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Anonymous 32704

You know, all I usually hear about ponies and gaming is the Fighting is Magic C&D. It looks like there's a lot of good stuff here - I'm definitely going to check these out.

I'd love a Catherine-esque puzzler; I'm three trophies away from platinum.

Anonymous 32786

Congratulations on your Catherine prowess! I'm still a long way from getting to Platinum… halfway through Babel. (I keep giving up, then coming back to the game after a few months…)

(BTW, shameless self promotion: please try Minuette vs Tardiness sometime, as you're one of the people who'd get the Reference Good Children Shouldn't Get.)

Anonymous 32799

Don't know I'd you're still lurking, but your game inspired me to make that statement! I love your games and your comics; I wish I could animate in Flash, but it's not my thing. Are you still planning to finish the Pony Platforming Project? I'm sure more than a few people are looking forward to it.

Anonymous 32864

I think someone was making a roguelike based on ponies at one point. I wonder if that's still a thing

Anonymous 32886

File: 1371351157207.png (77.92 KB, 808x526, MFA2-1.png)

Thanks, good to know people are enjoying it!

Yes, even though I occasionally take breaks to draw silly comics, I'm still hard at work on Minty Fresh Adventure 2. Hopefully it'll be done before TOO much longer. (Pic related)

I remember a roguelike called "Everfree". Doesn't look like it's been updated in awhile, but there is a playable build of it:


Anonymous 32888

Neat, thanks anon, I'm gonna take a look and see if it's any good

Anonymous 33957

I don't get what made people wet their pants over that game, the devs kept the story under wraps which was obviously a shitty one too, considering the writing for the dialogue and way the villains infiltrate Canterlot. They never shown actual gameplay, items, abilities, monsters, bosses, levels, not a damn thing, so I don't see why people got their hopes up.

I still don't understand why DerpyHooves.com or whoever else was in charge didn't stick with making an user-friendly easy editor to make games during the summer.

Anonymous 33958

Hmmm…I know C & C++ but have never made a video game. Perhaps I should give making a pony game a try

Anonymous 33965

Because Faust turned a crappy franchise into something decent, so they thought that once they put in the remodeled G1 villains then it will all just write itself or someshit. Also barely anyone knew of that game(most didn't even know it was a game), so I don't see where you getting these ''people''.

Anonymous 33976

Anonymous 34002

Ah sweet War Thunder got pegasus ponies. Now all we need is fast paced gameplay, trickier environments and perhaps some melee brawling.

Anonymous 34008

You got some licorice to go with that?(Changelings)

Anonymous 34009

i remember that, twas awesome shame it was only for few days though.

Anonymous 34341

>Hercules, Harry Potter2 PS2
Man good games…what the hell happened to those kinda games? You could watch a movie and if you wished to play it then you could god damn well play it, you could interact with the world you just saw. Either in an original story or the same story you saw in the movie.

Anonymous 35139

But where are the porn games? :)

Anonymous 37146

File: 1371489161772.jpg (49.54 KB, 450x299, laughter-yoga-businessmen-laug…)

>Not killing everyones imagination.

Anonymous 39074

File: 1371550719007.jpg (57.21 KB, 450x450, 137128584711.jpg)

I want to do your wife, especially her Colgate voice.

Anonymous 39820

Bump, people should see this

Anonymous 40057

Neckbeard Twilight kissing and fucking Minuette?

Anonymous 40062

no, the games

Anonymous 42292

File: 1371635952868.jpg (83.16 KB, 644x442, mGHE7ldAhOwfewsdwq.jpg)


There's also this daring do game, it's not my cup of tea, but perhaps others will like it.

Anonymous 44972

Pinkie, stop breaking everything.
On a similar note there should be a game or animation featuring Animator vs Pinkie

Anonymous 45163

Any lurkers???

Anonymous 45282

File: 1371755772076.png (225.84 KB, 1000x1330, 132048655311.png)

Anonymous 45284

File: 1371755895865.png (733.88 KB, 800x1200, Minuette-poster.png)

No pony gaming discussion would be complete without mentioning:

My Little Hang Glider

or just about anything by Futzi01
Spike Toss and Twilight's Epic Hill Ride are my favourites.

Interestingly, /mlp/ tried making their own video game not too long ago, but it looks like the project fell apart, as these things often do.

Also, posting Minuette just because I like this picture.

Anonymous 45349

File: 1371759340615.png (273.13 KB, 639x477, 1432436547657.PNG)

Anonymous 45375

>No pony gaming discussion would be complete without mentioning:
>My Little Hang Glider

I never played that game or knew it existed before now.

