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Browser/Software Ponies #26 Vito 210343[Last 50 Posts]

"We need more sexy fillies edition"

Dropbox for all thread pictures since thread 4 located here:

Pictures and stories on Google Disk: ujeb.se/softwareponies


Frequent Contributor List:

Anonymous 210411

Don't forget to update the /anon/ link directory.

OperAnon 210563

Speaking of frequent contributors, have I been added to the list? I'm pretty sure all the stories I've written are in the last thread.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 210630

I agree. We need more sexy Linux fillies. We should make a pony for every distribution. Mwahahahahah!

Anywho, going to write the next part of Mickey if anyone is interested.

Anonymous 210634

I'm interest.

pagedMov!n.w8B027yo 210641

That reminds me, I should make a pastebin later.
Very interest

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 210872

K starting it now.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 210897

This will be the only one for today because of early classe. I will probably make more tomorrow night.
Tell me if you like where I am going with this. I need feedback

Whole story + Jackie can be found here: http://pastebin.com/u/GraphiteAchasse

Here we go…

((You are Anon))

>You are rudely awoken by… your phone ringing?

>Who is calling you at three in the morning?
>You don't even recognize the number
>You answer it, feeling skeptic
>"No questions, get in the limo. Bring the pony."
>And then the three tones
>"Who was that Anon?"
>Oh, it woke Mickey up too
>Part of you really wants to know what is going on
>But the other part of you is genuinely afraid
>You look out your window
>There is a black limo parked in front of the complex
"I don't know, but I think we need to go."
>"But Anon, it's still early."
"Come on Mickey."
>You put some clothes on and scoop her up off of the bed
>You grab what you need and head out the door and down the stairs
>You walk to the limo
>The window opens
>"Get in." A low voice apprises
>You get in the limo and sit do- oh my god this is comfy
>You put mickey on the seat next to you
>Still sort of half asleep, you have no idea why you are doing this
>"Do you know why you're here?"
"Uh, lemme guess, it's about the pony, am I right?"
>The limo leaves the parking spot and starts gliding down the road
"Where are you taking us? Hello?"
>"Well, we have to be boarding our flight in twenty minutes!" Said a rather giddy female voice
>Suddenly, two ponies popped their heads out from the other side of the seats
>"Hi there!" Said a cream colored one
"Oh! Oh my god! Is it really you?"
>"Holy shit! Are you Jackie and Winnie!?"
>Both of them started laughing
>"Of course not. We're just ponies that look exactly like them~" Winnie chided
>"Oh my god this is so cool! I wanted to meet you guys so bad!" Mickey said, bouncing about happily
>"Well, nice to meet you… Mickey? Is it?" Jackie asked
>"Yeah, how'd you know?"
>"I'll heh, give you my software later." Jackie said, a little giggle in her speech
"So uh, where are we going?"
>"Oh don't you worry, I'm going to make you rich. Super rich, but to answer your question, we're going back to seattle." The voice was now confirmed to be the driver
"Oh crap, But I need m-"
>"Money? Necessities? Oh don't worry about a thing. My name is Anon by the way."
"You're kidding! My name is Anon too!"
>"Hah, what are the chances. Two incredibly fortunate guys with the same name. Have some champagne, will you?"
>A fridge compartment in the back of the seat in front of you pops out two pre-chilled glasses and perfectly chilled champagne
>You pour some of the of the champagne into a glass for yourself
>"Give me some of that!" Mickey demands, grabbing the bottle in her hooves
>She tips the whole thing back and chugs it away
>And it was by no means a small bottle
"Mickey! No! Oh god I am so sorry."
>"Don't be! She can have as much as she wants, Just hope that she won't be puking on the plane." Jackie Said
>"Ahhh! That was good! Ya got anymore?"
"Shhh you're cut-off."
>"Oh come on! I'm not even drunk!"
"Sure you aren't. Give it time."
>Sure enough, after about a couple minutes, you had a giggly clingy pony sitting in your lap
>"Heehee, okay maybe that was a bad idea." Mickey said, clearly not sober
>"No, this is perfect." Jackie said, an amused and expecting look in her eye
>She grabbed mickey and locked lips with her, pressing hard into Mickey's
"Uh… Anon?! What is she doing?"
>"Relax, Jackie is just transferring learned data to Mickey, and taking data from her. It helps them develop faster."
"O-oh… Is that the only way they can do that?"
>"No, they could use a cable, but that slows down the process immensely, or they could, uh, nevermind. Jackie likes to take things farther with this though."
>You watch the two of them go at it, french kissing and moaning
>You look at Winnie
>"Don't worry I'm fine, I may look like a filly but, yeah you know." She says
>You finally arrive at the airport
>Mickey is just gazing at Jackie
>"Who am I kidding, Immm druuunnkk."
>She just stumbles around, bumping into Jackie the whole way to the plane
>Everyone boards the place and takes a seat
"Now I am worried about her getting sick."
>"I'm sure everything will be fine. It isn't a long flight." Said other Anon

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 211036

Did everyone die?

Anonymous 211049

They were killed by M. Night Shyamalan's horrible directing skills.

Anonymous 211052

File: 1379965859134.png (87.01 KB, 979x956, edgy 8.png)

Never been on the browser general before

Got sum clopfics?

Anonymous 211053

Frequent contributor list has a lot of good shit; most BP stories have clop at some point

Anonymous 211075

>try to finger Windows 8
>she keeps popping up on you

Dress her up like her sister.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 211087

No feedback gaiz?

Anonymous 211209

Anonymous 211427


It's really nice to see this story as a part of something bigger, keep writing

check HandMade's 'Windows Defender!', " Eight Awesome Angles!"

GraphiteAchasse's 'Java pone'

and this

Squidward 211724

File: 1379999242697.png (121.3 KB, 729x600, come on you fgt.png)


Got all 5 major proprietary browsers on there, as well as Torch, a personal favorite of mine.

Anonymous 211755


GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 211757

Hey Could you help me with a few things? please?

Squidward 211948

Sure, message me on Skype or Fimfiction to let me know what's up.

Skype is "flame_warden_wuten"

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 212124

K thanks.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 212310

Hmmm… Fimfiction does not allow greentext stories. Fuck all of my hard work setting up my account last night.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 212404

Oh come on guys. Wake up, talk about software ponies. Hell, have a circlejerk.

Vito 212407


>wake up

it's 4:30 AM and I'm slowly dying

Squidward 212483

File: 1380078479087.gif (960.41 KB, 384x286, 1363251072002.gif)

Nope. You have to convert your stories into prose first. Or do what I do; write them in prose first, then convert it to greentext format afterwards.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 212664

I don't have the patience…

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 214210

We are dead… really dead… And I have no time to write for Mickey tonight… Sorry.

Anonymous 214549

That pic is just adorable.
Though I think fedora and gentoo should be males.

Anonymous 214704

File: 1380180132809.jpg (248.95 KB, 800x598, backtrack and kali.jpg)

One day my daughter, fear will strike the cores of the security systems when they hear your name, "Kali"

Anonymous 215084

File: 1380190040456.jpg (46.05 KB, 378x329, randomized chest loot.jpg)

How is this general still alive?

Anonymous 215115

Can someone post a link to the sexiest Winnie story?

pagedMov!n.w8B027yo 215387

File: 1380221084166.jpg (40.69 KB, 500x371, image.jpg)

Just a quick update on why I havent been active at all lately, my PC is having problems with its HDMI port so now I have to go buy a DVI to HDMI port for my pc to start working again, which will probably be tonight, so until then I'm dead

OperAnon 215840

Quick update from OperAnon: Got a job, losing time to write ChrOperAfari stories.

Dying general is dying.

Anonymous 215851

This general should just die and people who have stories to write should just post them in newly created threads that they themselves make.

Anonymous 215854

Moving from 4chan to here was a terrible idea

Squidward 216116

My guess is it's mostly due to LiveSmutAnon's thread being active right now with content.

I know I'm over there…

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 216322

File: 1380264439328.png (195.48 KB, 1000x1047, 1370193229307.png)

Heyo Squidward! Can we go back to 4chan now? I really REALLY don't want this thread to die. It holds too many memories.

Anonymous 217526

W-we can't die

Anonymous 217609

We really should go back to 4chan.

OperAnon 217880

But can we?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 218027

I tried asking Squidward over Skype. I don't want to bother him too much.

Anonymous 218032

I think most, if not all, threads are going to be slow right now. The loss of LSA is hitting everyone.
Give it some time.

Squidward 218048

This. Give it time.

Vito 218252


Even bat ponies are slow these days

There is no need to panic, we've got a stable thread here with content and there is no need to bump and save it every 2-3 hours, like on the 4chan

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 219805

File: 1380526737245.png (221.68 KB, 1000x1000, 1370760485021.png)

Guys come on! Wake up! I might post the next part of Mickey.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 219814


Don't murder me. But I am going to use the orignal names of the browser ponies given by ParallaxMLP. I have always referred to them that way… and it would be weird making up names or just calling them by their application name. Anywho, here is the next part, I hope you guys like it. Full fic found here: http://pastebin.com/u/GraphiteAchasse

((You are Mickey))

>Okay, so you are feeling a little tipsy, but that's fine, right?

