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File: 1379253555693.png (667.79 KB, 800x1200, minty_fresh_adventure_2_teaser…)

Anonymous 201463[Last 50 Posts]

Any news on MFA2? a new preview or something?


Anonymous 201464

File: 1379253589556.png (984.35 KB, 800x1600, eEqOG.png)

Anonymous 201486

You know, we could always go ask him. The last time he announced himself on the board, he said he still had plans to finish it. That was about two months ago. I don't know of anything more recent. Hopefully it won't go the way of Banned in Equestria.

That's a great teaser.

Anonymous 201653

>implying Facebook

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 201761

File: 1379283950600.png (303.39 KB, 1280x984, workingonit.png)

Hey guys, tripfagging here for a minute (sorry) to get the message across.

I'm still alive, and so is MFA2. Sorry for the delay.

I don't want to be one of those game developers (naming no names) who does tons and tons of publicity work to build hype and then never actually releases the game… I'd rather quietly work and get the damn thing done.

Yep, it's taking forever. It's turned out to be a pretty big game.
Still, progress!

Unless something goes horribly wrong, expect to see a new demo within the next couple of days, this time containing some actual content.

The 2.0 update to the original Minty Fresh Adventure (which adds the missing fifth ending, fixes some bugs, and adds playable Minty) will follow shortly afterwards, followed by (FINALLY) MFA2.

Thanks for your patience.
Feel free to ask questions or make demands, I'm generally listening.

Thanks for the thought, but I don't have anything to do with the facebook page, and won't see anything posted on it. Sorry. MLPchan is a much more effective forum for getting my attention.

(You can also contact me on DA, as I do remember to login there… very rarely.)

Anonymous 202451

File: 1379349966253.png (296.21 KB, 720x430, 137727767383.png)

I got a few questions. What's up with these blinking ice blocks when you press spacebar to transition between ice&spring? pic related
How does Cerberus work? I heard he somehow wanders the levels till he finds you…something like a random encounter?
Any approximations on how many rooms there are, also will there be a map?
Right now I just want to play the dang game that I can't care for the multiplayer anymore. So god's speed at focusing on releasing it.

Anonymous 202457

Any guesses on the total time spent making this game? Aka your average workflow time spent working on it, like 4hours a day, 16hours a week, etc.

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 202521

File: 1379354138994.png (221.77 KB, 800x480, colgate-clockwork.png)

The white boxes are a side effect of incomplete programming. They won't be there in the finished version. You may have noticed that the blocks' location corresponds with the "sparkle" animation you see on the ice in that level - that's what those are.

They have a white box on the first frame of the animation so I don't lose track of where they are when in the editor. In the actual finished game, that box will be invisible.

Regarding Cerberus: he can't turn up just ANYWHERE, but there are several locations where you may fight him. He's also a recurring boss - it's entirely possible to fight him several times. The bridesmaids are extremely fed up with him by the third time or so.

I've lost track of how many rooms there are, but it's a lot. I'll do a count when I'm exporting the section that forms the demo and give you a ballpark figure.

Yes, there is a map. I'm trying to avoid being as frustrating as the original Metroid.

And yeah, multiplayer isn't a high priority. Like you, I just want to get the damn game done. It's possible I may patch it in later on, though it MAY be there at launch depending on how stable it is. (Also, to prevent further confusion, any multiplayer that does end up in there is most definitely local only.)

Oh god, no idea. I've honestly lost track.

Since I work on it from home, and I keep getting interrupted by various real life issues, I don't really have stable "work hours" that I can keep track of - I just work on the game when I can.

Sorry that's not a very helpful answer.

More new playable content soon!

Anonymous 202530

File: 1379355178325.jpg (142.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Well…how about mini-bosses, they'd be faster. I'm thinking that in one room you fight that hell demon boss as preparation, and in the second room you fight all the tiny fast bosses at once, while one of Serious Sam's songs is playing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BG1wtCdnEU
Another one would be a cameo. How about the bat ponies? fits with the cave thematic too.

By the way what time is it for you?

Anonymous 202546

Does Colgate have some new moves with her tootbrush…and is that what I think it is?
A location catering specificaly to the Clock Up, unlike the first game which doesn't need it all that much.

Anonymous 202554

File: 1379356379489.jpg (223.22 KB, 1024x768, cherry on top.jpg)

Can I take a looksie at the code?

Anonymous 202559

How different is the game now, compared to when you originally wanted to release it 1 year ago in december 2012?

Anonymous 202577

File: 1379359684195.jpg (300.61 KB, 1024x768, Dungeons-and-Dragons-Online-4.…)

Tiny bosses*. Mini-bosses are a whole different thing.

Anyway, Mark. Can you post a pic of Chrysalis or a monster or a giant beholder? Not like I'll ever guess their attack patterns and what they actually do.

Anonymous 202630

In the xmas game at the windigo boss fight, could you code in Rudolph?
Also my only one true request is that after you complete MFA2, you'll make your games shorter so you release each of them in a shorter time span, at most 4 months…or at least more short levels/games between the massive ones.

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 202673

File: 1379369701798.gif (1.18 MB, 440x400, boss-beholder.gif)

There are a few mini-bosses in the game as well as the full-fledged giant monstrosities.

Regarding "tiny bosses" - there IS a certain boss that involves fighting a whole ton of "small" enemies, but I don't want to spoil it. You'll see …

Colgate can equip different toothbrushes, which have different moves; while her initial brush works like the one in the original Minty Fresh Adventures, others handle quite differently - a swing rather than a thrust, for example, or a different ranged attack.

Yes, there are quite a few places where Clock Up will make life a LOT easier, and the clock tower is certainly one of them.

I plan to open-source it after the game's actually released, though be warned it's kind of a mess.

Minuette's source files are already available for those who are interested in dismantling it to see how it works:


The general concept of the game hasn't changed that much - the ponies still have the same basic powers they did in the initial concept, and the game progresses in the same way. Mostly, it just got bigger.

The story has also become a bit more complicated, and that's a big part of the reason for the game's larger size. I don't want to spoil anyone, so I won't say more.

Sure, here you go. His pattern won't frustrate you as much as what happens when he's looking at you…

Yeah, I'd love to. Maybe I'll do that for Xmas this year. :)

Regarding making smaller, faster games - yeah, that's why I made Minuette vs Tardiness, I felt like actually getting something DONE (and to entertain the people who'd been waiting so long)! Minuette was written from start to finish in about a week. Hopefully games in the future will be more like that one than this.

The thing that's really killing me on Minty Fresh Adventure 2 is all the cutscenes, especially since I'm really not that good at drawing ponies. If I ever try and do something of this scale again, I'm definitely going to try and get more artists to help.

Anonymous 204143

Will more ponies&equines like Minty, Minnuete, Colgate, Rudolph, Rarity be getting the stagelight or it's majorly back to Applejack?

Anonymous 204884

I wonder if Trixie will get her own game or a different role aside from shop keeper.

Anonymous 205123

File: 1379541881292.jpg (10.5 KB, 285x200, 1379476218014.jpg)

>What if 2D side-scrolling action game had parasprites.

Anonymous 206310

Nice informative teaser.

Anonymous 206608

I like how the bosses are teased in the background.

Anonymous 207039

have a bump

Anonymous 207782

Good luck to whoever attempts to make a one piece teaser of the new MFA2

Anonymous 209256

sugar lump dump

Anonymous 210042


Anonymous 210242

Anonymous 211023

What exactly happens in this location?

Anonymous 211083

bumping till op delivers.

Anonymous 211906


Anonymous 213136


Anonymous 213248

hang in there…

Anonymous 213493


Oh boy. Its nice to get some news about this game.

Anonymous 215446

So did something go horribly wrong or a few days for game creators actually means 3 to 4 weeks?

I guess it's just real life, if artists could make a clone of themselves then that'd be a dream come true for them; one works on their real life and the other one works on their artistic projects.

Anonymous 216934

Will Twinkle&Lyra have new weapons with new attacks, just like Colgate?

Anonymous 217215

Are all the characters gonna be voiced by the same person who did Colgate's voice?

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 217320

File: 1380323367411.png (94.56 KB, 797x475, spearmint.png)

Sorry for the long wait. Trying to polish things up and make it as uncrashy as possible. I'll try not to make this demo as horribly delayed as the game itself.

Questions and answers:

A little of both. If I'm crazy enough to do another game after this one finally comes out (I'm probably am), it'll star Applejack, but have the rest of the Mane 6 as switchable teammates, just as Rudolph/Rarity were in the first two. (And probably some other ponies as secret characters…)

(… and probably some other ponies as secret characters.)

The clockwork area? It's just another stage, fairly typical of the "clock tower" stages that you always encounter in early Castlevania. Expect moving platforms, precarious jumps, and lots of flying enemies. So, yeah - clock up might actually help quite a lot.