Thank you very much

Anonymous 45415

And for my last act of the day…i give you 50 links into 1 link.


Anonymous 45418

File: 1371762112911.jpg (Spoiler Image,10.54 KB, 229x220, knux.jpg)

I'd do something similar to Sonic Adventure; where the core mechanics remain fairly similar but each character has a unique moveset and objective
>tfw there will never be Sonic Adventure 3

Anonymous 45436

Argh! Dammit, right in the feels. What IS Sega thinking?

Playing as different characters is fun. Raising Chao is fun. Having Sonic's levels actually be uninterrupted running into the screen GOTTA GO FAST (rather than constantly having to stop to solve puzzles or switch characters within the same level or turn into a werewolf or some stupid shit) is even more fun.

And now that you mention it, a ponified version of the same concept - six interlinking stories, one for each of the main ponies, each with their own gameplay style - would be amazing.

Rainbow Dash = Sonic (gotta go fast)
Rarity = Knuckles (find gems)

Not sure about the rest. Maybe Twilight is like Gamma or Tails in SA2, blasting through everything with her laser horn?

And a Fluffy Pony chao garden. Teach them to love Fluttershy, and fear Rainbow Dash!

Dammit, now I wish I could make such a game, but alas, I can't into quality 3D game programming. And these days, apparently neither can Sega.

Anonymous 45473

File: 1371765275361.gif (1.77 MB, 312x234, shiggytothediggy.gif)

>implying Generations wasn't an amazing game

Anonymous 45781

Blaze it faggot.

Anonymous 46343

File: 1371827207464.png (4.62 KB, 354x495, 1371754859068.png)

>tfw no dupe image limit.

I'd like a 3D role-playing game which follows the story of most of the episodes, but obviously with greater detail and maybe some extra levels which didn't happen. Harry Potter 2 was a good movie to game adaption, gave enough levels and used each concept for gaming in great detail.

Anonymous 46417

File: 1371835101567.jpg (249.86 KB, 1280x960, Amazing.jpg)

>That feel when you played the harry potter games in the same week the movies aired, some even in the same day.
Been about 3 years for FiM MLP and we still don't have a good game with a budget.

Anonymous 46736

Gonna make some more Minuette levels eventually.

Anonymous 47745

Stay bumped vidya thread.

Seriously, where's the catalog?

Anonymous 50423

99power jump-pad is 45 blocks, about 2220_y
Gotta keep exercising and write these things down If I want to make a polished level, especially without a delete option.

Anonymous 57384

I wonder what type of game would best translate into ponies…
Open world rpg cooperative, like a combo of guild wars 2 and minecraft?
Or a story based rpg game with good scripted events, but also exploration, secrets and replay value? great controls, good looking models and colourful terrain are a given.

Anonymous 57437

I'm thinking an RTC RPG style game woud be nice to see. Something maybe Fable like. (The original/Lost Chapters) That's not going to happen though.

Anonymous 59393

Tangentally related to the comic, Pocket Monsters should really start appealing to a more intelligent and creative audience, it's almost 2014, I'd say it's about damn time it got a team rocket game where you have to take over the world. Either that or a 3D game with real-time battles.

Anonymous 59628

I'm thinking a myst type adventure game.

Anonymous 62920

File: 1372709129953.png (257.49 KB, 809x528, 136994774660.png)

Anonymous 62922

File: 1372709158431.png (162.11 KB, 808x526, 1370132850102.png)

Anonymous 62925

File: 1372709196531.png (77.92 KB, 808x526, 1370133237319.png)

Anonymous 62927

File: 1372709211322.png (99.66 KB, 808x526, 1370133322659.png)

Anonymous 62928

File: 1372709234681.png (189.17 KB, 808x526, 1370133406675.png)

Anonymous 62933

File: 1372709299521.png (201.2 KB, 808x526, 1370132782353.png)

I wonder why chans don't allow the option of posting images in a gallery format, like the catalog.

Anonymous 62934

File: 1372709322841.png (104.1 KB, 800x441, 1370132983886.png)

Anonymous 62935

File: 1372709337740.png (100.78 KB, 808x526, 1370133177914.png)

Anonymous 62941

File: 1372709391634.png (206.82 KB, 808x526, 1370137358759.png)

Anonymous 62947

File: 1372709470597.png (226.52 KB, 807x525, 1370133878582.png)

Anonymous 63111

A series Fim Mo Ponies made for unknown crappy games which I'd rather watch than play.

