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Anonymous 283539[View All]

Define the Superior FIM show.

What would it have to do? Great visuals and for the ponies to go into space and terra-form the everlasting shit out of everything?
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Anonymous 363016

Anonymous 369198

Magic. snort snort.

Anonymous 376221

Brilliant. Especially making Fluttershy a full-time farmer.

Anonymous 376666


Anonymous 376696

Applejack; Sailor, Chuck Norris, Indiana Jones/Zorro and dragon shifter.

Anonymous 377077

Just get a promising story and then write it great.

Anonymous 382261

So let's see…
Twilight is the independent, competitive evil genius who wants to take over the world and wants to learn magic for useful things.
Rainbow is like a Peter Pan but with a more explosive personality, goes around the world visiting different aerial teams to get more skills. Eventually she forms her own squadron and still has enough time.
Applejack goes on adventures, including sailing, spaghetti westerns, kicking wizards in the face, saving ponies, and often transforms into a dragon, skeleton, etc.
Fluttershy is basically Fluttershy+Applejack, but more intelligent and laidback while still delivering a buck, and she lives on the farm. I guess she relieves Applejack of her farm duties and tells her to go see the world like a free man.
Pinkie Pie often controls her own business; circus ringmaster, flying balloon ship, sweets factory, stuff like that.
Rarity gets ice powers along with her craftsmanship, and lives in some castle and has her own crystal mine. I guess she's already a duke or a princess?

Anonymous 394554

I'm down for a new generation of ponies set in a more fantasy-like adventure setting, as long as the characters are still equally the focus.

Anonymous 423708

I'd like to see a story about those ponies, set in a more medieval magical land.

The current show is too politically incorrect and promotes communism rather than socialism.

Anonymous 423713

Needs to have anti infant immortality. Kill off the kids.

Anonymous 423725

File: 1401815119175.png (174.17 KB, 700x653, tumblr_myzpo3sRNW1slpoglo1_128…)

> a more medieval magical land.

Pig Disgusting Captialism is G3
Glorious Communist Motherland is G4

Anonymous 432594

I think I read of it in an Alternate Universe fanfic once.

Anonymous 432970

File: 1403990923977.jpg (164.69 KB, 894x894, 1403987719128.jpg)

One with 20volume book-tier writing and movie experience quality. Obviously.

Anonymous 432971

Superior artistic quality is G5.

Anonymous 433794

I would like to have 'hero killer' villains type. When he/she appear, you know that the ponies are in real danger and could have permanent damage on them.

Their plot/writing immunity is getting somewhat annoying.

Anonymous 433817

File: 1404031762198.png (242.92 KB, 919x870, adorable_princess_cadance_by_9…)


They already had one like that.

Anonymous 433828

No villains have been immune to friendship yet.

Anonymous 433927

Oh like Nightmare Moon actually appearing in their faces and kicking their asses directly.
Discord appeared in their faces, but he didn't do jackshit. Despite having complete control over the environment. (weirdly enough neither did the ponies try to attack him like the Manticore even if he's right there in their face)
Chrysalis still left those idiots at the end to save the day. None of the ponies at the wedding tried to stop her either, despite being around 200 guests there.
Overall S1 was hiding it's flaws for good reason, and the future season should have fixed it's flaws.
While S2-S4 doesn't fix them and doesn't even bother hiding them, if anything they're actually very content with shoving it in our faces. Mike Vogel enjoys being retarded and pretending to know what he's doing.

Anonymous 442452

Is this the thread where we dump everything that made season 1 decent and improve on it? I got something to dump.

MLP prioritized the character interaction with 70% and left the action just to 30%, with the plot often being there just as a thin guideline to follow, but not overwhelm.
Sometimes it's 50/50 with episodes like Feeling Pinkie Keen and Stare Master. Other times it's interwined like Dragonshy, and sometimes it feels like it focuses more on action than character interaction, such as Dog and Pony Show and Swarm of the Century. Some episodes have the characters take numerous coffee breaks and having fun, such as Dragonshy or like Bridle Gossip which is a 20minute giant fest of talking, with the poison joke added in so it's not so boring.

