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File: 1400195068700.gif (799.05 KB, 200x189, 1399837893733.gif)

ITT: Cliches you are absolutely sick of (doesn't have to be MLP) Anonymous 407141[View All]

>action video game
>spend approx. six hours brutally slaughtering hundreds of enemy soldiers
>finally get to the head of the enemy army
>about to kill him
>suddenly your ally says "Wait! If we kill him, we'll be just like him."
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Anonymous 452475

>visual novel
>the protagonist is a guy in high school who lives either by himself or with a childhood friend or younger sister--never any parents
>he is loved by almost everyone even though he's a pretty major dick
>it's either never explained or it's through some bullshit that he has plenty of money even though he's a regular high school student

Anonymous 452540

I have one unintentional cliche I'm sick of...
>3 Characters
>First character/race is better than the other two.
>Second character is worse than the first.
>Third character is worse than the second.

>''But guys they're all balanced! we swear''

>Obviously they aren't balanced at all.

Anonymous 452556

File: 1408866448433.png (158.17 KB, 326x292, Tin Foil face 1.png)

So you fools think I have separated from reality, your existence must shimmer like the moonlight on argon 17, present me with four cups of washing powder and I will evict all the penguins just as they begin their orgy, why is it minds such as yours are composed of only 14 blocks of cement.
P.S. morphine serves as the perfect antidote for the mind that is confusing your celestial loins, only when the man steps out from the great baby shower of Richard Dawkins granddaughter will you comprehend the nature of a medieval catapults in relation to your butter knife.


Anonymous 455768

>first-person shooter
>you play as a badass who never verbally talks
>entire first mission is just walking through some big area listening to other people talk without being able to do anything


>action game

>scene where you are tied up and being interrogated or tortured
>something ridiculous saves you at the last minute, or you somehow manage to break free of your bindings right when you're about to die
>you conveniently find all of your weapons right near where you were being held captive

Anonymous 456103



>mission where you are using a turret in the side/back of a helicopter

>bonus points if it ends with the helicopter crashing and the screen going black

Anonymous 456127

File: 1410039325620.jpg (61.29 KB, 1280x720, streeeetch.jpg)

If you want that cliché downplayed, I suggest the manga Yuusha Gojo Kumiai Kouryuugata Keijiban. It's about all hero-clichés really.

Anonymous 456129

File: 1410039509285.jpg (15.16 KB, 300x271, Artyom.jpg)

>you play as a badass who never verbally talks
Its kinda like that.

Anonymous 463272

File: 1411886924745.jpg (56.68 KB, 630x339, Jurassic Park 3D Thought Blurb…)

>encounter antagonist
>antagonist takes the time to roar/pose dramatically before attacking
How about they just reflexively commence wreckage on your/the character(s)' ass instead? Fuck this shit is stupid.

Anonymous 463274

Shit, that would be scary.

Anonymous 469543

File: 1413958740729.webm (1.1 MB, 1024x574, dungoofed.webm)

Dedicated group of intelligent driven individuals devote their life to gaining an impossible achievement. Dumb hick from a trailer park wins it in a week because he believed in the heart of the cards or something. This also gains him a real live girlfriend somehow.

Anonymous 469555

It's like children's epic fantasy all over again.

Anonymous 469738

Children who spend the huge majority if not all of the time being goddamn useless and/or stupid.
i.e. Godzilla 2014. Main Character Man's kid, watching the news report of monsters fighting on TV and you KNOW he's completely ignorant of the fact that it's actually happening and just instead sits and thinks it's a cartoon or some shit
Jesus Christ, almost all the kids in that film were stupid

Anonymous 469740

File: 1414024372788.gif (618.54 KB, 215x138, 1410068386302.gif)

>almost all the kids in that film were stupid
I think it was all of them. If you are on a bridge and a giant, 500+ foot monster is rising from the fucking sea and the military is guns blazing on it, you aren't going to go "WHOA SO KOOL IT'S LIKE IN ONE OF MY JAPANESE ANIMES."

Anonymous 479231

>movie/show starts with character doing something on their own
>a few seconds in they look up and say "Oh, hi, I didn't see you there!" as if they are talking to the viewer

Anonymous 479233

Could make for a good gag if the character's talking to someone behind the camera.