Why has someone constructed a giant clockwork trap-filled death maze beneath Canterlot? I promise it'll make sense when you play the game.

For a lot of game creators, time DOES flow like that. I wish I could Clock Up.
A clone would be most useful, though actually, if that were possible, I'd get two or three to maximize efficiency. (Though I suppose I'd also have to clone my PC. :P)

Colgate's the only one who can actually change her equipped weapon, as the other two don't use weapons - Lyra fights with her hooves and Twinkle shoots lasers. They do both learn new moves as the game goes on, though.

All three ponies can equip accessories that change the way they play (better defense, immunity to certain attacks, faster MP regen, that sort of thing.)

Nope! Colgate still has the same voice as she did in the original game, but we've got several other actors helping with the voices on this one. With any luck, you'll get to hear them this weekend.

Sorry for the wait, all. Demo's almost ready to go.

Anonymous 218095

File: 1380405157327.jpg (24.43 KB, 388x420, Me_f0e7a8_2996099.jpg)

Anonymous 218690

File: 1380458668255.png (102.37 KB, 333x250, Sokka-2.png)

>With any luck, you'll get to hear them this weekend.
See you next week, Mark.

Anonymous 219213

Any deleted things or ideas you've just been thinking of for this this game?

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 219710

File: 1380513795133.png (186.04 KB, 800x480, waaa.png)

*Headdesk* Damn your accuracy. I know, I suck.
But while I've got two minutes of weekend left…


It's nowhere near ready for public - it's a closed loop, the enemies don't work right yet, blah blah blah … but dammit, I at least want to have been honest about hearing their voices!

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 219768

File: 1380518617939.png (208.74 KB, 800x480, nmk-boss.png)

Deleted stuff? OK, here's one. I rather like the idea, but decided against putting it in the game because it's already late enough as it is, and this would be a lot of work for a rather silly joke.

Basically, you come across a pink save point (like the Succubus one in SOTN), and Colgate goes into a dream world, where a sinister voice tells her that he has come to take revenge on her. Colgate, of course, has no idea what he's talking about.

You then have to play through several "Minuette vs Tardiness" style levels, as Colgate, who has two important differences to Minuette: one, she can Clock Up, and two, she doesn't care if she's late.

Running out of time causes the Nightmare King to gloat "You are Late! Bwahahaha!", but Colgate just responds with "whatever", or "I don't care", or "oh well", and the level continues with the timer going into negative.

Finally, the Nightmare King, frustrated with Colgate's lack of despair, transforms into a giant monster and we finally get to have the boss battle that people complained was missing from Minuette vs Tardiness.

After you beat this giant boss, the following occurs:

Nightmare King: "How did you get so strong?! Minuette!!!"
Colgate: "My name is COLGATE!" (smacks him off the tower with her brush)
Nightmare King (on the way down): "Oh, terribly sorry, my mistake!"
Colgate (shouting down after him): "It's OK, happens all the time!"

Colgate then wakes up to Twinkle and Lyra wondering if she's OK.

Twinkle: "Are you OK? You were twitching in your sleep…"
Colgate: "I was having the most wonderful dream where I threw a guy off a building."
Lyra: "Oh, I've had that dream! It's the one with the big nosed guy who tries to tell you humans aren't real, right?"

… So, yeah. I hope that's an interesting bit of useless information.

Anonymous 219828

File: 1380542783931.gif (752.66 KB, 348x348, jiicy.gif)

That was a really juicy deleted part, better than the taste of tiramisu cake.
By the way, could I hold down the jump button to keep jumping or the way the game is coded right now doesn't allow it?
One more deleted ideas question, I heard for the original Applejack game you were thinking of adding the 'four horsemen of the apocalypse' as bosses, any info on this?

Anonymous 220021

File: 1380559950756.png (50.99 KB, 645x530, 345435345345.png)

What's this thing for?

Anonymous 220036

>marcus will never update the Fluffy Pet Shop

Anonymous 220038

File: 1380561541285.jpg (52.29 KB, 472x376, A feel that was.jpg)

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 220060

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

>Hold down jump button to keep jumping

Yes, that's definitely possible. Actually, that's what Flash wants to do by default - I had to write quite a lot of code to STOP it from doing that (since only jumping when you tap the button seems more "normal" to those of us who grew up with an NES.)

I'll add it to the options menu, along with the custom key configuration.

>Four Horsemen

Ah, not really "deleted content" as much as something I haven't gotten to yet: one of the concepts for the original AJ game was that Robot Chicken's Apocalypse Ponies would appear as bosses. However, early on in the fandom, it seemed like just about EVERYONE had plans to do this.

But it looks like a lot of these other plans fell through. So, if I do indeed make a Pony Platforming Project V, I might trot them out again. (Sorry).

Well spotted! As Twinkle will tell you if you examine it using Guiding Light, it's a symbol from ancient times… it indicates that a secret is close by. (Though at this point, the secret is kind of useless. It will become a lot more useful shortly.)

Incidentally, has anyone been playing with Lyra's harp? Although they don't have their effects enabled here, all six of her songs are in the game at this point. It's set up so that playing it doesn't use MP, to give you the chance to screw around.

I will! I swear!
I'm really sorry, I've just got a lot of different things on the go right now.
So sorry to keep you all waiting.

Anonymous 220083

Marcus has planned on updating the petshop #basedmarcus #FPS

Anonymous 221003

Are all your own playtests this bug filled? I feel like the game is ready to give me a blue screen.

Anonymous 221066

What's the name of the songs you're using for the game?

Anonymous 221264

File: 1380662702346.png (1.02 MB, 1600x900, Shantae-Half-Genie-Hero_2013_0…)

Hey, Marcus. How's it going?
>>219710 Liking these threes voices, and I'll most likely end up using Lyra the most. For a melee character she seems to have much more range than I though(more than the tootbrush), I guess it's also because of the rapid hitting and not backing up while hitting. Also her slide ability is a big plus. plus+ loving her tomboy voice.
I read most of the threads and the two on Pchan. How's MFA2's collision detection and most of the handling now?

Speaking of that tap jump, I noticed the ponies have to wait a little bit before jumping again. Did you add something like check for platform&wait 500milliseconds or it checks if the jump key is being pressed on before the character landed, thus turning off the continous jumping? I often saw that in heavy platforming games your character has to completely touch the ground, and if you pressed the button before the full landing then the jump action won't respond to the button press. I was thinking of adding a slightly bigger location which outgrows the hooves, a hitbox which detects(touches) the ground before the character's feet does, giving it the clear to jump. Also perhaps a cooldown, detecting if you're fast tapping or holding down the jump key for more than 1.2-2 seconds Just a suggestion for a run test.

For the AJ christmas game: how about an upgrade to the anchor item which removes the knockback or any loss of momentum? The wind isn't the biggest challenge in the second level, it's the snowmen which hit you in mid jump.
Related to the xmas game…any chance of adding coca-cola polar bears and a bigger ice level? Also got any pics for when the windigos used to have the glow effects which slowed down the game?
Few more questions…are there parasprites in Mfa2? Are there gonna be variations to mobs like black, green, red, spiky, flaming timberwolves? Will ponies ever have funny idle animations? Will there be dragons? What's the highest framerate animation you've done?
Not gonna ask about Minty from Mfa1 for I want it to be a surprise, at least for me.

Best of luck on your game.

Anonymous 221995

File: 1380711467048.png (405.62 KB, 566x800, fiend_poster_by_elosande-d4loi…)

Will there be G1 villains in the latter games?

Anonymous 222102

Ever pondered about a rename for the series title(PonyPlatformingProject/PPP) to Super Blazing Ponies or something more memorable?

Anonymous 222132

File: 1380728909256.jpg (132.6 KB, 700x801, grogar.jpg)

Ew. That Arabus is awful. That Grogar is awful. That Lavan looks like a street punk of the awful pretender-tier variety.

They don't look like they have any character to them at all aside from the "I'M SO EVIL LOOK AT ME" trope/stereotype. The art is good, I'll give credit where it's due, but those designs are awful.

Please, I beg you! If you intend to do G1 villains, use peachy-keenie's/K.Sunshine's versions of Tirek, Grogar, and Arabus.

Anonymous 222135

File: 1380728961675.jpg (100.82 KB, 528x668, Tirek2.jpg)

She follows their original designs well, matches them up with the show art style just as well…

Anonymous 222136

File: 1380729057216.jpg (143.33 KB, 781x1023, erebus.jpg)

Except for Arabus, who she based more in Greek Lore, like Equestria is steeped in.

Anonymous 222144

I like this one, it's the most serious and simple looking. The other two look unintimidating and asian weird.
Thanks for reminding me, gonna go make a thread about the fiends game and overall G1 on /mlp/.
I also have the resources pack and level concepts somewhere…I left it in the vidya ponies thread.