A typical slice of life show is almost identical to Winter Wrap Up, very loose and and boring. Like Swarm Of The Century, it's just numerous attempts at dealing with a problem repeatedly. The issue is that the characters never have time for each other. While in SwarmOTC it does focus on the characters like a team, but it doesn't focus individually like grand galloping gala or ticket master's dream sequences(most shows do not focus on each character individually, neither their free-time interaction together). And along with not focusing on them individually, they also don't have the free time to interact between them freely like Bridle Gossip, because most team based shows have the characters focus too much on the plot.

Dragonshy succeeds at team & interaction, but there's one more thing left to do... individuality, and that's where Ticket Master delivers in it's dream sequences.
Sadly there's still a bunch of things to improve on like Mare In The Moon which is team&individuality, but fails at interaction because the ponies don't ever take a break from their journey to sit down and chat with each other at a camp fire.
Then of course there's the quality of their interaction, individual scenes and their teamwork. Which can always be improved. I found the ponies moments in Ticket Master much better than the pilot episodes.

FIM is the only show which managed to effectively combine interaction and individualism for a 6-man team.

Anonymous 442456

File: 1406078144456.jpg (120.69 KB, 907x957, dow.jpg)


A villain doesn't have to be immune to friendship, when she uses it herself.

Anonymous 442457

File: 1406078609062.png (Spoiler Image,241.86 KB, 800x1100, fs.png)

It needs a certain someone.

Anonymous 442464

So pretty much mlp is like kingdom hearts.

Anonymous 442470

Derpy would return.

Anonymous 442559

>FIM is the only show which managed to effectively combine interaction and individualism for a 6-man team.

Didn't recess and Detention do that first?

Anonymous 443514

That's a show I haven't even seen, watched the first episode and it seems more fun than Recess. Batman action already in the opening.
I just wish there was 360p and above available. 240p is a sore to watch in.

What's the story behind Kingdom hearts anyway? I heard the fandom hates the writing.

Anonymous 443527

>I just wish there was 360p and above available. 240p is a sore to watch in.

That's the reason I couldn't finish the series.

>What's the story behind Kingdom hearts anyway? I heard the fandom hates the writing.


Too, much freedom with bland and halfed ass-ed writing.

Anonymous 443626

I almost forgot to mention that just about all the Organization XIII members came back too life and apparently they always had hearts, but didn't know until now.

Anonymous 444082

MLP's uniqueness all comes down to a combination of specific character execution and specific world design.
The character execution is the mixture of all characters staying together(teamwork+interaction possibilities), lenghty individual moments for everyone to shine on their own, and a lot of interaction time and chemistry(replies) between them. Like the previous anon said.
To add more to G4's unique flavor, I could also mention the characters themselves, their behaviour especially. Cutsie combined with a little comedy, you won't find tolerable cutsie girly playful characters very often. Altough they could be far better at what they're aiming for.
Hell I can't tolerate them now, dumb stereotypes with emotion over brains pisses me off. Cartoonnetwork characters are smarter than the ponies 2-volt horse brains. The ponies also aren't completely cute, playful and girly, they're actually real indifferent douchebag assholes most of the time. Plus I could do without the girly part, just keep the cute playfulness and tomboyish behaviour.

The world design/context is that it's not set in the real world and neither a save the world scenario like most adventure-action shows do when there's a fantasy genre.
Instead the world design consists of a socialist fantasy realm where there are no wars and the only worries the ponies have is if they can change the seasons on time. Sometimes it is the monsters attacking them, but that doesn't count as saving the world from the war, big bad guy, evil corporation, etc. Most of the time the monsters in Equestria don't even pose much of a threat, they're not constantly on the look-out to see if the everfree forest's wildlife is taking over or not, so there's no constant attention to the dangers of their world at all, they don't even pay attention/acknowledge it.

