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File: 1385421345799.jpg (8.28 KB, 206x245, corruption14.jpg)

Corruption Thread Anonymous 253425[View All]

Ladies and Gentleman, it has been too long.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your favorite ponies explored the dark side of their world- Dark magic, changelings, corporations, death, crazy women, cocoons, evil of all varieties, drugs, and fridge horror? Then this is the thread for you!

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Anonymous 443247


this one was already posted and someone did some writefagging based on it.

Tentajack 444181

File: 1406604365451.png (Spoiler Image,298.12 KB, 1147x1024, trixiethegreatandbreeding.png)

Anonymous 445063

File: 1406817037765.png (865.47 KB, 680x677, 73c.png)

Anonymous 447172

File: 1407440378265.png (829.16 KB, 1100x900, God Bless you by YokoKinawa Ap…)

Anyone have pics of ponies struggling against corruption and/or possibly on the road toward succumbing to "she who fights monsters"?

Tentajack 449580

File: 1408079223106.png (265.08 KB, 1048x1024, lyrachangelingwithwings.png)

I should really update the cyoa...

Anonymous 449614


she has beer eyes!

Tentajack 449624

File: 1408108342981.webm (2.67 MB, 480x270, Amomenttoregretforamillenium.w…)

I almost didn't realize we had webm support here

Anonymous 449896


I had no idea.

Anonymous 450728

Anonymous 450730


holy shit man this is awesome.

Anonymous 450732



Anonymous 453591

File: 1409284354038.png (258.28 KB, 1508x1080, Miss Pinkamena Pie.png)



is this corruption?

Pic unrelated. (but it makes me go Mmmmmm.)

Anonymous 453667


who are the yellow and grey ponies?

Anonymous 453668


I know its supposed to look like she raped twilight, but honestly, it looks more like shes in the middle of being a snarky bitch to Twilight after twilight had a bad day.

Anonymous 453669


why does she have bone spurs sticking out of her wings?

Wouldn't that be unbelievably painful?

Anonymous 453670


Oh come on Applejack she's just teasing and preparing to fellate and consume an apple.

Its not like she's got your brother on his back or any... Ohh she's imagining THAT when she sees this.

or Fluttershy is demonstrating what she's going to be doing when she finds him.

... and now the I just realized hearing that kind of talk in a voice like hers would be really hot.

Anonymous 453671

>Werewolf Six?

who is that?

Anonymous 453672

>does the sky on that robe move?

that would be cool.

Anonymous 453673



Anonymous 453676

>God help me if there no porn of this soon

What sort of porn?

Anonymous 453682


more pregnant human crissi please.

Anonymous 453683



I love it.

Tentajack 454919

File: 1409554566663.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1280x960, 712587__twilight+sparkle_expli…)

Anonymous 459087

File: 1410702410442.png (262.28 KB, 1024x740, 1365015935228.png)

We need moar dictator stories

Tentajack 459129

File: 1410712429355.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 2400x1200, 715655__twilight+sparkle_rainb…)

Anonymous 462297

Twilight TheRapist by ObScenerio is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Anonymous 462320

>Is this like a baccano mlp fan fiction?

What is Baccano?

Anonymous 462321


I can remember two cases, though their may have been one or two more.

Apparently not used to using her magic as a weapon she:

-accidently mind rapes one into killing its own comrades, or awakened it's host to it's own existential horror.

- transmutes another into a ponnequin, which, since it was in mid flight, promptly falls to the ground and breaks up.

Since this is in the middle of a chase we don't linger long enough to see if the ponnequin transmutes back into a broken crystal Pegasus or any hint to whether it was still aware as a ponnequin.

Twilight does witness the second one though and I remember her initial reaction essentially amounting to being proud that her friend was powerful enough to do that, but that it also raised some disturbing questions she would have time to ponder once she and her friends were not fleeing for their lives.

Anonymous 467569


TJ do you collect other porn too? because you sure do have a lot of it.

Tentajack 467571

File: 1413332807335.png (Spoiler Image,580.59 KB, 1275x1800, 1374490281316.png)

Given my original namefaggotry on /mlp/ was /d/fag, yes, yes I do. Maybe someday I'll just dump it all in one thread, pone and non-pone.

Anonymous 467959

File: 1413525761275.png (176.6 KB, 1000x1000, 435389043078.png)


Sorry I missed it.

I wonder what Alicot needs fillies and colts for?
I can understand the uses of adult undead.

Then again there are probably a lot of uses for smaller undead that I just haven't thought of.

I wonder if she's working on taking over a diamond dog kingdom or other underground civilization with her undead hoard in order secure the resources to make Equestria hers or if she has blown off taking over the surface world entirely, in favor of some other pursuit else?

Was there a gorgon pony down the other path?
The one that had broken stone instead of goo?

Anonymous 467960

File: 1413526186706.jpg (131.76 KB, 550x253, Gore gorey party yes blood mes…)

>A soon as I can get the CYOA to a hiatus point, I'll make some fresh flutterbat sexypasta

Sexypasta = Pornographic writing?

If so I look forward to it.

Anonymous 467961


Soooo adorable.

My Little Primaaaaaaarchs!

My Little Primarchs!

Ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhh-ahhhAHG OHGODNOPLEASE!

Tentajack 469265

File: 1413814037760.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1750x1400, 736483__fluttershy_explicit_nu…)

Who can say for sure in the end? I'd rather leave it to whomever wants to pick it up and run as their own CYOA.

Anonymous 476760

File: 1416247946444.jpg (166.77 KB, 1024x791, transformares_queen_chrysalis_…)

Anonymous 476783

More art like this.

Anonymous 484674

File: 1418805726050.png (886.93 KB, 2152x4024, 769165__safe_human_smile_queen…)

Anonymous 488863

File: 1420181721707.png (252.64 KB, 1024x768, __mlp__origin_cadaver___by_god…)


Send us someone skilled in the art of laying the undead.

Anonymous 488864

>is this corruption?

Not sure.
Does it have to exploitative to be corruption?

Anonymous 488866


So thats how Luna keeps Nightmare Moon in check.

Anonymous 507255



Anonymous 509373

File: 1426265848043.jpg (Spoiler Image,651.1 KB, 1181x1836, 255402.jpg)

Anonymous 511543

Anonymous 511545


wow, more of this please.

so detail
so intimidate

Anonymous 511641

I don't frequent this thread, but I've seen it around for the longest time.
It's hard to believe that its almost made it to its second birthday.

OP 512581

File: 1428125043417.png (195.52 KB, 600x700, tumblr_lpwnldqodQ1r13zcco6_128…)

>I don't frequent this thread, but I've seen it around for the longest time.
>It's hard to believe that its almost made it to its second birthday.

Holy shit. I started this thread back in 2013? that's nuts. So much has changed since then.

Anonymous 513073

File: 1428217275571.png (3.26 MB, 3000x2200, Little evening with the royalt…)


Here we go!

Anonymous 515836

File: 1429859750195.jpg (718.39 KB, 2000x1952, allie_x_trixie_by_marrazan-d69…)


more Trixie modifying others and/or to her desires with magic plz

Anonymous 515837

File: 1429859852007.png (312.21 KB, 500x500, 137150487784.png)

Anonymous 515838


Rarity is titty whipped?

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