Anonymous 222236

That one idea of the bunnies stealing your apples sounds insane.

Anonymous 222415

This needs some angry and stern looking expressions, all he has now are goofy, distraught and anxious looking ones.

Anonymous 223080

File: 1380823876882.png (103.44 KB, 500x500, 42353464575675678.png)

Anonymous 223168

File: 1380830568312.jpg (254.86 KB, 620x1913, 136900749157.jpg)

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 223170

File: 1380830812579.png (241.82 KB, 800x480, windigo-textured.png)

>Are your own playtests this bug-filled?

Unfortunately, yes. Why do you think it takes so long to get the games done?

(In all seriousness, not quite: each part works fine by itself, but putting everything together makes it more unstable. Still, I'm bugfixing as I go, and the current version of the demo is working a lot better.)

The background music you're hearing for most of the demo level here is "Mission", originally from the SF2 movie. (The good one, not the dreadful American dub.) The boss music is originally from Ys 7.

If you mean Lyra's harp songs, you'll just have to try playing it and find some for yourselves…

Hey, nice choice of image. Everyone should go back the Shantae Kickstarter. (And the River City Ransom one, while you're at it!)

>Lyra's insane range and damage

Slightly dialled back from where it was in the first version of the demo, I'm afraid - she had toothbrush like range because I forgot to "disable" the toothbrush when you switched characters - just made it invisible. So Lyra was hitting as if Colgate and she were hitting together.

She still does have the highest regular damage potential of any of the ponies, though. Plus the slide and Lyra Kick are very efficient ways to move around the dungeon quickly.

Glad you like her voice. She's played by Karen Kahler, who you may have heard in a furry game called Dust, or an Eve Online spinoff also called Dust.

>Jump cooldown

Well spotted! That's actually caused by lag, rather than intentional programming - in order to reduce the instability of the flash, the player characters are actually loaded from an external file. This makes the game considerably more stable, but has the side effect of causing a one frame delay between input and action.

I've implemented the pre-emptive button detection as you suggested, and now you'll notice they jump a lot more responsively. Thanks for the suggestion!


Great idea. Funnily enough, the anchor's MFA2 incarnation DOES work like this - it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to update it in the Xmas game, too. Coke bears are a great idea too. I'll see what I can do, but no promises!

As for the Windigos, sure, here you are. (It was a texture on a masked layer, constantly rotating to give the impression of a snowstorm "within" the windigo. It looked cool, but oh so laggy.)

>Other questions

Yes / yes / I'd like to if there's time / oh yes are there ever / 30fps.

Not really… it's been PPP for so long, I feel changing it would be weird at this point.
Besides, since each individual game tends to have its own name nowadays (Minty Fresh Adventure, Minuette vs Tardiness, etc), I think people are more likely to refer to the games by those anyway.

Yes. In fact, MFA2 already has a G1 boss.

Demo's been patched to a less unstable version, though there's still lots more work to be done.
(Also, I've got a webcomic I really should be updating today…)

Hope you enjoy the new demo, anyone who tries it!

Anonymous 223180

File: 1380831910459.jpg (93.7 KB, 1024x716, 133781689713.jpg)

Anonymous 223188

File: 1380832918934.png (64.19 KB, 1120x713, 134273436438.png)

Anonymous 223202

File: 1380835622276.png (273.89 KB, 874x524, falling.png)

Great boss, loved that it eats the mini-boss reptile before it makes its entrance.
But wat now? the game just leaves me hanging after the ground shatters and the ponies and boss falls. I think there's a second round for this boss after you fall through the ground. Perhaps fighting him while falling?

Anonymous 223208

File: 1380836553234.png (231.64 KB, 795x478, Picture.png)

Alright anons, let's figure out how to beat this fucker without getting hit.


Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 223212

File: 1380836714531.gif (15.9 KB, 500x250, landshark_dead.gif)

Haven't forgotten about him! I just haven't gotten back to AJ since the original Xmas demo. He should finally make his debut as a boss for real in the next game.

Yeah - although it's a lot better than it was when I first put it up, this demo's still not really "done", even by the standards of teaser demos. It just stops when you drop because, at the moment, that's all there is. I'm going to add a little more after that (as well as putting something in the crumbling tower area that currently just loops.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hmm, I did consider adding a "while falling" battle, though I'm not entirely sure about it. It could be fun - I might add it in for the game proper.

Anyway, I hope you like it so far. I should probably get the statues working properly as my next priority so people don't have to keep starting over every time (and I'll try to make the saves forward-compatible with the actual finished game, too.)

Anonymous 223224

File: 1380837216275.png (319.53 KB, 1195x712, Brush your teeth nigga.png)

Battle him as an invincible toothbrush, brushie brushie motherfucker.
Just found this completely random bug, Colgate doesn't spawn and the tootbrush doesn't move, but it still inflicts damage.

Anonymous 223229

Also easily fixable by just pressing shift, it respawns Colgate just fine.

Anonymous 223247

Is it possible to add Applejack as a secret character in MFA2?

Anonymous 223256

File: 1380839327032.png (237.71 KB, 798x478, Bulette2.PNG)

Not so hard considering his 1/2 screen size.
After you damage the shark, it will jump-dig in the middle, after that you stay in the middle and crouch, in case he's jumping from side to side or emerges from one. Luckily he doesn't emerge from the middle.
I'd use Lyra&Twinkle, they can get away from the middle the easiest, but it's already easy to get away even with Colgate. Sometimes you can duck right under him, as opposed to running all the way to the left or right side.
For the shark fin attack, just jump left&right over it when very close to the fin. Don't attempt to simple jump up&down, the fin is too large and the gravity is too heavy to allow you to moon jump.
Pretty well designed boss I'd say, I expected to get my ass handed to me in such a tiny space with no platforms.

Anonymous 223268

File: 1380840533542.png (360.99 KB, 799x480, Shoo dee doo.PNG)

Figured out the song of the sea ponies.

Anonymous 223269

File: 1380840563717.png (105.93 KB, 630x391, Goodnight sweet princess.PNG)

Anonymous 223280

File: 1380843342022.png (307.49 KB, 1200x721, Landshark.png)

Anonymous 223319

Are you the same person who makes these x meets metal videos?

Anonymous 223323

You have Discorderly Conduct to thank for that, AKA Cupidite!

Anonymous 224155

Good basic pattern rundown, not failsafe, but good for those who have no idea what they're doing.
Also it would be best if you don't duck in the middle until you realize he's jump attacking. If he uses the shark fin then it's harder for you to get up and jump in time, as opposed to already being on your feet.

Anonymous 224796

Bump in case of Marcus returning.

Anonymous 225220

Is it me or Flash doesn't allow smooth slopes…like at all?

Anonymous 227001

Can't you upload a local version like the first Minty? Release the game in parts and make the save file transfer to each part so it keeps the items and stats.

Anonymous 227117

Can we see the map for the game?

Anonymous 227670


Anonymous 228490


Anonymous 229288

Anonymous 230161

I'm gonna make a compilation of the threads, images, uploads, links and others. Gonna post them in the ponies vidya thread.
Any requests?

Anonymous 231063


Anonymous 231202


Anonymous 233097


Anonymous 233196

Give it time…

Anonymous 233980

any ETA?

Anonymous 234530

File: 1382121166575.jpg (98.6 KB, 1279x752, Bat_Signal.jpg)

Anonymous 234648

But what's the marcusmaximus signal?

Anonymous 235054

File: 1382175464019.gif (218.35 KB, 800x600, 1382160260320.gif)

Anonymous 235194

File: 1382211258938.jpg (115.39 KB, 660x440, GroupAquabatsFistREVISED.jpg)

Anonymous 235197

File: 1382212048445.png (31.91 KB, 180x150, 1360126659386.png)

Why is she so perfect?

Anonymous 235365

Will Chrysalis be a secret character?

Anonymous 235476

File: 1382281328662.png (423.97 KB, 900x480, tumblr_mbs8ahQhVI1qlz8iao1_128…)

Anonymous 235484

Twilight got sexier.

Anonymous 235584

Do we have any modders ready to play with this?

Anonymous 236421


Anonymous 236590


Anonymous 237112

How's the project coming along?

Anonymous 237510

Is the teal&pink one Minty?

Anonymous 237647

Maybe he'll release the next demo for Halloween?

Anonymous 238154


Anonymous 238280

File: 1382737176239.png (127.83 KB, 687x769, 9999999.PNG)

HFGL at the con, mark.

Have fun & good luck

Anonymous 238290

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 238407

File: 1382777819787.png (142.28 KB, 1080x400, map.png)

Thanks a bunch, guys. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Yep, con this weekend… gonna be crazy as usual. As always, anyone who wants to come by and say hello, I'll be happy to see you. Karen (Colgate's voice) will be there too.