To analyze their world design a bit more extensively and directly.
It is also a different scenario than the Smurfs as well, the smurfs are just a tiny community(Breezies) still set in the current medieval fantasy realm with wizards, and the smurfs have no power. Ponies seem to have conquered the world entirely and they do have some fighting power in them. The world is an imaginary place called Equestria, it has nothing related to our world to show that it's just the well-known medieval times in a place you never looked before.
Plus the theme and context is talking cutsie cat-pony things with a somewhat coherent magic logic to them. A magic society thing. What else... it's not a secluded space either like ''stay in the castle or get eaten by the wildlife''(Filly Funtasia and Harry Potter), their entire world is conquered and ready to explore.

Anonymous 444108

The thing is that most cute playful characters are usually suppose to be 8-12 year olds, while Faust said the ponies have 16-24. Though it all depends on the dialogue.

Anonymous 444114

File: 1406587104064.png (1 MB, 1300x775, cutie mark crusader smiles.png)

The show would blow if everyone were cutie mark crusaders.

Anonymous 444116

File: 1406587339066.png (287.55 KB, 900x720, dat_plot_by_sanryn-d4p1i8z.png)

tl;dr: It's all those naked butts.

Anonymous 444173

Didn't they take out the Pegasus weather controlling thing in season 4?

Anonymous 444268

File: 1406615093941.gif (1.24 MB, 360x360, um...no.gif)


Why in the holy fuckbuckets would they do that?

Anonymous 444273

I heard they did a while ago and what really surprised me was people were actually happy about that

Anonymous 444295

If they did I missed it. Or am blocking the memory. Wouldn't surprise me if people were happy about it though, so many fans shit themselves with glee over the worst show decisions.

Anonymous 444328

File: 1406664945313.jpg (71.94 KB, 933x248, incompetent weatherpony.jpg)

How would that even be possible? Unless Tirek stole it from every pegasus pony and they never got it back.

Sounds like you're talking crazy.

Anonymous 444333

Well there's two ways to do it.

1. is by not doing anything with it and number 2, is half ass it.

Anonymous 448487

Same reason they removed any intellectual looking expressions like your pic related.
They're dumb and remove and change everything they can.

Anonymous 452558

File: 1408866811496.png (385.42 KB, 900x932, 140098712881.png)

>What would it have to do?
Taking ideas from the comics and executing them better, such as nightmare rarity. We've had that ''what if nightmare infected the mane6'' concept for ages.
Also more eloquent douchebag villains.


Anonymous 454943

File: 1409580953498.png (120.53 KB, 650x450, 124356856856856.png)

Anonymous 454954

File: 1409590443284.png (1.1 MB, 4859x5000, Twirarity.png)

>merging characters

Anonymous 455100

It's the final and ultimate step in switching their personalities, it's too bad nobody does it.
Another one is a clone that isn't bothered by being a clone and instead the original and the clone become a well-synced twin duo.
There's plenty of concepts which never get properly used. Such as the hero vs hero, where they always use the cliche of mind control to get them to fight, but that always reduces the mind-controlled heroes' personality and fighting style, thus not counting when superman and batman easily get their asses kicked by superboy and robin.

Anonymous 455549

Bitch please, everyone knows monarchy is the best form of government.

Anonymous 455580

What if we structured society as a manarchy, in which every man is for himself but the woman participate in an orderly society?

Anonymous 458429

File: 1410648811321.png (608.34 KB, 800x566, LE-UnicornPower2.png)

How can every single one of you niggas forget what we came here for in the first place since 2010 October /co/?

Mane6 canon shipping. God it would have been glorious to see them canonicaly tsundere for one another.

Anonymous 458752

God damn you anons posting shit like...
>continues watching

Anonymous 472641

Carameldansen is obviously the best internet song. Along with the awesome face song. White cat should have totally banged the black cat.

Btw if you want to save this thread then hold Ctrl+S. Too bad Mlpchan doesn't have it's own archive.

Anonymous 472760

We do have an archive. Its just that we only save the threads worth keeping.


Anonymous 491088

How did you manage to save the threads? I didn't know wehad a wayback machine.

Anonymous 512594

NOW THAT is how you do a personality swap episode.

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