymous 514998

>clears throat loudly

Anonymous 515648

We may need to put up another edit for the sake of having more content.

Anonymous 515657

Half the people on Gassi's dailymotion are such fucking idiots.


I know! They're really impatient.

Gassipons 515679

Honestly haven't even been there for a while because it's so annoying. I understand I really don't upload that often but in fairness I am in exam season so.

Anonymous 515680

Will someone please post that new video? I can't find it


He didn't put it up yet.

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