>Anon sits down in his seat
>You climb on top of his lap
>People around you are congratulating you and Anon
>You then realize, there are five other people with ponies on the plane!
>Oh my god!
>Opera, Safari, Torch, Chrome, and Firefox
"Anon! I'm gonna go meet those guys okay?"
>He just looks at you, amused
"I'm not drunk Anon."
>"You sure sound like it."
>Come to think of it, you haven't been paying much attention to your voice
>Oh well
>You get off of Anon's lap and trot over to Opera and Safari, who were sitting next to each other
"Hi there! Nice to meetcha!" You say in the cheeriest voice possible
>"Oh hey! So your the Audacity one huh?" Opera piped up
"Yep! The name's Mickey."
>"Mickey? Nice name, mine's Pepsi."
>"And Mine's Saffire." The Safari pony added
"Wow! I can't believe I am meeting all of these ponies! This is so awesome!"
>You then realize, all of the other ponies on the plane represent browsers
>There is every proprietary browser… except for Internet Explorer
"You wouldn't happen to know if there is an I.E. pony, would you?"
>"Oh, Ivy? Oh yeah, we knew her well. Sad to say we have no idea where she is though." Saffire said sadly
>"Yep, we actually worked together, all six of us. Some may find it hard to believe but, we just may be the first Ai ponies." Said Pepsi
"Oh, maybe we should just give it time! I mean, we all popped out at different times."
>"Yes but you see, even though this a terrible way to think about it, the reason we are here now, and not still in the computers is because of some bug. Because the occurrences have suddenly stopped now, I don't know if we'll ever see her again." Pepsi explained
"Th-that's so sad."
>You feel yourself tearing up a little
>"Don't be sad Mickey. You got us! Oh, and the big surprise later." Saffire said with a grin
>"You mean you don't even know what happened?"
"Uh… no."
>"Well allow me to give you a quick run-down. Some rich guy in a mansion with a whole bunch of servers had a pony outbreak just a couple days ago. They said that every Linux distribution Popped out of those things!" Saffire said, excited
>Your mouth hung open
>Took you a while to realize that
>"Do I smell… alcohol in your breath?" Pepsi asked
"Uhm, Yes."
>"Ohhh, so we have a party girl, do we?" She said with a smirk
"Oh I don't know about that."
>"Well, you should get to meet the others while you can. You are going to be meeting hundreds of ponies in just a couple hours."
"Will do Pepsi! See you guys later!"
>So you move on to talk to Torch
>Wait a minute
>She was asleep in the seat next to her owner, on top of a gaming laptop, with a headset on
"Oh uh, Is she alright?"
>"She's just tired is all, hasn't slept in a couple days. The call was short notice." The man said
"Oh okay, I'll talk you later then."
>And with that you saw Chrome and Firefox arguing about something
>You trot over to them and introduce yourself
>"Oh hey! Mickey is it?"
"Righto! and you are?"
>"I'm Chromia, and this is Kindle!" Chromia said while wrapping a hoof around Kindle
>You realize Kindle's mane and tail are lit with a Dark red flame
"Doesn't that hurt?!"
>"Hey, you can write software for anything, you want it?"
"Uh, sure?"
>And with that Chromia jumped off of her seat and started smooching you, just like Jackie did
>Okay, so that's two kisses tonight, maybe this could be a game or something
>You involuntarily blush
>Chromia notices
>"New to this? Haha!" She asks with a chuckle
"Sort of." You say sheepishly
>"Don't worry, it doesn't mean anything unless you truly want it to." She says, amused
>"Oh and there will be some meaningful stuff we'll want to introduce you to, heh." Kindle mumbled
>"Hey, sit and chat with us for a while will ya?" Kindle Said
"Yes! Of course!"
>So as you start talking to the two of them, the alcohol starts to turn on you
>"You okay there Mickey?" Chromia asks
"Urp, yeah, I'll be fine."
>"I'll whip something up for you."
>Chromia's eyes light up and you see text and code fly through them faster than ever
>"That should do it. Now move over here~" She said, eagerly
>She locked lips with you again and threw another file into you
>But even after the file was finished, she still played
>You push her away
"I- I think it's done and. Oh! My stomach, it's… I feels fine now!"
>"Amazing isn't it? Pretty soon we will be so built up, we'll be indestructible!" Kindle exclaimed
"I'll say. Thanks a lot."
>"No problem!"
>You continue chatting with the two browser ponies.

Anonymous 219856

File: 1380547051148.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, 1377930548318.gif)


keep going

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 219965

Alrighty. You will have to wait a few hours though because I need to head off to class.

OperAnon 220121

See? Two whole days of nothing and the thread is fine.

…This is sad.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 220127

I miss the old days… Sigh…
How long have you been with us OperAnon?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 220141

File: 1380573891080.jpg (878.54 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

Class is boring… Tried to draw Mickey… Failed…

OperAnon 220558

Lurked awhile starting at thread 4, lost you guys after 9 or so, found you in the thread before we made the jump to MLPChan.

So I've kinda been around awhile, but really haven't.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 221139

Aaannnddd were dead again. I was wondering if anyone is even reading mickey? Would anyone be interested in me continuing it tonight? I have the whole thing planned out… I am just too lazy to start it without some motivation…

Anonymous 221253

I'm reading, I just don't like commenting cause I feel no reason to.

Vito 221304

OperAnon 221690

We don't need to
every two hours here. Hence, less spam.

Graphite, post that shit. Motivate me to write the next part in my "Safari fucks off somewhere" story.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 221910

Alrighty, will do.

Squidward 222727

File: 1380774232710.gif (849.11 KB, 500x315, tumblr_mjb6wszXgB1rj9gaco1_500…)

Well, since it's not been bumped in 20+ hours, I suppose I'll post an update on my status when it comes to writing: I'm currently fighting the flu right now, it started early last Friday and just got worse from there. I've not been able to write because I've had to stay caught up on schoolwork and it's really draining my energy to do so. Also, my birthday is this weekend, so as of right now I have -no- plans on focusing my energy towards writing. But once things get better on my end, I'll get back to it.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 222774

Aw man that really sucks… I hope you get better in time for your birthday. You should go for a couple drinks with friends or something.

Squidward 222779

File: 1380776694499.gif (1005.48 KB, 256x192, aw yeah, time to relax and- oh…)

>drinks with friends

Nah man, though I appreciate the sentiment. Social drinking isn't really my thing, though; I prefer a quiet and peaceful night to myself for that sort of thing…

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 222784

Oohhh okay.
I personally like to have friends over and get wasted. 'Tis fun.
For some strange reason I write better drunk as well.

Anonymous 222887

This thread is dead.

I will ensure it remains so.

Anonymous 222903

I came for the ponies, I stayed for the fact its a pretty great satire.

OperAnon 222911

Get well soon. Wait, when's your birthday exactly. Mine's this weekend too.
Stahp it.
Satire of what?

Anonymous 222912

Sorry, parody might be the word I'm looking for.
the stories and such poking fun at the different softwares and how they interact with each other and the user

Squidward 222924

The 4th. I'll be turning 20.

Anonymous 223176

You look30 with that mop top frizz you call a hairstyle.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 223270

File: 1380841262864.jpg (946.85 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpg)

Anon with eventful life is incredibly bored.

Anonymous 223279

File: 1380843259361.jpg (31.7 KB, 600x444, grumpy is best bear.jpg)

>awesomeface on the next page

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 223283

Yeah, it was my friend's paper, that part of it was sticking out so I wrote on it.

Eli 223287

I thought we were doing calculus for a moment.

Anonymous 223293

What is Infinity to the 0 power?

Anonymous 223325

Anonymous 223332

that was a ruse, infinity is a concept, not a number

Eli 223417

From calculus, you can determine the derivatives of infinity, or as x aproaches it, and infinity over itself is 1, therefore it is not JUST a concept, but literally any number to the 0th is 1, so no matter what number we pick for infinity it will be 1. in other words, if i were to graph all numbers rational and not, they will be 1.

also, all numbers are just concepts. So is x, and u, and all the other letters too. (sick rhyme)

Anonymous 223430

but infinity is still not a number, its a concept
Its like saying imagination^0 = 1

Anonymous 223463

>not having had the real and imaginary numbers lecture in 10th grade

Anonymous 223549

Calculus concerns the behavior as functions/variables increase without bound ("go to infinity"). You would never plug infinity into an equation or raise infinity to the zero power. To do so is meaningless.

You might, however, examine lim (x ->∞) x^0. You will find that it equals 1. x^0 = 1 for all real numbers.

Anonymous 223553

this nigga gets it

Eli 223555

Meaningless=/= wrong.

and how you solve those equations was literally by plugging in infinity.

x'0/x'3, as x to inf. inf to 0 is one, one over inf to 3rd. x approaches 0.

x'3-6/x'3+6, as x to inf.

inf to the 3rd over inf to the 3rd = 1. x approaches 1 at infinity. Literally plugging in infinity. wtf are you talking about you never plug in infinity?

Squidward 223588

File: 1380863073589.gif (495.1 KB, 500x313, tumblr_lqe5lnD7rP1qaj5jro2_500…)

And over the course of a few short hours we've become calculus general. Flawless.

Happy birthday to me.