Don't want to spoil too much, so not yet. Here's the map for the demo area, though.

Hadn't really thought of that. I won't rule out the possibility of adding that later on, actually - it would almost make sense - but I want to finish the actual game first before adding even MORE features!

Pretty well, I'm just very burned out with con-ness and such.


I really want to release the actual GAME for Halloween, though it's looking unlikely at this point.

But as for the next demo, that's right now!

Still full of bugs, sound issues, this and that, but there's more to it and hopefully you'll have fun screwing around.

The map/pause menu still don't work here, sorry. As consolation, please take this map.

New in this update is MONEY: you can obtain bits!

… Enemies are supposed to drop them, but I haven't got that in yet. So for now, you can point your mouse at the screen and press Space Bar to spawn a random coin. (Don't expect this feature to be in the final game.)

Do please check out the area to the upper-right of the Bulette's room and hopefully be amused.

I hope it's all fun and relatively bug-free for everyone. Please let me know what you think. And of course, a much better build should be coming soon, and with any luck, the real game!

…But first, the con. And maybe sleep, I guess.

Anonymous 238471

When sliding/dashing with Lyra through the exits, it doesn't go into the next area, Lyra goes off-screen. I have to walk casually through the exit, I can't slide through.
There's been some lag issues with the magic menu, it wouldn't appear while I'm jumping or hitting. Also the ponies started glitching at the black dragon boss, the ponies wouldn't appear so I had to press Q to kill the boss.
I think Bullete could use some anticipation/warnings when emerging directly below you.
Didn't expect to be able to bounce on the unconscious/dead shark, maybe if it was a jelly monster, but still good job.
I was expecting the parasprites to be bigger like Twinkle's magic shots. I thougt they were props at first. Perhaps paras with different sizes?
The bubbles effects background at the mushrooms area slows down the game a lot.
The no regeneration for the magic and kinda high cost abilities can get annoying, like at ''Trixie's'' shop I had to run back to get the crystals and then carefully pick up Lyra with the platform so I don't waste all the magic again on incorrectly placing the platforms. I think I'd need at least 200 mana/magic for when the clock-up challenge gets implemented, considering how fast it drains.
I'll talk about the dragon boss a bit later, so far he seems incomplete, as in too straight forward and same for his arena.

Anonymous 238482

Seems you forgot an area at the top left of the map.
By the way will we be able to press up to go into the background/different locations? at the transition area before the crumbling tower… there's an area with two torches, two pillars and a big black empty space in the middle.

Anonymous 238529

File: 1382813497374.jpg (61.55 KB, 854x480, unnamed.jpg)

Loving the friendly changeling character and Trixie's new design, looks damn pretty. Who exactly is that changeling anyway?
The shop looks well polished too with all it's neatly tied menus and options, though I wish I could see clearly what Trixie carries on the shelves, looks like Hasbro merchandise. Also I managed to get 999 bits out of the mini-game, gives me about 100bits per win, it's not that hard if you have rhythm, but if you want a specific one like Nicolas Cage then you'll have a bad time. Though i'd like if the mini-game wasn't so basic, a 3x3 slots variant would be better than the current 1x3 you have now. I see too much vidya using insanely basic mini-games, even licensed games seem to do it a lot.
The acid dragon has great visuals, all smooth in the movement too. I love the way he dies; exploding, turning to stone and then crumbling into pieces. Neat job with not making the body parts crumble all at once, instead each taking their time to fall so it doesn't produce lag and furthemore so the action can be watched for more than one second. I tried jumping on the boss's head in a risky damage trade, but overall yeah it looks like TwinkleShine would be the best option to use, especially when running out of energy…add the anti-acid shampoo and Twinkle will be invincible because the boss doesn't seem to slash,stomp,run,jump or do any other attacks or spells/abilities.

Weird…can't seem to jump while in crouch. Meh not like crouching ever helped to evade attacks that much. Though being able to have full control of the jump's height would be great, like sometimes I don't land fast enough.
How about adding a jump to Lyra's slide just like in megaman? I can already replicate the ability if I get up at the last second and jump, but it's more convenient to have it incorporated.
Perhaps some new fighting techniques as you level up… Lyra's current fighting style is lackluster when it comes to hitting viciously, I realized this when I kept hitting the underground jungle vine and it didn't look like she was doing much.
I'm falling a lot through the mushroom platforms, the shrooms are the most glitchy platforms compared to the others.
140 energy is enough, I tried it. You have those crystals in the middle where you can recharge while in clock-up, just like the apples in MFA1. I used to mantain my clock up infinitely with those two respawning apple trees.
As for the abilities…yeah if you have no apple juice or other items to regenerate magic then it can get kinda annoying with the bosses, just like it did with the Ursa Minor. I wish Lyra's kick would at least detect if I used it twice in the same second.
Oh one more thing I discovered, if you press S then a tidal wave spawns and makes the screen blue for five seconds. The ink blue being the water, in my opinion i think it should be light blue..and have a surfing pikachu :3 And one more observation; the tree spawning got removed.

Anonymous 238549

Isn't this kinda creepy and develops awkward habits? I mean commenting walls of suggestions exactly when he posts(as if you need a cue to post), when most of these suggestions could have been posted 3 weeks ago and been into the game right now, such as improving the mushroom area.

Anonymous 238564

I was expecting some environmental event from the black dragon. Something like making him aim his near invisible acid spit at some highly explosive gas pit or gas sack on the ceiling, making him explode just like his death animation portrays. Or picking up an object from the ground and throwing it at him, like a skull bomb or levitating&throwing lava, or maybe burning a dragon or making a stalactite fall on him. So far he feels really dull, all I have to do is keep retreating and not jump.

Anonymous 238566

File: 1382825576844.jpg (88.72 KB, 853x477, ohkronk.jpg)

You got a point there.

Anonymous 238604

File: 1382829910853.png (Spoiler Image,249.82 KB, 720x431, 134858943534564.PNG)

You newbies waste time with Twinkle's weak attacks or struggle to charge up the lazer trying to beat the dragon, I'll go my way. It was much more fun to battle the dragon in clock-up mode, I love the fact that it doesn't drain magic when using it against bosses, and it only knocks me out of it when I get hit. Way better to fight it in clock-up, also the dragon does spit a line of acid at the ground level if you give it time.

The only part when I felt the lag a tad bit was at the falling rocks zone, right before the swamp dweller. Also if the bubbles background gives you people problems then right-click and forward or back, it changes the backgrounds for most zones you are in. The genuine bug I found was that sometimes you'd get respawned at the place where you died, but that usually happens if you have severe lag, and I don't recommend playing flash games with a pc under 4GB.

Anonymous 238625

File: 1382833786388.jpg (57.53 KB, 900x506, 1382829041823.jpg)

Any ghost type enemies & bosses?

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 238717

Thanks a lot, guys; all the comments and suggestions are appreciated. (Proper response to follow later when I don't have another day of con to get through.)

Yeah, it's still a bit of a mess, sorry about that. More updates to come shortly, along with some proper responses to your questions. Thanks for your patience!

Anonymous 238780

I was expecting the hippy forest of cosmic enlightenment to be the joke, anyway. By the way, weren't there suppose to be dark zones in which Twinkle illuminates the area?
Tip for non-slipping jumps; hold up key while jumping. It helps with the mushrooms and works great with other games such as earthworm jim.

I think Twinkle could use some extra spells & abilities. Combat spells like creating projections of herself which deal damage and act as shields. An environmental spell which spawns health(star flowers&apples) and bombs and helpful but risky hazards on the map.(objects like spiky platforms which can be launched or used as platforms if you jump correctly)
Some extra abilities which don't take magic just like Lyra's slide, upper kick and third punch…like teleport, ceiling riding; Self-levitation on different body parts which enable Twinkle to quickly backstep, and a shield which pushes her away from projectiles and enemies. Levitation of enemies; limited phasing through enemies&projectiles like a ghost; riding on a magic star platform. As for her attacks perhaps different types of projectiles; tracker, explosive, spreaded, bouncing, etc. as opposed to just giving effects like burn, ice, poison, blind/stun,

Anonymous 238796

File: 1382892514160.jpg (9.86 KB, 209x285, questionable content.jpg)

>An environmental spell
Sounds interesting. Like the surf, apple trees and money spawner via mouse, yes?
Having the ability to pause the game and select from an inventory; placing moving platforms & crystals for the cost of mana. Sounds like it would have some balance issues, but otherwise designing your own boss arena or stage sounds great. Still sounds questionable, just like the extra hazards having to come together with the arena design so it ''balances'' out.

Though such big stuff would be better off if implemented in a mod, it's much grander than say a small backstep ability. Otherwise maximus won't release his game till 2015, considering the ''1month = 1boss'' snail pace we've seen, unless he's doing background work and already has a bunch of other levels,bosses,enemies,&features completed.