Anonymous 479237

>villain is Eastern European/Serbian/Russian
why do they hate us

Anonymous 479407


As with most large groups of people, they are hated because stereotypes and because somehow the will of every person in X country is the same as the majority of their asshole leadership.

Anonymous 479429

Presumably the Cold War.

Anonymous 487961

>something crazy happens and you're about to be annihilated
>someone randomly shows up and saves you and tells you to quickly go with them
>"What's going on??"

Anonymous 487963


Oh and also, the fucking episode of Yuru Yuri where Akiri time travels but then it turns out it was just a story written by the blonde spaz.

Anonymous 494274

>The big bad was your dad! What a twist!
>The female sidekick is your long lost sister! What a twist!
>And the macguffin you've been huntinng all this time is something you had all along! And someone close to you knew that all along but was afraid the truth would hurt you so he sent you on suicide mission after suicide mission to find it out! What a twat!

>Shopkeeper won't sell you weapons until you prove you can handle yourself. The test? Fight to the death with some of his workers!

Anonymous 494287

what if you couldn't unlock the macguffin until you let true love into your butt

Anonymous 494393

>Characters in a party enter a place that several dangers
>Each character has some specific skill or ability that gets their party through every peril

>Multinational/multiracial band of heroes

>The white male gets written as the group's dumb, aggressive loser

>Hero witnesses evil act by a suspicious character

>Best friends don't believe him/her and leave them for said suspicious character

Anonymous 494397

>everything I've heard about it suggests that it's way too everyone-dies
I think that's mostly Project Horizons that's constantly tear-jerking. FoE is a lot more optimistic/upward really. Unless you're counting the backstory, but that part is everyone-dies for upfront obvious reasons, number one being that it's hundreds of years before.

>I don't recommend FoE though. It takes Fallout seriously.
I loved that it took it seriously. I was always disappointed that the games didn't so much.

Anonymous 494428

File: 1421185051464.jpg (67.14 KB, 457x800, dogmeat is a fuckin badass.jpg)


The whole point of Fallout is black humor. If you took it seriously you'd take out the ironic 30's style soundtrack. There wouldn't be any posters about learning to love the bomb. The police wouldn't be in so much body armor that they're walking tanks, while adoring citizens place wreaths of flowers around their helmets. NPC mooks wouldn't have auto-dialog like "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter." The dog wouldn't take two bullets to the chest and still be able to easily murder you. They would never say "War Never Changes" and then show people fighting wars in a completely different way than ever before because of apocalyptic destruction and planetary resource depletion.

What you'd have leftover is some emo bitchfest where everyone is too edgy to be friends and nice things only exist so some villain can foolishly destroy them right before you get your hands on them. Add ponies to that and you have FoE.

Anonymous 494436


Yep, there is plenty of le grimderp in our culture atm to barf. It's fun to have a hilarious side to it.

Anonymous 494439

File: 1421201884652.jpg (426.25 KB, 500x2137, war changes.jpg)


> war, war never changes

Anonymous 494453

I take it you didn't like The Big Red One?

Anonymous 494469

I don't know, I like it when movies don't just jump into what you've already seen in the trailer. It builds anticipation and gives you time to get to know the characters and setting before the shit hits the fan. It's only a problem if the advertised premise turns out to be unimportant to the movie or barely there.

Anonymous 494470

>Spec Ops: The Line

Anonymous 494479


and every Call Of Duty game

Anonymous 497980

File: 1422307352435.jpg (59.72 KB, 900x540, apple_truck_by_bluedrg-d4zujcs…)


It would make sense in that situation, but that very rarely is the case. I just double facepalmed at Hard Truck Apocalypse where the hero confronted a woman who had lied to him about the murder of his family and sent him in a wild goose chase against rebels of another nation. He had just defeated their leader and learned about her deception. Her only response was "You learned a valuable lesson then", before attacking him herself.

After her defeat she finally revealed that she was looking for a heroic scientist, who was most likely captured in the raid that killed the hero's parents. And now they're friends united by a common enemy, one they would have had from the start if she hadn't led him into a war that had nothing to do with either of them!