Anonymous 63209

File: 1372714277485.gif (824.81 KB, 283x265, fuck this shit_im out of here.…)

This is an MMORPG…thats it. Downloads are open between July 5-7th, you get 3 days starting with Friday.
You have to register an account first, together with email confirmation.
After Sunday is over, the download link to the game is removed, so better keep the files if you want to hopefully keep playing by giving it to someone who knows how to pull it off.

System requirements. (for Unity…Ikr?)

Anonymous 69713

This blog could really be faster, guess mass game-making won't ever be this fandom's forte.

Anonymous 70207

Imagine a brony diplomacy sims game, You're Hasbro and you either satisfy the fans or fuck around with them.

Anonymous 70221

With Godzilla/Twilycorn burning everyone and everything.

Anonymous 70222

I'd like the same type of game, but with the brony fandom.

Anonymous 70241

Anonymous 70328

That ponyvania was a complete pain in the ass. Every enemy was buffed to high hell, especially the dragon towers. What's up with everyone making pony game remakes so much harder than the original?

Anonymous 70646

It's amateur designing, in that game's case it's called feature creeper, when you let your imagination run wild and you want to add as extravagant shit as possible even though it will clutter the map and make it tedious for the player, it's the opposite of being usefully creative. I've seen it tons of times, one example being Mushroom kingdom fusion. In this case they made most of the mobs really fast,armored,flying,persistent,small sized, which makes them a pain to get rid of properly, especially when you're in the swamp section. These places often need a universal high aoe damage to deal with them effectively. Consider yourself lucky this one had the decency to give you a crap ton of spells which can't be lost. Though the controls are still crappy, you can't fire while moving and the mobs don't slow down when you melee them.

Anonymous 74309

Yep, this thread is never gonna die. Fuck yeah.

Anonymous 76660

Slenderman game with Derpy. Walkthroughs can be found on Youtube.

Anonymous 80377

Here's a static showcase of an user interface for what would probably be a huge game.

Anonymous 80380

does anyone have the link to the dating game /mlp/ made?

Anonymous 82318

5 more days till this becomes a month old.

Anonymous 82912

so are we gonna all add each other to friends list in the MLP mobile game?

Anonymous 84793


Anonymous 84836

Hopefully this level won't self-destruct over night like the rest.

Anonymous 85131



Scrolling games are much better than Platforming games.

Anonymous 94733


Anonymous 95361

DreamValleyGame got removed…checking if anyone still got the game source.

Anonymous 95434


Anonymous 99935


Anonymous 101016

I never saw that.

Anonymous 108247

I enjoy seeing people play crappy games for me, that way I avoid the awful controls and I can skip to see the ending.

Anonymous 108402

So much…vidya…

Anonymous 111511

How many times do I have to tell you, thread? You won't die till 2013 isn't over.

Anonymous 113102

Really good luck to get a great game out of this, there's barely mediocre,decent games or finished ones, let alone a very good game.

Anonymous 115100

Good selection you got there OP. Enjoying the hell out of rainbow wake and magic shard's sequel.

Anonymous 116072


Anonymous 116559

Anonymous 116561

you wat mate

Anonymous 116667

Anonymous 117032

I just want a game which doesn't feel like it was made by LJN.

Anonymous 118863

I want every flash game made so far to be turned into decent quality.

Anonymous 119739

Oh man…the PlayStation 2 had the best versions of the games. Hercules also had some good bosses like the hydra and the medusa and the mount olympus level fuck yeah. Too bad Hade's fight was such a bore fest with no extra platforms to jump on and not enough abilities for Hades, that way by making hard as balls while he's dropping items would have been went swimmingly.

Anonymous 122428

Gonna fall asleep at my PC.

Anonymous 122934

Rayman gives the same feel as FiM.

Anonymous 123351

Anonymous 130034


Anonymous 131269

Anonymous 136133


Anonymous 136261

Up and away

Anonymous 136302

Is there any more text based ganes

Anonymous 140290


Anonymous 140666

Anonymous 143624

Anyone knows how MintyFresh2 is coming along?

Anonymous 144734

Why does OP's pic have 999balloons?

Anonymous 145287

balloons are awesome.

Anonymous 146845

They had a -99% sale on them.

Anonymous 153172


Anonymous 153667

Only if you ask Mark. Though don't expect a x/100% estimate.

Anonymous 155119

Damn this is a slow month. Maybe there's some more hidden games like the Spike game/Legacy of Pony.