Anonymous 238888

Will this game contain ability-oriented enemies or ones who have impressive tactics AI?

Anonymous 238935

How come Bulette doesn't try to eat the ponies just like it did with the reptile guard?

Anonymous 239224

Will there be a boss gauntlet?

Anonymous 239706

File: 1383050690580.png (145.67 KB, 879x527, 13845738345735.PNG)

Anonymous 239707

File: 1383050705011.png (128.48 KB, 798x478, 13845738347323.PNG)

Anonymous 239708

File: 1383050724147.png (124.59 KB, 798x477, 13845739372352.PNG)

Anonymous 239713

File: 1383055353940.jpg (45.38 KB, 323x379, moon.jpg)

Anonymous 239724

File: 1383059017054.png (227.87 KB, 751x478, Free smiles.PNG)

I can't stop clicking on smile someone please help

Anonymous 239883

It still feels a bit weird how Bulette just stands there and does nothing as you hit him. I know, he's an unintelligent land shark who likes eating colourful horses, but perhaps could you make it look like he's stopping for a reason? It could look like he's catching his breath, for example.

Anonymous 239944

Perhaps he hits a giant boulder, thus going in a dazed state. Or he lands upside down when attempting his launch attacks.
Personally I was thinking more of fighting him inside the ground, but that's already a whole new concept.

Anonymous 240468


Anonymous 240616


why is Trixie a filly in this?

Anonymous 240969

It's the hair bangs.

Anonymous 241049

Will the actual Moondancer appear in this game?

Anonymous 241410


Anonymous 241536

Ever thought of making games featuring dragon mango?

Anonymous 241889

You don't have to answer them, all we want is a poke.

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 241893

File: 1383414925843.png (260.23 KB, 723x757, colgate_wants_to_play.png)

Good timing to say that; here's your poke.
(But actually, I'm writing answers right now too!)

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 241900

File: 1383416236714.gif (14.34 KB, 180x100, no_thats_too_big.gif)

Answering some questions…

>Can't slide through doors to new areas
Thanks for mentioning that. It hadn't occurred to me that people might be using Lyra's slide as a primary method of travel. The doors are literally programmed to load the next area only if the left/right key is being held. (Designed to prevent enemies from knocking you through doors by accident.)

I'm changing it to "if the player is moving in the direction of the door and also facing that way". That should accommodate the slide / Human Punch / Lyra Kick, while still making it unlikely to be knocked through by accident.

>Parasprites are too small

The whole point of them as enemies is that they're annoyingly small/hard to see/hit, but you're right that I may have gone TOO far in that direction. They're accurate to the relative scale on the show, but I might want to make them a bit bigger for gameplay's sake, like I did with Angel in Fighting is Magic.

>Background animation causes lag

As a few people have mentioned this (and similar problems in other areas), I'm adding something new to the Options menu; "background animation".

At High, it works the way it does now. Medium simplifies the animation a little (for instance, the pollen "bubbles" are all one single moving object instead of dozens of individually programmed objects). Low turns off the parallax scrolling entirely, and just gives you a nice still painting for the background (like in the original Pony Platforming Project.)

This will be implemented in the next update. (I'm also setting the default Quality level to "Medium", as it was in the original MFA.)

Sorry for the inconvenience. I tend to assume I have the crappiest computer possible - but I forgot I do have a graphics accelerator card in there, and so Flash is much better at handling tons of objects/giant bitmaps than it would otherwise be.

>Insufficient magic/health regen

Yes, that needs fixing.

Next update adds save points behaving correctly (touching a Megan statue heals all three ponies to full health/magic). Also, torches will be destructible a la Castlevania, dropping money or health/magic. Enemies will also occasionally drop.

It's possible to do Not-Trixie's challenge with less MP than that, albeit rather difficult. It's designed, like most parts of the game, to be a scalable difficulty; you can come back and do it later after powering up and find it much easier.

>Missing room
Yes, there should be another area in there (another Not-Trixie shop).

>Doors in the background

Yes, I can think of at least two locations where this will happen - but that's not one of them. It's just the way the scenery is laid out. It'll seem less weird once there are enemies in that room.

More answers to come…

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 241904

>Lucky Pony Slot
It's not really supposed to be a full-on minigame so much as a way to possibly get extra money, if you're a gambler. It's entirely luck based.

(Though there will be a couple of ways to cheat at it in the final game, if you have the right items and know how to use them…)

>Can't jump when sliding/crouching

That's because Down + Jump is to jump to lower levels, if the platform you're standing on isn't "solid". I can probably change it so that it ignores this if you're in a slide and you can jump normally.

You CAN control your jump's height to some degree after getting the Horseshoe - the longer you hold the button, the higher you jump.

Yes, Lyra will get more fighting moves as she levels up.

>Trees and tidal wave

Both will ultimately be triggered by Lyra's songs, and be a lot more functional.
(The trees will spawn apples, which is about as broken as it sounds. The tidal wave is a weapon of mass destruction, killing all enemies in the current room.)

>>238529, >>238564

>Black Dragon

This battle will be a little more complicated in the final version. The dragon WILL eventually also drop rocks on you. (If you've ever tried running from him and run into an invisible wall, that's why - there's supposed to be rocks there.)

The rocks will damage your ponies if they fall on them, but afterwards act as convenient platforms to aim for the dragon's head easier - also, Lyra can use Magic Hand or kick them to knock them into the dragon.

BTW, the shampoo item just reduces acid damage, not eliminate it entirely.

Yes there are.
You're probably going to hate them.

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 241963

Yes, there will be "dark" areas. Twinkle's lasers and certain other attacks will briefly light them - Twinkle's Flash Bomb will do so for a longer period of time.

It's a bit late to implement a whole new moveset for any of the ponies, though Twinkle, like the others, WILL obtain some new skills as the game progresses (most notably, she eventually learns Wink, a VERY versatile ability with lots of applications.)

No, sorry - going for that old-school SNES/NES flavour platformer here. No genius AI.
(Besides, people complained about the Ursa Minor being too hard, and he was as dumb as a brick.)


>Why doesn't he try to eat them?
I DID consider that (and indeed, there's an animation for it, as you noticed), but thought that having an instant-kill move might be a bit excessive for the first boss.

I MIGHT add it back in to discourage people from hiding in the corner, but if I do it's got to be HUGELY broadcasted.

He's the first boss, he's expected to give a bit of a learning curve. I might add a little "blinking" to show he's trying to figure out what to do in his tiny brain.

Not-Trixie, as a Changeling, is trying extra-hard to be cute so people will feed her love.

Possibly as a cameo at the very end.

The name is already a running joke - among the many names Twinkle gets called (since nobody can remember what her name is, just like in real life), Moondancer is the most common. (You'll notice when buying apple juice in Not-Trixie's shop, she refers to Twinkle as "Other One", "Pink One" or "Moondancer".)

Yes I have, although I haven't made anything substantial yet. The closest there is to being a DM videogame thus far is "The Bestest Flash Game Ever" (http://dragon-mango.com/comic/extra/cherrygame.htm) - done as part of the running gag about Cherry running the website on April 1st most years.

Anonymous 242011

File: 1383432474924.png (268.95 KB, 1024x1066, please_tell_me_a_batime_story_…)

While you're still here, what do you think of the bat ponies? Like them or indifferent?

Anonymous 242039

Here's one amazing NES game probably never played in your life.

Anonymous 243228

I wonder what a game with ponified aquabats would be like. smart AI team following/helping you through the game. Crash's turning giant ability would be great, you'd be the size of the ursa major.

Anonymous 244879


Anonymous 245174


Anonymous 245267

last bump for today.

Anonymous 246193

Know any tricks to stop Flash's memory leaks? or a computer piece specificaly made to counter it?

Anonymous 246448

Anonymous 246732


Anonymous 246869


Anonymous 247425

Get the heck up there.

Anonymous 247963


Anonymous 248436

File: 1384598783038.jpg (1.26 MB, 1600x3201, 1384421205407.jpg)

Anonymous 248437

File: 1384598894768.jpg (1.27 MB, 1600x3200, 1384420952216.jpg)

Will other ponies be getting their own short games like Minuette or they'll be integrated into the AJ series, just like Minty for mfa1?

Anonymous 250074

I need my poke!!!

Anonymous 250882

>twinkle eye ponies
>tragic past
Gingerbread was raped, headcanon achieved.

I would plow the everloving shit out of paradise.
Just sayin'.

Anonymous 251077

She wouldn't be a good house nigger tho.

Anonymous 251437

What are the plans for building-on and so improving AJ's gameplay mechanic?
You have something going there with each buck delivering a powerful blow to the bosses and foes.
As well as that combo feature; hitting enemies into each other, and also controlling where you aim them; high,medium,low.

Anonymous 252139


Anonymous 252215


Anonymous 252317

Anonymous 253294

Nigga that's kawaii.