Eli 223595

i spit water all over my computer monitor. Do you want to talk about the curse word episode of spongebob?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 223650

YES! That is my favorite episode. Haha. I can recite the whole thing sadly.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 223651

Will someone please recite it with me? Please?

Eli 223657

i don't know what you are asking for. (im probably a 4 chan newb, but i also don't have it memorized either, so. ya)

Eli 223665

Mr. Krabs: Well, it's the worst time of the day once again.

Squidward 223676

Eli 223684

kk ima just go to bed then. hope you aren't as depressed about life as your post made it sound. and honestly you've given me like 15 laughs from your post over an hour, so well done.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 223691

Closing Time!

Well! See you in the AM Mr.Krabs!

Anonymous 224131

Well fuck. Looks like I have missed the previous thread. Does anyone have it archived by chance?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 225679

Good news! I got some more alcohol. Almost ready to write. You guys are in luck.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226774

File: 1381122768133.png (711.87 KB, 5000x3590, 1373546645118.png)

Guys? Please wake up.

ArizonAnon 226776

Gonna post a story?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226784

I feel really lazy but… If you really want, I will work on it.

ArizonAnon 226788

Why not. I'm down to read some new stories.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226790

Thanks for the motivation. I'll get right on it.

Anonymous 226791

… And I left my name on… Great.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226797

What's wrong with your name?

ArizonAnon 226798

I dunno. I just figured Since I'm not contributing, I don't need to have my name showing.
But… It's late, and I'm still kinda drunk, so. Whatever.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226812

Ah, it doesn't matter if you are contributing or not. I ain't gonna be a dick.
So you're drunk too huh? Drunk buddies?

ArizonAnon 226814

Drinkin' buddies? I'm all for that!
I do my best work when I'm drunk. Even though my best kinda sucks. But, at least I'm tryin'

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226816

Haha, I do my best work when I am drunk as well.

ArizonAnon 226817

Noice! I find that being drunk, or high, really clears the mind.
Anyways. What's your story about.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226820

I am continuing Mickey. Have you been following it?
I am inching closer and closer to the 'big surprise'

ArizonAnon 226826

I've seen some chapters here an' there. I'll have to check your pastebin to catch up.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226833

Alrighty then. Have you read Jackie?

ArizonAnon 226836

I have not. Is it relevant?
If so, got a link?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 226843


That has everything.
Anywho, you might kinda sorta maybe want to read Java Pone (Jackie) before you read Mickey. There are some key parts. But y'know.

Another pastebin I would recommend it Writelurker's and Hand-made's.


ArizonAnon 226853

I kinda figured it was the Java story… I'm an idiot.
If the Java story was made on /mlp/ Then I missed it. I didn't frequent this thread too much back in the day. Last thing I remember is Winnie. and the "big" browsers being made.

ArizonAnon 226888

The late hour is getting to me. I'm gonna call it
Later, Graph.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 227111

God damnit. I am fucking sorry. I passed out.
It is literally impossible to do anything anymore, I just always fall asleep. FUCK. And now I'm skipping class because I feel like assbarf.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 227124

So this is what I got before I fell asleep. Enjoy

((You are Mickey))

"So, the software, how do you guys make it?"
>"Well, the one I just gave you was one that my sister helped me develop." Chromia explained
"Wait… sister? You have a sister?"
>"Yep! She is a chromium based browser by the name of Torch."
"Oh! You mean the one just a couple seats down?"
>"No. That one is odd though. Barely related to me at all. I didn't get much conversation out of her, but when she was gaming I tried talking to her. Apparently she is 64-bit."
>What's so odd about that?
>You stare at Chromia, confused
>"Uh, forget it." She groans
>You yawn
>Getting sleepy. You barely had any rest
"You wouldn't have software for insomnia, would you? Haha."
>"We could work on it now if you'd like." Kindle said eagerly
"Uuuhh maybe later. A good sleep will pass the time anyway. See you guys later!"
>"See ya Mickey. Nice meeting you." Chromia said
>You walk back over to Anon
>"Hey! So did you meet everyone?"
"Yeah! Everyone except the sleeping one over there."
>"Well that's good."
"Anon, I'm tired."
>"Oh, alright. You can sleep up in your seat."
>Anon lifts you up and puts you in your seat
>You lean over and hug Anon
"Wake me when we're there. Okay?"
>"Alright Mickey."
>Anon wraps his arms around you and gives you a little scratch behind your ear
>You slowly fall asleep in his embrace

Anonymous 227320



GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 227363


Anyways. This time I FUCKING PROMISE I won't pass out and I will write some full length stuff.
The 'Big Surprise' though, won't be until the weekend probably.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 227731

Please murder me…

Anonymous 227737

File: 1381249556363.png (354.84 KB, 661x721, please help.png)

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 227738

((You are Mickey))


>You are suddenly awake
>It feels like you have been awake for a couple minutes though
>You check your internal clock
>Okay, so you got about two hours of sleep
>You notice a flashing alert light near your stomach
>Well this is odd
>Your display in your eyes is also alerting you
>You shift your weight
>Bad idea
>Your stomach clenches and instantly, you feel like you need to puke
>the software is just a quick relief then huh? That's unfortunate
>Okay, drinking that huge bottle of champagne was a really bad idea
>You need to build up some alcohol tolerance
>Or program it
>Oh god, air
>need air
>You hurl all over your seat
>Plane ride + Alcohol = Goodbye dinner
>It feels like someone kicked you in the stomach a dozen times
>Anon is staring at you
>Everyone is staring at you
>Anon picks you up and carries you into the bathroom.

((You are Anon))

>You can't really blame her, right?

>She had no idea what alcohol was
>This is pretty embarrassing anyhow
>But then again, she is probably pretty embarrassed as well
>"Anon, I still really don't feel good."
>You have dealt with drunken friends before
>But never a drunken pony
>You pick her up again and hold her over the sink
>She pukes again
>After cleaning up barfy-pony, you walk back into the cabin
>A clean up crew is already on the seat
>The plane isn't very crowded
>You take another seat
>Everyone has moved as far away from the barfy seat as possible
>Great, more embarrassment
>You know what?
>It doesn't matter
>Mickey is a little miracle
>Albeit, a hyper, tactless, blissfully unaware one
>But she is your responsibility now
>One of the clean up crew comes by with an empty bucket
>"You may need this." He says
>Mickey stares sadly at the floor
"Hey, it'll be alright, we're almost there."
>"I'm sorry Anon."
"Don't be sorry Mickey. It's fine."

Anonymous 227892

Thread is officially dead.

Anonymous 227939

File: 1381277734599.gif (2 MB, 299x145, straya.gif)

Not as long as I'm here, it isn't.

Anonymous 228010


awww, poor Mickey

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 229702

Sorry I have been gone for so long. Bad shit is going down with classes and stuff. I promise to write some stuff this weekend.

Anonymous 231020

>tfw general
Whatever happened to "don't let this become a general, guys"?

Anonymous 231021

>actually check the thread
>no mention anywhere of Firefox, IE, or Chrome
Well, I can't say the art's stagnating.

>tfw you will never watch IE turn into a futa and fuck firefox again

>tfw you will never watch delicious tears as people start complaining about futa when you're watching web browsers in pony form having sex

Anonymous 231055

Is there a slackware pony?

Anonymous 231174


I don't think so

Anonymous 232012

This thread and concept is dead.

Anonymous 232022

It was a glorious ride.

Anonymous 232304

I…..I miss Winnie stories.

Anonymous 232339

We can't let this end, we just can't….

Anonymous 232343

Then write or draw something. Otherwise stop complaining.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 232662

File: 1381823032081.png (691.1 KB, 1440x900, Browserpones.png)

Guys, listen the fuck up.

Sadly, this thread AND concept is my freaking obsession right now. It simply cannot die. I won't let it die. As busy as I am, I will try as hard as I can to write more stuff. I will literally write anything you guys want. I just need to find the time. And yes, I will write more Winnie stuff if you guys want.

As for everyone else… Please come back? Please? I have a serious nostalgia and impulse issue. I hate when tradition changes. I hate when anything in general changes. I don't have phases per se. So yeah, come on back, write more shit. Or I will have to start making this damn thing public.

Anonymous 232671

>Please come back? Please?

Can you sound more desperate/pathetic right now? Moving the thread here was the kiss of death. I love mlpchan but it's too damn slow and people aren't going to post stories in a thread that is hardly frequented or on a board with so little traffic because they'll get no feedback.

Staying on 4chan and weathering the hiatus should have been the plan until more people showed up and stumbled upon browser pone while discussing the new episodes.

You're all idiots for blindly following Squidward and Graphite into this wasteland of desert.

Squidward hasn't even finished his single story, and Hand-Made has been missing for MONTHS.

As things sit, the ride is done. Get over it.

Anonymous 232698

I'm sitting here, judging. I never looked at this thread in /mlp/. Too much spam. There most certainly is a future here somewhere, you're just looking at it the wrong way.

Anonymous 232700

File: 1381846218599.png (87.01 KB, 979x956, edgy 8.png)

New blood here, you've peckered my interest with your passion for what you do, which is browser pones.

Is there a pastebin or some shit that will give me a quick rundown between the diferent browser ponies?
How they look, personalities, autistic quirks. Etc?