Anonymous 156799

Any lurkers?



Anonymous 156937

Hey guise I've got the most amazing awesomest idea which will revolutionize virtual reality gaming forever!

Dig this: A flying game… which DOESN'T SUCK!!! amazing, am I rite? Now don't go tell anyone except Gaben. k thx 4 listening, gotta go now.

Anonymous 163261

Any news on the paper mario pony game?

Anonymous 163320

Anonymous 163344

If you're talking about pony panic, the paper mario pony game… It got a C&D 2 weeks in.

Here's the google doc, I was on the team but had to bail

Anonymous 163363

Hold up. I thought that group went underground like 2 hours after the first thread on /mlp/. How did Hasbro find them? And more importantly, why don't these people use hidden services when doing the development work?

Anonymous 163416

Problem was there were around 40 of us to begin with, and we used a google doc, anyone of us could have sent the link to Hasbro. Chances are they just put up the C&D and went underground. I was only there for the first few days though, so I can't tell you what happened.

Anonymous 163420

So is it still going on, to the best of your knowledge?

Anonymous 163429

To the best of my knowledge lacking any other source then the google doc the project is cancelled. However, due to the amount of progress made within the 3-4 days I was on the project, along with assessing the intelligence of the head development team, I have reason to believe the project may still be ongoing or existed for a period of time after the last update of the gdoc.

Anonymous 163785

File: 1377128087473.png (130.69 KB, 924x711, You crack me up little buddy.P…)

These guys crack me up. Too bad I'm also waiting for what will probably be the best pony game.

Anonymous 165300

Kinda sad that all the pony games suck and could easily get topped.

Anonymous 165833

Just downloaded the demo for My Little Investigations. When will the full thing be completed?

Anonymous 168610

I hope the spells get more creative.

Anonymous 170400

This is a 6world-6levels platformer made in game maker, and has loads of effects for the sake of it. Tons of characters, but no powerups.
Creator doesn't know he made a tedious platformer edition! Expect to get hit a lot by fast boring enemies, because there is no duck or blocking.
The password for Luna is - the fun has been doubled - type it without capslock. Gonna upload this version sometime tommorow.


i want to play well whats the name of thr game

Anonymous 171207

Have a bump, pretty good place for links so far.

Anonymous 172482


Anonymous 172615

That'll take a while.

Anonymous 173029

Here is the link to the BUCK edition. It has 6 out of 8 worlds completed and tons of starting cash.

Have a preview video.

Anonymous 175142

Any actually decent RPGs?

Anonymous 175262

…nope, they're all turn-based combat FF rip-offs. Not to mention they're all unfinished.

Anonymous 178899

bump, loving this list of links btw.

Anonymous 180365

Anonymous 180847

anyone know any good pony minecraft servers? preferably with limited roleplaying and with plenty of plugins, such as the pon3 gaming plugin

Anonymous 181487


Anonymous 182060

not >>163416
but the project is still being worked on. i can't give out details but it is still very active.

Anonymous 183222

>there will never be a good MLP RPG

Anonymous 185224


Anonymous 186520

Anonymous 192091


Anonymous 195621


Anonymous 196913

File: 1378916266538.png (Spoiler Image,246.76 KB, 800x480, 1374936939527.png)

Anonymous 197036

That looks amazing. Any text based games?

Anonymous 197082

It's not a text based game.

Anyway perhaps one of these horror sessions could be turned into a text game or an 8-bit game.
There's also LiveSmut anon's visual novel project.



Anonymous 198978

Does anyone have a list of verbs or some kind of guide for this?

Anonymous 200445


Anonymous 201254

So much vidya…

Anonymous 202585

File: 1379360796162.jpg (50.67 KB, 444x366, i-love-this-thread-so-much.jpg)

Anonymous 202605

on a semi-related note
/r/ing the shoop of the kid from gta v with pony porn all over his room

Anonymous 204252

File: 1379462201649.png (263.75 KB, 1200x719, Picture1.png)

Anonymous 208856


Anonymous 208906

pone should pone pone a pone

Anonymous 208917

guy that runs the archive on that /mlp/ thread. ive been watching this thread for a while too.

Anonymous 212066


Anonymous 213753

That looks more like a mini-boss.

Ponyvania Order Of Equestria 213877

Ponyvania third level added. Expect this fangame to be harder than the original Castlevania, just like Megapony.(No, megaman episode 3 still didn't release, they're pulling a Valve)

Megapony episode 2

Anonymous 220676

Check out EqGaming.