Anonymous 253300


>please tell me a batime story


But yeah, I like the idea of bat-ponies.

Anonymous 253301

File: 1385398739515.png (5.09 KB, 137x130, 1358031896784.png)



>Not Minuette

You fucking casual.

Anonymous 253437

Enjoy your lack of time freeze, and bonus high speed &high jump, pleb.

Anonymous 253819

This guy did a really good job with the descriptions, I wish there were some descriptions for giant/alicorn G2 horses for characters like Silver Swirl.

Anonymous 254036

Is it easier to play if we just downloaded each part?

Anonymous 255423


Anonymous 255469

Swift luck on eventually releasing the game.

Anonymous 255757

Meh, boss gauntles are kinda boring and basically a limited boss arena. What would be really fun is to fight multiple bosses at once, that's what I wanted in Megaman Zero 1 when the 3 guardians came, I was pretty let down by X.
I'd love a semi-editor more desgined for replaying the game rather than creating. Boss select, scene select, ability enable/disable. A boss arena with customizable stats and power ups would be enough. Shaman King 2 had a boss arena, but no basic stats customization like damage&health&speed, thus the first bosses ended up being too easy and beaten in 20 seconds as opposed to 5 minutes…that's why having the option to debuff the player or buff up the bosses is so important.

Anonymous 256062

How much of the game is completed/put together at the moment? Will it see a release before the tv show ends?

Anonymous 256955

le bump

Anonymous 257262

Anyone knows when this will be released?

Anonymous 257457

Either the creator got the flu or he's working on fluffies, mango and others.

Anonymous 257882

derp derp

Anonymous 258195


Anonymous 261681

Should have some flutterponies as well.

Anonymous 263282

Any news on a release date?

Anonymous 264738


Anonymous 265653


Anonymous 267798


Anonymous 268553

I'm glad we're getting a pony game before having to wait for WayForward to produce one.

Anonymous 270366


Anonymous 270769

a dump

Anonymous 271795

How many bosses are there?

Anonymous 271949

Any other flash programmers around this board?

Anonymous 271988

Anonymous 272977


Anonymous 274032

Any new demos?

Anonymous 275703

His dragon mango page went inactive since November too.

Anonymous 275724

Holy fuck I'm in love with Colgate's voice actor. The way she says "clock up" is way too HNNNG.

Anonymous 275725

Does anyone know any of Lyra's songs?

Anonymous 275821

File: 1387473438185.png (134.63 KB, 788x932, 1387473174240.png)

Anonymous 275822

File: 1387473478181.png (124.54 KB, 768x934, 1387473388984.png)

Anonymous 275833

File: 1387475956055.png (203.05 KB, 1598x479, 1387472290229.png)

Hi, /mlp/.

Anonymous 276038

File: 1387485857190.jpg (97.37 KB, 845x494, 1387485605965.jpg)

Nothing at all.

Anonymous 276420

File: 1387500847759.jpg (499.63 KB, 950x1200, 01148147.interactive.a.jpg)

Don't tell me the creator is…

Anonymous 276692

File: 1387519578247.png (401.06 KB, 783x475, money and motivation gone.png)



Anonymous 278144


Anonymous 278283

That's reserved for somebody else.

Anonymous 278859

Anonymous 279636

Where is it?

Anonymous 280406

File: 1387926873252.png (85.26 KB, 687x625, minuette_by_zacatron94-d60cf57…)

Minuette 280410

File: 1387927141177.png (85.26 KB, 687x625, minuette_by_zacatron94-d60cf57…)

I have a question, how did you manage to get on the treasure chests?

Minuette 280423

File: 1387927810712.gif (444.51 KB, 301x158, Lyra_surprise_by_sirponylancel…)

I know one of the Lyra songs Here are two:

"Song to Welcome Spring"
down down right down up up x z.

"Song of sea ponies"
down down right z x z right up right left down left.

Minuette 280425

Is there anyone here?

Minuette 280466

File: 1387930944998.png (85.04 KB, 480x480, Daring_do_by_boneswolbach-d4ok…)

I would like to do a version of pony platforming project with Daring Do

Anonymous 280586

The guy from the other thread said he did it by messing around with the play button, I didn't manage to do it myself though.

Anonymous 280587

But she's ugly, she's basically a rainbow dash recolor just like sonic tier ocs.
Also we already have a Daring Do game, altough the gameplay and art style aren't my taste.


Anonymous 280589

And the thread went auto-sage.

Anonymous 280597


She's a rainbow dash recolor because Rainbow imagined herself and her while she was reading the book. I thought that was pretty clever.

Anonymous 280598

File: 1387952252910.png (782.85 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow_Dash_holding_Daring_Do…)

Almost the same excuse which the writers came up with.
The exception being that it wasn't imagined.

Minuette 280848

File: 1387999547477.png (413.82 KB, 1280x811, tumblr_mfhy9wqLyl1rfzv5xo1_128…)

Happy Heart´s Warming!

Minuette 280925

File: 1388010658738.png (808.4 KB, 5000x4384, daring_do_vector_by_piranhapla…)

I like Daring Do, is one of my favorite ponies

Minuette 280948

File: 1388014655744.png (349.62 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_mdognz0wX01r6mz7eo4_128…)

I saw a video based on minecraft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_TMtgjQuZI

Minuette 280962

File: 1388017862983.jpg (40.41 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mjoekaX5gD1r6mz7eo1_136…)

Sweetie Bell: I´m cute, right?

Anonymous 281005

File: 1388023627318.png (183.7 KB, 600x400, Daring Dash.png)


It's not an "excuse", it's just what it is

Keep hating while I ship best pairing

Anonymous 281046

God damnit Seth now you brought the autists here. How many more will come and refuse to leave this place?

Anonymous 281783


Anonymous 281830

]Silence will fall, Anon.

Anonymous 282403

How big is the game right now?

Anonymous 282441

Will there be a game about Luna/Nightmare Moon?

Anonymous 282746

File: 1388192515072.jpg (121.76 KB, 640x359, Nightmare-Moon-in-Luna-Eclipse…)

This is a good idea

Minuette 282748

Support that too

Anonymous 283030

File: 1388214126218.jpg (82.05 KB, 1217x737, 1387974415612.jpg)

Start designing it if you really want it.

Anonymous 283525

Q: How much have you been working lately on this game?

Anonymous 283532

Who are you?

Minuette 283849

File: 1388337465555.png (388.36 KB, 1280x720, Twilight_'Sorry!'_S3E01.png)

Oh, you were not talking to me, sorry, really sorry

Minuette 283854

File: 1388338012301.png (138.35 KB, 642x361, Fluttershy_Happy[1].png)

By the way, do you like the video?

Minuette 283891

File: 1388342812400.png (150.63 KB, 808x526, 458999__safe_screencap_minuett…)

I was wondering if Colgate had more combos, I've thought of one where using the arrow keys (up and x), your toothbrush became a type of wheel that hits enemies that lasted only a few seconds.

Minuette 283898

File: 1388343776660.gif (4.73 MB, 640x360, 391110__safe_animated_sweetie+…)

Anonymous 284476

Dragon Mango?
Source code for MFA1?
G3 Minty?
Polar Bears?
Release date please dear god what the hell I can't die now.

Anonymous 284501

File: 1388383628862.png (294.38 KB, 569x600, 1370864559853.png)

>8 years old
>still a foal

You know what, fuck it, magic, we'll say it's magic

Anonymous 284637

I'm just a fan of platforming project pony, better talk about it.

Anonymous 285344

Why no updates?

Anonymous 285366

it's in magical cartoon color pony years

Anonymous 286333

Could a mod increase the bump limit on this?

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 287149

File: 1388644798497.png (113.65 KB, 808x526, waterway.png)

Hey all, happy new year. Just posting to reassure you all that yes, I'm still alive, and yes, I HAVE been working on the game.

As for why I'm not constantly updating - well, it's a difficult line to walk. I don't want to spend more time hyping the game than actually working on it, so I don't really like to pop up and talk about it unless I really have something to show. But I don't want you guys to worry too much, either.

A new version of the demo should be out in the next couple of days; among other things, it gives you more options for quality/detail control, fixes a bunch of bugs, adds the items and equipment, and expands the world a bit.

Just trying to tie it all together and make sure that everything still works smoothly and (relatively) bug free. Sorry for the wait.

To answer a couple of questions:

Although there's nothing in the treasure chests, there WILL be in the next version (since items now work.)

The intended way to get up there is to use one of Lyra's songs that "opens hidden pathways"… but there are a number of ways to do things.

I'm surprised they haven't all been figured out already. I'll give a small hint: there are six total.
Two of them are from FiM.
Two of them are G1 songs.
And two of them are from fan projects.