I'd like to get to "know them" for a lack of a better term.

>pic related

the only Browser pone pic i have.

Anonymous 232706

I have very little complaints with Win8, I just can't wait for 8.1

Anonymous 232707

Bitch, please. XP FTW.

Anonymous 232716

File: 1381853385044.jpg (2.92 MB, 1859x2744, Hel.jpg)

Win8 was abasically useless and a obvious mean to cach in by making another in the lines of Windows OS's.

>tfw when no introduction to Browser pones.
Do i really have to read a shit ton of fics to get the premise of each character?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 232735

File: 1381859217376.png (1.93 MB, 5000x2087, 1374009537158.png)

The ride isn't over yet man. I will start writing again asap.
And yeah, I miss Hand-Made as well. I have no idea where the fuck he went. I'm pretty sure Squid is busy with stuff as well though.

Also… It was never my idea to move this stuff to mlpchan. I simply ran the first couple 4chan threads, and then someone took over because I was facing some depression shit and disappeared for 8 threads.

I have read most of the fics. I can give you a rundown on some personalities if you want. You will have to specify though…. or just ask the original writer.
It's nice to see that new people are coming here. We might just be able to save this place…

Anonymous 232738

>I can give you a rundown on some personalities if you want.
Thanks, bud.

What's the dealio' with Opera. Firefox and Chrome pone?

I've pretty much run out of canon waifus at this point, man. Feels exceptionally bad.

>We might just be able to save this place…

Gonna be honest with you here, anon. Generals aren't made to last forever, my two favorites has long been erroded by the sands of time.

Sometimes it's better to let go than to see yourselfs become a non-content producing cirklejerk. RIPIP DA
Unless your main base of operation is on /mlp/ that is, and it's just the /anon/ threads going slow.
Hell if i know, haven't looked into this shit.

Anonymous 232872

>Graphite in disguise

Kill yourself

Anonymous 232927


You post one post-part of your story like what, every few DAYS? Just give it up. It was fun. Keep your favorite stories to read. Stop beating a dead browser pony.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 232947

I swear, I ain't samefagging. Sheesh I can't wait until this thing gets put back.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 232952

Anonymous 233018

You're so desperate at this point that it's hilarious.

Every post on the 4chan thread is you. Nobody's gonna post a story, man. Get over it.

Anonymous 233022

File: 1381917239547.png (793.06 KB, 1200x1200, ie wants to be default, laugh …)

Is there more like this? This schadenfreude amuses me too much and this looks like the right thread.

Squidward 233064

File: 1381938246849.png (306.81 KB, 1504x896, 1365970649877.png)

Commencing dump of browser ponies being little shits and breaking things/generally being useless.

Squidward 233065

File: 1381938259239.png (312.96 KB, 1280x1024, 1366093456744.png)

Squidward 233066

File: 1381938272066.png (460.19 KB, 1500x573, 1369470874417.png)

Squidward 233067

File: 1381938349926.png (1010.25 KB, 1549x1199, This is totally not my fault.p…)

Squidward 233068

File: 1381938389564.png (189.61 KB, 539x514, 1376983069114.png)

And my personal favorite of the set.

Anonymous 233086

File: 1381941505439.png (175.7 KB, 500x667, 1372627907944.png)

Oh man, that's 2cute. I don't know wether i feel like hugging her or hit her over the head with a rolled up newspaper.

Probbably the latter

Anonymous 233088

File: 1381941593835.png (259.18 KB, 814x980, ie.png)

that's not a browser pony, that's Incendia

Squidward 233092

File: 1381942531859.png (Spoiler Image,28.3 KB, 926x601, torch porn.png)

Seriously? Ah well. Here's some Torch porn to make up for it.

Anonymous 233126

File: 1381952290173.jpg (57.34 KB, 403x415, 1376980098228.jpg)

Anonymous 233135

File: 1381953247997.png (52.41 KB, 692x900, sweetiebot.png)

>IE pone abuse

Is this a thing? I want this to be a thing

Anonymous 233138

>Firefox freezing your computer several times a day

>"try Windows Refresh! It'll fix your problem."
>deletes all my good programs and replaces them with shovelware like McAfee
Dammit, program ponies…

Anonymous 233364

File: 1381972482914.png (229.65 KB, 600x720, 1357281254971.png)

Wait, really? I havent been in these threads since like the first couple on 4chan. But IE pone abuse is how these threads STARTED.

Not even kidding.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 233672

Oh, there are people in here. Okay then.

Anonymous 234232

LOL ded

Anonymous 234236

File: 1382068870321.jpg (235.93 KB, 766x758, Install+Gentoo.jpg)

Gentoo pony?

Squidward 234243

The dropbox link in the OP is incorrect. This is the updated link:

Anonymous 234258

File: 1382070838328.jpg (62.66 KB, 370x519, 1372611406051.jpg)

Shit nigga, i want in on that, dosen't need to be beatings or anthing like that. Simply seeing her sad or failing at things would be plenty.

Anonymous 235070

File: 1382187161690.png (303.5 KB, 512x512, 1366957625504.png)

Wish I saved em for yeh boyo, there was a lot of the stuff. Alas, while I enjoyed them, I found most of it too depressing to save.

OperAnon 235102

Still alive. Couldn't find the general. What have I missed?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 235438

I am still alive. I am still here. I can still do this.

Anonymous 235439

File: 1382259310454.png (147.89 KB, 496x506, 1363708163314.png)

Darn it

>I found most of it too depressing to save.

Why you gotta tease like that, anon?

Anonymous 235452

Your passion and dream and website are dead.

Anonymous 235453

>I can still do this.
>Posts no stories.


Anonymous 235514

how about
we'll make software pone thread on 4chans
but not a general
I mean
lot of people are scared because of general's circlejerking
post some ponies and stories, fuck all this "x" edition and shit and links

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 235730

I literally have no time left to myself man. What the hell am I supposed to do?

Anonymous 236787

Last time I tried to write anything, it was pointed out that my stories were autistic, which they were. I always hated English in school because I knew that everything I wrote just sounded incredibly autistic, although I passed them all with A's and instructors would only take a point off for "proof-reading errors," whatever the hell that means.

Anyway, I will be lurking these threads until they are dead, I too am quite autistic about browser pones for some reason.

If browser pones is to become nothing more than a pile of bones in the desert, then so be it. Plenty of small things will die away and there are unfortunately other more important things in life that require attention, as they will determine the outcome of the rest of our lives.

Even if it is not dead now, browser pones will some day be like a dead pet that only you knew because you are a pathetic loner with no IRL friends. Just keep the pictures, keep the screenshots, keep the text. Browser pones are fantastic, seriously my fav fiction type stuff to come out of /mlp/

I remember not long before the scruffening, when I searched /mlp/ for browser pones and there was none, and then some random faggot posted begging for browser pones. I knew that creative writing would take me far too long, so I just posted some screenshots from a browser pone thread from early in spring. The thread slowly began to die, and it sucked, but then people started posting stories in them again, creating more original content. I am hopeful that we can see someone else contribute to prevent this from ending, or that alternatively, given that our fetish is so strong, we could just write stories even less often than is just enough to stay up on this slow board. The best idea, however, is to not have to cling to things so strongly.

There are more lurkers than you might be aware of, but if this whole idea is doomed to being forgotten, just let it be.

Squidward 237096

File: 1382543829895.jpg (198.88 KB, 989x743, Based Squidward.jpg)

>If browser pones is to become nothing more than a pile of bones in the desert, then so be it. Plenty of small things will die away and there are unfortunately other more important things in life that require attention, as they will determine the outcome of the rest of our lives.

This. As hard as it is to admit it, creative content for this thread is stagnating a bit. The last bit of original content we've had is >227738 and that was over 2 weeks ago. If we want the thread to survive, we need Anons to step up and make some new stories. Graphite's busy, I'm busy, OperAnon (I think) is busy, and everyone else that was writing is either finished or vanished. Vito and Vinnie are both over in the Batpony thread, haven't seen them in a while.

So for the lurkers that don't want this to die, this is Squidward asking you to create something. It can be anything; writing, art, etc. When it comes to writing, browser/software ponies has a wide field to choose from, with complete freedom to craft personalities the way you want. Art? Same thing. There are features of each that most have come to accept as their personal headcanon, but the creative potential is endless.

Vito 237102


I've made something, it doesn't look too dead


GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 237136

I love you

Anonymous 237203

Heard about a new virus. sounds like the virus is a bitch but thought it might give writers some new ideas. heres info about it. http://www.switchfast.com/switchfast-blog/2013/10/2/virus-alert-cryptolocker-ransomware.aspx

Squidward 237232

File: 1382569913108.png (232.03 KB, 500x349, tumblr_mo1wj9BIfW1qkjcl1o1_500…)

Just read the article. As someone planning on going into cybersecurity as a career this worries the shit out of me. Apparently MalwareBytes Pro has a virus definition out for it already, so I'm good, but I feel bad for all the other people out there that got infected before the definition was released…

OperAnon 237592

And break the mold we set for ourselves?

Look at this guy!

Anonymous 238208

>Sitting on the couch
>Fucking around
>You hear a scream
>You drop everything and run into the bathroom
>You see (insert browser of choice here) frozen in place, with a screen projected from her icon mark

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 240747

File: 1383203696479.png (604.54 KB, 5000x3535, 1372526424020.png)

Still alive. But life is a pile of shit. wat do?