Anonymous 221878


Anonymous 223182


Anonymous 224122


Anonymous 227264

Anonymous 231653

File: 1381692203665.png (140.22 KB, 778x452, Test Demo 4 Preview.png)

Legacy of the Pony LotP is a pain in the ass generally, plus you need momentum to make the jumps, you can't hold the arrow keys while in the air. Also there's a wall glitch which blocks me in the wall at the loyalty level. Not to mention that's all there is; two levels, after completing those I can only replay the levels in their hard difficulty.
I wonder what happened to all the other projects which actually looked promising, at least in terms of graphics.

Spike's Quest, the first spike game released in October 2011, while LotP was released in December 2012
Sadly the creator, Mister Bull, has adhd and can't keep his focus, just like most pony game makers.

Hora Hora!3MvUSsmnEU 232993

Which is the best my little fortress mod to download?

Anonymous 234531

have a bump

Anonymous 237496

File: 1382629216017.jpg (152.2 KB, 764x1023, Mn2uvoU.jpg)


I recommend Losing is !!MAGIC!!. It is closest to the show, and has an ingenious cutiemark system; for example, a train cutiemark implies that the pony might be good at mechanics and furnace operating.

Also, the current mod fixes the need for pants, so your ponies wont go crazy from being naked.


Anonymous 239288


Anonymous 240804


Thread download 240887

Anonymous 240916

Chao's are the cutest!

Anonymous 244566

File: 1383805046002.jpg (24.98 KB, 887x505, Containment is Magic.JPG)

Have you heard about Containment is Magic mod for the SCP Containment Breach? Sadly, its development seems to have ended.

Anonymous 244574

Oh god that would have been amazing

Anonymous 244713

File: 1383847600898.png (271.75 KB, 854x480, 321573__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Anonymous 247206


Anonymous 248458

Legacy Of The Pony with save data.

Anonymous 249435

File: 1384771507675.png (50.79 KB, 945x943, mlfw38_129991331170.png)

Has anyone gotten Adventure Ponies 2 to work? Wherever I try it, it opens up the video player where the advertisement should play, but the view stays black and nothing happens.


Anonymous 249436

You might need to update your flash & shockwave at


Anonymous 250894

File: 1385045482050.jpg (183.04 KB, 945x943, mlfw495_130765319240.jpg)


It still doesn't work! Furthermore, the flash on the link stops loading at 2/3 on Firefox, but on Internet Explorer it opens a garbled mess of game assets.

Anonymous 252632

Megapony episode 3 released earlier this week.


Anonymous 254054


Anonymous 258201


Anonymous 261206

I think an Animal Crossing esque Pony game would be nice. Make your own pony, make some friends, something to do every day.

Anonymous 261348

File: 1386304389614.jpg (51.7 KB, 403x403, 1359270504527.jpg)

>tfw you want to make a game that people could enjoy, but you don't know anything about computers, programming or otherwise
>You can't even make a gif

Anonymous 261549

Oh I played your game! It was wonderful; do make another please. :)

Anonymous 264231

Anonymous 264246

Anonymous 265302


Oh sweet Jesus… Thank you very much for this.

Anonymous 265412

Anonymous 274368

Just two more weeks till 2014.

Anonymous 279073

Anonymous 285078

Is this the oldest thread on /anon/?

Anonymous 290070

Bump and saved. Great thread.

Anonymous 293316


Anonymous 295556


Oh dear…

Anonymous 299077

You did it, you made a big ass ponygames thread filled only with links.

Anonymous 303204


Anonymous 306351


Anonymous 307834


Anonymous 315182

Oldest and best thread coming through.

Anonymous 316676

Hey guys
Not this guy but I have the same problem, adventure ponies doesn't work, and the swf fails too by blocking at 66%
Is there a way for it to work?

Anonymous 317494



File: 1391144431614.gif (1.64 MB, 500x278, 1388718881612.gif)

Guys why is this game still popular is a game to take money off you if you are so desperate for a mlp game

Anonymous 318102

Just as the /mlp/ board is a waste of time, we have nowhere to go. The only answer is to create our own game, and unfortunately creating a good everlasting game requires to build it from scratch. It's as if I tried to remove all the autism out of the fandom and fill it up with intelligent creative people.


I ment it as a good game but make it so money is a option than a special type mini payment

Anonymous 321915


Anonymous 324883


Mr Popo: Ahahahahahahahaha

Here's a new arcade gaming sitewith tons of prizes Of course it's unpopular as hell I just found it now.