SO sorry for the wait.
Dragon Mango will be updated shortly, as befits a Thursday. (It's been the traditional update day ever since the dude from Looking For Group yelled at me at a con that one time.)
The new demo will go up after that (hopefully by this weekend.)
Playable Minty following that.

Oh, and regarding the bump limit: perhaps I'll be super-arrogant and start a new thread here when I update the demo.

Sorry to worry you. I'm not dead, and neither's the project. Have an inconsequential screenshot!

Anonymous 290178

and bump


the song is called Cross Rage from Y's seven. Here is a link to it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVNH7wj8nyU

Anonymous 292234

File: 1389115621149.png (226.54 KB, 512x512, mlp_challenge__minuette__by_br…)

Wow, thank you so much Cibermagus!

Minuette 292243

File: 1389116336961.png (227.22 KB, 900x461, cutie_mark_crusaders_by_rebecc…)

I have a good idea, maybe in version 6 of pony platforming project now the characters are the cutie mark crusaders who are on a new adventure to discover his true talent.

Anonymous 295931

File: 1389391967201.jpg (57.21 KB, 450x450, 1371550719007.jpg)


Anonymous 297163


Anonymous 298995

two weeks…

Anonymous 300605


Anonymous 301610


Anonymous 302338

File: 1389954167412.jpg (56.01 KB, 350x267, 1353454645645363.jpg)

>Released game this Friday pls.

Anonymous 302520

This game makes me wanna learn Flash.

Anonymous 302669

File: 1390004508082.png (133.67 KB, 664x254, Capture dat.PNG)

Do you have a download link with all the characters which appear at the top right side?

Anonymous 303202

I think he needs inspiration from DigDug, you know to actually be able to battle him inside the ground with tunnels.

Anonymous 303600


Anonymous 304921


Anonymous 305289

sugar lump dump

Anonymous 307567

File: 1390387806414.jpg (41.81 KB, 500x333, 050.jpg)

So umm Marc, do you need some programming help with your game?

Anonymous 307831


Anonymous 309142

File: 1390522965940.jpg (18.31 KB, 300x231, 905_not_again-300x231_1121.jpg)

Release the fking game already you have enough content to put super castlevania 4 to shame.

Anonymous 309902


Anonymous 310722


Anonymous 311022

pony should pony a pony right in the pony.

Anonymous 311831

File: 1390769532851.jpg (627.36 KB, 1600x1200, 1118087390_1357122683.jpg)

Please sir may I have some more content?

Anonymous 312354

At least Marc is actually making progress on it, unlike the Spike Quest guy which made 100x more blog posts than the actual game demos.

Anonymous 312501

Waiting is magic.

Anonymous 313671

I never even heard about that.

Anonymous 313720

File: 1390934612090.png (46.55 KB, 999x149, Capture That Rainbow.PNG)

Anonymous 314033

File: 1390949523567.jpg (22.75 KB, 480x346, monster-under-bed.jpg)

Dude I'm starting to dream your game and that goddamn poster. Was dreaming of Lyra tickling Cerberus with her giant hand then she rides the dog and fights Chrysalis with it, eventually the changeling gets eaten and Cerberus jumps into a ghostly whirlpool.

Minuette 315339

File: 1391022795944.gif (1006.22 KB, 400x360, 83c.gif)

When you end up making this game?

Minuette 315491

File: 1391031322997.png (483.38 KB, 544x416, War of Harmony IV.png)

Has anyone played War of Harmony IV?

Anonymous 316369

Trixie was more annoying than Pinkie in that FF game… they were practically clones.

Anonymous 316816

So anyone else bothered that the only 3D game we have is legends of equestria? Hell at this point even EA would make a good pony game.

Anonymous 316818

>it will never be made
>we're just wasting our time

Minuette 317068

… Battle music of War of Harmony IV: file:///C:/Users/USUARIO/Music/Mi%20Musica/MLP/MLP%20Battle%20Theme.ogg

Minuette 317073

Copy and paste!

Minuette 317083

Another of, you know: file:///C:/Users/USUARIO/Music/Mi%20Musica/MLP/Tension.ogg

Anonymous 318611

bump limit reached

Anonymous 320040

ah wait not yet.

Anonymous 320583

daily bump

Anonymous 322758

File: 1391421176671.jpg (94.3 KB, 1024x768, laughing.jpg)

Well better learn Flash efficiency tricks and actionscript if you want the game completed.

Anonymous 324463


Anonymous 325259

Dude we can't see what's on your computer.

Anonymous 326081

What's going on behind the scenes?

Anonymous 329179

rlsease de fking game alrdy wwtf marc wtf scruffy i'll make you shit toothpaste.

Anonymous 330219

Well good luck with the game guys. I'll let this thread sink.

Minuette 334905

File: 1392436988363.jpg (110.96 KB, 1131x707, hearts___n___hooves_day_by_veg…)

Happy Hearts and Hooves day/St. Valentines day ♥♥♥

Anonymous 337605

Need any help?

Anonymous 337748


How do you revive a pony if you loose them? Do you only get them back if you die and continue from your last save point or boss fight?

Anonymous 337751

>ever since the dude from Looking For Group yelled at me at a con


Anonymous 339066

File: 1392843936578.jpg (54.81 KB, 494x336, 714.jpg)

Any other ways to contact Mark?

Minuette 339118

File: 1392851561803.png (74.45 KB, 650x500, 67319_295124033950054_71710230…)

Minuette 339120

I love this music!

Anonymous 339901

[autistic post goes here]

Anonymous 340755

The release date for this thing is gonna be a ''when it's done'' kinda type isn't it?

Anonymous 340848

Anonymous 340849


feels a little slow for boss music but I could be wrong.

Anonymous 341800


Anonymous 342220

Release Date: Right after Filly Funtasia airs, otherwise Blizzard's coming soon.

Anonymous 343752

Somebody do something! …….. goddamnit Krillin.

Minuette 344189

File: 1393274764707.png (37.43 KB, 750x491, Twilight_sparkle_omg_happy[1].…)

I can´t wait for that game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 344869


Is the grey area in the upper left corner of the map supposed to loop forever?

Anonymous 344876

>(Besides, people complained about the Ursa Minor being too hard, and he was as dumb as a brick.)


I liked finding a boss that was challenging because it was made that way. (as opposed to hard because of poor design.)

Anonymous 344900


So thats an upgraded toothbrush with a pick on the opposite end?

Anonymous 344904


Vhat is dis?

Anonymous 345030

>as opposed to hard because of poor design.
Too bad that's what the Ursa is, he just pounces on you like a faggot. It's like trying to dodge the aliens from avp2.

Megaman Zero instead has challenging bosses which want you to follow their patterns and attack them in a specific way. The speed is great too.
Either follow the patterns or just use the weapon which knocks them down.
There's also Master of Spirits 2 and other games.

Anonymous 347846

File: 1393539963078.gif (901.76 KB, 200x164, 1387658054481.gif)

What the fuck are doing there man? Are you trying to make a 86 hour game worth of content?

Minuette 348320

If the twinkle spell "Look at me"
is useless ¿why appears in the game?

Anonymous 349129

Houston we could really use that game right about now.

Anonymous 349965


Minuette 351501

File: 1393806442803.jpg (22.5 KB, 302x167, 136630869346.jpg)

Minty fresh adventure 2 is available for Xbox?

Minuette 351508

File: 1393806585445.jpg (1.12 MB, 1024x768, snakeillusion.jpg)


Anonymous 352288

Ahahahahahahahaha holy shit what the fuck is he doing behind that game.

Anonymous 352314

File: 1393874903856.jpg (32.81 KB, 409x545, kuss-15990574-jbmfbhtempla__oP…)

Trying not to marry his game.

Anonymous 354778

Is the game ded?

Anonymous 356778

File: 1394291319950.jpg (151.82 KB, 1440x900, 3d-skeleton-smoking.jpg)

Hey. What's up.

Minuette 357090

File: 1394318452380.jpg (81.84 KB, 832x1280, 2987698-06a.jpg)

It´s a comic

Anonymous 357876

Any more update status on the game?

Anonymous 358014

cmooon updates

Anonymous 358990

Welp, time to go contact him directly.

Anonymous 359402

File: 1394512534129.png (Spoiler Image,156.09 KB, 1280x853, salad dressing.png)

Anonymous 360412

Where the fuck is he man?!

Anonymous 360826

Will keep that in mind.

Anonymous 363014

Don't suppose it's gonna be released before the summer.

Anonymous 363352

Probably off getting boned by Skeletor again.

Anonymous 365201


Anonymous 365432

>Derpibooru: ''Mark is like that father which is never around home and tries to make up for it by giving you cool presents''.