Anonymous 240805

I could give it a shot but i don't think i'll be too good. Also can't think of good plots so someone else would have to.

Anonymous 244381

Anonymous 244436

File: 1383793961841.png (2.44 MB, 5000x4240, happy update day FireFox 3 pon…)

Squidward 244935

File: 1383870670643.jpg (78.1 KB, 768x768, 1365980998636.jpg)


It's just like my Japanese animes! Not browser pone specifically, but what are your thoughts on this kind of marketing, and how long before we see an Internet Explorer pone with the outfit?

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 245097

Thank god we're not dead yet.

Vito 245331

File: 1383958761749.jpeg (81.81 KB, 864x924, 467643__safe_solo_internet+exp…)

well, that was fast

from derpibooru

Squidward 246071

File: 1383991854765.png (91.3 KB, 409x424, 1365719586047.png)

Finally, after all this time, I have something for all of you.

But you won't like it.

Browsing Convenience Tools 7: Exploring Internet Explorer's Booty
Now with 1500% more puns.

>"Huh. Download more RAM?" Internet Explorer mutters, eyeing the strange, enticing website's promise of "Running faster, with nothing to worry about at all! This is not a virus, we promise! Also, you are our 1,000,000th visitor! So this is free! Please click the download link and hit "Run.EXE.RAR.JPG.WAV.ODT"."

>"Well, it doesn't seem to be too bad… You got yourself a deal, website!" she exclaims, clicking the flashing "Download" button.
>"Excellent! The wizard will now begin assisting in your installation…" the text on the website reads, the computer beginning the download process.
>A dark-colored pony appears in front of her, flashing a grin. "Thank you for downloading me, [VALUED CUSTOMER], I'll help you through the installations, and you'll have faster RAM before you can say 'give me your bitcoins'!" he exclaims, putting a hoof around her shoulder. "I can see that you're in need of some… 'browsing enhancement', am I right?"
>She looks up at him with beaming golden eyes. "Of course! Anything to make Anon's browsing experience better!" she grins happily. "What do I need to do?"

Squidward 246072

>"All you have to do is agree to this legal form," he says, his horn glowing and a scroll materializing in the air in front of her, opening to show a lot of tiny text that she couldn't read. "Just press here, and we can get started!"
>"Oh man, this is so exciting!" she beams, tapping her hoof onto where the pony had shown her. "Alright, what next?"
>"Well, first thing's first, I need to put on my robe, and my wizard hat," he grins, a pink robe and hat appearing on him with magic. "Would you like the express installation, or the expert's advanced installation?" he asks, the scroll disappearing in a strange, black puff of smoke.
>"I don't want to mess this up… so I should go with the express installation, right?" she mutters, putting a hoof to her chin. "Since you seem to know what you're doing, I'll go with that!"
>"Excellent! I'll have your browser ready in just a few moments," the pony grins, clapping his hooves again. "Are you ready?"
>"Yep!" Internet Explorer grins happily, sitting down on her butt.
>Which, after a few moments, starts getting more… cushioned?
>She immediately takes notice of this. "Wh-what's happening?!" she exclaims in fright, craning her head around to look at her posterior.
>"Oh, that's just the complimentary browsing enhancement tools that are included with the express installation!" the pink-hatted pony laughs. "That's a $30 value, absolutely free!"
>Her butt continues to grow in size. "Wh-why is my flank getting bigger? What are all of these things?!"

Squidward 246073

>She feels a vibration come from… inside her butt? She lets out a gasping moan in surprise, before a message rockets to her brain.
>"Oh, that's just the Zynga toolbar asking if you want to play Words With Friends? on your Facebook profile!" the pony grins. "And there's plenty more convenience where that comes from!" he says, as the blue coated pony's posterior continues to grow in size.
>"I… I don't know if these are very… convenient…" she muttered shyly, blushing at the now ghetto-sized booty.
>The pink-hatted pony licks his lips. "Oh, trust me, they are veeeeery convenient…" he speaks in almost a hissing voice, causing a shiver to run up the poor browser pony's spine, causing her butt to jiggle just slightly. Only slightly.
>…Only slightly.
>She looks up at the pony. "Please, go a little slower… I-I'm not used to going this fast!"
>"Sorry, there are no cancellations on this download, after all, you agreed to the Terms of Service," he grinned, tilting her head up to face him. "Just a little longer…"
>"B-b-but, don't all of these toolbars seem a little excessi-" she begins to stand, but is cut off by a hoof to her mouth.
>"Ap ap ap…" he hushes her abruptly, "Browsing. Enhancement. Tools."
>Finally, she can take no longer, and falls over to her side, her balance becoming unstable.
>"Yes…" the pony lets off a menacing chuckle, "All mine now… Time to infect the rest of your systems…" he hisses, trotting over to the computer.
>"N-No!" Internet Explorer yells in protest, "Y-you're not a friendly installer wizard at all! You're… you're malware, aren't you?!" she points an accusing hoof at him.

Squidward 246074

>"Heh… only an idiot like you would have fallen for this master ruse," he chuckles to himself, a pronounced "hue hue hue" coming from his lips. "Now that I'm in your system, there's nothing you can do to–"
>"Think again, motherfucker," a gritty voice comes from the door to the room.
>"What?!" the dark-colored pony gasps in surprise, turning around to face the newcomer.
>"Anon!" Internet Explorer beams happily up at her master, trying to run towards him, but the number of toolbars in her lovely-handled buttocks keeps her from moving from her spot. "It's a computer virus!"
>Anon lets out a sharp whistle, and a white-coated pony wearing a ushanka and carrying an empty bottle of vodka stumbles into the room. "WHAT IN FUCK IS GOING ON?" it yells angrily. "WHY YOU CALL KASPERSKY IN HERE?"
>"Kill that fucker, and you can go back to drinking," Anon grunts, pointing at the dark-coated pony.
>Kaspersky charges the pony, bashing it over the head with the empty vodka bottle. "TAKES THIS YOU FILTHY CAPITALIST PIG!" she yells, accentuating every word with an even harder smack with the bottle. "YOU AM NO REAL WIZARD!"
>The pony can only go limp below her as she unleashes her relentless, Russian-born fury upon him. Only after he is a crumpled heap of a dead computer virus does she slow down her blows.
>"Чики-брики и в дамке!" she turns to Anon, shoving a hoof into the air rudely before dragging pony out of the room, slamming it.
>The muffled sounds of imminent kebab removal can be heard through the walls.

Squidward 246075

>"What the fuck did you do while I was out?" Anon glares down at the blue-coated pony, who is hiding behind her golden mane in fear; she didn't like when Anon was angry with her…
>"I… I'm sorry, Anon, I just… I just wanted to be faster, so I could compare to other browsers, like Firefox, or Torch, or Chrome… or, y'know, any-browser else…" she muttered, small tears streaming down her face. "But then… he just… kept putting them in, and wouldn't stop…" she turned and looked at her gigabutt. "My poor floppy drive will never be the same…"
>Anon sighs, placing a hand on her head. "It's alright, IE… but we've gotta get all those toolbars uninstalled."
>Her eyes widen, and she looks up at him. "How are we going to do that?"
>A grin forms across his face, and he wraps his arms under her front legs, picking her up. The ass was FAT32…
>And then he sets her down into the computer chair, stomach against the back as he inspected her floppy drive.
>"What are we gonna do in the *.bed, administrator?" she gasps, the dial-up tone sounding as her butt squeaks against the chair.
>"Well, for a start, I need to familiarize myself with your Framework," he says, wrapping both hands around her buttocks. "It's been a while since I tried delving deep into your source code…"
>"B-but, I'm not open source!" she exclaims, a deep blush forming across her cheeks.
>Expertly having hidden his unbuttoning pants, Anon flashes her a grin. "Well, we're just gonna have to fix that, now aren't we?" he growled, prodding her port with a finger.
>"But admin, I listen from there!" she gasps one final time in protest.
>"Not right now, you don't! I'm cutting off your outgoing traffic!" he exclaims, thrusting his thumb drive directly into her USB port.

Squidward 246076

>"A-AH!" she yelps out, trying to keep herself balanced on the chair despite Anon's fierce file-purging process running its course on her. "I… It's too fast, Anon! I'm not built for this kind of speed!"
>"No brakes!" Anon growls out. "You wanted to install more RAM? I'll install more RAM right here!" Taking hold of her firmware, his purging process intensifies in efficiency, going through all of her hidden files and folders that the pony had left behind.
>With Internet Explorer on full load, she was getting rather hot inside. "P-please, do it, admin! Make me run even faster! Fill me with RAM until my page file is at full capacity!"
>He simply grunts in response, continuing to brute-force his backdoor way into her framework, making sure her bandwidth is stretched to its limits.
>"A-admin! Would you like… me to update… iTunes while you create a… dump file in my… processes…?" she gasps out, panting heavily.
>"Shut up, IE," he growls, beginning to route her with unmatched speed. She feels the shockwave flow through her body, as he begins pinging back and forth, having a small spat. "IE, I'm elevating your permissions," he says, spreading her floppy drive further, "You may now access my D: drive."
>She lets out a squeal of delight as the process finally completes, the toolbars completely purged from her system, and her floppy drive finally beginning to shrink. "Th-thank you, admin! I promise to use it to the best of my ability," she says, turning around in the chair, a new port opening up for him. "C-could you also… transfer some files into here too?" she asks, placing her hooves against his RAM stick, leading it to her motherboard slot.
>Accepting her offer, his transfer protocols are forwarded, and make a solid connection.
>She lets out a crying gasp, her tongue hanging out. "My motherboard is burning up!" she yells out, pulling him close, shoving his RAM stick even further into her. "I need your thermal paste, admin! Quickly, before I overheat!"