Anonymous 500400

>character gets stabbed in the throat
>survives and can still talk

Anonymous 507834

>first episode of an anime
>it's about a highschool club that needs to find new members or it will be disbanded

Anonymous 507844


Anonymous 507861


Anonymous 508101

>scifi show
>character X is brainwashed
>other characters refuse to undo the brainwashing because the character told them not to.
>Bitch, X was brainwashed into saying that! Undoing brainwashing is not the same thing as brainwashing someone in the opposite direction.

Anonymous 508102

>scifi/fantasy story
>have memory-erasing plot device to allow public hijinks to ensue without altering the status quo
>never once confront the huge ethical problems with this

Anonymous 508122

File: 1425594557485.jpg (105.81 KB, 1680x623, LmSId[1].jpg)


>Pointing with a gun, until the enemy walks close enough to knock it away.

This. So goddamn much this. I just watched Fugitive Alien II, and this happened TWICE in the span of a minute! With the same villain! Shitfuck goddamn, I have become conditioned to be disappointed in characters just by seeing its gonna be this cliche all over again!

Anonymous 511628

File: 1427369633740.png (151.98 KB, 640x600, mlfw10197_medium[1].png)

Bumping this because of something I saw in MST3K - Delta Knights...

>Plot revolves around new technology

>Heroes get the technology, decide its too dangerous and destroy it.

Worst of all, in that case Leonardo Da Vinci, who decided to burn the map to a vault of secret knowledge, still became an inventor inspired by the things he saw there. What was the use in opposing knowledge if you make the same goddamn inventions on your own?!

In that case they decided to destroy the vault and prolong the dark age because they were afraid the forces of evil could use it. One character even pointed out that it would be invaluable in the hands of the good Order, but they went along with the retarded decision anyway! Because apparently being oppressed by swords and manpower is worth it to avoid the risk of someday being oppressed by something else!

Oh, and when the knowledge the "heroes" destroy actually IS dangerous this attitude gets even more retarded. If science has discovered something dangerous, it should be published as a BIG ASS WARNING! Way too often you see scientific minds horrified of their inventions deciding to destroy their notes, which in no way hampers anyone else from making the same discoveries. And if they're going to face the same perils, it would be goddamn helpful to know in advance if what they're doing has the risk of destroying the world. I know writers and moviemakers aren't scientists, but it terrifies me that such retarded attitudes exist in the population at all!

Anonymous 511630

>spend hours brutally and systematically killing everything that moves
>end of game
>"what a hero!"

Anonymous 511631

Too realistic?

Anonymous 511686

File: 1427498637422.jpg (29.77 KB, 375x400, 1426984367811.jpg)

>awesome super evil badass villain turns out to have a cheesy traumatic backstory such as losing a loved one to a disease and that's why he chose to be evil

why can't they make more characters who are just straight-up evil like pic related

Anonymous 511692

>you have to kill ___! Its the only way!
>kill ___
>why did you do that? You don't have to kill anybody to get a point across.

Anonymous 511748

>bad guy lies his way out of a tricky situation
>after the person he lied to leaves, close-up on his face and he smiles and narrows his eyes

Anonymous 511751

...now I want a bad guy who jumps up and goes "YES!" Pumps his fists. "Unh!" Thrusts his pelvis and does crotch chops.
Stops. Rubs the sweat from his forehead. "Holy shit, thank God. That was so fucking close." Loosens his shirt and fluffs it to cool down.

Anonymous 511758

>Its the only way!
That alone is abused way too often. Already the situation has been simplified by lazy writing if it's leading to an "only way" through it. Especially if this only way turns out to be a perfect outcome.

Anonymous 513756

>hero gets swallowed whole by a giant monster
>kills it from the inside and cuts/explodes his way out of it

Anonymous 513757

File: 1428707278238.png (84.63 KB, 462x499, 1421834013617.png)

>main character has a nostalgia trip
>main character buys a game either at flea market or Ebay.
>game is extremely cheap, especially for an old classic game
>the game is somehow haunted
>character sees some fucked up shit but assumes it's a glitch
>zalgo version of the character from the game jumps out of the screen and kills the character

I just want a spoopy story.

Anonymous 513788

File: 1428772477207.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, bond_opening.png)

>hero wins at the end
Especially if he also gets the girl.

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