Anonymous 367313

The first squeaky pony voices from Colgate Minty1 were good, but the latter recordings sounded too much like a real-life 30-40year old woman. Same goes for Minty2, needs better, more natural voice acting.
Also hands really? at least a medieval thing like a sword&shield or just leave it on the green smoke magic. Or get creative with the ideas and make Lyra summon a multi-functional minion monster harp instrument, just like a mimic. The combat mechanic and level design so far is quite boring, maybe it'll get better when I get the extra power-ups and fight Cerberus and battle crowded enemy areas. The foregrounds&backgrounds remind me a lot of Paint Tool Sai.
Also if you don't plan on having your friends&family be your in-house team , then this might be a good time to openly ask for auditions for a graphics&programming team and talk via Skype. Either a team to help you out or take a well deserved break from game making. I was thinking it would be best if you put the call for auditions in the game itself, as opposed to just one message log on your site and deviantart which could be easily forgotten.

Anonymous 369321

Are you planning on a kickstarter or a similar site for donations?

Anonymous 369362

File: 1395523093833.png (247.95 KB, 800x766, lyra_disapproves_of_this_desig…)

Anonymous 369411

Are the ponies gonna deal with the enemies in interesting ways? like Applejack's bowling with owlbears.

Anonymous 369437

right z right left z For the mlp intro theme

Anonymous 369448

Half a year passed… welp time to contact him.

Minuette 369457

Thank you so much for the song!!!

Minuette 369458

File: 1395535993346.gif (62.08 KB, 360x360, 1392538056672.gif)

Minuette 369465

File: 1395536395261.png (81.28 KB, 360x460, applejack_plays_peekaboo_by_xf…)

How you find it?

Anonymous 370401

Guess this would be a bad time to release another test demo or perhaps Mfa1 2.0
This on the other hand…

Anonymous 371544

gifs, pics? It didn't work for me when I used it right at the start.

Anonymous 371675

>Marcus will never come back
>We scared him away forever.

Anonymous 372502

wake up mlpchan

Anonymous 372606

File: 1395956867881.png (Spoiler Image,117.01 KB, 330x521, gman.PNG)

and smell the ashes?

Minuette 373268

File: 1396051145080.gif (194.57 KB, 342x301, 22463_safe_scootaloo_animated_…)

Oh come on!!! I want to play the full verion of minty fresh adventure 2, it just…I CAN´T WAIT!!!!!

Minuette 373269

I want to play NOW!!!!…please



Anonymous 375307

How many times have you actually read on loading external swfs into an another swf and generally combining swfs effectively? or asked various Flash groups about debugging&help?

Anonymous 375795


Minuette 375823

Hello Dara!

Minuette 375824

Where´s Marc?

Anonymous 376209

Apparently you play the song near that symbol and then it spawns 2 floating platforms. The chests are empty atm though.

Minuette 376515

That´s right!

Minuette 376925

I want Twinkle with an ability of cast a shield.

Anonymous 377472

File: 1396633278849.png (281.39 KB, 643x793, Aprils.PNG)

Minuette 377579


Minuette 377595

Minty is SO cute!

Anonymous 383185

I can't wait for him to get back to his short, but consistent games.

Anonymous 384572

So once it gets released… do we keep spamming this on /mlp/ and try to spread it like wildfire? Maybe even with prize contests for speedruns?

Anonymous 384808


Anonymous 384860


Minuette 385223

It´s a good idea. Wildfire is one of my favourites ponies.

Minuette 388905

How you can get the cutie mark of

"Odd Socks

Minuette 388911

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yay Minty!!

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 389020

File: 1398052656823.png (230.32 KB, 808x526, sinister_room.png)

Oh, here we go! I was looking for this thread earlier, but couldn't find it so I made the new one. Sorry about that.

Yes, Minty makes a small cameo in MFA2.
In the Minty game, the endings depend entirely on how many socks you have. To get ending #2, you need between 6 and 11 socks.
To get the odd socks cutie mark, collect at least five socks and have none of them match. (The easiest way to do this is to do Trixie's side quest.)
I hope that's helpful!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting for SO long. A new demo of MFA2 will be along shortly! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Minty's little adventure.

Anonymous 389492

You ever received game complaints regarding the design? about the bosses designs being too simplistic, the level design being flat, gameplay lacking speed and flow, as well as the foreground being too empty and crappy looking compared to the background.
Or you just received mostly simple a meh? ''the game is okay, it's not game of the year. I liked Applejack better''

Anonymous 389517

What game engine are you planning to work with for Applejack's next game? (if you ever get to it and don't plan on an indefinite vacation from pony) Also I'm surprised a team wasn't eventually formed while working on Mfa2. Perhaps a team trying to port the game to a different engine.

Minuette 390930

File: 1398266597921.png (296.22 KB, 808x1448, ursa_minor_screenshots.png)


Minuette 390931

What is that?

vern4760 392249

I hope that the PNN report from "Xmas Preview Thing" ends up in the final version. If Trixie isn't amusing enough, the news ticker (presumably written by Scootaloo) is. [Side note: a part of me hopes the series will establish Scootaloo's status as an orphan. I've even been toying with the notion that she's a changeling who chose to live in Ponyville, but IDW's MLP:FIM #1-#4 that seems less likely]

Anonymous 392353


Yeah, then you have to download all the levels at once. Real capital idea there mate.

Anonymous 392917

Where's Trixie's shop?

Minuette 394130

File: 1398639203972.png (55.41 KB, 455x391, 18237.png)

nevermind, I found it. I you fall in the hole with the check point and the baby lizard man you can ride on the ursa minor and you can found the boss cave easily.

Anonymous 397066

"Song to Welcome Spring"
down down right down up up x z.

"Song of sea ponies"
down down right z x z right up right left down left.

''Song of ancient melody''
right z right left z

Anonymous 398608

400th post!

Anonymous 403909


Minuettte 404077

Um… Yay?

Anonymous 411117

Anonymous 415441

Golly that's one ominous looking door. If that's a door at least.

Anonymous 420874


So what's your score anonymous? The Flash score will matter a lot when playing this game on best quality.

Anonymous 423883

So MLPchan, do you have some helpful suggestions for Mr. Sprague before he releases the game? Mind you, not suggestions for the game itself.

Stuff like not forgetting to add a separetely hosted download link, his website would crash if over 3000 people played a giant sfw game all at the same time.



/r/equesting 425381

MFA 1's flash source.

Anonymous 426398

Infinity is a glitch. The number score needs to be around 20.000 if you want a great flash gaming experience.

Anonymous 426596

Goddamn mlpchan is slow and shitty.
Ah well at least there's some good threads to save it.

Anonymous 426798

bump thread

Anonymous 426865


Anonymous 430760


Anonymous 431746

Will it be open source at release?

Anonymous 431760

File: 1403666405345.png (256.17 KB, 800x800, 208357__safe_rainbow+dash_sour…)


He expressed some receptivity toward releasing the source files for some of the projects. The question is, if he does is anyone going to contribute, or are they just going to continue to sit there and whine about updates?

> Source plox

isn't as likely to succeed as

> I have been studying Flash studio whatever version horrible for 3 years and would like to help out with this project. Could you publish the source files for animating Colgate as I want to work on the bug where her toothbrush never appears in a boss fight, giving her no attacks.

Seriously that toothbrush disappears and I'm like holy fuck I can't do anything besides dodge, heal and die. <_<

Anonymous 432914

Step it up.

Minuette 436105

File: 1404507834400.png (322.38 KB, 800x800, madoka_charlotte_by_sandrathac…)

This is an idea for the game you are making.

This is an anime character from a movie called "Puella Magi Madoka Magica".

Her name is Charlotte she is the "Dessert Witch" and her goal is eat everything in her maze, eat everything!

When she gets angry she tranforms in sometype of larvae (really strange)

Ponies only for me! It´s just, one day, I saw a ponygame called "Meloetta (Melody of Discord)" actually the main character is a character of another serie and so much things combined and when I unlocked one level I found her and give so much curiosity, so I starting to search in the internet and... you know. :)

Anonymous 437297

I'd like to know a release date or at least a milestone progress for this large project.

Anonymous 438305

le bump

Anonymous 439601


Anonymous 441366


Anonymous 445516


Anonymous 447174


Anonymous 452550

Any news on it?

Anonymous 453756

So what's gonna be the length of this? 5 hours? 48 hours worth of gameplay?

Anonymous 454330

>He's dead, Jim.

Anonymous 457058


Anonymous 457510

lol so what about that game

Anonymous 472638

>Mark will never come back.

Anonymous 473693

Is there a way to insert fla/swf files into a better engine?

Anonymous 476111

bump this game thread

Anonymous 487267

>It's set up so that playing it doesn't use MP, to give you the chance to screw around.
Lyra does Hand/Punch while playing lyre, though, which makes sounds louder than the music..

Anonymous 492507

Yes, yes there is. Google it.

Anonymous 508778

people are beginning to wonder about you, marc. what is the status?

Anonymous 513614

one month later bump!

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