Squidward 246077

File: 1383991985036.gif (495.1 KB, 500x313, tumblr_lqe5lnD7rP1qaj5jro2_500…)

>Anon, being her ever-loving admin, gives her high priority, and pays even more attention to her Services, inserting his fresh thermal paste into her Packard Bell, some of it leaking onto her CPU.
>She pouts, looking up at him. "Anon, you only like me for our P2P sessions, don't you…" she whispers, a sad look in her eyes.
>"No way… That was totally Cray…" he chuckles, running a hand along her side.
>She's panting heavily in relief, her floppy drive finally back to its original, plain size. "A-Admin… would you like to safely remove your hardware?" she asks breathlessly.
>He nods, and a few moments and Windows error messages later, she replies with, "Hardware is… now safe to… remove…" before passing out in the chair.
>Anon, after clearing out some stray popups, removes his thumb drive from her. "There… that should fix the problem…" he says, placing the thumb drive back into his pants.
>Shit was so Cache.


I feel so… unclean.

Anonymous 246088

File: 1384002411305.png (1.4 MB, 1000x800, Raridactyl.png)

Expected brutal ass >rape

But still popped a stiffly.
And in the end that's all that matters.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 246182

File: 1384033796183.png (200.47 KB, 1000x1029, 1371108326178.png)

That was fucking amazing. And, you have inspired me to finish Mickey.
You are awesome.

Anonymous 246823

I fucking love you Squidly

Anonymous 246831

File: 1384199039217.gif (2 MB, 385x207, 1383770572497.gif)


Anonymous 247135


why is firefox down?

Anonymous 247136



Anonymous 247141

File: 1384271610842.jpg (81.17 KB, 1152x864, Screaming_plankton.jpg)

Well this is-OH MY GOODNESS!


Anonymous 247143

File: 1384271850298.jpg (264.21 KB, 500x648, tumblr_mg3tthgj1d1rjryl6o1_500…)

Can we get some 7zip, WinRar, and other data compression ponies?

Anonymous 247215

They could adult level intelligent, but with the body of a foal

Anonymous 247216

or some tiny ponies, like 10cm high

Anonymous 247998

File: 1384480102779.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.75 KB, 800x1000, the ace in the hole.jpg)

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

Anonymous 250146

you guy see someone stole that firefox tumblrs artwork? kinda sucks for the original artist. thought that was interesting. but anyways i found something on there
look familiar?

Anonymous 250189

File: 1384919891709.png (223.84 KB, 1064x597, You thought we could be decen…)

Anonymous 258974

File: 1386187011117.jpg (56.25 KB, 720x440, derpy and browser ponies.jpg)

RIP Browser Pony General

Vito 259091

RIP in piece

Squidward 259364

File: 1386201576166.gif (488.39 KB, 500x338, tumblr_lqe5lnD7rP1qaj5jro3_500…)

Was entertaining while it lasted.

Anonymous 259442

File: 1386205009433.png (634.69 KB, 800x1000, Applejack blush.png)

Are there, uh…

Are there any folder ponies we can put our files in? Maybe give 'em some kind of archive an' then extract it all at once?

Anonymous 260216


Vito 260243

I've decided to move our pic's archive from the google drive to the sky drive

>easier for me to upload

>easier for you to download
>can sort files
>can search files


Anonymous 261027

He meant ponies based off of folders

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 261402

I saw some of your art being kicked around 4chan. 'Twas cool.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 261415

File: 1386309804047.png (447.45 KB, 856x970, javapone.png)

So uh… I came across a thread on 4chan and decided to write some filler or something Idk. It was quick and I barely have any time to myself anymore. So it wasn't very good but I may as well post it. (I didn't have any alcohol so….)

((You Are Anon))

>She rips the headphones off of your head

"What gives!"
>"I've been yelling at you for a few minutes that's all."
>The creme colored pony stares up at you from the right of your chair
"What do you want Jackie…"
>Her eyes light up and you see a system log pop up
>"Anon, it's been a while."
"What? You wanna play? here. Just don't make me look like an idiot"
>You hand her the headset
>"That's quite alright Anon, You just demonstrated that"
"What the hell do you want?!"
>"Well, it's been a while, and I am uhm… Well, I just want to do something."
>You stare at her blankly
>Then stare at the clock
>2 am
"Go to bed"
>"Gladly, I'll be waiting~" Jackie said with a wink
>With that she walked out of the room, her long brown tail swishing behind her
>Okay, she was right, you are being an idiot
>But… you were in the middle of a game
>Sex, or game, sex or game
>If you don't go pleasure her sooner or later, you're going to deal with horny pony grabbing at your pants all day
>If you leave your game, your buddies are going to flip shit
>Sex… Game…
>Screw the fucking game, it has been a while
>Wait… Must dock ship!
>You guide your ship into the nearest station after much ignored protest from friends
>You close EVE online and shut down your computer
>While stripping off your shirt, you walk into the bedroom
>Jackie is hunched over a large pillow on your bed, her brown and white mane in her teeth
>"So you decided to relieve me after all? Nice"

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 261418


>"No stalling okay?"

>"Just fuck me!"
"What the hell Jackie, you in heat or something?"
>"No~ Trust me Anon, No hesitating, do me~"
"Good god, what the hell"
>You strip down and hop on the bed
"Jackie, come on, this is strange even for you"
>"I'm starting to get a little pissed Anon, lick me and die"
>Okay, that just made things even more awkward
>Although, as awkward as it was, gazing at her displaying herself was still enough to
get you up
>Without another word you align your erect cock to her light pink marepussy and push in
>Circuits and lights start to glow around that… area
>A warm feeling creeps in on you, and get’s hotter
>A feeling like nothing else shoots through you
>Like an amazingly hot, almosy unbearable, never ending orgasm!
>She is already too lost in pleasure to even notice what you said
“What- nngh! Did you- ngguh~ Do?!”
>“Ah!~ Just a little trick from that blue windows one~”
>She must have downloaded it or something, this was the most amazing thing you have ever felt
>Both of you became too lost in euphoria to even speak
>Jackie’s whole body starts to glow and soon enough, your entire body feels like it is having one giant orgasm
>You were probably screaming your head off at this point, but who the fuck cares?
>You notice her body start to dim, the patterned circuits and designs eventually stop glowing
>The pleasure is fading as well
>It stops all together
>You feel a loss of strength and collapse on top of her
“Wow… that… I…”
“It’s great… isn’t it, Anon?~”
“The best- but… next time, I’m doing foreplay anyways.”
>“Suit yourself~”
>You see Jackie enter ‘:/ root# resume -p (Jackie/Library/startupitems/wavdirectory/Anon'sVoice) :/ root# suspend -h NOW ’ as a command and her eyes slowly close, a small sleep light on her chest lighting up
>You fall asleep as well, not even wanting to know how she did that.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 261421


And yes I KNOW that is Unix but what the hell do you expect. The poor thing can't run her whole body on Java. She would have killed herself by now.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 261425

Anonymous 261707

short, but nice one

Vito 261823

Neat, I've updated the pastebin folder

Anonymous 261833

File: 1386346088181.jpg (102.99 KB, 656x504, bone.jpg)

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 263674

File: 1386388816192.png (404.55 KB, 2560x4000, 1368311829400.png)

Get your butts in here

Squidward it doing livestream narrations. There is going to be lots of pone and other stuff.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 267978

I need to finish Mickey or I will have a breakdown, So last attempt to save thread probably.

((You are Anon))

>As the plane pitches down to land, turbulence starts and well… I think you can guess what happens

>Mickey hurls into the bucket
>Damnit, poor thing
>After a couple more minutes the plane touches down and lands
>You peer out the plane window
>Seattle is much smaller than New York
>It looks nice though
>As long as the promise is held true, and you don't have to pay for all of this, then it's good
>You step off the plane with Mickey
>She still looks a tad sick and a bit embarrassed
>Another limo pulls up and all of the owners and ponies get in
>You get in as well
>"Is there more of that good stuff in this one?"
"Haven't you learned your lesson!?"
>"We're not a plane anymore, Anon."
"Mickey, no!"
>"Fine, sheesh."
>You start to chat with some of the other pony owners
>A few minutes pass and the limo circles a huge mansion
>A big, futuristic looking mansion, with huge glass walls and blue metal pillars
>"Whoa! Is that where we're going?" Mickey asks, now in a much better mood
>"That's the place!" Other Anon says happily "Good to be home."
>The limo pulls up beside the massive mansion
>The doors open
>You get out of the limo and follow the crowd of people and ponies to the main doors
>You are actually feeling quite nervous at the moment
>You have no idea what the hell is behind those doors
>Nothing bad you presume
>But then again, nobody else knows either
>Jackie walks up the door and a scanner scans her in less than a second
>The large tinted glass doors open inward
>You again, follow the crowd as they enter the large mansion
>Then, you are met with something you thought you would never see
>Ponies, ponies everywhere
>hundreds, maybe thousands of Ai ponies, flying around, running around
>Moving in and out of different rooms throughout the mansion
>All of them are Linux distributions!
>"What you see here is a pony representing every publicly released Linux Distribution." Other Anon Says
>"Did you create them?" Mickey asks
>"They created themselves and I take care of them." He replies
>"As you can see we have an abundance of them, but no other types, that is why we have brought you here." He says
>"Your ponies can combine software with these Linux ponies, and create endless possibilities. We could maybe even eventually cure cancer with the amount of power withheld inside these ponies. As I said earlier, your entire stay here will be paid for you and by completing this, we will pay for you to live here."
"Wait… What?!"

