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Anonymous 201463[View All]

Any news on MFA2? a new preview or something?

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Minuette 385223

It´s a good idea. Wildfire is one of my favourites ponies.

Minuette 388905

How you can get the cutie mark of

"Odd Socks

Minuette 388911

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

Yay Minty!!

Marcusmaximus!bmNVeEHo8c 389020

File: 1398052656823.png (230.32 KB, 808x526, sinister_room.png)

Oh, here we go! I was looking for this thread earlier, but couldn't find it so I made the new one. Sorry about that.

Yes, Minty makes a small cameo in MFA2.
In the Minty game, the endings depend entirely on how many socks you have. To get ending #2, you need between 6 and 11 socks.
To get the odd socks cutie mark, collect at least five socks and have none of them match. (The easiest way to do this is to do Trixie's side quest.)
I hope that's helpful!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting for SO long. A new demo of MFA2 will be along shortly! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Minty's little adventure.

Anonymous 389492

You ever received game complaints regarding the design? about the bosses designs being too simplistic, the level design being flat, gameplay lacking speed and flow, as well as the foreground being too empty and crappy looking compared to the background.
Or you just received mostly simple a meh? ''the game is okay, it's not game of the year. I liked Applejack better''

Anonymous 389517

What game engine are you planning to work with for Applejack's next game? (if you ever get to it and don't plan on an indefinite vacation from pony) Also I'm surprised a team wasn't eventually formed while working on Mfa2. Perhaps a team trying to port the game to a different engine.

Minuette 390930

File: 1398266597921.png (296.22 KB, 808x1448, ursa_minor_screenshots.png)


Minuette 390931

What is that?

vern4760 392249

I hope that the PNN report from "Xmas Preview Thing" ends up in the final version. If Trixie isn't amusing enough, the news ticker (presumably written by Scootaloo) is. [Side note: a part of me hopes the series will establish Scootaloo's status as an orphan. I've even been toying with the notion that she's a changeling who chose to live in Ponyville, but IDW's MLP:FIM #1-#4 that seems less likely]

Anonymous 392353


Yeah, then you have to download all the levels at once. Real capital idea there mate.

Anonymous 392917

Where's Trixie's shop?

Minuette 394130

File: 1398639203972.png (55.41 KB, 455x391, 18237.png)

nevermind, I found it. I you fall in the hole with the check point and the baby lizard man you can ride on the ursa minor and you can found the boss cave easily.

Anonymous 397066

"Song to Welcome Spring"
down down right down up up x z.

"Song of sea ponies"
down down right z x z right up right left down left.

''Song of ancient melody''
right z right left z

Anonymous 398608

400th post!

Anonymous 403909


Minuettte 404077

Um… Yay?

Anonymous 411117

Anonymous 415441

Golly that's one ominous looking door. If that's a door at least.

Anonymous 420874


So what's your score anonymous? The Flash score will matter a lot when playing this game on best quality.

Anonymous 423883

So MLPchan, do you have some helpful suggestions for Mr. Sprague before he releases the game? Mind you, not suggestions for the game itself.

Stuff like not forgetting to add a separetely hosted download link, his website would crash if over 3000 people played a giant sfw game all at the same time.



/r/equesting 425381

MFA 1's flash source.

Anonymous 426398

Infinity is a glitch. The number score needs to be around 20.000 if you want a great flash gaming experience.

Anonymous 426596

Goddamn mlpchan is slow and shitty.
Ah well at least there's some good threads to save it.

Anonymous 426798

bump thread

Anonymous 426865


Anonymous 430760


Anonymous 431746

Will it be open source at release?

Anonymous 431760

File: 1403666405345.png (256.17 KB, 800x800, 208357__safe_rainbow+dash_sour…)


He expressed some receptivity toward releasing the source files for some of the projects. The question is, if he does is anyone going to contribute, or are they just going to continue to sit there and whine about updates?

> Source plox

isn't as likely to succeed as

> I have been studying Flash studio whatever version horrible for 3 years and would like to help out with this project. Could you publish the source files for animating Colgate as I want to work on the bug where her toothbrush never appears in a boss fight, giving her no attacks.

Seriously that toothbrush disappears and I'm like holy fuck I can't do anything besides dodge, heal and die. <_<

Anonymous 432914

Step it up.

Minuette 436105

File: 1404507834400.png (322.38 KB, 800x800, madoka_charlotte_by_sandrathac…)

This is an idea for the game you are making.

This is an anime character from a movie called "Puella Magi Madoka Magica".

Her name is Charlotte she is the "Dessert Witch" and her goal is eat everything in her maze, eat everything!

When she gets angry she tranforms in sometype of larvae (really strange)

Ponies only for me! It´s just, one day, I saw a ponygame called "Meloetta (Melody of Discord)" actually the main character is a character of another serie and so much things combined and when I unlocked one level I found her and give so much curiosity, so I starting to search in the internet and... you know. :)

Anonymous 437297

I'd like to know a release date or at least a milestone progress for this large project.

Anonymous 438305

le bump

Anonymous 439601


Anonymous 441366


Anonymous 445516


Anonymous 447174


Anonymous 452550

Any news on it?

Anonymous 453756

So what's gonna be the length of this? 5 hours? 48 hours worth of gameplay?

Anonymous 454330

>He's dead, Jim.

Anonymous 457058


Anonymous 457510

lol so what about that game

Anonymous 472638

>Mark will never come back.

Anonymous 473693

Is there a way to insert fla/swf files into a better engine?

Anonymous 476111

bump this game thread

Anonymous 487267

>It's set up so that playing it doesn't use MP, to give you the chance to screw around.
Lyra does Hand/Punch while playing lyre, though, which makes sounds louder than the music..

Anonymous 492507

Yes, yes there is. Google it.

Anonymous 508778

people are beginning to wonder about you, marc. what is the status?

Anonymous 513614

one month later bump!

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