Anonymous 327980

What did i just witness?


File: 1392939854694.jpg (36.48 KB, 400x225, 5244.jpg)

Anonymous 351034



Get your spoiler button ready is bted time

Anonymous 351714

for one sec you hyped me and I thought it was "BFeqd".

Anonymous 352073

File: 1393840196778.gif (2.17 MB, 800x600, 1393732081021.gif)

So yeah, LoE is looking pretty good so far.
Too bad there is nothing to do yet, kinda.

Anonymous 352344

File: 1393879140335.jpg (126.4 KB, 1440x810, 1389395565883.jpg)


I can't even remember what the site is.

Anonymous 354814

Anyone know anymore obscure games&projects?

Anonymous 365240

Cute music and setting, could see it animated.
Especially the harpsichord, make it feel magic.

Anonymous 376077

Damn that's a lot of shitty projects.

Anonymous 379828

save rave

Anonymous 383125

File: 1397340584312.png (227.7 KB, 1024x381, equestria_gaming_by_princessma…)

Anonymous 383176

>Gray and black, edgy-looking OCs consisting of a fanon species
No thanks.

Anonymous 383190

Suit yourself.

Anonymous 383573

>fanon spiecies

Anonymous 383649

A 3 second scene just like Dj Pony. Luna's guards didn't receive any story backround of sorts - if they were magically changed by Luna or there's an entire species of them, no involvement in the plot, not even used as background props, and people expect to know who they are. In other words season 2 blows Shyamalan cock.



Anonymous 390252

That's what the fox says.

Anonymous 390343

File: 1398205973813.jpg (36.21 KB, 500x456, what does the fox say busted.j…)

Anonymous 397539


Anonymous 409378


Anonymous 419121

Change of subject my sexy anthro pics
Remember to spoiler image

Anonymous 419262

Nigga no.

Anonymous 423181

Anonymous 423390

Oh wow, 2 more weeks till this thread's birthday.



Anonymous 424140

File: 1401911151035.gif (1.54 MB, 167x200, wat.gif)

>thread started in 2013

Anonymous 429424

Happy birthday niggers. God how the fuck are we still alive.


File: 1403685295674.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.95 KB, 1023x767, .jpg)

Anonymous 432477

File: 1403869188866.jpg (28.94 KB, 478x458, tgsagt.PNG9f7c1cc9-d955-40b6-b…)

I found 2 untextured pony models, all rigged and they have 700 polygons.
Download link


Anonymous 442453

save rave

Anonymous 447038

save rave

Anonymous 455553

Save raved




Guys I think we have to let the thread go

Anonymous 465928


Anonymous 465942

File: 1412873238023.png (148.79 KB, 500x250, wat did u say.png)

Anonymous 466322


Anonymous 467553


Anonymous 472642

one bump a month keeps the quality threads alive. Where is that damn archive?

Anonymous 473336

This thread makes me feel old, mainly because a ton of shit has happened since its creation.

Anonymous 476113

Download link or Ctrl+S
save bump.... holy shit June 2013?! I thought it was June 2014, holy fuck. 1 year and a half.

Anonymous 481205

File: 1417840673768.jpg (35.43 KB, 360x279, image.jpg)

I love Ebola-chan


File: 1418118698140.jpg (468.38 KB, 1534x1538, Princess_Twilight_EW_preview.j…)

merak ettim o yuzden katılmak istedim

Anonymous 498911

You stay riiiiight up there. ;)
Don't go anywhere.

Anonymous 504954

4 more months and this thread becomes 2 years old.

This thread is almost like a timeline for me. I can't believe how much time passed since the scruffening, the generals like batpony, tempo music general, flash gamedev general, lauren's visit.
/mlp/ started in 2012 February 19th.

I wonder how many people died in that timescape...


File: 1424784508162.jpg (20.14 KB, 491x307, 3d-horse-1-14-s-307x512.jpg)


Anonymous 506921

File: 1425075352330.jpg (201.55 KB, 1136x640, 786885__safe_sunset+shimmer_ki…)

I think it's worth mentioning that I finished the Gameloft MLP game, without spending a penny. It's not as bad as people say, it's just meant to be played at the pace of an advent calendar. I also have over octillion cookies in Cookie Clicker, so I guess penchant for idle games helps a lot.

Anonymous 507791

File: 1425394114044.jpg (126.51 KB, 674x1186, 307584__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

How do you get the changelings from the bottom left part of the Canterlot map? I can't click them because the Events timer is on the way.


what type of game system was ponyvania made for.

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