Vito 267983

I like your stories, especially the new one with the mothpony, but it's really hard to "save" something without people, contributors, etc. I'll try something on 4chan, since mlpchan is only for porn. Maybe it shouldn't be a general, I don't know, we will see.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 268511

>Only for porn
What? lol
Anyways thanks for the feedback! It would be really great if we could have some more contributors yeah…

Anonymous 268571

Can someone give me a link to the first browser general so I can learn which ones are which here? Sorry I'm such a n00b, just trying to figure this out. Yes, I once had to ask for this for batpones.

Anonymous 283077

File: 1388239423436.png (228.77 KB, 1500x900, 1367471540446.png)

Best browser bump

Anonymous 296401

I don't think it was wise to move to MLPchan. Maybe we should move back to /mlp/?

Anonymous 297215

We tried, there is no interest in software ponies on /mlp/. Only three or four people left to contribute or talk with, so even save-bumping will be hard.

Vito 297247

You know, we can move, but probably it will end with trying to save the thread every 1-2 hours by bumping
On the other hand, this thread here is safe, but dead.
What do you think, Squidward?

Squidward 297259

File: 1389480844901.gif (757.27 KB, 500x374, tumblr_inline_mgxuzm2J3d1qcueg…)




In all seriousness though, at this point I'd just stay here; at least here, the thread is safe, relatively speaking. What I would suggest is using a small thread on /mlp/ to bring people over to the main thread here. But that's just me; if you guys want to move back over to /mlp/, go right ahead and I'll come with.

Vito 297264

Yeah, maybe it was not the best idea,
but also it was depressing to look at the dying thread, where 250 of 500 posts were "bump"-s.

We can start from the very beginning, small threads, not general, just something for fun. People are affraid of generals and "circlejerking", even if people are cool there.

Anonymous 297599

What about a merge with another small thread?

Vito 297918

We can ask plane ponies, they created something like general, but they don't have too many contributors. It's a pretty strange idea with plane ponies, but it's tech-related

Anonymous 298483

File: 1389584758321.png (524.65 KB, 1255x935, 418289__safe_solo_oc_tumblr_un…)

A desperate bump.

Anonymous 299009

that's something new

Vito 299021

Sorry Anon, but I don't see that thread in the mlpchan archive

One more thing: if anybody is going to create a small thread on /mlp/, please post link to it here

Anonymous 299273

so fast but unstable.

Anonymous 299657

So this is where this went…

I remember finding the first threads back on /mlp/, but I had no idea where you guys moved to.

Hey…. is Winchester or Maverick still here?

Squidward 299712

Not anymore, it looks like. I've got them on Skype, though, so I message them from time to time.

Vito 301801

How about we merge with PiE? Most of our stories are PiE related and they seem to be ok with this.

Anonymous 301821

What for?

Anonymous 301822

>What for?

nigga, this thread was created in September of LAST YEAR.

The damn piss threads have seen more life than these threads recently, and I'm pretty sure it was just one guy for a long time.

Vito 301826

I don't understand this question.

Anonymous 301837

One guy? Really?

Think he could write something for us?

Anonymous 301839

So what?

What goal are you going to reach by merging?
I mean, for example I'm not a huge fan of generic PiE. Been in this thread from the very beginning only because I like the specific concept of browser ponies.

Am I going to get more of these after the merge?
Will it become very difficult to notice (unlikely and far in between) updates to browser stories in the PiE general?

Also, to keep this on topic, in case someone doesn't know: NOF has written an update: http://pastebin.com/NEKFzhph
(First two parts: http://pastebin.com/qksvFYnB)

Anonymous 301863

The idea is to use one thread, keep more contributors in one place and not worrying about bumping. We can tag software pony stories, for example.

Anonymous 301894

File: 1389919295040.png (Spoiler Image,436.37 KB, 1000x800, 452650__oc_explicit_nudity_str…)

I think the browser ponies will just die. Like moving from 4chan to here was a huge blow to their popularity, merging with PiE will finish them off completely.
But maybe it's better this way. We'll see.

Anonymous 301904

Talking about dying won't help, there were only 26 threads about Software Ponies and we still have many topics to discuss about.

Anonymous 301912

File: 1389919756795.png (Spoiler Image,407.93 KB, 1000x800, 461538__oc_explicit_nudity_vag…)

Well, I'm trying to (kinda) contribute, if only by reposting. I'd write something, but my English sucks.

Anonymous 302372

New story about Siri in the PiE thread, it's bretty gud

Anonymous 303200

Well, I have to admit that I *did* get more browser ponies after the merge.
Hope this keeps up.

Anonymous 321341

File: 1391350457840.png (343.88 KB, 1280x640, IE and Safari.png)

Bumping the old thread because why not?

Anonymous 337819

File: 1392682477141.png (838.35 KB, 3853x4930, IE7.png)

Anonymous 337965

If you guys are still even here would you mind making a story with this pone?

Anonymous 337984

C-Cum guzzle?

Anonymous 337989

File: 1392687922989.png (8.9 KB, 388x230, 10outof10ass.png)

Yeah. It would be nice if someone could write a BP story with him.

Anonymous 338001

Bu…. How?

Anonymous 338010

File: 1392688667869.jpg (49.36 KB, 502x462, pigshit.jpg)

Just because.

Anonymous 338745

Browser ponies moved to PiE (Pony in Earth) on /mlp/.

Anonymous 339112

Oh. So should I take my browser pony piss story there or…

Anonymous 339124

just create new general, it's that simple.

Anonymous 340658

Uhh, what? Why would I create a whole new general for one story?

Anonymous 359594

File: 1394548069806.png (338.36 KB, 2911x5000, IE torba.png)

Anonymous 359682

♩ Windows Update, Windows Updaaaate ♫

Anonymous 359967

File: 1394576351097.jpg (7.77 KB, 213x237, Git off.jpg)

the antichrist is back!

Anonymous 360759

File: 1394663963133.png (194.11 KB, 1228x1360, 549067__safe_solo_ponified_int…)

u stink and IE is a pretty mare

Anonymous 368770

Just in case you don't know: we're on 4chan now, merged with PiE.

Anonymous 375744

maymay arrow imlpyign le bump le

Anonymous 384939

File: 1397601979977.gif (2.21 MB, 712x505, 1391737886794.gif)

Anonymous 394461

Man this sure is an old thread

Anonymous 394507

haha oh yeah

Anonymous 404942

File: 1399896027474.jpg (2.68 MB, 3743x3590, chrome tab.jpg)

I want to make this thread last a full year now.

Anonymous 419695

File: 1401411445906.png (725.64 KB, 3614x2478, win8 and windows phone 8.png)

Anonymous 426027

File: 1402280922607.png (727.07 KB, 3614x2478, win8 and windows phone 8 2.png)

Anonymous 426191

File: 1402285050426.png (646.29 KB, 3376x4884, 564229.png)

Anonymous 426273

File: 1402287845347.gif (456.1 KB, 420x315, EASY TO INSTALL.gif)

>tfw I suggested these, and have been responsible for 3 of vito's edits that lead to porn.

Anonymous 426815

File: 1402520653142.png (633.72 KB, 2000x1500, 1400570051032.PNG)

Anonymous 431883

File: 1403724543689.png (799.65 KB, 1200x1200, IE default browser3.png)

Anonymous 437809

PiE is dead

Anonymous 437821

So porn

Anonymous 438650

File: 1405132658768.png (129.19 KB, 524x600, 128648__UNOPT__safe_firefox_ar…)

Good night, sweet Pie. Guess, I'm back here again.

Anonymous 438736

File: 1405181803523.png (12.01 KB, 701x260, 1386587829888.png)

PiE has gone to sleep before, it will be back.

Anonymous 438737

File: 1405182140253.gif (4.53 MB, 320x240, 481977__safe_twilight+sparkle_…)

Well, both Oedipus and PiE died...
I'm strangely ok with it. Nice that we still have this thread.

Anonymous 439489

File: 1405235424172.png (496.41 KB, 5000x3430, 636434__safe_artist-colon-vito…)

Anonymous 439563

you know, browser ponies died almost one year ago on /mlp/

Anonymous 439568

You know, browser ponies were merged with PiE for some stories.

Anonymous 440105

God dammit. I leave for one week. ONE WEEK. And this is what I come back to? I trusted you...

Anonymous 440153

Sorry, but PiE is kill. However we can post browser ponies in bat thread, they don't mind

Anonymous 440202

Or another thread with mature tag

Anonymous 440712

File: 1405657405855.png (242.83 KB, 757x889, 402893[1].png)

Anonymous 440713

File: 1405657417932.png (246.87 KB, 757x889, 435957[1].png)

Anonymous 440714

File: 1405657429014.png (124.21 KB, 549x1000, 435965[1].png)

Anonymous 442592

File: 1406195648127.png (752.39 KB, 1600x1300, Doing hurtful things to your b…)

Anonymous 442624

right in the feels

Anonymous 442683

stop personifying her i almost feel bad for that

Anonymous 442695

Fuck you guy, you're making me want to actually use IE...

Anonymous 443993

File: 1406526810434.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, Winnie gets sponsored by asus …)

Winnie sure seems excited about something. I wonder what...

Anonymous 443994

wait. no. pie is dead
did you seriously...

Anonymous 443995

File: 1406526959321.png (111.75 KB, 1280x720, Winnie gets sponsored by asus …)

What's this? A logo? For a company called Asus?

Anonymous 443997

File: 1406527114065.png (1.21 MB, 1280x720, Winnie gets sponsored by asus …)

I don't forget about my promises, Anon.

Anonymous 443999

File: 1406527295709.png (1.25 MB, 1280x720, Winnie gets sponsored by asus …)

Anonymous 444001

File: 1406527592055.png (1.21 MB, 2814x1901, 1397739112873[1].png)

>You will never get to see your computer pony meekly ask for an upgrade, slightly embarrassed to admit that she's getting old.
>You will never see her eyes light up as you driver her to a microcenter.
>You will never have a computer pony hold you and say "thank you thank you thank you!" over and over again as you purchase a 780Ti.
>You will never come home and find out the 780Ti is too big for her to swallow and absorb.
>You will never hear her suggest a different method of insertion.
>You will never insert a $700 graphics card into a computer pony's vagina.
>You will never hear her moan in ecstasy as the PCIe ports connect and power on.
>You will never play games in 4k on a computer pony.
>You will never have sex with said computer pony as she pounces on you.
>You will never be a member of the PC master race while rutting a computer pony.
Because you bought an inferior PS4 sony pony.

Anonymous 445674

Anonymous 446037

PiE is dead.

Anonymous 449634

PiE is alive

Anonymous 449640

Damn, that's spot on with how I would personify those OSes.

Anonymous 454218

This is still here?

Anonymous 454221

File: 1409457891293.jpg (105.03 KB, 800x600, 0a910479402013c12780e06963751e…)

Anonymous 457277

File: 1410304835669.png (1.77 MB, 1600x900, Pillow Case trying to pee.png)

Say hello to Pillow Case, MLPchan browser ponies!

Anonymous 457282

The thread you're looking for is here >>241821

Anonymous 457297

s-sorry, I'm drunk

Anonymous 457300

That probably explains why you're so willing to draw Pillow Case urinating in the first place.

Anonymous 463335

File: 1411928090090.png (283.32 KB, 894x894, Adobe2.png)

Anonymous 463356

File: 1411942268272.png (320.97 KB, 2000x1900, maxthon_pony.png)

I made an obscure browser horse.
I'm slightly disappointed I had to be the one to do it.

Anonymous 463825

Why do you hate her so much you've broken her hind legs?

Anonymous 463826

I suck at anatomy.
Hell, I suck at drawing. Half that picture is Pony Creator.
I am ashamed.

Anonymous 463827

File: 1412061682396.jpg (363.01 KB, 1500x1500, 14119479276600[2].jpg)

Heh. I am not too good at drawing myself...
Have a small reference chart.

Anonymous 464255

I have no idea what that even is.

I remember Netscape from my childhood. Is that what their icon looks like now?

Anonymous 464256

Wait, nevermind, Netscape was apparently discontinued in 2008.

Ok, >>463356, enlighten me. What is that?

Also, I would like to see some artwork of Netscape Pony that reflects the fact that the browser, once the most widely-used of them all, was discontinued.

Anonymous 464258

My pony is based off Maxthon, but you raise an interesting observation. Where IS the Netscape pony? It's certainly more widely-known... or at least, it WAS.

Anonymous 464285

If a browser pony were to pee itself, would it short circuit?

Anonymous 464311

No, it's just streaming.

Anonymous 464343

Oh fuck, I laughted.

GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 465346

File: 1412574941426.png (831.18 KB, 3431x2874, 1186528 - Friendship_is_Magic …)

Holy shit someone actually posted in here. We can use this. This can work. heh.

Anonymous 465387

Anonymous 465527

y u so fat?

Anonymous 465559

File: 1412710207131.png (282.82 KB, 1920x1080, banned.png)

Somebody tell the PiE thread that the writer of the Korean War story has been banned for being white and having a sense of humor. And on his birthday, no less. The story will continue tomorrow.

Anonthony!AppLeJAcK. 465563

is this fucking real

how the fuck is /mlp/ even still alive

how is that shit not a smoking pile of rubble by now.

we warned you, bro

Anonymous 465570

File: 1412714236823.png (453.19 KB, 1920x1080, Capture.PNG)

As real as it gets, man.

Anonymous 465611

Looks like shitposting, son :/

Anonymous 467883

File: 1413500668184.gif (Spoiler Image,49.81 KB, 165x165, 440b61f0bd85[1].gif)

Anonymous 471736

File: 1414415602012.jpg (Spoiler Image,360.47 KB, 1000x1000, large[1].jpg)


GraphiteAchasse!a5Jt.alPek 476929

PiE is dead, let's use this thingy again.

Anonymous 476936

More like a case of the 'I got the board culture blues.'

Scruffy isn't going to change. Things are only going to get worse everywhere on 4chan. May as well accept this and settle in here for your pone and pone accessories.

Anonymous 476957

Anonymous 480819


I want to tenderly love IE

Anonymous 480829

So are operating systems princesses?

Anonymous 482729

File: 1418201042737.png (766.85 KB, 1666x2000, 678011__oc_explicit_nudity_pen…)

Bumping because reasons.

Anonymous 491145

>princess Winnie

Anonymous 494815

File: 1421526728085.png (1.36 MB, 5000x2656, Nokia WP8.png)

Anonymous 495918

Hah. Awesome.

Ask-IE Mod 498908

File: 1422785977974.png (278.43 KB, 691x767, 1.png)

Hi there! ask-internetexplorer tumblr horse mod to inform you that IE is best pony.

Ask-IE Mod 498909

File: 1422786796248.png (859.72 KB, 691x767, 2.png)

Oh god.
My first post.
I messed up my grammar.

Anonymous 499100

File: 1422831503872.png (128.36 KB, 414x225, 1422705597237.png)

>Proprietary software

Anonymous 499115

taking this seriously
I'm mixed because a lot of my favorite software and software that's required for work and study is proprietary. Its just noticably superior in featureset and other things

But open source I am fully ideologically for and use that whenever I can.

Anonymous 499116

File: 1422834333466.jpg (770.35 KB, 2272x1704, img_3626.jpg)

>I'm mixed because a lot of my favorite software and software that's required for work and study is proprietary. Its just noticably superior in featureset and other things

>But open source I am fully ideologically for and use that whenever I can.

>open source
You're killing me here.

Anonymous 499117

I've always found the opposite. The open source stuff is much more 'powerful' and 'feature rich,' often ridiculously so.

Anonymous 499125

floss or whatever you prefer

Sometimes. Excel blows away libreoffice. There is literally nothing better for spreadsheets for it.

I know I can set up a data stream and record it into an array and then apply math on it or something like that but that's too much.

Anonymous 499157

I'll take your word for it. I only use spreadsheet programs for plotting graphs from experimental data and doing regressions. Any hardcore math I do in matlab. Now, there's something I wish there was an open source ripoff of! I know there are ripoff libraries you can use in python and c and stuff, but I want the whole shebang, not just the language part.

Anonymous 499166

I use mathematica personally. I love it and see no reason to switch to matlab.

mathematica is aso closed source.

Also, GNU Octave is literally an open source ripoff of matlab. Get it now.

Anonymous 499171

Also, octave is a superset of matlab. All matlab code works in octave but not all octave code will work in matlab.

So if you really need matlab compatibility don't learn the octave way of doing things.

Also look into sage.

Anonymous 499308


Anonymous 499574

>Also, GNU Octave is literally an open source ripoff of matlab
I did not know that.

>Get it now.

will do

Anonymous 499671

I'd like to hear your experience with it if you get back/are here

Anonymous 499830

I haven't done it yet. I might hold off depending on how big it is. My external is full, and My internal is almost full. I need to get a new external and move over the hundreds of gigs of porn sitting on my internal.

Anonymous 499832

Also, if I'm home, I'm on /anon/. Just about every day since the scruffening.

Anonymous 509194

File: 1426085614634.jpg (10.94 KB, 200x200, IE smug.jpg)

IE is the best

Anonymous 514599

File: 1429022902689.png (254.27 KB, 1280x792, IE hnnng.png)

Squidward 515759

Wow, it's been months, this is still here...?

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